try not to look santa in the eye

Javid moments we don’t talk about enough

• When Jack is climbing the railing to change the headline board during the World Will Know, Davey goes up there with him. When Jack and the guy with the chalk start yelling, Davey puts a hand on Jack’s shoulder and stands in between them. You can see him try to reason with the man but he takes a step forward and Davey flinches in a “I can’t believe you just did that” way and it’s hilarious

• Speaking of Davey being protective, when Wisel’s guys grab Jack in the beginning of the fight scene, Davey immediately launches himself at them and pulls the guy off Jack. This gets me cuz Davey likely has little to no experience in fighting, yet he doesn’t even hesitate when protecting Jack

• During the scene where they’re hiding in the theater Jack just casually puts a hand on Davey’s lower back while he’s talking to Medda and wow

• “I’m a blowhard. Davey’s the brains of the operation”

• why does no one talk about how Davey invites Jack over for dinner. Like.. so sweet

• Davey saves Jack’s ass: the sequel. During the rally after Jack tells them they should stop striking, Spot lunges for Jack but Davey blocks him. This also gets me because, as we know, Davey was freaking crushed by what Jack said about the strike. Yet he stills refusing to let anyone hurt him.

• Not super shippy but the way Ben Fank dilevers the “Is that a real place? That Santa Fe?” Line is just,, so important to me. He does the seductive eyes when he’s saying “Santa Fe” and it’s Too Much


“You Are Such an Idiot” Finn Wolfhard

Plot - Finn comes home after filming for stranger things.

Pairing - Finn Wolfhard x Reader


“FINN!!!” I yelled, throwing my arms around him in the crowded airport. “Ive missed you so much.” I mumbled into his neck. “Ive missed you too, sweetheart. I’m glad to be back.” Finn replied, pulling me closer. It’s been months since I’ve seen him in real life. He was busy working on Stranger Things. It was hard to only be able to facetime and text him, and most of the time, he was too busy to reply or answer my call. I did get to visit once in the beginning, but he was of course filming and rehearsing and we would always be with his cast members. Finally, we got to be with each other, no one else, just us. I lived close enough to the airport that I could uber there and uber back. “Hey lovebirds! People need to get places, move out of the way!!” An old man yelled at us. We moved out of the way and Finn immediately kissed me on the lips. “I’ve been waiting to do that for too long.” He breathed, kissing me again.

“So, what’s it like being famous?” I joked, walking into my empty house with him close behind. “I wouldn’t say I’m famous but it’s kind of weird to be called Mike while taking a piss.” He replied, laughing. “That is weird.” I giggled, going straight to the kitchen. “Ooooo, we should make cookies!” Finn exclaimed, looking through the cabinets. “Do you even know how to bake?” I asked, taking the mix from him. “Can you teach me baby?” He whimpered, making puppy dog eyes. “Don’t ask me that, teaching you to do anything is like trying to teach a cat how to drive a car.” I answered, trying to hold in laughter. “Wow, I thought you loved me!” He fake cried. “Jesus Finn, you’re a good actor but you can’t fake cry for shit.” I rolled my eyes, going over to him. “I know, now, let’s make cookies!”

About 2 hours later we had cookies, we also had a huge mess. “Finn, stop eating and help me!” I groaned, handing him a rag. “Ugh, fine, but only for you.” He whined.

“Hey, Y/N, look.” Finn said ten minutes after I asked him to help. “I’m santa ho ho ho.” He laughed, his hair and face covered in flour. “Finn! That’s not cleaning up! You are such an idiot.” I rolled my eyes, walking over to him. “I may be an idiot, but i’m your idiot.” He goofily grinned as I wiped the flour off his face. “You’re cute.” I giggled, lightly kissing his lips.

The rest of the day was spent cuddling, watching tv, eating cookies, and just catching up. It was perfect.




Puppy Love - Part 1

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,470

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.


You swear to god your dog is a ninja. He’s constantly sneaking off and getting into trouble. He’s worse than a little kid. He’s a 100 lb German Shepherd for Christ’s sake. You should be able to keep track of him.

“Murphy! Come here, buddy!” 

The beautiful beast is too smart for his own good. He’s a troublemaker for sure. He needs to know what’s happening at all times. You have a slight suspicion that he thinks he’s a police dog.

You quickly search the house and the backyard, you’re not surprised that he’s no where to be found. He tends to invade your neighbors lives. He’ll just waltz right into someone’s yard or house if he can. Sigh. You walk out your front door and start looking around.

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BTS reaction: Telling their innocent child that Santa Claus/Unicorns/The Tooth Fairy doesn’t exist.

Anon requested:

hi! can you do a reaction? like, how they would tell their super innocent children that santa claus or unicorns (or whatever) don’t exist? thank you !


