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concept : I am laying on the ground and my hair is intertwined with the grass. the dirt is the dirt but it is so much more than just dirt. the sunshine is pouring it’s love onto my face and my body is warm. I am here and I am alive and the world is turning. there are good days and there are bad days but today I chose to remember the good ones. there is love in my heart and for once that’s enough to sustain me for a while. there is sunshine and happy days ahead.

okay first things first: i love and support everyone equally in bts but i feel i need to get this off my chest. can we just appreciate Kim Namjoon?
can we appreciate how much he’s done not only for bts, for the boys, for bighit, for kpop, for his family but for his korean and international fans as well?

like without him bangtan wouldn’t exist. well maybe it would but not in this kind of form. and let’s be honest; this bangtan is the best bangtan.

he’s such an amazing leader too. he’s always there for the other members whenever they’re sad, exhausted, in need of positivity, feel like giving up… they always have a shoulder they can lean on and it’s Namjoon’s. he always makes sure that everyone is okay, everyone is happy and everyone does their best and works hard. he’s the one who always wants the boys to be a part of english conversations to so he helps them with their english whenever he can. he translates english stuff to korean so the boys won’t feel like they’re left out of something. he protects his bandmates at all cost but he also scolds them if they’ve done something wrong (lol papa Joon has no chill)

he proved that just because you’re coming from a small company, you can still make a name for yourself in the music industry. after all: not the company but your work will affect people.

because of Namjoon bts didn’t stop until they became the first kpop group to win an award, break a voting record with 300 million (!!!) votes but still staying the same humble guys they really are. they proved that a simple group that has an amazing leader at front is capable to do anything. buf ofc all 7 of the boys needed to be a part of this to make it work. y'know TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK❤️

can we also appreciate that RapMon proved his family that they made the right choice that day when they allowed him to be a musician instead of making sure he cares about university and stuff. he proved that his family made the right choice because now everyone knows who bts are and with this he shut every hater’s mouth.

and now comes the most important thing: THANK YOU NAMJOON. Thank you for always talking to us i-fans in english, for teaching the boys english, for translating english speeches to korean so your k-fans can understand you as well and basically for inspiring us. For never giving up on us. For always being there with us. For saving our lives. For taking care of us. For talking to us through your lyrics. For never taking a step back whenever you experience hate, a bad scandal or something tough. Thank you for supporting us, loving us, for empowering us to be stronger, to be more confident. Thank you for telling us not to give up on our dreams, never be affraid to try out something new.

Thank you so much for everything, Kim Namjoon. You saved our lives and you changed our lives. Thank you for being the best leader and taking care of our boys. ARMY LOVES YOU RAP MONSTER❤️



Heya! How’s it been? Man, I was about to ditch Sims for a while (dying community U_U, lack of inspiration, me slowly loosing my eyesight to my computer shenanigans, and moving on with other interests in general), but I checked and damn, 20,000+ downloads! Y’all are wild! So I’m gonna pack my exhausted self and chuck on for y’all- thus as if it’s my last! (hope y’all like the cheeky k-pop reference there)

Also hope you dont mind the new preview style and the lack of a chair, lol. I was trying something new… and major thanks to the custom content master @baufive for saving my noob channel mistakes, again!

So cheers, and let’s hope to many more! :) 


No, La La Land was not racist.

No, it was not about a white man trying to save jazz.

No, John Legend is not a hack. He is not out to ruin jazz. He’s actually trying something new which could be working.

La La Land is not about jazz or saving jazz it is about these two people trying to obtain their dreams and the relationship they form. Ryan Gosling’s dream is to share what he considers classic jazz with the people he can. That is not saving jazz. That is not in contrast with John Legend’s desire to make jazz popular again. John Legend is not the bad guy. He’s not a sell out. He’s not a hack. He’s just got different goals than Ryan Gosling.

Just because you don’t understand something don’t bullshit that you do.

PS: I probably wouldn’t care as much about this but it’s just been a long day.

“I have to stop him. I’m sorry. Goodbye.”

have a little doodle of young Melarue in the Four Horsemom’s AU aka the au where Melarue is a baby and is raised by Maibrit, Lela, Kel, and Olwyn. Pffft Mel, you think somehow you’re going to sneak out to go and fight the Dread Wolf without one of your mom’s noticing? Not in a million years. 

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I want to go vegan, do you have any starter tips for me?

