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@kakairu-fest has started posting! (Feb. 2017) So I had to draw some KakaIru.  

Here’s the AO3 page so you can see what’s posted so far!

I’m a participant, so I’m going to be trying to comment on as many of the stories as I read. The better the comment culture in a fest, the more likely people are to come back next year. :P

ALSO, I will draw (or write?) you some KakaIru if 

  • you are the first person to guess which story is mine :P or
  • you comment on five fics posted by the end of the fest 

No one ever takes me up on these offers, but that doesn’t stop me from making them. XD

lmao the clip isn’t that bad I mean we got to see that eva still has her own opinion, that she doesn’t want to be seriously with p chris, the iconic “you’re a cheating fuckboy” , skam quoting itself with the “I’m Chris” Hi Chris" “you’re also called Chris??”. And the best part! Vilde is trying to do something really nice for sana for eid, she even researched about it, which is really great


This is all beautiful but I was naturally curious. Am I a wannabe gamer or a wannabe girl?

But he cleared it up in the comments, the problem is that I don’t like games I just want to impress men.

Which is true, I go out of my way to be very impressive to men, I’m known for it..

XxMoonlight-1-WishxX is the expert on trying too hard, so I guess they would know.

P.s don’t forget to not be heterophobic today

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Hi! Lately I'm seeing a lot of theories that Destiel is canon but only from Castiel's side and it makes me really sad :(( What is your opinion? Do you agree with this?

Hellooo! :) Aww please don’t be sad! *hugs* 

Look, in all fairness, as you might know I’m not Team ‘I think Destiel will go explicitly canon on the show’. :p 

To clear that up; that has everything to do with the decisions I think the producers/showrunners/writers will make in the end, and nothing much with me thinking that it ‘isn’t there’ or that the ship lacks the building up to it or the potential in general. 

In fact, Destiel is so close to canon already that probably one or two well written episodes with some simple (even if very subtle) gestures would be enough to pull it off. Like, it needs zero effort at this point to make it believable to anyone who doesn’t have heteronormativity goggles glued to their head, or isn’t blinded by extreme hatred towards even the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two of them. 

But I think we also have to consider the type of people they are. Wearing his heart on his sleeve; ever since Cas learned how to feel and love, that has been his thing. He doesn’t feel bad or weird about saying it as it is, showing his emotions, in a way that is often almost blunt. That goes for the good and the bad. Even back in season 9, we see this. “I always appreciate our talks and our time together,” he randomly tells Dean as if it’s nothing, even though Dean would never say something like that (even though it might as well be platonic) unless he’s on the verge of dying. 

And it’s always been like that; Castiel bluntly says what he thinks, whether it’s good or bad, and then there is Dean who avoid emotions (and mostly talking about said emotions) like it’s the plague, especially when it’s positive emotions/signs of affection.

Which is why I think that for Castiel; by now he’s able to properly communicate his feelings in both words and actions, and having never done this before in like the ten million years that he’s existed, there is little to no nuance to it, so to speak. He’s in that stage of ‘jeez, tell us what you really think’, and he has no shame there. :p But then there is Dean, and for him we have to mostly make do with seeing it in his actions, instead of him just saying it like that, whether it is to Cas or others outside of their relationship. Burying his emotions and what he feels is pretty much his default setting (even though he’s slowly learning), but I feel like his actions do definitely show what his words can’t quite tell us. 

We do see it often though, every time when we see the blatant difference between how Sam acts when something is wrong with Cas, versus how Dean acts when something is wrong with Cas. They’re all supposed to be good buddies, but there still is a significant difference between how Dean treats Cas versus how Sam does. And that has nothing to do with their difference in personality; if it did, Sam would be equally affected, if not more. 

Like in 9x03 when Sam is a bit shocked, but Dean goes completely berserk when he thinks Cas is dying. Or 11x18, when Sam keeps his cool but Dean can’t and is heartbroken when he tries to free Cas from Lucifer. Or the entirety of season 11 for that matter, where Dean constantly pines and Sam makes sure if ‘he’s okay’. It’s not a matter of the both of them comforting each other about Cas being possessed, it’s always Sam comforting Dean. 

I could give you a hundred more examples but this is already getting long. :p 

But I guess what I am trying to say is; if any Destiel is going to be in there at all, I don’t think it’ll be like this. I feel like either they will keep it ambiguous from both sides (most likely), or at least make sure to avoid ‘the gay’ altogether if they don’t want it being part of the show. Besides, Dean’s never been shown to have feelings that profound towards anyone outside of Sam (whom he practically raised, so they have the relationship as deep as a parent would have with a child, which nothing could compete with), and the effort that he’s put into his supposed ‘love interests’ is almost laughable if you compare it to his relationship with Cas and the lengths to which he goes for him. 

Dean might be showing his feelings in a different way, but I don’t think they’re inferior to Cas’ feelings, if it makes you feel any better. 

