try to ignore him he's made of lies!!

What if We Stopped Pretending?

Summary: Dan and Phil are the best of friends. That’s it. Until Phil tells his old school friends he’s bringing his boyfriend to the school reunion even though he’s been single for years. If only he had a best friend willing to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to help him out…

Dan helps Phil out by pretending to be his boyfriend while also hiding the fact that he’s been in love with his best friend for seven years.

Words: 6.6k

A/N: And here it is! I’ve been promising to get this done on Tumblr for days but with exams, assignments and life, it took me a little longer than planned. It’s finally here though and it’s over 6k words long! I hope you enjoy it :)

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Phil felt like a complete idiot. He could barely believe that he had just agreed to go to his school reunion with his boyfriend when he couldn’t even remember the last time he dated anyone. And it’s not as if he could call back and say he had made up a boyfriend up without sounding like a bigger loser than he actually was.

He usually wasn’t the kind of person to worry much about what others thought about him and had no trouble letting people know he was single and in no rush to get together with someone. The problem was that he had already been to another two school reunions in total and he had shown up alone for them as well.

Every time, he had to stand by and feel awkward while his old schoolmates introduced him to their partners and spouses while he was all alone.

When he got the call from one of his old friends asking him if he was going to go to the reunion, he couldn’t help but think back to all the previous reunions he had attended. Was he really going to go by himself again for the third time and have to go through the process of being introduced to all his friends’ new husbands and wives while he just stood around feeling lonely?

As much as this sort of thing had never really affected him before, he wasn’t really in the mood for all the awkwardness that it would entail for him to show up on his own. He almost declined the invitation and made up some excuse about how he was going to be abroad in a few days but thought better of it in the end.

It had been ages since he had seen his old schoolmates and, even though they were not as close as they had been while they were still in school, he still missed them. Was he really going to miss a reunion because he was scared of feeling awkward and alone?

Just as he was about to say yes and reassure his friend that he would be there, she let him know that he could bring along a plus one. “Everyone from our group at school is going to bring their partner. It will be a good chance to catch up on each other’s lives.”

Phil was going to tell her that he would be going on his own, he really was but somehow what ended up coming out of his mouth was completely different. “That sounds great. I’ll make sure to bring my boyfriend along with me.”

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Idol: Jeon Jungkook

Word count: 1,774

Genre: Angst…?(idk you tell me)

Request:  Can I get first angst and then it turns into fluff scenario with jungkook (BTS) (I really really like school scenarios or when you are working with then or like he is an idol and you’re fan) 💕❤

A/N: I don’t know if you  could tell…. but i got a little too carried away. But i hope you like it! and sorry if there are any typos, its like 2 in the morning and i was too lazy to re-read everything.

Jeon Jungkook, the most popular guy in school, every girl wanted him and every guy wanted to be him, even the teachers loved him. With his jet black hair and breath taking smile. He can sing, dance, and rap, what the hell can’t he do, he was perfect, not to mention that he was a mastermind with the ladies. Everyone loved him.






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The Monster Is The Lie

What i hope might come from 520.

“I’ve killed so many, Felicity. In so many ways.”

Oliver couldn’t hold this back any longer, not from her. It he could find one good thing from what Chase and his torture did for him, it would be the clarity that came with the pain. It showed Oliver all the damage he caused since he washed ashore on Lian Yu. He could rationalize and justify and ignore all the reasons he killed, all the lies he told and the decisions he made in telling them. That night three years ago in the clock tower while Slade and his army was trying to destroy the city, Oliver told Felicity he was a different person before his experiences on the island. But that was another lie too. The vain, shallow billionaire playboy was also hurting people—Laurel, Samantha, Sara, Lance; the list goes on. The only difference between that Oliver Queen and the island Oliver Queen was he hadn’t killed anybody yet.

“Oliver, we’ve covered this ground already,” Felicity responded. “You had to find another way. Do you remember when I told you that what was happening isn’t because you are a killer, it was happening because you were one.”

Oliver shook his head. “No Felicity, I was still a killer. When I came back from Lian Yu and put on the hood to right my father’s wrongs—it was all based on a lie.”

“So why didn’t you kill Slade?”

“Because…” Oliver went silent. Why didn’t he kill Slade?

Felicity stood in front of Oliver and she could see the conflict in him. She could always see the conflict in him. She reached out and put her hand on his shoulder. “Oliver, I don’t believe your crusade was, is a lie. I don’t’ think you really do either. You brought back so much anger with you. All the things that happened to you, that were done to you—maybe you did lose control at times. But Oliver, you didn’t ask for any of it. You didn’t sink the Gambit. You had no idea what your parents and Merlyn were into with the Undertaking.  You were thrown into the mix of their mechanisms and had to fight back. Okay, so you killed all those people. But you told me it was kill or be killed. That’s what kept you alive.”

Oliver was almost willing to believe what she was saying. But the warm pressure of her hand on his shoulder distracted him. It was a rare thing between them. Except for that brief sweet time last summer when they made love again, it was an intimacy they denied themselves. During those long months into the fall and winter, Oliver had moments when he thought of ignoring Felicity’s request for space and just take her in his arms. The pull to do so was strong. Every time they stood so close to one another, Oliver wondered what she would have done, how she would have responded if he kissed her or told her he still loved her, that she would always be the only one. It would have been another lie. Monsters are not capable of love.

“Oliver, please tell me what you’re thinking?”

He was thinking of how tired he was. Fighting inner demons takes a lot out of a person. He had been feeling this exhaustion since Chase showed him who Oliver Queen really is. “Felicity, all the people I’ve hurt…” he lowered his head, not able to look at her “…and betrayed; you were that brief shining light in my life. It wasn’t my parents or Thea, it wasn’t Laurel or McKenna or Helena or Sara. When you came into my heart, and when I thought it could be possible to love you—maybe for the first time in my life I would be worthy. I could have a purpose, not saving the city and making a difference, but allowing myself to feel how simple and right it was to love you.”


“Felicity, I was lying to myself. Every time I touched you, every time I held you and made love to you…I could hear the screams of the people I tortured. I could see all the bodies I dropped. I wasn’t worthy. I was a monster.”

Felicity touched Oliver’s face. She gave him her tears, sparkling on her face. She leaned in closer and put a soft kiss on his lips. She felt him wanting to pull back, but the wall behind him prevented him from doing so. “Oliver,” she said to him, breaking away from the kiss. “You’re wrong.  You didn’t kill and torture all those people. Maybe you didn’t ever lie to me about William.”

“Felicity, what are you talking about? I totally lied to you about William. I broke your trust in me and I broke your heart. I hurt you, the one person…the one love in my life that could have forgiven me and showed me redemption.”

“No Oliver, you didn’t. It was the monster, a creature of blood and pain and death. You didn’t create it. Your parents, Slade Wilson, Merlyn, Ra’s, Darkhe…and now Chase; they brought the monster to life.”

“Felicity, Chase showed…”

“Chase is the monster…” she cut him off. “He didn’t show you who you are. He showed you who he is.”

Oliver was ready to respond, ready to defend the darkness in him. But what Felicity just told him—could that be it? Was he just a vessel? Did all those people she mentioned pour their evil into him and mold the monster? He looked into Felicity’s shining eyes and saw belief. Belief in Oliver Queen. Belief in her love for him.

“Oliver…the monster is the lie. The killing and hurting, those are the reasons Chase thinks he’s beaten you. Because you believe him. You’ve been telling yourself all these years that all the horrible things the monster did in your name was your penance. You deserve to lose the ones you love. You deserve the pain. All you’re doing Oliver, is feeding the monster.”

My god, he thought. She’s right. He felt ready to drown in her truth. And in that truth, he made a startling and wonderful realization—he can love Felicity Smoak. The monster could not touch her anymore. She was too strong. It could not hurt her.

A small smile touched his face. “When did you find the time to get a degree in Psychology?”

Felicity smiled back, bigger and brighter. “I had a good case study.”

This time, Oliver leaned forward and kissed her. It was long and deep and more sustaining than anything else he would ever have in his life. After a few moments, he reluctantly broke away from her lips and a surge of strength took hold of him.

“Come on,” he said to her. “Let’s go fight some monsters.”

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Hello! So.. in 12x23, when Cas healed Dean, Dean seems kind of.. shy or something. Maybe he's just thankful, but the reaction was different from before -I mean, Cas healed him multiple times but I felt like Dean's reaction this time was a bit different-. Is he really shy or am I delusional? What do you think about his reaction?

Nope, there was definitely something weird about this scene, except that there was nothing weird about the way Cas shouted “Dean!” and ignored Sam and Mary at the beginning or all his previous interactions with Kelly which were just so dorky and Human it was jarring just how much they seemed to be trying to make him seem like dorky little PB&J loving, poop and pee talking CAS and not Castiel or brainwashed or whatever… 

I’m filing it under “Cas was definitely off in some ways but not in others since he got back from the AU world and lied to Kelly and tried to keep Sam and Dean away from the rift and was acting weirdly, plus all the talk about paradise made me feel worried like WTF is this? and then he goes and DIES so great, thanks for that, gotta wait til freaking october to know what is happening and he’s dead anyway so its kind of academic at this point anyway but I still want to know and it will probably be relevant but first we have to deal with whatever is going on with him being resurrected or not and what is going to happen with this freaking AU and Jack”


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“Just friends” *WARNING: SMUT

Request from anon: Could you do a Sammy visual or regular smut where y/n is Nate’s little sister and all the guys come over for their traditional movie night, but y/n and Sammy have always flirted and so they cuddle during the movie and Sam starts to tease y/n when almost all the guys are asleep and he fingers her? LOL uh, 


“What’s up sport?” Nate walked in the house, rubbing my head, messing up my hair. “Ugh, hi,” I said annoyed because he knows I hate when he does that to me. Just then the guys started walking through the door too. As a routine, as each walked by living room table, I would hand off to them their favorite snacks and drinks. This wasn’t my first rodeo for these kind of nights with these boys. Every other Saturday was movie night at the Maloley house hold here in LA. Everyone was invited, even the couples. It was basically our only tradition as a whole family. We may all be doing our own things, but in the end, we will always come back to each other where we began. I love doing it. I love hearing the stories, hearing the laughs, trash talk, and “OH!” I squealed out, snapped out of my thoughts to my ass getting slapped. 

I turned to my left and smirked, “Missed me much?” I said, looking at Sam. Sam and I have an on and off flirtatious relationship. There are times where we’ll be really flirty and there are times where we are just friends. Those ‘we are just friends’ moments are when Stass, Jordyn, and or Kylie are around. Sam turns into a whole different person when he’s around those 3. I don’t know why but I really don’t question it. For the past couple movie nights, he would bring one or all of them. It’s not that we didn’t mind, we did sometimes, but we just didn’t want to piss him off that he wasn’t allowed to bring people he wanted. Nate and I love them, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes, it would be nice if it was just the crew. But the crew has been adding numbers to the crew so we don’t question it. 

“What’s on the menu for tonight?” He looks down at me with hungry eyes. He plants his hand on my ass cheek and squeezes it. I just bit the bottom of my lip, “Me.” I winked, and walked away to the living room where the guys were. I sat down on my usual spot and Sam walked in front of Johnson, “Move.” “What? This is my spot. This has always been my spot.” “Tonight, your spot is next to Hayes. Come on man.” I watched them argue back and forth. “Give me your gummy bears and it’s a deal.” Johnson said and Sam threw him his bag of gummies. Johnson smiled and got up to switch spots. Sam quickly sat down next to me on the two person couch and looked at me, and I looked back at him. “Oh no.” Nate said, getting up and sitting between us. “Nuh uh.” He crosses his arms, looking back and forth to Sam and I. Nate knew Sam and I were flirty with each other but it never went that far. He always prevented us from sitting next to each other or walking with each other or any of that. 

