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Self Care

It’s Mental Health Month. May 1st. The beginning of it. I just want to post some tips on what I find useful when I feel anxious, depressed or lonely. Some tips on how to care for yourself mixed in here too. I know what it’s like to feel like nothing is going to work out and you feel like there is no point anymore. I still get sad from time to time but here is what I try to do to lower those horrible feelings. 

  1. Music 
    When I feel down I put on my chill playlist and listen to the songs. Not just recognize that the song is playing. I listen to every word, every beat, every instrument that makes a sound. I listen so hard that I forget everything else around me and forget everything that is going on in my head for a while. This actually really helps and especially if it’s a slow song, something that matches my mood. 
  2. Reading 
    Reading is one of my favourite things to do. I’m in love with words. And getting deep into one of my favourite books helps me forget for a while. Grab something to drink and maybe a snack, find a quiet and comfy place to relax and let yourself fall into a book. 
  3. Eat 
    When I feel depressed my appetite can go away pretty quickly. But if you don’t eat, you’ll feel even more tired and low. And that’s not good. So eat. Not junk food. Maybe a treat every now and again but make sure to eat healthy too. Fruit or vegetables. Maybe make some type of sandwhich or maybe eat a bowl of porridge. Whatever you want to make. But remember, not always junk food. And drink lot’s and lot’s of water. 
  4. Shower or bath 
    If you feel all ugh, and ew take a long warm shower or a bath full of bubbles. Taking a shower or bath might help you feel more relaxed and feel more taken care of. And keeping yourself fresh and clean will help help boost your system. 
  5. Fresh air 
    When I’m down, I get lazy. So the whole ‘take a long walk’ thing doesn’t go with me. What I like to do instead is open a window and stand there or take a chair and sit near there. I’m getting fresh air into my lungs which is good and I don’t need to get up and go outside to do it. Now getting exercise is a good thing to do too because it’ll boost your system also. But when you really can’t get up and walk far, just go to a window and read or listen to music.
  6. Cry 
    Yes crying is on this list. When you really need to let those tears out, just do it. If you’re in a place you feel comfortable enough to do it. Let it all out, for however long you need to. Crying doesn’t make you weak or a loser or whatever you think it makes you. It helps you. Instead of holding all those feelings in, you can let them out by crying. So just do it because a cry every now and again, will make you feel a little better. Hopefully. 
  7. Decorate and change it up
    This may be an odd one but it helps me. When I’m sad I’ll look up some quotes that I really like, write them on some paper and decorate the paper and stick it on my wall. Or sometimes I sift things around. If I think something in my room would look better in a different position then I’ll move it. I’ll maybe take some things down and hang something new up instead. Tidy my room too if it needs it. This helps because I’m focusing on other things. Where will this go? Does this look good on this wall? Things like that. Try it and see. 
  8.  Breathe 
    When I feel like I can’t breathe, I remember that I just need to take a minute. Look at my surroundings. What’s the colour of the walls? Breathe. What’s in the room? Breathe. What’s the weather like outside? Breathe. What’s my favourite food? Breathe. Do I have any plans this week? Breathe. Ask yourself some questions. Answer them and breathe. Breathe, breathe and breathe. Don’t let you make yourself small. Think bigger than what that stupid annoying voice in your head is telling you. Breathe. Because you’re worth it.

I hope these tips helped. I really do. And please, please REMEMBER… you are beautiful. You are so amazing and this world needs you in it. Maybe you feel like no one cares. But I guarantee you there is somebody out there who thinks the world of you. You are somebody’s moon. You’re that person who lights up the darkness for them. Don’t let your light go out. Stay strong and remember to love yourself and take care of yourself. You guys are more than welcome to ask me something if you need any advice or have any questions. The door is open and you are welcome. 

I literally cannot stop thinking about this panel? like dick and wally actually watched scooby doo together in canon. whose idea was it in the first place? also imagine dick analyzing everything and getting super into it while wally side eyes him. dick trying to talk over wally’s laughter

“no but seriously the only possible explanation is for the security guard to have done it I mean -”

“dick you are taking this way too seriously chill”

“no no wally listen!! the groundskeeper didn’t even have access to -”

“dick. this is a cartoon. for kids. really small kids”

“you’re not listening to me just hear me out”

“oh my god.”

  • Expectations: colour-coordinated notes in beautiful handwriting in a stunning notebook, sleeping 8h every night, waking up bright and early, fuelled by garnished lattes you got at a local cafe, listening to chill music and organizing your life with a clean and personalized bullet journal, getting As on your exams and treating yourself for your great achievements
  • Reality: messy notes on crinkly loose leaf sheets and ugly spiral notebooks you got on sale, living on 5h of sleep or waking up at 11 am and cursing yourself for sleeping in, fuelled by stress and anxiety, listening to your own crying while trying to get your shit together with a cheap planner filled with quick to-do lists that you never complete, always being on average in tests because everyone is so damn smart and not having the time to treat yourself because you're flooded with work
Podcast suggestions?


I’ve been getting a bit board with my podcast feed, does anyone have any podcasts they suggest? I really want like an audio-drama with characters and a story. I’ve listened to a lot and have some even to catch up on but I’m never in the mood for them. Here is a list of what I have listened to already, and a description if you yourself are looking for more to listen to:

Alice isn’t Dead- Spooky vibes, not too long, gay, mostly the main character talking to herself but gets into trouble with Thistle men 0.0

EOS 10 (WHICH I LOVE AND WANT TO RETURN SO BAD)- Hilarious, probably gay but no official relationships yet, doctors in space and their banter

Greater Boston- Super original ? Like a group of characters living in Boston but they don’t super know each other and also real interviews from people living in Boston, and LESBIANS

Hector Vs. the Future- Science comedy hilarious and weird

Lore- Real stories of folklore, can keep you up at night so watch out

Our Fair City- hilarious and suspenseful and wholesome, Capitalism takes over and people are trying to just survive

Radio People- Confusing space banter that is sometimes concerning for characters but most of it is just funny and weird 

The Bridge- just started, don’t know how i feel about it yet

The Bright Sessions- FANTASTIC! Listening to the counseling sessions of a therapist and her patients with abnormal abilities! Usually nice, all pure characters (except one -_-), you will love everyone and they all meet up in the current episodes AND ITS GAY WITH SEVERAL CHARACTERS AND HAS A CANNON ACE CHARACTER

The Far Meridian- Super chill like lonely aesthetic ? A character is trying to overcome her anxieties about life while super weird things happen to her every day and she just has to deal with it and she’s great!