OUAT 6x15 Mini-Review: A Wondrous …ly Slow Pace

It took me a while to get through this episode because I was playing with the babies, petting the cat, looking over my tax returns … Here’s a one-gif recap:

Originally posted by growsbetweenthepines

  1. Jafar wasn’t a threat so much as a Mean Girl. “God, Jasmine, you’re such a loser. Why don’t you be a loser with the rest of your loser friends, loser.” And he ran around giving people Inappropriate Woodies and then Jasmine bested him with some 99 cent glitter, the end. That was the episode, right?
  2. Is one of the show’s cost-cutting measures losing character motivations? What was Jafar’s deal, anyway? He wanted to rule Agrabah but Aladdin and Jasmine stopped him and then he was mad people called him names? So he was going to hurt Aladdin but gave him the shears instead, and now he blackmailed Jasmine into giving him a magical diamond so he could shrink the entire city out of revenge? For name-calling? Couldn’t he curl up with a copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People and get over it? (That said I would totally let him put his magical staff in my cave of wonders, if you know what I mean. *wink*)
  3. If this episode was a test run for how S7 would fare without Rumbelle and with minimal Snowing and Emma … yikes. Every scene needs an actor who is an anchor– an actor so good they can convince you that the rest of the ridiculousness happening on-screen is real. Regina is one of those; Rumple and Cora are others. Hook can’t quite manage it. Jafar tried his best but they gave him a turban and some Dollar Tree accessories and told him to wing it. The episode gave him NOTHING to work with.
  4. Jasmine is mad that the shop owner took Ariel’s necklace … but he did that because Ariel stole from him. Ariel is the one in breach of etiquette here, not the shop owner who needs to sell things to eat. Likewise, Nemo and his crew wander off in below-zero temps to try and fish the Nautilus from the bottom of a frozen-over lake and no-one thinks to offer them some hot cocoa or something? If Liam 2.0 wasn’t going to be a plot point why was he there? And how can Ariel and Eric survive in a tiny shack with no central heating? No wonder Eric’s on a cruise.
  5. Is the price for Hook coming back from the dead mild hearing loss? BECAUSE THE SHOUTING HAS TO STOP! WE CAN HEAR YOU NOW, HOOK! Hilariously the only person who can get Hook to talk in a normal register is … Belle. Maybe he has to lower his voice because she’s so short.
  6. This episode features a Teachable Moment in tone. When Aladdin is interrupting Hook to ask if Jasmine loves him or just likes him, it’s supposed to be humorous– that’s how Aladdin plays it. But Hook plays it like he’s going to stab Aladdin in the neck because he needs to CONCENTRATE on the ridiculous plot. Hook wants to get back to Emma, sure, but he needs to throttle back the intensity for some light banter or the scene doesn’t work. The director should have fixed this.
  7. When Regina was mourning Robin’s death, Henry brought her a gift basket of chocolate, wine, and movies. When Hook disappeared, Henry spent the entire episode listening to tunes on the couch. Guess he doesn’t ship CS :-P. (Having Hook try to win over a moody, hostile teenage Henry would be a hilarious sit-com I would totally watch.)
  8. And speaking of which, Emma cried two itty-bitty teeny-weeny incy-wincy tears over Hook being gone forever. Girl, I’ve cried more over the loss of limited edition ice cream! And she says she needed that to “move on” and moved all his shit out? Didn’t Hook leave YESTERDAY? ♫ Now you’re just somebody that I USED TO KNOOOOW ♫
  9. Regina, Emotionally Supportive “It’s Complicated” is something I never knew I needed. Although I’m not sure she should be giving advice, you know? “Emma, how are you feeling?” “Sad.” “No, I mean, how do feelings work? I can’t snap my minion’s necks anymore when I’m upset and I’m at a bit of a loss.”
  10. Drunk!Snow throwing knives with Vikings is everything. EVERYTHING. Can we keep her for the rest of the season? The series? Why can’t this have been the entire episode?
  11. Charming took the news that Hook killed his father pretty well. Suspiciously well for someone who tried to shank senior citizen King George for that last episode– I think screaming: “I can never forgive you!” was involved. I guess this is a “next episode” kind of thing?
  12. This episode wrote-off three hot POC guys (Jafar, Nemo, and Aesop). When they said Snow White was a big part of the show they were talking about the character, right? 
  13. Gideon Gold is a graduate of the James Bond Villain school of Extra-ness: he probably stalked the real Aesop, read up on being a mixologist, practiced making cocktails, disguised himself as a marketer and told Aesop to print up 2 for 1 flyers to increase sales by 20%, and personally *poofed* to Regina’s house to deliver the coupon. Why couldn’t he just have asked Emma for help– Villain Union Rules? P.S If he wanted to make Emma cry, all he needed was do was show her this season’s ratings. (Too mean?)

