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It continually baffles me that Elementary isn’t mentioned very often on tumblr. It’s like four seasons of televised, well-done Sherlock Holmes fanfiction. Just for starters:

  • It casts the criminally under-appreciated Lucy Liu as the show’s version of Watson
  • The show’s creator has been holding the line for four years that Sherlock and Joan will NOT hook up because “it’s too easy,” and the show “doesn’t need it.”
  • It doesn’t downplay Sherlock’s (canonical) addiction to heroin, and in fact turns his recovery and continued sobriety into an issue he constantly struggles with
  • Sherlock’s character is well-balanced as a rude, arrogant, anti-social misanthrope who is still capable of being kind and treats those few he considers friends with respect
  • Likewise, Joan is intensely empathetic and nurturing to people in need, but does not tolerate bullshit (Sherlock’s especially) and is perfectly capable of beating up grown man a hundred pounds heavier than her with a police-baton
  • Sherlock teaches Joan cane-fighting (a fighting style he had in the books), and is an avid beekeeper (another detail from the books)
  • Sherlock and Joan share a pet turtle named Clyde. He paints.
  • The cast orbiting Sherlock and Joan are diverse, three dimensional, and exist as more than cannon fodder for Sherlock to prove his superiority at every turn.
  • Ms. Hudson is a trans woman (played by a trans actress) that cleans up Sherlock and Joan’s place when she’s not cohabitating with her sugar daddies
  • The mysteries are pretty cool and creative detective stories
  • Lucy Liu herself has said that a non-sexual relationship is more “dynamic” and “interesting” to play and considers the lack of romance between them a “sacred” part of the characters
  • The show is unabashedly practical when it comes to sexuality: Sherlock has arrangements with women that are non-romantic but respectful, and has suggested that Joan is “dissatisfied” with traditional relationships and might be more inclined to an open or even polyamorous relationship
  • I can’t even ruin it but just…Moriarty is magnificent
  • Again: a male and a female lead in a deep, significant platonic relationship based on mutual respect.

Drew ♡ Akko

 Only one episode and I’m already enjoying the chemistry between these two. XD

It’s definitely following some traditional standards of shoujo-esque couples, while adding in a few non-traditional ones to make things a little more interesting.

tbh i think the long and deservedly lambasted “woe is me for i am Plain and Uninteresting” affliction of YA heroines has been replaced with “woe is me for my personality is Edgy and therefore i will never be loved unlike my sister Sweethot McSlutpants who will get ten pages of screentime but our relationship is Complicated and Important, I swear”

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do you guys have any harry potter x tk headcanons? 🙊

yes! indeed we do. a year ago, we answered some asks (1, 2, 3, 4) about slytherin jeongguk and hufflepuff taehyung, but it has been quite some time!! and we dont agree with those headcanons anymore (e.g. slytherin jeongguk).

so instead, we offer you: beauxbaton jeongguk x durmstrang taehyung!!

  • this entire headcanon exists because carboxyls loves the mental image of jeongguk wearing the powder blue beauxbaton robes
    • he would look really cute and soft all the time ok (●♡∀♡)
    • “i have a deep love for the image of jeongguk conjuring a tiny mountain bluebird and holding it on his finger as taehyung coos at it” –carboxyls
  • they probably meet at one of the triwizard tournaments! beauxbaton is hosting and taehyung is the durmstrang champion. (jeongguk is a spectating student/not the beauxbaton champion, probably cause hes more baby.) we are not sure how they meet but they do
    • taehyung offering his fur cloak bc jeongguk’s uniform is blue silk
    • “why is everything you wear lined with fur” “why is everything you wear made of SILK”
  • and they hit it off! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ jeongguk takes around taehyung around his school and shows him all the hidden hallways and rooms, his favorite paintings to chat with (the beauxbaton castle is really beautiful in an Extra Way, as only the french can be)
  • and eventually people just start assuming its taeguk when they see a beauxbaton and a durmstrang uniform together (≧∇≦)/
    • mingyu: i hear they eat rocks and snow
    • jeongguk: wtf what no they do not
    • (later)
    • jeongguk: hey what do you eat at durmstrang
    • taehyung: rocks and snow
    • jeongguk:
    • taehyung: i’m kidding.
  • they eat all their meals together and wander around the grounds together and after a while everyone else doesnt really care tbh
  • smitten baby jeongguk is always getting all dreamy about how pretty taehyung is and mingyu nudges dokyeom like “…is he ok….”
    • after first all of jeongguks beauxbatons friends like ??? youre talking to a guy from DURMSTRANG? THOSE GUYS? but they come around after they meet taehyung
    • yoongi, jimin (aka taehyungs friends in durmstrang): FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY

oops this got long as Heck so more under the cut ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

