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Hi, for the prompts, can you please write - "54. He thinks he’s a mind reader.". Thank you!

I did a thing, kind of mostly a crack!fic. I’m sorry for the wait hun, life got crazy. Here’s #54: “He thinks he a mind reader.” 

“You need to relax Der-Bear.”

Derek glared at his older sister, debating if smacking the cotton candy out of her hand was worth the backlash. It wasn’t.

“I am relaxed,” Derek said, barely weaving around another person in the crowd.

“Are you kidding me? Your shoulders are up to your ears and I can hear you gritting your bunny teeth,” Laura sighed, plopping another glob of cotton candy in her mouth, “this is supposed to be relaxing. Fun.”

“Yes, my idea of fun is walking around a circus slash amusement park all day,” he huffed.

His sister rolled her eyes, looking forward to watch where she was going. Derek didn’t like this at all. The crowd, the sounds, the smells…oh God the smell was terrible. For a werewolf this was sensory overload and he had no idea how Laura was handling herself this well. About four kids have already rushed ahead of him and stepped on his toes in the process, this dumb group of teens shoved them and cut them in line for a ride Laura insisted on riding, and it’s been well over six hours.

Laura is lucky he loves her or else he would’ve left the moment they pulled up here.

“Hey! We should try it,” Laura said suddenly, pointing to a tented booth.

Derek followed her gaze to the blue and orange striped tent –what a horrible color combination– with a bright neon sign flashing “The Good, The Bad, and The Psychic”. He couldn’t help the unamused growl that left his throat, eyes hurting by how hard he rolled them.

“A mind reader? Really Laura?” He asked.

She glared at him, “come on Derek. Live a little, plus it’s going to be bullshit anyways, just for fun.”

He opened his mouth to protest but her face was pleading at this point…and dammit he was so weak with her, “fine. Fine…let’s go waste some money.”

His sister made a happy sound only to grab him by the arm and pull him over to the tent. Inside smelled faintly of incense and greasy fries. It was hollow; one person left as they entered. Other than that it was just a woman behind a desk. She was suspended in one of those aerial performer cloths, red hair falling down in soft waves, her eyes focused in a book.

“Uh–is this–?”

The redhead looked up and shut her book, a manicured eyebrow arched a bit as she looked over them. Derek felt himself shrink into his jacket a little bit under her gaze.

“Twenty bucks per person,” she finally said, swaying a bit in the cloth swing.

Laura huffed but pulled out her wallet, “that’s a little steep.”

“You’re paying for the real deal sweetheart.”

“Uh-huh, sure, I’m just here for entertainment not for my life to flash before my eyes,” Laura said.

Derek cleared his throat and pointed to a small beaded curtain entrance, the redhead nodded and bitterly resumed her book. He motioned for Laura to follow him which she gratefully did instead of picking a fight with the desk lady. Within the room…well it was just a bunch of pillows, rugs, and tapestries.

“This is so cliche. This guy…he thinks he’s a mind reader, he has a snippy desk lady, are you sure about this Laura?” Derek asked.

Before she could respond a person stepped in through another door, looking unimpressed.

“Mind reader? I’m offended because a psychic is totally different. I read energies and auras and use them to make inferences on people then give them advice,” the guy spoke.

Derek looked him over; he was in those bizarre drop crotch pants and a loose shirt. However his skin was pale and dotted with moles, his hair was wild on his head, but what Derek couldn’t get enough of where those weirdly bright honey colored eyes. Laura’s hand on his shoulders got him to blink out of whatever dazed state he was in.

She smirked at him and he flipped her off.

“Forty bucks, do your psychic thing,” Derek snapped and sat on the carpeting and pillows.

The guy sat across from him looked at them both for two minutes, teeth gnawing on his plush pink—his lips. After a moment he sat up straight and held up his hand, “well call me Stiles. I have a feeling that this isn’t the last time we’re going to see each other.”

Derek rolled his eyes and Laura shrugged at shook his hand.

Stiles smiled, “now…let’s start with you Missy, I’m sensing you’re caught between…a few…no wait three guys and I think I can help–”

“Oh my God, Laura…three?” Derek gasped.

He’s never seen his sister look so red and regret forty bucks so much.

“–please. Her guy problem isn’t as bad as yours.”

It was Laura’s turn to gasp, “wait since when are you into guys?!”

“Since he saw me,” Stiles supplied with grin on his face.

This has been the best forty bucks Laura has ever spent he decides.


Fair Play

This one took me forever to finish! Hope you guys enjoy it <3 Thanks @pennigg101297 for the beta!

Something ecstatic, for sure. Harry stared at the red cup in his hand… was it really his hand? It seemed completely detached from his body. The boy looked up. Yep, definitely something

The whole room was a recreation of those psychedelic movies. Purple, blue, green, red, the colorful lights blurring everything and everyone else. There were people on the ground, laughing at absolutely nothing, boys with girls and boys with boys and girls with girls and even trios, Merlin’s tits, the whole room exhaled teenage hormones. Someone, Harry suspected it was Dean because he was almost sure that was muggle music, made sure to choose agitated songs, those that practically force you to tap your foot to the beat even when you don’t feel like dancing at all.

Harry dropped his head, eyeing his seemingly detached foot, tapping to the beat. Where the hell were Ron and Hermione?

A very clear memory of his two best friends half naked snogging each other assaulted his mind before he could examine the room.

‘Bloody hell’ he rubbed his eyes like that would be able to erase the awful experience. Okay, he better not search for them this time. Though Hermione wouldn’t go doing… things with Ron if she knew people were pouring drugs into each other’s drinks, right? This was a common room, for God’s sake. An eighth year common room full of grown up students, but still, drugs!

'Haaaaarryyyyy!’ Luna’s round blue eyes stared at him through an unknown fog. She smiled widely, blinking once, twice… and bursting out laughing, most probably at Harry’s confused expression. 'Why aren’t we dancing?' 


Luna giggled again, letting her arms move lazily, tangling in her long purple skirt. 

He could bet the fabric was enchanted, twirling so beautifully in the air like that. Harry stared for longer than he’d planned to, realizing much too late that Luna had already stopped and was eyeing him, her bright eyes fixed on Harry’s feet.  

'Well, you’re already dancing’ she tugged at his sleeve, pulling him with her towards the center of the room. It wasn’t his fault that his feet wouldn’t obey his brain, choosing instead to follow the beat, - louder as Harry approached the crowd - tapping frantically to it. the absence of Ron and Hermione brought a weird feeling to his stomach. He downed the rest of his drink quickly, butterflies replacing the sensation immediately. If they could enjoy the night, so could him, he thought to himself, relaxing his shoulders as best as he could. 

Harry opened his eyes without noticing he’d closed them, his whole body electrified with the feeling of being carried away by the music. Luna was dancing with Ginny now, her girlfriend, Harry had to remind himself, smiling a bit. If anyone else were to end up with Ginny, Harry would probably be a bit worried - after all he cared about her - but Luna was Luna, someone who treated Ginny like a flower, giving her the space she needed to grow. 

The music changed again, a faster song now was drumming through the soles of his feet. Harry turned around, letting himself once again be sweapt away. He could blame in on the alcohol later. 


And the drugs someone had put in his drink. Not just anyone, apparently, since Pansy kept giving him and Blaise that awful smile that could be easily translated as 'I’m being a Slytherin right now’. He looked at his feet for the tenth time in less than five minutes, the bloody thing tapping to that nauseating beat. Draco growled, marching towards the poorly improvised dance floor where his friend kept rubbing herselft all over Theo Nott. 

'What did you put in it?’ Draco inquired, lifting his chin as high as he could to emphasize his height. Pansy rolled her eyes, her arms still hooked around Theo’s neck. 

'Where?’ she turned around slightly to face Draco.

'My drink’ he forced the words to come out, all his strengh focused on keeping his feet still.

Pansy cackled, exchanging a knowing look with the other boy before returning her eyes to Draco. He was still frowning at her, distracted enough that he didn’t have time to fight back Theo’s tight grip on his waist.

Before he knew what was happening, Draco was dancing, squeezed between Pansy on his front and Nott on his back. 

'Just relax, Draco’ she whispered in his ear, thankfully backing away a bit.

'You know you want this’ Theo whispered too, making the hair on his nape stand almost immediately. The boy took a step back, leaving enough space for Draco to run. Not that he would, he most certainly couldn’t.

The sensation was exhilarating. Dancing, he remembered himself, though what he knew about dancing had nothing to do with that. Wizards - well named wizards - took part at ballroom dancing, with proper pairs, slowly, not to the beat of muggle music in crowded spaces. What he was doing seemed so… dirty. He looked around, noticing how no one appeared to care about traditional morals at all. Most surprisingly, no one seemed to care that Draco didn’t care, because at that very moment, as the music resonated through him, he didn’t. He closed his eyes again, letting his head roll around his neck, the tension easily slipping away. So Draco danced, he danced like he expected his father to burst throught the portrait at any second to ruin everything. And when Pansy pushed another one of those - horrenduous - red cups in his hand, he downed it all in one go.

'Come’ Pansy guided him towards one corner of the room that seemed to be even more crowded than the dancefloor. A long wooden table, much like those found in the Great Hall, but a lot smaller, was circulated by students, whistling and shouting at-

'What the fuck’ Draco was sure he was gaping. 

