try not to take this seriously tho

shine bright like a diamond disco ball

no but aldertree sent raj to fetch a change of clothes and a cup of tea for clary aka raj probably stood in clary`s room going oh this shirt will go nicely with those jeans and i would like to personally thank him for that because clary looked fly 

Since people like Modern AU Sasuke 
How about Modern AU Naruto?

-outdoors boi

-he hardly spends any time inside tbh

-unless he’s hanging out with his boi Sasuke

-is part of the Best Eyeliner Squad with Garaa and Sai

-WILL binge watch cartoons and come out of it a changed person

-lowkey depression

-like “ha ha I’m fine trust me”

-but hangs out with Garaa on his depressed days for naps and talks

-annoys his classmates with his fidgeting

-like tapping and bouncing his leg he just wants to Go

-always has on bandages either he got in a fight protecting someone or he hurt himself trying to peel an orange there’s no inbetween

-a MessTM

-seriously if he hung out in a place for more than five seconds he probably made a mess there


-literally became a school meme once he was so proud

-loves video games but Sasuke and Suigetsu always beat him

-he’s really good at RPG games tho

-unironically loves taking selfies especially with other people

-his photo library is filled with moments of him with his friends

-he also likes taking pictures of things in general

-especially when he finds things pretty

-“Naruto why do you have a pic of me sleeping”

-“…because, Sasuke, you look photogenic in your sleep.”

-get ready for every Bi pun in the world because he has all of them

-really gay for Sasuke and everyone knows except Sasuke

-It’s his fault kinda he doesn’t know how to flirt or ask someone out

-everyone has a small crush on him at some point

-collects random rocks to gift to his friends

-it is Important ok

-getting a rock from the sunshine boi means he loves you

-getting more than fives means he’s IN LOVE with you

-aka Sasuke Uchiha has 20 rocks

-Sasuke does not understand he’s being asked out via pretty rocks and Naruto is suffering

-“Sakura how do I ask out Sasuke”

-“Idk try to do it like a normal human”

-long story short it ends with him getting punched but also getting what, to this day, he names the best kiss of his life

-it was a good day

A Couple's Convo
(ft. Jimin & Hoseok)

Jimin : Hello ?

Hoseok : Hello ~

Seokjin : Nice.

Jimin : Baby what are you doing now ~ ?

Hosoek : I’m trying to sleep after taking a bath 

Jimin : Did you ? My little baby took a bath ~?

Hoseok : Yup. What about you baby ?

Jimin : I took a bath earlier (??) just to call you baby ~

Hoseok : Really ? I’m going to sleep soon……Can you show me your aegyo ?

Hoseok : Do it for me ~~ *aegyo gorilla punch Jimin*

Jungkook : Oh god ! I seriously can’t take this anymore !!

Seokjin : I want to punch them so hard !

Ryeowook : Jimin !! Just go to sleep !!

Taehyung : JIMIN ~!!!!!!


“Tsk come on… Not you again… please”, Link, every time. (The Legend of Link: Breath of the Yiga Clan) || Twitter

I’m happy how this turned out despite trying a painterly style and one-layering almost everything ;A; I learned a lot…! Damn Yiga Clan tho!!


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RFA+Saeran+V react to an MC who is extremely grumpy in the morning. They will kick you if you try to wake them up.

Do you mean… ME, anon? -Green


-first he finds your grumpiness cute 

-but he doesn’t take the warning “if you touch me one more time I will kick your throat” seriously 

-and now he’s running around the house screaming as you chase him 

-you had thrown several pillows and hit him right slap center of his head, you never miss 

-your accuracy is scary and it HURTS 

-after this terrifying incident, Yoosung is a lot more gentle with waking you up. He will wake you up with food or maybe some back scratches 

-tho he will always be terrified whenever your hand reaches for another pillow



-he KNOWS. and he still likes to wake you up at fucking FOUR A.M. 

-he thinks it’s just hilarious because he thinks your all bark and no bite 

-you are ready.. to   f i g h t   your boyfriend 

-the next time he wakes you up with one of those god damn chicken dog toys will be the day he dies 

-which made it all the more worse because you were having an amazing dream and you were in that perfect spot on the bed,, everything was so comfortable that you wanted to never give it up 

-then B A  M 

-he literally lunges and drops his whole weight on you while laughing his ass off 

-oh bo y. u a dead man 

-you don’t even hesitate with throwing this fucker off the bed and slamming him on the floor 

-then you pin yourself on top of him and smack his forehead repeatedly so hard until he swears to never do it again and the 5 things he will do to make it up to you 

-after that, saeyoung lays off. a little. there will always be the pranks. but for the most part, he lets you enjoy your beauty sleep. 

-except you getting out of bed is a whole other story, of course… 


-he would NEVER disrupt your beauty sleep unless it was dire importance

-and we’re talkin like. a whole world war erupting. this man doesn’t fuck around with you.

