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When are you going to update? Ya know, people will lose interest if you wait to long i between your updates. We need the next chapter of In A moment and dark lovers soon!

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Ok… I am going to answer this as kindly as I possibly can.

1. I am a MOTHER above everything else. I have a soon to be 10 year old and a 5 year old who occupy most of my time. I like to make memories with them. I don’t want their only memories of their childhood to be this house we live in.

2. I am a GIRLFRIEND. An attentive one at that. I like to smother my man with affection all the time. We like to watch movies, play games, roast each other and have sexy times. We enjoy each other’s company.

3. I am a TEACHER. School will be starting where I am at in about 4 weeks. I have started planning my curriculum and various activities to expand the young minds I am going to be educating.

4. I am a DAUGHTER/SISTER/AUNT. Me and my family are very close. I don’t ever go a day without talking to my mom or sister. Also, I have 2 little nieces who have the best auntie in the world. (their words, not mine!)

5. I am a BEST FRIEND. My friend Nikki is my soulmate in this life. We met freshman year of college and have been inseparable ever since. Her husband is my boyfriend’s best friend, her family is my family and my family is her family. She also lives 3 houses down from me.

6. Then, I am a WRITER. It is my hobby. It is something I do in my spare time. Normally, that means that everyone in my house needs to be asleep. I love writing and sharing my stories with you.

I am not a machine. I am a human being behind the electronics. I battle depression and anxiety. I suffer from writers block on occasion. Sometimes I need a break from social media all together.

So, the only thing I ask from you nonnie, is the next time you send this message to another writer on this site, try to remember what I said here. Try for compassion over ignorance, encouraging over berating, and patience over selfishness.

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For the meme thing- Alec being curious about high heels and Magnus showing him how to walk in them


“It’s actually… it’s actually not that bad.” Alec takes another few steps - and honestly, that’s the worst part of it. The shoes are an adjustment, but they’re nowhere near as bad as the feeling of just… walking around the loft. Back and forth across the living room. Walking for no purpose other than figuring out how shoes work. He doesn’t think he would have been able to handle just putting them on and going out for a leisurely stroll in the park right away, but still. Circling the coffee table for the sixth time in two minutes certainly isn’t the most dignified thing he’s ever done.

But the shoes. They’re alright. It’s weird, yeah, but it’s… “It’s more weird than difficult.” He doesn’t feel like he’s walking right. With all of his weight on the balls of his feet, with different parts of his leg muscles being used, with a completely different posture. He can tell that his whole foot isn’t hitting the ground when he steps, and it feels wrong. The adjustment isn’t hard in and of itself, it’s just hard to adjust something as fundamental as walking. But it’s still… it’s nice. Not the way he has to walk, but the reason he has to do it. The shoes. Because they’re pretty. They’re stupidly pretty. They’re so damn pretty that they even make his legs look prettier, just because of what it does to the… the line. The silhouette? Is that the right word? Whatever it is, it looks good. He looks good. “I think I could probably handle higher ones.”

Magnus laughs into his drink. “Darling, you’re over six and a half feet tall right now.” His mouth twists up into a smirk. “Let’s not get greedy.”

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(also here we see holly FINALLY getting to hold her because 8xj wont jusT LEAVE HER ALONE, EVEN FOR A SECOND!!!)


 Luffy’s Attempt at Cooking !
In Which All Terrible Beginner Cooks Can Relate : “Oh, how exactly do you cook ?” ♡

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Yuri on Ice is cancer to the internet, you all think this anime is flawless but ARE YOU BLIND?????? The animation doesn't look great, it's literally lazy and Yuuri and the russian guy never kissed, he wispered to him, you blind idiots. You all act like "OMG THEY TOUCHED EACH OTHER IT MEANS THEY LOVE EACH OTHER GGHLUUGGGETYBVBGOJIGKJGJGDFTJJFUCKJGHBIUKLJIKGIHJVKIKTYHJ" I'm sick of this fandom and it's loud fans, I wished the director never made this anime.

lmao grow some balls and say it to the fandom off-anon, u coward


Anons thank you so much! Francis really is a gem, isn’t he? 

And I could write pages on how Francis could be in a relationship. I think he could be very very good and he could also be very very bad depending on where you walked in on his history. But in regards to FrUK, Francis and Arthur totally have a Lumiere and Cogsworth relationship in my mind. They’ve got a really complicated, grudgingly affectionate familiarity with each other that’s hard to shake and they always seem to wind up together… 

There’s plantea to go around 

Snuggle up it gets cold ❄️

Dean’s Plaid

Summary: You and Dean do NOT get along. Until the night that you do.

