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one of the reasons why I did straight white boy problems was because I wanted to grow as a person. This blog was my medium and I pushed myself to create, and to create, I had to expand my perspectives. 

In some ways, the straight white boy character that you became acquainted with was an exaggerated version of myself. Many of the problems were real life occurrences/observations/events that I drew from personal experience, but some problems also came from friends or were satirized to the point where the anecdote was unrealistic. Straight White Boy Problem #965 is honestly one of my personal favorites because this “problem” was actually a real situation in my life, and this situation could apply for several dudes that are questioning the meaning of masculinity.

The person that started at problem #1 is not the same person that finished with problem #1000. I was very much a self-entitled brat when I started this blog, but i have grown since then. I will be graduating college in december with a dual degree, leadership positions in student organizations, and the confidence that I can go out and do anything I set my mind to.

having a level of internet popularity (this blog finished with just over 164k followers) on a medium such as tumblr is very scary. one bad move, and you lose your rep - we have seen that with zubat, pizza, and most recently, sixpenceee. my advice to yall is to keep holding people in these positions accountable, but NEVER elevate internet famous people above other people. not everything i said over 3 years was 100% politically correct, but when i was in the wrong, i had fair and jovial conversations with people to figure out why i was in the wrong. no matter where you go in life, try to treat everybody fairly and equally - hopefully they will do the same to you. 

as for my name, you can call me alec. i did promise i’d tell you guys who i was after everything was said and done so there ya go.

thank you for following this blog and thank you for being a part of this experience. this blog was a giant, beautiful mistake that just kinda happened and im happy that yall enjoyed it as much as i did. i may do something in the future, i may not, but i leave this blog a changed and better person.




did some facial ref practice with the vento aureo gang also @ davidpro part 5 when????


Well it wasn’t much of a mission but I guess we handled that alright.

tbh the only reason that the anti discourse on this site bothers me- no matter what books or whatever it’s about- is that it often assumes that readers who enjoy certain books have somehow missed all the reasons it needs to be criticized. And haven’t “recognized” the abuse or lack of diversity or whatever.

And I’m like…..I have….a master’s degree from oxford…where I was trained to do textual analysis in multiple languages and i know im a baby academic so…not to be arrogant but…I am capable of critically reading something, identifying the problems, and not giving a shit because at the end of an emotionally and mentally challenging 10 hour day spent pouring over latin and middle french court records about rape victims, if all I want to read are books about vampire sex and fae mating bonds than I am damn well going to do that regardless of whether of not these books check all the boxes on tumblr’s “list of ways a book need to check out before i deem it worthy literature.” 

i just want to….read books….and not feel as if other people think Im stupid for my reading choices….and as a reader of romance, which is like the most denigrated area of fiction…I am always being made to feel like this. But! some of the most intelligent, successful, and aware women I know are romance readers! 

Also like I cannot deal with this notion that the relationships featured in romance are somehow bad for women when the entire genre is about women choosing, but like, okay.