The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air- I don’t even know other than great ?? A radio show you listen to but also hear the behind the scenes and you will fall in love with the janitor Julian he is my smol son and will be yours too

The Penumbra Podcast - SUPER LGBT+ Detective on mars, getting into way to much trouble and Juno just needs some help and maybe he will get that. Also random mini series that are also super amazing and always defying expectation and probably the most futuristic gay podcast because society has gotten to the point that being gay or trans or having pronouns that don’t match your voice (since you can’t see anyone) isn’t shocking to any character ever at all ? and boys wear wedding dresses :’D

The Strange Case of the Starship Iris- amazing gay space pirates and their adventures, cannon trans character!!!

Thrilling Adventure Hour- tragically ended but 200 episodes so hey you’ve got plenty. So many different shows but the best is a space western and a couple that are mediums but just want to be left alone to drink.

Welcome to Night Vale- spooky and I’m sure everyone has heard of it by now

Wits- A talk show from Minnesota Public Radio with comedian and musician guests that talk about things and play games, it’s over but the archive is great.

Wolf 359- Begins with healthy space banter, ends with you obsessing if your space children will ever be okay. 

Wooden overcoats- Hilarious and very little drama, when a second funeral home opens in the village a never ending feud begins 0.o except only one side is really upset about it, Chapman is nice to everyone. 

Here’s the thing about being an NT woman. 

We have feelings. 

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I know. The internet lies. It’s shocking. 

We only make ourselves truly vulnerable to a few people, people we TRUST, and that’s actually strategic and calculated. It’s not that we lack the capacity to become emotionally attached to many people. It’s that we like to vet our inner circle carefully because 24/7 emotions aren’t our strong suit. 

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We do feel. We feel plenty, and deeply. 

We also tend to prefer honesty and candid straight-talk over games and smoke-blowing. The truth straight from someone’s mouth is preferable to gossip and nonsense, pretty much every time. 

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We also get the human condition and are pretty quick to forgive human foul-ups. Shit happens. Generally speaking, we’re chill. 

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So, when someone close betrays or wrongs us carelessly or intentionally, we can be leveled for a bit. It takes a while for our brains to catch up with the bleeding mess from getting stabbed in a blind spot. 

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We might seem lost or overwhelmed or uncharacteristically passive about it. Or cold, like we don’t care. 

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We’re just trying to process. Eventually, our thinking reboots. 

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Eventually, we’ll emerge, either having figured out a course of action or looking for low-key camaraderie. If you’re trying to help, and we seem okay with that, listening is a good idea. Or food.

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If you’re the shit-weasel who took advantage of our trust and stabbed us in our vulnerable underbelly, you might want to work on your apology. Logic is back online. Mama’s home. 

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Kim Donghan: The ‘Prince Charming’ Host

  • kim donghan was the absolute prince charming of the host club
  • like Longguo, his friends had dragged him into it, but he soon found that he genuinely enjoyed the work
  • Due to his kind nature and gentlemanly morals, he was immediately dubbed the ‘prince charming’ of the group
  • His kind words charmed every single one of his clients, and his good looks had both girls and guys constantly swooning over him
  • However, he seemed almost oblivious to this sudden attention he was getting, preferring to keep his head down in his studies when he wasn’t working as a host
  • While you and Donghan weren’t close friends, you were definitely acquaintances, as you’d been in the same homeroom for most of your time in high school
  • You also knew him because Takada Kenta, another host, was your best friend, and so you’d visit him at times at the host club
  • One day, you were bringing a textbook for Kenta when Donghan bumped into you, accidentally spilling tea all over the crisp white shirt of your uniform
  • He apologized immediately, hurrying you to the back room
  • A true gentleman, he immediately offered you one of his spare sweatshirts and explained that he’d be happy to dry-clean your shirt
  • The whole time, you couldn’t help but blush at how kind he was, looking down at the ground shyly as he pressed his large sweatshirt into your hands
  • As soon as kenta saw your flushed cheeks as you shoved his textbook towards him, he immediately figured out what had happened
  • Since then, Kenta would always make sure to invite you to the Host Club’s special events
  • He made you accompany them to the beach, to the arcade, and even on a small outing to the movies
  • And the entire time, he’d try to get you to talk with donghan, insisting that the tall host was really a chill guy and would want to get to know you
  • However, you knew that kenta was just saying that because he had to
  • When you all had been heading home from the beach outing, you’d trailed behind a bit, appreciating the view of the sun setting while the others raced towards the bus
  • “It’s beautiful, huh?”
  • You glanced up in shock to see donghan standing next to you with a small, wistful smile
  • “Yeah,” you replied, hoping to any god that was listening to not let you embarrass yourself
  • “Hey listen, (y/n),” Donghan said suddenly, turning his attention from the sunset to you
  • You were still looking up at him, and jolted in surprise from the sudden eye contact
  • “I’m really glad that you’ve started spending time with us,” he said with a boyish grin, ruffling his hair
  • You couldn’t tell if it was the rosy light from the sunset or if his cheeks were genuinely turning pink
  • The next time you were invited to an event, it wasn’t because Kenta was trying to set you up with Donghan– for once
  • The Host Club was holding a Ball, and Kenta needed a date, since he didn’t want to bring any of his clients
  • You’d obliged, only because everyone from school knew who you were and wouldn’t start stupid rumors
  • Kenta helped you pick out an outfit, and the two of you arrived to the Ball early, as was expected of all the hosts
  • While the hosts hurried to finish some last-minute tasks, you stood by the drinks table, sipping a glass of sparkling apple juice awkwardly
  • “Kenta dragged you here, huh?”
  • You smiled up at Donghan, feeling only slightly less awkward around him now
  • “Yeah,” you shrugged, “best friend duties, I guess.”
  • “I must say, I was a little disappointed when I heard you already had a date,” Donghan mentioned casually
  • You did your best not to choke into your glass of apple cider
  • “Save me a dance, okay?”
  • With those words and a wink, Donghan strode away with his usual confidence, leaving you to splutter into your juice glass
  • “Are you dying?” Kenta asked you bluntly as he picked up his own glass
  • You watched donghan disappear into the slowly growing crowd of people on the dancefloor, heart pounding
  • “Yeah, I just might be.”
  • as the night progressed, you soon forgot about the few words that donghan had said to you
  • kenta kept you amused the entire time, and the two of you made plenty of people laugh with your almost non-stop dancing to various hit tracks like ‘cheer up’, ‘me gustas tu’ and the highlight, ‘i got a boy’.
  • soon, the night was drawing to a close, and the last song of the night started playing
  • even though you’d been with kenta the entire night, all of a sudden, he was nowhere to be seen
  • “i believe i asked you to save me a dance?”
  • heart pounding, you spun around to face donghan with wide eyes, carefully placing your (hopefully not sweaty) hand in his
  • (kenta had totally planned this)
  • “did you have fun tonight?” donghan asked casually as he carefully led the two of you across the dancefloor
  • “you know, I think I did,” you replied, nodding, “i’m really glad I came.”
  • “i am too,” donghan said, almost shyly
  • you closed your eyes and just let donghan lead you across the dancefloor, wanting to let the moment last forever
  • “you know, kenta is really protective of you,” donghan commented suddenly
  • you glanced up at donghan in confusion, wondering why he was telling you this
  • “he’s threatened to chop my head off and throw it in the pacific ocean a couple of times,” donghan quipped, making you raise an eyebrow– what exactly was donghan implying?
  • “he’s always seemed to really like you, I dunno,” you shrugged at that, unsure of what to say
  • donghan chuckled at that
  • “i mean, yes, but best friends do tend to get protective when someone tells you that you’re going to be asking your best friend out,” donghan said easily, leading you into a twirl
  • “a-asking his best friend out?” you managed to stammer out, wincing at how you stuttered
  • “yes, asking his best friend out,” donghan replied with a smile, drawing you closer to him so that he could look you in the eye
  • “(y/n), I do really like you, and I’ve been trying to get to know you since even before you came to the host club and I spilled tea on you,” Donghan confessed, cheeks definitely a rosy pink this time, “and I wish I had worked up the courage to say this earlier– (y/n), will you go on a date with me?”
  • you smiled broadly, leaning up to just barely brush a kiss to his cheek
  • “i would love to, my prince charming.”