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A quick doodle of Yakko that quickly turned into a color experiment. >u>”

Thankx @thejinichan for the awesome music list! Because of it I was inspired to try out a new coloring style. >;3

Panic Cord (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 3

A/N: Surprise! Here it is yall! I’m super sorry if it seems rushed, as I’m in class lol. But I’ll be editing it later (if I missed anyone) I hOpe you guys like it! Enjoy! - Delilah ❤ Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Mentions of abuse.

With a tired sigh, you plopped down onto your bed.

You opened your eyes, staring up at what you hoped was the ceiling of your apartment. One you’d never be able to actually see. At least, you hoped this was your apartment. You felt the tears beginning to pool around your eyes. This wasn’t how you expected your first date to go at all.

With a quiet sob, you let the tears escape your eyes. You didn’t mean to offend Bucky, which was the last thing you ever wanted to do. Even if he did have a metal arm, so what? You didn’t care the slightest bit nor were you in any position to be picky.

You replayed the scenario in your mind over and over. Hearing his gasp, the sound of his footsteps fading away. You wished you could turn back time and prevent this entire thing from happening.

“New message from…Peter.” Siri chimed.

You let out a small sigh as you reached your hand and ran it along the bed. After a few seconds of mindlessly running your hand around the bed, you grasped the iPhone in your hand and held it up to your mouth.

“Siri, please call Peter for me.”

The soft ringing of the call echoed throughout the room. Peter would know what to do, he always did. You met the younger man a couple months ago when he moved into the apartment across the street from you. He was a couple years younger than you, just starting college, but since then the two of you had become inseparable. It was safe to say, you felt like he was your closest friend besides your grandma and Alfie.

“Hey, Y/N!” Peter greeted, he sounded a bit tired this time. The poor guy, he worked nights and went to college full time. How did he even manage to do it? You could hear the sound of his cat, Oscar purring from the other end.

“Hey Pete,” Jesus, you sounded so depressed.

“Y/N…” he asked softly. “What’s wrong? You’re doing the thing again.”

“What thing?” You ask, crinkling your nose.

“You know the thing,” He laughed. “What happened?”

You rolled over onto your stomach, pressing your face into the pillow.

“I went on my first date today.” You could practically hear the grin on his face.

“Wait. Really!” he boasted, earning a small meow from Oscar.

“Yeah, I actually just got back home from it.” You explained.

“Oh, did Y/N finally pop her cherry?” he teased, followed by another meow from Oscar. Jesus, he could be such a little brat sometimes.

You scoffed, feeling the blush creep onto your cheeks. “As if,” you sass. “He actually left me at Coney Island. Alone.”

The sounds of his giggles instantly quieted down into silence; even Oscar ceased his meowing and purrs. That wasn’t a good sign. Angry Peter was a force to be reckoned with and you really didn’t need a repeat that any time soon.

“HE WHAT?” he shouted. You could hear the rustling of sheets in the background, followed by a hiss from Oscar. Did he step on him again? That poor cat went through too much with him.

“It was my fault!” you cried, feeling the tears pool in your eyes once again. You hated crying, it was so messy and unattractive. “I offended him!”

“How?” he asked, before letting out a strangled sound. What was he doing?

“I uh…reacted a bit badly towards his handicap.” You confessed.

“Oh, so is he blind, too?” he asked, followed by the sound of a zipper.

“No, actually.” You sighed, running a hand through your hair. “He um…has a metal arm.”

Usually, Peter’s reply would’ve been along the lines of “Oh cool!” or “Does it vibrate?”, but for some odd reason, he was completely silent and you’d be lying if you said that didn’t bother you. It’s not like Bucky tried to harm you. He didn’t even touch you with it, honestly. The only time you acknowledged it was when he touched your face, and that was after a panic attack.