In short: This episode gets an A for Aesop Effort but an F for Failing to Keep My Interest. Here’s hoping next episode is a bit more compelling. I want a S7, dammit!

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Oops, sorry.. maybe some headcannons of Sans helping his s/o out when they get super frustrated from working on art projects.. totally not a self insert.. nope :P


I’m going to combine these two asks! Also, Widget, I didn’t know which Sans you wanted, so I guess you’re getting UT and UF. 



Classic doesn’t see why you try so hard, why not take a break and relax for a bit? He understands that you love doing it, but he still picks you up carries you to the couch, and cuddles with you. For your sore joints, he’ll give you a massage and have you relax for the next couple hours before you start on your project again. There’s no use getting frustrated. 


When you start getting frustrated, Papyrus offers to help you in any way he can! But still, sitting in one place for hours can’t be healthy, so he picks you up and takes you to the nearest park for a walk. Some fresh air should clear your head and rejuvenate you! After your walk, you feel refreshed and Paps continues to help you with your project so you won’t get frustrated again. 



Baaaabe. Pay attention to him. Red is getting bored and you’ve been at that project for hours. He tries to convince you that you need a break and come hang out with him, but when you won’t budge, he takes your project out of your hands (don’t worry, he’s careful and makes sure not to ruin it) and locks it in his closet, swallowing the key. He won’t give it back to you until you give him attention and watch some tv with him or something. While you do, Red is the best masseuse out of all the skellys so he will massage your joints until you feel better. 


Fell thinks that working so hard is admirable, especially since you’re doing something that you love. If you set your mind to something, why shouldn’t you bend over backwards to accomplish it? But then he notices your tired, frustrated eyes, your stiff movements, and your downcasted misery so he orders you retire early. Once you are in your shared bed, Fell rubs some lavender and herbal ointment on you to help you feel better. 

