try to scan it tomorrow

Day 2 - Divided

Done over two A5 Pages

This… is by far… the most ambitious piece of art I have EVER done

My eyes are bleary from concentrating

I absolutely adore Thrilling Intent to the very core. And if it weren’t for them I am not sure I would have ever tried something like this, nor would I be drawing as much as I am right now

There’s mistakes but… I don’t think I could have ever expected it to come out this well… I am exhausted. But I can’t express how accomplished I feel

[may try to get a slightly better scan tomorrow…. made it. BARELY! only 22 minutes of October 2nd left to spare!!!]

From Here On Out // Chapter Five


I like this chapter. It was fun, it’s more the Meredith and Harry from a time before and it was nice for me to write, and I *actually* had time to write for once which also made this quite a pleasant one to do.

Big thanks again to The Drama Ducks @harrysmeadow and @islareeveswriting for being with me every step of the way and pointing out my LOL mistakes, like when Meredith shits her light off…or does she? You’d all have some really terrible typos if it wasn’t for these two.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed writing it and please let me know what you think! I’m posting a little earlier than I usually do because I’m going out but it just means you get it earlier. Byeeeeee x

Word Count // 4.7K

Listen To // Dirty Laundry by All Time Low

Story Page

“Meri? You up?” Harry called out into the empty space of Meredith’s flat as he shut the front door behind him and saw that the door to her bedroom, which had been firmly slammed shut in his face last night and remained shut this morning, was now open wide and the sunlight emitting from the room meant she was definitely up and about. She’d still been asleep when Harry had woken up on the sofa which had felt awful on his back after his long flight back from LA, but to say he’d even slept properly would have been reaching; he’d slept for about an hour before spending the rest of the time in the dark thinking about how he was going to fix things with her after their fight.

Before going out for some fresh air and to get a couple of things, he’d peeked his head around the door to find her lying spark out on her bed with her arms wrapped around one of the four pillows, holding it as though she was cuddling somebody, and one of her legs lying outside the duvet, before he’d closed it again and rested his head against the wood with a quiet sigh. It had been early and he hadn’t heard her shut off her light until gone two in the morning so he let her sleep it away; she’d clearly been stressed out the night before, and he suspected it was more than just to do with a silly article in a newspaper, and any time spent arguing wasn’t good for them.

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finished drawing that one magic kid

(looks so much better if you click on it)

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Reblog to get an holiday special!

I want to kick inactivity in the butt and also i need some draw breaks while i study sooo.. reblog this for a chance of having a quick sketch drawn based on your blog!! <3

Pro tip: if you reblog this and tag it with the same tag you use for an oc, chances are i’ll draw them instead!

i’ll try to bring this to campus tomorrow and scan it because the lighting in my room is just not ok…

…but I really really love @horatiosroom ’s MySpace AU and wanted to draw the weirdos hangin out on the bleachers… Idk why Hux gotta wear those latex gloves during lunch hour but I guess they’re part of his aesthetic //

Kimi ni Todoke - Chapter 107 Translation

Translation by tsubakibakibaki on Otakumole. I’m posting this on here for those who can’t access the site. If you would prefer to read on Google drive, I've posted the file here

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I can’t draw her on the computer help

I’ll try and scan in the drawing of her tomorrow, because it looks maybe 100 times better in traditional.

But yes, this is the better half of a character that I’m basing my next project on. She’s called Isabel :)