Author: me (honestground on AO3)
Rating: K+
Words: 1,400~
Pairing: BotW!Zelink (postgame)
Notes: Your weekly reminder that I’m actually garbage. Also this could totally turn smutty so if anyone wants to request that I’ll totally do it. Okay, I did it.
Edit: Now on AO3 with the smut attached for convenience. 

He knows he can’t protect her from everything, but Hylia be damned if he isn’t going to try. He asks, “Are you warm enough?”

The winter chill seemed to have settled over Hateno early that year; trees turned bare and wind turned icy, weather swiftly transitioning from cold to colder. It meant more maintenance on the house, and keeping a closer eye on supplies, and Link had about fifty more things to do before the snow really set in, but he couldn’t be happier. 

It was one of their rare weekends off, and while it was too cold out to really get much done, Link was entirely content in doing nothing with Zelda tonight, to listen to her happily thumb through the Sheikah Slate while he cooked them both dinner, the house smelling like good food and comfort and warmth.

“Link,” Zelda calls to him from her favourite chair by the fire. She sounds curious and pleasantly distracted, and Link smiles at her voice, the way his name sounds different, better, coming out of her mouth, somehow. “What does this—”

She’s abruptly cut off, an odd but familiar hum of energy smothering whatever she had been about to ask, and Link turns around just in time to see her vanish in a shower of shimmering blue lights.

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How to let go of study stress; 8 ways

I am in my final year of law school and always very busy. When my exams come up, studying 9-13 hours a day for a few weeks is normal routine for me. This is how I stay as relaxed as possible. My tips for you:

1. Take a long warm shower or bath. Not just your normal routine but let the warmth of the water heat you and all your muscles up. Scrub yourself clean with your favorite products. After your clean and dry again, do a full beauty routine; body oils or lotions, eye/face cream etc. Taking time to take care of your body is important for your mind as well since you can focus on that for a bit and relax.

2. If you feel like you are constantly tired every day and just feel like you have a huge lack of sleep and energy; just SLEEP. Take a day of from everything and sleep as much as possible. Try to spend the whole day in your bed and take naps between reading relaxing books/watching Netflix. This may seem like you are wasting but if you really need sleep, this will help you feel so much better for days afterwards! You will be more energized and will make up for that ‘lost’ time very quickly and you’ll feel much better as well.

3. If you are really close to some deadlines and really have no time to take time off from your duties than try to multitask relaxing things. Don’t eat while working, but watch a nice television show or some YouTube videos while you eat. Like this you still did some fun things and took your mind of your work a bit. You have to eat anyway and it won’t cost you to much time when you only spend those moments away from your studies.

4. Take a power nap when you feel very stressed. Even if you think you are not particularly tired, just try to sleep for about 20 minutes and you will shut out that stress again. If you can’t sleep; meditate or listen to some relaxing songs while laying down and doing nothing at all.

5. Call a family member or a friend, just to talk. This doesn’t have to be about your studies. Just chill a bit and talk about everything you like. Complain a bit, hear their complains and know you are not alone with your stress. :) This will take your mind of things and can get you in a better mood.

6. Make your study spot as comfortable as possible. Make sure everything is quite tidy and there is no rubbish or trash lying around. A clean space is truly a clean mind. Of course you may need a lot of notes/books/stuff but sort them into piles and have a ‘structure’ on your desk. Light a few candles, wear comfortable clothes and put a pillow in your back. Have some nice tea or coffee and a few healthy snacks like fruit and nuts. Make it as comfortable as possible and you’ll feel way more chill.

7. Go work at a coffee shop and treat yourself with a nice latte.

8. Go study at your university library and go with flow of all the other motivated students. When you surround yourself with other people studying you will become more motivated and get more work done. Also, when you see that everyone is busy, you feel a bit better. It’s not just you, it’s hard for everyone.

He Didn’t Say Pie

Summary: All Y/N wanted to do was lay back, relax, maybe even watch some Netflix; however, when a shifter accidentally gets into the bunker, she finds out she may need a bit of help from her brothers.
She just hopes she can tell the real Winchester from the fake.
Word Count: 1936
Warnings: mild gore, some swearing (flashbacks are in italics)
A/N: ehhh not my proudest work but it was one of my ideas so I figured why the hell not??
ALSO my dudes requests are open so feel free to hmu and I’ll try to spit out some stuff and see what happens;)

Gun drawn, Y/N stalked silently through the bunker halls. The boys were out hunting, so it wasn’t like she had backup. She was on her own. Y/N took in a deep breath as she leant outside the kitchen entrance, listening to the sounds of someone moving around. Hopefully, when her brothers came back, she’d be alive.

