try not to be normal

sweet medicine (ray/saeran x mc)

rating: all ages (very tiny v route spoilers)

notes: i finished v route a couple days ago and i’ve been thirsting for fluffy ray/saeran content like no one’s business ever since. i asked a friend for a prompt and so this sickfic was born. i hope it’s fluffy enough because apparently ‘my soul is most at ease when i make my readers weep with angst.’ LOL. anyway, it’s my first time writing ‘ray’ so i hope people enjoy. ;;

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once-upon-a-nugget  asked:

Rfa + v + saeran reaction to mc with sensory overload and social anxiety? Thank you so much 😘

A/N: So I may have strayed from the social anxiety portion of this (im so sorry!!!!) but I feel with sensory overload that social anxiety is a common pairing due to the triggers of a crowd ^^ so i touched more on what a sensory overload may feel like instead, I hope that’s okay!!!! ;A; ~Admin 404


               When he has not only the TV on, but the radio, AND LOLOL blaring sound all at once?? That’s enough to drive anyone crazy in all honesty. But the sounds, to you, get jumbled in your head. All of them just get louder and louder, meshing together and seem to be never ending. Once it starts to happen, you’re able to hear your own heartbeat thrown into the mix and that sends you over the edge. You cover your ears, immediately freezing up and dropping to the floor, your breathing becoming uneven and you have no control over your voice to call to Yoosung for help. He happened to walk into the room and noticed you crouched, hands to your ears and shaking- he didn’t know what happened but he knew something was wrong. When you managed to force out something about sound, he ran around to turn every sort of sound completely off before running back to you to. Talking to you didn’t seem to help, but the moment his fingers lightly grazed your skin, you were snapped away from the sounds and just had to deal with the panic and the calm down that came afterwards, which he helped you get through, of course! After a lengthy explanation, he felt horrible that this happened to you! From then on he agreed to have one thing on at a time, not to mention keeping it down. If you wanted to watch TV and he wanted to game, he would wear some headphones so the noises wouldn’t clash! In public, he was the type to tell people to quiet down, just for you! He had no fear when it came to your wellbeing!


               Your boyfriend was really big on healthcare and all around being fresh, which included scents! Multiple different candles at once, different lotions and face washes, different bath salts, different scents all around the house and on him. Sometimes, just walking into the house was enough of an overload for you. Too many of the scents at once- you smell them all yet you smell none. All you can tell is that your nose is smelling something- and your brain is searching, trying to process if it’s a good or a bad thing. Your heart rate kicks up and suddenly the scents are stuck in your throat- both your nose and throat start to burn and you felt as if you were suffocating, not a hint of fresh air in sight. Hearing the soft sounds that came with your throat closing itself, Zen rushed into the room to find your eyes watering, and your hands grasping at your neck, desperately trying to coax it to open up and breathe. He ran around, trying desperately to figure out what was wrong and how to help! You tried to tell him using hand gestures that the smells were too much, and that you needed to go outside, so he practically carried you out of the door and was a little hurt when you pushed him away from you, standing a good distance away to try and focus on getting back to breathing normally. Trying to reclaim his pride, he asked you to tell him exactly what happened and why you pushed him away like that, when you told him that the mixture of the scents were too strong and triggered a sort of panic attack, he became over dramatic and dropped to the floor, wailing how he was a horrible partner to you. After consoling him (and trying to not breathe in the strong scent of his cologne), he made a vow to you then and there to just get lightly scented things! A soft scent would be fine with you, so long as it isn’t too much at once!


               She always appreciates your help when trying to create new pastry items for the menu at the cafe, and you’re happy to help! So long as she… takes it one at a time. But lately, she’s been so stressed about creating the perfect one, she even makes them all at home, after you’ve left the cafe. Sure, she could just pick a few and add them all to the menu, but she just wanted the one that would stand out from the menu, and she needed you to tell her which one! Which would have been okay, had she not… made them all at once. Take a bite of this one, take a bite of that one- one after another was over stimulating your tongue and you were steadily heading towards a sensory overload, but you didn’t want to let her know- what if she took it the wrong way and thought you just didn’t like her pastries! You could feel your tongue struggling to find each grain of the bite of cake, each texture and each flavour, all at once. Lingering flavours started to intermingle with your current piece, and your nose started to pick up on the remaining pastries. Rather than having a meltdown full of crying and being unable to breathe, your eyes seemed to glaze over. You looked as if you were checked out, lost in thought, unable to snap out of your trance by yourself, she’ll gently touch your hand so she doesn’t scare you in any way. Once you’re able to look at her and recognize that it truly is her, you find yourself having difficulty swallowing the cake and had to spit it out. Concerned it was terrible, she asks you to explain what was wrong, and felt horrible at the fact that she had overloaded you with all of them! Immediately takes away the others and reminds herself to let you try just one at a time, at your own pace. When you aren’t in the cafe, she has you carry a little tin of your favourite coffee beans, because the smooth scent can snap you out of an overload, and can calm you down if you were to have one out in public!


