try to compare

Just Anime Con Things

-being hit in the face by someone’s wings in the dealer’s room

-having to move out of the hallway so that an unsuspecting child can take pictures with a group of furries

-buying anime merchandise for $45 dollars that you know you saw online for $20

-trying to compare the prices of pocky and hi-chew at every booth before you make your purchase

-seeing at least (1) person who does not look like they belong there in the slightest. and yet

-twelve flower crown hinatas

-people dressed in perfectly normal clothes + one attack on titan jacket

-entire booths in the artist’s alley dedicated to felt toys of food with “kawaii” eyes

-barefoot kaneki

-people changing their entire cosplays in the bathroom

-a congregation of kiritos 

-someone doing a sexy version of a pokemon

-”wow, that’s a lot of bill cypher”

-you can always recognize welcome to nightvale, even without canon designs for the characters

-vic marinara is there

please be gentle with yourself. you’re trying. if it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere that’s okay. try not to compare yourself to others too much because not everyone gets to where they need to be right away. you’re alive that’s what matters. keep trying. you’ll get there.

sometimes you’ll feel jealous, and sometimes you’ll have a bad day. that’s totally okay, and things like that happen to all of us - just prioritize your self-growth. try to learn from these moments, and improve yourself. try to not compare yourself to others who are on a completely different journey, try to compare yourself with your past self and see how much progress has been made. and even then, when you’ve grown and improved, these feelings might still return sometimes. acknowledge them, and acknowledge that it’s okay to have them, sometimes.


ilvermorny houses + palettes

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Your feelings are valid and important. You’re the only one who feels the way you do. If something tiny, like seeing the first butterfly in spring, makes you cry - that’s okay. If you have empathy for a person being hurt but it doesn’t make you cry - that’s okay. You are you. Try not to compare your feelings to other people’s feelings. If the feeling is there, if you feel happy or sad or angry, it’s there. And it’s valid. Please remember that. No matter how important or unimportant the cause is. I hope this makes sense somehow.
—  dewdropheart 

sanvers high school au where alex has a big gay crush on maggie and starts an anonymous instagram poetry account where she writes cheesy sapphic poetry

and then it BLOWS UP and the whole school is following it and speculating who the author is because it gets really fucking romantic and all these girls are swooning and alex swears to never come clean because it’s embarrassing af 

and people start trying to compare everyone’s handwriting to this account’s but alex manages to get away with it because she’s one of those people who can write in like 7 different fonts of handwriting

but duh maggie knows it’s alex because they’ve had english together since freshman year and she always sees the little poems alex doodles in the margins but she doesn’t know it’s meant for her but she’s had a crush on alex for AGES

so she starts quoting alex to alex in all of their conversations and alex starts bugging out and realises that maggie knows but she’s still too nervous to make the first move

so she writes a poem that’s explicitly about maggie (idk dimples and short or some other shit) and maggie pulls her behind the bleachers and kisses her and alex was like ‘they were all about you, you know’ 

and then they make out a bit more