try not to take this seriously tho

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Poe or Cassian helping their s/o with a fear of lightning?

Gone and done Cassian

-You’d be sleeping just fine.

-Just curled up in yo man’s arms, both content.

-Then lightning decides to be like “bitch you thought !!”

-But no seriously tho, lightning is awful

-The room lights up for a quick and heart stopping moment.

-You shoot up, hair raised, heart beating.

-You hear the loud thunder clap after. That wakes Cassian up.

-“Love, wha…” He wakes up and rubs his eyes.

-“I’m fine Cass, just, go back to bed. Please.” You take quiet breaths, trying to calm yourself

-Right when Cassian was about to protest, it happened again.

-You shut your eyes, and tense up.

-Cassian looks at you as he cups your face with his hands. “Breathe, Y/N. You are safe with me. Nothing can get you in here, I promise you. You’re safe, you’re safe…”

-He whispers words of love and encouragement to you as you fall asleep against his chest.

-He holds you as a lays down in the bed.

-“I’ll protect you, my love.”

no but aldertree sent raj to fetch a change of clothes and a cup of tea for clary aka raj probably stood in clary`s room going oh this shirt will go nicely with those jeans and i would like to personally thank him for that because clary looked fly 


…not AU + me just making shit up + don’t take this seriously!!! + rated pg + honestly, i wrote this idea down last night and today we finally got a selca!!! how timely!!! :) (tho you know…different context lol)

the filming felt like it was gonna drag on forever. they’ve been there for 7 hours trying to film a thirty-minute video. the clock strikes five, and finally they’re free, but their next schedule doesn’t start for at least two hours so snacks were due in order, giving the boys some hours of rest before they head off again.

as predicted, jimin drags yoongi away after the director yelled “aaaand cut!” and everyone files out of the room after thanking all the staff. 

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I can’t take Jinyoung seriously when he dabs. Not that he does it wrong but his vibe is like a dad trying to fit in with the youngsters

I’ll be honest: I just want Aether to be the true villains (be they well-intentioned, but in a twisted way or outright evil, tho I think the latter is less likely.) because I like Team Skull too much and want to team up with them once the whole reveal happens and they go way too far for even Guzma’s tastes.

Because imo, the whole destruction in human form just seems to be trying way too hard:

And I can’t really take Plumeria or the grunts too seriously because they’re mostly delinquents and I don’t think they’re out for any world-destroying shit:

I’m just not buying them going from a guy who wanted to commit genocide to a gang whose plots seem to consist of graffiti and petty theft.

(The only one I take somewhat seriously is–probably oddly-enough–Gladion, due to his highly-likely ties to Aether, given how much he looks like Lusamine and his use of Type:Null, and the chance he may be UB-02 Absorption, given the similarities and possibly as the reasoning for his pose, apprehensive expression, and his constant shaking during battles–it just seems like he’s trying to hold something back to me. It’s even debatable if he’s truly a member of Team Skull, since how it’s been pointed out he lacks their emblems–and also the above resemblance to Lusamine and UB-02, he could be the tie between the two organizations.)

(Can’t wait to see if any of our theories are proven when the games are released.)

Hello world, long time and nothing to post.

I´m sorry for inactivity but uni stuff take a lot of time from me but anyway this sim really catch my eye and I just needed to try her.

She´s good tho @gramssims, really good job.

I just change her hair, dress (by amazing @vittleruniverse from the kendall collection) and put lashes on her and some accessories and bam she is flawless.

She seriously have that Bey vibe from like 2014 - 2015 era I think on that picture.

I love it !!!

I also tried a new editing style (tutorial by @sk-sims), I kinda like it, maybe I´ll stick to it for now, we will see :)

Sorry if it’s becoming a habit of me to start silly little fights with you, love. I know it ruins us almost ever single night which is the only time we have in a day. Sorry for the signals, I know you don’t read minds but I admittedly do have a habit of showing signs that I’m already mad or in a bad mood which you don’t normally get or understand because–ugh, men. I’ll try to say my feelings straight up next time, don’t worry. Sorry if I get jealous a lot. It’s just that I’m terrified of the idea of losing you, then lose myself again. Sorry if I tend to take things seriously at some point of the moments when we joke around. Heh, no need to explain, i’m just dead crazy about you I overthink. I’m sorry.. tho I promise to always make love to you after. ;)

I couldn’t make this up even if I wanted too, I saw the most beautiful family today and honest to God, they looked like they were what the percabeth family would look like. I tried my hardest to capture their beauty and just pure love for each other but honestly, this doesn’t even hold a candle to their perfection.

Me: I’m taking the dog for a walk, mom!

Mom: Really? You never do that.

Me: Just felt like mixing it up.

Dog: *dances around my legs excitedly*

Me: *leans down and whispers* Now make no mistake I am bringing you along with me to act as a buffer so I don’t look creepy when I’m aimlessly walking around trying to catch Pokemon. Don’t be weird about this, okay?


Me: Good.

