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JonDami obviously, a small drabble about Older!Jon realizing how pretty Damian is going through his phases. Example being, wearing flower crowns


Jon’s watching him.

He’s been watching him.

It’s rather irritating, especially because he’s trying to focus on solving a case.

“Stop. Staring.” Damian snaps, turning to glare at his boyfriend.

His flower crown falls into his eyes. Red and yellow and blue covers his vision of Jon, and he pushes it back up with one finger.

“Sorry.” Jon chuckles.

He still doesn’t stop.

“Hey, what flowers are in your crown?” Jon snags his crown and pulls it off his head, looking at it curiously.

“Roses, bluebells, and madrigal.”

“They look good.”

“Thank you, now give it back.”

Jon laughs and places it on his own head. ‘You didn’t let me finish.” He leans close, and Damian can feel his cheeks heating up.

“But they look beautiful on you.”

Damian shoves him back, face red, and snatches the flower crown back before putting it back on his head. He holds his head high, and ignores how Jon kisses his forehead and hugs him from behind.

“Dami, you’re gorgeous, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Jon says into his shoulder, and Damian allows himself a small smile as he slowly rests his back against Jon’s chest.

“I don’t plan to.”

Jon muffles his laugh. “Good.”

Damian inclines his head back to press a kiss to his boyfriend’s jaw. ‘Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not the most attractive person on this planet, Kent.”



On a somewhat serious note,teen suicide on papers

It gets covered gets frowned upon gets forgotten real quick .my friends said that most of their younger siblings legitimately thought that they wanted to die and y'know if you’re from around here you’ve heard of this thing called the blue whale
I can’t believe it’s still so influential but then again it’s among the younger kids and anything and I’m saying anything promises to solve their problems and confusions gets spread around like a plague
But it’s not their fault either nobody tells em what to expect and what to do not their schools not their parents the kids got nobody to turn to or talk to
So of course they want to solve it themselves like when you’re a kid you get in fights get in troubles get bullied you don’t tell nobody not your teacher not your counsellor not your parents you go on and try to solve it on your own and bite right into the shit lasagna
It’s not like the kids don’t want help or anything it’s just too difficult to ask for it
most adults here are never trustworthy and I remember when I was a teen I didn’t know what was I feeling most of the time and when my parents asked I didn’t know the right words to say.honestly I didn’t even know the wrong words to say,it’s just when I thought about myself I got absolutely nothing and so I say nothing
So like instead of stacking up statistics and whine about how vulnerable this younger generation is maybe try to be a responsible generation and help them as adults don’t just bloody stand there and watch your young kill themselves off
K I’m done ranting


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Honestly, anytime I think about my self-insert in ME, it's to be Shepard's bff N-7 infiltrator that slides a glass of whiskey over with a pat on the back and a "I've got this one" and I didn't realize that these past asks are exactly the problem my self-conscious is trying to solve wow thanks for the insight cali

we all just want shepard to stop suffering and i admire that

What The Signs Are Afraid Of

Showing weakness - Anybody who has never been close to an Aries would never know that they are actually very sensitive and emotional people. They hate showing their more emotional side because they see that as showing weakness.
They fear that showing their sensitive side will end in others walking all over them or pitying them.

Not being in control - As a fixed sign, Taurus’ hates not being in control. When things change too fast that they can’t process or really accept the fact that things will no longer be how they were before, they get really depressed. They isolate themselves and try to hold onto what they are familiar with instead of following the stream to the unknown.

Not doing enough - Geminis’ are hard workers, even though they have a hard time focusing on one thing at the time. They always get things done, but they fear that they aren’t doing enough and that everything they do constantly need improvement. They are never 100% satisfied with their own work - even with others admiration.

Being rejected - They are very sensitive people and don’t take things like rejection very easy. They don’t care about who or where they are rejected from, it is the fact that they aren’t wanted somewhere or by someone that they are afraid of.

Being forgotten - As everybody know, Leos’ love being the center of attention, so when they get forgotten they start fealing small and unloved. No matter how much confidence a Leo has, they still need some type of validation from others and without that, they start feeling invisible and unimportant.

Not being needed - Virgos want others to need them. Feeling need means a lot to them because it means that someone can’t do something withouth their help. Helping others distracts them from thinking about their own problems, but directs their attention on fixing others problems. So when they aren’t needed, they get sucked into their own deep and dark thoughts.

Telling people how they really feel - Libras are always trying to solve other peoples problems or be the shoulder others lean on. This is why they never say how they personally feel about the situation - To uphold the balance they have already established.
They fear saying what they really feel because that might make others look at them diffrent and ruin the balance.  