One of the Patil girls and Lavender Brown were dancing on top of it, their skirts so short Draco could bet those closer to the table could see everything underneath it. That was when he spotted a familiar face.

Blaise was on the front row, winking and smirking at Brown, who pretended not to notice him. Draco eyed Pansy, her anger tangible. 

'Can’t let that bitch steal my boys, can I?’

Shit, Draco knew that look.

'Pansy-’ the girl ignored him, pulling at his sleeve and forcing her way through the mass until they reached the table. 

'Just look at them, Draco, poor things’ It was obvious she wasn’t talking to him, her eyes fixed on Patil and Brown. From where they stood the girls could hear them perfectly, as it was proven when they both turned their attentions to Pansy, fumming.

'Fuck off, Parkinson’ Brown seemed wild, like she could jump Pansy at any moment. It was almost funny that they didn’t stop dancing despite the tension in the air. 

'Are you afraid of a little competition, dear?’ Pansy’s smile was wicked and Draco couldn’t help the little smirk forming on his lips. Competition wasn’t exactly the right word for that, because Pansy wasn’t one to play fair. 

Patil turned around to get out of the table, worried eyes darting from Pansy to her friend. Brown, however, didn’t seem like backing away, her hips continuously swaying as she blowed a kiss in Blaise’s direction. Blaise whistled, his dazzling smile encouraging Brown to come closer and she did, ignoring the Slytherin girl completely.

The sound of fabric being ripped in half was followed by something flying straight to Blaise’s face. Draco couldn’t see what it was at first, everyone around him trying to take a look as well while Pansy laughed so loud some of the students at the dancefloor were sending her curious looks. 

Brown got out of the table immediately, her face livid with absolute rage, completely red from embarassment. Draco thought for a second she was going to hex them, but she turned around and ran upstairs to the girls room, followed by Patil who seemed horrified. 

That was when Draco saw Blaise struggling to remove the pink knickers glued to his face. 

'You wicked bitch’ Draco snorted, half amused and half disgusted. Pansy grinned at him, used to Draco’s sweet words after years of friendship.

A new song had started to play, the beat not as fast as the last one, but definitely sexier. Pansy took off her heels, throwing them carelessly to the side.

'You’re coming up with me' 

She got up on the table, taking the Gryffindor’s place. Pansy danced like a Slytherin, which meant all eyes were glued on her the second she swayed her hips. Draco rolled his eyes, still too drunk to make rational decisions apparently, and followed her. It was… intimidating, if not terrifying, to have so many people staring at him from below. Empowering too, now that he could think about it. He started to move, smirking as a few of Pansy’s admirers turned their eyes to him instead, some completely shocked to see Draco Malfoy dancing on top of a table. Whatever, he didn’t have the energy to worry about it that night. 

'Someone bring Harry!' 

The words resonated inside his head and Draco felt all color leave his face. He searched the faces below him, desperately trying to identify who had said that. 

Pansy kept dancing unfazed by his side. Maybe, if he was lucky, she wouldn’t notice if he disappeared in the middle of the crowd. He could try to run upstairs and spend the rest of-

The crowd opened in front of him so Finnigan could push Potter to the front row. 

Green eyes locked with grey as the beat changed again.  

No, Draco felt his face hot, his whole body fervent. That was the first time he’d seen Potter since the trial, in which he was condemned to house arrest until the begginig of his eighth year. Draco had had time to think, plenty of time and silence to think about what he’d done. What Potter had done. Gratitute wasn’t something Draco was ready to feel, but it’d assaulted him nonetheless. The thing was, allowing himself to feel thankful for what he’d done altered the whole way he saw Potter now.

No, he thought again, as Potter took a step forward.


He should run away, turn around and leave. Malfoy was right there in front of him, and he wasn’t ready. Those eyes were the only ones capable of seeing through him, making Harry feel small. He didn’t know why, after all it wasn’t like Malfoy felt any more confident them himself. He looked as desperate as Harry to leave, hide.

He took another step forward, the beat vibrating under his skin. 

'Let’s see who does it better!’ Parkinson suddenly said, followed by a round of whistles and applauses. The girl jumped off the table after winking at Malfoy who seemed about to faint.  'You look scared, Potter. Think you can handle a dancing competition?’ Harry stared at her, gaping because even though Parkinson had already apologized to him, more than once after trying to hand him over to Voldemort the previous year, he was almost sure that didn’t classify them as friends now. She winked again, at him this time, gesturing towards the table.

Malfoy was still staring at him, his feet tapping to the beat contrasting with the rest of his tense body. The drugs, Harry thought to himself while Seamus practically threw him on top of the table. Malfoy had taken them too, apparently. That’s why he’s not running away either… he can’t

Harry got up, the height enough to make him self aware of the huge amount of people staring expectantly at them. Fuck, why did that beat seem so different than the rest? He turned his head to the side, meeting Malfoy’s eyes again. 

'It’s just dancing’ Harry found himself whispering, loud enough for Malfoy to hear, but not the front row of people. They were still staring at each other, making it seem like Harry’s words were meant to be some sort of confort to Malfoy when, in fact, Harry spoke them more to himself. Surprisingly, Malfoy’s shoulders relaxed a bit at that, his shocked expression distracting him enough that his body started moving again. Harry let it wash over him, the music replacing the anxiety bublling in his stomach. It was just dancing, and competing with Malfoy wouldn’t hurt, not this time. 

'Is this the best you can do, Potter?’ the words sent electric waves to his body, firing him up like only Malfoy could. It didn’t matter that there were people staring at him, watching his every move. Malfoy had just challenged Harry, like old times and, fuck, he’d missed this. 

His whole body turned towards the blond, instinctively, Harry’s hands flying to the hem of his hoody and yanking it from the top of his head. People cheered around him and Harry let a smirk form in his lips.

'You wish, Malfoy’

He knew the black shirt he had underneath was a bit too tight - who knew he’d be forced to take the bloody hoddie off - but the way Malfoy’s eyes roamed over his torso had Harry gulping with a dry throat.

'Like what you see?’ Fuck, what was wrong with him? The alcohol, Harry reminded himself resentfully. 

Malfoy, however, took that as a challenge, not an offense as Harry had expected.

He swayed his hips, a wicked smile on his face, and took a step forward.
'Do you?’ his eyes were fixed on Harry’s again.

The thing was, there wasn’t that much space between them in the first place. Now, there was no space at all. 

Malfoy swayed his hips again, brushing their thighs. People went wild with that, encouraging him when he opened the two last buttons of his shirt, exposing a tiny bit of his belly. 

This can’t be Malfoy

Harry’s brain was short circuiting. Malfoy had that look on his face, wicked, completely in control, and this time Harry had to admit he was. Because the moment Malfoy stood with his back to everyone else and forced another button to pop open, offering a complete vision of his navel only for Harry to see, Harry’s body bucked forward without his consent, the heat of Malfoy’s skin radiating through the black fabric of Harry’s shirt where they touched.  

With that, Harry wasn’t dancing against Malfoy anymore, he was dancing with him. 

Malfoy’s arms came to rest on Harry’s shoulders, bringing them even closer. Harry could hear a few gasps, but they were muffled by the whistles and cheers.

It didn’t matter. He felt dizzy and couldn’t blame it on the drugs anymore. He couldn’t stop, they couldn’t stop, the beat so brilliant Harry could bet his heartbeat was in sync with it.  And Malfoy… Malfoy was pressed against him, his hair tickling Harry’s cheek and his hot breath making Harry’s lips tingle.

Harry glanced around, realizing most people who had been watching them seemed to be as lost in the music as they were. 

He wouldn’t waste a second this time.


Draco lost his balance when Potter suddenly backed away. He tried to even his breath, his mind a complete mess, trying to predict if Potter was going to hex him, or worse, mock him, when a firm grip on his wrist brough his attention back. Potter was pulling him with him, quietly signaling to one end of the table that seemed to be the only way out. Draco followed, much to his own surprise because who knew if Potter wasn’t going to hex him where no one could see?

Back to firm ground again, Draco was immediately pinned against the closest wall, the darkest corner of the room.

Potter kept moving, dancing against him.

'Malfoy… Can I-’

He bucked his hips again, the apparent bulge in his pants pressing against Draco’s in the best way possible. Draco gasped, his eyes never leaving Potter’s. It was dark, but not enough that he couldn’t see the way his pupils dilated when his hand pressed against Draco’s hard crotch through his pants.

His moan was muffled my Potter’s lips devouring his mouth, biting and licking like a hungry beast. 

Their kiss was filled with all the tension both boys carried on their shoulders. It wasn’t soft, it was bruising, both of them relishing every trace of animosity and regret. Draco could feel himself burning and melting in it, at the way Harry’s hand dig his nails in his thigh, bringing it up around his hip; at the way  Harry pressed against him, pinning Draco completely to the wall.

Potter backed away slightly, enough for them to breath before kissing him again, slower this time. Draco threaded his fingers in the black locks, bringing Harry as close as he could while his other thigh was lifted to wrap around Harry’s waist. Harry’s hand supported him there, firmly pressed against the wall and- Fuck, Draco felt the whole lengh of it, rubbing up and down, up and down against his- 


The lights were suddenly  turned on, lighting up the common room completely. Several complaints arose from all sides, intensified when the music was gone.