-the only time he found you grumpy was when you woke up a little early from him being a little too loud getting ready for work 

-you didn’t totally go full fury on him but you were super pissy 

-smacked his ass real hard as he left the house 

-so he got the warning to be a little quieter, but lowkey wants you to do that again 

-kinky shit 


-same kinda scenario with Jumin; she was up early in the morning filling out papers for the coffee shop

-she was playing some music in the background which she meant to keep quiet but there was a particular loud part that even startled her 

-was quick to turn it down and come into the room to check in on u tho

-she was so sweet and apologetic about how she didn’t mean to wake you up that you couldn’t get grumpy 

-you just asked for an “i’m sorry kiss” which she was happy to oblige in 


-he wanted to be all romantic and wake you up with kisses 

-you didn’t really even know what was going on other than Zen was all over you and you were no longer asleep and you wanted to be 

-so you just fukin bit Zen’s lip with all your might before turning around and going back to sleep like nothing happened 

-he didn’t know if he should be turned on or offended????

-he decides to just wait after your awake to kiss you..?


-you both are EXTREMELY grumpy sleepers

-you stole the blankets? AGAIN? FU C KE R????

-you two are constantly fighting in your sleep 

-but you manage to work it out because you two generally wake up at the same time

-so you’ve just learned to leave each other alone for the next 20 minutes after getting up so you don’t end up biting and kicking for no reason 

-saeyoung is constantly amused but so so afraid of you guys in the morning

-you walk around like the dead and you’ll fuckin attack him too if he says a word 

-help him


-again, like Jumin. usually would not wake you up for anything

-but it was getting way late into the day and you hadn’t eaten or been out of the room at all,,,

-so he decides to muster up his courage and wake you up 

-what a…  m i s t a k e 

-he wakes you up by gently stroking your hair 

-while it’s a nice way to wake up….. you still attack him 

-you legit bite this mans hand 

-you BIT HIM



-V is just .. confused? like babe?????? you bit my hand????

-you don’t apologize.

-until you actually wake up and find the bandage on his hand and your like “aw honey! What happened?”

-apologies won’t stop coming out once you find out omg 

a yuri plisetsky character study

or: yuri plisetsky, the small, angry and desperate child, a discussion

[on Twitter]

because that’s the thing about yura: he’s a child, he’s 15. rn he’s still figuring a lot of things out and the thing is, he’s never exactly been given time to figure them out, bc as we’ve been told he’s been skating + competing from a very young age (even moving cities to train), and also bc he doesn’t have any family outside his aging grandfather + an absent mother (?) - and that’s the heart of everything, really. most of yura’s interactions center around skating; he doesn’t know how to handle things not skating bc he doesn’t have much outside of it.  and that uncertainty is so obvious in how he interacts with people, especially viktor and yuuri (+ otabek later on); he also doesn’t know how to handle his own emotions bc he’s had to set himself aside all this time for skating (something reflected in viktor throughout the series).

think about this: yura’s spent his career catching up to viktor, who’s essentially the “goal” yura has set for himself; he’s hungry for approval in the one way he knows how to be validated: skating. but just when he thinks he’s going to take a step closer to his goal (by making his senior debut), viktor leaves. he tosses aside skating to fly off to japan in an incredibly irresponsible manner, completely forgetting yura; how hurt do you think he was? desperate, determined, driven yura who’s been pushing himself to catch up, to prove himself;  viktor’s career is what yura’s been trying so hard to reach and so to see viktor carelessly toss it aside, treat it so irresponsibly –  yura is angry, betrayed, and hurt, bc that’s a huge slap to his sense of worth; if viktor can just leave things behind, what does that mean for him? 

(and man can you talk about all the ways viktor nikiforov is a massive self-centered asshole but that’s a different story) (i love him though)

and then when viktor finally does notice him, it’s just to use him to get to yuuri. onsen on ice made yura realize viktor had no intentions of giving him anything; even the short program - yura has a week, and then vitya never coaches him on it again. [see this thread for additional discussion]  

and so yura spends most of the season trying to demand that validation, except since he’s ??? about personal interaction+feelings, he goes about it in really bad ways, all with the underlying sentiment of “notice me, acknowledge me” bc he’s desperate for validation since he doesn’t have it anywhere else; he’s also desperate for viktor to stop freaking using him but acknowledge him as the skater he is, not just as a child he can subject to his whims/use as he feels. yura wants to be taken seriously. 

(and if you notice, his most aggravated reactions are usually to and about viktor; apart from the bathroom scene + kicking, he’s not as harsh on yuuri - basically he’s only aggressive to the people he knows don’t take him seriously, bc in the end that’s all he wants but it’s what people keep not giving him; and that’s a frustration i think we all understand).

regarding yuuri tho, yura is absolutely envious of yuuri, and not just bc he gets to have viktor’s acknowledgement. try and imagine how yura felt flying to hasetsu and seeing yuuri’s family, how they and the whole town support him; how loved yuuri is bc of and outside of his skating. and think about how yura has none of that for himself: his mom is absent, his grandpa loves him but is rarely able to be with him (and think about how he stood off the ice for so long, wondering if his grandpa was going to arrive, waiting like he’s probably been waiting for people all his life); all his other relationships (yakov, lilia, viktor, yuuri) are based on his skating but not on himself as a person. is it any wonder he’s resentful when yuuri has all these things he doesn’t? (or perceives he doesn’t, bc he’s never been shown otherwise)