As long as they didn’t shoot her first.


Y/N plopped onto Sam’s bed as she logged into her Netflix account. She chose to stay back from the hunt this time- needing some “lady time,” as Dean had put it- due to still being sore from the last one. Ghouls were stronger than she’d initially thought.

Sam and Dean had left two days ago, helping out another hunter with a demon problem the next town over. Nothing too big, so Y/N had figured that she could let them take it over. They’d be fine.

She was about to click the next episode of How to Get Away with Murder when the sound of the door slamming shut resounded throughout the bunker. Frowning, she checked her phone. The boys were doing a case close by, she knew that, but this was too early for them to be back. They were good, but not that good.

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3 am Showers

pairing: Steve Rogers x reader

summary: your next door neighbor won’t stop taking loud showers at 3 am, and you finally get fed up enough to say something. But its just your luck that it turns out to be an avenger

warnings: none

It was like clockwork every night, the person in the apartment next door would take a long shower at 3 am and drop everything they possibly could. You didn’t know if they were just a class A klutz, or if they were purposely trying to wake everyone up in the damn building. Occasionally you could hear them singing along to whatever music was playing in their bathroom as well. Although you hadn’t met the man living there, you saw the luxurious furniture the movers brought in just a few months prior when he first moved there. You were lucky enough that your parents owned the apartment before you did, or else the rent would have been through the roof. Being pretty close to times square, you knew it could be anyone from a college student with rich parents or a celebrity that had moved in next door.

So instead out out-right confronting the person next door in fear of whoever it was living there; you tried everything from banging on the wall while they were showering, to dropping your own things while they were doing the same next door. Nothing worked. But you were damned if you let this 3 am shower thing go on for any longer. So instead of making yourself look decent, you stomped right over to your neighbor’s apartment once you heard the shower shut off. Considering the fact that it was the middle of the night, you didn’t bother changing from your tee shirt and workout shorts. So it was an interesting picture of you angrily walking towards your neighbor’s front door, and with the messiest hair possible.

After a few sturdy raps on the wooden door, it swung open. As soon as you saw your neighbor standing there, you regretted coming over looking as crazy as you did.

Steve Rogers stood there, towel clinging onto his hips for dear life, and nothing else on him but droplets of water from the shower. He had a few scrapes on his chest, and a small bruise on the left side of his face. It took a moment to remember why you were there in the first place, but then you hardened your face, “Listen, I think it’s great you’re an avenger, but you need to stop showering at 3 am.” You said and pretended to rub your face from being sleepy, but you were really trying not to look at his abs. He seemed shocked that you were standing in front of him, but it quickly turned to laughter from the man in front of you. “Why are you laughing?” You practically growled back at him.

“Sorry,” Steve had just a smile left on his face, “I’ve never actually had anyone besides the team tell me what to do, everyone just tiptoes.” He paused for a moment, “Do you want to come in, and maybe have some tea? I can explain all the noise while we’re at it.” Something about the offer from Steve Rogers was too good to ever turn down.

You hesitated for a moment out of politeness, but it was not like you were going to be able to get any more sleep once you returned to your own apartment. So you nodded, “Sure.” Steve let you in, and you sat on the leather couch in the front while you waited for him to get dressed. As you waited, you looked around at the simplistic apartment that he lived in. Everything was dark mahogany wood apart from the TV and kitchen appliances, and it seemed to fit him for some odd reason. Steve reappeared rather fast, and was now wearing basketball shorts and a loose tank-top. You had to admit, all you could think about was how hot he looked when he came and sat down next to you on the couch.

“So what is the problem, Miss neighbor?” Steve asked with a hint of sarcasm in his voice, which seemed like a rare thing for spangly-pants Captain America. You’d only ever seen interviews of his on tv, and it kind of felt like a dream sitting in front of him in his own apartment at that moment. But you were still there for a purpose.

You sat up straight and hugged your knees to your chest, attempting to get comfortable, “Well, I enjoy my sleep and you tend to always wake me up.” You paused, and tilted your head, “Do you even know how much stuff you drop?”

Steve let out a hearty laugh once again, which made you smile as well. He lifted his head back up, “I’m sorry I’m little shaky when I get home from training, Natasha tends to kick my ass full size. Our training tends to run a little late when we have a mission coming up.”  You yawned while you nodded, letting him know you were listening. “I’ve seen you around here, why haven’t you said anything before?”

You perked up, “Well I had been trying other methods but they didn’t really work, but I’ve been a little curious as to who lived over here.” You said with a faint smile still on your face. It was good that you got your thoughts out, and you hoped that Steve would chill with the late showers now. You couldn’t help but notice how similar the layout of Steve’s apartment was to yours, except his was way more cleaner than yours. It also made you wonder why he didn’t have his apartment in the avengers tower like the rest of them. But, you didn’t want to stay past your welcome, “I think it’s past my bedtime, it was nice meeting you Steve.”

So with those thoughts in mind you made your way towards the front door, but Steve’s hand caught your elbow before you could leave, “Hey, maybe I can take you to dinner to make up for all the times I disturbed your sleep,” he stuttered for a moment, “Or maybe even to meet the Avengers.” Steve looked at you with hope in his eyes. It was rare for him to ever ask anyone out, and you knew this was his special way of doing so.

“That’d be nice, Steve Rogers.” You did a mock salute, which earned a hearty laugh from him. Turning away on your heel, you headed back to your own apartment, but before you got inside you yelled out, “I can’t wait to meet Black Widow!”

My favorite thing in Jojo is how while Jotaro is in jail he gets a bunch of random stuff and when asked where he got it, he just says ‘the evil spirit likes to bring me things’

So… did Star Platinum do this on his own or did Jotaro want to have stuff and Star Platinum just followed his thoughts? Or does he have independent thought?

I love the idea of him having independent thought because I love imagining him trying to talk to Jotaro like: “dude, I’m not an evil spirit, I’m your stand. Calm the fuck down and go home. Here, have a beer, chill out, and listen to your Mom. Wait, why are we grabbing this gun? Shit, why are we doing this? You are such a fucking drama queen.”