  • Nakamoto Yuta
  • “Healing Smile”
  • like when you see him smile, any pain or discomfort that you feel right now instantly vanishes
  • one time, you just had a leg operation so he visited you at the hospital
  • your leg hurts as hell like boi wtf is this
  • Yuta being Yuta, brought you fruits instead of flowers
  • “You don’t need flowers”
  • “You can’t eat them so I just thought of bringing you fruits”
  • you start eating the fruits he brought and while you’re eating, he’s just watching you
  • and you’re like “WHAT?”
  • He just giggles and smiles at you
  • then BOOM
  • the pain from your leg operation just disappeared
  • when you first met him, you thought that he’s the type of guy who doesn’t take things seriously
  • because he’s so cheerful and talkative af during breaktimes at your school
  • he’s the captain of your school’s soccer team yet you see him play soccer with the younger kids during breaktime lol Yuta
  • until you saw him one time while he was practicing soccer
  • that’s when you noticed that he REALLY takes things seriously especially his love for soccer
  • that’s why he’s so good at playing it and became the team captain because he practices really hard
  • whenever you’re sad, he’s always there to do aegyos in front of you
  • which by the way makes you cringe so hard
  • but still manages to get you laugh and lessen all your worries
  • you also know about his dreams of becoming an idol
  • and you support him with it
  • so you let him leave, allowing him to pursue his dream
  • you are aware that it wouldn’t be easy
  • but never thought that it would be this DIFFICULT
  • if before you guys would talk for hours on the phone, now that they’ve debuted, you guys only get 10 minutes to talk with each other
  • sometimes, there’s an additional 20 minutes to it if you guys were lucky
  • until those calls suddenly stopped
  • “Nakamoto Yuta is currently unavailable right now. Please just leave a message right after the tone.” -BeeeEEEEeeep-
  • From “One Call Away” to “We Don’t Talk Anymore” real quick #CharliePuthZoned ok i’m such a horrible person i’m sorry hahahaha no i’m not hahahahahahaha
  • Your situation would be somehow similar to Jaehyun
  • except that the fans both love you guys
  • Only Yuta knows about the company not being in favour of your relationship
  • so the company asks him to break up with you
  • “They really said that?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!” - Hansol
  • “That’s such a foul move.” - Johnny
  • “It definitely is a foul move.” - Taeyong
  • “You guys can still date secretly. Chill out.” - Haechan
  • “Haechan, I think you’re forgetting the fact that we’re not trainees anymore.” - Yuta
  • “But (y/n) noona is really fun to be with. I wish there’s a way out of this.” - Mark
  • “Tell the company that you got her pregnant.” - Jaehyun
  • *insert the members facepalming themselves*
  • lol Jaehyun no… just no
  • yes they did give him a death glare
  • “That’s supposed to be my line Jaehyun. Jfc.” - Ten
  • The members tried to give him suggestions on how to make this easy
  • but they only ended up giving him useless and dumb suggestions
  • and that’s when they realized that it will never be easy no matter what
  • Yuta texted you that he has one week off from his work
  • you felt very excited because this means that you guys would be spending so much time together
  • but Yuta didn’t feel the same way
  • for him, it’s like a countdown towards doomsday
  • though he never let it show what’s really bothering him because oh look how beautiful and relieving his smile is
  • problems? where?
  • what is even a PROBLEM?
  • DAY 1: Yuta took you to the Korean stationery shops
  • He helped you choosing which calligraphy pens you need for your project even though they’re just the same colour but different brand.
  • He even told you “I hope you’ll use those pens when you write your love letter for me at our anniversary” yuta’s_healing_smile.jpg
  • DAY 2: He took you to your favourite Korean restaurant
  • He lets you order any food that you want but when he noticed that you only mostly ordered meat he frowns
  • “Hey, it’s not fair that you’re the only one who’s gonna eat meat”
  • “Eat some vegetables too”
  • And when you protest, he shoves a spoonful of vegetables into your mouth
  • “I just want you to be healthy that’s why I’m making you eat veggies too. I don’t want you getting sick. Who will be my food buddy once you got sick?” then he wipes away the leftover sauce on your lips
  • DAY 3: He took you out to get some bubbletea
  • Even though it’s freezing cold, you guys still got those cold bubbletea drinks you guys are weird
  • “Hey Yuta, you want to try my purple taro?”
  • “Sure”
  • But instead of tasting it through the plastic straw, he tastes it through your lips
  • and guuuuuurl, he’s a great kisser
  • DAY 4: He took you to the movies
  • He cried when the dog died
  • but he bawled his eyes out the most when the guy and the girl from the same movie broke up wow affected much
  • he cried so loud that the people inside the theatre told him to shut up and fuck off
  • so you guys didn’t end up finishing the movie and just left
  • “Omg Yuta, I’ve never seen you cry over something fictional”
  • He suddenly hugs you tight
  • “Jagiya, always remember that I love you so much, okay?”
  • “What is wrong with you Yuta? Why are you being like this all of a sudden?”
  • “Jagiya, just promise me that you’ll always remember how much I love you, okay? Don’t ever forget that, no matter what happens.”
  • DAY 5: He took you to Lotte World Ice Rink
  • You don’t even know how to skate but it didn’t matter because Yuta was there to help you
  • He would occasionally laugh at you slipping on the ice but mostly, his hands would either be holding your hands or your waist
  • which results for him to hug you a lot
  • “Yuta, how can I even skate if you’re hugging me like this?”
  • “It’s cold jagiya. Let me warm up at least.”
  • “Of course it’s gonna be cold. We’re inside an ice skating rink!”
  • On that same day, he also took you to Sky Rose Garden
  • “Woooooooow! Look at how beautiful these roses are, Yuta!”
  • “But they’re not as beautiful as you.” - Yuta
  • yaaaaaaaas boi that’s how you do it
  • you blush with what he said then he cups your face and kisses you on the lips
  • DAY 6: He took you to N Seoul Tower
  • “Why’d you bring a lock?”
  • He doesn’t answer you and just writes both of your names on the lock
  • underneath your names, he wrote: “If life won’t let us be together for now, then love will find a way to make us stay together for a lifetime in the future.”
  • this is heartbreaking Yuta why
  • stop it
  • anywayyyy…
  • you blushed a hell lot when you read what he wrote
  • your heart skipped a beat when both of you placed the lock on
  • Yuta kept the key but he said that he’s gonna leave it at the Postbox of Love so that no one finds the key for your lock.
  • DAY 7: You guys went to Yeojwacheon Stream
  • You guys just took a stroll there and kept taking pictures of each other
  • You were a little bit sad because it’s your last day of being together and after this, he’s going back to work again
  • Yuta, on the other hand, is feeling way worse
  • He’s having conflicted emotions
  • He wants to stay with you forever but he couldn’t because he has a career that he wanted to protect too
  • So he decided to do it tomorrow
  • and let you guys have your last moment as a couple
  • That evening, he cried when you guys stopped by the bridge
  • “What’s wrong?”
  • “I’m just gonna miss you so much.”
  • Then without any further ado, he kisses you again on the lips
  • but you noticed something different with his kisses
  • they were full of desperation though you didn’t mind it that much anyway
  • He whispers to you: “I love you (y/n)… gosh, I love you so much.”
  • “I love you too.”
  • dO YOU heAR ThAT?!?!?!
  • tHAT’S thE SounD OF MY HEArt BREAKing…
  • The next day, after they had a tv guesting, he asked if you guys could meet up again
  • He says that he has something to tell you
  • He went to your house looking all sullen
  • You noticed it immediately but you just waited for him to tell you what’s wrong
  • “Let’s break up”
  • You blinked twice, trying to process what he just told you
  • “I-It’s cold out here. Do you want to come inside first for a warm tea?”
  • You hoped that he would reject it but a part of you wishes that he would accept your offer
  • “I’m sorry”
  • “So I guess this is it, huh?” You tried not to cry but you start tearing up anyway
  • He nods and looks at you directly which broke you guys even more
  • “Before I let you go, may I know the reason why you’re breaking up with me?”
  • He sighs, “It’s not just gonna work out. I’m too busy. I… I can’t fulfill my duties and responsibilities towards you.”
  • “I don’t want to be unfair to you”
  • “You deserve better”
  • “Please try to be happy without me” then he left
  • Y O U   D I D   N O T   S T O P   C R Y I N G    A B O U T   I T    U N T I L  7   D  A   Y   S    L A T E R
  • You didn’t know this but three days after your break up with him, he went back to all of the places that you guys had gone together
  • He even went to N Seoul Tower and tried to take off your lock
  • yes he kept the key he didn’t leave it at the Postbox of Love
  • he failed at taking off the lock and just burst out crying
  • the members got worried because he didn’t rehearse with them for a couple of days due to him catching a flu
  • Hansol texted you and said that Yuta is sick so you went to their dorm
  • When you got there, he was sleeping
  • so you asked help from Taeyong and Jaehyun to prepare a meal for him and the other members
  • just as you guys finished cooking, Yuta woke up
  • you brought the soup that you made under Taeyong’s supervision of course to Yuta
  • he was actually surprised and confused that you’re still here
  • you guys talked casually and laughed like nothing bad happened
  • the same kind of chemistry is still there
  • “I still don’t get why we broke up”
  • “I mean, you are the best boyfriend I could ever have.”
  • You were about to cry again and looked at him in the eye, “Am I ugly Yuta?”
  • “Am I exchangeable?”
  • “No, that’s not it (y/n)”
  • “THEN WHY?!”
  • He couldn’t take it anymore and just told you everything from the fact that the company disapproves of your relationship to the day when they asked him to break up with you.
  • you felt relieved that somehow he told you the truth but you wished he could’ve told you sooner so you guys could take some proper measures for it together
  • when he was a lot better, you guys talked to the company and tried to convince them
  • and luckily, they approved it already
  • as long as it doesn’t interfere with Yuta’s obligations to his group
  • Both of you told the other members about this
  • “So can I hold your hand again?”
  • You just smiled and intertwine your hand with his
  • “My cheeks are burning”
  • He looks around to see if anyone was looking at the two of you and when he notices that no one’s watching he plants a quick but passionate kiss on your lips
  • everyday you watch him on his rehearsals
  • even on their live shows
  • you even went to one of their fansigns
  • Yuta smiled like there was no tomorrow
  • it’s because he always knew that you were one of his reasons why he loves his work so much

