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P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Written by: @ghtlovesthg

Title: P.R.I.M: Pranks Resulting in Matrimony

Prompt 28: Noting tension between Katniss and the baker’s youngest son, carefree and mischievous Prim can’t resist pranking her annoyingly uptight and very responsible sister. [submitted by @567inpanem]

Notes: Rated All Ages, Never-reaped!Everlark, Complete. 

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anonymous asked:

What do you personally think of how Ishida is treating Ui?

Honestly, I love the way Ishida is treating Ui. In terms fo feeling consequence and character change, I will maintain that Ui Koori is one of the most tightly written characters in Tokyo Ghoul. 

As a quick example, in terms of show don’t tell all of the CCG characters are obviously suffering under the brutality of Furuta’s regime. However, this is Urie’s physical appearance and reaction to it.

Let’s become terrorists, (hairflip) as long as I can remain beautiful.

Here’s Suzuya Juuzou in 100, before Furuta even became chairman, and here is Suzuya Juuzou in 141, when he’s leading a death march against the woman he recognizes, and possibly knows left flowers at Shinohara’s funeral.

Uncannily, he’s even making the exact same expression. Tokyo Ghoul is full of characters right now who are delaying the inevitable and not really quite facing consequences for their actions, the entire arc leading up to this has just been a case of delay, delay, delay. While there are thematic reasons for that, it also has the characters come off as a bit stagnant and unchanging. 

Furuta even monologues about how beautiful and unphased he looks after getting away scot-free from an attempted coup against him. It makes me wonder if this is supposed to be intentional. 

Then there is Ui, it’s completely inarguable that Ui hasn’t changed. I mean, just look at him.

Ui’s changed so much and so recognizably from the man we were presented at the start of the series. We’ve seen him throw away justice, and all the things he formerly stood for and it’s so clear and easy to read that it becomes reflected in everything, his coloration, his posture, his eyes and hair.  

That pacing between consequences and change in his character is so tight. Not only do we see bad things happen to Ui, but he reacts to them rather than sitting on it for about 100 chapters like the rest of Tokyo Ghoul has a tendency to do (It’s been about 40 chapter’s since Nishiki mentioned Kimi even though she’s probably his sole motivation in the manga).

This is how tightly Ui’s character is paced, 121: One Will Hang we see him presented with a choice.

122 we see the result of that choice, and without any need for narration or even a scene of him monologuing his indecision at all we are able to understand perfectly what Ui is thinking, and what choice he made. 

Compare this to characters like Suzuya Juuzou who’ve had much more screentime and even time for personal thoughts in the arc, but most people have a hard time figuring out what his internal motivations are and what side he is on. That’s not a dig on Suzuya’s character, the two are just written differently. Suzuya keeps his cards to his chest, and Ui tends to wear his emotions on his sleeve no matter how hard he represses them. 

So the way that Ui is treated as a character and transformed makes perfect sense to me, because Ui is so emotional it makes sense we see him be affected the most by the CCG’s changes.

Kiyoko even says so, that Ui is actually a sensitive person but he’s able to adopt the attitude and tenacity of an investigator really well. He’s sensitive to the changes around him, but tries to cover up for that by becoming an investigator instead. In that sense he becomes the standin for all of the CCG members who try to put their emotions aside and act only as investigators. His changes reflect the changes in the CCG body as a whole.

So yes, while Ishida’s treatment of Ui is endless suffering, I highly approve of it because it results in a crisp and clean character with a direct arc. 

what do you do when your husband has a boyfriend?

Isabella of France: Mel Gibson Didn’t Tap That

There are, unfortunately, two things that people think of when you mention Isabella of France, on the off chance that they know who she is at all: that time she banged Mel Gibson’s William Wallace in “Braveheart”; and the time she had a poker shoved up her husband’s ass. To put it delicately. The first thing definitely didn’t happen, and the second is highly debatable and a lot of people didn’t think that it happened. (What does it say of me that a part of me wishes that it had?)

Isabella was a child when that William Wallace thing would have happened, and they never met. Rather, Isabella was raised in the sophisticated French court, betrothed to the future Edward II from infancy. She was likely raised with the expectation that her marriage was more about politics than love—after all, she did not meet her husband until after they were, in many legal ways, already married—but certainly did not expect what she was in for.