I just laughed at his childish big brother ways, “Oh Nathan. Nothing is going on between us. Swear.” I threw my hand up. “Then why did he switch seats with Jack?” He looked at me. “I was tired of the side view of the tv. I wanted front row seat this time.” Sam said behind Nate but he didn’t turn his face, still looking at me. I stared back at Nate, “We are just friends. Can you relax?” I put my arm around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder. “I love you big brother.” I said sweetly. “Fine. Just friends?” He looks at me again. “Just friends.” He gets up from between Sam and I, slaps Sam on the side of his head, and goes back to his regular seat. Sam and I look at each other and burst out laughing. 

Whoever was the last game night champ got to pick the movies. Harry Potter SERIES. We started the first movie, and everyone was focused on the tv. My legs were wrapped under my blanket that I always use, sitting criss cross on the couch. The couch is so small for a 2 people couch, that my left bent knee extended onto Sam’s lap. But he didn’t mind. I didn’t notice that during the movie, he placed his hand over my thigh and just left it there. It didn’t bother me, he likes to do that a lot, so I am used to it. 

As the night went on, everyone got more comfortable in their seat, to the point where they started falling asleep. At the beginning of the second movie, I saw that everyone was sleeping, light snoring, heavy breathing, slow breaths, eyes closed, no response to my calls. Then I looked to my left and saw Sam wide awake. “So,” he says. I quickly glance at Nate and saw he was sound asleep. I made myself comfortable and cuddled up on Sammy’s side. We started whispering to each other, not wanting to wake anyone up. We were talking about things like his music and my work and helping out with Nate and his stuff. Talking to him made me remember some videos I came across on twitter the other day. 

“So,” I chuckled a little, “I heard you liked being called daddy.” He just threw his head back and quietly laughed to himself. “You saw the video?” “I did. I didn’t know you had a daddy kink.” “I don’t know what started it but a girl moaning daddy to me is the sexiest thing to my ears.” He whispers as his hands grip onto my thighs. “Oh really?” I placed my hands on his shoulder and leaned my chin on my hands as my face was facing the side of his head. “What if I said it?” I said seductively in his ear. I feel him squirm a little in his seat, “Nah, you’re my best friend’s sister.” He says calmly. I bit the bottom of my lip, smiling without him seeing me. I slowly moved my hand on his inner thigh and gently slid it up and down. I watch as he sits up straighter in his seat, and his eyes glued to the TV. I smirk, and started breathing softly in his ear as a tease. “Mmm,” I heard him groan in his mouth. “Quiet, daddy,” My hand slowly gliding up higher to his area, “You don’t want to wake everyone up, do you?” 

He groans again, his teeth gritted together. He quickly grabs my wrist with his free hand, and looks at me whispering, “Don’t start what you can’t finish baby girl.” His eyes were full of lust. “Fine.” I pulled my wrist from his grip and faced toward the TV. Sam threw the rest of my blanket over his legs. His hand slowly made its way under the blanket and lied on top of my inner left thigh. I tried to ignore it as he was trying to get me back. He slowly moved his hand closer and closer to my area. His gentle little glide sent shivers all over my body. He stopped once he reached my clothed pussy. I turn to look at him as his eyes were still glued to the TV. I felt his middle finger go up and down on my clothed slit making me wetter. “Do it.” I whispered to him. To my surprise he actually did it. 

His hand made its way up to my lower stomach and down my shorts and panties. My shorts and panties were tight around my figure so it felt like his hand was suffocated. I helped him out and moved my position where I sat in a normal position, legs hanging off the couch and my feet flat on the floor. I slipped my shorts and panties down to my ankles and opened my legs a little. He grins, “Easier access, I like it.” He whispers and continues his movements. His middle finger went up and down my wet slit, teasing me. My eyes roll back as his touch gave me chills. He leans closer to me, his head lying on my shoulder, looking at me. His finger still teasing me, “Fuuuck.” I murmured right in his left ear. I feel him laugh a little as 2 fingers go in fully. I started breathing harder as his pace went as fast as he could, without the sound of my wetness overpowering the movie. He started leaving kisses on my lips as I was too distracted at the pleasure he’s giving me. I started whining with my mouth closed, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Mmmmm, shiiiiiii,” I whispered., breathing heavily. “Please daddy,” I pleaded. He started fingering me faster but the sound of my juices got louder, 

I held tight on his wrist to prevent him from going faster because of the sound. Although it is music and sexy to both of our ears, not with 14 other people around. “God you’re so fucking wet.” He clenched his teeth next to my ear as I felt the need to return the favor. I kept my eyes wandering from person to person just in case they woke up. I stuck my hand in his pants and started jacking him off, pleasuring each other. 

Once I started jerking him in a faster pace, I felt him groan, “Ungh, Babygirl,” and he bit my collarbone. I guess he was so turned on by everything that it didn’t take him long to cum in his pants. Me on the other hand, he was going to slow that I have yet to cum. As I slowly took my hand out of his pants, Nate started moving and we froze our bodies. I turn to look at him as Nate’s eyes were still closed, his arms still crossed, and his head slouched on his shoulder. We waited a 2 minutes to make sure he was fully sleeping. As I gave Sam a coast clear, he started rubbing my clit. 

He slowly fastened his motion and started leaving kisses on my neck. I felt myself starting feeling on edge. He knew I was close too as he sped up on my clit, making me want to moan but can’t. “I’m going to come,” I started panting. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” We look at each other straight in the eyes, as he passionately kisses my lips. My body starts to shatter as I cum all over his fingers and moan in his mouth. His fingers start slowing down to a stop and removes his hand from my clit, making me shriek at how sensitive I felt. We release from our kiss, as his eyes were lazily looking from my mouth to my eyes. 

I turn to look to see if anyone woke up but no one did, and quietly stood up and quickly pulled up my shorts, tip toeing upstairs to the bathroom to clean myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror after i was done, “What just happened.” I took in a deep breath and walked to my room, sitting on my bed, back towards my door. Out of nowhere, I jump at the touch of someone, and Sam makes his way around, and sits in front of me. “Just friends?” He asks. “Just friends.” I reply back. He looks into my eyes, as our heads lean forward and kiss again. I pull away, confused. “Just friends?” 

“Friends who like to do this,” He leans in closer to me and leaves trails of kisses from my cheek to my collar bone. “Just friends.” I whispered to myself. Nathan can never find out about this, I think to myself. 

Note: I will not make make another part to this of “nate finds out.” or “they get together.” Just letting you know if you request it, it will not be done. 

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For the writing thing: 22 or 23 Jack and Crutchie (preferably no Jackcrutchie)

Or, what about 22 AND 23? Because I can? Thanks for the prompt!!

22 - Laughter

23 - Tears

Jack was accustomed to tears. It came along with the role of leader of the Manhattan newsboys. He couldn’t count how many tears he had wiped away before bandaging a skinned knee, or before tucking a boy back into bed while whispering reassurances that they’d never be hurt again. 

He had wiped plenty of tears away in situations like those, when, by the next day, the boy would be up and playing as heartily as the rest of the newsies.

This was different.

Jack didn’t know how to comfort and wipe away tears when there would be no relief from the pain the next morning. And he didn’t know how to reassure the other boys when he couldn’t even speak those golden, honey-dripping lies to himself. 

This wasn’t so simple that a fresh bandage or a warm blanket would fix it. Nothing would. And Jack knew that. The boys knew it, too. Everyone in the Lodging House knew it. And that made it all the worse.

“Jack.” The voice was soft and hesitant. 

Despite how much Jack wished to ignore the call, simply stare out at the dark, cloud-swathed sky and forget it all, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t. The boys needed him. But, he needed–

“What?” Jack asked tiredly. He turned to the fire escape, trying to smile at Race. It didn’t stick and Jack went back to frowning. Smiling had never been so difficult, so heavy before. 

“You can’t just sit up here forever,” Race said, itching the back of his neck. “I get it, okay? But you can’t just cut yourself off. Everyone else needs you, too. Andrew…”

“I just can’t right now, okay? I can’t,” Jack growled, turning away. If he had been there… If he had known what would happen…

“You gotta,” Race countered. “He’s your best friend. If you just disappear–”

“I ain’t disappearing!”

“It sure seems like you are,” Race muttered. “Fine, you stay up here and you mope about how you couldn’t save him, you do that, but I’m gonna actually be a good friend and sit with him. You may have lost a playmate, but he lost a heck of a lot more than that,” Race pointed out. When Jack didn’t respond, Race shook his head, before backing up to the fire escape. “Think about it, Jack.”

He had thought about it. He had thought about it a lot. As soon as he had heard what had happened–and only a street away from him. Why hadn’t he heard? Why hadn’t he known? Wasn’t there supposed to be some sort of innate sense when your best friend, your brother was in danger?

They said the carriage had come out of nowhere, that there hadn’t been time for him to get out of the way. Crushed, was the first word. Dead, was the second. Lies, had been the relief. Still…

Jack slumped forward against the railing on the roof. It wasn’t as if he cared, really. He was just glad the kid was alive. But… it would certainly make it harder. How could he make a living now? How would he climb the trees that they had practically lived in in the summer? How would he go swimming over in Brooklyn?

Race’s words dug at Jack until he couldn’t take the faint guilt and finally climbed off of the roof. At this point, most of the younger boys had gone to bed, but a couple of the older boys remained up, all crowded around the sagging couch in the center of the Lodging House. A couple pairs of eyes shot up at his entrance, but Jack couldn’t see, needed to see–

“Hey,” Jack whispered to the small boy wrapped tightly in blankets. Race motioned for the older boys to leave and they did, Race only pausing to rest his hand on Jack’s shoulder, before moving on. “How ya doin’, kid?” he asked.

Andrew smiled. “Well, I gotta leg, still,” he joked.

Jack tried to hide the grimace, but if the falter of Andrew’s smile was any indication, he hadn’t been truly successful. “I’m sorry, Andrew. I’m so, so sorry. I shoulda been there. I shoulda done something. I shoulda–”

“Hey, it’s okay,” Andrew promised. “I’ll be fine. I mean, not fine, but okay. And, look at it this way, I could be dead. I ain’t dead, am I?”

“No, you ain’t, but I–”

“C’mon, Jack,” Andrew said, “it ain’t your fault and you know it. This was just a freak thing. Coulda happened to any one of us.”

“But it happened to you.”

“Yeah, it did. That’s okay. I’ll manage. Always have, always will.”

Jack lowered his voice, whispering the one fear that had been circling his mind for the past who-knew-how-many hours. “What if they… the doctors, I mean, what if they have to take your leg off. Cut it off.”

“Then I’ll get a peg leg and a parrot and a pirate ship,” Andrew answered seriously.

Jack blinked at the boy before him as the words slowly worked to comprehension. “You… what?” Andrew only grinned at him and Jack couldn’t help it. It started small, just a snort that exploded from his nose. Then a giggle that grew to a chuckle. Then he was bunching his hands in Andrew’s blankets, laughing. All the pent-up tension since the accident bubbling out of him through mirth. 

Andrew laughed, too. “Yeah, the doctor who first looked me over didn’t think it was a good idea, either. I’ll show ‘im, though. He won’t know what’s what when I blast a cannonball through his bedroom window.”

Smiling, now, Jack asked, “So, what will happen? What’s next?”

Andrew shrugged. “The doctor was sayin’ I would need a crutch no matter what. I’m thinking it’s a good excuse to change my name now.”

“Oh, you’re gonna go by Blackbeard now?”


“Pirate Pete.”

“Ew, no.”


“Absolutely not.”