It took Harry two seconds to realize that the force that was compelling him to dance was no longer there, and that it had nothing to do with his desire to press his body against Malfoy’s. What he did not know was if he should be relieved or scared when Malfoy did not seem to want to leave either, his hips rolling over Harry’s in the most delightful way possible, the friction sending small shocks of pleasure up his spine. 

Someone gasped beside him, the noise enough to bring them both back to their senses. Their mouths parted, breaking the kiss and leaving Malfoy’s red and swollen lips to show as proof of what they had been doing, of what Harry had done. 

He’d kissed Malfoy. Harry Potter had kissed Draco Malfoy willingly. There were no drugs, just the enchanted music, he realized, and it wasn’t enough to explain why he felt that pang in his chest when Malfoy turned around and ran, leaving Harry to face all his shocked classmates alone.


Next (and last) part coming up soon!

In our house the “S word” (stupid) and the “D word” (dumb) are considered “bad” words. So during a recent talk about school, the following convo with my eldest (2nd grader) ensued:

Me: Do your friends use bad words at school?
Him: Yes, sometimes.
Me: What words do they say?
Him: They mostly say the “s word” and the “d word”
Me: Hmmm…do you sometimes say those words too?
Him: I try not to, but yes I sometimes do.
Me: Why do you say them?
Him: Because sometimes I just want to blend in.

*Wow* I didn’t think I’d have to have a convo about peer pressure this early!!

So, I took a moment to pause, reflected on his use of the term “blend in” and said the following…

Me: Imagine if you have a bunch of really bright colored crayons. What color would you be? What’s your favorite color?

Him: Green.

Me: What happens if you start coloring a sheet with your green crayon, but instead of coloring the other things different colors, you just start blending all the colors in and mixing it with your green. Do you think you’d still see the color green anymore? What color do you think you’d see most?

Him: Probably like a dark brown or black probably.

Me: That’s right…because whenever you start blending too many beautiful colors together, you lose the special colors and just get a dark blob, right?

Him: Yes.

Me: Well, people are kind of like different colored crayons. We’re special when we show our colors to each other. And like crayons, it’s good to blend in a little bit, but not so much where we lose our color completely and there’s nothing special about us anymore. You’re a Muslim and you should be very proud of who you are. You can blend a little bit with your friends, but not so much where you lose your special color completely. And remember, you can be a good example for your friends and teach them. Maybe if YOU don’t say bad words, your friends will learn from you and they’ll stop saying bad words too!

Alhamdulillah he totally got it and vowed to not “blend in” so much anymore. :)

May God protect all our children and help them preserve their “special colors” and shine always! Ameen!

—  Hosai Mojaddidi
My Club (Alec x Reader) Imagine

You sat on your couch as you watch everyone dancing and partying around you. There were so many different species here. You spotted Mundanes, Vampires, Warlocks, Foresakens and Shadowhunters. Wait shadowhunters you thought. Why were they here? You got up from you seat with your drink in hand and made your way towards them.

“The last time I checked I don’t remember anyone inviting shadowhunters to this club” You spoke as you appeared in front of them.

“They didn’t now move” A blonde haired boy said as he pushed passed you with three more shadowhunters following him. You started to follow them when they all suddenly stop. Quickly the blonde boy was in front of you.

“Stop following us” He spoke

“What are you doing here?” you questions

“You don’t need to know” He said

‘Jace she proably knows where he is ask her” A redheaded girl told him.

“Are you a warlock?” The blonde haired boy who you figuerd was Jace asked you.

“I am but what does that mean to you shadowhunter boy” you tease

“Magnus Bane do you know him?” Jace once again asked.

“Nope doesn’t ring a bell” you said as you turned around “Now get out of my club” you started to walk away when an arm grabbed you pulling you back. It was Jace.

‘Your club? The last time we checked it was Magnus Bane’s” Jace said. You looked around them, they had you trapped in.

“Well it’s not anymore” you rolled your eyes hoping they wold let you go but they wouldn’t.

“Your lying” A black hair girl said

“What if I am? It shouldn’t matter to you where a warlock is” You sass back

“We need his help with something” The other boy spoke “He’s not in trouble, so where is he? It’s his club so he must be here”

“Like I told you already this is my club too he’s no-“ you were saying but the redhead cut you off.

“Wait your club too? You never said that early” You cursed in your mind that you let that slip out in front of them. How could you be so stupid.

“Oops must of forgot” you said with a grinned “ I owned this club with Magnus”

“So you do know where he’s to” Jace yelled

“Not at the moment, I say he gone off with one of his lovers but I’m not sure so leave me a message and he will get back to you” you spoke as you took a sip of your drink.

“We need him now not later” the redhead girl demanded

“Well I can’t hel-“ you started to say but stopped when your vision started to get burry.Why was this happening?

“You put something in my drink” you yelled soon your feet gave out from under you and the black haired boy caught you.

“Why did we do this again” the boy asked

“We need to know where Magnus is’ Jace told him


  You woke up in a strange room. Soon everything came back to you.Those damn shadowhunters. You should of known they would pull something like this.

“Look at who’s awake” Jace said

“Who are you?” you asked

“You don’t need to know that” He answerd

“Well Jace since I know you, you might as well tell me who your fellows shadowhunters are”

“How do you know that?”

“You don’t need to know that, names?”

“Clary” the redheaded girl

“Isabelle” the other girl said

“Alec” the black haired boy said

 “That’s great. I’m not going to tell you where Magnus is so you might as well stop trying” you said standing up onto your feet. Truth is you didn’t really know where he was but they didn’t seen to care.

“Please we’ll do anything” Clary bregged

“What do you need his help with?” you questioned. There had to be a good reason if they were going through all of this trouble.

“Our friend that’s a werewovle got hurt and Bane is the only one that can help”

“Why him”

‘His magic is the only one powerful enough” Maybe you can help them you thought. After all you were warlock too with the same power.

“I’ll do it” you said

“Your not Magnus” Alec replied

“But I am a Bane” you told them “My magic is the same as my brother it will still work”

“Magnus has a sister?” Izzy asked

‘Yes and I’m right in front of you, never saw that one coming did you?” you laugh. All of them stood there in shock looking at you. You didn’t know if it was because you were Magnus sister or was it your weird sense of humor. Who cared anyway.

“Are we going to go or what?” you asked.

‘Yeah lets go” Isabelle said as they left, with you following not to far behind them.


  “Nice place you got here” Alec said while looking down at you while you crushed up spices for the spell.

“I’m trying to save your friend life and your talking about how nice my house is?” you laugh while Alec turned the color of a tomato. “Can you hand me some of those tea leaves?” you asked pointing towards the ones you wanted. Alec walked over to get them and handed to you while asking

 “Are you sure this going to work?”

“Yeah it’s one of Magnus spell I’ve seen him used it before.Trust me I know what I’m doing”

‘You seems different”

“What do you mean?” you questioned

“When we first got to you earlier you seems like a different person. Like you didn’t really care about anything. You had this whole evil vibe about you” Alec told you.

“Yeah I could see that, I guess when I’m protecting something like my brother and my club I put on a fake act so no one would really get me.” You made your way over to the sofa where their friend Luke was laying. You sat down in front of him and started to wave your hand over him, you were started to heal him as you could see the purple smoke that was coming from your hands. After a while you could feel your energy starting to fade.

“Alec come here” you yelled as he made his way over towards you. “Sit please” You grabbed ahold of his hand when he sat. “I’m sorry I need some of your energy I hope you don’t mind”

“If it helps him I don’t care” Without Alec’s energy you didn’t know if you could do it so when he let you, it took a weight off of your shoulders. Soon you were done and when you finally remove your hands you fell right back on Alec.

“I’m sorry” you said slowly as you try to get up.

“Hey don’t worry about it, just rest” you didn’t even have time to argued as you eyes slowly shut as you fell alseep with your head resting on Alec’s shoulder.


  “Alec we told you to help her, not sleep with her” Jace said as him and Clary enter into the house. Alec glared up at the boy.

“She resting, after all she used up all of her energy healing Luke.” He said as he pointed towards the man on the sofa.

“LUKE” Clary yelled as run over to the man laying down.

“Quite” Alec said “She’s sleeping”

“Oh what does Alec have a crush” Jace tease

“Shut it” Alec said. Right after that your eyes started to flutter open. You sat up from leaning against Alec. Your first thought was to look over at Alec

“Thank you” You said as you got up and walking over to a now sitting up Luke with Clary. He looked fine and you were happy that the spell worked.

“How are you feeling” You asked Luke handing him a drink from your table.

“I’m good,thank you for helping” He said as he sipped the drink.

“No worries, I have magic might as well do something useful with it every once and a while”

“Warlock? He questioned

“Oh yes, sorry I forgot you were out of it when I met you. My names Y/N Bane” you told him as you held out for him to shake his hand. He shook it back and asked “Would I be able to leave? I have a pack that needs me.”

“Yes you can leave, but try and take it easy for the next little bit”

“Don’t worry he will” Clary said for him as she helped him put on his jacket. Jace walked over to help the two and to also help them leave. As they left Jace said “Help the girl clean up Alec”.

