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Today is Samuel Thomas Wilson’s birthday.

It’s also Bisexuality Day.

Now, I’m not saying those two facts are connected, all I’m saying is the sky was the colors of the bi flag in that scene with Sam running, and that within the first 2 minutes of the movie he had already flirted with both Steve and Natasha.

Happy bisexualityrthday Sam <3

Some Disney Duck Comfort & Encouragement

Scrooge McDuck would want you to save your money so you have enough to pay your bills and live a comfortable life. 

Donald Duck would want you to stay safe and take care of yourself. 

Huey would want you to at least attempt to bond more with your family and be prepared for any situation. 

Louie would want you to take a step back and breathe so you don’t become over stressed. 

Dewey would want you to pursue your dreams and be comfortable being yourself. 

Webby would want you to try to make new friends. 

Launchpad would want you to not be afraid of making mistakes so you can learn from them and become better. 

Mrs. Beakley would want you to learn how to defend yourself so you don’t have to be afraid of the world around you. 

Drake Mallard would want you to try to be the best parent you can be to your kids / future kids. 

Daisy would want you to hold a little vanity so you can show the world how beautiful you truly are and would want you to pamper yourself every once in a while. 

Take it from the Disney Ducks. 


Undertale Anniversary and… decided to redo this picture.

Because… It had been maybe 2 years since I hurt my hands. At least a year since I had almost entirely given up both drawing and video games in an attempt to heal.  A long time since I had felt like I would ever be really able to draw again like I used to.  A long time since I felt it would be worth trying.  But in fall/winter of 2015, I watched Jay play Undertale.  And it was too close to how I was feeling, and at the same time it was so full of hope. It snuck right into my heart. And instead of feeling bitter about how beautiful it all was, instead I felt like even if it was hard, even if it was never the same again, I wanted to try, I wanted to make things again. So thank you, Undertale and Toby Fox.


The Kidnapping

Originally posted by peterparkerimagine

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 

Request: can you do an imagine where peter has a crush on reader and bad guys kidnapped her so peter does anything to get her back (by anonymous)

Word count: 1300 (oops)

A/N: I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet for the past few weeks. I just moved into a new apartment and have been really busy with university. I’ll try to be more active from now on! Anyway, I hope that you’ll like this imagine! This is the first time I’m writing anything like this so please go easy on me! I had so much trouble not getting too dark with this so I don’t know if this is now really light or if it’s still too dark… Oh well, practice makes perfect


Peter was excitedly making his way to the math class. It was his favorite course, not because of math but because of the beautiful girl sitting next to him. Y/F/N Y/L/N. She was the prettiest and funniest girl Peter had ever met. She was honestly perfect in every way. The more he thought about her, the faster he started walking. Everyone knew that Peter was madly in love with Y/N, well everyone but Y/N. He had been working up the courage to ask her out for a year now and he was so sure that now was the time to tell her. Well this week or month maybe. He was definitely going to tell her within the next few months… Maybe.

As Peter reached the class room his heart started beating a bit faster. Every time he turned to the class room he would see your face focused on your book. He took a big breath and walked in. His gaze immediately turned to your desk but surprisingly it was empty. Peter walked to his seat looking around the room trying to find you. Maybe she was just a bit late, Peter thought trying to shake the worst-case scenarios out of his head.

The bell rang signaling that the class was ending. Still no Y/N in sight. Maybe she was sick, Peter tried to reason with himself as he gathered his things. As he was walking out of the class room the teacher stopped him. “Hey Parker, do you happen to know about Y/N?” she asked and Peter’s heart jumped to his throat. He knew that Y/N would not take a sick day without announcing the teacher. “She’s probably just sick” Peter lied to the teacher and ran out. He took his phone out about to call Mr. Stark for help when he got a text.

“You missing your girlfriend?” – Unknown

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Nowhere but Here

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Request: nope! but you voted and ye shall receive! Everyone misses our fellow scarf boy, so hopefully this will help

Word count: 1,670

Warnings: none??