Terrible Choices
  • "I can't believe you just did that."
  • "You're going to do WHAT?!"
  • "Let me count the ways that this is a bad idea..."
  • "Please tell me you're joking."
  • "You are going to have a LOT of explaining to do over this one."
  • "You can make all the excuses all you want, but you really fucked up this time."
  • "So... I did something that might have been a terrible idea..."
  • "Do you think we could just forget last night?"
  • "I'm not sure what happened, but I have a feeling I know who was behind it."
  • "You know that little voice inside your head that tells you not to do the thing? Listen to it next time."
  • "You're not a teenager anymore. Stop acting like it."
  • "What's the worst that could happen from all this?"
  • "Do not talk to me again."
  • "It really wasn't THAT bad a decision, was it?"
  • "Yeah. Okay. I screwed up. Now what do I do about it?"
  • "Don't try to pin this all on me. WE did this. You were involved."
  • "You don't have that little voice that tells you when something's a bad idea, do you?"
  • [text] What happened? Everything's a blur.
  • "Please, please tell me what I did wrong."
  • "That was just a giant clusterfuck, wasn't it?"
some more aus
  • “okay buddy you’ve been serenading the wrong window for about five minutes now, time to let you know my neighbor is out of town” au
  • “you hired me to be the surprise stripper for your friend at this bachelor/bachelorette party and they did not take it well and threw both of us out in the freezing cold this is all your fault” au
  • “i’m the superhero’s sidekick and you’re the super villian but i don’t know that and we both met on an online dating website and you look really familiar?” au
  • “you’re a stress baker and i stay up too late working and i’m writing a thank you note to the ethereal being responsible for the food magically appearing in the common room” au
  • “it’s autumn and we’re both picking pumpkins upstate but you picked one that’s bigger than you are and it looks like you’re struggling oh god do you need help???” au
  • “you were trying to make a snow angel but the snow is too deep and you can’t get back up and i’m trying to decide whether to keep laughing at you or help you” au
  • “i’m a figure skater who’s trying to practice and you took your baby cousins out to the rink but none of you can skate do you need help??” au
  • “you’re supposed to be on a blind date with someone but you sat down at the wrong table and i haven’t been able to get a word in edgewise to tell you that and it’s been thirty minutes” au 
  • zack snyder: man i love the dark knight returns, im basing a lot of BvS on it :)
  • me: :/ ok i mean it had a lot of stuff i didnt like, ykno with superman characterization and how that kinda of batman is pretty violent and how the narrative glorifies that..
  • zack snyder: *allows superman to have depth and be more than a government dog while allowing him to listen to criticism and submit himself to the people and at least try to listen to them on their terms, allows both the narrative and multiple characters tell bruce how wrong his views are and show how far he has fallen off the right path then allowing him to find redemption and ykno ~character development~*
  • Me: holy shit
EXO reaction to a spider in the room
  • <p> <b>Chanyeol:</b> Has climbed the nearest table and is screaming violently in fear<p/><b>D.O:</b> Preparing to burn the house down with the spider inside<p/><b>Kai:</b> Claims he is not afraid yet has backed into a corner while trembling<p/><b>Lay:</b> Doesen't want to kill the poor thing so he instead tries chasing it out of the room by shouting "Boo!" at it<p/><b>Xiumin:</b> Terrorizing Chanyeol with the spider<p/><b>Chen:</b> Says he isn't scared of spiders while clinging desperatley to Suho's leg<p/><b>Baekhyun:</b> Laughing at everyone being overdramatic yet still hiding behind Lay<p/><b>Suho:</b> Actually trying to kill the spider by smacking it with a broom while his eyes are closed. Keeps accidentally hiting himself<p/><b>Sehun:</b> Sitting calmly while fully prepared to sacrifice the others if the spider decides to attack<p/></p>

im sorry we failed you again elise..

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: episode 20 of akame ga kill was fucking bullshit. lubbocks death was bullshit. i did not believe this death for one fucking second, it was completely illogical. like look, look, we was sucked in shuras weird portal on the goddamn ground, so why would it open in the sky, why the hell would it just open in the sky? just so he could fall to his fucking death and don't try to tell me that he didn't have enough wire left to save himself, there was still wire on his thingy thing right there and lubbock is clever, he could have done something even with not much to work with and god almighty don't get me started on these pointy poles that impaled him because of course it wouldnt be enough to smash his body into the ground, no he needed to be impaled also and where the fuck, where the fuck, where. th. fuck. did these poles come from, they were just kinda there??? they were just tHERE?? like correct me if im wrong but they werent there before? dont you just hate it when random poles just sprout out of the fucking earth and impale your favorite character like they dont even give a shit, i hate this, i hate this show, i hate everythi

Type: Smut

Pairing: Jinyoung x Reader

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You had had it. It was only 3 weeks into taking your relationship with with Jinyoung public and you couldn’t do anything or go anywhere without being attacked by someone. Wether they were telling you that you weren’t good enough, pretty enough or smart enough for him or they were just fans yelling at you for touching ‘their man’ you coolant handle it. 

You loved Jinyoung, that was one of the reasons why you thought that it was time to go public, and he loved you more than the world. But there was no love in the world to trump the hate you were getting. You stopped seeing him, going out even and people were noticing and hating you even more. You were avoiding him and the others and the lack of seeing you with them just made that hate fly faster your way.

