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BTS: Being protective over their girlfriend/wife


Namjoon (Rap Monster):

I feel like the line between Namjoonie being chill and being super protective is very short. He’ll let her go off on her own when they’re at a party, for example, but as soon as another man even looks at you the wrong way he’ll be there with his arm around your waist. 

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Jin will be fairly laid back, and if anyone approaches you in a weird way I feel like Jin will be more awkward than aggressive. He’ll definitely be annoyed by it, but he’s more flight in regards to fight or flight.

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Yoongi (Suga):

Suga is like Namjoon; he’s fairly relaxed until he sees that you’re uncomfortable or that someone’s trying to make a move on you. As soon as he notices something like that he’ll swoop in, take you by the waist and say, “If you’ll excuse me, my girlfriend and I were just leaving.”

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Hoseok (J-Hope):

Hobi strikes me as the kind of boyfriend/husband that’s always kind of “on guard” and making sure she’s okay. If he feels that he ever needs to step in he certainly will, and will handle whatever situation calmly and non-confrontationally. 

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Jimin (as well as the rest of the maknae line) is pretty protective. He won’t restrict where she can or cannot go or anything, but he’ll just always be a little worried. At the same time he knows that she can handle herself, he’s just a sweet and protective lil guy. But if anyone ever hurts his girl then they better watch the fuck out. 

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Tae will most likely be intimidated by anyone who tries to make a move on his girlfriend. He just won’t know what to do, unless things get serious, in which he’ll just grab her and run.

*conflicted bean*

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Kookie will be like Jimin, protective, but from a far. However, you better pray for anyone who bothers or hurts her.

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What about a Sheith groundhog’s day story where the condition to end the loop is to finally confess feelings. IDK who should be repeating the day though.

This is way, way super late but omg I love time loop stuff! I kind of want Shiro to keep reliving the day? Just because :3 What if they’re on a planet that has strange properties that manipulate time. What if something is bothering Keith and Shiro spends every looped day trying to figure out what it is? He tries leaving Keith alone, that doesn’t work, tries asking him what’s wrong, gets an excuse. Then he spends the whole day with Keith, trying to figure him out, maybe takes him to different places each day and sees different sides to Keith and falls in love with him a bit more with every loop. 

And then at the end of one of the days, they’re looking up at the planet’s two moons, stargazing, it’s a minute before midnight, before the loop resets, and Shiro just takes Keith’s hand and says “I want tomorrow with you, and every day after that.” And Shiro has his eyes closed, waiting for the day to reset, but the minute goes by and when he opens his eyes Keith is there, so close, whispering “me too” and that’s it there’s no more loop it’s just the two of them, kissing a minute after midnight. 

Looking through the #nonbinarytransition on instragram

There were hundreds of pictures and aALL BUT ONE were people AFAB

I think that says something about society… that if woman are not feminine they are something other than women :(

But my god i can relate! I’m not a lesbian so I can’t take claim the words ‘butch’ or 'boi’. 'Tomboy’ makes me feel about 10 years old and 'gender non comforming’ makes me skin crawl as there is no wrong way to be a gender!

But I am feminine in ways so words like 'butch’ don’t tell the whole story. I should stop trying to look for labels as just be happy being myself, as a woman but Icm always attaching for the latest label, to finally find some sence of identity, that’s one of the things that make me wonder if I have borderline personality disorder (or emotionally unstable whatever it’s called now)

So 'non binary’ is temping and I can see why so many people go with it.


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On a serious note I honestly feel like I have no family. Like call me selfish point out so the ways I'm wrong blah blah but you can't make me unfeel what I feel. Aand then on top off al that try to blame me and out all things on me. So I just feel very alone so trapped in this never ending contract. I want to wake up.

I know that feeling. All I can say is that it will end one day. In the meantime you can just practice not taking it all so seriously. Believe it or not but most people don’t act because of others instead they act for their own purposes, with their own misgivings and failures. Most people are stuck in their little bubbles of self.

The Five Times Bucky Picks You

Word Count: 2,084

Warnings: None.

A/N: Something quick I whipped up because my brain is too tired to write any series. Enjoy :D 

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The first time Bucky picks you, you’re sitting at your dining room table, biology book opened as you try to draw a diagram of a plant cell. You have a half-eaten sandwich sitting on your plate beside the book and you take a bit, absently chewing as you frown at your paper. The proportions are all wrong and these are just notes, they shouldn’t be something you worry about, but here you are, erasing the cell wall for the fifth time and trying to be accurate this time around.