               You had no idea how this man didn’t suffer from any sort of sensory overload as well? He’s constantly surrounded by so much work, people, cameras, people trying to touch him, /noise/. As much as you love him, it’s… overwhelming. You’ve tried your best to deal with it all, considering after the two of you returned from your honeymoon he told you it was something that had to be done… but sometimes it was just too much. You’ve started to decline attending events with him or faking an excuse to get out of it, and he started to worry that it was because of something he did- were you tired of him? You couldn’t get out of this date he has planned for you, not that you exactly wanted to, it is a date after all! But you weren’t expecting so many flashing lights, so many people asking questions at once, so many of the body guards bumping into you and others trying to just touch you. You could feel your head starting to throb, your heartbeat made its way into your ears and tears prickled your eyes. All of the sounds started to mesh together, your couldn’t catch your breath no matter how hard you kept trying. You tried to hold it together because making a scene isn’t proper and you wouldn’t want that sort of bad publicity associated with Jumin, but you couldn’t help it. There was just too much going on and you couldn’t take anymore. You dropped to a crouch, right in front of Jumin- he stumbled over you a bit before bending down to see what was wrong. He saw you starting to cry, you were short of breath, and your eyes seemed to shift around at a quick pace, like you were trying to analyze your surroundings. With a soft touch to your hand and quiet cooing, he got you to look at him as he spoke to you about calming your breathing. He could tell that your stare at him was empty as your mind continued to race, but he needed to get your breathing back before anything else. Once you took in that deep breath, light came back to your eyes as it started to register Jumin and only Jumin. You had to explain to him every detail you could remember so he could paint a picture of what you were experiencing, and he vowed to do everything in his power to protect you from it again. More bodyguards but more space between them and you, sneaking around to things that are special for the two of you, if you need a space to be alone, he’s making one for you no matter what it takes.


               His house is always so messy. The days that Vanderwood comes by and actually cleans is almost like God himself has come to your aid and eased your mind. But there is just… so many machine parts strung about, empty chip bags tossed everywhere- they rival the amount of clothes on the floor. The smell of honey buddah chips, PhD Pepper,  /dirty laundry/, all of them mix together and it’s just hard to breathe and distinguish which is which. Computer error sounds, crinkling of chip bags, the tick tack of the computer keys, the sounds all boom in your ears. There’s always so many things going on that you can’t focus on anything one thing and that’s not only frustrating, but harmful. It’s almost as if you’ve walked into his computer room- surrounded by millions of screens, all playing sounds at once, all different moving pictures, the door is locked and you can’t get away from it all. That’s what it feels like, just sitting in the living room for a short period of time. You’ve learned to hide it from Saeyoung, only having a few breakdowns while he was busy or not paying attention, but one day, mid-conversation, all you could do was look around the room at the mess, until everything blended together and you found yourself on the ground, short of breath, every fiber of your being seemed to be screaming at you. Your whole body was tingling as you were trying to get your breathing at a steady pace, so when Saeyoung lightly touched your hand, it felt like pins and needles and sent you backwards, throwing yourself onto your butt and trying to get away from him- get away from everything so that you could relax. That scared him to absolute death- did he do something wrong? He knew what panic attacks looked like but this.. looked different?? He stood near you- no touching- and tried cooing at you ever so softly, watching as you finally calmed yourself down several minutes later. Sitting patiently with wide eyes, he’s waiting until you’re able to talk to him about what happened, knowing full well that pushing the matter wouldn’t help. When you explained everything to him, he nodded silently and seemed to understand. After placing a kiss to the side of your head, he got up and immediately cleaned everything in sight up off the floor and put it where it belonged. From that day on, he was always reminding himself that he needed to clean- he even built a cute little robot to help! He couldn’t imagine how you felt so he wanted to do everything he could to prevent it again, he knew it wasn’t a sure-fire way, but he was hoping that it would help at least a little bit!! Not to mention, he got Vanderwood to come over more often to help too. The only reason they agreed was because they wanted to help you any way they could… not that they’d let you know.