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Heeyyy did you see that Sarada's outfit is changed in the Gaiden ending of Boruto? She's got her old shorts back and her shirt is zipped all the way up. Why do you think this is?

hey! i think it’s just a matter of the timeline probably, dude. ‘cause the boruto anime is set whilst they’re in the academy, right? and gaiden is set just before they become genin, which is followed by the boruto movie – and she has her original outfit in both of those. so i’m guessing that they’re trying to keep the continuity and/or potentially pass off her previous wardrobe as her [older] academy wear, after her childhood outfit from 700. it kind of makes sense too – as much as i hate ikemoto’s influence, that little scarf does vaguely resemble her style from her previous clothes, so it’s a bit like an inbetween option that she wore whilst at school. but:

i also wouldn’t be surprised if s/p are revisiting her old design after the controversy caused by her appearance in ikemoto’s manga. it’s been commented on by various sites, it’s a recommended search on google; i mean, it’s hardly a mere and minor preference among fans at this point. but honestly, i’m just happy that she’ll finally look the way kishi envisioned her again and not reminiscent of some disrespectful pedo reinterpretation. plus, i have this peeve that – since ikemoto already erased sakura from the roof-top scene in his manga and already plays sakura/sasusaku down somewhat – i kind of felt like him revisiting (only) sarada’s clothes and changing them was some sort of subtle sakura erasure. hopefully, as of now, her practical mission clothes will return and remain as her sole genin outfit.



Guess I will be playing Poppy in the jungle when I got an Ornn top, because she can E into his Q pillar :P
Also love similiar his and Poppy’s E are, except his is a skillshot and it knocks up.
Can’t wait to try him out when he comes out ^w^


I Trust You

Request: Bellamy and reader request where reader is a vampire and bellamy is a werewolf. They fall in love after they start to trust each other. With smut-not in detail if you’re uncomfortable with it x

Requested by: anonymous.

A/N: I found this idea really cute and cool, and though vampire/werewolf stories have never really been my thing I enjoyed writing this! Also, I completely scrapped the whole, vampires can’t be seen during the day cause they’ll burn or whatever, it was a bit difficult to write, so just pretend that this is either alway in night setting or that that doesn’t exist.

Warning: little bit of smut. but not much.