“What do you need me to do” Alec asked

“Umm” you said looking around. You really didn’t need any help, you were just going to used your magic. “I think I’m good” you told him as you waved your hand around making your purple magic appear once again. You soon had everything back in place.

“I forgot about your magic” Alec stated

“Don’t worry about it, I think Jace did too” You said as you turn to face him. For the first time, you atcually got a good look of his face. His hazel eyes stared down at your Y/E/C eyes. You both leaned in when you heard a voice.

“Really Y/N? I leave for a few days and you already have a boy in our house” It was Magnus. You both pulled back and turned to look at your brother.

“Oh at least he’s cute” Magnus said as you stood there rolling your eyes. Giving your brother one last glance you pulled Alec towards your room.

Yellow Sweater (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

A/N: This BARELY fits the request and I’ll rewrite if I need to. I promise. 

Request:  Hi there! Could you pls write some Jared Kleinman x Reader where the Reader is the quiet but stunning girl who all the guys are after and Jared feels like she’s way super out of his league because “Holy Fuck, I’m just a lowly class clown/hacker and she’s a fucking princess” but as he starts talking to her, he realizes there is smarts as well as deep insecurity underneath her looks & deep convos ensue and they soon start dating? Bonus pts for Jared fist-pumping the air when she says yes. Thanks!

WC: 2,201

Warnings: Language, Sex mention

“Look, Tom, all you have to do is suck it up and use your paladin instead of your bard,” Jared tried to sway the younger boy he was talking to.

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Following The Colorful Paws

Title: Following the Colorful Paws

Author: @jensen-jarpad

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1033

Warnings: NONE! The only thing you’ll find here is pure fluff from beginning to end

A/N: This is my fic for Elsie’s challenge ( @sleepywinchester ) <3 The “prompt” is “your URL + Easter”. Hope you all enjoy

Feedback is always appreciated! ❤

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Connor x Mell Reader (BMC / DEH crossover)

concept: (y/n) is Michaels younger sibling. Connor comes over to smoke, but found another interest instead

word count: 1.6K

warnings: weed, swearing

A/N: Hi, i take request!

“Oh, uh- hey connor.” Michael said at the unexpected visitor at the door. He and connor had been neutral acquaintances for awhile. They seen each other around sometimes and the only real thing that connected the two was weed.

Connor was michael’s weed buddy. Even Though connor wanted to be more than just sone guy who shared a dealer, he always felt out of place with how close michael and jeremy were together. He didn’t want to come in between that .

“Uh- Is everything ok?” Michael asked confused on why the boy came.

“Well there’s some shit going on at my place, do you mind if i chill? Just for a bit? I um brought some ‘stuff’ to smoke if you want.”

Michael let the boy inside the house. “Yeah sure! We can play some mario kart.” Michael said leading the boy into the basement.

Connor really was having a hard time at home. His parents were in the middle of a fight and he couldn’t stand listening to it anymore.  Him and michael had hung out a few times before so connor was scared he was going to make everything awkward.

“You can just plop down right there.” michael said pointing to a beanbag. Connor took a seat and took out the contents of his pockets to start rolling a joint.

Michael began booting up the nintendo 64’ and getting two controllers.

They passed the joint back and forth while arguing over who was cheating and who wasn’t.

“Mell are you sure you’re not using some sort of cheat code?”  connor said passing the joint to michael. Michael just chuckled.

“No no. this is just pure skill.” he said.

The basement door opened slowly. Connor looked up the side of the stairwell in curiosity while trying to pay attention to the game.

Connor tapped michael to get his attention at the open door, concerned it was michael’s parents of something.

“(y/n)?” Michael called out become aware of the open door.

Slowly, some footsteps were heard coming down the staircase.

“Mickey, do you have two AA+ batteries? I need them for my radio.” said the person at the edge of the staircase.

Michael paused the game and gave the joint to connor. He stood up from his beanbag and began walking over to some corner of the room and searching for the batteries. Connor couldn’t help but stare at you. He couldn’t help but notice every small detail about you.

Connor began to notice his staring had been going on for too long when you looked away in embarrassment. Red coated your cheeks.

The basements cold and dark look atmosphere contrasted so much from the light hitting your face. You looked so angelic to him. You brought a warmth out in him that he hadn’t felt for a really long time.

“Here you go.” Michael said tossing you a pack of batteries. You thanked him and smiled at connor before you left back from the way you came.

Michael took a seat back down where he was and gripped the controller again.

“Ready?” michael said as connor was still in a trance. “Connor!” Michael said louder to get the boys attention.

“Huh? Uh- yeah. Ready.” he said picking up the controller again.  

“You ok?” Michael asked. Raising an eyebrow.

“Uh.. yeah. Can I use your bathroom, Mell?” Connor asked becoming a bit flustered. Michael nodded and pointed up. “Walk straight till you hit the hallway, and it’s the first door on the left” said Michael.

Connor nodded and started walking up. He clenched his chest slightly. “Fuck.. what is going on..” he whispered to himself. He had never felt this way. He never had the image of anyone stuck in his head like that. He repeated your name over and over again. He couldn’t get you out his head.

He found the bathroom but became destructed with the sound of the radio coming from the kitchen. Connors little ears heard the sweet sound of you singing along to the radio. The brief sound of pot and pans rustling in the kitchen shortly followed by a loud ‘BANG’

His heart stopped. He couldn’t just stand there and wonder what happened. He NEEDED to see if you were ok.

He prepared himself for a mess. Some sort of  horror movie scene. Walking into the kitchen, he found a sight that scared him more then some sort of final destination scene where the victim was killed by falling pot and pans. Instead he found you sliding cookies off a baking tray onto a plate. The sight was so pure. So wholesome, and so wonderful to his eyes. Just this simple act of you making cookies made him feel all warm again.

“Fuck..” he said to himself. You looked behind to find an out of breath connor panting.

“Cookie?” you said holding one up with a smile. This made connor start to blush again.

“Yeah, sure.” he said hesitantly accepting the cookie, walking closer to the counter. 

You smiled, waiting on the some sort of feedback. “Well~” you said egging him on to say something.

“Beautiful- fuck. I mean good? No i mean- shit. Better than ‘good.’ amazing.” the boy stammered over his words as his blush grew a shade darker. he looked away. You smiled wide at the kind words, feeling a new feeling of accomplishment.

“Thank you!” you said with a wide smile. “Yeah.. welcome..” he said looking away. Connor stood there awkwardly. All this time he was worried about being awkward with Michael and here he was being awkward with some person in his house.

“You a friend of michaels? The only person who ever comes around is Jeremy. She I’m pretty sure those two are dating…” You said with a giggle.

Connor nodded and explained how they never really hung out.

“So you and michael like related or something?” he said. Maybe it was the munchies, maybe he really liked your baking or maybe it was the way he liked the conversation with you, but he grabbed. another cookie.

“Yeah he’s my older brother.”

Connor nearly choked. “You’re his sibling?!” He said with wide eyes as you giggled nodding.

He couldn’t believe how somebody so cute could be related to Michael. He just looked at Michael as some stoner in a PT cruiser, but he looked at you and saw a sunset. He saw warm colors and he felt all warm and fuzzy.

As soon as he knew it, he had been sitting on the counter talking with you for almost an hour. He didn’t even notice. You two were having a good time talking and laughing and just enjoying one another.

Michael didn’t even notice until the weed was all gone. He decided to go and investigate up stairs. He heard Connor laughing. He never seen connor smile, let alone laugh. He followed the sound.

He saw Connor sitting on the counter giggling with you. Your face all red and blushing.

“Hmm. Trying to flirt with my sibling!?” He said with his arms waving in the air. You jumped at the sudden surprise. “No Michael it’s not like that-” connor said seeing your face drop in disappointment. He felt his heart drop and his heart skip a beat. He was flirting with you. He couldn’t deny that. He couldn’t say yes, he couldn’t have a pissed off michael on his hands.

Connor shrugged. “I was just leaving” he said coldly jumping off the counter.

“Connor-” you called out but he was already walking away.

You looked down at your hands as the front door closed softly.

Connor felt so stupid. Why did he walk out that way? Why did he just drop everything like that? He liked you. He was positive. He knew he liked you. But he knew e never felt that way about anyone before, let alone anyone who made him all warm.

The following days, you never left his mind. The image of you smiling burned into his head. The sound of your laughter replaying like music to his ears.

He couldn’t stop beating himself up for leaving that way. He couldn’t stand himself for it. He formulated a plan. He knew the perfect way to make it up to you. His plan was sure to work.

He began work right away.

It was 11 at night. Everyone was already going to sleep. Michael laid in his bed, and so did your parents. As soon was your face hit the pillow, a knock at the door threw you off. You didn’t hear anyone walking to get it. You took into your own hands.

You walked to the front door and opened it slightly.

“Connor..?” You said confused.

He held a baking tray out to you. There was black round disks on the tray.

“I was a dick the other day. I wanted to stay and talk to you, but Michael- and i’m a bad person- fuck.” You giggled at his stammering.

“I made you cookies.”  He pushed the tray out a little to you. You excepted and smiled. “Thank you. They look lovely” you said smiling wide. 

“You didn’t have to do this Connor” you said looking at the blushing boy.

He tapped his feet nervously.