You curled up and crying, no one to talk to since even your own friends were chiming in on the hate and telling you to just end it with him. You couldn’t talk to Jinyoungs members either since they would probably all just tell you the same thing ‘be strong and don’t break up with him it will go away.’ 

But it wasn’t and you were still left there, alone, and with nothing to make you feel better. You wouldn’t even go to work and pretend like this was something you could handle since fans had started to show up there and harass you. You couldn’t do anything. Well, you could. Maybe the only way out of this was to just end it. End the hate, end the gossip, end the relationship. 

You pulled the covers over your head again. No, you couldn’t do that to him, you loved him so much and you wouldn’t know where or who’d you be without him. You stared at his name on your phone, it flashing up right beside you to hide all of the hate that you had been tagged by. You sniffled and wiped your cheek, clearing your throat once before answering his call. 


‘Hey! Babe, I’m getting an hour break in like thirty minutes lets go have lunch or something.’ He said. You could tell he was distracted. 

‘No.’ Your eyes started to well again. 

‘What? I thought you said earlier you were hungry, did you already eat?’

‘Jinyoung I don’t want to. I can’t.’ You all but whispered, trying hide the fact that you had started to cry again. 

‘Can’t what? Y/n your scaring me whats wrong?’

‘Im sorry JInyoung I can’t do this anymore. I can’t its too much.’ and then you hung up. 

You squeezed your eyes shut to try and stop the tears that just kept coming. Your phone kept ringing and ringing, Jinyoung desperately trying to get ahold of you and eventually Jaebum’s name was coming in with his texts telling you to answer Jinyoungs calls. But you couldn’t. You wouldn’t let him convince you to continue to be miserable. Although, being miserable with him could be far better then being miserable without. 

You couldn’t handle it anymore, the only thing that you knew is you wanted to be alone. You turned your phone off and sat up, wiping your cheeks before hugging the comforter around your shoulders and making your way to the kitchen. After making yourself a cup of tea you sat yourself on the couch, looking out the window at the rain. Your mind was scattered, you didnt know what to think about, all you know was that you wanted to stat there, wrapped up and alone. 

And you did. For the majority of the day you sat curled up and absentmindedly watching the tv, something you could control with no celebrity news commercials. The only time you stood was to either make yourself more tea, pee or accept the takeout you had ordered. And that was it.

Eventually sleep had overcome you and you wish you could say it was enough to get your mind off of things, but it wasn’t. All you could do was dream about the hate and Jinyoung. You woke up and sighed, clutching the pillow you had been holding tighter and rolling your head into it more, smiling slightly at the feint smell of Jinyoungs cologne on it before you remembered that was over. You opened your eyes and groaned at the sound of knocking and looked out the window, singing at the fact that it was already dark. Another set of knocks and you tapped around you looking for your phone, but then remembered you had turned it off and set it aside. 

A third set of knocks made you sit up and you realize that it was your door being pounded on. Taking the blanket with you, you stood and made your way over to the front door and took a deep breath. Even though you were curious as to who was on the other side of the door you had a pretty good idea. You unlocked the door halfway through another set of knocks that made you jump, and just as slow as you had unlocked it, you started to open the door. But he couldn’t wait and pushed it forward hard making you stumble back. 

He looked like hell, you could tell that his mind was everywhere except where it was supposed to be and you instantly felt a pull at your heart as his eyes landed on you. He reached for you and cupped your face, his eyes turning glass and his bottom lip slightly quivering. 

‘I thought you were hurt, why weren’t you answering me.’ He said stroking the side of your head as he looked down at you. 

‘I need to be alone.’ you said trying to back out of his hold.

‘No you don’t. Why is this happening, why can’t you do this.’ He said holding you tighter so you really couldn’t back away. 

You scoffed, you didnt actually think that you needed to prove to him why you were feeling the way you were. You got out of his grip, dropped the blanket and walked to your room to turn your phone on. You didnt even have to do anything, just shove it into his hands and let him wait for the roll of hate that appeared within seconds. 