A lot of people are going to tell you that Edward II was gay. I’m really uncomfortable with that generalization, especially since he had an illegitimate son (Adam) which suggests that he was at least somewhat casually interested in lady parts outside of marital obligations. I’m also uncomfortable with that generalization because we really can’t know everything about a guy’s private life and feelings. He had sex with women, for sure, though one of those women he was practically bound to have sex with; he also probably had sex with men, and certainly had his most intense relationships with men. By the time Isabella came over to France, ready to be its queen at twelve, Edward was involved in a passionate relationship, almost definitely of a romantic nature, with Piers de Gaveston.

Edward and Piers loling as Isabella bitchfaces

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anonymous asked:

Hi. As a prompt for you: You know these AUs where you have your soulmates first sentence to you tattooed somewhere on your body? What if every Hale (really every Hale) Stiles meets says THAT sentence to him? This could either be really funny or really tragic.


(Ok so there’s some Stora in this but not really, basically Stiles just thinks he’s supposed to be into Cora for angst reasons. It’s obviously Sterek through and through, even if Stiles doesn’t realize that.)

Stiles has always felt pretty lucky about his soul mark. It isn’t anything hugely embarrassing, though a little on the side of standoffish. (He’d lamented at one point about how he obviously wasn’t going to make a good first impression on his soulmate, and his dad had just snorted, clapped him on the shoulder, and said “first impressions aren’t really your forte, kid. I wouldn’t worry about it. You grow on people.”) But most of all, most importantly of all, it’s specific. Not as specific as Scott, who’d lucked into a formal introduction on his soul mark (“hi, I’m Allison”) but it’s still pretty darn good.

After all, how many conversations tend to start with “This is private property”?

(Stiles likes to point out his mark as an excuse for his less than totally law abiding nature growing up. After all, “if I never do anything I’m not supposed to I’ll never meet my soulmate. I’ll be alone forever. You wouldn’t want that, would you dad?”)

He’s seventeen years old when he hears it, sliding into his usual desk in history class and noticing a piece of folded up looseleaf abandoned on the corner from the previous period.

He takes it idly, starts unfolding it when a slim hand darts out of nowhere, snatching it away.

This is private property.”

Cora freaking Hale.

They’d gone to school together for years but had never been forced to interact, ending up in different classrooms, gravitating toward different social circles. She’s slight but obviously strong, with long, dark hair tied back in a basic ponytail and eyes that could cut you at a thousand paces, and Stiles feels his mouth hanging open, gaping at her.

“Holy shit,” he breathes, and immediately flinches. “Oh god, I’m so sorry.”

Cora just rolls her eyes, sliding the note into her pocket and snorting, like she hadn’t expected anything different. And of course she hadn’t, she’d grown up with that written on her arm. Already a first class soulmate, Stilinski. He can’t believe he’d sentenced Cora to a lifetime of “holy shit” coiling across her skin.

She’s tossing her hair back, watching him with dark eyed amusement.

“No problem,” she says, a grin teasing across her lips. “Just keep your hands to yourself from now on.”

“I didn’t touch you,” he says, voice breaking as it goes high. He can’t believe his making this bad of an impression. She flashes her teeth in a grin that’s easy and dangerous and, yeah, hot, ok? He’d definitely won the hot soulmate lottery and he’s still kind of wrapping his head around that one.

And she’s being so freaking cool about it, too. So casual. He’s just trying to keep his heart from rattling out of his chest.

“You touched my shit,” and he’s pretty sure she’s teasing. He’s pretty sure. She’s his soulmate so he’s definitely pretty sure on that one. She pokes his chest pointedly, before backing up a step and turning away. “Don’t touch my shit.”

And then she’s backtracking up the aisle, toward the door, and he lets out a frantic sound, tripping out of his chair so fast he bangs his knee on the underside of it.

Hey, ow, wait. I mean. Should we… could we hang out later, maybe?”

She turns back, one perfect brow arching.


It’s such a nonsensical question that Stiles just stares for another second. He feels the eyes of the other students on him and shifts under the heat of their smirking or sympathetic gazes.

“I’d just… We should get to know each other better.”

He fights a wince as soon as he says it. He’s obviously already screwed this up. He’s going to be one of those soulmates. The ones with the unfinished bonds, the ones whose partners end up with someone else anyway. It happens sometimes, soulmates don’t make you a sure thing. He should’ve known he would be so immediately unappealing, should’ve known his soulmate would take one look at him (if she hadn’t decided against him before they’d even met because holy shit, really?) and decide to screw destiny.

“Stilinski, right?”