I was rly hesitant to upload this >_<; Since I rly don’t want to butt into every damn G!sansverse there exists…but thought this might be funny (and G looks good here). Inspired by something @elicitsins said on one stream chat, reacting to my words that I’d throw out G! outta’church because…you know….. WHO SMOKES IN CHURCH? Also…U SINPILE PRIEST …no way I can let this slip!! I’m a religious person afterall, ‘s no way this getting unpunished :’D (hahaha not that I could do much against him anyway….that’s a very scary thought there O__o;;; I hate this)

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Things I need from Lolirock:
  • for Iris not to be the most powerful person in existance bcuz its cliche af (seriously the royal family of xeris is said to be extremely powerful and gramorr is legit scurd of izira; more so than iris it seems, and auriana whips out rly unique spells that surprise even talia; plus morgaine or whatevs her name is is rly powerful too; i hate this cliche in magical girl stuff)

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  • a whole episode of Gramorr’s daily life (this is important)
  • Gramorr monologuing and having convos with his cat (also important)
  • Banes.  
  • Iris talking and getting along with Banes and Gramorr yelling “DONT TALK TO HER” bcuz jealous pet owners
  • More dorky twins in disguises
  • Mephisto trying out his new hairdo on the ‘ladies’ and they actually like it
  • PraxinaxLeather Jackets. Its canon. Fight me.
  • I wanna see how batshit crazy Volta is i bet they party hard
  • where are the evil bbys coming from is gramorr a mommy???
  • MORE BANES. Why is he named Banes? does gramorr watch Downton Abbey when he’s not going ramsey on the dark bbys and killing sparkly teens? 
  • For the newbies to be like the Outer Senshi and teach the trio magic bcuz why is Talia the only one teaching the considered “savior”? “This girl is gonna go all Fa Mulan and save us all but fuck it send the newly orphaned blue nerd with resting bitch face from Xeris thats not a planet but talked about as if it were a planet and that chick with the 38 sisters. They wont even notice she gone, we’ll lure her away with snacks. - good plan (this is when the high counsel or whoever came up with this high fives and one asks whats a xeris)”
  • more of mephisto’s dance moves
  • talisto trash prbly
  • iris and auriana taking prax shopping 
  • Praxina listening to heavy metal with a straight face
  • Zeinos and Deinos or whatever tf they’re called gimme more dark bbys

I won’t get any of this…

Artist & Illustrator:


I am absolutely in love and inspired by@zihwa_tattooer, particularly for this one. seriously thinking of flying to Germany for one from them to cover my huge surgery scar actually… +__+. Need to verify with my doctors first tho. Also, I like drawing fishes and plants but never together…but @miho_oil_painting has inspired me to try it :D. As usual, these dated sketches are drawing with pencil and coloured digitally :).
~ rambling starts ~
Haha so tired again. My whole body’s sore today from yesterday’s strength training at the exercise rehab. I know a lot of you guys told me to take it easy but if I start something like this (daily sketch) I just have to finish it…once I stop I just get lulled into complacency and won’t do it for a loooong time xD;; which is something I’m trying to avoid so bear with me as I complain about my slow-healing body 😆. Thanks guys.”


While everyone was getting their Laser Packs on you walk up to Clint.

“Hey Birdie, your aim is good right? Wanna team up?” 

“Nice try, (Y/N), I know you will always say that and then shoot me repeatedly,” pulling out his gun he walks out towards the door.

“So, you have to shoot the packs? Does it hurt the person?” Steve questions Tony.

“Yes and no it doesn’t hurt. It will hurt all of you when I am the victor,” he stares at everyone, “Sure thing Stark but we all know who is going to be the real winner here.”

Looking over at Natasha you see a smirk on her face, she mumbles something indecipherable under her breath. 

3…2…1…. Lights off!

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Hi could I get a match up? I'm 5'3 and a half, chubby, long red hair, and green eyes; I do need glasses to see. I'm a total mom friend and tend to worry about others to the point I forget to take care of myself, besides that tho I am sarcastic by nature and my humor is really dry, but I'm a total nerd really. I like to cook, play videogames, I also draw and enjoy light reading. I do suffer from schizophrenia and anxiety but I do try to deal with it the best I can! Keep up the good work! nvn

Thank you that’s sweet!

Azusa-kun for youuu

You would definitely be like a mom to him. Always wandering around the house. Where is Azusa? He was here a minute ago. No AZUSA NOT THE KNIFE 

But seriously, he would adore the attention you’d give him. Perhaps do rather stupid things in order to get a bit of your affection? He would enjoy those moments because he would be able to talk freely to you and share thoughts. He’d also use it in order to get some of your blood. Yet, even if Azusa would often be taken care of, he would also be the care giver at times. He would protect you with his life and get more possessive than what people think!

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Why can't Annalise represent herself tho? She's a better lawyer than Bonnie and I'm pretty sure that it's her right even if she's been disbarred again (which she probably has been, they were waiting for one more strike to disbar her) just like Frank is going to

thats a good question and i really don’t know? unless she feels the jury won’t take her seriously if she does

but can i just say im literally so excited to watch frank try to represent himself its gonna be fucking hilarious

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To that anonymous whom question Clarke's insecurity to wanting to experience new things. Uhm that's a little much to ask when Clarke clearly hasn't shown like she's not happy in her relationship whether she is bi or not. Like how can you ask that of a person? She may be bi but she has the same chooses as any "straight" person who chooses to marry multiple times. Come on Seriously? Lexa won't hold her back if she wants to experience other things. They best friend, they have trust. I'm salty now😒

I don’t think they were insinuating that she’d cheat, I think they meant Lexa might worry that Clarke wants to try new things. Idk if it’s my fault that suddenly anons are jumping @ each other lol but everyone take it easy, people are allowed to ask questions, sometimes they’re worded wrong. I appreciate the concern tho.

loomborn replied to your post “okay so those “tumblr is 10 years old let’s list every meme ever…”

there are things that are actually cringe like fandom wars but its funny tho i laugh everytime. mishapocalypse was hilarious tbh

yEAH i mean like. that stuff was embarrassing to see but that’s what’s funny about it? that people took it so seriously? but NOW when people take the “trauma from how cringey it was” so seriously it’s just as ridiculous, this is what i’m trying to say you see