You watched as his eyes flicked back and fourth getting redder and redder by the minute as he read the things that people were saying to you and about you. He was silent and you couldn’t actually believe he was trying to read everything, there was too much to even think about it. 

You uncrossed your arms and grabbed your comforter before walking away, going into your bedroom and shutting the door behind you, deciding that the last thing you wanted was to see him. You knew it wouldn’t last long, being alone, but you tried. You brought your knees to your chest and covered your entire body with the blanket, your eyes closing to try and stop the tears that were once again threatening. 

It didnt take long for him to come up behind you and get enough blanket away from you to craw under it. He’d looked at you, his heart breaking as he reached up to stroke your cheek. You opened your eyes to look at him, a tear falling down your cheek. He quickly wiped it away, his fingers moving under your chin as he scooted closer. 

‘Don’t leave me. Ill do what ever it takes to make all of this stop just… don’t leave me.’ You smiled softly before putting your hand on his.

‘The only way this will get better is if I end things. They won’t stop unless I do.’ You cried softly. 

‘No.’ He said a little louder than he probably should have making you jump again. ‘Im not letting you go, I can’t let you go.’ He cried before pushing himself forward and pressing his lips to yours. 

You wanted to fight, to tell him it was wrong and that you couldn’t do it anymore, but the feeling of his lips on yours once again made you feel to light to even think. You couldnt help the tears as he pushed you to your back, his hand moving from caressing your cheek to your shoulder where he laid you back. Your hands had a mind of their own as they reached up to hook around his neck. Still, the thought of the hate was in the back of your head. 

‘No Jinyoung please.’ You cried against his lips, your arms tightening. 

‘Ill fix this, y/n. Ill fix this.’ He breathed into the kiss that seemed to become even deeper. 

You shook your head but you couldn’t stop kissing him and soon their was too much heat between the two of you to stop. You pulled at his shirt trying to get him as close to you as possible, his fingers just touching you were leaving you with your skin on fire. He let you pull the shirt off and then rested his body on yours, his hands running down your side to cress your leg that had folded up against his side. You shook your head again but you couldn’t stop, at that moment all you wanted to do was be with him despite all the hate you knew you were going to wake up to the next morning. 

Your arms tightened around his neck, your leg hooked up around his and your hips pressed slightly up against him. He kissed you deeply, his hands once again running up your sides and pushing his shirt that you were wearing up so he could touch your skin. You moaned a little, just like you did every time he touch your skin for the first time. Even though it was something that expected from you, this time it meant something more, and as he nudged your chin with his nose and began to kiss and suck along your neck he couldn’t help the tears that were silently running down his cheeks. 

‘Please… please, y/n. Please don’t leave me.’ He whispered against your skin. 

Your body was confusing you. Your heart hurt and made you want to stop and just be held by him while he told you everything was going to be okay. But the rest of you ached for him. Your core felt hallow and your thighs trembled with needing him. You rubbed his chest firmly, your hands moving from the bottom of his pecks up around the back of his neck and into his hair and back down. His hands were doing the same. Where he laid from in-between your legs he propped himself up on one arm and with his free hand he ran his hands up and down your leg and over your shorts, his thumb begging for permission as it hooked under the band slightly and pulled just enough so you could feel it snap. 

You lifted your hips again in hope that he would just slip the shorts off of you but after doing it three times and he still hadn’t got the clue the only thing you could think of doing to speed up the process. Your hands trailed down his sides and this time it was your fingers slipping beneath the waist band and your heart lurched when he chuckled slightly at your forwardness. He pulled away from you slightly and and pushed your hair back while looking straight into your eyes. 

‘I love you so much.’ He whispered, his eyes now darting over your entire face as if he needed to mesmerize everything. 

‘I love you.’ You whispered bringing your hands up to cup his  face.

His bottom lip trembled again before pushing himself up and pulling your shorts off as quickly as he could. His lips met yours again and this time he kissed you with such passion that you forgot where you were. His hands were roaming your body fast now, his hands squeezing at your hips and your thighs only stoping when you were laying spread eagle under him. He kissed your neck again, this time moving down to your shoulders and kissing harshly across your collar bone. His hands now were teasing your core, nothing that could set you over the edge but in a way he could tell just how ready you were for him. 