(and here is where otabek is so important: otabek isn’t using yura to achieve something. he sees yura as just yura, acknowledges him, and doesn’t expect/demand anything of him; beka recognizes him and is simply there for him; beka echoes his struggle for validation)

and this is why i love the “viktor nikiforov is dead” scene, bc it’s a turning point for yura as a person+skater; he’s starting to realize that he doesn’t need to childishly demand viktor’s validation, especially since he’s come to terms with how viktor is more flawed than he (and anyone else tbh) realized; it’s his declaration that he’s over viktor, over his desperate chase for affirmation from viktor – and then he goes, takes the routine that viktor had shamelessly abandoned him with, and slaps him in the face with it by breaking viktor’s record + winning over his protege, in the most beautiful “fuck you and the way you’ve been treating me” statement. it’s also here that he begins to acknowledge he’s been perceiving things wrongly; he starts to grow up, just a bit, bc yuuri isn’t the only one who realizes things on the ice – yura’s evolved too. his agape isn’t just his grandfather; it’s the realization that people care about him and think he is worth something even if he isn’t flawless on the ice (he can be worth something even with no conditions) (but fuck y'all he’s gonna be perfect out there anyway)

basically, his anger is a great big cover up for his insecurity + his desperate need for validation, and his way of asking for it bc he doesn’t know how else to do so + how else for him to be taken seriously. and it’s so important that he’s now starting to get that, now starting to demand he be recognized as who he is instead of who people define him to be.

[additional thread on why otabek+yura are so important for each other / more] [related thread on yura’s and viktor’s relationship] [even more yuri plisetsky character discussion]

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Oh great Mel of Doy! How does one draw Cross as well as you do!

ok im gonna say some more bc originally i was gonna talk in the tags but it got super long so

(also this is general art stuff but i ended up going on a tangent pfpf) 

another pro tip: flip. your. drawings. if you use traditional, use a mirror.

it can make a massive difference - especially when it comes to the face. i used to not flip drawings - one example where it really shows is this errorlust comic i made a while back. just by looking at error’s face in the first three panels you can see it looking inconsistent and changing and generally looking very off. 

but in my more recent drawings i’ve gotten more consistent - which means i’ve improved. i’ve been able to tell when something looks off more just from the entire flipping thing. 

but back to the main subject: drawing one character - you go off the ref, and continue. i can show some of my incredibly old undertale art if you like - and i warn you, it is very poor compared to my current art. 

your first drawings of a character, if you’re an inexperienced artist, aren’t bound to look like you want them to. and when it came to drawing cross, i was leaving my comfort zone as i had avoided drawing him for so long because i told myself ‘i can’t find a ref’ and ‘his design is too complicated’. 

this sorta turned into general art stuff cuz its all v relevant. i dunno if u were lookin for genuine advice or just tellin me my art looks good (which i v much appreciate thank u so much) bUT HERE YOU GO ANYWAY


Being small {and chubby, your choice}. You just so happen to be friends with the squad and unfortunately…  {part two}

Digger Harkness: 

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

  • UGH
  • JUST UGH??? 
  • He’s tHE WORST
  • okay so this dude teases u a lot
  • obviously lmao??
  • he randomly likes to put his elbow on ur head
  • just to get on ur nerves
  • hecc sometimes he’ll probably even pick u up or smth
  • probably make some stupid excuse like
  • “i was jus’ helpin’ ya, that punch woulda hurt.”
  • “my punch is gonna hurt”
  • “haha, cute. can ya reach me?”

Tatsu Yamashiro: 

Originally posted by andor-glenns

  • okay she’s the most understanding one
  • as far as i know, she’s the smallest gal in the squad
  • 5′5″ {thanks harley}
  • so she knows how it feels to look down upon
  • if ur shorter than her then 
  • it’s kind of hard for her to take u seriously 
  • she barely even pays attention to ur height tho
  • “more important things to think of”
  • mm
  • sometimes if ur in danger ur all she can think abt
  • ………………………………….
  • i’ll go home

Enchantress/June Moone: 

Originally posted by beesandboys

  • if ur shorter than her june will definitely tease u
  • i mean she HAS to
  • she insists anyway
  • she’ll rest her chin on ur head
  • most of the time, she’ll be the big spoon
  • bc if u are its awkward trying to wrap ur legs around her
  • actually really likes how tiny u are
  • she likes to feel tall, the one on the higher ground
  • the one with power
  • she doesn’t tease u at all abt it
  • she barely acknowledges it 
  • c’mon she barely gives u any nicknames 
  • {which are mostly just “pet” btw}
  • if you REALLY convince her maybe she’ll
  • pet ur head or smth

Rick Flag: 