And as Jack tossed out ridiculous name ideas, fighting back laughter, he felt as if he could finally smile about the situation. No, it was not perfect and Andrew was probably still in danger, but at least he was alive. And maybe Andrew wouldn’t be able to do all the things they used to do, but Jack decided that he would be there for his best friend no matter what happened next.

Why should THE VAMPIRE DIARIES get canceled

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of TVD, but as they say all good things (refering to the first seasons ofc) must come to an end. And here is why :

1- Most interesting charters got killed

Originally posted by salvatoredamon

Remember how they killed her ? she went to hell because she protected herself from a 1000 years old psycho hybrid.

Originally posted by killianjonesz

Kol, Original vampire, pointlessly killed by Jeremy Gilbert (5x18) Imagine the accent ofc I love it so much  

Seriously ????? he got killed by Jeremy and Elena who couldn’t live a single day without everyone around protecting her. Do you really want me to believe that ??? that was ridiculous. and for what ? a cure ? that was the downfall and full of bullshit nonsense.

Originally posted by umanjopedroc

Kai Parker or should I say Kol minus 1000 years old vampire and accent 2.0, seriously if Kol and Katherine had a child it would’ve been Kai okay I stop let’s go back to the subject. He was perfect, After the originals left it was good to finally have a new Psycho in town, and he was great, they made us love him, only to kill him, so much wasted potential he should’ve stayed.

2- The Most interesting characters are on another show 

Originally posted by lifeofvampirediaries

Which was a great idea, their 1000 years history must be explored (I’l try to write something about it later)

3- Characters totally neglected by the writers since season 4

Originally posted by dailypaulwesley

Yeah poor Stefan, in his own show he became just a sidekick to Damon since season 4. Paul Wesley deserves so much better (I imagine him as a cop, IDK why)

Originally posted by femfuck

My Favorite, the main reason I watch, the writers always push her in the back, she always has to sacrifice herself for elena, for all 6 seasons she suffered for her. She had her own story on season 6 which was great. But now we need to see her more.

Originally posted by pablovsevildead

Remember Tyler, he didn’t have a storyline since season 4 just like everybody else. He was a werewolf, then a hybrid, then a wolf and he left. Good for Michael Trevino I hope he gets an amazing job he’s awesome and he deserves it.

Originally posted by vampirediaries35

omg I love this haircut Well he was always under the shadow of his sister,he was sweet and refreshing, i loved him on season 1 and 2 and 3, but he never did something important to the main plot, he had his own story (his girlfriends dying, him suffering, getting killed by damon) the only stupid relevant thing he did was to kill my fav on season 4. then nothing.

Originally posted by albinobrains

what did enzo do ? he was friends with damon, activated his killing spree, got the antidote from the travellers. he was obsessing over stefan, he was around sarah salvatore for no reason or i don’t remember idc it was pointless.

Originally posted by vampire-diariesgifs

How is he still alive please tell me ??? He is more immortal than Klaus, His story is very short SUFFERING FOR ELENA, he had no parent,he lost his sister twice because of elena, he was with Caroline they were so cute together then Rebekah had a huge crush on him and he spent with her a whole summer, and he killed Finn.

4- Character regression or lack of development

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That’s when Elena was a good person/character, she was kind, loving, selfless , she wanted to die so that her friends can live. but then on season 3 she started to get more of a hypocrite, she was switching salvatores all the time, that’s what she became, a love interest, a prize to win for the brothers, when she used to be so much more than that. but she was still there for her friends.

Then Season 4: She became a total bitch hypocrite ungrateful selfish spoiled brat , she couldn’t accept that she was a vampire so she killed 100000 vampires who did nothing wrong to her to get a cure she didn’t even take.she either deals with it or let herself die, she is not better than caroline, stefan, bonnie’s mom, and those vampires she killed.

And she mocked caroline about getting raped by damon, what friend does that ? she slept with damon not even 24h after she broke up with stefan which was disgusting. she hurt him so much after all he did for her.

and after that she just became a love interest for damon, a way to apologize all the bad things he does that’s all, she never made him better. and everything ha to revolve around her.

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No development at all, he kills, he hurts people, he raped Caroline and Andy and got away with it, he never apologizes for what he does. And he was made the center of everything because some hormonal teenage girls find him pretty, that’s a shame, the show became pretty much about how to make him look hot. Some might say that elena made him better that he became better, those are lies on top of lies, he still killed the whitmores, he killed aaron, he almost gt jeremy killed again. Instead of making him a better person the writers try to cover up for the bad he does by stupid excuses, or by simply ignore it.

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Strong, ageless , fearless. She used to be an insecure girl, never getting chosen, then she became a vampire and she got so confident, she was perfect, she had tyler, almost had Klaus and Jesse f*** elena for killing him, snapping his neck would’ve been enough, they all chose her 1st. She was the best at being a vampire. One of the rare character who truly flourished I’m so proud of her….. But then on season 6 they made her almost like season 1 caroline around stefan, that was a shame, she deserves so much better than that, not to mention the pregrancy and alaric ew seriously he could be her father, but I’m sure she’ll be awesome as a supernatural pregnant vampire, and an awesome mom.

6- Overdose of forced ships and less decent logic storylines

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Season 4 was the downfall of TVD, so much bullshit happened, we had Stelena delena forwood klaroline beremy kennet stefrine dathrine kalijah mabekah brotp steroline.

but then on season 5 we had : delena delena delena delena delena forced steroline, some beremy and that’s all.

about the storylines, since a 1000 years old vampire can easily get killed by elena i lost faith on tvd’s logic, make realistic, add damon, stefan, bonnie to put a spell on him, it would’ve made a lot more sense. I know I talk a lot about it but i can’t help it, I hate when people here Julie Plec take fans for idiots. On season 5 finale why didn’t a ghost simply light a match instead of damon and elena crashing on mystic grill, I know they had to make everything about them, btw why did elena go, didn’t she think that she could spare bonnie pain, oh no, it’s elena’s specialty to make bonnie suffer in all the ways possible. Why did bonnie’s spell brake on season 4 finale because she was dead, if we take everything by this logic then why didn’t ester’s spell that made vampires break when klaus died? why didn’t quetsiya’s spell that made the other side break ect ect full of nonsense

7- They are running out of ideas / New character don’t catch the audience’s attention.

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When you had Katherine Klaus Kol Elijah Kai Rebekah you get addicted to awesomeness, so when the heretics came (Sorry I have to say this, wallmart version of the mikaelsons) people didn’t really like them, at least most of them, ( I like valerie and liked lili that’s all) Julian doesn’t make sense at all, Nora and mary louise provoke problems for no specific reason.

8- We Need to say goodbye to our favorite show so that others can breathe/Live .

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We had 7 years, we are a very active fandom, but we have to admit, tvd is running out of ideas, we better end it now then push another bad season. And we still have the Originals, and some of tvd characters can come to NOLA (Klaroliners even if I don’t ship, Kenneters if you are still here Mabekah & stebekah shippers I’m talking about you), and that show can have some air without tvd, they can even get their timing at 8 instead of 9.

PS: Since this post is objective (as objective as I could) I put it on both tags and anti tags since it represents both sides


Imagine #37 || Request #34

Well, school officially starts for me and wow I hate Mondays even more. My monday sched is from 7am to 7pm, I’m so happy *can you hear the sarcasm? But anyway, here’s another imagine sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday. Hope you guys enjoy this one :) btw this imagine is the Condition Terminal episode and the request is from wattpad :)


“I’m not his babysitter,” you growled, struggling to get out of Theo’s tight grip on your arm.

“Just keep an eye on him, Y/N.” your brother growled back, his teeth slightly baring as he let go of his grip on you and walked back to where he was but still standing close by to make sure everything goes to plan.

Walking by the bar, still at a safe distance from the chimera, you watched each person in the club-observing and trying to decipher them from the way they moved on the dance floor as well as how they interacted with each other.

Just as you turned the bar stool to face the bartenders flaring and entertaining the people, you were greeted with a face you recognized all too well exit the dance floor sporting a green shirt that seem to show his sculpted chest through it. Your heart skipped a beat just by the sight of him, his smile widened when his green eyes landed on you. Immediately walking to where you were, you pretended to not notice him and just kept the act up of looking around.

Looking back at the flaring action of the bartenders, flipping the bottles and catching it before twirling the cups and liquor on their hands and arms, you then felt warm hands cover your eyes while a breath tickled the shell of your ear, “Guess who.”

It was these moments you felt really drawn to the werewolf and just forgot all the pain and punishment you endured from both your brother and the Dread doctors from not following their directions or trying to intervene into one of their plans, the butterflies in your stomach started to tickle when you heard Brett’s chuckle when you tried to pry his hands off of your face.

“Brett, I know it’s you.” You replied once you felt the hands pull back, Brett leaned down to give you a peck on the cheek-a gesture which made you blush every time he did it.

“So, what’re you doing here? Don’t you guys have school tomorrow?” He asked after ordering a drink, his hands resting on the small backrest of the barstool.

You looked at him weirdly before laughing lightly, “What are you? My dad?”

“I can be,” He joked, but it took you a few seconds before you understood him with wide eyes at the realization.

“Ew,” you smacked his arm. “I don’t have any daddy kinks, Talbot.”

“I’m kidding, babe.” The pet name used made your insides tingle. Once his drink was served, Brett took a sip before suddenly looking cautious making you nervous that he might’ve caught on to something you and Theo were planning with the Dread Doctors on Lucas.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

Turning to look at the crowd behind him, you saw Brett’s eyes search for something before he looked back at you. “I’ll be right back.”

“Okay,” you smiled before he left his seat and you returned to your drink.

After another round of drinks of trying the the different varieties they have, someone sat down beside you and spoke, “You’re supposed to be keeping watch.”

You didn’t turn knowing that it was just your brother, his voice sounding angrier than before.

“I’m not Lucas’ babysitter, Theo. Haven’t I already mentioned that to you before?” You answered back, looking at him-his jaw clenched with his eyes not looking at you. You knew that he was controlling himself and not hit you and make a scene in the Sinema Club.

“You better not screw this up, Y/N or I won’t be there to save you from them.” He warned, more like threatened really, with the tone he used.

You just rolled your eyes and before you knew it, he was gone from his seat. You turned to look for him in the crowd trying to catch his spikey hair only to come face to face with a chest. Looking up at the owner, you saw Brett with a smile plastered on his face.

“Let’s dance,” he pulled you out of the chair and away from your drink, much to your disappointment, and led you to the platform where there were people already filling the space with their sweaty bodies grinding against each other.

“Wait, my drink-”

“That can wait, c’mon.” He was smiling as he wrapped an arm around your waist to keep you from getting away.

“Brett,” you groaned, knowing that the werewolf was not going to give up on something he wanted; especially you.

With his hands making your arms wrap around his neck, he closed the gap between the two of you as he held you close. You can still see the smile he wore on his face that seemed to get wider as he leaned down, you smelled the alcohol he drank when his breath fanned your cheek. Feeling his lips brush against your jaw, it planted kisses up to your ear; tickling you and sending shivers up your spine.

With his hands on your hips, he started to move in a swaying motion before he pulled away and held your hand up and twirled you around making you laugh at the carefree feeling you enjoyed whenever you were with him especially now.

After some time you spent on that platform with Brett, you felt a sudden change in the atmosphere and you knew Brett felt it too because the two of you looked at each other questioningly. With the silent looks you shared, you knew instantly that something was wrong.

Stepping down the platform, you followed Brett through the crowd and into what was another space behind the club itself. You didn’t know what happened next because all you knew was that you saw the spikes already out of the chimera’s arms and back and he had his target where he wanted to. Brett immediately went in and pried Lucas off of Mason, throwing him as far away as he could from the human before telling him to run. When you felt Mason was not going to move any time soon, you went in and pulled him out of harm’s way and into a safer corner.