Being in honors classes, you’re pressured to do your best and graduate top of your eighth-grade class. Your parents beam with pride when they tell their friends that you’re doing so well in school, and you want to keep them looking that way for as long as you can.

There’s a knock to your door and your mom calls out your name. “Bucky’s here!” she says.

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Pushing your knees forward in the Squat.

I’m sure most of you on here know how to squat, or have at least done it before. And I’m sure almost all of you have been told the same cue when squatting.

“Push your hips back”

While I wont say that is the wrong way to squat, I will say that it is an extremely inefficient way to squat. Inefficient meaning you’re dumping energy into less than optimal positions, that will take away from your ability to lift more weight and recruit more muscle engagement. 

Above is the way I see most people try to squat. Hips are pushed back, back is hyper extended to keep the chest up, and the knees are behind the toes. 

This is how most people should squat. Notice the knees PAST the toes, hips are sunk low, and the back is vertical and FLAT, not arched. 

Now I know most of you have probably always heard that the knees coming forward in the squat is bad because it puts too much pressure on your knee joint, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. The knees coming forward in the squat is only dangerous when the squat mechanics are off. 

Check out the picture below. 

On the left you have an extremely efficient squat position. Notice the bar high on the lifters back directly over the middle of foot (center of gravity) and the back flat and upright, keeping the hips close to the center of gravity. This will allow for maximal quad recruitment when coming out of the bottom position and it will also reduce strain on the back because the vertebra are stacked on top of each other.

On the right you will see the bar out in front of the center of gravity and much lower on the lifters back. The knees behind the toes which cause the hips to be further away from the center of gravity which creates a more horizontal spine. This can cause a lot of stress on the back to keep the bar/chest from falling forward further which would result in the lifter falling down. 

To me the answer is obvious, when it comes to efficiency and safety, get that back up, those hips low, and those knees forward. 

I didnt really feel like Uncle Andy was being xenophobic. I think some people are taking his characterization the wrong way–his whole thing was he was afraid of change, and his family barn literally got invaded by actual, outer space aliens, so he was upset. Like, try to rewatch and find instances where he actually got upset at weird shit the Gems did. There really aren’t any. They are flying around, pounding carrots out of the ground, presenting him with a tombstone, raising their plates in a toast, and none of that upset him. It was stuff like when he realized they took the engine from the plane he learned to fly in and turned it into a cooktop that made him angry, because it meant that things weren’t staying the same.

Of course I’m not trying to say that Andy is a perfect character, but I think that interpreting him as “Steven’s racist uncle” is kind of unfair considering he didn’t discriminate against them at all–he seemed really understanding and accepting of the Gems, even though they were obviously really different from him and did stuff that he didn’t understand. He was close-minded when it came to changing the way that things were traditionally but not when it came to accepting the Gems for who they are. I thought it was a good message? just my personal 2 cents, it’s perfectly fine to disagree

When You Were Young

Thank you so much to @mimisari234 for requesting this. I’m so sorry you had to wait so long darling but I really hope it was worth the wait and that you enjoy. Thank you so much! x x

Request: Hi! What about a one shot where the reader turned into a child and the Avengers need to find a way to bring her back. While, Bucky is responsible to take care of the little reader! Thank you!

Summary: Loki’s revenge falls upon the wrong person. Protective Bucky looking after the little reader was so adorable it literally gave me life!

Words: c. 2,270

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As the chaos of fighting broke out a powerful shot from Loki’s staff had sent you hurtling across the room and finding yourself winded with a painful ringing in your ears you absolutely cursed your mortal body watching Thor and Steve working together to try to bring Loki down but you were physically unable to lift yourself from the ground.

“Enough!” Steve shouted, momentarily commanding everyone’s attention, including Loki’s.

“Loki, enough, you are acting like a petulant child!”

“Petulant child?” Loki stated incredulously. “I will show you a petulant child, soldier!” he huffed.

As you slowly pulled yourself to your feet, a flash of green light aimed at Steve rebounded off his shield and hit you smack in the stomach and sent you flying backwards once again, the last thing you remembered was Steve’s worried face looming over you, before you completely blacked out.

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The other day, this man arrived at XCOM. Look at him. 

“Fucking wanker calls himself ‘Diamond’,” you might say. I agreed with you. But XCOM needed bodies, so we took him.