Originally posted by minmiin1d

  • he privately teases u
  • he’s definitely the big spoon,, lol
  • he likes to rest a chin on ur head
  • or maybe just pet u
  • altho if he does its mostly rubbing of the cheeks
  • he can’t exactly tease u anywhere else
  • gotta keep up that rep my man
  • as,,,
  • a mom
  • lololol
  • nah jk
  • but anyway, he really likes how smol u are
  • besides sometimes when he tries to reach for ur hand
  • he misses 
  • bc ur sHORT
  • so yeah there’s that
  • that’s why u do the hand-holding first
  • bc he most of the time can’t reach u
  • fella has bad aim apparently

finally, right? lol


im haider lol i live in the uk and im 17. just looking for new mates across the world - preferably around my age :))

basc rly wanna find new friends to have fun convos w and get to know lol - i promise i can provide some humour and will be there as a shoulder to cry on if u need it <333

rly dont care about sexuality/religion/race so anyone can feel comfortable talking to me !! i have no preference from any country but i can only speak english :(( i will try and leanr a bit of ur language tho!!

tbh my perfect penpal is just someone who is as dreamy and lost as i am, i dont really take life too seriously at all and someone who can be rly jokey at some points and then rly deep at others would be mad cool. 

i dont mind tryna send letterS?? but my handwritin is kinda shit tbhhh hahahaha

also i luv anime and films n stuff

top 3 films: la haine, ocean waves and midnight in paris (check them out !!)

anyways yh ive said a lot of useless shit but pls dont be shy hahaha

tumblr: haiduh

instagram: haiduh


ill c u in my inbox

safe x 

nct 127 as marching band stereotypes

taeil: quiet sousaphone player but is a secret class clown, very small and everyone wonders how he can lift such a big instrument (he’s secretly ripped but no one can tell under his uniform)

johnny: drumline captain, obnoxious snare player who does rim shots constantly in the band room, director loves to blame him when the band is out of time. blares “because i got high” during drumline sectionals 

taeyong: trumpet section leader who the director asks for favors all the time, takes good care of underclassmen, constantly stressed because he can never get everyone together at once for sectionals

yuta: lead quad drum, loves giving johnny a hard time and pranking the freshmen, wore WHITE SOCKS with the black marching uniform and everyone shamed him

doyoung: unanimously elected drum major, takes his job extremely seriously and is pressed that he cant do backflips and stuff that other drum majors do, the whole band loves messing with him for fun

jaehyun: first chair alto sax who came to band camp HOT after being a nerd for so long, plays yakity sax as a warm up until the director begs him to stop, freshmen try to leave love notes in his locker

winwin: the new kid who got stuck on bass drum even tho he’s secretly good at snare, the whole drumline dotes on him because he’s shy, the only person yuta doesn’t prank 

mark: the freshman that came in and somehow got first chair clarinet because he’s a prodigy, marches perfectly in step Every Time, memorizes drill in two seconds, wins director’s award

haechan: freshman cymbal player who has already been declared future drum captain, volunteers to lead dances and stand tunes during football games, all of the drum majors love him for his enthusiasm 

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He eased himself gently in. Painstakingly slow, Rick inhaled through gritted teeth, trying to ignore the feeling of his thick shaft, oozing with precum, gliding past her pussy lips. "Shit" Michonne moaned. Instinctively she thrust her hips forward taking him in even deeper. Beads of sweat rolled of his forehead. She truly was the best he'd ever had ;)

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Shit people siding with abusers and abuse apologists say:

  • You can’t blame them for everything (watch me)
  • I’m sure they didn’t mean it that way (oh are u. are u sure. are u su)
  • I’m sure if you talk to them… (mate)
  • You just need to try harder! (MATE)
  • It can’t all be their fault (um)
  • They’re a HUMAN BEING (debatable)
  • You can’t blame them, they’ve had a rough childhood/life (so did I thanks to them)
  • It takes two to tango (do you think tango is on the list of child abuse)
  • You’re abusing them too. (i fucking wish)
  • Think of all the good things they’ve done for you! (yeah why don’t you fight their battles allison)
  • They only want the best for you! (ooh do they. do they really. do the)
  • It’s godly to forgive. (aren’t you being a deity lately jackson)
  • You need to stop thinking about this, it’s unhealthy for you (i bet you said that bc you’re worried about my health and not bc you don’t wanna help me get out of abuse or hear me out at all)
  • They really love you. (get out of my face with your equating abuse with love and confront your own abuse already)
  • They’re just worried about you. (yea about me outing their abuse)
  • They seem like a good person tho! (yea thats whats so terrifying about them I wish they walked around with a scythe and shouted obscenities)
  • You took all of this too seriously. (thanks for not taking my life seriously)
  • You took all of this too personally. (it fucking happened to me personally)
  • It’s time to stop holding on to past grudges (wow i am glad I let you make all my decisions for me surely you have my well being in mind)
  • Think about why this is all your fault. (wow are you trying to woo my abuser to marry you)
  • It couldn’t have been that bad. (u know what i wish i could transfer my symptoms directly to you lets see how bad is it then)
  • They aren’t that bad, give them a chance. (yeah why not give the person who shot at me another bullet what could possibly go wrong)
  • They can change. (yea they’re definitely changing to worse continually)
  • They’ve changed. (buddy i am glad you are not the target of their abuse but could you for a second consider that I am also a human being)
  • It’s because you did “x”! (oh no you got me people deserve to be abused if they do “x”! How did I not consider that before, abuse is totes justified!)
  • It’s because you overreacted. (goodbye i’m not talking to u)
  • You think everything is abuse. (you think its bc i live in abusive environment? nah it can’t be that can it)
  • Think about how they feel! (oh so you too think i exist to cater to their feelings great I’m so happy how I feel is never gonna come up)
  • If you would consider their side for a second. (what do you think i wasted half of my life on jane)
  • They would never do that. (did you not just hear the words out of my mouth telling you they did that)
  • I’m sure they would be nicer if “x” (keep deluding yourself)
  • They’re just having it tough. (and everyone who has it tough gets to have a go at me! I forgot my place is to be a punching bag of the world)
  • You have to love your (family member) abuser. (I did love them.)