  • Educate yourself. This is going to make everything so much easier. I always recommend watching Forks Over Knives (talk about the health side of things), Cowspiracy (environmental) and Earthlings (animal rights)
  • Get excited, this is something that is awesome!!!
  • Start saving and trying out new recipes!
  • Figure out your favorite foods/what you eat a lot of and see if you can make them vegan look for replacements or see if there are ingredients you don’t need!
  • If you are a big meat eater try fake meats (i like gardein brand) or veggie burgers are always yummy too!
  • I use earth balance butter, it taste the same as the butter you are used to
  • Try multiple non dairy milks, there are so many to choose from so make sure you find your favorite!
  • Good breakfast ideas: toast with nut butter, oatmeal, smoothies, tofu scramble, waffles (most gluten free frozen waffles are also vegan)
  • Make sure to keep some vegan snacks and desserts around, so if you get a craving you won’t grab something non vegan! Most chips are vegan and so are oreos!
  • If you are eating out, try looking at the menu before hand. Also if you can’t seem to find anything on the menu look at the sides, normally you can build your own meal! 
  • I always keep nuts or bars in my purse and car in case i can’t find anything to eat!
  • Ben and jerry’s almond milk Cookies and Peanut butter icecream
  • Focus on the basic things that are cheap and build meals from them! Thing like beans, rice, potatoes, pasta, bread etc etc these things will be filling!
  • vegan foods tend to be lower in calories, so you will most likely need to be eating more food to get the calories you need and to feel full! This is totally normal!
  • Don’t be alarmed, most things in stores labled as vegan will be quite pricey but get used to checking lables, you’ll be surprised at how many things are accidentally vegan!
  • If you eat at fast food a lot google what things you can get there that are vegan, there are more options than you think!
  • If you mess up that is okay!!!! Going vegan is about doing your best and doing what you can, we all have days that are hard or that we mess up, no point getting down about it!



I also love how he feels like he can come here and fucking argue with her about her work, first telling her she has the child upside down, like she doesn’t know that or know anything, when (and I didnt cap this for time) she’s worked with breech births before, and I also fucking love how her husband just thinks he can slam the book shut and be like “NOPE SORRY YOU’RE NOT ALLOWED TO EVER TRY SOMETHING NEW THAT MIGHT SAVE THEM BOTH IMPOSSIBLE I’M AFRAID” 

But genuinely I adore how see more of her using this framework that she’s been born into to benefit herself. She’s tired of arguing with her useless-ass husband and she’s hot as fuck, and she is going to strip goddamnit, and her husband, who is victorian as hell and can’t even see his own wife undress, runs off into the sunset so not only does Rebecca get to be cooled down, she doesn’t have to hear her husband’s shitpot opinons so win-win. 

1. Strive for your best in all you do. Whether it be your studies, fitness & health goals, building relationships, saving money or trying something new. Half assed efforts never got you far and you’ll feel much better about yourself if you know you put your whole heart into it.

2. Set a person goal (of any sort) and for once in your life actually commit to it! This could include writing in a journal daily, being able to run for more than 5 minutes or even making an effort to get in contact with old friends. Commit to the goal for one month and all the other months in the year will follow as habit.

3. Travel. Or make plans to! It will broaden your horizons of knowledge, generate a different perspective for culture and make you appreciate your home more.

4. Make a conscious effort to save money. Stop living off each pay check. At each pay set amount to save and the rest is yours to spend how you desire, even if that amount is only $10 (it will build up over time and you will be grateful to yourself)!

5. Learn to love yourself! I cannot emphasise this one enough! I understand every person is different so it is up to you find what works best for you, but find something to do which slowly makes you fall in love with yourself. This may involve looking in the mirror and saying one thing you like about yourself that day, or posting affirmations all over your bedroom walls, or even wearing your favourite lipstick every time you go out. Whatever works do it! Learn to create self love rather than relying on the words of others to build you up because they can just as easily tear you down!

6. Be more open to new experiences. Ditch the fear of the unknown and live! Form new relationships, start a new hobby, go somewhere you’ve never been or maybe do something you’ve always wanted to but never been bold enough to try!

7. Cross something off your bucket list (or make a bucket list first haha)! Go sky diving, jump in a shark cage, climb a mountain, visit a magical place, or learn a new language. Skies the limit!

8. Reject all negativity. Whether it involves yourself, or others around you. You don’t need that extra baggage in your life. Catch yourself saying/thinking something negative towards an aspect in your life? Make an effort the flip it into a positive! Stop yourself in your tracks, regather yourself and say something positive instead. People will want to be around you so much more just to be apart of all your positive vibes!

—  2014 New Years Resolutions based upon the person I want to develop into
Lyrics (1/?):"Coming Home" by Diddy-Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey

↳ “I’m back where I belong, yeah, I never felt so strong. I’m feeling like there’s nothing that I can’t try and if you’re with me, put your hands up high. If you ever lost a light before, this one’s for you. And you, the dreams are for you.”

The Chronicles of Narnia Meme

6 Characters: [3/6] Polly Plummer
“"It’s a good thing one of us has some sense.”