Autumn in Beacon Hills was one of the most beautiful places in the world, and one of the most stressful. The amount of work given this year, even in the first couple months of school had been rough. Stacks and piles of various reading assignments and worksheets could often be found scattered along my bedroom floor. I’d stayed up so late last night trying to study for an upcoming test, that by the time I looked at the clock on the wall, the numbers were blurred and my eyelids felt so heavy that I hadn’t had the energy to lift them again.

The next morning, I waited outside of the school for Isaac. I took deep breaths of the crisp fall air and watched as the red and orange leaves fell from the trees. The quiet rustle of the leaves was calming and my eyes once again began to feel heavy. I crossed my arms against my chest and leaned back against one of the stone column near the main doors. I let my eyelids flutter shut, but before they could close, I caught a glimpse of a curly haired boy coming towards me.

My arms fell to my sides and my eyes opened wide at the sight of him. A small laugh escaped my lips when I took in the full sight of him. His curly hair messily atop his head, bookbag and lacrosse bag slung over his shoulders, motorcycle helmet and lacrosse stick in one hand and a tray of coffee in the other, he truly was a beautiful mess, wasn’t he?  

I shook the thoughts of him out of my head and brought my eyes to meet his as he continued to walk towards me. As he got closer, my mouth began to open, expecting to greet him happily, but instead was replaced with a gasp. One of his long legs stepped up towards me, as the other was left behind and made contact with the curb of the sidewalk. A cup flung from his grasp and met the front of my shirt, hot liquid drenching it, and undoubtedly leaving a huge stain. I grabbed the hem of my shirt and held it outwards, away from my body in hopes for it to stop dripping.

Isaac regained his balance and looked up to see what had happened. His jaw dropped, and began apologizing profusely. “I am so sorry Y/N” he said quickly, eyes wide, as he brought his arm around my shoulder and escorted me inside. It took me a minute to understand why he’d been acting so weird but I quickly remembered the shirt I had been wearing was white. And you could see everything underneath. Wonderful.

Isaac fumbled with the zipper on his bag before rummaging through it and pulling out a spare jersey. “Here, wear this” he said, extending his arm out to me and bringing his azure eyes to mine. Afraid that I couldn’t string together a coherent sentence with the way he was looking at me, I gave him a quick “thanks” before rushing into the bathroom to change.

After slipping the soft fabric over my head, I took a minute to admire the way it looked in the small mirror hanging on the wall. The hem of the jersey stopped a third of the way down my thigh and the number fourteen draped across my chest. My fingers twirled through the fabric, letting my mind fill with thoughts of him. The way he smiled, the way his arms wrapped around me every time he hugged me.. My heart was full but also ached, he was just a friend and that was all he would ever be.

The sound of the door opening and a group of girls walking in broke me from my trance as I took a deep breathe and made my way back into the corridor. He stood there waiting for me, people watching in the hallway, only noticing my presence when I placed a hand on his arm. His eyes came straight to me, and scanned my body before speaking, “Lookin’ good, you ready?”. I nodded my head and broke eye contact, not wanting to see all the dirty looks and scowls that inevitably came with wearing Isaac Lahey’s lacrosse jersey.

After what felt like forever, we finally reached Scott and Stiles’s lockers. They stood there deep in conversation, only to be silenced when we walked up to them. They gave each other a look and then switched their gaze to Isaac and I. Oh no. My eyes went wide and I tried to stealthily shake my head “no” before they said anything, but I was too late. “So, Y/N, you finally told him huh?” Stiles teased, looking in between myself and Isaac. “It’s about time!” Scott added in, giving Isaac a pat on the shoulder. I could feel the heat rising to my cheeks and almost flinched when I heard Isaac’s voice.

“Told me what?”.

We all sat in silence for a few seconds before Scott directed his attention to me. I gave him a head shake and I could tell that he understood. The smile dropped from his face and right as Stiles began to speak, “That she- ow!” Scott elbowed him in the side. All three boys were now looking at me, my cheeks red, and tears starting to form in my eyes. The sound of the bell ringing allowed me to exhale the breath that I’d been holding in for so long, and gave me an excuse to leave. As I walked away, I could hear Isaac call my name, but I hadn’t any energy to deal with this right now.