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have you seen kimilia talk about jon being a targ? i'm very disappointed that she thinks dany will be angry that jon has more claim and will be disgusted that he is her nephew. the interviewer said that she [dany] wanted to get away from her family's incestual relationships and she fell in one, to what emilia answered that "EXACTLY!" kit seems more suportive of jonerys tho, that's something. still, i'm now kind of sad. she did said before that someone else was the one for dany and all //:

I think they are just trying to keep the audience guessing the same way they did about all sorts of other things before the season began. I don’t think we should take it seriously. Remember before this season in an interview Emilia said Dany has no time for a man and won’t be sharing her authority with anyone. That’s clearly not the case :)

I am not worried about the state of their relationship OR its future. Targ incest would not bother Dany and Emilia knows this. She’s a book reader ffs and she is very invested in Dany’s character. She’s just trolling us like she and Kit and the rest of the cast always do. Don’t worry about it. Really. 

Kit’s comment was that they could ride off into the sunset or kill each other. Do you think these two have any chance of KILLING each other???? Because I sure don’t!

HC Request from my IRL Friend

Here’s a hc that my irl friend gave me lol. It’s “What would the RFA + V + Saeran do if MC came home with a kitten/puppy/other random animal that they impulsively bought?”

All I can think of is that one post where someone goes “Question: Where do I put a baby goat that I impulsively bought?” lolol


     = Let’s be honest

     = After he gets his degree and joins the practice, there are probably a lot of little animal friends that make their way through your house.

     = Like you guys have to watch them overnight to make sure everything’s okay, or you’re keeping them in a loving home until someone can adopt them or something

     = Because Yoosung is precious like that, and so are you <3

     = Anyway so he’s really not that surprised when you come home with a random puppy one day

     = The only thing he’s potentially worried about is how Lisa and your new puppy will get along, but it’s only a small one

     = Soon that puppy’s got him wrapped around their paw lol

     = Bonus: You come home from work one day to find Yoosung and the puppy sleeping together on the couch, the puppy lying on his chest and drool coming from both of their mouths <3


     = Don’t be mean to this boy and bring home a kitten even tho they’re super cute

     = He’d feel like you’re trying to send subliminal messages or something lol

     = “It’s the cat or you Hyun”

     = “No babe we can talk about this”

     = In all seriousness though he wouldn’t really mind if you brought home a puppy, but he would be worried for it

     = You guys are gone a lot, who’s gonna take care of the little one?

     = He might agree to leave them with Yoosung or Jaehee, but he wouldn’t really be happy about it since he grows attached to them so fast

     = If he can, he always tries to get the Director that he’s working with at the time to allow him to bring the puppy with him on set

     = The press quickly starts talking about you three, calling you “The Perfect Family” and “Loving Parents, Who Cares if their Kid has Fur?”

     = It’s his favorite thing lol


     = She’s not normally crazy about pets

     = Especially cats and dogs as she’s said before

     = But one day she gets back to ya’ll’s apartment from the cafe

     = And there you are, looking up at her like a deer in the headlights with a little gecko in your hands.

     = She can see a cage for it in the corner of the room

     = It looks filled with lots of different things although she’s not really sure what geckos need

     = She just stands there for a moment, watching you sweat under her gaze with the gecko calmly crawling around in your hands

     = “Well? Aren’t you going to tell me their name?”

     = I’m just picturing Jaehee with a lil leopard gecko omg bless

     = She much prefers ya’ll’s gecko to cats and dogs, and it’s so cute she can’t help but to fall in love with it

     = Momma Jaehee ftw : ‘ )


     = You come home with another lil kitty

     = “Jumin!! Look isn’t he handsome???”

     = “MC is that cat able to be around Elizabeth the 3rd I don’t want him harrassing her”

     = “Jumin he’s like a month old”

     = After making sure that Elizabeth likes the new addition, he’ll be all over it

     = He does love all cats after all

     = Elizabeth and your new cat are so pampered like

     = New guards have to be warned by seasoned veterans not to say anything ANYTHING about how you two treat your cats like they’re royalty literally

     = They made the mistake of not doing that one time and that poor recruit was sent home in teARS

     = Definitely he would film little home videos of things that they did, like the first time Elizabeth drank wine or when your new kitten chose him over you for once

     = Super cute family, ya’ll have matching cups and stuff 100/10


     = Buckle up lil kitty

     = You’re in for a ride

     = In all actuality tho you brought home not one kitten, but three

     = Their names are Honey, Butter, and Chips respectively

     = I ain’t joking and you know it

     = He would get ya’ll matching outfits

     = He would also get them little outfits that match your typical ones, and the two of you cat outfits

     = “We’re cosplaying each other MC isn’t it great!!!”