“Umm if you aren’t too busy, maybe we can like hang out again.” he said running his hands threw his hair. You just simply smiled. “Fuck.. is that lame? I’ll just go-”

You placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’d love to.” you say. Connor smiled. Genuinely smiled. Your heart melted at the sight.

Connor waved as he got into his car and started to drive off. You waited until he was out of sight. You were certain the ‘cookies’ he made was toxic. You placed them loveling in a box where they never perished. (Kinda gross TBH)

Those who are Broken | Chapter Seventeen

Everyone has a soulmate. Except the Broken.

Word count: 3000

↬ I. Am. Ready.

Chapter list

Originally posted by gothdollysedits

“Noona.” You hummed in response, never bothering to look up from your textbook you were reading. “Would you like to go on a date with me?”

That caught your attention.

You looked up at him, a confident look on his face as he looked down at you patiently. Waiting for your response.

When you were out with Jungkook and Taehyung several days ago, you told the younger boy to ask you out at a random moment. Guess that random moment would be now.

“Smooth,” you began, closing your book, “but I think you’re just too comfortable with me.” He frowned in confusion. You looked around the area, watching as students walked and talked with one another. Some leaving the academy building while others entered it. Just leaving the building, you saw a girl walking by herself. She looked cute. Black, curly hair that barely touched her shoulders, and the typical uniform all girls wore. You watched her as she pushed her round spectacles back up to the bridge of her nose. “Ask her out,” you told him, pointing to her as she walked around the academy building towards the back.

Jungkook followed your finger, eyes landing on her. His hidden hair turned the familiar champagne color. “I can’t ask her out!” he said, voice sounding a bit frantic.

“And why not?” you asked, propping your elbows on the bench.

“Because I don’t know her, and it’s embarrassing.” He turned to look back at you, his cheeks colored pink.

“That’s the whole point. You need to take a chance. You may have lost your soulmate, but you need to try and live a little—you go here,” you said, gesturing to the school with your hands.

He pouted his lips cutely. “Can’t I take you on an actual date first before I ask another person out? I need help on dating,” he whispered, looking down at the ground as he kicked a rock.

Why the fuck is he using his cute charms on you?

The little shit knew it would get to you.

“Fine,” you groaned.

He beamed, taking a seat across from you at the table. “Where would you like to go? The movies are a typical date—along with dinner. Maybe the beach?” he asked, leaning excitedly forward towards you, hands flat on the table.

“The beach? Isn’t that several hours away from here?”

“Yeah, but it could be a date for an entire day—” He looked behind you, eyes slightly widening before turning to look back at you.

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What Every Little Kid Wants

Summary: It’s Shiro’s birthday, and the team has a surprise for him.

Notes: This is for day three of Platonic Voltron Week (a little late). The prompt was technically lion/bond, but they said we could roll Shiro into this day too, since we’re celebrating his birthday, so hopefully this is okay.

“You have to close your eyes,” Keith gave Shiro a stubborn look.

“Why?” Shiro narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“I can’t tell you,” Keith huffed.

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Acquainted with the Night (2/16)

Summary: In a bid for the power born of true love, King Arthur binds Emma to the broken blade Excalibur.  Unbeknownst to him, Killian Jones is bound to the other half, having given himself over to the darkness in order to exact his revenge on Rumpelstiltskin.  He frees Emma from King Arthur’s control, sparking the beginnings of war between Camelot and Misthaven, and a quest to rid her of the darkness.  (No Curse AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: None

Words: ~4500

Chapter: Prologue, One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Epilogue

Notes: Endless love and gratitude to @ripplestitchskein and @unfolded73 for their help with this story.  Credit to @seethelovelyintheworld for the gorgeous banner.  

Tagging by request: @natascha-remi-ronin, @the-captains-ayebrows, @maryvmassakre, @captainswanismyendgame, @katealexandra26, @superchocovian, @vanyali07, @imhookedonaswan, @captain–kitten

Also on ff and ao3

Chapter One

Six Weeks Earlier

Emma figured that she was in for one hell of an I told you so.

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Welcome Home, Empress

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

A/N: Hi, I’m back. this is just a little something, it’s a part two a full story I don’t really care for. I also realized I haven’t been putting summaries, which would be really helpful. But, I hope you enjoy. (Which is now a series: Aquarius)

Summary: From the planet Earth, something about you captured the galaxies new found Emperor, Kylo Ren. After being forced into being with him, you finally see your new home.

I stood there looking at myself in the mirror. I haven’t worn a gown since prom. And normally, I wouldn’t put this particular ensemble together. My laced fingers brushed over the curvature of the dress. The material was so smooth. I looked at my hands, this emperor must have an obsession with gloves. I was surprised that my nails hadn’t ripped a hole in the glove as if on cue, my nail poked out on my right hand. “Stupid Lace!” I scolded as I poked my other fingers in the lace to match. I made my way towards the door hearing a faint mumble. As I came closer to the door, I heard someone talking about me. I guess it was the general, as he was the only person besides myself who didn’t wear a mask. “Her beauty and aura simply captivating.” I heard the general say as I made my way out. “Thank you,” I replied, gaining the attention of him, the emperor, as well as everyone else. The attention was awkward as everyone stared at me behind a mask, besides the general, whose scowl was also marked by his rose colored cheeks. Deciding to break the silence, I stepped forward. “Oh! My lady!” The maidens rushed over trying to fix the gloves. It was like having a swarm of mosquitoes following me. “Leave her.” His cold mechanic voice rang out and the immediately backed away into their hidden places. I forgot about his “gift”, I took a deep breath and made my way forward. And of course, one of those white soldiers came interrupting. “Excuse me, Emperor, General, you–” “Empress.” Once again his cold mechanic voice rang out. The tone very much irritated. “Emp-empress,” the soldier said, earning a nod from him. I couldn’t help the small smile that started to play on my lips from not only feel a part of this whole other world but also accepted by him. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when I felt slight pressure on my arm. Unaware that I was moving and actually seated, Kylo spoke again. “Unfortunately, we won’t be going to the base. We have to go on the Star Destroyer for a while.” I nodded my head. As I sat, I focused on my breathing and not about my catastrophic panic attack that happened before. It became easier as I focused on the pilots. All those buttons and lights, it amazed me at their skill. I literally focused on every move that they made. From the corner of my eye, I could see Kylo’s mask on me. I sucked in a deep breath and soon a larger ship came into view. The ship grew bigger as we approached it and were soon engulfed by it. The ship landed and everyone prepared to exit. As I got up, I felt my legs go stiff. Reality started to sink in, as tears started to well in my eyes. Everyone left, leaving me by myself, or so I thought. “Stop crying, stop crying”, I said trying to regulate my breath and not let the tears spill out. I heard a thud, I wiped my face and turned around to see Kylo standing at the exit. I made my way pass him and down the ramp, with him following me on my heel. My pace slowed down as I took in my new surroundings. Everything was so white and pristine, whoever cleaned this must have OCD. There were more of the white soldiers and a silver one and some without a mask like the general. I would be lying if I didn’t say it was intriguing. I turned around to see a sight that you could only see in the movies. It was so breathtaking. The stars seemed to dance on the black backdrop of space. I remember studying them in high school. I loved to look up and watch them back on Earth, and now I was surrounded by them. “Welcome home, Empress.”

Betty's on her Period (A Bughead Imagine)

Hey guys, you guys liked the last Bughead Imagine I did. So hopefully you guys like this and PLEASE SEND IN YOUR REQUESTS! My inbox is open so go ahead and inbox me!!! Thanks guys, love you, you’re the best!!! :)

Warnings: Mentions of Periods, pretty long imagine.
Pairing: Betty and Jughead
Fandom: Riverdale

Betty opened her eyes due to the morning sun shining into her window. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and sat up from her bed. Something didn’t feel quite right. She got up from her bed only to see a good amount of blood on her pink bed sheets. Betty’s eyes widened as she looked down and saw blood in between her legs. She quickly rushed to the bathroom to try to clean herself up as quickly as possible.

Ever since Betty started getting her period, it was very different from other girls’ menstrual cycles. Betty would get excruciating stomach cramps and heavy blood flow that wouldn’t lighten up until 5 days later. She would also get super emotional and moody. She was the exact opposite of her regular self.

While Betty was in the bathroom, tending to her issue, Jughead Jones, her boyfriend of 2 months, was trying to get ahold of her. He tried calling her cell phone but she didn’t answer.

“Juliet is probably still asleep” he thought to himself. He figured that it would be the gentleman thing to do to pick her up from her house and walk to school together. He tried calling 3 more times and still no answer. Jughead was starting to get worried and suspicious. He finally reached the Cooper residence and rang the doorbell.

"Hello Jughead. Please come in” Mrs. Cooper said, stepping away from the door so Jughead can enter.

"Hi. Um… do you know of Betty is still asleep?” Jughead asked,

"I’m not quite sure. She hasn’t come down for breakfast yet.” Mrs. Cooper proclaimed.

Jughead checked the time. It was 7:30. Classes were gonna begin soon.

"Want me to go see what’s taking Betty so long?” Jughead asked,

"Of course. Go ahead. Would you like anything?” Mrs. Cooper asked,

"Um… no thanks. I’m fine.” Jughead said before rushing upstairs.