Originally posted by sugaa

Seokjin probably never intended for his son to find out that Santa Claus wasn’t real. He wanted his kid to believe in “the magic of Christmas” and he just loved telling him all those made up stories about Santa and seeing the excitement in his child’s eyes. So when one day his kid got home from school looking extremely sad and disappointed, because someone else at school told him Santa wasn’t real, Jin would be actually heartbroken. He would try to talk to his son about how even though Santa isn’t real “the magic of Christmas” is still a thing that exists, and comfort him with a smile. But on the inside, he would be just as sad as his child, because he would see this as a sign that his kid is growing up.


Originally posted by notjustaphase

Yoongi would have a soft spot for his daughter. He would go to great lengths to make sure that his princess is happy. So knowing his child’s obsession with fairies he would go out of his way to make her believe they’re real - going as far as actually dressing up as a fairy himself. But when one day his daughter comes to him, on the verge of tears, and innocently asks: 

“Daddy, is it true that fairies aren’t real?”

He would start stuttering trying to come up with a lie, but at the end, he wouldn’t really know what to do so he would just give up and explain to her in the most gentle way possible that fairies aren’t real. 


Originally posted by hohbi

Jhope would probably just let it slip accidentally, referring to the tooth fairy as “I” of “Her” making his child realize that it wasn’t the tooth fairy that took his tooth from under his pillow. At this point, Hoseok would know he messed up, sighing to himself annoyed by his own stupidity and would try to cover things up by making up some kind of ridiculous explanation. But at the end, he would get so tangled in his own story that he would just have to explain to his kid the truth.


Originally posted by ksjknj

Being the intellectual that he is, Namjoon would find no point in lying to his son about the existence of Santa Claus, and would most likely be the one to decide to tell him. He would try to find the most careful and sweet way to say it. He would make his kid some hot chocolate and start the conversation in a very carefree and usual manner, just casually letting the fact slide in. 

“So you know how your mom and I told you that Santa brings you all the presents on Christmas? Well, you might be shocked to hear this but it was actually us all along…”


Originally posted by sosjimin

Jimin would actually be genuinely scared of having this conversation with his child. He loved his kid more than anything so when one day he realizes that he needs to finally tell his daughter that unicorns aren’t real he would get really emotional. Jimin would get TOO emotional, taking it even harder than his child and probably breaking out in tears in the middle of the conversation apologizing to his daughter for lying to her for all those years. And leaving his kid, less sad and more concerned about her dad. 


Originally posted by bangtanroyalty

Tae would attempt to tell his kids that Santa doesn’t exist many, many times. But each time he would fail miserably. Every time he would convince himself to say it, but then he would look at his child’s innocent brown eyes, and give up on what he has to say with a sigh. After many, many attemts Tae would give up, knowing that his kid would eventually realize it themselves. 


Originally posted by bangtan

Jungkook would be totally, 100% against telling his kid that Santa doesn’t exist. He would deny it every time his chikd would ask. Coming up with crazy stories and great lies just to make sure that his child believes him. If he ever does have tell them though, he would most likely make someone else do it, thinking that he wouldn’t want to see the dissapointment in his child’s eyes. 

A Christmas Pet - Damian Wayne x Batmom

Prompt: Damian finds Santa’s reindeer on the roof (while Santa is downstairs) and is trying to convince Batmom to let him keep them

“Mom! Wake up!” Damian whispered crawling into your bed in the middle of the night and urgently shaking your shoulders. Your eyes cracked open and you looked over to see Bruce sleeping like a log on the other side of the bed.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?” You mumbled already letting your eyes close again.

“There’s reindeer on the roof Mom! Come look!” Damian said eagerly pulling at your arm. “Come on Mom!” He encouraged again when you were too slow to get out of bed for his liking.

Damian dragged you downstairs and out the front door into the frigid snow covered night. You managed to pull on a jacket and some boots before it was too late. He pulled you some distance away from the manor until you could clearly see the roof and stopped to point up.

Holy shit.

“See? I told you!” He said and dear lord he was right. On your roof stood multiple real live reindeer. Their breathes billowed visibly from their noses while they stood calmly on your roof. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw that they were all harnessed together leading a bright red sleigh. You stood there in shock with you mouth hanging open in shock.

How much did you spend to make this happen, Bruce. You thought to yourself. And more importantly how the hell did you manage to get nine reindeer and a sleigh on the roof?

“Can I keep one?” Damian asked hopefully.

“No.” You responded immediately.

“But there’s so many Mom! They need a home and Batcow needs more friends.” He argued.

“Go ask your father.” You said, not able to take your eyes off the fucking deer on the manor’s roof.

“Yes!” He celebrated briefly before hurrying inside to go ask his father permission to adopt yet another unconventional pet. Shaking your head numbly at the sight before your eyes you broke out of your trance to hurry after Damian to make sure he wouldn’t actually wake up Bruce. That man would agree to anything in a haze of sleep.