Of course, he probably doesn’t.

my-killjoy  asked:

Hi! I was wondering of you could do a hc where MC doesn't like going outside and prefers to stay indoors? (Maybe with a little inside date night if possible) Thank you!! I hope I didn't sound rude!!

I’d love to! You didn’t sound rude at all :) Thanks for being patient even though this took so long ♡

-terrible reality TV
-need I say more?
-Vanderwood hates going out too so you both mostly just sit around and watch terrible reality TV
-he always gets ridiculously obsessed with the super messy shows this is the best Vanderwood headcanon and no one can take it from me at this point
-RuPaul’s drag race and Keeping Up With the Kardashians are his faves they’re just so messy with drama he can’t resist. And also seeing drag queens snap and fight at each other is his favorite thing, not to mention how petty and ignorant the Kardashians are???
-you two binge seasons at a time and keep bets on each of the Kardashians/Jenners for what insane thing they’ll do next
-once he saw an episode of KUWTK where they decided to put spray cheese and bologna on someone’s car and he started formulating a plan for Seven’s babies;;;;;;
-he also loves to watch Cake Boss and complain about how all those cakes can’t taste good with all that fondant and crap they put on them. He gets really salty over it to the point where he goes on fifteen minute rants
-when he gets to that episode where the employees drop that massive cake he loses his ever loving mind
-he’s not going to actively seek you out for cuddles (although he’ll kiss your forehead) but he melts inside if you rest against him 

-he’s a sucker for hide and seek
-no one really knows why, but he has the best time
-he’s so tall and lanky that there really aren’t many places to hide in his apartment but he makes it work! …..sometimes
-usually he hides behind the curtains, his feet sticking out, or in the bathtub
-wherever he hides he usually gives himself away because he can’t stop giggling
-and when he has to chase you around, his eyes are shining and he laughs so hard
-you both collapse on the floor and he tries to tickle and kiss your sides
-it’s the cutest thing ever, honestly
-other than that, he has tons of crafts he likes to do with you!!!
-puzzles are his favorite!
-he also enjoys rearranging pictures into collages and scrapbooks, he even bought an at-home pottery set once for you both to try
-the clay ended up getting everywhere and you both had to take a shower after cleaning it all up
-anything craftsy is right up his alley
-just expect a thousand pictures to be taken before, after, and during the date

-with his father, he can’t leave the house without a disguise and/or to be extremely careful
-he also has to be aware of video cameras and anything else bc of his old agency
-so it doesn’t bother him at all
-he likes it that you both find your own things to do while hanging out together
-he probably just sets up something in his room, like a Star Wars marathon
-the thin sheets are tangled around your legs and arms as you rest your head on his shoulder
-the room is just a teeny tiny bit chilly he’ll say it’s because he wants to cuddle with you but really he just wants to wear his hoodie smh but mostly you’re glad to just be in his presence
-so he leans over and kisses his cheek, saying he loves you
-if you respond with “I know” he’ll lose it
-he’s also really good at bowling! He insists that going to a bowling alley is being inside so if you’re okay with that, he’ll take you out to one and let you demolish him
-one time you accidentally joined a senior citizen’s bowling league together;;;
-he bought a Red Bull and Dr. Pepper at the snack bar and mixed them together and you two were unleashing all of that energy on the alley
-it didn’t end well, honestly. A pin got catapulted into the ceiling and knocked a tile down, and his glasses ended up getting cracked
-you both got in a lot of trouble and had to pay for damages but it was easily one of the best nights of your life
-if the owners ever let you back, you guys go once a week!

-if it wasn’t for the fact that he was injured, you definitely wouldn’t have gone to the grocery store with him that day
-and since then, he’s asked you too many times if you wanted to go somewhere with him
-you went at first to be polite, but it just wasn’t enjoyable
-and staying in the house just…drives him insane
-but you do eventually end up telling him!
-his first response is kind of disappointed but in reality, you can’t cause trouble for him since his agency wants to keep you lowkey
-and in public you can’t have too much privacy…he tells you this with an over exaggerated wink he’s so extra
-so you two make a compromise
-a lot of people think he’d want to watch his musicals with you, but I think a bit differently. Zen knows he’s super talented, but I think he’d be nervous to show them to you because of how his parents reacted….and plus he doesn’t want to force them on you bc that’s rude
-but if you want to, he’d be stoked!
-mostly he’d just set up a movie date and try to pop popcorn kernels
-they catch on fire
-the pan is ruined (just like his dignity)
-he has to stand on a chair and beat the screaming smoke detector with the end of his broom handle until it stops
-he’s so embarrassed lmao
-Zen gives up and pops microwave popcorn 
-afterwards he goes and gets ice cream for the two of you to share

-he’s a bit disappointed because he can’t take you by the cafe where his friends hang out and show you off, but then he realizes
-oh, this is way better
-mostly because you can’t forget to wear pants in public without getting arrested but you can at home ayy *finger guns*
-there are so many things you guys could do inside!
-he teaches you how to play LOLOL and you both cook/bake
-and you both take bubble baths! he loves to cuddle and play with the bubbles
-there are hundreds of pictures from every activity
-and tbh,,,the apartment is insanely messy afterwards but it’s so worth it!
-Yoosung always documents every second of your dates in a notebook, which is adorable
-the night usually end with you two eating dinner and then passing out on each other

-she totally gets it
-She suggested you two go see a movie or go shopping, but you told her that you’d rather stay in
-she’s pretty chill about it!
-you two watch rom coms and bake, creating and trying new recipes for the cafe and eating them all at once
-ofc she wants to watch Zen’s musicals but that’s up to you lmao
-she also discovers that her good pajamas are dirty and it was your turn to wash the laundry
-so she wears your clothes
-she loves dance parties with you!!
-they’re so relaxing and you get to listen to your favorite tunes while just dancing
-she’s surprisingly a good dancer!!!
-she finds that dancing releases so much pent-up energy and stress, but you two also love to chase each other around and have a pillow fight
-Jaehee is very gentle but she’s also out to win and isn’t scared to take you out to do so
-she doesn’t let you both do it often but jumping on the bed is pretty fun as well
-makeovers? heck yeah!
-she admittedly doesn’t know much about makeup so you’ll have to teach her. She’s also kind of bad at hair styling at first but after practice, she can make anyone’s hair look amazing

