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and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

  • MC: Jumin, can you not say savage it makes me uncomfortable.
  • Seven: But can I say it?
  • MC: No.
  • Jumin: Savage.

hux: the Resistance may try, but they’ll never get past Starkiller’s shield!  

officer: sir the Resistance is here



Are You Happy? photoshoot; requested by @sougoii

things i’d like to see more in studyblr
  • vibrant color schemes
  • widespread use of affordable stationery
  • calligraphy apart from cursive brush font/skinny brush print— like dotted, bubble letters, blocked + striped, etc
  • inspiration boards
  • shared google docs where everyone pours forth their knowledge on one subject, correcting tidbits from grammar errors to misunderstood facts and, in turn, creating a free study resource for anyone to use
  • washi tape decorating notes (e.g. taping printed infographics)
  • #studyblrgetsreal posts

feel free to add more

Here, have the start of a beautiful con-man-ship.

I’ve been doin a s h it ton of sketches with my dadsona Justin and Robert, so I can only assume this is canon endgame for him?? I just love Robert a lot and I have a thing coming up involving him that’s more polished than a dumb colored sketch.

It’s time for a continuation of the post where Andrew keeps giving reporters different conflicting answers to their questions about why he and his ex-teammate turned rival Neil wear matching armbands.

So, get ready for Neil’s responses to reporters reading Andrew’s latest responses plus Andrew and Neil getting asked about them together after their teams play each other.

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Lord of the Flies reboot is being made…

but instead of a group of boys…they’re remaking it with a group of girls…

what idiot came up with this idea?? this change in premise literally erases the point of the book