Hours passed, tests were taken, and I was still avoiding Isaac. I couldn’t deal with the fact that after he knows, it could ruin our whole friendship. I care so much about him, and the thought of losing him made my heart ache even more than before. After school, the best thing I could think of doing was to hide under the covers, away from the world, so that’s what I did. That is, until Lydia showed up and pulled the comforter off, demanding I come to the lacrosse game with her.

“It’ll help take your mind off things Y/N, c’mon! Come with me!” she pleaded.

“He’ll be there Lyd, how is that going to help?” I question, looking down at the jersey I was still wearing, running my fingers over the fabric.

“Yes. He will be there. So either you can tell him how you feel, or get over him and scout out all the hot players on the other team” she says, pulling my hands into hers. “Plus, you’re already dressed for the game”.

After many more arguments with Lydia, I end up going to the lacrosse game with her anyways. I can’t feel like this forever, and if he doesn’t feel the same way back, why not try to move on already?

The bright lights shine over the field, as fans pile into the stands. The gentle breeze flies through the bleachers, and through my hair as we find our seats and wait for the game to start. As the players run onto the field, the crowd cheers, and the moonlight shines. The referee blows the whistle for the game to start and Coach Finstock rounds up all of his starting players, Isaac and Scott being two of them. Scott finds Lydia and I in the crowd and shoots me an apologetic look, to which I respond with a nod and a small smile. Isaac, however, tries to figure out what Scott was looking at, and to his surprise, finds me. I muster up a smile, and he looks away. I can’t tell what the expression on his face was with his back turned, but I can’t imagine it was a happy one.

As the game went on, thoughts of Isaac whirled through my head. And when it was over, he was all I could think about. Lydia and I stayed back after the game ended and watched as all the other fans dispersed. Only a few people remained on the field and both teams were packing up their equipment. Lydia found Scott and Stiles, who both gave me an apology before leaving, as I stayed and waited for Isaac. I leaned against his motorcycle and waited for him to emerge from the team locker room. I waited there for what seemed like forever, looking down at my hands, letting my thoughts take over.


His voice broke me from my thoughts, and his appearance left me speechless. His curls still messy, and his lean figure engulfed in a lacrosse hoodie, blue eyes meeting mine the closer he came to me. I shifted my gaze to anywhere but his eyes, needing to be able to think clearly. “Look, Isaac, I know what Scott and Stiles said earlier made things a little awkward but I-”

Just then, he brought his hands to my cheeks and his lips to mine. The kiss was passionate, just as I’d imagined it would be. I brought my hands to rest on his forearms, as our foreheads pressed against each other. “-Like you” I whispered, finishing my sentence. “I didn’t know what to say to you, but I couldn’t lose you Isaac. Not you”. I let the tears in my eyes spill over, not being able to hold them in any longer. He pulls his head away from mine to look at me, wiping away any stray tears with his thumb before wrapping his arms around me. “You won’t Y/N, you never will”. With his strong arms around me, shielding me from the chilling autumn wind, I finally felt free. I have him by my side and there’s no other place we’d rather be.

Writer’s Note: Thank you all for voting on the Isaac imagine and I hope you like it! As always, a special thanks to my girl Sammie for beta reading and for moral support :)

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“Sickness” Kim Taehyung

A/N: I’m sorry if this has spellinng errors, English is not my first language, but please feel free to correct me! I hope you like this!

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: Slight mention of sex.

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“Good morning, love,” when I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the smiling face of Taehyung, he looked so cute with his messy hair and his beautiful smile. When he realized I was looking at him, he asked me, “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at you and I’m trying to understand why you’re so handsome,” I said with a smile and he laughed heartily.

“I know I’m very handsome, people always look at me, maybe I should start charging for looking at me, what do you think?” He put on a serious face, as if he were serious.

“Suddenly, you’re not so handsome Tae …” I said in jest, he raised an eyebrow.

“Are you sure? You didn’t think that a moment ago or last night.” He started tickling me.

“S-stop it!” You did everything possible not to laugh, but couldn’t “Tae!”