You didnt expect him to dip lower. His hands brought your thighs over his shoulders as his lips dipped down past your belly button leaving a snail trail of kisses. He’d looked up to see you watching him with needy eyes before dipping all the way down, his tongue pressing firmly against your core and  he gave you your first initial lick. Your hand found his hair as pleasure erupted through your body. He took no time in opening and closing his jaw and grinding his tongue against you quickly.

You were always so sensitive to his touch that it seemed like no time before your body was clenching and you were groaning and panting while clenching onto his hair. He could tell just by the way he shifted that you were about to explode and he made sure to drive you just enough to the edge that when he took his tongue away from you, you were left panting and quivering. You moaned pulling your hands up to your face, your chest rising and falling as you tried to catch your breath. 

You didnt pull your hands away until you felt him move back over you and they went straight to hooking around his neck. He kissed you deeply again and at that point you could care less that his mouth had traces of your taste on it. You pushed against him until the two of you were sitting up. You noticed then that he had stripped himself down to nothing and a rush of adrenaline took over you as you pushed him up, turned him around and straddled his lap, your lips pushing his until he was pressed back against the headboard of your bed. You started to roll your hips against his erect member, his arms wrapping around your waist and pulling you tightly up and down his shaft. 

You moaned and tried to raise your hips wanting nothing more than to feel him in you, but his arms were wrapped to tight around you, the feeling making him tremble with anticipation. When you were finally able to get off his lap and adjust yourself to slide down his member the two of you were already both moaning messes. Jinyoung let out a shaky breath before you pressed your forehead to his. He’d hissed and pulled tighter around your waist as you started to move yourself up and down his lap, his member hitting opposite of your walls every time you moved. Hedtook a shaky hand and pushed your hair back before you took your hands and made his head tilt. Your lips kissed his neck as your hips started to move faster, his groan vibrating past your lips sent another wave of pleasure through your body. 

You felt him shift under you, his hands moving up to support your back before leaning forward and making you slide off of him. He lightly smacked your behind and the moment you rolled into your stomach and brought your knees under you his hands pushed your shirt up and over your head so his lips could kiss along your soft back. He reentered you quickly, his hips bucking into you and making you grab at the bedsheets for support. He hovered over you, his chest beading with sweat now pressed into your back as he took you from behind. 

You moaned his name and reached an arm behind you to grab onto his, your body twisting with the motion so your shoulder was now pressed to the bed. He reached up to kiss your cheek allowing him to press even further into you and at a new angle. The both of you cussed at that, the feeling of him being so deep into you causing another rush of adrenaline run through the both of you. He sat you and gripped onto your hips and ripped into you, his hips moving so fast that you could hardly breath. You moaned his name again in the form of short breaths. Your voice made him pump faster, sending him closer to the edge. 

You squealed and pulled away from him, the feeling of him setting your body afire and making it hard for you to remain in that position. All it did though was make him follow you and ride you harder till he was the one whimpering your name. Your hands reached for one another as you both walked up tot he edge of climax and your heart lurched. He let out a series of moans before pulling out of your shaking body quickly, cumming all over your back as your body hit its climax. He held onto you as you shook and called out, waiting for your body to relax before letting you go. 

He reached into your bedside table knowing exactly where you kept your wipes and cleaned you off as quick as he could. You moaned slightly as he finished up and groaned as he pulled you up into his chest. You whimpered slightly and clung to him, your arms and legs intertwining with his. You laid there with him and nuzzled your face into his chest. 

‘Ill fix this. I promise ill fix this just-’ you cut him off by moving up his body and kissing him softly. 

‘im not going anywhere. I can’t go anywhere.’