“What was that?” He exclaimed, his breathing erratic from panicking and in a state of shock at what just happened. The both of you watched as Brett was thrown against one of the metal stands with a loud bang before he replied with a kick to the gut, sending Lucas off of him.

You knew at this point you’ve already screwed up the plan with Mason getting involved and in time, getting the McCall pack deeper in this situation without any of them giving up. But it doesn’t matter now, because all you knew was that once you heard Brett’s pained growl, you turned your back against your brother as well as the doctors and started to feel the pain in your bones as it cracked and morphed into a new and different structure before you fell on all fours on the floor.

“Y/N?” you heard Mason whisper as he looked at you with concern and a hint of fright in his voice. (A/N: I didn’t really mention the fur color coz I know once I tell you guys that the color of the fur is the opposite of Theo’s fur color (which is white), all of you would go ‘ugh, not again’ over the millionth, sooo overused, and not special anymore white wolf created on wattpad.. because I know I would, so I’ll just leave it up to you guys to imagine whatever fur color you want)

You barked a growl and got the attention of the Chimera before you launched at it, the size of your body being larger and heavier in comparison than a normal wolf’s size helped in sending the chimera to the floor. You scratched and bit at it, careful not to touch any of the poisonous spikes protruding out of his skin.

Once Lucas took control of the direction of the fight between the two of you, he was fast as he struck you on your side and sent you flying back. Standing to his full height, he stalked you and readied himself to attack again. But before he can do that, someone already knocked him off and arms carefully maneuvered you out of the way.

Trying to stand up and ignoring the pain that shot through your sides, you whined and made your way back to try and help Scott, knowing now full well where your loyalty lies now.

“Y/N,” you saw Brett in front of you with his hands up in a way of stopping you from going any further. “You’re hurt.” He gestured to the patch of fur that was starting to grow redder as your fur absorbed the blood, ignoring his own hurt the way the scratch on his side bled also.

You only ignored him and made your way back to where Kira was fighting off Lucas with her katana, the Thunder Kitsune having the upper hand. With Lucas rebounding off of the wall from Kira’s kick, he ran towards her ready to hit which you took it as an opportunity to lunge at him and kick him full force which then sent him falling to the floor with a loud thud.

When the dark color that filled his eyes turned back to his normal ones before it finally closed, everyone was quiet from what they just witnessed. But the silence was over as quick as it happened when you saw Kira started swinging her katana and speaking her mother’s native tongue with eyes that glowed a fiery color that you recognized were set on one target to finish with a killing blow.

As fast as Kira ran to Lucas’ unconscious body, Scott was already there to stop her from taking someone’s life. When he saw the look of recognition and realization on his girlfriend’s face, he then looked around and asked if everyone was okay in which the people in the room nodded in reply.

Once you felt that everyone seemed to have calmed down from the adrenaline, you inwardly groaned in a corner when you felt your bones mold back to its true form. Brett was immediately on your side, a jacket in his hands that covered you well enough. You knew that you had a lot of explaining to do to Scott and his pack the way their eyes saw the transformation.

With arms wrapped around you protectively, you watched from the side as Scott and Liam started to lift and move Lucas’ body out of the club. But before they can even move him an inch, a spike shot out of nowhere and straight through Lucas’ mid torso. Brett’s arms tightened almost immediately while the spike was reeled back from the body to its owners, the gasps sounded over the booming songs from outside in the club as all of you followed the direction from where the spike was coming from.

“Why did you do that?” Scott yelled, looking up at the three figures standing on the rafters and lightning rig.

“His condition was terminal,” You recognized the modified voice of one of them, the clicking noise from their suit sounding as they started to move away.

“What does that mean?” Scott asked again.

“Failure.” At that, you watched them walk away.

But before they all left, one of them spoke again.


Brett could only growl and move you even closer to him as he looked at them with yellow glowing eyes, his anger showing as he bared his teeth at them in a territorial manner. Feeling tears start to blur your sight, you breathed in deep and regained control of your thoughts. You were now sure where you belonged to and what to do to stop your brother and those scientists from creating anymore abominations.


Hope you enjoyed this one! Also, a reminder on me having already started my second semester this week, I’ll be posting imagines at a slow pace since I’m going to be back having such busy schedules and with the requests you have in mind, just keep on sending them because even though you won’t see me post yours right away, I will surely be doing them :)

Miserable || l.h.

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Constant sobs were heard from the shared wall of Luke’s apartment. It distracted him from doing anything, but he wasnt angry for it. He was curious to why there was so much crying from such a beautiful girl.  

From Luke’s point of view, he knows that a new girl moved next door to him a couple months ago. He saw a moving truck with guys unloading boxes into the building. Luke saw her in the hall leaning against the wall when coming back from band practice. She had a frown on her face, just staring at the ground. Luke already had a thing for her just by glancing. It was something about her that made his heart flutter, a mindless crush. 

Luke could never bring himself up to talk to her, he wanted to give her at least a quick smile but she always had her head down with no expression shown. And when they were both at the mailbox, he finally built up the courage to say hi. She whispered a hi back, never looking at Luke, not even a smile. Luke glanced over her mail to see the name y/n, he thought it was a lovely name. Y/n walked away back to her place, not looking up once. Luke worried about her, she seemed so out of place. 

A week into her moving in, Luke heard quite sobs through the wall while was playing his guitar. He stopped and leaned his ear on the wall, y/n seemed so upset about something and Luke wanted to help, he just didnt want to get in her way. 

Its been three months and she would still cry, just non stop for an hour. Then it would go silent for a couple minutes before he heard her front door opening then closing, hearing footsteps fade away further as she walked outside. Every day this happened, and she wouldnt come back until morning. Luke just wanted to comfort y/n, to tell her its okay. But he didnt know if it really was. 

One night of Luke doing homework for his college class, he again heard cries from the other side, but it was different. It was longer and louder. It sounded like she was in pain, and it honestly broke Luke’s heart to hear her cry like that. Luke jumped to the sound of what sounded like glass smashed on the floor. He rushed to put on a shirt, leaving his apartment. 

Luke knocked on her door for a minute straight, anxious to know what happened. The door slowly creaked open, y/n leaned on the door frame wiping away tears, sniffing. Her hair was in a messy bun wearing an over sized shirt and shorts.

“I heard a huge noise coming from you and I was just wondering if your okay.” Luke concerned. He leaned to the side, trying to see what was going on. He saw a glimpse of a broken vase on the floor with flowers spread out. 

“Yeah I’m fine, sorry for the noise.” she apologized, never looking at him once, rubbing her puffy eyes. 

 “Y/n, are you okay?”

“How do you know my name.” she looked up at the blonde boy for the first time, ignoring his question. 

“I-uh well I saw your name on your mail address one day.” he stuttered telling the truth, he shouldve lied about it, made him sound like a creep. 

“Who are you?” y/n questioned crossing her arms. 

“I’m Luke, I live next door.” he pointed out, his palms began to sweat in nervousness, “Are you okay?” he said again. 

“Yeah I’m fine.” Luke knew she was lieing, a girl like her wouldnt cry like that for months, saying everything is ‘okay’

“Okay.” he shrugged, “See you around.” Luke walked out of her doorstep back into his place. She didnt say anything back to, just closed the door. Nothing was to be heard after that night, which was odd for Luke. He was used to the crying, but now it seemed like he was more concerned when there was silence. 

Y/n woke up early in the morning to the sun hitting her face laying on the couch. She didnt bother going to her bedroom last night. Her thoughts were all over the place ever since last night when that Luke guy came over to check on her. She saw the worry in his eyes, it seemed like Luke wanted to help her, to at least talk. 

A piece of paper was on the floor next her door, y/n hesitantly stood up taking a look at the paper. 

I know everything isnt okay, I hear your cries from the wall. A girl like you is too pretty to be upset. I want to see your smile, I want to see you happy. I’m determined to make you smile, no matter what it takes, even if I have to make a fool of myself.  I just want you to be happy. 


A faint smile appear on her face as she read the note, her heart exploding with emotions. Luke is going to be the death of her. 

A/N: I havent wrote a Luke imagine in forever aha 

Derek Hale x Reader: “She’s going to want the entire plate cleared”

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Prompt: “I hate sweets but you always bake me things when you try out new recipes. I’m pretty much miserable but your smile is worth it.” AU (not mine I got it from a prompts list posted by: toxixpumpkin

Derek Hale was the sour wolf, that kept all of his emotions bottled up. 

Then you came along. Derek bit your younger brother Isaac, and you came along not willing to let your brother to move in with a stranger all by himself. It took some convincing but eventually Isaac was able to let you both move in with Derek. 

You were sweet, nice to people, and just overall understanding. And there was something about you once Derek saw you smile for the first time that just made him instantly trust you. 

Everyone in the pack could tell that you were special to Derek, and with every smile and innocent question that you sent he just fell harder for you. 

When Derek let you move in with him he’d expected to you to be a liability. You weren’t anything supernatural after all. What you didn’t have in pack strength you made up for in helping the pack feel better. After a week of living with Derek he noticed that you would end up cooking meals for the people at the loft that they could easily heat up for when they had the time to eat. If there was a small spill o the counter, instead of leaving it there you would quickly clean it up. Derek noticed that you tried to make the loft have a sense of normalcy to it that helped a lot more than he would have ever guessed. 

Afterwards he realized that he could vent to everything to you. He didn’t have to worry about you judging him. It only took a couple of months before you both knew everything about each other, him knowing all of your secrets and you knowing about everything from Paige, to Kate, to what his favorite food was. Derek wasn’t used to having someone he oculd depend on like you but he liked it. 

He thought that he knew everything about you. 

So when you offered him and Isaac a plate of cookies that you had made yourself he was surprised.

He didn’t like anything sweet. At all. Derek was right about to tell you that he didn’t want any when he looked up and noticed the nervous look in your eyes that he wouldn’t like it. So Derek gave you a small smile (scaring Isaac as he did so) and took a bite out of the food. 

The chocolate mixed with the sugar and he was sure that anyone else would have loved them. “It’s great,” he mumbled to you before looking back down at the map. 

He could hear your heart skip a beat,”Ah thanks Derek!” you smiled sweetly at him before sitting the plate down on the table and going into the kitchen to begin to start cleaning from cooking. 

Derek tried to keep himself from groaning and finished the snack that you had brought him. Isaac let out a small laugh and tried to cover it up when Derek glared at him. 

Isaac grabbed a cookie from the plate,”Man you’re head over heels for her,” 

Derek didn’t say anything and instead just tried to focus his attention on making a plan. 

“You know she’s going to want the entire plate cleared,” Isaac mumbled, watching Derek’s face for a reaction. 

Derek groaned and let his face fall before trying to cover it up with a cough so you wouldn’t hear. 

Over time whenever you weren’t busy you would end up cooking, usually baking something sweet because it was your favorite thing to make. Unfortunately for Derek, you always made sure that everyone in the loft (and pack if a meeting was coming up) was able to get a few. He lied straight through his teeth every time he ate it, no matter how disgusting or sick he felt because that smile that you had afterwards was too precious for him to give up. 

Besides he was too far gone to back out now. 

For once there wasn’t a supernatural threat that was trying to kill the pack. Despite there being no threat Derek was doing his daily workout out of habit, all while trying to ignore Peter who kept on making comment after comment. 

Derek rolled his eyes as he willed himself not to stand up and punch his uncle in the face. 

“Hey Derek I just finished trying out a new cookie recipe, wanna try them?” you asked as you walked out of the kitchen with a small batch of cookies. Derek stopped doing his sit ups and looked over at you, holding a tiny plate of sugar cookies. You held the plate in front of you for Derek to grab one. 