“I’ll stop if you give me a kiss …” He grimaced, you had to admit that he was like a big puppy sometimes.

“All right!” You were about to kiss him when you remembered that you had to go to work “Oh my God, what time is it? Why did not you wake me up, Tae?

"I didn’t wake you up because you looked cute while you slept” He said that with a little smile.

You tried to get out of bed, but Taehyung grabbed your arm “Can’t you call sick for today, I have a day off, please, baby” He asked with hopeful eyes, how could I say no? And given the little amount of free time he has … this is a tempting occasion.

“Okay, I’ll call in sick … again.” When you said this, he smiled and hugged you tightly.

“Thank you baby” He kissed your forehead “Your parents and your boss hate me” He said and started to laugh.

“Why are you quoting Pied Piper’!?”

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stop making me emotional with all your beautiful art. I was looking through your 2015 HQ!! log and my heart can't take it he l p

GSGSHSHH i suffered so much skimming thru old 2015 art and trying not to hate every one but thankyou for saying that it was a great experience for you!!!! ;0; once u learn how to draw characters with lips there’s no going back

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My biases are JiHope. And knowing that they share a room 😏😍💦🍆👅💕 my fantasy is to have Hoseok make love to me one night while Jimin is sleeping and I have to be quiet so that we don't wake him up. But Hobi continues to try and make me fall apart by telling me I'm his good girl for being so quiet and taking him so well as he goes deeper hitting the spot he knows drives me over the edge. & while we think Jimin's asleep he's quietly touching himself & accidentally whimpers out loud next to us

This is what I’m talking about. Thank you. This is beautiful and I’m close to tears.

Summer Love; Jeno.

Request: “Can you write having a summer fling with Jeno? Ty love you! ❤️❤️❤️”

Genre: Angst.

Warnings: None.

A/N: Idk if the anon whor equested this wanted a headcanon or a scenario but I thought that it would be better as a scenario so yeah. Also, idk if anon wanted something angsty or not but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, sorry not sorry. 

“I’ll help you.” You heard Jeno’s empty voice from the entrance of your room, taking you out of your thoughts and scaring you a little.

It took you two seconds to realize that the time finally came, that you couldn’t avoid anymore that painful “Goodbye” that you spend weeks trying to hide from him. Day by day and every time you saw those beautiful dark eyes you kept telling yourself the same excuses, that you couldn’t find the right words to put a end to this spontaneous relationship, that you’ll do it in the perfect moment, that you should enjoy this last moments with him instead of thinking in the inevitable future that was ahead, waiting patiently to break your inexperienced hearts.

“W-What are you doing here?” You stuttered, still highly surprised as you turned around to look at him and getting hurt newly by the sad expression on his face.

“Your mom already told me about it this morning, I just came to say goodbye.” Jeno gave small steps closer to you, taking a bouquet of beautiful white flowers out of his back and hading them to you. “Let me help you pack your things.”

“I-It’s not neccessary, I’m almost done, but… some companny wouldn’t hurt.” You showed him a small fake smile as you slowly grabbed the flowers, looking at the carefully before letting them on your nightstand.

“I admit that I wasn’t expecting to have so many feelings for someone, and that I’m highly dissapointed. But… we can’t be more than this, Y/N, just something temporal. I’m so sorry.”

Unwavering memories of him kept coming into your mind as you faked a smile, pretending exciment for coming back home but actually never wanting to leave the bright and luxurious city that Seoul was. You you went up the plane remembering his sad expression when he saw you with your suitcase in hand, making him understand that your time here ended.

“I’ll write you once I’m back home, maybe I can call you if I don’t arrive too late but..” Jeno sighed loudly, interrupting you and making you keep silence. “What’s wrong?”

“I-I don’t think we should keep in contact, Y/N..” He pronunced each word slowly, and his voice sounded painful like if each word was hurting him. “I admit that I wasn’t expecting to have so many feelings for someone in so little time, and that I’m highly dissapointed but… we can’t be more than this… just something temporal.”