Betty was sitting on the bathroom floor in agonizing pain. She was clenching her stomach and on the verge of tears. Jughead reached the top of the stairs and saw Betty’s bedroom door open. He peeked inside and everything seemed normal. Except for one thing.

The bed caught his eyes. The bedspread was lifted up slightly. Jughead lifted it up and saw the ruined bed sheets.

"Betty, I’m heading out to Chicago for my business trip. Have a great day at school. Behave yourself.” and with that, Betty’s mom slammed the door and proceeded going to work.

Jughead started to panic. So many thoughts ran through his mind. Was she taken in the middle of the night? Did she hurt herself?

"Betty?” Jughead said, slightly raising his voice.

A cry of agony rang through the empty silence of the house. Jughead raced out of the room and started banging on the bathroom door.

"Jughead…” a weak little voice said through the door.

"Don’t worry Bets. I’m coming” Jughead said, ready to go after what was hurting his girlfriend. He braced himself as he opened the door and saw nobody but his girlfriend on the floor.

Betty was digging her fingernails into the palms of her hands due to the pain she was in. Jughead bent down to see what was wrong.

"Betty where are you hurt?!” Jughead said, still in a panicky matter.

Betty was kinda embarrassed to tell Jughead what was going on. She just clung to his hoodie and yelled in pain. Jughead didn’t know what was going on.

He looked on the floor next to the toilet, an empty package for pads. Jughead then realized what was going on. Betty groaned and he helped her up.

"Betty, um… are you on your period?” Jughead asked,

Betty’s cheeks flushed into a light pink color. That’s all he needed to know. He pulled her in closer.

"Betty, we are boyfriend and girlfriend now. We can talk about things like this. You don’t have to be ashamed about it.” Jughead said.

Betty sighed and muttered a slight “okay”. Jughead wiped her tears and tried to see if Betty needed any help in her bedroom. Betty slowly walked out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, trying to tend to her bedsheets. Jughead followed behind her and heard her moan out in pain.

"Here, just hang tight for a second.” Jughead said. He quickly rushed over to the bed and tore everything off of Betty’s mattress. He rushed to the laundry room and put everything in the wash.

By the time everything was situated in the bedroom, it was already 8:06. They were late for school. Jughead knew that Betty was gonna be a total wreck if she went to school.

"I’ll call your mom and tell her what’s going on. Turns out Romeo is gonna have to take care of his Juliet today” Jughead said, giving a little smile at her.

"Ok Juggie.” Betty said.

After a 5 minute discussion about what to do to get rid of Betty’s cramps and to keep her maintained, Jughead hung up the phone and walked into the living room. Betty was fast asleep on the couch. He didn’t want to wake her up so he quickly wrote a note, saying that he is going to the local pharmacy to get certain things for Betty. And that is including pads, comfort food, and a couple of romantic chick flicks.

He hurried back quickly, not knowing if her situation got worse or not. But luckily, she was still fast asleep. Jughead took off his jacket and slowly climbed onto the couch with Betty. She cuddled into his chest and he rubbed her shoulder and gave her little forehead kisses until he eventually fell asleep with her.

Later after their nap, Betty was laying on the cough while Jughead was ordering some takeout from Pop’s for lunch. Jughead was in the mood for a burger, but Betty preferred have a tub of ice cream instead. Jughead just stared at her while she was laying on the couch with a heating pad on her stomach for the cramps and taking spoonful after spoon full of vanilla ice cream.

"How long is your mom gone for her business trip?” Jughead asked,

“10 days” Betty muffled, ice cream still in her mouth.

“Looks like I’m crashing here for a while until she gets back” Jughead said. Betty didn’t mind at all. She was so glad to have Jughead.

Humans are wird break in

New story about Zhaxu the little alien visiting earth.

Zhaxu dreamt of home. Ze hadn’t been there since coming to earth because of unrest on ze home world .

Not everyone was happy ze family was cooperating with humans and they thought Zhaxu was being led astray by his new friends.
The good news was that human-Jesper had said that Zhaxu could stay with him for as long as was needed.

The even better news was that the videos Zhaxu made about his adventures on earth was being broadcast and people had loved them.

So the religious zealots were having a harder time telling everyone ze was being corrupted. It was especially the videos with Milli people loved.

To think one of their kind was given responsibility for a creature so beautiful and graceful. When the lady from the animal shelter was interviewed, she told the journalists that she had been really concerned about Milli.

Milli had had a rough life and had already been adopted twice but both times she had been given back because she became aggressive. Then the lady had said that Zhaxu had saved Milli and she was a completely different cat.

Now all of Zhaxu’s home world was talking about ze and feeling so proud of ze because ze had been able to give Milli a home when even the humans had to give up.
Pets was a human thing but now everyone saw that animals didn’t care if their owner was human or not as long as the owner loved them.

A noise from the window woke Zhaxu. Ze had left it cracked because it was a warm summer night. Zhaxu looked at the window, a shadow was standing in front of it and now it was slowly opening.
Zhaxu was terrified and ze became almost as white as the sheets out of fear. Ze quickly crawled onto the floor and hid under the bed.

The shadow climbed into the room and now Zhaxu was almost transparent. Ze wanted to scream to human-Jesper would know what was happening but ze was paralyzed with fear.

Now the shadow was moving towards the bed and ze squeezed against the wall in an effort to hide.
All of a sudden a new much smaller shadow leaped from the darkness and with a feral scream it landed on top of the intruder.

The would be burglar let out a high pitched sound and began trashing around the room in an effort to get rid if the attacker. It was chaos. The smaller shadow hissed and refused to be removed and the bigger shadow finally fell to the floor just as human-Jesper opened the door and hit the light switch.

What the h… Yelled human-Jesper looking at the scene in front of him.
A lager version of Zhaxu was laying on the floor with an agitated Milli attached to his head. She had her claws out and from the looks of the aliens head, she had not been afraid to use them.
The alien seemed almost relived to be pulled up be the much larger human.

Who are you and what have you done to Zhaxu? Jesper yelled while he violently shook the intruder. His hart was pounding and he frantically tried to locate Zhaxu. What if he was hurt or worse?

I’m here came a tiny frightened voice from under the bed. Jesper had never been more relieved in his life.

The alien almost seemed to inflate when it saw Zhaxu. The little alien was nearly colorless, when it climbed out from under the bed and it shook when it picked up the meowing Milli trying to calm her down by gently stroking the seething cats fur. Soon Milli borrow into Zhaxu’s lap and started purring and slowly Zhaxu began regaining color.

The bigger alien looked lost for words and it seemed miserable when it glanced over at Zhaxu with a shocked expression.

I was only trying to save Zhaxu. the alien said with a distraught voice. It was nearly colorless as Zhaxu had been a few moments ago.
Ze was told that the humans were mistreating the potling and ze was being held hostage. That humans used a wild animal to subdue the little one and keep ze prisoner.

What? Said Jesper astounded. Who told you this and who are you?

Ze is Whaxu and ze follow the teachings of the ancient. The senior in the monastery told all the juniors of Zhaxu and the horrors ze was being put through. Ze even showed a video of Zhaxu being forced to sleep outside in a fabric construction. Ze volunteered to save the poor potling.

Jesper blinked a few times. Well as you can see Zhaxu is quite fine and the wild animal is determined to protect him from you.

The alien looked around Zhaxu’s room with it’s bright colors and toys neatly placed on the shelves.
Ze see that now. It sounded even more desolated that before. Why would the senior lie to ze? The alien asked with a sorrowful look on its face.

Jesper knew the answer to that. The senior used you and your devotion to the teachings of the ancient. They do not care for the ancient or you. All they care about is power.

The alien looked at him with a sad expression. What happens now?

Source: crasybirdlady
Tickled Pink~Part Two-Newt Scamander x Metamorphmagus!Reader

Tickled Pink part two-

A/N- Thank you to all of you who have requested a part tow to this, and I am sorry t took me so long to finish this. This set was one of my favorites to write so far :) The colors in the story are kind of based off of what I would associate with the emotions. Please enjoy :)

Also the reader is still a metamorphmagus in this

Warnings: none :)

Part One:

Since your first meeting with Newt on the day he and the Goldstein sisters had visited your home, you had found the color pink very evident in your life. While lost in thought during the task of cleaning dishes, your hair would rapidly switch to a shade of pink as you remembered the way Newt’s hair sat messily on his head or the way his gleaming eyes sparkled like the stars. When collecting letters from Marian, your hair would switch again between not only pink, but also with a happy yellow, as you realized that another one of Newt’s letters had come through. You knew that you shouldn’t have started falling this easily, but you couldn’t help it. Newt Scamander was everything in a man you had wished for, including his passionate love for creatures. You thought that you were being completely out of your mind for thinking these things, but what you didn’t read in the letters was that Newt was just as smitten as you were, if not more.

Newt was a changed man after he left off the porch of your home. He was still kind-hearted and loyal towards his beasts and friends, but his heart had swollen larger than ever before. When he entered back into the Goldstein apartment that day, he practically stumbled over his own two feet because who was so lost in thought about you. He sank into their couch with a hand resting on his chin and a blushing grin on his face. Queenie laughed at him before coming back into the room.

