try to ignore him he's made of lies!!

anonymous asked:

You said harry must stay away from Larry rumours because this is not the time. I'm interested why you say that. Why if he's free would he want to try to close down support of a relationship that's been hidden and lied about for supposedly painful years? I ask because there are signs that IS what his teams doing. Distancing him from Larry and Louis. In fact that blind about L and another guy which I'd usually ignore made me wonder if it's part of it. I just wondered why HArry would choose this.

Who said he’s going to want to close down support? I’m saying that he wants his first major solo career moves to be about him and his work and not about his relationship with Louis or the band or anyone else.

He is more than his relationship, as we all are, and I think he’ll want to present himself that way to begin with. Plus Louis still has a lot of shit to wash off before he can begin coming out in a controlled, positive manner.

And the blind about Louis was just them pulling stuff out of their asses based on the Houis narrative. Maybe someone saw him hug Hot Luke or something. I mean, if I wasn’t a Larry, I’d be shipping that like crazy!

Any negative self defeating thought that’s brings you down is lies from the enemy. His trying to depress you because He knows you are child of God. And nothing makes the devil happy than bringing you down. Don’t let him. Choose to follow Godly thoughts that are uplifting and encouraging.. don’t fall into the pit the devil made for you.. ignore him.