He inwardly sighed before grabbing one of the cookies and taking a bite,”It’s great,” he mumbled. Derek glanced over at you to see you smiling brightly before offering one to Peter, which he declined and going back to the kitchen to start cleaning up. 

“Why did you lie to her?” Peter asked Derek as he went back to doing push ups. When Peter saw that Derek wasn’t going to answer he continued,”You hate anything sweet, even when you were a little kid you hated them. And plus you’re forgetting that I can hear your heartbeat, you lied to that girl about liking those,” 

Derek gritted his teeth and forced himself to ignore his uncle, he was used to him saying things like that by now. Things to get under his skin. But he also learned that sometimes he just had o ignore him. 

You bit your lip as you felt a mixture of sadness, anger, and guilt flood your system. Derek didn’t like sweets and you were making them all the time. But at the same time he lied to you over and over again about liking them. The only thing that would have changed is that you would stop offering them o him all the time. 

You tried to keep your emotions in check as you wiped the counters down, deciding to talk to Derek about it after Peter left. You didn’t want to have to deal with his comments the entire time that would only fuel your anger. 

After an hour Peter eventually left, finally getting bored with his nephew. You crossed your arms and walked into the living room where Derek was sitting on the couch reading a book. “Derek can i ask you something?” you said, making your presence known. 

“Sure. What’s going on?” Derek asked closing his book. 

“I overheard Peter saying that you lied about liking what I make,” you continued. 

Derek looked over at you with his eyebrows raised before he remembered the earlier conversation he had. He looked at the floor, running a hand through his hair before attempting to speak. 
“Why did you lie to me? If you didn’t like what I made why didn’t you just say so?” you asked him, getting frustrated. 

Derek looked up at you,”You looked really excited to have me try it. And then when I told you that I liked it you smiled and were really happy and I don’t care what you say I think it was worth it,” 

You froze, not really how to respond to that but sighed and uncrossed your arms. “I’m guessing that you’ll be fine with me not making you any then?” 

Derek looked up at you, not saying anything. You sighed, rolling your eyes,”I’ll take that as a yes then. Please don’t lie to me like that again Derek,” you mumbled. It was silent between the two of you before you leaned down and gave Derek a small kiss, along with a smile that Derek had never seen. “But thank you for caring about my feelings enough to be miserable like that for me,”

Derek sat the on the couch, still frozen for a moment before going to follow you. You were not going to kiss him and just walk away, he was not okay with that. 



Chris held his hands up, his eyes widened once he realized how the situation had looked, “Seb, this isn’t what it looks like.”

The door closed and Sebastian was practically glaring at Chris. You hoped that it wouldn’t get ugly. You knew that it didn’t look good. You knew that to Sebastian it looked like you and Chris slept together.

“What the hell is going on?!” Sebastian yelled.

“We didn’t do anything,” Chris told him calmly. He knew that if he was abrasive and got loud it would make things worse.

Sebastian crossed the room and walked towards him, “Then what the hell are you doing in (Y/n)’s room this early in the morning and half dressed?!”

You quickly stepped between them. Sebastian noticed and felt like you were protecting Chris. You could tell that Sebastian was furious. The veins in his neck seemed to pop out and he was getting a little red in the face.

You placed one of your hands on his chest and tried to push him back a little, “You need to back up! Nothing happened and if it did why do you care so much?”

Sebastian looked away from Chris and down at you, “You know why I care so damn much, (Y/n)!”

“You shouldn’t! You shouldn’t care at all what I do!”

“And why shouldn’t I?”

“Because you have a girlfriend!”

Chris placed both of his hands on your waist and drew you back. You hadn’t realized how close you and Sebastian were standing next to each other.

Sebastian saw Chris’ hands on you and it seemed like it pissed him off more, “Get your hands off of her!”

“You need to back off!” You shouted.

Sebastian looked back at Chris who still held onto you, “How could you? You know how much she means to me and then you hook up with her? I thought we were friends!”

“We are friends!” Chris exclaimed. He couldn’t believe how much Sebastian was freaking out over nothing. He was being hardheaded and wouldn’t listen to either of you when you told him that nothing happened.

“Clearly we aren’t if you are messing around with (Y/n)!”

You could feel yourself getting more and more frustrated, “We didn’t do anything! Why won’t you just shut up and listen to what we have to say? Nothing happened!”

Sebastian clenched his jaw, “Then why is he here and half dressed?”

“We were watching movies last night and fell asleep.”

Sebastian rolled his eyes, “Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what happened.”

Chris noticed that there wasn’t anymore yelling. He figured it was the best time for him to leave and for you and Sebastian to talk.

“(Y/n), I’m going to leave to let you guys talk.” Chris let go of you and went to the bedroom to grab his shirt and shoes.

You moved away from Sebastian and walked Chris to the door.

“Call me if you need me, okay?” He told you quietly.

You nodded and he walked out of the room. You closed the door after he left and dreaded the conversation that you were about to have with Sebastian. It still infuriated you that he had burst in and started yelling and wouldn’t listen to what you and Chris had said.

Turning to face him, you noticed that his expression seemed calmer than it had been a few moments ago.

“How dare you come in here and act like you did.”

Sebastian locked eyes with yours, “I take it you’re still mad at me.”

“Of course I’m still mad at you.”

He took a step trying to lessen the space between the two of you, “(Y/n), please hear me out.”

You placed your arms across your chest, “You have three minutes.”

Sebastian felt relieved that you didn’t kick him out right away, “(Y/n), I didn’t know that Elaine was coming here. I didn’t know that she even wanted to come. We hadn’t been communicating lately and–”

“You’ve told me this already,” you interrupted.

“I just want you to know that I didn’t know she was coming or I–” he trailed off.

“Or you wouldn’t have tried to kiss me?” You finished for him. You wanted this conversation to be over from the minute it started.

“(Y/n), I wish things weren’t so complicated.”

You felt the tears pooling in your eyes. It was all starting to get to be too much. “Sebastian, things are complicated because you are making them complicated. It would be best if we just forgot about this all, okay? Just treat me like you would everyone else. Forget about what has happened and focus on the future.”

Sebastian moved closer to you, “I don’t want to forget, (Y/n). I don’t want to act like what we have isn’t real. When I’m with you, I feel like I’m complete. When I’m not around you, I crave your presence. (Y/n), every woman that I’ve dated I’ve compared to the way you made me feel when we were young. You made me feel happy and whenever I was around you,” he sighed, “I felt like it was exactly where I was supposed to be.”

By now, the tears were falling from your eyes. Hearing his words made your heart swell. It was exactly what you always wanted to hear him say, but he was a man that had a girlfriend.

Sebastian reached up and wiped your tears away, “Please don’t cry.”

“I’m crying because the words don’t mean anything. In your hotel room right now, Elaine is probably wondering where you are. I’m not a home wrecker, Sebastian. She’s a nice girl and she doesn’t deserve this.”

“I want you, (Y/n). I want to be with you and only you.” He cupped your cheeks with both hands making you forced to look up at him as the tears came back.

You shook your head, “I can’t. I don’t want to be the reason you break up with her. It isn’t right. None of this is right, Sebastian.”

He looked like he was on the verge of tears too, “What are you trying to tell me?”

“I don’t want to do this anymore, whatever this is. I don’t want to be the cause of the end of your relationship. No matter how much I care about you. I’m stepping away from this situation.”

Sebastian removed his hands from you, “You don’t mean that.”

You took a deep breath and nodded your head, “Yes I do. I’m tired of feeling the way that I do. I can’t be stressed and upset all of the time.”


“I think you should go. Please respect my decision. We are probably better off as friends anyways.”

Sebastian stared at you, the woman that he cared about the most. He didn’t like seeing you cry. He hated it in fact. He would rather shatter his bones into a million pieces than to ever see you cry. It hurt more that he was the reason. He was the reason why you seemed so miserable.

“I’m sorry, (Y/n).” He said to you before moving towards the door. Sebastian opened it but turned to look at you again, “I love you.”

You could feel like your heart was breaking all over again, “I love you too.”

Sebastian left leaving you alone to try and pick up all the pieces again.


Sebastian felt emotionally drained walking back to his hotel room. The last image that was seared into his brain was walking out on you crying. He felt guilty that he was the reason why you were so upset. It was all his fault and he wouldn’t forgive himself.

He couldn’t help the way he felt about you.

He didn’t feel like dealing with anyone especially Elaine.

When he made it back to his hotel room, Elaine was sitting on the sofa in the living room. She stood up as soon as the door opened, “Hey, I was wondering where you were.”

Sebastian knew that he had to try and make it seem like he didn’t want to burst into tears. “I was out for a walk.”

“Is everything okay?”

“I’m fine.” He lied before he walked into his bedroom.

Elaine followed after him, “You don’t seem fine.”

Sebastian ignored her observation. He was upset but he didn’t want to take it out on her.

“Seb, can we talk?”

He took off his shoes before looking over at her, “About what?”

Elaine looked down at her hands. It was clear that she was nervous about something and in return, it was making Sebastian nervous too.

“Well, I’ve noticed that since you’ve been here you’ve been a little distant. I’ve only been here for a day and I can see that with my own eyes. I just wanted to know if everything was okay between us? I know that you are working a lot of hours and your extremely busy but I just want to make sure that we are on the same page.”

“If I said I’m fine, then I’m fine.”

Elaine felt exasperated. She could tell that he was lying to her. She noticed that he was in a funk ever since she arrived the day before.

“Is it someone else?”

Sebastian looked back at her, “What?”

“Did you meet someone else?”

“No, I didn’t meet someone else.”

“Is it…. someone from your past?”

Sebastian knew that she was referring to you, “Look, I don’t want to talk about this right now.”

“It’s a simple question, Sebastian.”

He ignored her and went back into the living room. Elaine was right on his heels. “I was hoping that this trip would be better. That this funk that we’ve been in would just go away but it’s not.”

“Elaine, I told you that I’m fine!”

She jumped a little at his raised tone. He hadn’t ever yelled at her before.

“I’ve made arrangements to go back to New York. I’ll get my stuff from the apartment and I’ll be gone before you get back.”

“Are you breaking up with me?” Sebastian asked her incredulously.

Elaine walked over towards him. She placed one of her hands on his arm, “This is for the best. I know it will be. Being here even a short amount of time has made me see things clearly. We haven’t been happy lately and I want that for you. I want you to be so happy, Sebastian…. Even if it’s not with me. Even if it’s with (Y/n).”


“I know how first loves can be,” she smiled a little, “I hope yours works out for you.”

“How did you..”

“The way you talk about her, it was clear to me then. Then yesterday, I figured something happened between you two before I interrupted.”

“We didn’t do anything, Elaine.”

“That’s good to know. Don’t screw things up with (Y/n). She seems really lovely and I’m sure that she feels the same as you feel about her.”

Elaine hugged him once before grabbing her suitcase, “I’ll see you around?”

Sebastian nodded and watched her walk out of the door. He hadn’t ever felt truly alone then he did in that moment. He didn’t have Elaine. He didn’t have you.

He was alone.


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Fabricated Love || L.R.H || Final Part

Originally posted by cashtonkinks

Summary: Being set up with Luke Hemmings as a PR stunt seemed okay for the most part, you weren’t excited but you weren’t dreading it. Until you realised how opposite you and Luke really were, fighting over everything but slowly at the same time falling in love without even noticing. 

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Relationship: Luke Hemmings/famous![Y/N]

Word Count: 2637

A/N: aw okay this is the last part and I really enjoyed writing this and I really hope you enjoyed reading this and I just wanna thank everyone who liked and reblogged this and who read this because I’ve received such positive feedback with this and I just wanna say thank you again because I really am thankful o((◕ฺ∀ ◕✿ฺ))o

Luke had been getting more on your nerves than ever before. And it’s not like he was doing anything in particular, it was just him as a person lately. Every little thing he would do, conscious or not, would tick you off. 

