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January 1, 2017 - 207., and nothing’s gonna stop me now!

As I more or less promised, here is my beginning of month (and in this case beginning of year) selfie. I weighed in this morning at 207.2 lbs, and I feel like I’m on a roll!

The weight is probably the lowest I have been this millenium. I still have a journey ahead of me, but I made some progress in 2016, especially in the last two months. Now I’m gonna try to keep the momentum going and see if I can meet a few goals this year!

Mean Queens Ch.3 (Group Fic) - NymphCAMP

Nymph’s A/N: Do we get too excited to write this and spend basically every evening doing just that? Yes, yes we do. But again, the feedback has been amazing, we’re so happy people are enjoying our little piece of shit and really getting at what we’re trying to do and we couldn’t be more thankful. It truly keeps the momentum going. In this chapter, we get to know the mean queens a little better, and find out if they truly are who they’re said to be. Toot it or boot it bitches, we’re real women standing by in real time waiting for your feedback.  

PureCAMP’s A/N: Today at school, the feedback made me gasp out loud and lifted my mood by 72943596%. Kinda feeling blessed that you guys are enjoying this, it’s really spurring us on (and the fact that we kinda love it too.) I can’t wait for you to delve deeper into the mean queen’s world and we hope you like what you see (read?) PURECAMP OUT

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I lost a few pounds in Florida, so my goal was to keep the momentum and try to lean down even more for a wedding coming up. I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to get as many work outs in, but I’ve been making much better food choices overall. I’ve really never had much visible muscle before. I’m so amazed at how much is peaking through just from the few pounds I’ve dropped so far. There’s some self motivation for you 🤗

Goodnight Tumblr!

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I’m going to give Kara no Kyoukai a rest and focus on essays about Psycho Pass and Evangelion tomorrow. Don’t forget it’s also Trashy Aunt Tuesday! Also SnB spoiler Tuesday. I’m gonna try my best to avoid getting too caught up in that and keep the momentum going here. I’ve tormented that particular fandom enough with my obscure Nasuverse analogies and references for the week.

Now that I’ve had a chance to play around more with making video clips and gifs, many of my essays will probably start with video clips or mangacaps followed by commentary analyzing the work from which they came. I’ve been reflecting quite a bit lately about how to best convey what this bog is about. I often refer to it as “multifandom” for the sake of convenience. In truth, this is a blog that seeks to celebrate animanga as a storytelling medium. So a format that caters to a style of discourse one might find in a film studies class might ultimately be the most appropriate approach going forward with regard to writing essays

Or maybe not. In any case, I’m going to stick with the format I’ve been using the past few days for animated works. Manga are are a different story, but I think I am going to fiddle around with a format that starts with a mangacap and proceeds to discuss the chapter or work in general at length under a cut. Long-story-long, I think I’d like to use a more visual style to analyze visual works. 

Peace, love, donuts and discount Valentine’s candy to you all!

Look Forward (Cho/Luna) - Rated T

Trying to keep my momentum by checking off the au: criminals (3/5) box on my bingo card for @nooreva’s hp femslash february (trope bingo challenge)! They’re technically activists with a criminal record. Thanks for reading!

Cho was two years ahead of Luna at Hogwarts, only ever in the periphery of her life and Luna in the periphery of hers.

Now, Luna could not be more central. Cho can see her so clearly.

They share a flat–and a bed–on the edge of Dublin’s wizarding district. And, when they’re not sharing a bed, they’re working in the Magical Creatures Division for the International Confederation of Wizards. At least, that’s their day jobs–Luna in Creature Care Committee and Cho in Marketing as a photographer. By night, they’re magical beings rights activists.

Not long after the war’s end, Cho had run into Luna at a rally for Werewolf rights outside of Cardiff. Luna had looked older–of course–but even surer than before. Wild and righteous and beautiful in her badged denim jacket and Ravenclaw knit cap, her hair had been thrown haphazardly into a fishtail down her back, and lovely rainbow ribbons and charms glimmered in the braids as she walked and lifted her sign (TO WERE IS HUMAN). Her eyes were that heady silver-grey, her cheeks pink, the curve of her jaw as sharp as her shout. Cho had brought out her camera, peered through the viewfinder to catch her. And she hasn’t looked away since.