“So how did you do it?” You whispered to Bruce the next morning while all the boys were opening gifts.

“Do what?”

“Get live reindeer on the roof.” You said a little confused as to why he was acting like he had no idea what you were talking about.

“I didn’t do that.” He stated honestly.

“Then who did?” You asked, the sounds of sleigh bells could be heard far off in the distance.

Becoming Part of the Family

George Washington x Reader ft. kiddo hamilsquad

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Sequel to: Meeting the Family

Words: 842

Request: Not to bother but is there a planned sequel to your meeting the boys GWash fic? I thought I was so cute! I would adore you even more if you could continue something there 😘 -anon

A/N: Merry Christmas Eve! I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested lovely! Anyways, I hope you guys have had a wonderful holiday season! If we haven’t wrote your holiday request yet, you can expect it out very soon! Love you guys!

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s Christmas! Santa came and we need to see what he got us!” You were woken by seven boys jumping on the bed you and George were snuggled in.

“What time is it?” George groaned, rubbing his eyes.

“It’s about eight o’clock, but why would that matter? Santa came!” Alex screeched, trying to pull George out of the bed. Laf was on your side of the bed trying to do the same.

“I wonder what Santa got you, (Y/N)?” Laf asked, his eyes lighting up at the thought of presents. “If I had the money, I would have gotten you a real nice present.”

“Thank you, Laf.” You smiled down at him, getting out of the bed slowly.

“We are not getting up this early.” George protested, sighing at the pouting boys gathered around his bed.

“But Dad, it’s Christmas! Don’t you want to see what Santa’s brought us all?” Thomas protested, tugging at his George’s arms.

“(Y/N), tell him!” John begged, giving you the best puppy dog eyes he had.

“George, what do you want them to do? Sit around a couple hours while you sleep? We both know they’re not going to let you get anymore sleep.” You said, the boys cheering at your sass.

“Ugh, fine.” George huffed, getting out of the comfy bed.

“Yay! PRESENTS!” James yelled loudly, which led to a terrible coughing fit.

After making sure James was okay, all of you raced down the stairs to be met with piles of presents under a beautiful Christmas tree. George hadn’t let you help take the presents out the night before. He had gone down while you were sleeping and didn’t want to wake you.

“Oh my God! Look at all the presents!” Aaron called, trying to push other people out of his way so he could get down the stairs first.

“Wow, you sure went all out George.” You said in awe, watching the boys gather around the tree and wait impatiently for the two of you to join them.

“Only the best for my boys and my girl.” George pressed a kiss to your forehead, sitting next to you and Alex under the tree.

“Dad, this year can (Y/N) be our Santa?” John asked, glancing between you and the presents.

“She sure can. Just pass the presents out in any order you want.” George smiled as you got up and began to rummage through the presents to decide which would be the first to be opened.

“Okay, this one is for Hercules!” You announced, handing a box wrapped in blue wrapping paper to him.

“Oh my God! It’s the new sewing machine I wanted! Thank you!” Herc’s screamed, his voice full of excitement.

The day went on with excited cheers and squeaks from the boys. They were excited about each present they got, even the socks. Maybe, all that mattered to them was that they actually got a present. You knew that the orphanages and foster homes they had come from hadn’t offered them that much.

“Well, that’s it fellas. No more presents are to be found.” You said sadly, it had been so much fun to watch them open up all their presents.

“What about that one?” Thomas asked, crawling under the tree to grab a small box.

“Oh, I didn’t see that one. There’s no name on it. Do you know who this one’s for, George?” You turned to see him sweating and looking more scared than you’d ever seen him before.

“Let me see it.” He took the box from you hands and smiled a little at the sight of it. “This one’s for you, (Y/N).”

“Me?” You asked.

“Yes, now open it.” George chuckled, the boys giggling with him.

You undid the wrapping to find a blue velvet box. Inside the box was the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. You gasped as you realized that this was in fact an engagement ring.

“(Y/N) (L/N), we’ve been dating for over a year now. I brought you here because I wanted to see if you could become part of our family and you can. I never want to spend another day of my life without you because I love you. Will you marry me?” George asked, tears springing to both your eyes and his.

“Yes!” You cried, hugging him tightly to you and peppering kisses on his faces.

“Wait! Does that mean that you’re going to stay forever?” Laf asked, repeating the question he asked when you first met.

“I don’t think I could ever leave.” You giggled.

In an instant the boys were attacking you and George with hugs. They were shouting questions about the wedding and if there would be more children and such. You couldn’t think of a happier Christmas you’ve ever had. This was the family you had always dreamed of.

“I love you.” George mouthed to you over the seven rambunctious boys.

“I love you too.” You mouthed back with a smile.

Behave Yourself, Santa

Summary: Dean looks hot dressed up as Santa Claus. Enough said.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 784

I wrote this for @winchester-writes SPN Christmas Song Challenge! 