Finally opening up only to getting hurt - They are very emotionally closed people which is why it is rare that they open up to others - because they fear getting hurt if they do. That is why they go out of their way to keep their distance to others. 

Getting too close to others - They have a fear of getting too close to others and committing. The idea of no longer being able to do whatever they used to do, without considering others feelings is terrifying to them and it makes them feel trapped. This is why they tend to distance themselves from others before anybody gets too attached.

Having their hard work go to waste - Capricorns put a lot of time and energy into everything they do. They bust their asses to get to where they want to be, so when all their efforts goes to waste, they break down.  Things like this stay in the back of their minds till forever. Even with their will power to start over, they have a doubt in the back of their minds that their abilities to do it all over again won’t be enough…again.  

Being seen like everybody else - Aquarius hold a certain pride in being different, so when they are generalized or put in a category with others, they start feelings small and insignificant. This is why they often are protective of what they see as ‘theirs’.

Not being able to help someone they love - Watching someone they love hurting is hard because they put themselves in their loved ones place. They make their loved ones problems their problems, so when they can’t help them, they personally feel affected because of how emotionally invested they are in helping.

Things that are Known and Accepted in the ARMS universe but never Questioned:

  • There are ninjas and a Ninja College/University
  • One ninja decides to join an international sports competition as his Senior Project
  • People aren’t born with ARMS but instead just ‘wake up’ one day and have them
  • One boy decides to join an international sports competition after he wakes up with them and says “I was shocked at first, but they’re pretty rad.”
  • Nobody knows where ARMS originated or why people get them and any attempts at trying to figure it out are thwarted by an invisible force
  • An international corporation accidentally creates a synthetic being while trying to solve this mystery
  • The synthetic being decides to join an international sports competition
  • A long dead man wakes up as a un-dead mummy
  • The un-dead mummy decides to join an international sports competition to try and find his lost (and assumed also dead) family
  • There are security bots that have robot dog companions
  • A security bot and his robot dog companion decide to join an international sports competition as a single fighter and it’s allowed
  • An A-List actress decides to join an international sports competition using her hair as ARMS
  • Snakeboarding
  •  A Snakeboarder decides to join an international sports competition that isn’t Snakeboarding to increase the viewership of his live-streams
  •  Snakeboarding live-streams
  • A young girl genius builds a mech-suit for the purpose of joining an international sports competition like her favorite pop-star idol
  • One of the competitors in an international sports competition is a pop idol singer
  • A girl with noodle ARMS decides join an international sports competition to promote her parents’ ramen shop 

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Saxon is an animated miniseries created by filmmaker and animator Kiernan Sjursen-Lien following Saxon, an agender teenage dropout and ne'er-do-well and snarky cat Bartholomew as they try to solve the mysterious death of a local teenager. 

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Emma, Regina, Red and Belle from OUAT in Disney style

I get excited when I manage to catch the likeness! That’s the easy part - it takes way longer to draw all the princess hair, ho boy.


i am glad my story can be entertaining to you. i just wish i can think of myself as worthy of the cheers you give.

these are but intrusive thoughts, but they come quite often.

Signs that people are ignorant and neglective pet owners

• when you tell them they’re doing something wrong in a polite manner, their first response is to tell you to “fuck off” or “shut up”

• when you offer them resources or information that could help them, they tell you that they “know how to take care of their pet” and that they’re taking care of their pet “their way”

• they believe that any person that views the way they house their pet as less than ideal is unnecessarily targeting and attacking them

• when they start to wonder why their pet is ill and lethargic and a person tells them it’s because they’re living in an unhealthy environment, they ignore the other person’s (or people’s) facts and information, try to excuse the problems with the way their pet is living with stuff like “i don’t have enough room” or “i don’t have the time to do all that”, and try to solve the problem through methods that do not work unless the pet is in an environment where it is able to recover and heal

• their pet(s)’s health and environment are viewed as things that would inconvenience their lives if they were to improve for the better. i.e. them upgrading from a vase to an actual aquarium would take up to much room and make too much noise

• they see people who maintain their pet(s)’s happiness and health through keeping them in the proper environment as “extra” ✨

• they call neglecting their pet their own “style of pet-keeping”

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the signs under stress

Aries: maybe the calmest out of all signs, finds a solution to basically anything

Taurus: actually dying inside but won’t ever admit it

Gemini: tries to avoid the problem until last minute, then actually solves it perfectly

Cancer: always tries to stay calm and positive but sometimes complains about how stressed they are