Bucky wasn’t trying to hurt you, it was the complete opposite.

“There’s something you should know. I’ll be there in ten. It’s better if you hear this in person.” He spoke before hanging up abruptly, leaving you in complete silence. The only sounds were your small breaths and Alfie as he licked himself.

What on earth did he need to tell you so bad that he had to come over at almost two in the morning?

Immediately, all sorts of scenarios ran through your mind.

Maybe he was just concerned and checking up on his friend? It wasn’t unusual for him to worry about you. He literally used to break a sweat each time you left his apartment at night. That’s probably what it was. He must’ve heard the whole metal arm thing and immediately assumed Bucky might’ve hurt you.


“You know Bucky?” you asked, feeling your stomach drop.

“I’ve known him for a couple years now, yes.” He confessed with a sigh. Alfie let out a small whine and rested his head on your lap. Karma must’ve had it out for you.

Immediately, your mind went to the worst.

“Is he one of the bullies at your job?” you ask, your fist clenching angrily. Peter always showed up with bruises and sometimes, even broken bones. It took you endless pestering before he finally cracked and told you that he was a victim of bullying at his workplace. The poor kid had the worst luck. Who would harm such a nice person like him?

“No, Y/N,” he assured you and you instantly let out a giant sigh of relief. You had absolutely no problem walking over to Stark tower and giving him a piece of your mind for hurting your best friend, but thankfully that wasn’t the case.
“But that’s not why I’m concerned.”

“What’s wrong with him?” You ask, furrowing your eyebrows. Why was he stalling?

“Do you remember a few years back when Shield fell and released all those top secret files?”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “It was all over the news for months.”

“Well,” he gulped. “You remember the main story the new stations covered?”

You frowned. Of course you remembered, but what did that have to do with Bucky? Was he on the news, too? You didn’t remember hearing his name those few months. Did he work for shield?
You shook your head this time, your frown growing deeper.

Damn, if you could just remember.

“The Winter Soldier?” he asks slowly, trying to refresh your memory. “One of Hydra’s most ruthless assassins?”

Your eyes widened. You remembered now. Your grandma wouldn’t talk about it for some reason, hell, whenever you brought it up, she completely changed. She would get so upset with you. She even made you leave once. She apologized afterwards, but ever since then she wasn’t the same.

You knew who the Winter Soldier was, but what did that have to do with-

“Y/N,” he says softly, placing a hand onto yours. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”


Bucky crouched on the fire escape outside your window, watching the scene unfold before him. The bouquet of roses that he bought for you felt so much heavier in his hand.

“Y/N,” the voice said softly. He instantly recognized that damned voice. “Bucky used to be the Winter Soldier.”

They say when your heart breaks, the whole world stops. At least, that’s what his mom used to tell him. But it was nothing like that. He felt the whole world fade away, into nothing more than a black void. He wanted to tell you and he planned to, but the cat was out of the bag now. He planned to apologize and beg for your forgiveness, even if that meant getting down on his knees if he had to, but now he was positive that you wouldn’t even open the door to him.

He didn’t exactly leave you alone at Coney Island. He made sure you got home safely, keeping exactly twenty feet from you on your journey home. It wasn’t exactly ideal, but it’s the least he could do for how he acted. And he acted like a giant dick. He was sure Steve was going to slap him upside the head when he finally got home. His arm was his biggest insecurity, but it didn’t dismiss the fact that he broke your heart because he couldn’t get himself together.

As he turned to leave, his head hung low with shame, he stopped once he heard your voice.

“But…he isn’t anymore, right?” His eyes widened. “Wasn’t he brainwashed?”

“Brainwashed or not, Y/N, he’s dangerous. And you’re…you know…handicapped!”

Bucky winced at the word. Jesus, that kid was terrible at comforting women.

“Handicapped!” You exclaimed. “Did you really have to go that far?”

“I-I didn’t mean it like that!” He cried, followed by the sound of something thumping against the floor. “Ow! Stop choking me!”

Bucky heard the sound of footsteps growing louder, snapping him back to reality. He watched as you opened the door to your apartment and practically threw Peter into the hallway, shaking your fist at the younger man.