You and I were both wrong. Sure, he’s smug. But Diamond Jay Walker’s got it where it counts.

He’s on an op. Team’s doing well, taking some fire but giving it back better. Everyone’s finish up the turn when from the flank appears a goddamn Sectopod.

If you don’t know what that is, well, it’s a goddamn two story tall walking tank. Stuffed full of guns. Super heavy armor. Death on two legs.

Most men would run for cover. Try to find a way to survive.

Not Diamond Jay.

Diamond Jay brought anti-armor rounds.

Now, that alone might not be enough, but he’s going to try. He levels his plasma shotgun, pulls the trigger.

Critical hit. Half the mechanical monster’s  health is gone.

Most men would stop there. Not Diamond Jay. He picked up a little cross class talent. 

He fires again.

Critical hit.

The Sectopod explodes.

And that, my friends, is why Diamond Jay Walker gets free drinks whenever he damn well pleases.

He’s a goddamn hero.

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I’ll give my favorite new headcanon, in detail below. It can be best summed up as the following:

Newt Scamander is a terrible flirt who doesn’t understand innuendo even after they’re together but he tries oh my god does he try and usually ends up embarassing everyone except for himself.

Credence is, secretly, and in ways that only come out during rare and blink-or-you-miss-it bursts of confidence, devastatingly smooth as fuck.

Read on for details

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“In some ways, artist Alexa Meade is a traditional figure painter. But she works on an unusual canvas: the actual human body. And she takes a classical concept — trompe l'oeil, the art of making a two-dimensional representation look three-dimensional — and turns it on its head. Her aim is to do the opposite, to collapse depth and make her living models into flat pictures.”

-PBS NewsHour

If these paintings will seem normal to you, watch them better. Yep. You could try to guess what makes these images so extraordinary, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be wrong. At first look, you might think that the style Alexa Meade, artist from Los Angeles, (brushstrokes thick and heavy, intense colors, lights and shadows exaggerated) is quite simple, even traditional. 

But only until you realize that his painting breathes for real! Yes, Alexa Meade literally paints people ! 

The artist uses acrylic paints on human skin and creates his works of body art in such a way that the subject is two-dimensional, flat images against a background expressionist. 

Impressive, amazing and astonishing. I love her works! Totally!!

Hey, so listen. I just think it’s important to say that no matter how much you know about the animals you’re keeping, it’s important to always keep learning.

It’s also important to research and take advice if you’re told something you’re doing may not be the best thing. It sucks to find out you may be doing something wrong, but take it as people care enough to try and help make sure your animals get the best care possible. Considering advice and researching instead of being angry or dismissive reflects better on you too.

Sometimes we mess up, but we just gotta learn and do better. I have made mistakes too. I’ve had to change the way I’ve done things with my birds after learning new info. I am not a perfect example all the time of good bird keeping. I’m still learning and will always continue to learn. New info is always coming.

Just remember that there is always more to learn.

This has been my random thought at 3AM.

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Being Sirius Black's daughter would include?

  • Being so badass and never taking someones shit.
  • Sirius would try to be the best father but some days he just messes everything up.
  • Since Sirius didn’t have a good father figure growing up, he tries to overcompensate by always being there for you since the day you were born. 
  • That sometimes gets frustreted, and it can lead to some fights.
  • He would love you so much it hurts, and dispite some figts you two would have the b e s t father/daughter relationship. 
  • Sirius won’t talk  about his past, even if you ask him.
  • You can talk to him about everything, but every time you bring up his family, he kind of gives you the cold shoulder.
  • He would cry his out off after you leave for Hogwarts for the first time. 
i. your emotional wounds are synonymous to physical ones, and you have to treat them as so.

ii. when bones hit too hard, or bend the wrong way, or try to take on too much weight, they break. remember that the sole job of your bones is to carry the weight of you around, and breaking when they take more than they can handle does not make them weak. you are not weak for crumbling under the weight of everything that falls on your shoulders.

iii. time is your best friend. torn flesh doesn’t close and broken bones don’t mend overnight. why should you expect your heart to?

iv. if you keep poking at the holes in your skin and pulling at the edges of jagged cuts, they’re never going to heal. wrap them up, lay them to rest, avoid doing things that might make them worse.

v. certain wounds are still going to hurt years down the line when you move the wrong way or put your weight on the injured appendage wrong. some wounds heal completely, and others don’t. you cannot be angry at the ones which don’t - they are trying their best, but they need time.