-after the RFA party, he asked you where you’d like to take a trip to
-he’d been around women who begged him and his father for extravagant trips and vacations so he thought it was just a thing that women enjoyed
-but especially since trips take a lot of money that Jumin has to spend…
-you very politely turn him down, which admittedly hurts him a bit until you explain yourself
-he’s a bit relieved that staying in his penthouse alone all the time doesn’t bother you tho
-he’s so nervous when it comes to setting up a date
-like,,,,what do you do on an indoor date????
-he ends up setting out a ton of puzzles and has a very fancy dinner set up
-the entire penthouse floor is just one giant puzzle and when you both get tired, he reads to you!
-You both wake up in the morning to find Elizabeth 3rd stealing puzzle pieces just to hide them behind the couch all covered in teeth marks and slobber

-oh thank god
-being around people still makes him nervous so he’s glad you’re more of an indoor person
-since Vanderwood and Saeyoung are out for the day, you both end up going to the store and leaving with $300 worth of toys
-you build giant Lego fortresses and Saeran tricks out some robots so they can fight each other
-basically you both trash the entire bunker
-Silly string is everywhere, pillows are busted, also how on earth did you manage to fly a remote controlled helicopter into the ceiling fan and destroy it?
-Vanderwood comes home to step on a Lego and cRiEs
-it’s an absolute blast tbh, Saeran is such a child inside

Bangtan - Caribbean


he’s taking his camera. no questions about it. he’s gonna want to explore with you the whole trip. when night hits, you’ll go out somewhere that looks popular due to the number of people there and eat/drink. if you’re somewhere where they’re aren’t a lot of people, he’ll get bored..quick. so you’ll have to always be somewhere lit. you’re holding hands while walking down the streets and pointing at things in the store windows…buying a bunch of souvenirs to take back home and show friends and family. basically this man is going to be a little kid who wants to explore and explore and explore because why not?

tae tae/taehyung

just like jungkook, he’s going to want to explore all over the place. while walking around, he’ll wrap his arm around you and nuzzle in your hair cause you’re so cute to him. he’d want to try out new foods and get to know the people and their ways of life. he would talk to random people/kids on the streets because, he’s friendly af and loves kids. he’ll play caribbean music and dance around in the hotel room just because he’s in the caribbean. he’s silly like this. you’ll have so much fun with him… cause he’s hella childish and unpredictable.


jimin is all cuddles boi. like, i dont even know what to say. he’ll want to go to the beach first thing but he’ll actually play around with you more. he’ll chase you but never catch you cause he’s smol and you run faster than him. on the streets, he’ll try to talk to kids just like tae cause he adores them. when you’re out drinking smoothies or something, he’ll try to be all cute and ask for and extra straw so you two can drink out of the same thing and take selcas. when caribbean music comes on or when he hears it, he wouldn’t care where he is, he’ll break it down but then stop when he realizes you’re second hand embarrasment. jiminie will be cute af the entire time.

namjoon/rap monster

he will want to go sight seeing and take pictures of everything so that he can have something to look back on with you. he’ll really admire the music/culture and buy things that increases his knowledge on the caribbean cause why visit without learning anything about the place that you’re visiting? you’re most definitely going to art museums and trying things that you wouldn’t normally try. it may seem like a field trip at first but, you’ll do fun activities too.  namjoon will know how to have fun while learning a the same time. 


you’re having the best time of your life with this beautiful sunshine. point blank period. he’s the best person to go on a trip with since he’s so outgoing and basically your bestfriend. you’re trying new foods, buying clothes/souvenirs, doing random shit, and just plain out having a good time. you’ll definitely enjoy each others company. i really can’t say anything else! 


when you two get off of the plane, he is most definitely going to want to go to the beach first thing and chill until the sun goes down. he’ll bring his earbuds and notebook and write/listen to songs while you’re playing in the water. he’ll love watching you run around in your bikini and will obviously whisper things in your ear about how he’s gonna treat you right when you get back to the hotel. you’d ask him to play with you and he’ll do it…for a little while until he gets all tired like the old man he is. (joke) but in summary, yoongi will be chill and want to either be in bed, go sight seeing/take pictures, or lay in the sand at beach the whole entire time.


you’re obviously eating hella food. trying new food. taking selcas with food. doing the most with food. i can’t stress it enough. jin loves food. he’s trying everything before he leaves. hell, he might even make an eat jin video. anyways, jin will make you laugh the entire time because of his horrible jokes/curiosity/laugh itself. my boy jin is funny and again, he loves food, the two of you will definitely learn about food while you’re there.

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hcs Peter Maximoff + a lazy s/o could you plz?

Being lazy and dating Peter Maximoff:

  • You’re always just lounging on his couch while he’s zipping around his room.
  • Him trying to get you to play ping pong with him or do something fun, and you always just roll your eyes
  • “Do know me at all?” “Well, it was worth a shot.”
  • Somedays though, he’ll cuddle with you on the couch
  • But he’ll aways get bored and eventually start moving around again
  • You always calm him down though, because you’re so chilled out
  • So whenever he gets stressed, he just needs to spend some time with you and then it’s all good
  • Being a super good listener, so while he’s rushing around you’re always there listening to him rant about anything
  • Sometimes, you’ll get up and leave things on the floor for him to trip over, which you always get a kick out of.
  • “Wha-? How did this even get here?” “I put it there.” “You mean you actually got out of bed?” “Shut up, Peter.”
  • Him always rushing past you while you’re laying on the bed or the couch and giving you a quick kiss on your forehead or cheek as he passes


Inhumans Part Twelve

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Parts: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen,

Genre: A/U, Angst, Violence, Fluff, Romance, more in the future.

Pairing: Yixing x Reader

Word Count: 3.4K

AN: We’re almost done with Inhumans. One or two parts left! I’ll probably post drabbles from this story after it’s over from time to time, but I’m kind of sad it’s almost over. Also I’ll be posting some trigger warnings below the cut. Kind of spoiler-y, but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t.

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Y'know there’s something I’ve noticed about online activism and it’s been sort of hammering at me for a while. It’s like a lot of people don’t seem to grasp that activism is a service, it’s not something you use to look good online, or to seem better than others. It’s something that you do for a good cause that should also transform you as you do it.