The way he was sweetly holding your hands and the sad tone in his voice was contradicting himself and confusing you. And even if you wanted to deny his simple request, you didn’t, because you understood his reasons perfectly. Not everyone was made for long distance relationship, not everyone was trusty or dedicated enough to be part of one and it was completely understandable. He didn’t dare to look at you in the eyes until he finished talking, but quickly regretting his decidion when he saw tears slowly forming in those shiny eyes that made of his summer something unforgettable.

“F-Fine.” Your voice sounded weak, but that last promise was the straw that broke the camel’s back, you hided your face in your hands as you started to cry silently.

Jeno reacted immediately, putting you close and hugging you tightly as he caressed your hair, trying to calm you down with his little touches of love but at the same time feeling terrible for even breathing near you after destroying you in such way. He hated to look at you being like this, with so much emotions inside you 

“Don’t forget me.” You whispered in his ear, tears of pure impotence falling down your cheeks as you speaked. “Please, don’t.”

The following days, even weeks weren’t as happy for any of you. Jeno had problems concentrating on the new choreographies he had to deal and had to deal with his bandmate’s compassion daily, he wasn’t his energetic and cheerful self. And you were feeling just as lost as him, constantly daydreaming and not being able to forget his smile, his eyes, that unique aura that he had. It’s going to be hard to get used to this feelings, but.. who knows? Maybe the future has more surprise for the two of you.

Zenyuki Week Day #5, Dance

(Song In AMV is This side of paradise by Coyote theory)

Here’s a small AMV I made for today, but also, here’s a bit of fanfiction, I hope you guys like ♡

Well, the day had finally come.
The day everyone worked so hard for, and waited so patiently to happen.
It was their wedding day.
After several painful years of being apart through travel and royal duties, Prince Zen and Shirayuki would finally be married. Or should I say, are married?
The ceremony was beautiful, the altar laced with white roses and yura shigure, the pathway laid out as a beautiful white carpet. Crowds of people flooded around the castle to try and get a glimpse of the ceremony. Zen and Shirayuki exchanged their vows and sealed it with a kiss, then quickly rushing to the ballroom where the reception would be held. The room was packed to the brim with nobles and lords from all across Claranies, there were even people out of the kingdom that attended including Prince Raij, who searched for the newly weds to congratulate them. The ballroom floor was littered with flowers and the walls and tall ceilings were draped with beautiful white cloth. Zen and Shirayuki made quite and appearance, coming through two large doors at the top of the stairs in the middle of the room, with Kiki and Mitsuhide coming out just in front of them, while Obi comedically walked behind the bride and groom while throwing flowers up and above their heads like a flower girl would. Zen wore a handsome grey and blue suit with a white cloak falling on his back, while Shirayuki wore a flawless white gown, laced with flowers on the neckline as well as the band of her veil. The dress was far bigger then she was used to so she stumbled a bit trying to get down the stairs— but all was good because Zen was holding her arm the whole time. Her face was red and her emerald green eyes were a bit puffy from all the crying she did during the ceremony, but she still looked beautiful either way. Mitsuhide announced their presence as “Prince Zen and Princess Shirayuki of Claranies”, and quickly the ballroom was flooded with the sound of cheering and celebration. The bride and groom walked to the far side of the room, where a large table with a large beautiful white cake and several bottles of wine sat. That’s where they started the night, sitting with their closest friends, talking about the day and the past they had with each other— while people quickly ran up to their table and congratulated them. They warmly thanked everyone who did and welcomed everyone to talk to them. After cutting the cake together and having a few glasses of wine, King Izana finally made his appearance known to the group and gestured to talk to Zen. Zen gave Shirayuki’s hand a quick squeeze and sat up from his seat to talk to his elder brother. “Lord brother, it’s an honor and a pleasure.” Izana smirked and slapped Zen’s shoulder “I congratulate you, younger brother. Seems you’ve finally gotten on the path you always wanted.” Zen laughed and spoke “Well, it wasn’t so easy with all the tests you put us through, but it was all worth it.” Izana smiled and shook his brother’s hand and replied “Good. I’m glad you’re having a good time, and I am more then happy to be here today. How about you and Shirayuki have a dance? It is a tradition after all.” Zen grinned and nodded. As Izana left to talk to the band, Zen returned to the table and whispered to Shirayuki, explaining the dance. “Oh Zen! You know I’m horrible at these kinds of things…” she said in a laugh. He took her hand and kissed her cheek, “You’ll do great.”