He’s jolted out of his rising panic and nods, a quick, desperate bob of his chin.

“Alright. I’ve got field hockey until 5 tonight. Pick me up after, you can drive me home.”

And then she’s gone, not so much as waiting for an agreement before sweeping off to her next class. He slumps back down into his seat, a dazed grin slipping over his lips until Scott drops down next to him.

“Dude, did you really just ask out Cora Hale?”

He turns his dizzy-pleased smile back on his friend.

“I asked out my soulmate.”

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Beautiful minds: thoughts on Mellie and her followers

Since joining the Scandal fandom last year, I was taken aback by the views held by parts of the audience regarding the show’s characters and feminist elements—specifically the pro-Mellie, anti-Fitz, ‘pro-Mellitz’ faction. These are the people who actually see Mellie as faultless (though may claim otherwise) and despise Fitz, yet seem to want them to stay together because of their views on marriage, or a desire to have Mellie stomp all over his “whiny” ass within their marriage, then leave him in a pompous show of derision and sass. 

For the purposes of brevity, I will refer to these people as Mellie’s ‘followers’
The viewers who love Mellie’s character but acknowledge her shortcomings are a completely separate group of people who are not included in my, erhmm, frustrations below. This opinion piece is a companion to the essay I wrote about Olivia and Mellie. I usually try to write as calmly as possible, but I decided not to rein everything in this time. Feel free to respond if you agree or disagree with my sentiments.


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Abort Mission 9-Stiles AU


Previous parts here : 









Previously on Abort Mission 

She looks to the back seat where the dog is asleep. Then back up at me. She swallows audibly and stares at me.

‘’ I want  you to let me go.’’ She whispers.

I look at her for a couple more minutes before opening the safety of the car’s door.

She opens it and gets out.

‘’ goodbye Stilinski.’’ She smiles.

I allow my head to fall onto the wheel causing the horn to be heard. The dog starts barking.

‘’ I know… I know boy..’’ I mumble.


I walk into the field, heading for the highway. The sound of the car’s horn and a barking dog paving my way to the lights of the streets.

Once in the highway, I can still hear the faint sound of the car’s horn.  Part of me wants to run back. Open that door, say I’m sorry., pet the dog and figure out a way out of this.

‘’Need a ride princess?’’ A car with an old fat man stops by. I stare behind me. DON’T DO THIS Y/N. DON’T. YOU NEED TO GO BACK. GO BACK.

‘’ yes’’ I whisper and enter the car.


“Y/N..” i mumble feeling something wet against my cheek. I can barely hear the barking of a dog but refused to open my eyes. 

“not falling for that again…” i say half asleep, when i feel something that is definatelly a tongue, running along my jaw line. My eyes flatter open and i see the dog on my lap, licking on my face. 

Then  it all comes back. The tragedy of my current situation hits me. Scott is asleep on the passenger’s seat and we are still in that sam field we had been yesterday when Y/N walked away. 



I wake up, my feet tangled with the dirty bed sheets of the motel. The sunlight entering through the window helps my eyes adjust. 

I get up, heading for the tap for a glass of water. All of my clothes are hanging from the window in an attempt to dry off. My guns on the table, next to my badge. I run my fingers through my hair, sighing heavily when the barking of a dog startles me. 

I jump up and rush to the window from where i could hear the sound, i stick my face out the broken window and stare down at the street. There is a man walking his dog on the alley beneath the motel. But that is not the dog i hoped for, and certainly not the man i wished for. 


“she’ll be back i am telling you, my experience in women-”

“Scott..just..just drop it..” i say not in the mood for sympathy. It was her choice to leave. And letting her was the right thing to do. I have very little excuse of feeling betrayed and letting it bother me is that last thing i need when there is a price on my name. 

But then it strikes me, there is a price on her name as well. What if she can’t pull it through ? What if they get to her ?

The vibrating of my phone shakes me out of these thoughts. 

“your phone’s ringing.” Scott states the obvious.I gave him a no shit Sherlock look and reached for the device at the floor of the car.

My eyes widen at the sight of the caller id, and my hands fail me, as the device falls on the floor again.

‘’who is it ?’’ Scott asks panicking due to the unbearable expression I am wearing. I don’t answer.

‘’ Stiles ?’’ he questions one more time.

‘’ oh for god’s sake’’ he mumbles reaching for the mobile himself but when he notices the name calling he too stares at me terrified.

We stand there waiting for it to stop ringing and when it finally does we exhale audibly.