He wasn’t going to lie, you looked so damn cute when you were angry. He couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped when you slammed the door and hastily locked all of the locks.

Turning away, he placed a step onto the stairs. He’d let you rest and tomorrow, he’d man up and apologize when you were well rested.

But boy did his plan backfire.

Bucky was a freaking Hydra assassin, for Christ’s sake. He could kill a man with a paper clip and even assassinated John F. Kennedy within three seconds.

But somehow, he managed to trip over untied shoelaces.

He tried to lift his right foot up, only realize his left foot was trapping it from moving, as the shoe lace was trapped underneath it. In one sad moment, Bucky lost his balance and crashed onto the metal fire escape, creating a loud banging sound that echoed throughout the alley.

He heard the faint sound of your footsteps, followed by the sound of your living room window opening harshly. He lifted his gaze to see you standing by your window, a metal baseball bat in hand.

“You have ten seconds to leave before I call the police!” you exclaimed, raising the bat threateningly.

Bucky let out a sigh of defeat. How was he getting out of this in one piece?

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✮  - must find a place where to spend the night // here (w/ ceo!yoongi)

The sight of Yoongi on your sofa as he idly channel surfs with a remote in his hand is oddly… pleasing. His coat is hanging on your rack, his sleeves undone, tie loosened, slacks tugged up as he sits comfortably. You didn’t know how to structure your words in a way where it’ll make sense to how you’re feeling but if you had to try it was refreshing. You’re so used to seeing him in a lavish office, high class restaurants and extravagant events.

This… was new.

You head out from the kitchen with a cup, setting it down in front of him and he flinches, straightening his back as he adjusts to your presence (despite feeling it the moment you welcomed him in). He nods in gratitude and retrieves the tea you’ve made for him, avoiding your gaze when he can feel it against the side of his face as he takes small, slow sips.

When Yoongi sets the porcelain on the glass surface, he presses his lips at your question of: “So, you wanna tell me what happened?”

Even at a time like this, Yoongi is still Yoongi (hardheaded and stubborn), “…no,”

Since this was your house, being your territory, you lean against the armrest behind you and pull your feet up to hug your knees. Tilting your head with a smile Yoongi catches, he looks away the moment your eyes meet.

“Oh, really?”

“It’s nothing,” He waves a hand and you only scoff with the rolling of your eyes but kept to a minimum because he’s still-”My boss shows up at eleven into the night, no wallet, no ID, no nothing and he claims ‘it’s nothing’? Hey, I’m merely just an employee but I’m not stupid,”

Yoongi clicks his tongue, turning his head to meet your gaze as he threatens himself to say you really are if you still don’t get why out of all places I came to you for help but he bites that back. Not when you’re looking at him like that, nope, not with those pair of eyes. Hell no, not tonight.

He only sighs and exhales deeply before looking at you dead in the eye and at the back of his mind he wonders if you’re shitting bricks because he sure as hell is.

“I lost my wallet and I was nearest around your area,”

You wait a little, and Yoongi only looks at you weirdly when you keep silent.


“…that’s it? No backstory, no buildup?” 

He scoffs and turns to meet you, almost mirroring how you’re sitting when he puts his feet up because you are, “You didn’t ask for a story. You asked for a reason,”

“…what if I wanted a story?”

“Do you have wine?”

“Do I get OT?”

“You get two hours off your next lunch,” He sees how you’re about to accept but he throws in: “But you have to spend it with me,”

He doesn’t know if he wants to slam his head against the wall for how oblivious you are at the clear fucking bait he just threw out, a discrete go out with me for lunch or if he wants to catch his heart from flying out of his ribcage at how giddy you are, rising to your feet to retrieve some wine with deal!

For now, Yoongi thinks, let’s just enjoy this.


Part 4 

Synopsis: What happens when you wake up married to Steve Rogers in a Las Vegas hotel suite? Especially when you have feelings for his best friend and his best friend has feelings for you? Only time can tell.

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Reader POV

Warnings: Language. Angst. Nothing naughty yet ladies and gents…

A/N: Sorry for the delay  - work has been a bitch but here is Part 4. Super stoked for this part and the next so I hope you all enjoy! 