“Ho, ho, ho…” You hear a deep sexy voice behind you.

You spin around to see your delicious husband dressed as Santa Claus standing directly in front of the fireplace.

The smirk on his beautiful face makes you instantly feel turned on. Even with the fake ass beard and bright red suit, he’s the hottest thing your eyes have ever seen.

“Hi Santa.” Innocently sucking on your candy cane, you witness Dean’s eyes travel down your body like he’s about to devour you.

“Looks like someone’s being a little naughty…” He stalks in your direction, seeing you seductively bite your lip makes a low growl rumble out of your husband’s chest.

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Have this while I finish my other thing. 

Crutchie is in the refuge, scared and sick but he tries so hard to be brave. Pointless angst because I was sad and it was a prompt I got that tumblr ate.

Three days. Three days since the last time Crutchie had seen Jack. Five days since he’d been dragged off to the refuge and beaten and bruised. Two days since he’d last eaten. Probably six days since he’d been able to keep any food or water down anyway. It’d been four days since he’d gotten a good amount of sleep. One day since he’d quietly wept into his pillow after the other boys were long dreaming of their freedom.

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A Christmas Surprise

Rosex Tentoo 


What happens when Rose Tyler takes her daughter to visit Santa 

The little blonde haired girl stood in the middle of the line, face red and started to stomp her feet.

“Come on Hailey” her mother urged, gripping her small hand.

“But I don’t want to visit Santa!” she whined.

Rose peered at her 5 year old daughter. Hailey had been looking forward to this visit at the local shopping centre. Rose was confused about her daughter’s change of behaviour.

“Why sweetheart?”

Hailey continued to stamp her feet in frustration, and scrunched her eyes closed. Rose placed her free hand on her small shoulder.

“Hailey? You need to try and calm down”

Hailey relaxed a bit from her mother’s touch.

“Oh can you move?” came an annoyed voice from behind. Rose whipped around.

“I will when my daughter settles down” she replied with a forced smile. The older women’s face fell. Rose smiled in satisfaction and turned back to her daughter, who was now crying.

“Oh, Hailey” she soothed, stooping down and wrapping her in a hug.

“I want Daddy!” she wailed. Rose sighed.

“Hailes. Daddy wishes he could have been here, but remember, he had to do something special today. But, he would really love a photo with you and Santa” Rose explained, thinking of what her husband had planned. A few ( or more) tears and a tantrum would be worth it in the end.

Hailey nodded against her mother’s shoulder and pulled away.

“Come on, can I have a smile” Rose asked, tickling Hailey on the stomach.

Hailey first pouted, then fell into a peal of giggles, her big brown eyes and freckled face still tear stained. Rose pulled out a hanky from her bag and wiped the tears away, then took Hailey’s hand again.

“Oh look sweetie, we’re getting close. Are you ready to tell Santa what you would like for Christmas?”

“Can I ask him for a pony?”

“Why do you want a pony for? We can’t keep a pony in our small backyard”

“But it can go in the TARDIS” Hailey countered.

“The TARDIS is still building. Plus, ponies are a lot of hard work.” Rose explained patiently. “I don’t even think ponies fit in Santa’s sleigh”

Hailey thought about that for a moment, her face scrunched up in concertration. She smiled brightly.

“But Daddy told me that Santa’s sleigh is bigger on the inside”

“I bet he did” Rose muttered. “Is there anything else you would like?” She asked her daughter.

Hailey started to chatter away about her Christmas list , and was listing three different dolls when the lady dressed as an elf waved them forward.

Hailey stood in front of Santa and paused.

Santa gave a grin underneath his white beard.

“Ho, Ho, Ho. Who do we have here?” He greeted, trying to keep his voice disguised as much as possible.

Rose nudged Hailey in the hip. She leant down to whisper in her ear.

“It’s okay, go and say hi to him. Remember, Daddy wants a photo”

Hailey grudgingly moved forward and Santa patted the spot on his seat next to him.

“And what’s your name?”

“Hailey Donna Tyler” she replied shyly. Santa peered at her.

“And Hailey Donna Tyler, what would you like for Christmas?”

Hailey looked at her mother, and Rose smiled back encouragingly.  

Santa listened to Hailey’s requests and when she finished, he looked back at Rose.

“Would you like a photo?”

“How does that sound Hailes? A photo with Santa for Daddy?” The small girl nodded.

“My Daddy is away, but he’s doing something special” Hailey told Santa. Santa hesitated, before whispering in Hailey’s ear.

“Look at my eyes Hailey”

Hailey appeared confused, but stared in Santa’s eyes.

Wide and brown like her own. She beamed and opened her mouth. Santa quickly hushed her by placing a finger on his lips.

“Daddy?” she asked in a hushed whisper. He nodded.

“Yep, it’s me”

“But, does this mean Santa isn’t real?” Hailey asked.

