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today, i’ve been crying all day. my mother, who is an arab, muslim immigrant and citizen of the united states for 27 years, and one of the strongest women i know, saw me when i was trying to study, but instead of words, there were tear drops on my paper. she sits down next to me and she asks me whats wrong. i tell her that im scared. she takes my hand and she says,
“i know. i know you’re scared. it sucks. it’s going to be hard and it’s up to God now. we’ve done our part. but now, prepare to fight. prepare to fight. your father and i raised three other kids for 12 years during the Bush presidency, okay? trump may be a modern day hitler, but he isn’t the first. it’s happening with the zionists to the palestinians. it’s happening in egypt. in yemen. in syria. but you fight. you know how? you study, you learn, you get good grades, and go to college. that’s how you fight. you beat them with your intelligence. if you die, you die. and it’s because God said it was your time. but you study and you prepare to fight.”

anyway i would like 2 acknowledge and appreciate flight log departure/fly without at least 1 person trying to squeeze turbulence/hard carry in there somehow like dont get me wrong turbulence was incredible and continued to get got7′s name out there but it didn’t do even half the things for got7 that departure did??? idec if this is petty or unnecessary lmao but id just like to acknowledge departure by itself without all the other albums being thrown in there like departure literally put got7′s name on the map it took them international it got them their 1st major win and now its got them their 1st gaon chart album of the year award so sorry i cant have a conversation abt departure if u mention turbulence bc its a whole other ball game my friend

valentines part 1: the moon that rises in the day

i read and finished this over the course of two days and honestly i cannot recommend this enough!!! i don’t want to spoil, but the manhua is basically about reincarnation and karma, and it’s excellently written!! it can switch between being really heavy and really sweet, and there’s so much complexity to the characters.. it also switches between historical and modern settings, and both are so great!! honestly, if you like stories like noragami, you’ll probably love this – PLEASE read it omg!! 

(ALSO, if you know anyone who is translating the raws still or is willing to translate them from korean, please tell me… i will honestly do anything asrhsdlkjf)

Choice and Answer -Taehyung

“ Maybe you should ask where your boyfriend goes before you question me” your best friend says over the phone.

 “ What is that supposed to mean? Are you trying to say he’s cheating on me?” You ask

 “ All Im saying is you might wanna check him first” 

 After that you hang up the phone you sit and contemplate what your best friend meant

. She would never lie to you no matter what, but do you believe her? I mean, what if she’s wrong and just said it out of anger?

 But what if she is right? Then what? 

 The only way to find out if she is telling the truth is to ask Tae.

 “But, i don’t just wanna out right ask if he’s cheating on me.” You say aloud to yourself.

 “Then how else will you find out?” Asks a voice behind you.

 You turn around and see Tae standing in the doorway of the bedroom with your one year old son, Minsoo.

 “Wait, what is that supposed to mean? Are you cheating on me? ” you ask, angry with the way he responded.

 “I just… wouldn’t be surprised if i was tempted.” He says casually. 

 “Tempted? Tempted?! What the fuck Tae! Since when are you tempted to cheat on me!? What don’t i do that makes you so ’ tempted’ !? ” you asked, as you stand up to see his reaction clearly.

 He lets out a breathe and walks across the hall to put MinSoo in his room and closed the door as softly as possible to not wake you little man. As he comes back, he closes the bedroom door as well and sit at the edge of the bed. 

“Look, i don’t know when I started to feel like this but… I just.. I love you I do. But, I love someone else too” he says as he looks at you with sorrow filled eyes.

 All you could do is stand there, frozen by the news that was just announced. So many situations started flowing through your head where if you looked closer, you could have found out sooner.

 All the times he went out without you, all the times his phone rang at dinner ,only for him to leave the room and talk for hours, thus missing dinner as a family.

  “Who is it ?” Is the first thing you ask He lowers his eyes as he answers.


 Your eyes widen, “ JinHye?! As in your Co-Star JinHye!?”

 “ Yes” he answers. 

 Your eyes start to prickle with unshed tears as you finally understand the seriousness of the situation.

 “How can you say you love me but love someone else? This isn’t how love works Tae! I love you, i genuinely love you. Not your best friend, not your brother, not your co-stars, but YOU! We have a son together that I couldn’t be happier to have, because he isn’t just a part of me, but you too Tae! Do you not understand?”

 “Listen, babe I-”

 “No, at this point you don’t deserve to call me that. Better yet, you don’t deserve to call me anything. You say you’re in love with two people right? Well now, you can make it one.” You say, as you start gathering some of your clothes out of your dresser and closet.