[sort of started here]

Vader: [text] luke?? luke pls respond pls
Luke: i dont know what u want me to say
Vader: come back here and we can talk about it ill tell u everything
Luke: absolutelynot
Vader: im not the one who lied to u!!! that was obiwan!!! be mad at him i know i totally am!!!!!!
Luke: um u cut off my hand
Vader: ok so mistakes were made but also im ur dad and u were yelling at me 
Luke: 🙄
Vader: look just come here. the important thing is that obiwans dead and now that we both know the truth you and i can bond and i can explain all of it  
Luke: bens not dead u know
Vader: what
Luke: hes notdead. ive spoken to him. i mean hes not alive either though i think it’s sort of a greyarea
Vader: what the fuck are u talking about son did they give u a lot of pain pills 
Luke: i dont know what he did? but he’s like a ghost that can talk to me sometimes. with the force
Vader: he came back from the dead and he can talk to force users???
Luke: …apparently? anyways the next time i seethat guy hes getting an earful 
Vader: what ur suggesting isnt possible son. u cant cheat death. trust me.
Vader: also if obiwan was a ghost he’d come visit me first
Luke: look i dont knw what to tell u but ive heard and seen him. 
Vader: seriously? like it was really him?
Luke: omg why am i eventalking to u 
Vader: what did he say?
Luke: idk stuff about the force 
Vader: what else? did he mention me at all??
Luke: what is WRONG WITH YOU. youre trying to get me to join u and all u want to know is what ben’s ghost said about u???
Vader: im just curious!!!!!! im sorry but it literally makes no sense that hed talk to u first 
Luke: omfg
Luke: r u jealous??? 
Vader: no
Luke: right

Twin Andrews Part 2 | jughead x reader

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part one:

part three:

a/n: part two of twin andrews is here!! if you love it and want more make sure to send me a request for a part three!! love u nugs🌹

“wow V” i chuckle as we walk out of the gym “i can’t believe you got Betty onto the squad” we all laugh and Betty smiles admiringly to her friend.

“it’s about time we had a cooper on the squad” i chuckle looping my arm in the blondes “thank you both- this has been a dream since like forever-” she swoons grabbing her heart.

“you wish is our demand” Veronica tells her friend as we bow jokingly in front of her we all laugh holding a new uniforms in our hands “should we try them out for size?” i nod eager to get into something that was familiar.

we pile into the girls change room and put on our uniforms “im a vixen!!” Betty squeals jumping up at down and swishing her mini skirt.

“B can you zip me up?” i pull my red hair aside as she zips me up

“wow (y/n/n) looking hot!” Veronica exclaims fanning herself cause me to stick my tongue out at her “why thank you miss V”

we walk out of the changing rooms head held high, it started to finally feel like i was finally getting back into my old life, the one i left a year ago for with my mum. I find myself smiling at my friends glad that i came back, i needed them and I didn’t know that till this very moment.

“have you spoken to Archie?” i was snapped out of my thoughts

“spoken to him about what?” i ask stopping at my locker to grab a few books “Betty didn’t tell you?” i shrug feeling someone’s eyes on me “tell me what?” i press.

“she doesn’t need to know-” Betty stumbled with her words, i furrow my eyebrow hitting myself in the head with my chemistry book “if this is about B having a crush on him then yes i know” i roll my eyes.

walking backwards i giggle at Betty’s blushed cheeks, ronnie joins in on the giggle nudging the blonde with her elbow “approve?” she questions and i nod winking st the girls

“look i gotta go- Pop’s after school to celebrate? we have our very first Cooper and Lodge girl that means milkshakes and burgers on me” i ask glancing at the clock it was the last lesson and I was craving one of pops famous burgers

“sounds like a good idea!” Betty smiles at me “good see ya’s later”

i turn on my heels and collide with another body sending me to a heap on the floor, i land on the victims chest and we bop heads “fuck!” i cuss rubbing my head.

i didn’t get a chance to see his face before i tried to stand instantly going dizzy, hands dart to my waist keeping me steady.

“woah easy there Andrews” i instantly recognised the voice “Jughead?” i exclaim glances at his face taking in all his features and that old beanie of his “oh my god” i throw my arms around him as he circle my waist.

“i wow you look-” i step back glancing at him “you look good juggie” i hug him once more and he freezes before hugging me back. “still not a hugger?” i ask and he shakes his head.

“no but you’ve always seemed to be the exception” i laugh “id love to stay and talk but i have chem-” he smiles “me too, walk together?” i nod following the boy

“so how come you weren’t at Pop’s last night for my big return, i knew something was missing but Archie didn’t mention anything” he goes quite so i figure I’ve hit a nerve.