vi. some wounds are bound to leave scars. these scars may start out as a reminder of your pain, but you must learn to regard them as a reminder of your strength and the things that you’ve overcome.

vii. do not rely on painkillers. you feel that pain as a warning to your body to slow down, to stop doing whatever might be hurting you. pay attention to that pain. deal with it; don’t suppress it with narcotics because as soon as the medicine wears off, the pain is going to be worse than before.

viii. self inflicted wounds apply to these rules, too.

ix. you are not alone. you are surrounded by medical professionals who are going to sit by your bedside and let you bruise your fingers when the pain gets too much, who are going to tug your hands away and tape your bandages back into place when you want to pick at your destroyed flesh. someone is waiting with a pair of latex gloves and a massive first aid kit to patch up the holes when the shrapnel and the bullets hit. you are not healing alone.


Ken Hermann didn’t mean to start a fire. Really. He didn’t. He was just trying to take a picture. He loves making photographs of explosions, and had a pretty good track record. He had a system, see. But this time, something went wrong. He lit the firework and sprinted back to his camera for his shot. Hermann has made more than 50 photos for Explosions 1.0 and Explosions 2.0, shooting everything from mini mushroom clouds to great balls of fire.

SEE MORE: Photos are way cooler when there are explosions.

paying attention to what’s going on is honestly exhausting. try to figure out a way to find the balance between being informed and having your mental and emotional health in jeopardy. that might mean avoiding social media all together, or filtering what you see, or avoiding certain groups of individuals.

there’s nothing wrong with stepping back from what’s happening in the world, especially since these events impact many of us personally due to our nationality or religion or legal status. please, please, take care of yourself. 

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Do you have any tips on trying to stay positive???

A few tips to stay positive:
1. Learn to express self-love! Compliment yourself on one thing everyday and make sure to congratulate yourself on your achievements, even the small ones.
2. Remember that today is ONE DAY of many. There is always tomorrow.
3. It is okay to make mistakes; the only way to learn and get better at anything is to make mistakes. Learn from what you’ve done wrong, and move on. Everyone makes mistakes, you are no exception.
4. It is important to take breaks; if things get too rough, take a step back. Do a calming activity (ex: knitting, coloring, getting a snack, doodling, reading, etc.) and come back to what is giving you trouble at a later date.
5. Life is a lot of work and stress. You have to have fun sometimes, too. Take one day of the week and make that your “all play no work” day. Dedicate this day to doing what makes you happy and make sure to do as little work as possible! You can do the rest of your work the other 6 days of the week.
6. Remember you are loved.
7. Take deep breaths. Look up breathing exercises on the internet; they help improve one’s singing and are good for those with anxiety.
8. Make sure to drink and eat throughout the day. This is important! Also remember to take your medication (there are many apps which can help you set reminders for when to take your medication!)
9. Don’t care about what others think; just do what makes you happy. People are going to judge you no matter what, so might as well just do what makes you happy anyway! Be weird. Be unique. Be yourself.
10. Spread the positivity! Giving other joy and positivity is a good way to also give yourself joy and positivity. The more positivity spread, the better!!!

Hope this helps 💕

Hearts of Onion

When you work with food all day you begin to see the world in terms of food, and how you relate to it.  A warm hug reminds you of bread because that’s what good bread tastes like.  The way a person loves directly correlates to their favorite sort of chocolate.  When I have to remind myself to be patient I think of the word “ciabatta”.  Today, everyone at work asked me what was bothering me, who had wronged me, while I was chopping onions.  The onions, I said.  The onions have wronged me.

Inside of course, was a mess.  It’s almost always a mess, but you can’t really tell until you take out a slice and see.  There is no way to talk about it because there is no reason to talk about it – everyone understands, and if they don’t understand there is no point trying to make them.  Things are not fitting together right on the inside, not at the moment.

The little hearts of the onions separate so easily and become impossible to slice with the rest of the rings.  They’re delicate and small, intricately layered, secreted away inside multiple cages of onion shell, protected by the juicy poison that makes you cry.  This was it, my own heart, in splendid white and purple – an easily broken apart little plant cell, delicious when paired with the right flavors and not for every palate, built upon many layers that cause excessive crying.  

Every week I get people proposing, moaning, giggling over my food.  It shouldn’t be so hard to find the right person to cook for.