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You were never much for family, in fact you were considered a horrible son. But that didn’t matter to you. You never cared much what your demented parents thought of you, because their beliefs were twisted and their hatred of you seemed to alleviate some of your deep-seeded fears that you were twisted too. The moment you were sorted into Gryffindor, your home life combusted. You were supposed to be in Slytherin, the noblest house, with pureblood-purists, your cousins and your brother. But you were a Gryffindor, and within Gryffindor you found a new family – a new set of brothers to bind yourself to.

And in doing so you lost your real brother.

Sometimes you wonder if you leaving your parents’ house at sixteen sealed your fate, or if it sealed his. It was not just their madness you were running from. When you left them, you left him. Maybe you could have saved him if you were never sorted in Gryffindor. Maybe you could have saved him if you had never left your parents’ house. But could you have saved yourself?

James had rationalized your decision – he answered your unspoken thoughts. No, he had told you when the heavy silence of your brother’s death announcement hung in the air, you couldn’t have saved yourself if you had tried to save him. You weren’t fully convinced, but if James said it, there must be some truth to it. Maybe he was right. Maybe your only shot at a future was far away from your brother and the idiotic beliefs he and your parents shared. Maybe. But you fucking should have tried. Tried harder than you did to save your brother.

His is the first face that haunts you when you get shut in your cell. His broken grey eyes, just like yours, just like your mothers, blood-shot and deadened. Sometimes you don’t know if it’s his eyes or your eyes that haunt you. Maybe it’s both. Maybe there’s no discernible difference between his fate and yours and you are forced to realize that as those cold eyes appear to you. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Because just when you think it can’t get worse, the grey eyes turn hazel.

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The Chronicles of Narnia Meme

6 Characters: [3/6] Polly Plummer
“"It’s a good thing one of us has some sense.”

@kellpod tagged me in an asky thing, and I thought I’d try something new and do it right away, instead of saving it for later and then forgetting about it for all eternity, so here we go:

Rules: Answer the 20 questions, and tag 20 amazing followers that you’d like to get to know better.

Name: I’m not telling :P  But you can call me Lyan if you want to call me something.

Nicknames: None?

Zodiac sign : Libra

Height : 183 cm, which Google tells me is pretty much exactly 6′00′’ feet. Yeah, I’m a tall person

Orientation : Uhm… sort of greyish-ace I guess, and otherwise pretty gay

Ethnicity : European

Favourite Fruit : Bananas and grapes


Favourite Book Series : Harry Potter. The Lord of the Rings. The Dark Tower Series. I really can’t decide between those three, they’ve all been massively important to me in different phases of my life, but HP and LotR are definitely still the more active ones.

Favorite Flower: fdasdjka I don’t really give enough of a hoot about flowers to have a favorite

Favorite Scent : Would it be really really clichée to say “a well-worn old book”? because I’m the sort of person who will stick their nose into their favorite books and just inhale them from time to time.

Favorite Color : Green

Favorite Animal : Dogs

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa : Hot Cocoa all the way! I drink tea like four times a year and coffee not at all.

Average Sleep Hours: around 7? At least I try.

Favorite Fictional Characters : Hoo boy. Okay: If I can have something like a number one in this, that place would have to belong to Sherlock Holmes, the Man, the Myth, the Legend – but mostly just the man. Others? Dana Scully (LIGHT OF MY LIFE, MY SUN AND STARS). Still and always David Tennant’s Doctor, as well as Captain Jack Harkness. I’m currently having an ongoing surge of INTENSE LOVE for Johanna Mason. Bucky Barnes is very, very important to me and needs to be protected at all cost. And also I really love Spock.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With : One

Dream Trip : I’d really love to go to Vancouver again one day

Blog Created : August 2012 (basically, The Olden Days – god I’ve been here a long time)

Number of Followers: currently 823, although I know that this stat counter is inaccurate and cannot be entirely trusted. (also I was under the impression that asking how many followers one has is considered impolite in a similar way as this weird “you don’t ask a woman about her age” thing? but I’ve never really understood that either, so yeah).

“tag 20 people” – ha, joke’s on you, I don’t think I even really know that many. I’m tagging @canolacrush, @captaindrwatson, @avelera, @amtrak12, @sternest, @writemeastoryofsolitude, @heurtebizzz, … and @see–jane–rest because I see her in my notes a lot and we talked once :P

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Love letter;
sci-fi theme;
^ I had to draw something that included these themes as a challenge
and because I didn’t felt like coming up with something new, I just drew my SU waifu trying to save my gemsona from an alien planet… *insert the “it’s something” image here*
but hey!!!! I drew a background!!! (it’s mostly clouds but I like it)

Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar
art © me