Your activism should have just as much compassion and nuance as it has anger and energy. It’s important to remember that activism is to uplift the oppressed so while it’s good to spend time fighting the oppressor and their ideologies you need to spend time supporting marginalized people as well. You also need to make sure that you are not overstepping boundaries and that you listen to the people you are trying to uplift. Activism is a two way street with lots of dialogue and while you wont get it right all the time it still does well for you to check yourself and make an effort to unlearn harmful ideologies. Finally it won’t do you any good to be churning away 24/7. You don’t have to fight every battle that comes your way, sometimes you gotta chill and listen to some desiderata, aint nothing wrong with that
Let’s make a baby part 10 D|H

A/N : Well, hello there ! This is part 10 of the LMAB series. I’ve decided that Part 11 will be up before Friday since this part is not about pregnancy month 8. It’s still month 7 since it felt right to continue here. You can find the other parts here.

Phil was the only person I could go to. My parents didn’t live anywhere near London. I know Phil is mainly Dan’s best friend but he was also mine. He had a heart made of gold and was kind enough to let me stay with him. I guess I will never forget the expression on his face as he saw me in front of his door, seven months pregnant and crying my eyes out. Without saying anything he gave me a warm hug and let my inside his flat. As I woke up the morning after the fight, the bed was cold and my hands were searching for Dan’s body heat, but he wasn’t next to me like he used to. That was the moment I realized that I wasn’t stuck in a bad dream. It was all real and my boyfriend was cheating on me. I also will never be able to forget the look on Daniel’s face as he saw me pack my bags. The words he shouted after me were still stuck inside my head. He said he didn’t cheat. But where is my proof ? 24 hours ago I would have trusted Dan with my life. What happened to that ? All trust was gone just like the boy I fell in love with.

I sat up straight. It was 10 in the morning and the sun was shining through the curtains. I saw my phone rest on the bedside table beside me. Luckily I had turned it off during the night. I had more then 100 missed calls from Dan and equally as much texts.

           2.11am           missed call from Danny Boy
           2.25am          'Please come back. I need you.’
           3.00am          'I’m begging you.’
           3.15am           missed call from Danny Boy
           4.06am           Believe me I love you so much.’

It went on like that. The last text I had received was sent 5 minutes ago. It looked like he had stayed up the whole night to call and text me, trying to make me come back. I read those messages, every single one of them, while my hands were shaking and there were tears running down my cheeks.

It took me some time to calm down again. I was still crying when Phil shouted that breakfast was ready. After I didn’t show up for 15 minutes he checked on me and comforted me for over half on hour. That included sitting on the edge of the bed together while I stained his t-shirt with my wet tears. He patted my back and whispered nice words. What did we all do to deserve Phil Lester ?

In the end, he managed to make me feel a little bit better and we eventually had breakfast together. He went shopping early in the morning just to make sure he had healthy stuff for me and Boo.

“Dan keeps bombarding me with messages and calls. He wants to know if you are here with me. Should I keep ignoring him ?” he asked and I slightly nodded my head.

“I will just turn my phone off then.” he said with a smile. Yes, Phil had taken my side not his best friend’s. But that was okay, after what Dan had done right ?

For the rest of the day I tried distracting myself with reading a book. It was hard to concentrate most of the time, though. My life had turned into a huge disaster. My thoughts were going crazy. Maybe I had to be a single mum, for the rest of my days. Boo could only see his dad every second weekend. I was sure that sooner or later I had to go back to my parent’s house. They’d support me and help me and Boo through this. I was just afraid of telling them what happened. My mother would probably cry all night while my dad would probably try to murder Dan. At around five the door bell rang.

“I’ll get it.” Phil said and raised from the couch.

I kept reading until I was interrupted by loud shouting.

“You can’t come in. Just go home, alright ?!” Phil angrily growled.

I put my book aside and curiously listened.

“I need to see her, Phil. Please. I can’t lose Y/N.” I heard Dan plead.

His voice set chills down my spine. I felt a sharp pain in my heart that was currently beating twice as fast. Seconds later the door burst open and revealed Dan’s tall figure. Chasing after him was Phil, who wasn’t strong enough to hold him back. My boyfriend, probably ex boyfriend now, had dark bags under his puffy eyes. His hair was a mess and he was still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.

The sight of him broke my heart into even tinier pieces.

“Y/N” he breathed as he saw my sitting on the sofa, looking just as bad as him.

I silently shook my head as he tried to approach me. Tears filled my eyes again as Phil screamed at him to leave.

“I’m so sorry” Dan cried.

“I really love you and Boo. Nothing could ever change that, I promise.”

I was too broken to say something so I just kept shaking my head. This wasn’t happening. This couldn’t be happening.

“Please, listen to me. Yesterday was a mistake. It was so fucking stupid of me not to tell you everything straight away. I’m not cheating on you, baby. How could I ever do something like that to you.”

By now I was a sobbing mess. I struggled to get enough air into my lungs. Violent sobbing and and a baby pressing against my internal organs was not a very good combination. I started to breath as quickly possible, nearly hyperventilating.

Dan wanted to rush towards me. He wanted to calm me down, like he used to. But he was the reason for the situation I was in right now.

“Howell, LEAVE RIGHT NOW !” Phil shouted with such force, angriness and seriousness that it made me jump in shock.

Daniel tried to protest, he was frustratedly running his huge hands through his messy brown hair.

Soon he realized that it was his presence that crushed me. Boo was now old enough to feel my stress and that baby had done nothing to deserve this. He took one last glance at me, tears streaming from his tired eyes. Then he stumbled towards the door.

If I could turn back time to a few days ago, I would. But somehow I was not able to do so. The bad thing was that I still loved Dan. I literally loved him with all my heart. But all that was left of my heart were tiny bleeding pieces that were floating inside my chest. 

I spent the whole evening thinking about what he had said. 

 I’m not cheating on you, baby. How could I ever do something like that to you.

I can tell you I really wanted to believe this. If it was actually the truth then what was he doing and why did he hide it from me ? 

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what's your relationships with the other brothers?

O: Ohoh! Painfulmatsu! He talks in such a painful way whenever we chill out anywhere. He wears those stupid, painful clothes everytime! But, once in a while, I get to talk to him normally. He’s actually a pretty good person to talk to, someone who can listen to your problems. He talks so passionately about our little brothers -sniff- and I can’t help but join him. We are the eldest!