“Oh it appears the Newt is a bit wrapped up in dear Y/n!” she giggled in adoration, mainly because Queenie could see the two of you fitting together perfectly, like two pieces of the same strange puzzle.

Newt sighed heavenly, he couldn’t wait to see you again.

At this moment, Newt was walking nervously back up to your door with a tiny set of flowers in hand about a week later. The flowers were partially because he wanted to bring you something for inviting him into your home, but they were also partially because he hoped that this was a way to show some of his affection without rushing around. He readjusted his bowtie with his wand in order to make a better impression on you. In the back of his mind he wanted you to be his. He wouldn’t advance too fast of course, but he did want to get to know you more over a cup of tea or perhaps a nice candlelit diner of some sort. He knew a little about you, but he wanted to know more. He wanted to know of all the little things that added up to you. You were incredibly beautiful, and you’d give any siren a prick of jealously. You were not only that, but you were sweeter than any dessert in Jacob’s bakery and more passionate than anyone he knew. He saw you as nothing short of amazing. You were unique from your hair to your eyes to your smile to your personality.

After knocking, he patiently waited for the door to swing open once more. He hoped that you had received his letter and that you knew he was here. If not, he would be even more awkward than he already felt. After what seemed like an eternity in his mind, the door opened to reveal your figure.

Newt felt awkward for staring, but he couldn’t help it. Your hair was now styled differently, as you had grown it out and curled it earlier, and your skin appeared illuminating in the sunlight. Your (eye color) eyes were enchanting pools, and your lips were tainted a faint pink like your blushing cheeks. Newt’s heart was doing unexplainable backflips as he took you in. You were marvelously mesmerizing, but he couldn’t properly form sentences at that moment. You smiled back at him, trying to push your own nervousness away so your hair wouldn’t erupt into a vibrant pink tint.

“Hello Newt, you’re a bit early,” you said playfully.

“Oh, I um, I didn’t notice I came too soon.”

“It’s alright Newt, come on in,” you giggled, allowing the delightful noise to whisk into his ears. Newt followed you inside and handed you the flowers, which you thought were lovely. Some of the pixies were already pulling a glass vase from the cupboards above you.

You already had tea preparing, as you knew Newt was coming. Newt assisted you in finishing setting up, casually keeping the conversation going as you exchanged what had been new in your lives. He had even brought out his Bowtruckle, Pickett, so that Finnic could have a new friend.

By the time the teas was ready, you both were sitting down at the table. Newt conversed about how excited he was to show you the case, and you listened with intense curiosity while stroking Phyllis the cat, on your lap.

Everything about Newt was just so fascinating. He had seen more parts of the world than anyone you knew and he had explored regions you didn’t even know existed. He was the adventurous type, but not the arrogant type to brag about all of his travels. He saw the world differently, and this was something you respected and adored.

Gentle sipping and clinking echoed between the stories and laughter until you were both finished, and now it was time to see what really thrived inside of the case. Carefully, Newt sat his case on the floor. You watched in amazement as Finnic invited himself back in your pocket. His calloused hand swept over the clasps of the case as they flipped up. A giddy smile erupted across Newt’s face, causing your hair to morph into a pastel pink.

With a gentle smile, he extended his hand towards you and led you into his world.

When you reached the bottom of the ladder, a sense of overwhelming curiosity and wonder exploded within you. You gasped at the setting, for you expected to be shocked, but this was beyond anything you had imagined. Immediately, your hair switched back to its fierce yellow shade, as it’s electrifying burst barely compared to what you felt with inside. Creatures of all shapes, forms, and colors stood before you. Each natural scene was different, some had canyons, some had hills, and some seemed like a dense forest. It stole every word from you like a thief in the night.

“D-do you like it?” asked Newt as yet another blush crept upon him. He was hoping that it wasn’t odd or too strange for you, but his worry escaped him when you threw yourself into him for a hug.

“Are you kidding, this is amazing! It’s absolutely incredible and unfathomable! I’ve never seen so many different species of creatures and plants in my entire life and what you’ve done here is just, it’s just astounding Newt!” you rambled rapidly out of pure excitement. You were like a ball of fire you were so hard to contain. Newt’s eyes proudly lit up, as he felt a sense of pride and attraction tug on his heartstrings. You were beautiful, anyone could see that, but he could literally feel you lovely joy reflecting off of you. You were like a child who had seen their first snowfall, eager and ready to explore the wonderland before them with all worries cast away. Now here you were, in his arms, like a sweet and fragile flower budding into spring, you were there.

You noticed that you had held him into a hug for quite some time, and as much as you didn’t want to let go, you retracted your arms from around his torso. You knew he was kind of slim, but you underestimated how toned he was underneath his soft blue coat, which had now been shrugged off to avoid the dirt. Flecks of pink reemerged in your hair as Newt let out a short laugh.

“Well come on love, there’s some creatures for you to meet.”

You were excited to see what else lied within the frames of the case, but now you were confused. Love? What did he mean by love? Was is just a simple nickname or was it something more? Did he feel the same? Did he like you? No, it’s silly to think such a thing, he was only saying it to be nice. Wasn’t he?

At the same time Newt was mentally scolding himself for letting that word slip. What if you thought he was a creep or some kind of man who was just looking for any girl? Was he rushing or being obvious? Was he not being obvious at all? He just wanted to make a good impression on you and ask you to be his, but he felt as if maybe his chance was slipping through his fingertips.

By the time you had sat down with the mooncalves, you had already met the rest of the Bowtruckles (Finnic did as well), the so-called thief known as the Niffler, Dougal the demiguise, and some of the Fwoopers. You were in the grassy areas with Newt and the mooncalves, silently petting and helping to feed each one. The pellets floated gracefully from your hand out to them, and Newt sighed at the sight of your majestic form. He sat back down next to you.

“Thank you for showing all of this Newt. This is insanely breathtaking.”

“You’re welcome Y/n, but thank you for not freaking out or anything.”

You laughed, “Well if anything I’m surprised you didn’t think my ‘cat-lady habits’ were weird. Most people do.”

“Nonsense, the fact that you helped save creatures is great!”

“I guess, but most people think I’m absurd or try to turn me into MACUSA because it’s ‘an abnormal habit’ or something.”

Newt frowned, clearly being able to see the slight insecurity as your hair became a faded blue. He personally thought what you were doing was incredible.

“I’m sorry for being kind of emotional about it,” you apologized, “My hair also kind of does this a lot.”

Newt wrapped you into a hug. It wasn’t like the one earlier, which was abrupt and full of excitement, but it was a soothing hug. It was one that showed you that he understood. You sank into his embrace and security.

“Y/n, you don’t have to apologize for being yourself. Besides I um…I think you’re rather lovely…actually,” he spoke, whispering the last part.

Your eyes widened. Newt thought that you were lovely?

“Y-you do?”

“Of course, you’re caring and kind. You’re curiously adorable. You’re unique, beautiful, creatively charming and intelligent too…” he trailed off into a pause before continuing, “And anyone would be lucky to know you.”

You were touched by his words and you had now noticed how close you two were in reality. He was looking at you now with his crystalized eyes inches away from where you were. You could feel the heat radiating off of his cheeks, and before you knew it, you felt the sudden warmth of his lips. He expected you to pull away, but you only deepened it. With eyes closed and minds lost elsewhere, you kissed each other as if you had been waiting for years. His hands resituated along your waist as he lifted you up and pulled you closer. You now sat straddling his lap with your hands in his fluffy hair, weaving and winding it through your fingers. Each of your hearts flooded with passion and love, for you may have only know each other for a bit, but Newt felt as if he needed you in his life. He felt swept away, like a feather on the surface of the ocean waves, freely gliding off into wherever it desired. You two were so wrapped up with one another that neither of you realized that your hair was now a new color, a deep reddish magenta.

Newt left your lips breathlessly and looked down at you before stuttering, “I-I, Y/n I um, I’m sorry if that was weird I just, I really like you and think you’re extraordinary.”

“You didn’t do anything wrong Newt. I actually thought the same…about you, as you could probably tell by my hair now.” You lifted up one of your new locks.

“Y/n, I don’t want to rush things but perhaps you would maybe want to join me for dinner sometime, for an actual date? If you don’t want to you don’t have to-,”

You cut him off, “I would love to accompany you Newt.”

Still struck from the emotions of before, you grinned contently. Newt matched your smile and tenderly held your hand in his, massaging his thumb over your knuckles. You felt the same towards him as he did to you, and he was over the moon.

You could tell that Newt was special. He wasn’t like others from your past who viewed you as strange or as some sort of object. He actually cared about you and lovingly accepted you for who you were on the inside. You didn’t need your deep magenta hair to show that love was blossoming between the two of you, and Newt was just the right person to steal your heart.


A Lovely Picnic

Ladybug and Chat Noir have a talk on a rooftop about their love life. Two days later, Adrien and Marinette go on a picnic. 

                Patrols were a strange thing. They’d started as training exercises, allowing Ladybug and Chat Noir to get used to their powers, and each other, without the danger of fighting an Akuma. Then it turned into making sure the city was safe, both from potential Akumas and occasional petty crime. They’d fought a good handful of late-night muggings.

               Most nights though, Ladybug and Chat Noir ended up just talking. As long as they didn’t use anyone’s real names, they could talk about anything. They’d help one another with personal lives, personal problems, playing an impartial vote. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Chat started up a conversation.