Originally posted by bellarke-stydia

You’d never thought you’d trust anyone ever again. After being exiled from your ‘group’ you’d lost all hope in trusting anyone. Your clan had just thrown you to the woods and closing any opportunity to rejoin them.

You’d been battered and injured and thrown away like nothing. At first, you’d been happy. You never had agreed with your clans ways and instead had fought against them, even your father when they tried to do something ruthless you didn’t believe in. You didn’t believe in feasting upon humans, and though you hated killing animals, you to drink something, so you compromised.

You didn’t like the way your father ruled things. You didn’t like the way your mother thought less of creatures that were apparently below you. They had eventually grown tired of your resilience and had chosen your brother over you. You were as big as a enemy to them as werewolves were to vampire.

But then, one night, where it had been particularly bad and you hadn’t been able to drink any blood. You were deathly ill and crawling around as you tried to find any food. You were heaving and sick and were pale as you tried to fight for any survival.

But then footsteps had echoed and in a panic, you’d tried to calm your breathing. You didn’t need to be found. You tried to fight, tried to hide before the pain had become too much and you saw spots in your vision. You gave up and let yourself fall on the ground with a smack.

Just before you blacked out, a figure came in your view, blocking the moon from your view. The body was twisted and cracks echoed as you tried to make out the figure before your vision left you.

It had been a werewolf. A male werewolf who had just turned back because of the full moon. The next day when you’d woken up you immediately became fearful of him. Though you hadn’t agreed with your clan, you’d been taught to fear werewolves as there blood could kill you.

You woke up, finding a chain on your ankle and your body still quite weak. He was facing the other way so in a mist of panic you let your eyes wander around, finding yourself in some underground building that was old and rotted. You were on a bed, chained and weak as you could still feel yourself sweating.

You rattled your chain, trying to pry it off your ankle, which had in turn alerted the male of your awakeness. Instantly he’d snapped towards you, his eyes cold and his skin tanned. He was attractive you noticed as you let your eyes wander over him. You were angry and scared at being in the presence of him. Unsure of what he would do with you.

But, you, despite his stare, still tried to pry your ankle out of the chain. You ripped with your strength, trying to break it, so eventually your skin became raw and bruised.

“Hey!” He said when he noticed the blood, you ignored him. Your body was weak and you were tired, you still had the craving for blood but shoved that to the back of your mind. You couldn’t dwell on that now, even though it could potentially kill you, you wouldn’t survive if you didn’t get out of here first.

“Stop.” He repeated, standing up and making his way over to you. You immediately stopped, backing up to the furtherest corner of the bed. Backing up until your back hit the wall. Your heart beat against your chest rapidly as you stared fearfully up at the much taller figure.

“P-Please.” You began, your voice hoarse as if you hadn’t used it in days. Which you hadn’t

The mans cold exterior softened ever so softly, he raised his hands taking slow steps towards you. “I’m not going to hurt you.” He whispered, trying to convince.

You let your eyes wander over his body once more. He had scars and bruised all over him. You could only guess it was because of how he had to turn every full moon. He was built and had muscles to show for it. With careful eyes you let go of your ankle, suddenly feeling very tired. You were thirsty. You needed blood but you were to weak to get up. 

You let your body slump against the ground, feeling your consciousness slipping again as you fell flat against the bed. You wanted to sleep. Maybe you should just die. You didn’t have a home to go to anyway. But then a arm extended in front of you and you flinched back again, staring up at the boy.

Was he…? 

“Here.” He put his arm further in front of your face and you took a shark in take of breath. You couldn’t take his blood, if you did you would die. But as you stared at the arm, you could see his veins and the blood just looked so tempting.

“I-I c-c-can’t.” You whispered, your fangs coming out as you strained to fight yourself. The man smiled lightly,putting his arm directly in front of your face. “It’ll k-kill me.”

“No, it won’t.” He reassured, giving you eyes that for some reason you couldn’t help but want to believe. “Trust me.”

You tried to fight it but one look at the arm and you felt yourself hungrily grabbing his arm, digging your fangs into the soft skin. You greedily took the blood, relishing as you felt your strength regain. 

“I’m Bellamy.”

You stayed with him after that. You lived with him, and helped him through full moons. He fed you his own blood and the blood of animals. He helped you learn to trust again and after he had to leave his life from becoming a werewolf you taught him how to love again.

You two confided in each other and eventually the two of you became inseparable. Spending every waking moment together now.

Bellamy was sweet and kind, and he had just as many family issues as you. Bellamy was undeniably attractive and you relished in the way he fought for your safety. You finally felt safe.

“Hey, Bellamy.” You called, seeing him come back in. He had went out to gather some supplies but when you let your eyes fall on his, you saw he was sweating and his arms were twitching. Instantly you looked through the window to see a full moon, panicking you shot up, going by his side.