C: Karamatsu? Ah, yeah, we get along sometimes. Even though he ignores my every try to change his outfits -god, help him- he still listens to everything I say. I got a few hobbies that he also liked, and we always do them together. He’s fun to be around.

O: Ichimatsu’s a hard one to talk to, either the depressing aura he has or sometimes he just becomes so… intimidating for no reason. Heheh, Ichi tries to be scary but honestly, he’s so cute! But he’s a good lil bro. He lets me pat his head sometimes, I guess he likes that. 

C: Hmm, Ichimatsu tends to ask me about cats. Sometimes he goes with me to buy Nyaa-Chan merch but mostly to buy the cat related ones. Ichimatsu doesn’t seem to like talking to me? When we talk, he mostly nods and grunts as a response. Above all that, he’s pretty distant.

O: Jyushimatsu and I tend to goof around a lot, and me being his good ol’ nii-san, plays with him! He tries to get me to play baseball with him (even getting tied to the bat like Ichi, oh no), but have you seen him swing the bat? Or hit the ball? He’s a fricking monster. On chill days, he tends to lie on my body a lot. He’s so cute whenever he talks in his sleep, honestly. My lil bro is so pure, so innocent (okay, maybe not innocent).

C: Jyushimatsu often weirds me out. But after his girlfriend left, he slowed down. But he’s still happy as ever. He goes with me on walks, shopping with me for merch or food. 

O: Totty is a dry monster. Gross. He acts and tries to be cute honestly?? Gay, man. Joke! Joke, all a joke. He’s still cute anyways. WE’RE ALL CUTE BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME FACE -ahem- sorry. Yeah, he acts cute to get money off of me. 

C: Todomatsu has been kind of distant from us ever since the mixer thing, but he still gives an effort on talking to us. Mostly taking a selfie with us. Totty likes saying nii-san to us, it’s so… weird yet hearing it makes me so happy! He may be sly, but he has some good attributes too. Even after the Sutabaa event, he tried to get another job. I have faith in you, Totty!

"Good Morning, beautiful." (Carl Grimes Imagine)

Carl + You + Rick + Michonne

Summary: Waking up at the Grimes house in a peaceful Alexandria since the last apocalypse and having breakfast with Michonne, Rick and Carl.

The sound of plates and voices woke you up. You gentle tried to open your eyes, trying not to directly look into the morning sun that had filled the room with his sun all over. You turned yourself on the other side, but it was empty.

After some minutes staring at the ceiling and listening to what was said downstairs in the kitchen, you finally decided to get up. You tied your hair into a messy bun while searched trough some of your clothes. You decided it was going to be a chill day for all of us so you just took a simple low cut tee and your black pair of jeans.

All dressed you walked out of Carl’s room and you got down stairs. As you got down the stairs, you could smell this delicious smell. The hallways were filled with the smell of cooked eggs and baked bacon. It was a smell you haven’t smelled in a long time. You walked the kitchen in. The diner table was filled with delicious things as; bacon, eggs, bread and orange juice. Rick, Carl and Michonne - with Judith on her lap - sat around the table.

Their eyes caught you walking their way. ‘Good morning, Y/N,’ Michonne smiled at you, ‘I hope you slept well.’ You nodded. ‘Best in ever, thank you.’ Carl stood up from his chair to greet you with a kiss. He placed his hand on your hip, that he made pulling you even closer to him. ‘Good morning, beautiful.’ Smiling of joy you snug your head into his chest. Rick and Michonne looked at each other. Rick looked at us and smiled back. He pulled Michonne closer to him to give her a kiss and stood up. For some minutes Carl and you ended up hugging. ‘Good morning. Take a seat,’ Rick nodded at the chair next to Carl, ‘want some tea?’  

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Most kissable and feminine out of the Derp Crew
  • Chilled: Yeah, I thought about it, on who'd I'd make out with, like who are friends, and uhh. Yeah, I don't know, I really wouldn't get anyone, I couldn't, I really couldn't put in on, uuhhh. Even with Ze, nope, don't think I would. Don't think I would.
  • Aphex: Damn.
  • Smarty: Couldn't see it happening.
  • Galm: What if you were a girl?
  • Aphex: What if you were?
  • Chilled: Uhh, does he still have the beard as a girl?
  • Aphex: *burst out laughing*
  • Galm: I said you, not him.
  • Tom: If there was a situation if I had to make out with one of you, I think I would make out with Ze.
  • Smarty: *laughs* You want that beard?
  • Chilled: .... I think I would make out with Smarty.
  • Tom: He's got a pretty kissable face.
  • Smarty: *while Tom was talking* Really?
  • Chilled: See, you're the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Smarty: Aw thanks guys, *puts on a girly voice* jesus!
  • Aphex: Damn
  • Galm: I would give Ze the most feminine out of all of us.
  • Aphex: You really think so?
  • Chilled: I think Ze would get a pedicure out of all of us, Ze would get a pedicure and a manicure.
  • Galm: Yeah, I could see him getting his eyebrows done, and everything, absolutely.
  • Aphex: *intrigued* wow
  • Galm: He's got nice eyes.
  • Chilled: I'd think he be a gentle kiss, like not really anything rough.
  • -few seconds later-
  • Tom: My chat is making, saying about you know, 'oh you would kiss Ze if you had to kiss anyone?', like no. I'm talking about within the derp crew here.
  • Smarty: Don't make that, *gets talked over by Aphex and Tom*, listen. Listen, if fangirls, err, if a bunch of fangirls got us to smack Chilled's ass while he was doing autographs, they are going to try and get us to do anything. That's not something we want.
  • Aphex: No no no no, we aren't kissing in public.
  • Tom: We have our limits, we definitely have our LIMITS *falls in game*.
  • Everyone: *starts laughing*
  • Chilled: Those limits flew right off
  • Smarty: Those limits are off
  • -few minutes or so later-
  • Aphex: You know, I'm not gonna lie though. I will admit. Okay, I'm going by Chilled's, like you know description on Ze being, like kissable. I can actually see Ze being kissable.
  • Chilled: I think Ze should kiss us all, since he's not play Mario Kart
  • Everyone: *starts laughing again*
  • Smarty: I hope to god that he comes into the chat and is just 'What the fuck is going on?'.
  • Chilled: Uhh, uhh, chat, all of our chats, can you tell Ze that since he is not playing Mario Kart he has to kiss us?