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the hardest part is that we can’t just “wait for next season.” we lost the WC in 2011 but we had the olympics that next year. this one hurts because it’s 3 years. there’ll be retirements, injuries, roster changes, people falling out of form, fans losing interest, trying to keep together a league that’s struggling, lost momentum on the fight for fair pay… until 2019 when we can finally show something on the world stage again. idk man it just sucks??? I am so gutted for the girls because they of all people knew how much was riding on this.

they should be proud tho. what they’ve done for this sport and especially for women in this sport is incredible and i know they will continue to do that. idk im not gonna try to be fake positive because i don’t even know how to feel…just empty and numb i guess. but i do love them and i am so so proud of them. sorry for the dramatics, it’s just when you’ve invested so much of your livelihood into a team…they’ve done so much for me i really couldn’t put it into words how much they mean to me


This is absolute madness! It was only two weeks ago I was making a post for 12K followers lmao where the hell are you all coming from??

I can’t express enough how much I appreciate your enthusiasm and encouragement. It means so much to me and seeing all your messages and tags genuinely fills me to joy. Having you guys backing me and my art motivates me to try so much harder <3

My experiment with streaming and using a mic to chat to viewers was a resounding success! Once I got over my nerves I had so much fun discussing Very Important Topics such as whether mermaids need nipples and why power tools and DIY analogies are used as euphemisms for sex. I definitely want to continue to stream as I draw in the future and I think Fridays and Saturdays are the likeliest slots because of my job/commute. Keep an eye out for streaming posts if you’re interested in watching!

A quick PSA: I’ve created an art tag (”pussycat draws”) and added a link to my sidebar. I’ve also started tagging all my message replies with “pussycat responds” so you can blacklist it if you don’t want to see them. Please do let me know what else I can do to make life easier for you! 


About the lack of Adventure Time

I know it’s easy to blame Cartoon Network for the long hiatus between Adventure Time episodes, and they ARE partially to blame. However I think we fail to see the whole picture when it comes to how fragmented things have become for the crew.

The show, like many others on CN, divides up the work to help crank out a steady stream of episodes within the 9-month production cycle. As many of us already know, a great deal of talent has left Adventure Time to focus on other work.

These are just the people I could remember off of the top of my head who have left the show since it’s inception:

  • Ako Castuera
  • Jesse Moynihan
  • Andy Ristaino
  • Rebecca Sugar
  • Ian Jones Quartey
  • Skylar Page
  • Patrick McHale

Many of these people left during the latter seasons of the show, and trying to recruit new members of staff who can keep that momentum going is very, very difficult. During the last couple of seasons in particular a lot of work fell on the shoulders of just a few people, and that makes keeping a consistent schedule of new releases difficult.

Cartoon Network is still banking on Adventure Time being a viable property, and it shows with all the news surrounding it recently: a theatrical release with Warner Brothers, confirmation of an 8th season, a mini-series about Marceline in season 7, another video game adaption being produced, etc. It’s all very exciting, but the network can’t rely on a single property to bolster viewership. Shows like Steven Universe, Regular Show, Uncle Grandpa, Teen Titans Go!, Clarence, The Amazing World of Gumball, and We Bare Bears are all being pushed by CN to help fill in the gaps between new episodes of Adventure Time. Not only that, but there are plenty of reruns of old AT episodes to keep audiences invested in the show. It is far from a forgotten property.

The future of the show is looking pretty good. The writers have plenty of steam left, and with new talent like Ashley Burch joining the crew to produce episodes for seasons 7 and 8, I’m excited to see where the show goes from here. Just be patient guys and we’ll see that the show’s next couple of seasons will definitely be worth the wait.

2d sonic level design is pretty cool and fairly unique because it’s pretty nonlinear, with lots of intersecting alternate paths and interesting level geometry, but you don’t have to explore the whole level in one go

like there are little things to find along the way, powerups and 1-ups and rings and whatnot, but it’s not like you have to scour every level to find all the secret items. it’s not like donkey kong country where you’re trying to find all the secrets in every level to unlock something, and you feel like you missed out on a big chunk of the level if you skipped the secrets. i like games like that, but it doesn’t quite work for sonic, where you’re trying to keep up your momentum rather than stopping to check every nook and cranny of the level

instead it’s more about giving you different options. like a lot of levels will have lower paths that are a little easier, and higher paths that reward your ability to jump between precarious platforms without falling. it doesn’t really matter which path you take in most cases, and it’s impractical to see all of the level on your first run through. the game’s just giving you options

which is probably one of the reasons why i replayed sonic games soooooo much as a kid without getting bored. i could keep finding new routes through a lot of the levels, and the trickier paths that i couldn’t quite reach were like, a goal to work towards on every playthrough