               He loves taking you out to fun festivals for dates, like carnivals! And you loved going with him! But sometimes they were absolute hell for you, you didn’t want to tell him that- you didn’t want him to worry about you! So, you put on a brave face, and tried to focus on your breathing, and everything he did to keep yourself grounded. Too bad it.. didn’t work. The scents of the food stands, the loud sound of the crowd and yelling children, the background music, the flashing lights- they all meshed together. It was like you were on the large merry-go-round in front of you; the lights and sounds started to speed up, it felt as if you were spinning around uncontrollably- up and down, unable to make sense of it all, you couldn’t get off of the ride. Your grip on Jihyun’s hand tightened as you struggled to stand up straight- you couldn’t see him nor could you hear him but he did his best to walk you to a more quiet space so you could catch your breath, and so you’d be away from everyone. He’s seen what panic attacks look like- the panic yet glazed look, unable to catch your breath, crying. He left soft touches along your arm and shoulders to let you know he was there, but tried not to touch you so much in case that made matters worse for you. Once you came to, he made sure to get you water and said nothing until you were ready to explain what happened. He was so sad you didn’t tell him that this was a problem before! Sure, he loves going to these festivals, but he loves you more and would much rather have you comfortable and happy than risk having you get overloaded- he could now see just how much of a toll it all can take on you! The two of you made a compromise- you still attend these festivals, but at your own pace! All you had to do was tell him you needed a break, and in less than a minute he will find you a soft, quiet place to calm down and take a breath in before you get too overloaded by it all. Not to mention, he gives you his old sunglasses to help block out some of the brighter lights so it isn’t too glaring in hopes of easing the visual stimulation! He would be your guide through the crowds of people so you didn’t have to take everything in at once!


               As much as he’s surrounded by his computer screens and flowers outside, I feel as if he’d experience an overload or two- at least pertaining to loud noises or too much sound, so he’d recognize a few of the symptoms. Sometimes you would look extremely distant when the two of you were out, as if you were trying really hard to focus on what he was saying to you- a lot of the time you would get immensely irritated out of nowhere. Not at him, per say, but irritated in general. You were just trying to sit peacefully in your shared bedroom, watching some TV, when you could hear the tapping of keys on Saeran’s keyboard. You tried ignoring it until you started to hear a few error noises, the fan in the computer kick up, a ding every now and then. As little as they were, they started to mash together until you’re unable to distinguish one from another. You let out a painful groan as you covered your ears, Saeran immediately turning around to check on you, but your panicked overload had already started and you had to ride it out. Everything seemed to crawl- your skin, the sounds crawled around, you could physically feel the blood being rapidly pumped out of your heart leaving an odd thump in its wake, you could even feel the breath crawling out from your lungs as your throat tries its hardest to get it back in. Immediately, Saeran turns off every piece of equipment making any sort of noise and gets water and some medicine for the headache he expected you to have afterwards. Waiting until you’re calm and able to catch your breath, he’ll just keep his eyes on you until you finally cave and tell him exactly what you felt. He gets you a pair of noise cancelling headphones like he has, to help block out any other sounds while you’re trying to focus on watching TV or listening to music. He’s been through a few, and he just wanted to help because he doesn’t want you to feel like he does! Keeping a small jar of rose petals help as well- a calm, soothing scent can help ease any other strong senses that may bother you and possibly trigger an overload. He also doesn’t hesitate to shut people up (or threaten them for that matter), so they’ll stay quiet and hopefully keep you at peace. Was it also lowkey for himself? Maybe, but he isn’t telling you that, he just wants you to know he thought of you first, then himself.



So, I normally don’t share much about my OCs but I have to give the BIGGEST SHOUT OUT TO @mormoc!!!

Who is the most incredible artist I have ever come to know and the sweetest bean ever!!! Not only is she an amazing artist (IF YOU COULDN’T TELL UP ABOVE), she listened to my ridiculous detail requests with flawlessness and with more creativity than I even have. 


Thank you SO SO MUCH MAY!! For all your incredible work and patience!! You have brought my babies to life in a way I couldn’t have dreamed of at the time! ONE DAY I WILL DO MORE WITH THESE BABIES, I SWEAR!!!