And you knew why. You knew exactly why. 

Ever since practically guilted you into spiralling into an emotional hell over him. 

“You like me.”

His voice played over and over in your mind this entire week almost to the point of insanity. 

But how were you supposed to admit that maybe you did have feeling for him even though you two were set up. How were you supposed to explain to him that you had grown attached to him and although he annoys the ever living shit out of you, you really were starting to feel more than you should for him. 

You snapped out of your thoughts when you heard a loud crash coming from the kitchen, making you jump out of your bed and run downstairs. 

“Luke what the fuck?” You yelled as you saw at least three broken plates and what looked like your favourite mug. 

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Any negative self defeating thought that’s brings you down is lies from the enemy. His trying to depress you because He knows you are child of God. And nothing makes the devil happy than bringing you down. Don’t let him. Choose to follow Godly thoughts that are uplifting and encouraging.. don’t fall into the pit the devil made for you.. ignore him.
Request -- THANK YOU SO MUCH OH MY okok so a one-shot where Dean keeps having nightmares and Cas can sense that something's wrong so he pops up in Dean's bedroom and at first it scares the crap out of him (not literally js) but then he's like what do u want Cas and Cas gets Dean to talk to him about his nightmares and Dean breaks down to him and Cas comforts him I nEED DESTIEL FLUFF AND CUDDLES AND TOUCHY FEELY TALKS PLS AND THX

(I haven’t written Destiel in a SUPER long time! I hope that you like it!)

From an unfixed place in the universe, Castiel couldn’t help but watch over Dean as he slept. The Mark of Cain had been keeping both him and Sam on their toes lately, and he didn’t want the few hours of sleep that the older Winchester got every other night to go unmonitored. Sure, he knew that Sam would barge into his brother’s room at the drop of a hat, but he felt more comfortable this way, knowing that he could also make sure that Dean wouldn’t wake up and do anything rash.

So far the night had been peaceful, and Castiel was thankful for that he could be at ease for now. The only thing was that if it was painful seeing Dean trying to hide his fear every second of the day, it was so much worse at night because that’s when the angel was forced to see it destroy his features. His forehead was creased in a constant state of panic, and his eyes flickered in a terrorized way under his eyelids. It was like he couldn’t escape whatever he was running from in his head; it scared Cas to see this, but he hadn’t had an outburst yet. Even in sleep, his jaw was clenched almost as tightly as his hand was gripping the gun that was under his pillow. Dean had become more cautious as well; he had hidden a knife under his bed, which could easily be reached since he slept with one of his arms dangling over the edge. It was frightening, but it was normal.

As he watched Dean, Castiel couldn’t help but be sorrowful. He had seen humans come and go for far too long, and not one that he had come across had been as self-sacrificial and righteous as Dean Winchester. He was the one who always fought even though his strength had run out and a protector of the ones that he loved, the man that everybody revolved around when trouble was near. Now, the sun in his forest-like eyes had set, leaving his gaze a midnight stare that stood prominent over the bags that were the color of bruises under his eyes. It hadn’t truly risen again in a while, and Cas missed seeing the light in them whenever the angel caught his stare. It had been his own personal sunrise, and he didn’t know how long more he could deal with the violent darkness it had been replaced with.

The angel was pulled out of his train of thought when he hears a sound akin to a whimper leave Dean’s mouth. He materialized inside of his room within a second and was instantly near his bedside, panic flowing through his body. There was a tremor going through the Winchester’s body, and his hand was reaching for the knife underneath his bed.

“No…” Dean mumbled under his breath. The single word tore through Castiel as soon as it fell from his tongue, for Dean sounded like a helpless child. His voice was weak and frightened, with no strength underlying in it. It grew higher in volume, reaching the peak of a yell. Any louder, and Sam would definitely hear him. “I-I…can’t—”

"Dean,” Castiel said quietly, taking the man’s quaking hand in his. All he needed to do was stay calm.

But the broken man wouldn’t wake up, paralyzed inside of the images that his mind was conjuring up to torment him with. The arm with the mark was so tense that the veins in it were bulging, his hand making a fist as if the blade were in it. “Sam? S-Sammy, no!”

His words got choked up in his throat, a few crystalline tears dampened his cheeks, and Cas had had enough of seeing a person that he cared so very deeply about in pain. He put both of his hands on either side of Dean’s face, a lump growing quickly in his throat. He opened his mouth to yell at him, but Dean then said something that nearly ripped Castiel’s heart in two.

“C-Cas,” Dean breathed, his chest shuddering. He started to shake his head in sorrow, and sobs erupted from his mouth. Fragile, his face and body screamed; the angel didn’t think his touch couldn’t be more delicate than it was right now. “Don’t you d-dare…you c-can’t…”

Castiel swallowed hard, but his throat felt aflame as his misery grew. He tried calling Dean’s name again, just as gently as before. “D-Dean.”

Even though he had been so soft in his plea, Dean awoke with a start. Cas stumbled back into the all, his composure having momentarily disappeared, as the man sat up in a flash and pointed his gun straight at his heart. It was terrifying, but not because there was a weapon aimed straight at the angel’s heart; it wouldn’t injure him in any way. No; it petrified him because Dean’s eyes—the ones that used to hold the sunrise that marked each day for him—were something along the lines of monstrous, making his gaze dark and animalistic and blood hungry.

It registered in Dean’s mind an instant later what had just happened, and guilt took over the darkness in his eyes. He put down his gun with a shaky hand and ran the other through his hair, subtly wiping his eyes in the process. He was embarrassed—and ashamed. He wasn’t supposed to be like this, vulnerable and afraid of what would happen next, especially in front of Cas; he was the last being on earth who Dean wanted to hide this from the most.

Cas,” The angel’s name sounded so very wrong ground out as Dean gritted his teeth, especially after he had said it in such a brokenly loving way in his nightmare, and he felt remorseful when hurt flashed in Castiel’s eyes at his tone. He lightened it up, and tossed him a grimace that they both knew was supposed to be a forced smile. “What are you doing here, man? You scared the crap out of me.”

Castiel gulped. Dean was good at putting on façades, but he could see the real agony behind the mask he was putting on. “I could be saying the same thing about you, Dean. It frightens me whenever I find you in a scene like this, and—”

“I’m fine,” Dean interrupted Cas, rubbing his hands over his face before looking back up at him. “I’m serious. I’m thankful that you were concerned, but there’s nothing to worry about now. It was nothing.”

It was the worst, lying to Castiel, but particularly because Dean knew that the angel could see right through him. That was kind of a specialty of his, and he could almost always sense the lies in his words; this was most certainly one of those times.

“That didn’t…it didn’t sound like nothing,” Castiel hedged. His azure gaze was filled with bewilderment and worry, and Dean was trying his best to ignore it even though it made his heart seem heavier than it already was. Cas’ voice grew stronger as he stared into Dean’s eyes. “In fact, I know that it wasn’t nothing.”

Dean feigned a yawned and stretched out his arms; he didn’t have to exactly fake his exhaustion too much, for he knew that his face was the quintessence of tiredness at the moment. “Look, I’m tired out of my mind right now, and I just want to go back to sleep.” His last words were less than convincing, because he knew for a fact that he would be wide awake for the rest of the night. “Just tell me what you want, Cas.”

An unfathomable expression seeped into Castiel’s face, and he took a step forward. “What do I want, Dean?” The question was choked up and desperate, and Dean turned his eyes to the floor as it pierced his heart. “I want you to stop pretending that everything is fine while Sam and I just know that that is not the case! I want you to stop shutting us out and sending us away whenever we want to talk to you!”

Cas walked the rest of the distance to Dean’s bed, and sat next to him on it. When Dean didn’t look at him, Castiel reached our and used gentle fingers to coax his chin up. His evergreen gaze was now swimming with emotion, and Cas was sure that his were as well. He spoke in a softer voice now, the sound ardently tender through and through. “Every single day and night, I live in the fear that in any single given moment you’ll snap, and I know that you live in it too. These nightmares that you are having, they are proof of that. They keep reminding you that you are already living in a nightmare, one that is inescapable at the moment.” Dean’s eyes were showing the slightest glistening of tears, and Castiel took in a shuddering breath. “I want you to open up to me, Dean. I want you to allow me to guide you through this nightmare, but I cannot do it if you are not willing to let me.” He bit his bottom lip, blinking away the saltwater that threatened to blur his vision before meeting Dean’s gaze once more. “I—I want to see light in your eyes again.”

Dean was rendered speechless by Cas’ words, and those trembling lips of his opened and closed a few times before he was able to actually speak. “D-Damn it, Cas, damn it.”

Castiel was utterly confused until Dean abruptly buried his head into the crook of his neck. His whole body was shuddering with sobs, and his arms were a bit constricting around Cas’ neck because of how tight they were locked around it. It was completely out of character for the Winchester to do such a thing, but Castiel’s mouth turned up into a small smile as he wrapped his arms around Dean’s waist; he was finally opening up to him, allowing all the barriers that he had built so carefully to fall and crumble into dust. There was nothing more that Cas could have asked of him.

“I’m so scared, C-Cas,” Dean murmured shakily against his skin. “Anything could push me over the edge, and I have no idea of knowing when the M-Mark could get ahold of me. I just hate being so weak in front of you and Sam—”

Weak?” Castiel pulled away from the embrace, eyes full of disbelief. “Dean, you are, without a single doubt, one of the most strongest human beings that I have met in my entire existence. You fight for and save so many people without thinking one thought about yourself.” Another smile graced his face as he spoke his next words. “You’ve saved me so many times. It’s your turn to allow others to save you.”

The angel wasn’t prepared for Dean to lean forward and slowly brush his lips against his just as his last word had left his mouth. He closed his eyes for the split second that their lips kept contact, and even though the kiss was small, he could feel everything that Dean was. The pain and fear were still there, but dulled by the undeniable presence of hope.

“Cas?” Dean’s voice was no longer meek, but strong.

“Yes, Dean?”

Dean swallowed before asking his next question. “Would you mind…just staying with me tonight?”

That’s when Castiel knew that Dean was allowing him to guide him through the nightmare that he was living, letting him fight for him just as the Winchester did for others. He nodded his answer, watching as Dean’s agony was replaced with happiness before he spoke.

“Of course I will.”

The morning soon came without trouble and they were an entanglement of limbs and blissful tears, and Castiel was content. And when Dean woke up and gazed up at him, a single “hey” falling in joy from his lips, the angel swore that he saw it in his eyes:

A sunrise.


Heya your grace!! Tis I, the wandering stray, with a follow up of that fic I wrote ages ago, Я люблю тебя! Many thanks to the pineapple-fanfics writer for advice given!

hello Stray! I’m just heading to bed now, so I’m gonna post this without reading and read it tomorrow. to the rest - enjoy some Clintasha, guys!!


Idiot by stray!anon

The problem with Russian, Tony mused, was that it was hard to plug something you heard into google translate. Like many languages, Russian used a different alphabet to English. So unless you had a friend who conveniently spoke Russian, you were kind of screwed.

And if that friend lied to you, you could end up believing the wrong translation of a phrase was the correct one.

This, to Tony’s great amusement, was what had happened with Clint. He had covered for Natasha when the archer had asked him to translate what she had been saying to him. Tony had lied and told Clint that it was her usual deadpan insult, but in Russian.