Rose and the Doctor both groaned.

They hadn’t thought about that when they arranged this surprise.

One Shot: Pre Christmas (Smut)

I hope you all like this one! Any feedback on this one is really appreciated, as I have hardly any experience writing smut. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. If you liked it let me know, if there was something in particular that you didn’t or felt weird PLEASE let me know as I’d like to get better. Again, thank you for reading!!  

“Alright look at the camera. Here we go!”  

There was a bright flash from the studio lights. A few more pictures were taken of the family in front of us and then we stepped forward for our turn. My sister pulled my niece who was a ball of red velvet and passed her to my brother in law. He walked over to the big chair with Santa sitting on it and Santa reached for her.

My brother in law fussed over his daughter smoothing out her little dress making sure she was picture perfect. The photographer began to readjust for the picture.

Shawn who was standing right at my said leaned close to me and began to speak gently. “Are you going to sit on Santa’s lap?

I glanced up at him. “I don’t know should I?”

His arm wrapped around me. “Meh, you should. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Not that I think you’ll get it.” He leaned down and breathed into my ear. “Because I think you’ve been a very bad bad girl.”

My mouth dropped and I swatted at his chest. “Shawn!” I protested acting as if his deep voice in my ear had done nothing to my thoughts. “Not with my family here.”

He chuckled and leaned in again. “You like it.”

I didn’t try to deny it.

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Now Tell Me

@bucky-barnes-is-marvelous Well it didn’t end up as flirty jealous by accident, but I did smut/fluff and jealous, and I hope it is okay. :) 

Warnings: Smut, language

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Words: 2,742

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Klaine one-shot - “Love’s Pure Light” (Rated G)

Blaine, Kurt, and their daughter, Tracy, are taking a tour of the houses in their neighborhood all done up for the holidays. After Tracy falls asleep, Blaine shows Kurt the house he likes the best. (987 words)

A/N: Yeah, I know it’s a little early for Christmas, but I needed some family holiday fluff. This is also a re-write.

Read on AO3.

“How about this one?” Blaine asks, pulling their SUV to the curb. Before it even stops rolling, his husband and daughter have their palms and noses pressed to the windows, ooh’ing and aah’ing at the exquisitely decorated house across the street.

“Oh … my … gosh!” Tracy gasps, tugging on her father’s collar to make sure that he’s looking out the window at the three-floor house lit from foundation to roof with strings and strings of multi-color twinkle lights; the front yard festooned with animatronic elves rushing in circular frenzy, balancing stacks of half-wrapped presents in their mitten-clad hands; wire-frame reindeer poised as if leaping into flight; penguins ice skating; pandas in Santa hats throwing snowballs at one another; and Tracy’s absolute favorite – candy cane lights. “Not because they do anything,” she explained at the beginning of the night, “but because they just look so delicious!”

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I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa 2/2

Originally posted by sebastianslilmonster

You guys have been so good to me with the first part to this little sequel ‘I saw Mommy kissing Santa”. I hope you guys enjoy this one.

Summary: It’s Christmas day and nobody is prepared for what’s gonna happen.  Reader x Sebastian

Warning: Fluff and some smut oh boy.

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Javid Titanic AU - Part 8

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7

“Tell us about the accommodations in Steerage, Mr Kelly. I hear they’re quite good on this ship.”

It was the first question that had been posed to Jack since they’d sat down and of course it had to be that one. He looked up at Davey, grateful that, even if he couldn’t sit next to him, he could watch him from across the table. It was a sight he’d never get bored of: Davey all done up in a suit with his hair combed. Although Jack could only image that he’d look even better with the jacket off and some buttons undone, hair tousled by roaming hands. He swallowed and looked away from the sympathy in Davey’s eyes and instead turned to face Esther, the source of the question.

“The best I’ve seen, ma’am. Hardly any rats,” he said, trying to be graceful.

It seemed to work. There were kind-hearted titters of laughter from the other people at the table – rich men and their wives who Davey had diligently introduced him – and they seemed to be laughing with him and not at him. Seeing her attempt at an insult had gone awry, Esther tried to cover her tracks.

“Mr Kelly is joining us from the third class. He was of some assistance to my son,” she explained briskly, not enjoying admitting to it.

Davey jumped in to define Jack as something beyond the cost of his ticket (whether he’d paid it or not).

“It turns out he’s quite the fine artist. He was kind enough to show me some of his work,” he said, offering Jack a small, secretive smile. He was awfully fond of that one particular sketch.

Shooting Davey a reproachful glare, Esther cleared her throat. “Yes, well. David and I differ on what constitutes fine art.”

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Holiday Party  Stiles Stilinski

a/n: didn’t have the time yesterday to write y’all a xmas imagine so i thought i would today.  i spent the whole day sick in bed just working and rendering this so here you go.  a fluffy xmas imagine with stiles :)

“y/n!” Malia called from the kitchen.