Giving us no further time to think, it rings again.

‘’ he is persistent…’’ Scott whispers. I take hold of it once again. Hesitating before finally connecting it to my ear.

‘’ Stilinski !’’ the voice on the other line exclaims.

‘’ boss…’’ I whisper.

I am at loss with words. By now, after sending all these people after us, I know there is no use in pretending we both do not know what is going on.

‘’ This has gone for far too long, and has been way too loud don’t you think ?’’ he continues. I remain silent.

‘’ The I.S.I. promised better results and much sooner, but I guess they underestimated you.’’ He adds.

‘’why are you doing this ?’’ I finally speak.

‘’oh, no, this is not one of these calls. Not yet Stilinski. This is one of the other calls…’’ he says and I can hear him smirking through the phone.

‘’ what other calls ?’’ I ask and then I hear multiple sounds from the device, as if the phone is being passed onto someone. Then a whimpering breath against it, and a few sobs.

‘’ hello ?’’ I ask.

‘’ Stiles..’’ I hear my mother’s voice coming out in a soft cry from the other line. I hit the horn and kick the car’s doors open, getting out, Scott following me.

‘’ mum ?’’ I ask panicked but I can tell she is no longer going to answer.

‘’ she is kind of busy right now.’’ He says.

‘’ let fucking go of her or I swear to god-‘’

His chuckles interrupt me.

‘’ you are in no position of threatening me.’’ He says sounding more pissed.

‘’ you fucking !’’ I shout, kicking the car.

‘’come by the company, tomorrow. ‘’ he states.

‘’ fine.’’ I manage to say through muffled breaths trying to make sense of the situation, running my hands through my hair.

‘’ and bring the girl too.. The I.S.I. will be pleased’’ he adds.

‘’ not possible’’ I reply.

‘’ I think you are not grasping the concept of me, having your mother..’’

‘’ I .. I mean it is not manageable, she, she’s left. We’re no longer working together. I will not be able to find her by tomorrow’’ I say in one breath as fast as I can.

‘’ then find a reason to attract her.’’ He instructs.

‘’ I  can’t , not with this one’’ I whisper.

‘’ugh, Roan Whitaker, 4DXX07’’ he says and hangs up. I allow the phone to fall on the ground, a broken screen being the lowest worry in my list right now.

‘’WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ?’’ Scot asks still terrified.

I breathe in and out quickly, feeling pressure down my lungs, as I bring my knees close to my chest.

‘’ Stiles ?’’ Scott kneels down and places his hand on my shoulder.

I can hear my heartbeat increasing, I push back my hair, clenching my teeth and fists.

‘’ Stiles talk to me.’’ Scott says worryingly and I feel my lips stretching as I let out a loud scream.



I walk towards the desk of the man that let me in the motel last night.

‘’ which room was it love ?’’ he asks with his yellow teeth, and stinky breath.

‘’ 70B’’ I answer smiling, placing the key on the desk. He checks something on his computer while I lose myself on the patterns of the ugly background behind him.

‘’ it’s 80 dollars.’’ He says smiling.

‘’ oh. Great’’ I smile back and punch him hard enough to leave him unconscious. I readjust the strap of my bag on my shoulder and head out of the motel.




‘’ get me my laptop’’ I whisper to Scott who has been patiently waiting to get a reaction out of me for the past hours.

‘’ what ?’’ he asks getting up.

‘’ LAPTOP’’ I shout, and seconds later, he sets the laptop on the ground in front of me.

‘’what are you going to do ?’’ he whispers sitting next to me, the dog joining him.

‘’ my boss..’’ I pause as I open various files and addresses on the screen.

‘’ he gave me a code before hanging up..’’ I mumbled.

‘’ I think it has something to do with Y/N..’’ I whisper as more pages open, and other load.

Confidential documents from airlines, and then messengers, e-mails back and forth, loading hidden pages, finally reaching the one I have been looking for.

‘’ you’re going to hack I.S.I. ?’’ Scott says in a high pitch voice.

‘’ only one file..’’ I say biting on my lip , focusing on the screen. There are names, lots of names, from people that work for them or used to.

‘’BINGO’’ I say locating the name ‘’   Roan Whitaker.’’

‘’ who is he?’’ Scott asks. Multiple documents open, others with his picture, some with personal details and names, but one particular file catches my attention.

‘’Budapest’’ Scott reads out loud. I click on the commands and insert the code, my boss told me, only to open a single confidential document.