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can you imagine that conversation between john and sherlock though when sherlock found the flash drive, before he confronted mary. sherlock having to again be the person to reveal her. again. sherlock having to take this to john, who forgave her her lies and tried to move forward with her. sherlock having to be that person again, to tell mary’s secrets again because mary refused to do it herself. when sherlock had been treating mary as a friend, when sherlock had been trusting her and even preferring her input on cases to the point of ignoring john without intending to. and sherlock, having made her his friend, had to go to john again and tell john that even when she came clean, she lied. sherlock had to do all that again, and then john suggested that they track her. 

and when john says he used to like mary, sherlock interrupts with reiterating his vow. sherlock did all that, and he’s so hurt and wrapped up in self-sacrifice and trying to have the relationship with mary he thinks john wants him to have and to protect what he thinks john wants that he can’t see that john doesn’t want any of it at all. john wants to leave her, but sherlock’s given so much to john having her that he’s blinded himself to that possibility. and i think, judging by john’s reaction to her death, that john knows. john sees it. john feels trapped as much by sherlock’s sacrifices as he does by mary and the baby. oh, they have so much to talk about yet. 

I will help you

Shinoa sighed loudly.

Shi was bored and it looked like the only way he could cheer himself up was by giving her nightmares. It was the third time that week and she could feel how the lack of sleep was affecting her.

“Why are you doing this to me?” She asked in an almost angry voice.

The demon laughed inside her head.

Shinoa felt like throwing her cursed gear out the window, but as always when something bothered her, she chose to smirk, even knowing that she couldn’t fool Shi who was able to feel her emotions.

She didn’t care though. Pretending nothing bothered her had turned into something so normal that now she was doing it unconsciously.

The girl got out of bed and throwing some decent clothes on she left the house. She didn’t even bother on brushing or tying her hair, she just needed to get out of there as soon as possible.

She could still hear that annoying laughter when she closed the door behind her, which made her even more eager to go somewhere else.

When Shinoa got out of the building she almost crushed into a tall, dark figure. She got a little bit scared thinking that if someone was out at this late at night, it was definitely not a normal person. And she was right, because that someone was Yuu, the weirdest guy she ever met. And the only guy how managed to make a mess out of her every time he smiled with that big bright smile, right form the bottom of his heart, which had been happening more and more often lately.

Yuu was standing in front of the entrance of the building where she lived, looking up at the sky where a big, white full moon was shining, offering enough light to see his face. His wild green eyes, so beautiful and fascinating to her, were gazing intensely at the bright sphere above them, like he was thinking about something really serious. His lips formed a straight line and his jaw has tensed, matching perfectly with the intense look on his eyes. Yuu looked somehow older… No, not older, he looked more mature than how he usually looked and Shinoa couldn’t help but take a moment to appreciate this sight of him. He didn’t show his concerned side often and he always looked so determined and bold and cheerful. Hell, it looked like the Yuu she met a year ago had disappeared and his nice and happy tween had replaced him.

Though she was glad that he finally had found another reason to live other than revenge; though she was glad that he looked happier and well… alive, Shinoa couldn’t help but feel a warm and pleasant heat take over her whenever she got the chance to see the thoughtful Yuu who was so serious about life, about his dreams and hopes and even about the demons that were still haunting him; the Yuu who talked from the bottom of his heart about how much he cared about them all… with that little blush on his cheeks and that calm, warming little smile. In moments like those,  Shinoa thought that he shined even brighter than when he was just genuinely cheerful because that’s when he really showed passion. That’s when he showed how much he cared about his friends, his family and the humanity in general. That’s when she thought that she could follow him anywhere and not be afraid of making the wrong decision.

She spent a couple of moments like that, watching him from the shadows, remembering why she had such strong and confusing feelings for him.

But then she got scared of how he could possibly react if he noticed the girl was staring at him so she decided to reveal her presence.

“Are you stalking me, cherry boy?”

Yuu jumped a little bit, clearly surprised by his friend.

“ What…? Shinoa?”

“ Well I feel flattered, truly. But i think that you’re doing it wrong. I believe that I’m not supposed to know that you are stalking me? “ Shinoa continued, ignoring the boy.

Yuu looked around him with a confused look on his eyes.

He then smiled embarrassed and raised an arm, starching the back of his neck.

“ I guess i was so lost in my thoughts i didn’t realize where i was going.”

Shinoa was going to make a joke about it but Yuu, getting to see her as she got out of the shadows, interrupted her.

“What the hell Shinoa, you’re a mess.”

“ Why, thank you, Yuu-san!”

“ No really, what happened to you? You look paler than a corpse and your hair is a mess. In fact, why are you even here? You should be sleeping. It’s late.”

Real concern could be read in the look he gave her. She suddenly cared about her hair and the clothes she was wearing and she mentally slapped herself for not taking a moment to look in the mirror before leaving the house.

“ I would say that it’s actually early since it’s almost morning.”

Shinoa smirked and start walking slowly with Yuu next to her.

The Hyakuya boy was still looking at her, waiting for an answer to his question. Something warm was starting to grow on her heart and her voice sounded softer than she wanted to when she spoke.

“ I guess i couldn’t sleep, so i just decided to take a walk rather than waste time on my bed, doing nothing.”

Yuu smiled at her with excitement.

“Are you nervous about our next mission?”

Next mission…? And that’s when Shinoa remembered about the mission they were going on in two days. Shi had been bothering her so much she completely forgot about it.

“ Yeah…” well it was better than telling Yuu the real reason of her night walk, she thought ”What about you? What keeps you awake at night, Yuu-san? Could it be… that you are in love? The thought of your lover doesn’t let you sleep, am I right?” God, she loved teasing him.

And indeed, she made him blush and frown, annoyed.

“You-you know that’s not how it is. I don’t have time for that kind of things” He said in a low voice.” I just had another nightmare and it made me think about a couple of things, you know. I normally try to ignore them, but this one was really interesting.”

The smile was back on his lips and he was so opened about it that she felt bad she lied to him. She knew that Yuu often had nightmares. More often than the rest of them. But he never talked about what he dreamed, and now he seemed willing to share this secret with her and she couldn’t help but feel excited, as she always felt when she found out something new about him. She really treasured every tiny thing that helped her understand him better, be closer to him.

“Ah-are you ok?” She couldn’t take her eyes of him, as he was shining in the moonlight.

“Hmm” his smile got bigger”yeah, i’m good i guess…”

Shinoa looked at him worried.

“Yuu- san…” She knew how painful nightmares could be and having Shi torturing her in her dreams only made her feel lucky that she didn’t have to endure something like that every night. She didn’t believe Yuu when he told them that he got used to the nightmares, that they didn’t have to worry about him. There was no way you could get used to something like that.

Demons were able to reach the darkest corners of someone’s heart and, in time, they could shatter you into pieces so small nothing could fix you.

Shinoa was in pain. Not because of herself, but because of Yuu. She was afraid that he could break. He seemed ok, he really did, but she KNEW that he wasn’t. The others didn’t seem to notice it. Maybe Guren did, but not the squad.

She could see it in his smile. It was still brighter than the sun. And his eyes were still fierce. But she caught those hints of exhaustion.

She feared losing him. That was what her nightmares were about most of the time. She would always wake up sweaty with her heart beating so hard she thought it will get out of her chest. And she felt cold as the demon laughed at her. She felt cold and desperate but somehow empty. Empty and lonely. Just like she felt before she met Yuu.

But he gave her so much hope, so much strength that instead of losing control, it made her want to do something to help him, because she loved him and she needed him so much.

And it was that strength that she now possessed and a new discovered bravery what made her say the next words:

“Let me help you! “ She said, a determined but nervous look on her eyes as she looked at him.

Yuu seemed taken by surprise and he stopped walking blinking several times at the girl.

“ What?”

“ Let me help you with your nightmares. I want to help.” Shinoa was starting to doubt if it was a good idea to say out loud what she was thinking.

And instead of feeling more relaxed she panicked when Yuu stopped looking confused. His lips curved into a soft smile and his eyes, full of affection, were shining with understanding and something she could not decode.

The raven haired boy got closer to her and he bent down so he could look at her better.

“ And how are you going to do that?” He whispered like he only wanted her to heart it, even if they were the only people on the street.


He was so, so close. And the sight of his eyes and the sound of his soft voice made her forget everything. Her brain was screaming at her to do something. But she couldn’t say a word. Nor could she make her body move away from him, because he was too close, and she wasn’t used to it.

She didn’t know how much time she spent like that, frozen in place, but it was Yuu who finally put an end to this embarrassing situation.

He grabbed her wrist and looking again at the moon he said in a steady voice.

“Shinoa… i want to show you something.”

And without waiting for the girl’s reply he started walking.

“ Wait. Yuu-san where are you taking me?”

He was walking so fast she almost couldn’t keep up with him.

“Yuu-san!”  Shinoa stopped all of a sudden, causing Yuu to let go of her wrist.

The boy turned to her and seeing that Shinoa was frowning he apologized.

“Sorry, i guess I got carried away a little bit.” He looked ashamed.” You said you wanted to help me.”  The girl nodded still confused” Than come with me please.”

He offered her his hand and she took it without hesitation. Even if she didn’t know what he was planning she couldn’t help but trust him plenty.

They started walking and after a couple of minutes Yuu stopped in front of what seemed to be a watchtower.

Shinoa blinked several times then frowned.

“What… what is this? What are you doing?” Her voice came out very pitched due to her confusion.

Though she tried to find out what the boy was planning, Yuu refused to say a word on their way here and now she stood in front of this and she was sure this was one of her strangest nights.

Shinoa looked at him, and she saw that his smile was nowhere to be found and he carried a weird look on his face. He was frowning and looking at the ground like he was having an intense discussion inside his head. She was totally lost, not understanding what was going on with him.

She touched his shoulder and he jumped blinking at her.

“Come on.” He started climbing the ladder  that lead to the tower leaving a perplexed Shinoa behind.

“But…” She was starting to get annoyed” You didn’t tell me why you brought me here!” She screamed at him, regretting it afterward because she didn’t want to lose her cool in front of him nor did she want someone to hear her.

Yuu sighed and turned to her.

“You really are annoying Shinoa” He said with the voice he always used when she was bothering him” Can’t you wait a couple of moments?”

Shinoa looked at him offended but she started climbing, making sure he heard her when she said:

“You are so weird, Yuu-san.”

The boy laughed but it sounded like a nervous laughter, though she wasn’t sure for she couldn’t see his face.

Once they were in the watchtower Shinoa looked around for someone, but there was nobody there apart from Yuu and her.

“They made this whatchtower to keep an eye on the wall but it seems it’s too far from it so they abandoned it. That’s what Guren said.” Yuu explained as he went to the terrace.

Shinoa followed him outside welcoming the nice breeze that was touching her face, helping her calm down.

“So… “ She said coming next to him.

She looked around and couldn’t help but smile. Yuu was right. You couldn’t get a good sight of the wall form where they were, but you could see a big part of the city and though it wasn’t as beautiful as it could have been if the world wasn’t so destroyed, with all the lights and the happy people, it was still fascinating to her.

She’s always thought that this so torn apart world was fascinating, interesting. But now, with Yuu and the others next to her, she was starting to see it as a nice world… a somehow beautiful one.

Shinoa turned to her friend and saw that he was looking at her with the same expression as when they got to the watchtower. Except that apart of frowning he was also blushing now.

She thought he looked cute and her big smile turned into a little shy one as the heat was reaching her cheeks and they turned red.

The lavender haired girl turned her face away from Yuu so he couldn’t see her and asked:

“Are you going to tell me now why we are here, cherry boy?”

He cleared his throat.

“Ahh, yeah… and don’t call me that.”

He then moved away from her and went to a corner of the terrace where a big box was.

The boy took out a couple of blankets and put them on the ground. Then he put some pillows atop and when he was done he sat down patting a place next to him while looking at Shinoa.