“Yeah?” You yelled back, mouth stuffed full of cookies.  Stiles handed you another one and you swatted his arm with a death glare.  He chuckled.

“Are you gonna come help me bring out gifts or not?”  She scolded.  You groaned and rolled your eyes behind your head.

“Can’t Lydia do it?” You yelled.

“Can’t you see that I’m painting my nails Christmas colors?” She said sassily.

Despite yourself, you had to laugh.  This is pretty much exactly what you expected to come out of a pack holiday celebration.  Malia wasn’t really sure what to do, seeing that she hadn’t celebrated Christmas in eight years.  Lydia needed to make sure that she was displaying the proper amount of holiday spirit, clad in a striped sweater and santa hat.  Scott was trying to see if any amount of eggnog could get him remotely drunk.  It was impossible.  Kira was re decorating the McCall’s tree for the third time that night.  And Stiles, you looked to your best friend, sweet, charming amazing Stiles, was his usual sarcastic and handsome self.

“Hey!” You jumped, seeing Malia snapping her fingers in your face.  

“Wh-what?” you stumbled.  

“Could you maybe help me? Please?” She asked, more sweetly this time, and gave you puppy dog eyes.  You sighed defeatedly, but nodded, and let her pull you off of the sofa you were sharing with Stiles.  You walked back, ruffling Stiles’ hair as you left.  He let out a string of complaints but you heard him laughing when you got to the kitchen.  You sat at the kitchen table, grabbing handfuls of wrapped boxes and gift bags.

“We went a little out of control this year shopping didn’t we?” You said as you saw Malia stacking presents in her arms, towering over her head.  

“Nope” She said through a struggling voice.  You giggled softly, and took some out of her hands.  “Thanks” Malia said.

“So” You said.  “What do you want for Christmas?” Malia smiled at you genuinely.

“I have it.  For eight whole years all I wanted was to spend Christmas with my family, and now I finally get to” Tears welled in your eyes when she told you that.

“When we set these presents down I’m hugging you so hard.  And you aren’t aloud to push me away” Malia laughed gently.

“And what do you want? Stiles?” Your head snapped up to her, eyes drying immediately.

“What?” You asked meekly.  Malia snorted slightly, and you stood nervously waiting.

“Please y/n.  Don’t even try to hide it.  You’re obsessed”

“I wouldn’t say obse-”

“Why did you break up with Andrew then, huh?”

“Because he was a jackass and slept with another girl” You said with slightly narrowed eyes, not in annoyance, but in confusion.

“You knew he was unfaithful long before you broke it off” You wrung your hands together.

“Okay… so maybe I kinda sorta have a crush on Stiles” You mumbled, and Malia squealed.  The sound caught you so off guard, that you jolted and dropped a few gifts.


“Will you shut your damn mouth!?” You hissed.  Malia bit her lip and danced slightly.  You’d never seen such actions done by her.   “Alright alright alright, come on.  Let’s just go” You said, walking back out to the living room.  Malia stopped you in the doorway, pointing up.  You looked up to see mistletoe.  You rolled your eyes, but leaned over and pecked Malia’s cheek anyways.  Then walked into the room.  Scott looked over, and set down another finished glass of eggnog, then came over to help you.

“Wow, we all only got each other one thing right?” He chuckled, and you giggled at him as he set presents down by the tree.  Stiles quickly came over, between you and Scott, then proceeded to take presents from your arms.  You smiled at him thankfully, and he grinned back at you.

“Come on, come sit with me” He told you, pulling your wrist back.  You sat with him on the floor in front of the couch.  But the way he’d pulled you with him brought you closer than you’d previously been sitting.  Not that you were going to start complaining or anything.  Kira and Lydia passed around the labeled presents, and as promised between you all, you each got one gift from each other.

“Stiles open my first!” Kira exclaimed, pointing to the box that had darth vader with santa hats on it.  He laughed, and opened it up.  You tried to peek over to see it, but he slammed it shut quickly, grinning happily around the room.

“What is it?” Scott asked.  

Stiles whipped out a plastic light saber toy.  Making you laugh as he enthusiastically looked over at you, and bonked you on the top of your head.  You swatted his arm, and he didn’t hit you again.

You all took turns exchanging gifts and laughing and smiling, thanking each other in a light hearted mood.

Kira had gotten you a super cute skirt and long sleeved top to go with it.  Scott gave you a new CD for your favorite band.  Lydia gave you an assortment of nail polishes, lipsticks, and eyeliners.

Malia gave you bras and underwear.

Two sets of matching lace ones in fact.  One black, and one baby blue.  

You pulled out the tissue of her gift bag, Stiles looking over your shoulder, but as soon as you registered what it was, you blushed deeply and shoved the paper back over top.  You looked to Stiles to see him with a flushed face as well.  He saw.