 Setting aside anything he bought you, not wanting a reminder once you leave.  

“ No, listen Jagiya! I promise, its not that serious!!” He shouts as he tries to stop you from packing.

 “Its more like a little crush. It is only because she was there when Minsoo and I-”

 “ SHE WAS AROUND MY SON!? Kim Taehyung. ” you shout as you turn to glare at him.

 He instantly takes a step back because he realizes that that wasn’t the best thing to say. 

 “We were at a public park babe! She just happened to show up with her niece! Look, i promise, its not anything serious!” He says as he grabs your wrist to bring you closer.

 “ Taehyung, I have one question. Could you promise that if a opportunity arises where you could choose her or your family, you would definitely choose your family? ”

 you ask your final question, looking into his eyes. As you wait for your answer, you see his eyes water and lips tremble. Not being able to hold your gaze anymore, he looks away.

 “ I guess I have my answer.” You say as you finish the rest of your packing and you walk to the next room to get a sleeping Minsoo from his bed, happy that he didn’t wake from his slumber.

 As you try to walk out the room, Tae say" Why do I have to choose?“ Instead of answering his question, you made your way out the house and slammed the front door. You started to walk until you see a bus stop where a bench is and sit down. His questions floats in your head as you wait . Over and over you hear it.

 ” That’s the point Tae, if it wasn’t serious, you shouldn’t need to choose"

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all arguments against the split attraction model rely on gaslighting ppl and their experiences and insisting on how they (anti-sam ppl) OBVIOUSLY know better than the person theyre talking to….

eerily similar to terfs suggesting trans men just have internalized misogyny HMMMMMM

anyways im aro and gay and you are taking neither of those things from me. and if you honestly try and tell me that i dont know myself well enough to say that? you can die for all i care.

and guess what! maybe one day ill figure out i was wrong. that will have been none of your business! that is still for me to figure out! it will not be because you played high and mighty but because of my own experiences.

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I dont know what to do anymore. I feel like I have no future. Ive almost killed myself 3 times this year and I dont tell anybody out of fear that they will be angry. I try to pray every night , but it normally ends in me thinking that its useless because im worthless and I know that God cares about everyone. I just dont want to feel cared for or happy. Its just too hard for me to accept that, when all i really want to do is lay in bed and cry and I dont know whats wrong with me.

You are not worthless. You loved by God and He has great plans for you.
Please tell someone about this situation. If they get mad at you then they are stupid. People love you and care for you and they want the best for you and I bet they are willing to help if you just talk to them. Please go tell someone and get help. And always remember that God loves you and we will never leave you. I will be praying for you and if you would like to talk please message me. I am always willing to talk to anyone.

Literally how would yall feel if you were making a portfolio for your dream school, and your sibling not only ruined it completely, but didn’t tell you, let you get embarrassed in front of the people you were trying to impress, get denied a chance at your dream school, and then when you go and confront your sibling about it, they dont apologize or act like they did any wrong, theyre just like “Haha oops that sucks, guess  you gotta do MY thing now :)”

like JEEZE this isnt rocket science. you’d be PISSED. personally, i dont know if i could forgive someone for doing that to me, and i know so many other people wouldnt be able to either

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hey, i'm having trouble accepting myself when i practice. i'm always doubting myself and telling myself off. like i guess i sound okay, my teacher says im good or whatever but i completely do not believe her. i think she's lying and saying that to humor me. it's interfering with my practicing because i keep trying to find something wrong and insulting myself. how do i think more positive?? thank u for reading this ❤️❤️

hey friend!! this is a really big problem for a lot of musicians, myself included. its very difficult to get out of that head space where its like “anything less than perfection is bad.” i feel like for me personally, it get better once i left high school but maybe for yourself, start small. critique yourself yes, but do it positively. can’t play those runs? “hey everything sounded really good except those semiquavers, i’ll mark it for tomorrow!” intonation bad? “hey i’m pretty out of tune but my tone is hot AF.” make yourself feel good after every practise, think about what you did good!! you’re a musician and musicians are perfectionists but don’t let that interfere with you BEING a musician!

Ashton Irwin is one of the nicest people to fans AND paparazzi. Don’t you dare try and tell me he’s in the wrong here. He was with his mother, his brother who’s still a child, and his girlfriend on a short trip home which he rarely gets. And he gets his address blasted, literally putting his entire family in danger and gets stalked through the streets. IM SO. IF YOU THINK HES BEING RUDE I DONT KNOW IF WE CAN ASSOCIATE.

If you guys want to actually send me reasonable suggestions on how to be better. 