Tags are still open! Also i tried to fix the tag problem but if yours still isn’t working please let me know so I can figure out how to remedy the situation 

Need to catch up: Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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Power is a finicky thing. You had seen governments fall - powerful families succumb to their worse fears trying to cling on to the delicate idea of having power. And once someone had it they never knew what to do with it. Except dangle it for the world to see, asking for someone stronger to challenge them. Because the truth of the matter was that humans had no idea what to do when they had achieved something. They always needed more. Power created restlessness.

That was how you felt as you walked up the New York Met steps.

It had been one week since your marriage with Steve. Things were off. You asked Steve for space and he granted it. Even if he woke up early to run with you to get an idea of missions for the day, or tried to help you with breakfast. Even if he left you lunch, worried that you never took the time to nourish yourself throughout the day or offered to make you dinner before you left for the night. Even if flowers started mysteriously popping up on your desk and the large stack of reports you had been meaning to organize and file away electronically had found a way on your desktop.

Steve knew how to give space like a toddler distancing themselves from their mother.

You dug your hands into your brown leather jacket, pulling out a few dollars to pay for your museum pass before walking through security. You walked up the steps, pulling your hair into a pony tail as you reflected on it all, a frown gracing your face. 

It was too much. You had just barely realized you had strong feelings for Bucky. You liked Bucky. Liked that behind all of his hard edges there was a softness to him, smooth and cool. Knew the kind of relationship you could have with him. The kind of life you could have with him - the kind of life you’ve wanted.

Steve was too apple pie for you. Too on the straight and narrow, even if he did recently make some changes that dictated otherwise. You knew the truth. Staying married to you was only happening because he came from a time where divorce wasn’t an option.

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1)  Memorise all the information.

2) Write out equations/reactions to memorise on post-it notes and stick it in the wall of your study desk. This way, whenever you need it and have yet to memorise it, you can refer to it easily and try refreshing your memory by memorising it as and when.  (Laziness to take your books out won’t be an excuse anymore.)

3) Memorise your solubility tables by writing them out and regurgitating. There’s no running away from this. The solubility tables are needed everywhere.


(big chapters for more marks )

  • Electrolysis (pretty easy once you practice a few times, application heavy)
  • Organic Chemistry (lots of practice, application heavy) 
  • Metals

(pure memory chapters, like study and vomit entirely (almost))

  • Air and Atmosphere
  • Haber Process
  • Metals
  • Chemical Bonding


1) Questions largely answered with keywords only

Do practice questions. When you mark them and do corrections, just underline/highlight the keywords. Take note of the order of the keywords and the type of keywords used for each type of question & topic.

(These type of questions are standard, so grab those marks first. Use pure memory and a little understanding to answer the questions using keywords.)

Chapters with these kind of questions:

  • chemical bonding (super easy chapter to score in)
  • organic chemistry (memorising all chemical equations and conditions, reagents, etc.)
  • air and atmosphere (free marks!)
  • metals (all reactions, reactivity series, blast furnace)
  • electrolysis (standard way of answering, use practice questions as notes for learning how to answer them)
  • mole concept 
  • QA (memorise it!)
  • Speed of Reaction 

2) MCQ (how to break them down):

  • write the chemical formula and state for all substances (for the states, you have to use your solubility table)
  • write out ALL chemical equations where there are reactions. ALWAYS.
  • draw out all diagrams when they talk about atoms & molecules involved (SUPER IMPT!!)

Note: MCQ tips can be applied to Paper 2 questions.

3) Topics to link together for MCQs in general:

  • solubility
  • every single type of reaction
  • mole concept
  • chemical bonding*
  • density and Mr*
  • organic chemistry*
  • electrolysis*

*common topics that are kinda heavily tested


1) The textbook! You need to do a lot of memory work for chapters like metals, by the way. (When you study metals, just memorise nearly everything from the textbook and you’ll ace the chapter!)2) Other school’s exam papers + TYS (duh)


(If you have any questions, you can drop me an ask :) I hope this helped!)

any of yall ever be on shitty wifi trying to load pics on tumblr, constantly refreshing and trying to make it work and after 10 min one pic finally loads and it’s like…. a pic of 1 direction or smth