‘’ are we supposed to read all that ?’’ Scott exclaims seeing the length of the document. Without answering to him I start reading, and as I go through the details of the mission, my eyes widen and I shut the screen.

‘’ we need to find her..’’ I state.

‘’but she said-

‘’ I don’t care, she needs to know this.’’ I get up, throwing the laptop back in the car.


‘’ Come on Scotty boy think,! If you were Y/N where would you go?’’ I ask leaning through the window to fix the car’s left mirror.

‘’ um.. a place to sleep ?’’ he asks and I smile.

‘’ search the nearest motel from the highway?’’

Scott opens the laptop and does as told.

‘’ Got it !’’ he says turning the laptop so that I can see the map.



‘’ um, excuse it, did by any chance a lady named Y/N, with Y/ H/C hair, about this tall, come here last night ?’’ I ask the guy though I know the answer is yes because he has a black eye and he is holding ice against his nose. He rolls his eyes and then looks at the dog.

‘’ we have a no dog policy.’’ He says and I lean onto the desk grabbing the collar of his shirt.

‘’ Listen , buddy, I am having a really, really bad day, and I am very cross’’ I say through gritted teeth.

‘’you’re late. She left one hour ago.’’ He says quickly and I let go of my hold on him. I raise my hands placing them behing my neck, looking around trying to figure out what to do.


I arrive at the pub, and push the front doors open. The muscular, grumpy, drunk guys in it all turn to stare at me as I make my way through the main corridor towards the bar. I hear a few whistles and slap one hand before going for my bum. I place my bag on the counter. The bartender scans me up and down and smirks approaching me with a stupid grin on his face.

‘’and what can I do for you ?’’ he asks leaning onto his elbow, winking at me.


‘’ Right so you’re Y/N, you’ve just woken up, where do you go next. What is the next thing you do ?’’ I ask driving faster.

‘’ um, buy food ? I don’t know’’ Scott opens the window in need of air.

‘’ no, she doesn’t eat breakfast. She must be thinking long term. Come on , come on’’ I mutter to myself.

‘’ maybe she’s gone to get money?’’ Scott asks looking at me and I smile.

‘’ good good that’s progress, but where, ?’’ I say taking a sudden left turn.

‘’I don’t know, maybe throw a few bets at a pub..’’ Scott suggests.

‘’ pub yes, bets…not her style. She’s more of a.. straight to the point person..’’



I wink back at him and then in a vast movement pull out both my guns aiming at him. The pub goes silent. Forks stop moving, glasses stop being filled and everyone freezes.

‘’ put the money from the machine in the bag.’’I point at the bag using the gun. The bartender raises his hands as if surrendering  and then opens the machine.

‘’there are CCTV’S here, you’re being recorded..’’ he warns me as if that would be enough.

‘’ so ?’’ I raise an eyebrow as he empties all the money into the bag.

‘’ police will be after you’’ he warns.

‘’they’re gonna have to get in line’’ I smirk.



I am driving way over the speed limit when I notice from afar an old lady trying to cross the road. I speed up.

‘’ Stiles ?’’ Scott asks grabbing his seat and sticking his back to it.

The dog barks once again with his head out of the window. I drive straight ahead.

‘’ STILESSS !!!’’ Scott yells, the lady drops her grocery bags as I pull aside the last minute.

‘’ Excuse me ?’’ I ask loudly to be heard over Scotts breaths.

‘’ ye..yes?’’ the lady says shocked.

‘’ I was wondering. Could you tell me where the nearest pub is ?’’ I ask and she points towards a direction back from where we came from.

‘’ thank u very much’’ I say and roll up my window, taking a complete turn of 360 degrees, the smell of burnt tires being left behind.


I thank the bartender for his co-operation, steal the kiss to a motorbike from one of the customers and head out.

‘’ugh I should’ve taken the helmet as well’’ I mumble as I get onto the motorbike and drive off.


By the time we reach the pub, we see police officers, surrounding the place, A huge guy with a beard talking to an officer about a stolen motorbike.

‘’ get back in !’’ I yell to Scott. I enter the car and punch the horn five times while cursing before setting off again.

‘’ we’re never going to find her…’’ I mumble shaking my head.

‘’ yes we are’’ Scott encourages me,

‘’ nope, she’s one step ahead. We’re never going to get her.’’ I sigh as we reach a red light and I am forced to hit the breaks hard so as not to crush.

‘’ holly shit, how did you get a license ?’’ he asked buckling his seat belt.