They walked into the center of the ballroom, while everyone stopped what they were doing and watched the couple in awe. The band started to play a slow and beautiful melody, with a simple beat as Izana requested because knew Shirayuki’s limit. Zen placed a hand in hers and another on her waist, while her’s went to his shoulder. She tried to focus on her feet for most of the dance, which made Zen laugh, but then he removed his hand from her’s and used it to tilt her head up to his. She looked in his eyes in awe, that after so long they were finally promised to each other. They were finally married, after so much hard work and dedication to each other. They rested their heads against each other’s and everything and everyone seemed to disappear. “She is mine, and I am her’s…” Zen thought to himself.
They danced along the ballroom floor gracefully, but it seemed more like they were dancing along the stars. In the moment nothing else mattered. They had each other and they knew that this was just the start of their journey. They loved each other more than you could put into words, and nothing could break it. They whispered sweet and beautiful word’s into each other’s ears as they danced, still not breaking eye contact with one another. It seemed like time was eternal, and they loved it this way. This is what they were working for, and now they could work further, together.

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I’m reading about Addie and Rebecca, two Black women who were in love in the 1860s, but the historian insists on calling it a “romantic friendship” or “erotic friendship” bc both women had been courted by men and were therefore “straight”. These women wrote hundreds of letters to each other, reciting wedding vows and longing for each other’s kisses, bosoms, and beds, and this fuckin historian is trying to gal pal one of the most beautiful historical love stories I’ve ever encountered I’m so mad

Week 38 : landscape -macro
Fern fronds

iPhone6 ProCam4 2:20pm f/2.2 ISO32 1/105s

I took a few photos here and there all week, bugs in my tulips, water droplets on my tulips, a bee on my driveway, native flowers up close… Then after @sharingmyserendipity had said she was trying to steer clear of flowers… I thought that was a good plan too … so this afternoon I actually googled landscape macro for photography to make sure what I had fit the category (and garnered some good tips) and then went to the side of the house and took this!

No post editing other than maybe a slight crop in iPhoto. I’ll post those that didn’t make the cut in Outtakes on my blog later. (#pc17 outtakes)
Cheers Retrokarrots 🍷

Just beautiful @retrokarrots!  Such soft lovely colors.  I like how you focused on the detail closest to you.  The different textures are apparent and everything else just fades away nicely.  There is even a little bokeh in the background.

- RK

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i saw some hate asks on your blog as i scroll. how can someone beautiful like you have haters ?

First of all, thank you. Thank you for reaching out and for finding me beautiful. Secondly, we all have haters no matter what we do in life. But I don’t find that annoying. I find it rather cute.

Why? Simply because, haters are secretly your fans. They watch every step you take, every move you make and they think about you day and night, trying to put you down, trying to make you feel bad. They will constantly check up on you and keep up with your life. In other words, they actually care a lot about you, in their own ways.

So, the best way to react to them is to not react to them. Focus on yourself. Go out and love yourself. Go out and get better.

‘Serendipity’ Chapter 1: Innocence

A total Sherlolly AU in which they keep meeting at different points in their lives, but every time is a beautiful adventure.

               He was nine years old when he first met Molly Hooper; she was seven. She was a wild beauty if ever he saw one, running around barefoot through the open field of daisies with nothing but a sundress and her chestnut hair in braided pigtails, a flower crown atop her head.

               “Hey, why aren’t you wearing any shoes?” he asked.

               “Because the grass feels good between my toes!” she answered enthusiastically. “Try it!” Reluctantly, Sherlock slipped off his shoes and socks, scrunching his toes in the green blades.

               “S’not so bad,” he remarked.

               “The flowers tickle too,” she smiled. “What’s your name?”

               “William Sherlock Scott Holmes, at your service, madam,” he bowed with a flourish, eliciting a soft giggle from her lips.

               “Nice to meet you, William,” Molly extended her hand. “I’m Margaret Elizabeth Hooper, but you can call me Molly.”