“Do you like them?” Malia asked eagerly.

“Um, ye-yeah” You stuttered.  “They’re nice” Malia smiled happily knowing that you liked them.  She didn’t pick up on how maybe she should’ve given them to you separately.  Or perhaps not at all.  

Everyone else opened their presents, and then it was just like before.  Kira was back at it messing with the tree, Lydia was discussing fashion trends what with Malia, and Scott was chugging eggnog straight from the bottle now, ‘because it’s Christmas eve and it has to work somehow, that’s why!’.

But that’s when it clicked for you.  Not the eggnog, but the day.  It was Christmas Eve… and everyone had exchanged presents.  But not everyone had with you.

You looked over at Stiles, who was watching with wide eyes as Scott swallowed gulp after gulp of the white cream.  He caught your stare and turned to glance at you.  He looked at you quizzically.

“You alright?” He asked.  You wanted to ask him why he hadn’t given you a gift, you’d given him one, an expensive one, two Mets tickets next month in San Diego.  But it would be rude.

“Yeah, yeah I’m good” You said quietly, and looked back down to your hands.  He looked at you confusedly, but before he could say anything, you got up and walked into the kitchen.  Malia looked over to you, catching your eye, silently asking if she should come with you.  But you shook your head.  You walked in, opening up the fridge, and pulling out orange juice.  It’s all you could have when you were stressed.  

Did Stiles not give you a gift because he didn’t like you? Your heart just broke.  You swallowed a long drink of juice.  Your eyes watered slightly.  You cared about him so much, and he didn’t give you a gift.  No, it wasn’t important, but you gave him something that you could do together.  It was pretty clear that you were the closest in the pack and-

“y/n” You wiped your eyes with the back of your sleeves when you heard Stiles’ voice.  “Hey- hey why’re you crying?” He rushed over and sat next to you, then put a hand on your back.  “Look, if you’re embarrassed about the whole… uh… panties thing… don’t be” He told you.  “Really, it shouldn’t bother you, and for what it’s worth uhm, they were uhm, cute” You shook your head dismissively.  

“No, don’t worry about it” You said.  “Did you like the tickets?” You sniffed.

“Yeah of course!” He said with a smile.  “I’m really excited” You nod, and take a drink of juice.  “y/n, will you tell me what’s wrong?”

“Nothing I’m just ti-”

“If you tell me you’re tired y/n, i will slap you” Stiles cut you off.  “You’re drinking OJ.  You only do that when you’re upset about something” You stood, putting the glass in the sink.  Then walked towards the doorway.  “y/n” Stiles followed you, grabbing your wrist gently, and stopping you.


“No stop please” You pulled your arm from his grasp carefully.  “y/n, what’s this abou-”

“You like me right? We’re friends?” Stiles’ brows drew together for a moment, then his eyes went wide.

“Oh my god did Scott talk to you? I-I mean I knew my gift was kinda much but I really thought-”

“Wait” You said softly, cutting him off quietly, but he stopped anyways.  “What gift?” Stiles licked his lips, and reached a hand into his pocket.  He pulled out a little wrapped box.  Your eyes met his, and you took it with a small smile.  “Can I open it?” He nods, running a hand through his hair.  You excitedly rip open the paper, revealing a small velvet box.  “Stiles, before I open this box, how much did it cost you?”

“N-not much-”

“Liar” You stated.  “How much?”

“How much did the tickets cost?” He shot back, and you pursed your lips.  “Just open the damn box please” You giggle and flip it open, revealing a gold chained necklace with your birthstone in it.  Your lips parted, your jaw falling slightly.


“Do you like it?”

“Like it? I love it oh my god it’s beautiful” You gasped.

“Here, I’ll put it on” He said, taking it from the box.  You turned around, and he clasped it behind your neck.  You turned back and looked down, inspecting the jewelry.  

“It’s beautiful, I love it” You said sincerely.  Stiles smiled warmly at you.

“It looks beautiful on you” You heard him take a deep breath.  “W-well it looks less beautiful because you’re more beautiful, I mean that’s just some metal and a rock but you’re you and-”  You wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you so much” You mumbled into his shoulder.  Stiles laughed airily, and wrapped his arms around you waist just as snugly.

“Yeah… yeah no problem” His hands rubbed your back before you pulled away from him.  You smiled up at him happily, and he returned it.

“You know, I actually thought that you didn’t like me anymore” You laugh nervously.  “I thought that you didn’t get me a gift because you didn’t wanna be friends.  And that’s so dumb I mean who cares about presents in Christmas spirit of giving right?” Stiles looked at you with a dumbfounded expression.

“There are so many things that you just said, that are so wrong” He laughed slightly, shaking his head.  “First of all, there’s nothing you could do to make me not wanna be your friend” You blushed, looking down.  “And second, why wouldn’t I get you a gift? I just didn’t want you to open it in front of everyone”

“Why not?” You asked with a shake of your head and drawn brows.