“how are things?” i ask changing the subject “yeah okay” his voice sounds strained “are you sure?” i press “im here aren’t i?” i bite my lip and walk next to him in silence earning a few glances from peers, a river vixen walking with an ‘outcast’.

“this is us” he point to the class i follow him in just as the second bell rang others scrambling into their seats as Mr Hill slips in behind us “seats everybody” i gulp glances around desperately for a seat i forget we’d be in pairs.

all eyes are on me and within seconds the class is buzzing in soft whispers “Andrews” i hear jughead call sitting a few desks back, he gestures to the open seat next to him and gladly slip into it “thanks jones”.

he nods glancing to the front of the class “welcome back miss andrews” Mr Hill greets me “good to be back” i clear my throat awkwardly the eyes of my classmates piercing into me.

“so the hotter Andrews is finally back” i turn in my seat to see Reggie smirking in his seat running his hands through his hair “Reggie Mantle, god even Chicago couldn’t erase your idiot voice from my brain” i smile sweetly batting my eyelashes before facing forward rolling my eyes.

jughead laughs at my comment and i smile at him “baby you couldn’t forget me if you tried” i shake my head facing forward “oh but baby It’s not your devilish good looks that made you memorable it was more what you were lacking in you know where”

the class erupts in laughter and i smirk at my victory “ive always liked you feisty my little river vixen” he purs.

“enough” our teacher yells standing and scribbling notes on the board “good to be back” i mumble catching Reggies sleazy glances in the car of my eye “gross”

i mumble copying the notes “you okay?” jughead whispers “yeah just sleaze ball taking a little bit of a long look” i gesture to Reggie with my pencil and Jughead narrows his eyes at the boy.

“yeah he definitely hasn’t changed since you left” i laugh trying to hold in my giggles and people’s eyes start to stray from the board to me.

“hey juggie” he murmurs glancing to the board then back to his book “Betty & Veronica wanted to go to Pop’s after school to celebrate them making the team- do you maybe wanna come?”

he puts down his pencil facing me “andrews are you asking me out?” i jolt up shaking my head furiously

“no i um no i was just-” i give up when i realise im no longer speaking English “what i meant to say is that no the whole gangs going to be there and i want to hear more about what’s happening around here- Betty told me you’ve been writing about Jason”

he turns to the front nodding “ill be there, we can talk about Jason another time when it’s just the two of us” i nod returning to my work.

“why aren’t we celebrating you becoming a vixen?” i roll my eyes “ive been on the squad since freshman year juggie it’s not that big of a deal” i tease clicking my pen.

“noted” he replies focusing his full attention to the white board.



i turn to see my brother jogging over to me looking slightly puffed “you good?” i ask continuing to walk my brother following hot on my heels, i was eager to get out of this damn school and to Pop’s.

“are you going to the dance tonight?” i knit my brows “what dance?” i question approaching my locker to grab a few books slipping them into my bag.

“the school dance- its tonight- Betty asked if I’d go with her and Ronnie” i close my locker “she what?” i say surprised.

“i- i dunno she just asked if I’d go with them and i said yes which means you have to okay!” i grown “arch i don’t want to go to a stupid school dance” he grabs me by the shoulders pulling me toward him “please!” he begs.

i remove his hands from his shoulders and start the walk to his car, “please please please please please” i block him out taking long strides to reach Archie’s truck.

“open the damn truck arch” he shakes his head “Archie! Open the damn truck” i yell frustration consuming me at how annoying my brother was being “i swear to god Archibald is you do not open this door i will kill you!” i hiss and he shakes his head.

“ill open the door if you come to the dance” i groan resting my head against the door “fine fine! ill go” i say in defeat earning a happy yell from my brother followed by the beeps of the car being unlocked “hallelujah” i mumble getting into the car.

“Betty and Veronica are going to the mall to buy a dress so ill drop you off and you can pick out something nice okay” he teases smiling stupidly at you “why don’t we both ditch and order in watch a movie something actually enjoyable” i offer clasping my hands together to beg.