               “Do you wanna play pirates?” Sherlock asked.

               “Sure! What’s your pirate name?” she questioned.

               “Yellowbeard,” he answered. “What’s yours?”

               “Make one up for me,” she insisted.

               “Wild beauty,” was his reply, making her blush. As Yellowbeard, he attempted to go after her treasure.

               “If you want my treasure, then you must do a dare,” she told him. “And I dare you to kiss me.” Sherlock’s eyes widened much to her amusement. He leaned in further to her already puckered lips, but Molly ran as he tried.

               “Hey, that’s not fair,” he pouted.

               “I’m a pirate; I’m not supposed to be fair,” she teased. He couldn’t argue with that.

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Namjoon seems to be someone who definitely likes to be in control so I just dream off teasing him and making him lose his mind and denying any control. For example him doing a vlive and behind the camera I would just lay on the bed pleasuring myself and smirking at him, while he would just go crazy while trying to remain still on camera. And well as soon the vlive would end he would come over and for sure release this whole build up tension accordingly.

This is so beautiful. I can picture this. 👏🏼

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So I just finished taking an exam and it was an easy one so like, half the other kids at least had already left, but my ADHD ass was just now done. As I was leaving, this really beautiful girl I kinda have a crush on is sitting in the front row and she looks up at me and I try to give her a reassuring smile cause I know she's anxious, but then she smiles back and I forget how to walk and nearly fell on all the front row desks @ me why are you like this

that’s so gay holy shit i love it 👀

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wally? or maybe martin and jax?

anon that’s a lot of people. but guess what? they’re all jewish and i deserve all of them

martin stein

  • so martin became a rabbi
  • he immediately drops it because he associates judaism with his family and he does not want to associate with his family
  • so he marries beautiful christian-but-not-religious clarissa and lives his happy agnostic non-religious life
  • he only reconnects to his judaism after a really deep conversation with this five-year-old and he thinks “hmm maybe i should give this another try”
  • when he gets into it for a second time, his judaism isn’t about text study it’s about people
  • he renews his rabbi license, he converts lisa smart, he gives hartley rathway a bar mitzvah
  • when lily is phased into existence he freaks out because oh my god what if she isn’t jewish he doesn’t have memories of any of her jewish milestones
  • he’s never more relieved than he is when he sees her bat mitzvah photos
  • he’s crazyjewishmom on instagram, he frequently calls lily spawn

jax jackson

  • jax doesn’t grow up jewish because his mother wasn’t jewish
  • he’s unpacking his father’s boxes with his mother one day and he finds this long piece of cloth with strings at the end
  • “mom what’s this” “oh it’s your father’s tallis” “?????”
  • jax is like my father is jewish how could you never tell me
  • he’s stressed n concerned because he knows nothing about judaism at all
  • he runs to stein and begs him to teach him about judaism because he feels guilty for not knowing anything
  • “jefferson, technically you’re not jewish because your mother-” “THATH’S NOT THE POINT HERE GRAY”
  • jax like, falls in love with the really modern versions of prayers? like the ones that are poetic that he can sing and they’re in english and he understands them
  • at his wedding (to wally bc atm that’s the way this is gonna play out) he’s so fascinated by all the jewish traditions he can include. like huppa!!! so cute!!! smashing glass??? as long as we’re both safe!!

wally west (@jewishwallywest i felt the need to tag you so i hope you enjoy)

  • wally loves being jewish!! he would scream it to the world
  • his favorite songs are all israeli pop, including “golden boy” and “one day”
  • wally cooks. a lot. like a lot a lot.
  • so depending on how u view the iris/joe half of the west family, holidays are great because they include grandma esther’s egg nog and wally’s latkes or grandma esther’s matzo balls finally have a companion in wally’s latkes
  • wally!!!! loves!!!!! his temple youth group!!!!
  • he was social action vice president for two years and then his senior year he was executive president
  • he also very much enjoys nfty he has so many jewish friends!!! he loves them all so much
  • he and jax enter their wedding like this
  • hartley: if they can do it why can’t i????