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My favorite thing about the running gag of the ditto face is that in the episode it originated from, it was only one specific ditto that had that problem, and they spent the whole time trying to teach it to mimic the face too like a normal ditto should. But we, and occasionally Pokemon canon, treat that as universal for all dittos because its just too damn funny to let go of

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There is no way JJ would date you, let me tell why 😂: One JJ does not like girls she likes boys and is married to Will, don't try to tell me she's bisexual and shit like that and two there is no way JJ would date you or anyone who has that same color skin as you, stop trying to grab attention and be normal and like reid or something your a girl you can't like girls just like a boy and be normal honey 😂

Let me tell you something anon, first JJ is bisexual and she likes girls and boys just because she’s married doesn’t mean she’s not bisexual and second how do you know that JJ doesn’t like people of colour?! JJ loves everyone no matter what their skin colour is or whether they’re boys or girls or women of colour or men of colour so anon leave you and your homophobic and racist comments out of my blog and unfollow me please

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I would personally disagree that he is presenting as bi or pansexual--from what I've seen most articles and news sources just consider him a really supportive ally and maybe as being politically progressive. He has also been able to express this kind of thing for years on both stage and his sm (eg the Michael Sam jersey, the rainbows for Pulse, supporting marriage equality, calling out Westboro church)

I appreciate that, but him literally stating that he doesn’t label his sexuality is not something that straight celebrities say, mostly because even if they are just being supportive by trying to “normalize” not labeling, they can inadvertently end up being embraced by the LGBTQIA community as one of their own which subsequently can require a rather awkward denial later. Like in the case of the actor that wanted to be supportive, but ended up looking like a tool when he was wrongly getting the support from the community when it embraced him and he felt compelled to deny it instead of accepting unearned kudos. He tried to do the right thing but it ended up just embarrassing everyone involved.

So yeah, I think he’s making it clear that he’s not just an ally, even though most media are erring on the side of heteronormativity by claiming that he is.

(edited to clarify “embarrassing”)

Mermaid Micheal AU

@monsterunderthefedora for the AU contest

Micheal attempted to pull away from Rich as he was dragged across the mall. “Wh- you don’t even like me, let go,” He said, tugging back, but his attempts were useless against the smaller boy. He wondered why no one was trying to help him, maybe this was something normal in the human world. And he defiantly didn’t want to cause a scene.

Micheal gave up on trying to get away when Rich didn’t respond. He stumbled slightly, attempting to get his feet in place underneath himself as Rich swiftly walked down the mall’s halls. He attempted to adjust his shirt at it was pulling up and showing his stomach, but Rich didn’t let his grip go. They walked, the only sounds from people passing by and the steps of their feet. Micheal only reacted when he relised he was being lead out of the store. He started to panic, violently pulling at his shirt in fear, but Rich finally spoke up.

“Don’t worry, I’m just taking outside away from people so we can talk,” He said. That didn’t sound good. Micheal let out a whimper, grabbing onto the railing near the door. “Don’t be a baby, you won’t be hurt.” Rich said, rolling his eyes. When Micheal still didn’t corporate he leaned towards his ears, “Unless you want both you and Jeremy to be,” He whispered.

Micheal let go of the rail at this, letting Rich lead him to a car. Micheal obeyed at Rich opened the door, getting inside the passenger set. Rich pulled out handcuffs, locking one of Micheal’s arms to the front panel. Rich than closed the door and went around to the drivers side.

“Where are you taking me?” He asked quietly, looking down at the floor.

“No where, I we couldn’t talk in there and I couldn’t have you run off.” Rich stated as id it was obvious.

“Why were you with S-” Micheal felt a sharp pain in his neck, flinching in his seat. “Wh were you with him,” He corrected, rubbing his thoat with his hand that wasn’t stuck in handcuffs.

“A deal,” Rich responded. “So, you’re one as well?” He asked, turning towards Micheal to study him.

“One….” Micheal questioned, no knowing what Rich was asking from him.

“A fucking Merman dude, what else would it be?” Rich spoke, making Micheal’s eye widen.

“Wait- you- your-,” He stumbled along, trying to put his thoughts together.

Rich smirked, leaning back against his chair. “Yep, and I can totally understand you wanting to leave, that place sucked.” He smiled, looking towards the roof.

“How long have you been here?” Micheal asked, trying to get comfortable, but it was hard with his hand stuck in one place.

“Quite a few years,” Rich answered, “And I don’t want to go back,” He glared at Micheal.

“Is that why you’re helping him?” Micheal questioned, feeling the burning sensation build in his throat once again.

“Why else would I, it’s a pain to do really,” Rich said. Micheal watched him, trying to understand the smaller boy in front of him.

“You realize what he’s trying to do to me right?” Micheal asked, anger laced into his voice as he ignored the pain growing. “He’s trying to ruin my life,” He added, quieter this time.

“Better you than me,” Rich said, looking back at Micheal once more.

“He’s trying to kill me!” Micheal yelled, his throat screamed in pain so he didn’t add anything else, though he wanted to chew Rich out.

“Yeah, I got that, but it’s either that or I go back to… yeah.” Rich mumbled, looking down.