“Hey.” you said, trying to get his attention on you. He ignored you, grunting in pain as his back cracked. He told you he didn’t want to turn anymore and you tried to figure out anyway to stop that. The only was it was worked is if you got him to focus solely on you.

“Look at me.” You said, standing in front of him and grabbing his chin. You stared at his brown eyes, seeing his pupils reduce in size as he finally caught sight of you. As if realizing you were there.

“Y/N…” He whispered. You nodded, smiling up at him. Leaning up you kissed him, and he hungrily grabbed you around the waist. He picked you up by his sheer strength, wrapping your legs around his waist as he walked towards the bed.

He dropped you and you saw as his muscles reduced in size and his back cracked back into shape. Smiling you look up at him. “Only focus on me.” With that he nodded, leaning down as you opened your neck so he could kiss it.

You moaned, relishing in the feeling. He needed you, and you needed him. And you were so grateful he found you that day.

Hope you enjoyed! Please request your own stories!

May I get your attention please! I have an announcement to make! Or rather, A CONFIRMATION!!! so, most of you have probably already seen this picture and you can all see as clear as I do, that there is a big plot revealed in here….

Rose is fricking blonde!!! We have it confirmed!! I repeat; ROSE IS ACTUALLY BLONDE-HAIRED!!! This is revolutionary!!!

Oh, right. Rose’s mom seems to be an alien… That’s cool too.

BUT GUYS!!! She’s actually blonde. But right now she’s red-haired, which means she’s coloring her hair! Now you may ask; why is she coloring her hair? I’LL TELL YOU WHY!! TO match her name! You know; Roses are RED

She’s going to become a real rose D8


Ok. Enough with the jokes. I mean, I was actually suprised that she was blonde, even if I’d already seen her in blonde hair before (in that dream…thing?), but i guess that one didn’t click for me…He… ‘:D

But anyway, I don’t really have a theory or anything for this. There’s clearly A LOT you can get out of this, some of my joke theorising might even be right! ;P but that’s nothing I’m trying to do right now.

I’m not that great at making/thinking up actuall possible theories and right now, I’m not feeling that well…

But hey!! If any of you are up to “go deep” with this picture (which I encourage you to do!!) then go right ahead!! I would love to see someone theorising a lot more about this fantastic comic!!

Okay, I’m done. 

So, bye for now!!


theredthunderwolf submitted:

Hmmm. I’m seeing theories here. A lot.

However, I feel people are getting off track.

Asriel would not have a human soul. Chara would’ve convinced him to go and kill six humans if he hadn’t gone himself.

Chara would’ve gone to the surface if they had a soul. I’m not sure what this means about their age, or about the other humans, but I’m certain they would’ve gone to get souls to free humans seeing as their soul wouldn’t just be human anymore.

When Asriel said ‘don’t even try to escape!’ He talked to Frisk. It was said by one of the mods when an anon asked.

And if anyone was wondering why Asriel’s so tall…monsters are p tall compared to humans (as pointed out by nochocolate).

Then again, I guess these are theories too? But I’m p sure.

(Also tape 3 which is the tape on the interlude cover is the tape where Azzy and Chara talk about how Asgore got poisoned HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE)

Is there an established timeline of the series?

Well, yes. Yes there is.

It’s impossible to classify all the events Lemony Snicket describes in a neat, unified timeline, but SOME of these events do fit in an organized chronology. We can therefore make a list of them, determining how many years separate them. Feel free to use it as reference for any theoretical article or fanfic.

A few rules before we start:

  • Year 1 has been established as Lemony’s birthyear.
  • As we’ve previously discussed, there is much ambiguity about the age Lemony believes himself to be. We assume for the sake of chronology that he was, indeed, taken from VFD as an infant. He may have been thirteen or twelve during “All the Wrong Questions” depending on the quotes you believe.
  • The only date we fixed arbitrarily is the age Lemony was when he had to leave Beatrice: 23. They were assumed to be young adults at that point, but the event may have occured earlier or later. Let’s also keep in mind that Kit is older than Lemony and yet has to give birth to a daughter much further down the line.
  • Some events (such as Fernald’s birthday) cannot be calculated with precision though we can rule out some years as too early/late.
  • It’s very difficult dating the assassination of Olaf’s parents. Because of its controversy, the matter has been excluded entirely.

Many thanks to Détective Denouement from the “La pente Glissante” forum for his invaluable help in referencing this article.

This chronology is nothing but and informed opinion: the Sleuth advises extreme caution and criticism. The timeline starts after the cut.

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Touken Danshi Team Shinsengumi with Hachisuka Kotetsu, mow down the enemy who means to do you harm! [1] Thus, I bought it immediately.
It is a line-up of of songs that have a different flavour to [the songs during] the time with Sanjou.

Similarly to the last time, the people who are in charge of the chorus are actually different according to the songs, so for the saniwa [2] who have confidence in their hearing, please take a guess [at who the people are].