Leo: doesn’t stress too much, and when they do, they just talk about it with someone

Virgo: writes a to-do list and organizes their time

Libra: they’re always stressed tbh

Scorpio: does everything but solving the actual problem

Sagittarius: talks crap about the situation or people that are involved. also swears a lot

Capricorn: actually handling it better than they think they are

Aquarius: becomes more distant while working on the solution to the problem

Pisces: talks about it with their friends but doesn’t actually try to solve it or anything


Introducing Larimar!!! She a musician for white diamond! Her harp also doubles as a weapon! Her personality is a bit like peridots only she’s not very smart at all 😂 She’s very innocent and a bit naive but her self confidence never waivers! There a specific scenario I’m thinking of where she’s trapped with the crystal gems in a dungeon room locked with a puzzle so she’d try to solve the puzzel and when she can’t she’d respond with “"oh my gosh…they created an impossible puzzel just to keep me in!! How impressive! You went through all that trouble just to thwart me!?  I must really be a great threat! Wahaha! I’m so flattered! And they would be correct!” then she’d walk over to the crystal gems and say “ well I suppose we’re friend now that we’re trapped in here together forever! 😊 

The Worst Nightmare of Each Type

INFJ - Realizing that the cause they have been supporting is run by treacherous and immoral people. Any good they’ve ever done in the world is instantly erased and turned into something harmful. Everyone they care for believes they are cruel and heartless.

ENFJ - Everything they do continuously comes out wrong, and the more they try to fix it the worse it becomes. Every person they try to help somehow ends up worse off than before, and they are seen as the reason why everything is going wrong.

INFP - Being trapped in a crowded room with morally bankrupt people, and having to coexist with them. Not being allowed to express their emotions, or process anything alone. Being forced to watch injustices and not being able to stop them or express how wrong they are.

ENFP - They no longer can speak to other people, and are forced to be silent at all times. Their ability to express themselves and be creative has been taken from them. Because of this the world sees them are uncaring and unfriendly. They aren’t allowed to explore new possibilities and must maintain a strict schedule.

INTJ - Being forced to listen to people spread incorrect information, and those people are revered as geniuses. They are unable to speak out against anyone who is wrong, and are actually made to agree with them. Every emotion they have ever felt is transmitted in public and everyone sees them as emotional and incapable of intelligent thought.

ENTJ - Being forced to comply with someone else’s poorly developed plan. They have no ability to stand out or add insight to the plan, and when all is said and done everyone believes they are the reason things are going wrong. They constantly have to listen to others emotional problems, and have to sympathize with them.

INTP - They are forced to follow the lead of an ignoramus, whose only goal is to feed lies to the masses. They aren’t allowed to explore new possibilities, and everyone around them is incapable of accuracy. Because of this, they have to watch the people they care about fall victim to these falsities. They are mocked for their thoughts and emotions.

ENTP - Is forced into solitary confinement, where they are never allowed to debate anything ever again. They have to constantly listen to people discussing vapid topics with no intelligent discussion involved. Creative thought is banned.

ISTJ - They have to wake up each morning not knowing what will happen that day. They aren’t allowed to plan and have to live in a constantly messy and cluttered environment. Each day is filled with unknowns, and they aren’t given instructions until moments before they have to do something.

ESTJ - They are forced to follow the orders of a messy and unorganized fool. No one around them is allowed to listen to their commands, and they are forced to keep them to themselves. They are seen by everyone as incapable and weak.

ISFJ - Everywhere they go it seems like everyone is unhappy and fighting. Every time they try to stop the arguing, they are verbally attacked and everything wrong they have ever done is brought to light. Everything around them is a mess and every-time they try to organize they are yelled at and forced to stop.

ESFJ - They aren’t allowed to express caring towards others, and are seen as cold and inconsiderate. They know that their loved ones are in danger, but they are completely powerless to stop it. Every-time they do try to fix the problem or make things better, it just keeps getting worse. Because of this they are left forever alone and are abandoned by their loved ones.

ISTP - They are forced to sit in a room and listen to intellectually moribund people try to solve a problem. As they watch these people attempt to put something together, they are unable to help or say a word.

ESTP - They are incapable of feeling excitement, and must sit alone in a room all day long. There are no reading materials or things to keep them busy, just their own thoughts.

ISFP - They are forced to live with people who are rude, and make them live each day based on a strict schedule. They are constantly criticized and there is no one around that cares enough to step in and stop it.

ESFP - The world breaks out with a terrible sickness, and the only way to survive is by staying inside and avoid all social engagements until the end of time.