Warning: smut, anger sex

Word Count: 3200

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy some Dean smut! XOXO

There are two things in the world you really hate: plaid and Dean Winchester.

There are plenty of things that you don’t like, that irritate and annoy you, that you’d rather not deal with. But those are the only two things you actively hate. A store with a window display of plaid clothing is enough to get your blood boiling these days. And Dean? Well, you make sure you never think of Dean. That just tailspins your world into a mess of violent anger for days before it wears off.

So the fact that you are currently wearing one of Dean Winchester’s plaid shirts, listening to him hum along with the radio as he drives you to his motel?

Yeah. You’re gonna need something to kill.

Or you could just kill Dean.

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Do you ship Natasha and Elise? (I feel like the fandom sometimes/a lot of the time oversteps its boundaries with this, but I was wondering where you stand) Thanks :)

Y E S (how can you not? LMAO) but I’m respectful and not delusional about it.  If they say they’re not dating, then I believe them.  I don’t invade them with personal questions or tell them “to date” or “fuck each other” on their social media accounts.  Like I will be trash whenever they interact and maybe it’ll seem like I have a few screw loose in the head for a couple days depending on how cute their interactions are, but I calm down and let reality take me back.

  • Do I think they would be cute together if they dated?  Yes.  
  • Am I ok if they never date?  Yes.  
  • Am I fine with them being just friends?  Yes.  
  • Will I be fine when this is all over and they may not interact as much anymore?  Yes (but I will greatly miss it).
  • Can I still enjoy them individually as people without the other?  Yes.
  • Do I enjoy their interactions?  Yes.  
  • Do I try to find deeper meanings in them?  Not really.  
  • If they dated, would I be invasive about it?  No.  
  • Do they owe us anything?  No.  
  • Will I attack anyone they date?  No.
  • Am I waiting around for them to date?  No.
  • Do I make conspiracies/speculations trying to prove they have mutual feelings for each other?  Not really.

It’s easier, healthier, and funner to “ship” people if you do so casually.  It’s important to remind yourself that these people are not “characters;” they are individuals living their own life and have feelings just as much as any other person so you shouldn’t force anything on to them or expect anything from them.  

People who have meltdowns over RLS are people I try to stay clear of….  Other people’s personal lives/relationships should NOT affect you greatly at all.  I think the batshit crazy shippers really give us a bad name and we’re associated with them so I tend to feel iffy admitting that I do “ship them” (if there’s any other word, please let me know lmao).  Sometimes, I really don’t “trash” on my blog because I don’t want to be lumped in with them.  Instagram and twitter (and occasionally tumblr when people TAG THEIR TRASH POSTS IN THE ACTRESSES’ AND C*RMILLA TAG FOR EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO SEE AND WE ALL KNOW NATASHA OCCASIONALLY LURKS HER TAG) can get super meddlesome/problematic/cringe at times.

…this is the most cutesy thing I’ve done in a while but maybe that’s just me HA dun mind me or all the Redbubble spam lately.

Friendly reminder that it’s a good day to respect local artists and not demand that they change their technique to fit your personal standards

Friendly reminder that it’s absolutely okay for artists to want to improve by their own standards and nobody else’s

Friendly reminder that not every artist is trying to be perfect like half this community for some reason believes and that drawing for fun rather than to be “good” is a thing that exists

Friendly reminder that it’s okay for artists to be proud of their own work

Friendly reminder that artists are people

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The whole age of consent thing being kicked and screamed about by American fans in honestly laughable anyway. As a US fan, I can tell you confidently that more than half of our states have 16 as the age of consent. Only 11 out of the 50 states say the age of consent is 18 so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think we're just really conditioned to believe that adolescents can't make conscious, informed decisions when it comes to their relationships. It's only unhealthy if there's a power imbalance.

YEA I thought America’s age of consent differs in each state too! So I don’t know what these antis are talking about ;o;

And the fact that antis think that adolescents are just so helpless, they can’t think for themselves is just… wow they think so little of them. I’ve had an anti, who was much older than me, told me that I was gonna “regret shipping ota//yuri when I’m older and realize my mistake”.

I know I’m.. relatively younger?? than most people on this website, I guess? But I’m not a child? It makes me wonder if they’ve ever met a teenager before?? And what kind of teenager were they…