[1] This is actually a line taken from the song “Tsume to Kiba”, which is included in the “Musical Touken Ranbu ~Bakumatsu Tenrouden~” album.

[2] The term “saniwa” refers to the fans of Touken Ranbu where, in the game, they assume the role of a saniwa who has the ability to bring the Touken Danshi to life and travel into the past to defeat the opposing forces that try to change history.

In other news, Ryuji will be making his Anan magazine debut in Issue 2057 that will be released on 14 June 2017! This is a huge deal as Anan is one of the most popular and established mainstream magazines currently in circulation in Japan, and I’m so psyched that Ryuji will be featured in it (an interview with photographs).

The death and life of James B. Barnes (1)


Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: One curse word? Maybe?

Word count: 1.182

Summary: Bucky and Steve participate in a sailing competition against Y/N and Natasha.

Based on 40′s Bucky and Steve.

First part of the @hunters-from-stark-tower movie challenge! I am SO SORRY that it took me this long to post the first part, my computer crashed some time ago and I lost the entire series at once. I guess I just didn’t have to heart to start over, but here we are! I hope you enjoy my take on the movie Charlie St. Cloud.

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SQ Ficlet

Asked by @pressuredrightnow Hope you like it!

57. “Wait a second.. are you jealous?” 

“So… who is the one your sister is trying to make you meet? Anyone I know?” Emma drummed her fingers against the window’s glass, quickly moving her hand aside the second she heard the rustling of a set of footsteps coming closer to the closed door of Regina’s bathroom.

She had met the redhead earlier in the day, the woman smirking wickedly while telling Emma that she had found the perfect match for her little sister. It hadn’t mattered that Emma had almost swallowed her own tongue in the process of telling the former witch of the west how she didn’t think Regina was trying to find someone; the woman had laughed heartily before winking at her and moving past her, leaving a very dumbfounded Emma behind her.

The call to Regina had shed almost the same light that the talk with Zelena, if not less and so there she was two hours after that, not really knowing what to do with her hands as the Regina opened the door of her bathroom, looking quizzically at her as she tried very hard not to trip with her own feet.

Almost ten years after appearing in front of Regina’s porch she was never ready whenever she saw the brunette with a dress. It was impossible and so she blushed while trying not to think too much on the way the fabric clung to the brunette’s curves. A perfect fit, like always.

Swallowing thickly, she kept her hands to herself, digging them on her pockets and praying for her fingers to have not left a mark on Regina’s windows; an error she had already make twice.

Narrowing her eyes, the former queen eyed her silently before shrugging. “Do you want to meet them?” The question was laced with the same wicked smirk her sister had directed at Emma a few hours before.

“I…” Emma cleared her throat and sighed, knowing perfectly well where that string of thought was going. “I… don’t? I just… well, Zelena told me she had find this… stranger and I’m just curious. I mean, I haven’t really seen you with anyone ever since… you know.”

“The same could be said about you after the divorce.” Regina pointed out, looking through her jewelry and picking a set of earrings. “And don’t think your mother hadn’t asked me about that because she has. Seems like not having any evil in town has left her with an impossible amount of time to think that you need some love in your life. Perhaps I could talk to her about this interest of yours…”

The old snarky tone was there whenever Regina mentioned Snow but the hatred had all but disappeared from her voice and Emma closed her eyes, pinching the bridge of her nose before looking at the former queen again.

“You’re evil.” She mumbled, earning a smile from the brunette. Both her divorce and the epithet had been complicated subjects to talk about once upon a time. Not anymore though and for that she was thankful.

“Only on my best days…” Regina answered before glancing at her watch.

“So… you didn’t tell me who they were.” Emma said, balancing her weight on her feet’s tips. Regina had let her enter, wordlessly walking towards the master bedroom as Emma followed her but, so far, nothing that could help Emma know who was the mysterious suitor. Not even a gender to start.

“No, I don’t think I did.” Regina’s reply was witty. “And if I didn’t know you…Emma, are you jealous?”

That put a stop to both of them as soon as those words left Regina’s mouth. It spoke about a truth that they never talked about, something they knew for it to be true but never faced it. This time, however, standing in the middle of Regina’s bedroom, with nowhere to go, Emma let the words come out of her.

“What if I am?”

Regina hummed and sauntered closer to Emma, the clicking of her high-heels seeming to fill the air between the two of them.

“Well… If that’s true, I think I can safely tell Zelena to end that awful bet she started with Henry a year ago and stop trying to lie to you about mysterious suitors while she is at it.”

Emma blinked just in time for Regina to finally kiss her sweetly and laugh at her. “And I guess I will stop letting her get you. How about that?”


[A/N I have several headcanons about Emma and the pirate but I’m sticking to the divorce for now since I’m trying to behave as good as possible. Which means zero angst on my part for the time being :P (Well, almost zero)]