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so Richard Spencer has been scheduled to speak at my school, the University of Florida, on September 12th. we're obviously trying our hardest to get it shut down beforehand, however, if that doesn't work there's a protest being coordinated on facebook (the event is No Nazis at UF- Protest Richard Spencer) and they'll be trying to set up carpooling across the state for whoever is willing to attend the protest. thanks in advance for sharing with your followers!

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“I don’t know any of you but that doesn’t matter does it? My family, the family you demonized and excommunicated, has fought and died through generations for this country. We do this thing for Wallachia and her people. We don’t have to know you all; we do it anyway. And it’s not the dying that frightens us. Its never having stood up and fought for you.

I’m Trevor Belmont of the House of Belmont and dying has never frightened me.”


Jungkook’s meme-dance-class ft BTS

How The Signs Show Kindness
  • Aries: Cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Planning elaborate adventurous fun days out with their friends when they have been sad
  • Taurus: cooking or making homemade presents for those going through hard times. Reminding people they love them even if they don't always talk to them as much as they'd like
  • Gemini: lending a listening ear even when all they want to do is speak. Trying their hardest to include as many people as they can in a group setting
  • Cancer: tagging their friends in things that remind them of them throughout the day. Caring for others when they are sick or injured
  • Leo: sharing information they find valuable with those around them. Trying really hard to make others laugh/keep everyone entertained. Compliments others at random
  • Virgo: giving long, elaborate advice to those who are in need of it. Teaching what they know to others who could benefit from it, regardless of how long or tedious that process may be
  • Libra: bringing people together who could benefit from one another. Being honest when it is necessary and humane to do so
  • Scorpio: devoting tons of time and energy to those closest to their hearts. Putting harsh feelings aside for the sake of others when it is needed
  • Sagittarius: surprising loved ones with long desired gifts and gestures. Bringing others to see/experience things they have not yet had the chance to. Sharing details of their day and asking others about theirs
  • Capricorn: giving back to those who helped to bring them up. Reminding their friends of all their great qualities and all the reasons they shouldn't be giving up. Serving as an inspiration
  • Aquarius: giving to organizations and charities which they feel deserve it the most. Fights for those who cannot fight for or stand up for themselves
  • Pisces: approaches any situation with a caring heart, genuinely nice and easy going inside and out. Highly empathetic and sympathetic and will show they are concerned about a friend's emotional state

listen….. keith’s a kid. he’s a fucking kid that has to deal with the loss of the only family figure he has left AND the weight of leading an intergalactic space war on his shoulders. not everyone likes how he’s put in this spot, and it’s clear he doesn’t like it either, but it’s a responsibility entrusted to him by the man he respects the most, and he’s going to stand by that promise no matter what it takes. he’s already dealing with enough of his loneliness at losing shiro, and having people not even believe in him when he’s trying his damn hardest is really. it fucking sucks. so the fact that lance, his self-proclaimed rival lance, stood by his side as a source of comfort and unwavering support for keith…… to have someone be stubborn enough to believe in you despite being given all the reasons why they shouldn’t….. that’s just. that’s really something. and really, all i’m saying is,

motherfucking space ranger partners?

So after seeing Wonder Woman (twice) and hearing her delight over the baby, I had a thought.

Diana probably didn’t get very close with people as she never ages and having good friends, that could be a problem as they 1) would see that they grow old while she does not and 2) because she would lose friends over and over due to the cycle of life.

So imagine her delight when Batman brings his young ward around.

He is small for a child of his age, but he is eager and energetic.

And Diana adores him.

She is the one who wants to play with him, she’ll play robin while he pretends to be batman during important league meetings.

Dick will fall asleep curled up in her lap.

She loves this little boy because she never got to be so close with one.

Then Jason comes around and he’s a different kind of baby.

To her, he is sweet, and she loves it. He is not as excitable and happy as the first child, but he is kind and gentle and he makes her a flower crown that she will wear into battle.

They don’t play batman and robin, they play batman and the robber, and she plays whatever he wants her to.

She is heartbroken when she learns this sweet baby has died.

She had never known a baby to die so young, at least not one she knew so personally.

Over the next few years she watches Bruce become the shell of the man he was, and she understands, even when no one else does.

Then comes Tim, and though she misses Jason, this boy is different still.

He is smart, and cunning, and he wants her to train him. He wants her to come at him with her sword.

She obliges, and teaches him well.

And his smile when he wins is all the reward she could ever have wanted.

This baby is good. He is smart, and he only wants his love reciprocated. And she does love him, in a way that’s all his own.

When he is gone, so is Bruce.

The next baby is not so kind or sweet, nor is he happy or loving. He is angry and rude.

But the happy baby is trying his hardest, and Diana believes his smile could charm the world.

Eventually, he learns manners and becomes a good baby, even if he is still a little angry. Diana bestows upon him a flower crown. He wears it, though not into battle. He even thanks her for it.

When the sweet baby is alive again, she makes one for him too, and shows him the one she kept pressed in a book.