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Cassian x Reader

Request: There’s a Churrit quote that he said to cassian going around, its “there are more than one sort of prison, captain,, and I sense you carry yours around wherever you go.” and I cant help but think about his past! and what if,,,WHAT IF, he lost his love or something! SO, i was wondering if you can do a drabble based on that? (and maybe have the love be reader?)

Warnings: Angst

A/N: I enjoyed doing this one! But it also hurt my heart so much. Also, I know this is a very long drabble lol.

I do not own anything!!!

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Thank you!

The response Colors has been getting has been absolutely overwhelming in the best possible way. I don’t even know what to say, you guys. Like. Just. Thank you. For taking the time to read this little thing and tell us - Lalou and I - how you feel. It means so, so much to us, and I’m so, so, so glad I’ve been able to touch so many people with this.

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We met in a kindergarten. A Yousana AU

Part I here

Part II here

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Part V

Mondays were the worst. Sana always ended classes way too late.

That Monday wasn’t an exception. She got out of her class and looked at her watch. For a moment she thought about sending Jamilla a text saying that she could pick Nadia up from school but she knew that wouldn’t make sense. Nadia was probably already on her way home.

She sighed as she got out of the building, she hadn’t been able to see Yousef since Thursday and she was starting to get eager. She had cursed herself repeatedly over the weekend for leaving so early the last time she was there and not giving him her number. The truth was that she had kind of panicked. She was no good at flirting even though with Yousef it came out as natural.

She was so focused on her thoughts that she almost missed him but something made her look up in the last moment as she walked by him. She stopped dead on her tracks too shocked to even react because right in front of her not other than Yousef Acar was waiting for her.

“What are you doing here?” she asked as she approached him once she was able to move

“What do you think I’m doing here? I’m waiting for you” he smiled

“But why? How?” she kept blinking trying to find a logical explanation to that situation

“Well Mondays are my free day so I thought that it’d be the perfect day to come and see you”

“But…how did you know I was here?”

“You told me you were studying here, I pay attention”

“Yeah but…have you been waiting here the whole day or what? What if I didn’t come today? What if I had classes until like 8pm?”

“I have my sources” he said shrugging

Sana tilted her head and glared at him.

“Okay, fine…but this is going to be embarrassing…” he said looking at the floor “I may have contacted your brother”

“My brother? Abdu?”


“Elias? How? You don’t even know him…well you do but…you don’t” she said frowning

“Let’s say this is a small world”

“Yousef…come on”

She crossed her arms on her chest and waited for an explanation

“Okay, okay…” he said, he was hoping she wouldn’t think he was a stalker or something “I have this friend, Mutta…and he knows your brother Elias, they’re gym buddies…he actually knows you too. Apparently you went one day to the gym to give Elias some keys?”

“Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember him, such a cute guy” Sana said biting her lip

“Okay, wow…maybe he should’ve come here instead of me…”

“Aww, are you jealous?” she asked raising her eyebrows

“Anyway…” he said shaking his head “The thing is that I asked my friend to contact your brother Elias to ask him if he knew what time you ended today”

“So that’s why he texted me asking when I’m done when he never does that” she said chuckling, she should’ve seen it coming.

Well…yeah…do you think I’m a stalker?” Yousef asked biting his lip nervously

“I think…” she said slowly “I think you’re very cute”

“Cuter than Mutta?”

“Hmm…I’ll have to think about it” she said playfully, then she looked at his bare hands and added “You didn’t bring me coffee today…you’re losing points there”

“I told you, I want to go to have a coffee with you, as a date”



Sana’s lips curved into a big smile.

“Is that a yes?” he asked

“Of course it is” she said nodding


“Latte with no sugar and no cream” Yousef said as he handed Sana her coffee

They were at a coffee shop near the university. Sana had chosen the table they were sitting at while Yousef ordered the coffees. He had insisted on paying even though Sana had tried to convince him otherwise.

“Thank you” she said with a smile “I’m inviting next time”

“So there’s going to be a next time?”


Yousef chuckled and took a sip from his coffee

“So tell me something about you, Sana Bakkoush. I feel like I barely know you”

“Well, technically you barely know me”

“I hope that changes soon…so you want to be a doctor?”

“Yeah, I want to be a surgeon like my dad” Sana said “I’ve always admired him and I want to be like him”

“That’s so nice, that what you want to do with your life is saving other people’s lives”

“Well, you’re taking care of our future when you teach those kids so I think your job is so important too”

“Wow, thanks Sana” he said “This is going to sound completely cheesy but I really like saying your name”

“Well, this is going to sound even cheesier but I really like it when you say it” Sana said blushing

“I’m liking this version of you, not that I didn’t like the tough one”

“Tough, huh? Is that an euphemism for rude?” Sana laughed

“No, I never thought you were rude”

“What did you think then? The first time we met”

“I thought this girl is a know-it-all…” he said, then added “But damn she’s so cute”

Sana smiled and bit her lip blushing.

“And now? What do you think now?”

“Now I think that you’re…you’re one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. I don’t know what it is Sana, but there’s something in you that makes it impossible for me to stop thinking about you. I think that I’d love to get to know you better and that every time you come to the kindergarten you light up my day”

Sana felt her chest tighten at his words, how was it possible that a guy she’d only known for a couple of weeks could make her feel that way?.

She looked at the table and saw his right hand resting there. She bit her lip and slowly took his hand, intertwining her fingers with his and looking up to see his reaction. He was staring back at their hands, a smile on his face. He then fixed his eyes on hers and looked at her fondly.

“What did you think about me the first time we met?”

“I thought you were a jerk” she said

“And now?” he almost whispered

“Now…now I still think you’re a jerk” she said shrugging


He acted offended and tried to let go of her hand but she wouldn’t let him.

“But…” she started “I also think that you’re the cutest guy I’ve ever met, you seem like such a nice and caring person. You’re funny and thoughtful and you always make me smile. You know, at first Jamilla, Abdu and Elias were the ones who kind of pushed me to go to the kindergarten but when I got to talk to you I ended up being the one asking to go so I could see you”

“Aww, so you wanted to see me? That’s so cute” he teased her

Now she was the one who tried to let go of his hand and he the one that wouldn’t let her.

“Hey, I’m the one who’s stood outside your university for almost an hour, I’m more of a dork than you” he admitted

“You stood there for almost an hour?”

“I couldn’t take the risk of you leaving before I got there”

She laughed and shook her head making him laugh too.

“So…what now?” she asked after awhile

“Now?…Well I’d say that we could start by exchanging numbers, so I don’t have to call your brother every time I want to see you”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea” Sana said smiling

She let go of his hand to grab her phone from her purse and handed it to him. He took his from his pocket and offered it to her. They both wrote their phone numbers on each other’s phones and gave them back to their owner so they could add a name.

“What name did you write?” She asked him

“Miss know-it-all” he said winking at her “You?”

“I’m offended by that question…Mr. Rules, of course”

He shook his head and chuckle, it seemed like that nickname was going to follow him for the rest of his life, not that he was complaining.

Sana looked at her watch and sighed, she didn’t want to but she really had to go home soon, she had some stuff to do for the following day.

It’s getting late…I really should get going”

“Can I walk you home?” he offered

“Yeah, I’d like that”


“So…this is my house” Sana said as they stood outside her front door

They had spent the whole way there trying to get to know each other better, talking about random things like food or family or friends or just favorite colors.

“Hmm…I don’t know if it was a good idea to show you where I live, I mean you’re kind of a stranger…you could be a serial killer or something” Sana joked

“Well, I’m not the evil aunt that abducts kids, am I?”

“You’re not cool enough to be that”

“That I’m not going to argue” he chuckled

They both stared at each other’s eyes for awhile, neither of them wanting to say goodbye yet.

“I’ve had a lot of fun today, Sana”

“Me too”

“I hope we can do this again sometime”

“Actually…” Sana said as an idea came to her mind “Nadia’s birthday is on Friday and we’re having a party at her house, you know for the kids but also friends and family will be there…maybe you’d like to come?”

“As Nadia’s teacher?” he asked hesitantly

“No” Sana said shaking her head “As my plus one”

“So you’re asking me out by inviting me to a kids party?” Yousef asked chuckling

“I know it sounds lame but…”

“No” he interrupted her “It sounds perfect, I’d love to go with you”

He looked into her eyes to assure her that there was nothing else he wanted more. She smiled and nodded.

“Good, I’ll see you on Friday then, I’ll text you the address”

“Great…goodbye Sana” he said smiling

“Goodbye Yousef”


As promised, Yousef went to the birthday party on Friday as Sana’s plus one. She introduced him to her friends and family and he got along with everyone. Soon, he became friends with Elias, who also became friends with Yousef’s friends. Jamilla was the one who was more excited about Yousef and Sana being closer since she had been the one who had make them meet in the first place.

Sana and Yousef went on more dates after that and they got closer and closer until they finally got officially together.

Neither of them had ever thought that they would be that happy with someone.

One thing that they found very amusing along the years was when people would ask them how they met. They would always smile and answer with five simple words

“We met in a kindergarten”


Soooo this is the end of the AU!

I want to say thank you so much for the support!

I really hope you’ve liked the ending

thank you so much for reading!!!♥