     = You would have to stop him from feeding them food that wasn’t for cats, because he would always try to give them Phd. Pepper or something like that and you’d have to stop him because “NO SAEYOUNG THAT’S DANGEROUS FOR THEM”

     = At the end of the day though he’s surprisingly really good with them

     = Like he can’t take care of himself but nothing’s gonna stop him from spoiling his precious cat babies

     = Another cute family, 100/10


     = Wouldn’t it be hilarious if he hated cats lmao

     = Saeyoung would be like “Gasp! My own flesh and blood!” And I firmly believe he would literally say gasp out loud

     = But you know what he doesn’t hate?

     = Hamsters

     = I’m picturing Phichit from YoI with his hamsters crawling all over him

     = Now take the same but put Saeran there instead

     = These aren’t tears on my face there’s like 50 onions here

     = You didn’t think that he’d really be that invested in it

     = But oh boy

     = Where you wrong

     = He’ll make like little baby swings but for hamsters for him to wear around when you’re at home so he’s always got them safely on his person

     = Sometimes he reads them bed time stories

     = Takes SUPERB care of them

     = They’re just,,,so loved and well cared for

     = He doesn’t even deny how much he cares for them bless and really I’m not crying what are you talking about


     = Bring home a lil baby rabbit

     = He automatically loves it

     = It is his child now

     = A child he will love, protect, and nurture

     = There are s,,o many pictures in your house of the lil bun

     = He has several exhibitions where the bun is the focus

     = Random person at an exhibit: “Ah V, what’s the theme this time”

     = “On Love: Agape” lol

     = “Oh? What’s that?”

     = “Unconditional love, like from a parent to a child because that is my baby”

     = You’ll walk into the living room and see him quietly tinkering with a camera while the lil bun is nestled up in his shoulder, asleep


      = 100/10 amazing, great parents and great family

There’s a taste of my writing style!! I hope you like it, and remember: everyone is welcome to submit a request!!!

Request: AHHHH I love your bulletlists so much oh my gosh yesyeysysyeysysysyzyyyy anyways! may i request a ridiculous bff!bts (if you can write humor). if not bff!bts sounds fun as it is :))))
Members: Rapmon, Jin, J-hope, Suga
Genre: platonic fluff!!!
A/N: I’ll do the hyung line and maknae line in two separate posts!! I am digging all these best friend requests I’ve been getting lately damn


  • Will go on shopping trips with you that last like all day 
  • Super helpful with every shopping decision you try to make, gives you his honest opinion but puts it gently unless he really hates it
  • If you mention that you have a big event coming up he’ll be at your house in a second because Worldwide Handsome has to make sure you’re not gonna be embarrassing him since everyone knows you two are friends
  • “You’re doing this not to be helpful but to make sure I don’t embarrass you?”
  • “Yes exactly”
  • “Are you sure I’m the embarrassing one?”
  • Argues with you over what kind of food you guys are gonna get, sometimes just to purposefully bug you 
  • “You talked about wanting to get pizza like 5 hours ago what do you MEAN you don’t want it anymore??”
  • He laughs a lot when he’s with you!! God bless that windshield wiper laugh 
  • If you laugh at his puns it’s even better because your laugh makes him laugh and vice versa 
  • Plus the man thinks he’s hilarious enough as it is 
  • If you buy something he thinks he has the right to it too, especially when it comes to food
  • Makes you a grocery list and fusses when you don’t buy everything on it because he’s trying to make sure you have ingredients for him to cook with and also all his favorite snacks
  • “Seriously please just buy me these chips every time I buy some and take them to the dorm the little shits I mean maknaes eat them”
  • “Fine only because I love you”
  • Nags at you like a parent half the time 
  • “I TOLD you to wear a coat didn’t I??? What if you get a cold hmm??? I can’t take days off to take care of you yanno!!”
  • If you did get sick tho he’d drop off medicine and soup and strict instructions for you to rest and a timetable for when to take what AND he’d check in when practice was over and- you get the picture
  • Because he really cares about you!! You’re his best friend and he doesn’t like seeing you suffering, he likes it when you’re healthy and can goof off and complain about the members with him
  • Although this totally could have been avoided if you had just worn a coat I mean what 
  • Totally picks up on whatever you need when you’re upset, from venting to a disney movie to a pint of ice cream or all of the above
  • If you need it, he’s had it ready for the past five minutes and is ready to be the best most supportive bff ever 
  • Doesn’t let you overwork yourself for even one second- if he thinks that you are, he’ll pull you away and force you to spend some quality time relaxing with him 
  • Does dorky dances with you a lot, you guys wind up coming with a whole routine that the rest of Bangtan will NOT let you do in public because it’s EMBARRASSING and EXTRA 
  • Suga won’t even stay in the same room when it happens, he just leaves 
  • Jin is just a very caring and often dorky best friend who wants the best for you!!