“no, i can’t let them go by themselves” i smack his arm “um why the bloody hell not? we can take care of ourselves yanno” i tell him irritation itching at me.

“oh well it’s your first social event back- you need this” i ignore him glancing out the window as he pulls into the parking lot of the mall “bye sissy” he teases. i slam his truck door and flip him off as he drives away.

“jerk” i mumble

“you made it!” i walk toward the blonde and the raven headed girls “i made it” i smile at them as they loop their arms in mine “let’s get you a killer dress” i tell Betty as we walk into the complex and she blushes

“archie tell you?” i nod “when were you going to tell me you asked my brother out?!” i exclaim bumping her shoulder “i didn’t ask him out i asked him to the dance with V it’s not like it’s a date”

“whatever you say coops” i wink at her and run my fingers across the nearest dress rack “wish i had someone to go to the dance with” i think aloud flicking through the hangers.

“what about Jughead? Yous seemed pretty cozy in the hall” Betty speaks up curiosity filling her voice “oh my god!” i exclaim cursing.

the mention of his name reminds me that we were supposed to be meeting at Pops now “shit shit shit” i smack my forehead trying not to think about how hurt he’s going to be when he shows up and none of us being there

“what’s wrong?” Ronnie asks concerned her arms full of dresses “i invited Jughead to Pops tonight and i totally spaced” i tell them guilty “im sure he’ll understand” Betty tries to comfort me placing a hand on my shoulder.

“i hope so” i sulk “do you know what happened with him and my brother?” she shakes her head “they haven’t really spoken since before summer break i don’t think they spoke for the whole summer” i gulp, great what the hell happened.

the rest of the shopping trip i spent too engulfed in my own thoughts and theories about my brother and his former bestfriend that i barely noticed buying a dress and getting to Betty’s house.

“earth to (y/n)” im snapped out of my thoughts by Ronnie, she waves the curling wand in front of my face “you almost ready Arch will be here soon” i nod finishing off my hair and grabbing my dress “ill just change and ill be down before you know it”

“okay we’ll be outside”

i nod closing the door and quickly changing into my dress sliding on my heels and applying another coat of lipstick before glancing at myself in the mirror. i didn’t look half bad i smile at my reflection before the tooting of a horn brings me back to earth

“really archie? i was coming jesus” i complain opening the front door of Betty’s house and walking down the driveway to meet my brother the girls already tucked into the car

“wow little sis you look decent when you put in effort”

i gasp shoving him in the chest “your 10 minutes older than me okay-”

he rolls his eyes at me and mockingly opens the door for me, i smile sarcastically at him and slip in the passenger seat “the quicker we get there the quicker we can get home” i think aloud

“c'mon it can’t be that bad” Veronica teased but i just shook my head “you have no idea”

a/n: sorry for it being long and kinda poopy im in the midst of starting a new part it’s just with the ending i wanted for this is would’ve taken SO LONG! but be excited for part three because their will be lots of jughead x reader fluff! so if you’d like that PLEASE (im low key begging you) to just type a ‘part 3’ or ‘i really like this series or just SOMETHING. silent readers get me down!

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sugakookie with top!jungkook please, either no smut or smut, lengthy or shorty is fine. you know yoonkook with top!jungkook is rare. im so sad :(((

suits by Ani_Imagine [2k]

Your heart beat in reverse by screaminthedark (brokenbeauty) [4.6k]

hold me up against the wall by mintyoongee [3k]

It’s been a hard day’s night by thetaememe [5k]

Just Try It by coffinkicker [5.6k]

Tell Daddy what you wanna do by Thetrash [2k]

mind, soul, and body by hakho [4.8k]

show me how it do by homine for Thetrash [3.4k]

he’s always right (until he’s wrong) by mintyoongee [3k]

Mistakes by ReverseSirens [5.4k]

livin like beep by Miro (KuroTsubasa) [3k]

I’m gonna make you fall by strangedesires [2k]

soft melodies and softer touches by strangedesires [11k]

It would be a lie to say that Yoongi regretted this turn of events by Miraby [7k]

straight A’s by orphan_account [2.4k]


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