‘’ I didn’t ‘’ I mumble looking at the red light in anticipation praying for it to turn green. The view I have of the light is cut off , by a motorbike.

‘’ fucking-‘’ I am about to curse when I take the figure of the person that is on it.

‘’Y/N ?’’ I ask lowering the window. She turns to look at me and then the light.

The dog starts barking and she glances at him as well.

‘’ we need to talk.’’ I say. She looks at the light again and despite it being red, she drives off.

‘’ OH  no you don’t ‘’ I say and speed up following her.

‘’ this is it. I am going to die.’’ Scott whispers. She attempts to take a shortcut but I am following far too close for her to be able to make an escape.

She looks back at me and I hit the horn, motioning for her to stop but this only causes her to drive even faster.

‘’ she’s getting awayyy’’ Scott points out when I notice an alley, and take a sudden turn.

‘’ what are you doing ?’’ Scott asks looking back at Y/N who is now completely off our reach. I drive fast through the bumpy road causing Scott to hit his head.

‘’ take the dog on your lap and when I say, open the door and let him out.’’ I order in a straight face.

‘’ HAVE YOU GONE COMPLETELY MA-A-A-A-AD?’’ his voice breaks into bits, and exclaims as I drive through some rocks. Finally seeing the highway.  Y/N should be behind us due to the shortcut of the alley.  I drive as fast as I can , and turn the last second, so that when Y/N reaches us, she would face the front of the car.

I see the motorbike from afar, speeding towards us and I already know she is going to attempt using the car as a platform.

When I am almost blinded by the lights of the motorbike I turn to Scott.

‘’ now !’’ I yell.  

Within seconds Scott opens the door and places the dog outside. I cover my eyes,Scott his ears, as smoke fills the air and sound of breaks echoes through the highway.

When I lower my hands and look in front of me, I see Y/N has stopped the motorbike just in time, the dog being the only thing between her and our car.

I push the door open and exit.

‘’ ARE YOU CRAZY ? YOU NEARLY KILLED HIM !’’ she says getting of her motorbike approaching me.

‘’no, you nearly did.’’ I argue. She pets him once and then turns to leave while sighing.

‘’ Y/N wait ! ‘’ I yell, Scott gets out of the car as well.

‘’ I don’t know what It’ll take to make you understand, but I said this is over and I meant it.’’ She whispers.

‘’ I know I know , but you have to listen to me !’’ I try to convince her.

‘’ Why ? so that you can change my mind ?’’ she snaps.

‘’ so that I can release you of guilt.’’ I whisper and she stares at me. Slowly very slowly I walk towards her.

‘’ my boss called me..’’ I start

‘’what ?’’ she whispers furrowing her brows.

‘’ he…he gave me a code and I was able to hack into the files of I.S.I., he let me in on confidential information about agent Roan..’’ I  say looking at her. At the mention of his name, she breaks. Her chest rises and her lips part.

‘’ I don’t want to hear it.’’ She says looking at her motorbike.

‘’ no listen Y/N-

‘’ listen to what ? Great. Now I am freed from my guilts. Stiles Stilinski is sharing my pain, knowing how I killed my partner’’ she says ironically her neck vein popping.

‘’ WILL YOU BLOODY LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE !’?!?!’’ I yell in her face.


‘’The mission on Budapest was a trap..’’ I begin much calmer now. She bites her lip.

‘’Stiles..please don’t talk about it.’’ She says sounding more fragile than I have ever heard her.

‘’ No, pay attention. The files you were supposed to steal, had names of I.S.I. confederates, people above you were in grave danger, people who nobody even knew they worked for I.S.I…’’ I explain.,

‘’ I knew that’’ she shuts her eyes as if giving up on whatever it is I have to say.

‘’ don’t you see Y/N ? they were of utmost confidentiality. So important, that not even the agents sent to retrieve them should know of their existence.’’ I add and now her brows furrow as she looks at me.

‘’ what are you implying..?’’

‘’ they wanted to take you out, after the files were sent. There was no bomb Y/N , one of the confederates took Roan out.’’

‘’ what ?’’ she asks shocked.

‘’ it’s not your fault. They killed him. ‘’ I grabbed her shoulders.

‘’STILES, WHAT ?’’ she asks again trying to process it.

‘’ they were supposed to eliminate both of you during that mission, and you escaped. This is why they are after you know., Y/N they’ve been trying to kill you ever since!’’