  • One of those friends who’s really into doing things separately but in the same room
  • Especially likes it if you can guys can read in the same room and then occasionally tap on each other’s shoulders to excitedly talk about a super fun part in your books
  • Always tries to find common ground and interests with you because he likes have really long discussions about the things the two of you like
  • Wants to help you decorate your apartment and like he has nice style but also keeps trying to hide Ryan plushies all over the place 
  • Whether you’re with him or not, if he thinks that you’d like some food he’s trying, he’ll save a little so you can give it a shot too 
  • If you’re together, he nudges you slightly and goes “Yo this is really good” and you don’t even have to ask if you can try some because you know you’re always allowed to
  • If he goes out alone or with the members, he saves a little to be boxed up or asks for some to go because he knows you’d think it’s hella good
  • Friendship selfies!!! Lots of them
  • Y’all are blessing everyone’s timeline with some damn cute friend photos wherever you go together 
  • You taking photos for Kim Daily (bless that man for his daily photos, RM is the real mvp yall) 
  • Always casually mentioning you to other people, same with your likes
  • Says things like “Oh me and my best friend recently started reading/watching/whatever this series” 
  • Will ask for help with English sometimes, and if you speak any other languages you can bet that he wants to learn them as well
  • He really enjoys learning languages and if it means you guys can communicate in better ways, or hell just more ways than your presents ways, he’s all for it!!
  • He may even propose that the two of you study a language together!!! How fun,,
  • A very thoughtful person to come to when you’re upset- he listens to you very carefully and asks questions to make sure he has the fully story
  • Gives you amazing advice and reminds you that you’re not alone in dealing with your problems and that he’s really happy that you came to him for help what a dad
  • Feels like he can talk to you about anything and everything- even if you don’t quite understand something he’ll sit down with you and explain it the best that he can 
  • We all know he can get a bit philosophical at times and he really appreciates having a friend like you to listen to him ramble about things
  • Appreciates it even more if you offer your own opinion or debate with him a little bit 
  • You guys often stay up later than you should just talking and to him it’s really really nice to have someone he feels he can open to like this that isn’t in his group 
  • Like he loves the boys but sometimes it’s nice to have that outside perspective you feel???
  • He’s just really grateful to have a friend like you man


  • Likes to do lots of silly things to make you laugh because he’s an actual beautiful ray of sunshine 
  • He’ll do lots of girl group dances or make silly jokes or tell you funny stories- anything he can think of that’ll have the two of you doubled over and cracking up with laughter
  • A very touchy best friend??? Like he doesn’t hesitate to initiate skinship so long as you’re comfortable with it 
  • He doesn’t really think skinship has to be romantic all the time, especially since Bangtan has never been known to shy away from it with each other, so he doesn’t see the problem with him slinging his arm around your shoulder or ruffling your hair or little things like that 
  • Trusts in you to take care of his boo-boos whenever he gets one, from splinters to scrapes to bumps on the head 
  • “I got a splinterrr :(“
  • “Okay comere it’s gonna hurt a little but-”
  • “It’s okay!! I trust you!!”
  • But then yells when it hurts and you’re like dhsdjfhe I WARNED YOU 
  • Cries during movies with you 
  • WILL WATCH ROMANTIC COMEDIES WITH YOU WHAT A B L E S S I N G he doesn’t even care if it’s a “chick flick” he’s ready to watch and cry his eyeballs out when the protagonists hit a rough spot
  • If one of them dies he’s gonna cry even harder 
  • Trusts you so unconditionally that if you recommend something he’ll buy it without even looking at the reviews 
  • Which may not always be the wisest thing but does Hoseok care??? No because his best friend says it was okay so of course it must be 
  • Has you help him with language skills because like Rapmon, he wants to be able to speak whatever his best friend speaks 
  • If you’re upset, his primary focus is on letting you get those bad feelings out and then cheering you up as quickly as possible 
  • He showers you with verbal affection, telling you what an important and amazing friend you are before giving you a hug, patting your head and reminding you that it’s gonna be okay, he’s here to give you any strength you may be lacking in 
  • Then moves on to making you guys do something that’ll take your mind off whatever’s bothering you 
  • How can you stay sad for long with a best friend like this honestly??? He’s ready to go to the ends of the earth and back in order to make you smile again
  • Always leaves his stuff at your house but he doesn’t even care because it’s pretty much his second home anyways???
  • You nag him about it sometimes but he just laughs it off and like you can’t stay mad at him it’s JHOPE 
  • Your angel best friend who’s blessing u with his presence