PLEASE do. But make sure to do it on this blog. Not my roleplay blog. I’ve been trying to keep it discourse free 

(which OBVIOUSLY hasn’t happened.) 

So instead of like just telling me I’m an awful person. (because im pretty sure I know that already.)

Give me something I can do to change okay? 

Once I get a bit of time to calm down (my psychosis sort of flared up because of this drama and I’m going to try and not be an awfully nasty bitch like my first fucking reaction would be when I get on “look at me im getting attention” highs) and actually get explained OUTSIDE of a fucking callout post what I’ve done wrong, I’ll apologize public on this blog, then reblog it onto my RP one. AND IF I ever say something in the future don’t be afraid to fucking tell me?It’s not like I’m going to eat you..

Civil conversation is all I ask.

Hi i really love your imagines ❤️ I hope i can have an imagine were im  banshee and im dating scott but he cheats with kira,Liam sees comfort me and we kiss ,scott trys to win me back but me and liam are together
Damn I love this idea just saying it’s so savage omfg

Scott and I had been dating for a year when she came around. I didn’t think she was a threat. I thought he was loyal.

But I was wrong.

When Kira first enrolled in our school, I could see the way Scott looked at her. I could tell that he thought she was pretty. But I would always push the thought out of my mind.

So when we were at Lydia’s for a ‘small get together’ with the pack, I had a huge surprise.

“I have to go to the bathroom, hold on.” I laughed while in the middle of a conversation with Stiles. I ran upstairs to find a bathroom, but the only way to reach one was to go through a bedroom.

I opened the door a crack and could hear something, so I looked in through the small opening I’d created. I saw Scott and Kira, sitting together on the bed, awfully close. I cast my eyes up, and I saw their mouths locked together.

I screamed.

They both heard it and pulled away from each other, covering their ears and falling to the floor. But that’s all I saw, as I ran back down the stairs, outside by the pool, and cried.

I curled myself up into a ball, my head in my hands, and cried and cried and cried.

I don’t know how long passed until Liam came out to comfort me, but I know I had so many more tears left.

Liam placed a hand on my shoulder and sat down beside me, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. He didn’t say anything, just held me there for a while.

When I felt like I was done crying, I looked up at him. And then I had a little moment where I had to word vomit.

“I-I’m sorry, Liam…I-I…and he…and Kira and him just-”

But I was cut off my a warm sensation on my lips - Liam Dunbar’s lips.

He kissed me. He actually kissed me.

“I know.” He said in a soft voice after pulling away, as if he was worried he’d break me. “We all heard your scream, and Scott came running down looking for you. I said I’d handle it, but…your lips looked so…” He trailed off, staring at my lips again.

I blushed and looked away, but leant against him. “I-I…Liam…”

“I know you like Scott, but do you think…we have a chance? It doesn’t have to be now but-”

I cut him off, placing my hands on his chest. “No, God, please - let it be now. I don’t know how I can go on. Please, Liam.” I pleaded, staring up at him.

He raised a brow. “You’re sure?”

I nodded. “Sure as hell.”

“A-alright…” He stuttered, although he looked over the moon. “You and me then!” He said happily, kissing my forehead.

I giggled and hugged him tightly, letting him pull me up from the ground.

“No more sad Y/N! Only happy Y/N! It is a party after all!” He laughed, dragging me back inside.

I was extremely happy until I saw Scott.

When he saw me, his face fell, and he ran over. “Y/N, I’m so sor-”

“Shut up.” I growled at him, giving him the angriest look I could make. “Just shut up, Scott. You’re not sorry. You’ve had a crush on Kira since she first came to this school.”

His eyes widened, and his mouth opened, but no words came out.

“Don’t even try to argue. I saw the way you looked at her. It doesn’t matter now, anyway - Liam and I are together.”

Scott gasped and looked between the two of us. Liam nodded. “At least I’ll try to make her happy.” He muttered angrily.

“Y/N, I-”

“No, Scott. We’re through.” I yelled, grabbing Liam’s hand and leaving the house.

We walked through a nearby park, hand in hand, silently. When we got to a clearing, Liam spoke up.

“You’re so cool.” He said, looking over at me and taking both my hands. “God. So cool.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. “Aren’t you just an adorable puppy!” I squeaked, pinching his cheeks. “Wittle pup.”

He chuckled and rest his forehead on mine, giving me a wide smile and a look of pure love. “You sure you’re ok with us?”

I smiled back. “Of course I am, dork.”

This caused him to beam. “Well, then, my gorgeous girlfriend. To my house!”