“Well… I dunno” Stiles mumbled.  “I just wanted it to be sorta separate” You cocked your head to the side and gave a short smile.

“Why?” Stiles fumbled, tongue coming over his bottom lip.

“Because it’s more special that way” Stiles muttered to his feet,  but you didn’t quite catch what he said.  You leaned forwards, indicating you couldn’t hear.  “y/n…” Stiles looked up, trying to think of something to say when something caught his eye.

“What?” You asked, looking up to where his eyes just were.  They landed on two green leaves, tied to the door frame by a red ribbon.  “Oh” You said, then let out a little chuckle.  “Funny, I literally just had to kiss Malia on the cheek earlier, I forgot” You said, looking back to him.  Your smile fell a little as you studied his features, and silence engulfed both of you.

But it was one swift movement, his hands finding your waist and yours laying in his shoulders as your lips met in a soft, but sparking kiss.  Somehow, without any words needing to be said, you both knew it was more than the mistletoe that brought you to do it.  When you parted, you looked at each other, eyes twinkling, lips in smiles.  You leaned up on the tips of your toes, your nose bumping his and making you both laugh softly.

“So… can I take you on a date sometime?” Stiles asked you softly, arms wrapping around your waist.  You pretended to contemplate the question.

“Yeah, yeah I could definitely do that” You said softly, and pulled his lips to yours again.

You both ignored the cat whistles and yells from the rest of your pack members.

merry christmas again :)
xoxo ~ Jordie

2.0 | always (mingyu)

soft, quiet cuddles in soft, warm sweaters.

w.c. 1010 | fluff

soft pats of rain shower down onto the roof, slide down the walls, and run over the windowsill.  outside, the foliage has become an electric shade of green, the leaves of the trees glowing in the fresh water.  the wind blows the light raindrops around in swirling circles, creating a delicate beast that moves and breathes at a moment’s notice.

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Pre-Christmas (Smut)

I hope you all like this one! Any feedback on this one is really appreciated, as I have hardly any experience writing smut. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. If you liked it let me know, if there was something in particular that you didn’t or felt weird PLEASE let me know as I’d like to get better. Again, thank you for reading!!  

“Alright look at the camera. Here we go!”  

There was a bright flash from the studio lights. A few more pictures were taken of the family in front of us and then we stepped forward for our turn. My sister pulled my niece who was a ball of red velvet and passed her to my brother in law. He walked over to the big chair with Santa sitting on it and Santa reached for her.

My brother in law fussed over his daughter smoothing out her little dress making sure she was picture perfect. The photographer began to readjust for the picture.

Shawn who was standing right at my said leaned close to me and began to speak gently. “Are you going to sit on Santa’s lap?

I glanced up at him. “I don’t know should I?”

His arm wrapped around me. “Meh, you should. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Not that I think you’ll get it.” He leaned down and breathed into my ear. “Because I think you’ve been a very bad bad girl.”

My mouth dropped and I swatted at his chest. “Shawn!” I protested acting as if his deep voice in my ear had done nothing to my thoughts. “Not with my family here.”

He chuckled and leaned in again. “You like it.”

I didn’t try to deny it.

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andvsamberg  asked:

javid + cute

Jack has this way of pursing his lips when he’s thinking about drawing something, or someone. 

It took Davey a long time to notice, but once he did, he couldn’t stop seeing it. Jack looking at the skyline, at a particular building, at Crutchie or Katherine. Sometimes Jack would show him the drawings later. 

Davey loves the little glimpses of life through Jack Kelly’s eyes. An architectural flourish gaining a grace never realized by the sculptor. Santa Fe turned into the fantasy land Jack had always wanted. Katherine always seems to glow in Jack’s drawings, as if she just might be an angel. 

“Why don’t you ever draw me?”

The question was hardly appropriate, but Davey found himself asking it all the same.

“I try all the time. But I’m never able to get you right,” Jack told him with a little laugh. “There’s too much to you to ever fit neatly on a piece of paper.”

“You could say that about anyone,” Davey pointed out.

Jack shook his head.

“Nah, Davey. It’s just you.”


Dear @albaoaurora !

This is my Secret Santa gift for you! 

One of your yes-prompts was ‘friendship stuff (especially Ax and Tobias), and this was the first image that came to my mind, so I stuck with it. I know it’s more of a ‘these two characters together’ than a ‘the characters doing friendship stuff together’, but I hope that’s alright! 

I’ve always liked the idea of the andalites smiling with their eyes, and that’s what I tried to convey here uvu;;

I really wanted to do a small portrait-ish picture of Eva for you too, but because I’m so bad at getting my mental image of the character’s looks down on paper, I dropped it - but maybe one day I’ll try again and hopefully succeed :>

I hope you enjoy my gift to you, and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

Hugs, @othercrow