  • Sends you links to terrible things like “If I have to look at it then so do you” 
  • You: Yoongi I literally do not need to see anything like that like ever who the hell even showed this to you-
  • Yoongi: Pick a maknae it was one of them
  • You: Of Course It Was
  • Looks to you for input on his music sometimes but because he doesn’t wanna reveal too much he only lets you listen to about five minutes of it 
  • “Idk just tell me if it does or not”
  • “Fhsffhej oh my god you suck” 
  • Likes to relax when you guys hang out together- life as an idol requires a lot of long hours working and he doesn’t have the same energy levels as J-Hope and the Youngins
  • Appreciates it when you don’t make him go out all the time, half the time he just wants to watch a movie or talk for a while
  • Hell if you like napping you guys can nap together he’s totally down for that
  • But that isn’t to say that he won’t still go out and have fun with you!! He just doesn’t go on as many weird, exciting adventures as say Jungkook sneak peek for my maknae line version I mean what
  • Weirdly good at remembering dates for you and will remind you of them 
  • “Hey don’t forget it’s your cousin’s birthday you forgot last year”
  • “How the hell did you-”
  • But when one of the members asks he forgets and you have to remember for him lmfao 
  • Sasses you a lot but will also sass anyone who bothers you 
  • If you guys team up against the other members it just turns into a roasting session that has you and Yoongi high fiving while Jin shouts in the bg about hOW DARE YOU MENTION THAT ONE EMBARRASSING THING HE DID 3 YEARS AGO THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A S E C R E T M I N S U G A 
  • Having a copy of that one predebut photo of him in your wallet just so you can pull it out and embarrass him at any moment in time
  • When you’re upset, he becomes very serious and makes it clear that he’s listening to you intently
  • He’s not the type to threaten to beat someone up for you, he’s more the type to just have you vent and offer any words of wisdom you ask for 
  • But you have to ask because he knows that sometimes people just wanna vent and don’t want advice
  • He’s a very relaxing and comfortable person to be around
  • He appreciates that you understand him enough to know that he’s more than just a grouchy stereotype and that he cares about the people around him even if he doesn’t express it 24/7 like how other people might 

…not AU + me just making shit up + don’t take this seriously!!! + rated pg + honestly, i wrote this idea down last night and today we finally got a selca!!! how timely!!! :) (tho you know…different context lol)

the filming felt like it was gonna drag on forever. they’ve been there for 7 hours trying to film a thirty-minute video. the clock strikes five, and finally they’re free, but their next schedule doesn’t start for at least two hours so snacks were due in order, giving the boys some hours of rest before they head off again.

as predicted, jimin drags yoongi away after the director yelled “aaaand cut!” and everyone files out of the room after thanking all the staff. 

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Track AU

okay so the whole gang is on a track team bc ive been watching the track world championships all weekend and im an Extra school athlete

- he’s a pole vaulter! naturally he’s the best one
- his gymnastics background helps bc his body is limber so his form is Perfection as he gets over the bar
- the only thing is he’s so damn tall and muscular so he needs a really heavy pole
- he’s snapped a pole before trying to go over
- darry is really good w giving advice and tips and he’s such a good team player
- but he gets a little snappy if he’s having an off day
- also does shot put, but pole vaulting is his main event
- he can run well, but not exceptionally so he sticks with field events

- he does triple jump and short sprints
- soda is actually pretty good at tj but he forgets about the board sometimes so he scratches a lot (jumps dont count if you step over the board)
- he doesnt take it too seriously tho it’s just fun for him
- he’s a child and loves landing in the sand
- coach puts him in as a short sprinter bc soda has NO endurance and he’s has decent speed
- he absolutely hates sprinting tho he false starts all the time and does it on purpose occasionally
- soda’s always the last one getting into the blocks which is SO annoying to everyone else in the heat
- his routine is so extra and unnecessary like he waves to the crowd, slaps his legs and everything

- he only does running events and he runs mid distance
- he’s a really good 400m runner, like he keeps a fast pace the whole time, but can full on sprint the last 100m which is annoying af to competitors
- he’s the guy who is steadily in like 5th place, but speeds up at the end and wins
- he also does the 4x400m relay
- it Stresses him Out bc it’s the last race in the meets so he’s nervous the whole time, plus it’s one of the most important events
- always asking his team mates to practice handing off the batons bc he’s not letting that shit drop

- he’s a distance runner bc he has good endurance but he’s not a great sprinter
- plus he has a pretty good body for it
- he typically does the mile but sometimes coach makes him run the 800m
- doesnt get nervous bc he doesn’t care too much, he’s really just there to be w the guys
- but he gets excited when he PRs (personal record)

- hurdles and high jump bc he’s really tall and lean
- he’s really good at both but this boi gets angry when he’s off
- kicks the mat and everything when the he doesn’t clear the bar in high jumping
- coach is always telling him to calm down
- but steve gets so excited when he wins or PRs
- his steps are super long and bouncy going into high jump
- he does the 100m and 300m hurdles which is a Bitch
- he does really well in the race but is dead tired at the end

Two Bit
- he does all the throwing events (shot put, discus etc)
- just cause he’s so big, every other event would be a dead mission
- when he actually tries he’s pretty good
- laughs when people people yell and spin around with their throws
- he’s a good teammate tho, he makes sure to watch every event after he’s done

- he’s a long jumper and a short sprinter
- absolutely despises the sand bc it gets everywhere
- will argue w the measurers bc “the sand was already indented there man”
- plays mind games with his competitors “the sand is so hard, im not gonna go all out and get hurt cause of it” “that guy over there jumped 25ft im not even gonna try”
- he’s a good sprinter he does the 100m and the 4x200m relay
- he just gets into his blocks right away like he doesn’t jump or do high knees or anything