She sat next to him and lifted and eyebrow, still not understanding what was going on.

“Now I’m gonna tell you why I brought you here. Was it that hard to wait a little bit?”

“Says the guy who completely forgets how to think when he’s on the battlefield.”

She was expecting a frown form him or something like that, but he seemed to be lost in his thoughts again.

“Yuu- san, are you ok? You’ve been acting kind of strange. What’s wrong? Tell me… please.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just… amm, you see” he took a deep breath.” This is the place where I always come when I need to be alone or think about something. It’s so high and quiet and it looks like it’s kind of separate from the rest of the world. It kind of makes me feel like I can escape. I know it sounds dumb.”

“No. it doesn’t.“ she rushed to say and he gave her a little smile.

“Anyway, the think is that nobody has been here since the army abandoned this place. Except form me.”  his smile got bigger as he was looking at the ground  “ I think Guren came here once because one day, on winter, I came up here and I found this box full of blankets and other staff and a note. “

Yuu started laughing and it made Shinoa laugh too.

“What did the note say?”

“ You’re going to freeze to death, you idiot.”

They both laughed and Shinoa felt something warm form between them.

“I found this place three years ago and every time I came here I thought about them.”  his voice sounded softer now and the girl understood who he was referring to by “them” “ When I joined the army I stopped coming here but then I found out that Mika was alive and I returned once again to this place.”  he turned to her with a bright smile and a passionate and caring look on his eyes “ And it was the first time that I “ he shook his head still smiling” It was the first time that I didn’t end up crying. Because my heart wasn’t broken anymore. I found out that I didn’t lose every person that I cared about. Mika was alive. My family was alive. And I also had new people that I cared about. My family became bigger… I can’t go back in time and bring back those I lost, but I finally understand that I didn’t lose everything. Now I know that I have Mika. And I have you guys. Thank you for helping me realize that not everything is lost. For giving me hope.”

Was this Yuu? Was this really him?

Shinoa couldn’t take her eyes of the boy in front of her. She couldn’t believe that Yuu said those words. He let his guard down and opened up to her. And she wasn’t expecting something like that to happen at all.

That’s why she didn’t know what to say. What to do.

So for once, she listened to her heart and did what it told her to do.

She got closer to him and after shoving some locks of hair behind her ear she took his hand into her small one, biting her lip.

“Yuu…” she didn’t dare to look up at him “ you’re the one who’s got the strength to find hope despite everything you’ve been through. If you weren’t as strong as you are, you wouldn’t have been able to find hope. We just helped you a little bit. That’s all. But you’re the one who did the hard work.”

She tried to laugh, but she was so nervous it sounded weird so she stopped.

“Hey.” Yuu intertwined their fingers and he used his other hand to lift her chin “Thank you. For helping me.”

His green eyes were so warm and so irresistible… and their hands fitted perfectly together.  

Shinoa was drowning on him but she didn’t mind. She wasn’t thinking. She was just feeling, and it was perfect. Her heart was beating fast and her body was trembling with emotion. Her face was hot and she was burning with love. Love she held for him.

His hand was still on her cheek and he started moving it in slow circles. She leaned on his touch as they were getting closer until their noses were almost touching and then Shinoa moved forward and…

And she kissed Yuu’s cheek as he turned his head to the sound of a crow that almost hit the tower.

Fortunately she stopped herself soon enough, so her lips only brushed softy against his cheek.

She moved away from him as Yuu turned to her with a surprised look on his face. Her face was burning red and she felt like dying of embarrassment when she saw the way Yuu was looking at her.

Shinoa covered her mouth with her hand and looked at the boy waiting for him to say something. She wasn’t going to do anything after what just happened. It didn’t help that Yuu was looking amused.

“Did you…” Shinoa was starting to feel sick “ Did you see that?” he asked pointing  to the place where the crow almost hit the tower.

Shinoa sighed in relief. So Yuu hadn’t notice the little kiss she gave him.

“Ahmmm yeah… I wasn’t expecting that to happen.”  She said a little bit calmer, though she was still really nervous.

Yuu laughed with amusement and a little blush appeared on his face.

They spent a moment like that in an embarrassing silent. At least that’s how it was for Shinoa. And she really wanted to do something to change this situation.

“Yuu-san, you didn’t tell me why you brought me here. “ she looked shyly at him.

He scratched the back of his neck with one hand, the blush still on his cheeks.

“I thought it was a good place to talk. Beside…”  he looked away and frowned a little bit ” I wanted to show you this place.”

The girl gasped before she could stop herself. She knew this place was important for him, and the thought that she was the first person he brought here only made her heart beat fast again. And the little calm she had gained was gone.

She brought one of her hands up to her chest and pressed it against her heart just as Yuu took her other hand in his.

“Remember that I told you that the last nightmare I had made me think about a couple of things?” She couldn’t speak so she just nodded though Yuu couldn’t see her because he was looking at their hands. ”  I dreamed that you and the rest of the squad were in danger. And so was Mika. And I couldn’t save you all. I had to choose between you guys. “  he stopped for a moment and looked at her.“You were surrounded by people who threatened to hurt you. “ Yuu laughed nervously “ I didn’t know what to do. Mika and you were calling my name.”  he closed his eyes for a moment and squeezed Shinoa’s hand “ It was horrible. I just couln’t choose between you guys and Mika. It didn’t feel right.”

“So-so what did you do?”  Shinoa asked after a moment of silent.

He laughed softly and answered:

“I knew that it was me they wanted, so I took out my sword and… ah, I killed myself.”

Before knowing what she was doing Shinoa brought her hand from her chest to his cheek and slapped him. She didn’t hit him hard, but the sound of the palm of her hand making contact with his skin was enough to surprise both of them.

They were still holding hands, and Shinoa would have found it funny if it wasn’t for all the things she was feeling at the moment.

“I’m sorry Yuu” she really was “I didn’t mean to do that.” she tried to take a deep breath but she failed “But you can’t do that. You can’t just sacrifice yourself for us!”

Yuu wanted to say something but she didn’t allow him to.

“No, you can’t. It’s not right. Think about it. Just think, for once.” she was starting to get angry and she hated it but she couldn’t help it. “ Think about everything that you would let behind if you do that. Think about us.”  her voice was starting to shake and Yuu’s eyes got wider ” Think about how miserable we would feel if you gave your life for us. The blame and the pain of losing you. We couldn’t live with that. Think about Mika, he couldn’t handle losing you again. We’re… a family, Yuu. That’s what you always said and I believe in it. We have to stay together. We have to protect each other . But we can’t be a family if we lose you.”

Her eyes were in tears but she didn’t mind it too much. She felt relieved that she finally said out loud what she had been thinking all this time. She loved with all her heart this family they built together. And she wanted Yuu to know it.

The sun was starting to show up as a new day was beginning. Shinoa felt at peace and her body finally relaxed, after saying what her heart had been screaming for so long. She could feel the warm light of the sun caressing her face and she closed her eyes sinking in the feeling of safety it gave her.

“Oi, Shinoa” She was brought back by Yuu’s voice that was now lying down and playing with a lock of her long hair. He sometimes did that when they were alone.”  You didn’t let me finish. I was going to say that after that nightmare, I thought about you guys a lot and I decided that I will work really hard, harder than before, to make sure you are safe.”  He looked up at her offering her that big bright smile again “So what do you say? We work hard and make sure nobody gets hurt?”

“That sounds like a great plan…but Mi-chan and Kimizuki-san are right, you are an idiot sometimes.” She smiled, lying next to him, feeling sleepy all of a sudden.

Now that she was calm again the need for sleep made its presence and it seemed that the same happened to Yuu because he yawned when he turned to face her.

He put a hand on her waste and brought her closer to him. She let him, for she only wanted to rest now.

“You know Shinoa.”

“Hmm” She was really falling asleep and her eyes were starting to feel heavy.

“You can talk to me about your nightmares.”  She opened her eyes in surprise and Yuu laughed at her softly.” Don’t look so surprised. You didn’t show any emotion when I told you about the mission.” She blushed but smiled happily and closed her eyes again” And you can tell your demon to go to hell because you’re not going to lose any of us. Never.”

He knew. Shinoa didn’t know how, but he knew what her nightmares were about. And it filled her heart with joy to know that he was able to feel her emotions like that.

She leaned closer to him, looking for his warmth and she buried her head on his chest. He kissed the top of her head but it didn’t feel awkward. It felt right. It felt like home, which was funny because she never considered any place her home. But it’s like they say “ Your home is where your heart is”. And she knew now that her heart was with Yuu.

She moved away from him a little bit, enough so she could speak.

“Thank you, Yuu-san.” She was feeling really sleepy ” Thank you for…giving me strength…”

“You’re welcome.” He put a hand on her cheek” But remember Shinoa, that strength you’re talking about is there, inside you” he caressed her cheek” I’m just helping you bring it to the surface.”

She laughed softly remembering what she told him before when he thanked her and the others for giving him hope.

And maybe he was right. But she was still thankful to have him next to her. Maybe the strength was inside her. But it was him and the others that helped her find it. And thanks to that strength, thanks to them, she felt alive.

“Yuu-san? I’m sorry for slapping you.”

Yuu continued to caress her cheek making her fall asleep and she didn’t fight the feeling. She liked the feeling of him next to her. She liked to be in his arms, to hear his soft breath and to feel his touch.

“Shinoa?” He asked softly after a couple of minutes and his voice sounded somehow far way because she was half asleep” You shouldn’t give up on something just because you failed once.”

The girl didn’t really know what he was talking about but she was so sleepy she only mumbled a”hmmm?”.

And that’s when she felt something soft and warm touching her lips. She opened her eyes and her heart skipped a bit when she realized Yuu was kissing her. His lips moved slowly against hers and it took her a moment to react, but she finally kissed him back and their lips locked together, fitting perfectly. Just like their hands. Just like everything about them. And Shinoa could feel his emotions that were the same as hers and it only made her heart fill with even more love. Love that she wanted to show to him. And she promised herself that she would. She would open her heart to him just like he did. Not because she felt like she owned him, but because she wanted to. She wanted Yuu to see her just the way she was.

They kissed for a while and then they fell asleep in each other’s arms, with the sun shining bright above them.

And when they woke up, several hours later, they both felt rested because they hadn’t had any nightmare. For Yuu, it was the first time.

Ok, so i really tried my best to make this right. I know there are some grammatical errors and i’m sorry for that.I’m trying to improve my english and writing helps a lot.So i’m probably gonna write more.

I want to point out that this happenes a year after yuu and shinoa meet.So they know each other better now and their relationship has developed more that’s why they act like this towards each other. 

Ok, so I hope you guys like it! I guess this is my little chritsmas present for yuunoa shippers!

Also, thank you @chiibinomonodamon for letting me use your idea( ) :3

Merry Christmas to all of you owari no seraph fans! Feliz Navidad a todos! Craciun fericit tuturor! <3 <3 <3

My Sunshine Ch. 5

A fic about vampire!Levi who finds Eren as a small werewolf pup. This is just an excuse to write fluff.

Ch.1 Ch.2 Ch.3 Ch.4 Ch.6 Ch.7

It was raining, again.

The snow had melted and instead of snow they had rain, rain and even more rain.

Now, the vampire didn’t really mind much, he actually quite enjoyed the rain. He could move around freely without any restrictions and he enjoyed the smell of the woods after heavy rain.

It was the whining that he minded.

Ever since it had started to rain Eren was bored out of his mind. He couldn’t leave the house because Levi didn’t want him to get sick but the man also wouldn’t let the wolves into the house because there is no way he would let them in with their wet and dirty fur.

That left the boy with one option, really, and that was to cling onto the vampire and whine about his boredom.

Keep reading