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Not gonna lie, I don't ship Reylo either (at ALL) but I also do not approve of nonshippers hating on others. Don't let those people get you down, they're out of line and terrible. I hope you still have a nice day/evening (it's almost midnight where I am).

Crazy thing is that all I was basically trying to say, is that you can ask people nicely and they’ll more likely listen to you. That’s it. That was my bottom line. This didn’t even have to be about ships. Just treating people like human beings.

Like, it really didn’t have to escalate this far, but damn. XD



(also here we see holly FINALLY getting to hold her because 8xj wont jusT LEAVE HER ALONE, EVEN FOR A SECOND!!!)


yeah yeah git outta here


I started using voice chat in Competitive Overwatch so I could coordinate with teammates. While playing Zarya, I encountered a Reaper who kept getting himself killed. He demanded someone on the team change to a healer when we already had one healer and too many offense champions. I finally switched onto a healer even though we needed the tank. At one point he spammed “Need Healing” when he was only at 75% health, so I piped up and said “dude, you don’t need healing”. 

The rest of the game was just him complaining that I wasn’t playing well, and that “our healers suck”. The 14 year old kid he was being nice to said “idk, they’re healing me”. After the grown ass man griped more I said “stop complaining or else you’re not gonna get any heals”.

“Are you a girl or a boy? You shouldn’t be playing this game. Could you at least try?” he just would not. shut. up. And when he wasn’t just trying to insult me, he was acting totally nice to the kid, asking oh, when did you start playing and what characters are you liking so far? The kid didn’t insult me once. That fetid piece of garbage was just setting such a bad example for him and I wish someone else had called him out.

Second round comes by, I switch to attack, I am on fire the entire round, AND I get play of the game. While watching my POTG reel, he’s still going on about how useless I was. While watching all the kills I got. We won the round. There was no reason for him to be in a shitty mood save for the fact he didn’t like that I was a woman.

I could have turned the voice channel off but I was waiting until he saw the play of the game I KNEW I got to hear him go “Oh, she actually did good” or at least feel some sense of… I don’t know, embarrassment? Embarrassed that he had been complaining about my performance the entire time when lo and behold I had the highest stats.

But he didn’t. He didn’t realize shit. He sat through it, laughing at me, stuck in his deluded little world where women are automatically lesser than he is. Picking apart my multiple kills and telling me why they weren’t that good. It was dumb of me to think that just because I played extremely well he would change his opinion on an entire gender.

Sexist Fucking Assholes might be nice to you, but that doesn’t mean they’re a nice person and it doesn’t mean they’re in the right. People (particularly men) need to realize that women just existing in gaming spaces and being skilled doesn’t mean shit to misogynists. It didn’t matter that I went on to win 10 competitive games that night. It wouldn’t matter if I was master ranked. Men don’t shit on girl gamers because they’re bad, they shit on them because they’re women.

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Yuri on Ice is cancer to the internet, you all think this anime is flawless but ARE YOU BLIND?????? The animation doesn't look great, it's literally lazy and Yuuri and the russian guy never kissed, he wispered to him, you blind idiots. You all act like "OMG THEY TOUCHED EACH OTHER IT MEANS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER GGHLUUGGGETYBVBGOJIGKJGJGDFTJJFUCKJGHBIUKLJIKGIHJVKIKTYHJ" I'm sick of this fandom and it's loud fans, I wished the director never made this anime.

lmao grow some balls and say it to the fandom off-anon, u coward

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Do you have any sketches lying around that you could show us? Something you thought you’d finish but haven’t gotten to? I know we’d all be so grateful to see some if you have any you’d be willing to share!

uhhhhh okay okay I can compromise on a couple lil snips of eventual things to come one day eventually. My sketches are crummy as all heck tho, especially on paper.

and these are just portions of the whole mind you

And this thing. Still getting picked at dw I haven’t forgotten. Uh, spoils the designs a little tho pbbbt

OH HECK wait no I’ve got one thing that was a quick scribbly accompaniment to the very first voltron thing I drew ever but did not finish nor share and still want to hold on to for some reason.

But this bit wasn’t gonna go any further for sure

hah what a mess

… *quietly tacks on one more thing* 



 Luffy’s Attempt at Cooking !
In Which All Terrible Beginner Cooks Can Relate : “Oh, how exactly do you cook ?” ♡

– bonus : 

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if you don't mind me asking, why was the picture you just posted so sad ;_;

pixie was a close friend to many of us in the haikyu fandom, but she passed away from a car accident a few days ago. she has been nothing but a beacon of joy and love to everyone.


Anons thank you so much! Francis really is a gem, isn’t he? 

And I could write pages on how Francis could be in a relationship. I think he could be very very good and he could also be very very bad depending on where you walked in on his history. But in regards to FrUK, Francis and Arthur totally have a Lumiere and Cogsworth relationship in my mind. They’ve got a really complicated, grudgingly affectionate familiarity with each other that’s hard to shake and they always seem to wind up together… 

There’s plantea to go around 

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Did Mattie ever have... The b r o w s

can: luckily i’ve been spared of that fate.

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Sharon and a lot of other characters aren't in it or barely have any screen time for one reason and one reason only. Tony. It's like iron Man 6. It's civil war all over again. It makes absolutely no sense that she's not in it at all. None.

tony is literally the backbone of the mcu and the main character and the most popular one and he’s marvel’s flagship character ofc he’s gonna have a lot of screen time??? don’t come at me w tony hate, he isn’t the reason sharon isn’t in it. it’s the goblin stinky fans bitching abt her and marvel just not liking women in general 

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You're basically make up the entire Jaspearl tag

dont i know it LOL