“Back to?” Micheal questioned, but didn’t push it any further as he got a glare from Rich. Rich leaned over and turned on the radio, though the sound did nothing to lose the awkwardness in the vehicle.


Jeremy walked back from the bathroom to accidentally walk into Simon. “Hey, Jeremy! I didn’t see you there,” He forced a smile.

“Hey..” He mumbled, looking around for Micheal. He couldn’t have gone far, not without Jeremy.

“What are you doing here?” Simon asked, trying to get Jeremy’s attention.

“I was with Micheal…” He trailed off, going to walked away from Simon.

“Hey! I was with someone as well, but he must have walked off, and I haven’t seen Micheal while I was here. But I did get another frozen yogurt, if you want it since I’ve been abandoned.” Simon spoke, drawing Jeremy’s attention for a second.

“I-I think I’m good, thank you though.” He said, turning once again.

“Come on Jeremy, it’ll go to waste if you don’t eat it,” Simon looked at him, pouting slightly as he held it up for Jeremy to grab.

Jeremy took one last look around. Micheal must come back, and it’d be better for Jeremy to stay where he was with Micheal last, right? “Okay,” He said, grabbing the Fro-Yo. “Thank you!” He added with a smile, following Simon to a bench near the area he had left Micheal.

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Hiya! I completely agree that as a new spirit worker that summoning or things like it are a bad idea starting out. But how would one actually start??? I've wanted to for months but have been so lost on to what to even do first. I read and collect general information but how does one physically start? I'd love some help in this situation. Do you have any like... links for beginners or advice at all? I know protection is a huge thing. I'd really appreciate your take on this type of thing. :) - M

Ok M lets see what I can do for you.

Never stop learning, keep looking up new methods for protection, new forms of divination, new spirit types, etc.

I would honestly suggest starting out with shielding (energy manipulation + visualization of a shield to protect you) and trying to talk with plants. Their spirits normally pose little to no threat and it will help build your awareness to spirits. Or if you think you are ready for a companion then I would recommend going to a spirit shop for your first one. The spirits should already be vetted and bound, plus they come with some information. I would recommend Chaos In Pandoras Box, Magical Menagerie, or the soon to be running Creature Cauldron.

How To Bond With Trees

How To Work With Hounds

A Very Important Piece of Advice

anonymous asked:

Bad question, but I could use input: I'm on the autistic spectrum, and I find myself trying to minimize it and shove my "non-normal" behaviors down where people won't notice, because I'm ashamed of it. I recognize this isn't great behavior but I don't see any positives in my disorder to be able to celebrate. How does one go about striking a decent balance between accepting it and not feeling like a broken robot in human skin?

I don’t think this is a bad question at all.

In terms of shame, idk, I would think about why you’re ashamed of these behaviors. Is it because you’re doing harm to yourself, e.g. through physically harmful stims, or picking/chewing at your skin or something? If so, I’d look for alternate methods of getting that energy out, or, failing that, methods to discourage you from doing those things - nail polish, for instance, does wonders for my nail/fingertip chewing (when I apply it, anyway - I should get back in the habit).

But, if you’re like me, a lot of the stuff you feel ashamed of is probably just because it makes you feel Weird. And, in my experience, it helps to just… be aware of the fact that Being Weird isn’t actually a bad thing in and of itself, the problem is when society places a value judgement on something that, at worst, makes others feel mildly uncomfortable. I know that I’ve grown a lot comfortable with certain aspects of myself by feeling free to discuss/let out that “weirdness” online - like, I’m not going around talking about how I identify super-strongly with a cartoon fish in meatspace, but fuck it, on the online I do what I want as long as it’s not hurting anybody.

(In other words: feeling like a broken robot doesn’t feel so bad if you take the objectively-correct stance that robots, especially when they’re busted up but still manage to function well enough to get by, are cool as all hell.) 

This probably isn’t especially comprehensive advice, but I hope it’s at least somewhat useful for like, contextualizing and thinking about stuff. Be well, anon.

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Ed, if you kill The spooky boy I will personally ensure that every person in Gotham, and likely the world knows you have turned over a new leaf and have become the epitome of a good guy. But you are so inept at it that you try to do so by encouraging people through really awkward public demonstrations of how normal people should deal with villains. With you standing in as said villain. Thus you will be turned into a traitor, a laughing stock punchline, and worst of all a Hero.

I try not to insult followers.
But fuck you.
-Edward Nygma

can yall like be normal for a minute i’m trying to write in a cafe and my dash updated and put a fish fucking a dude smack in the middle of my screen


“Took you guys long enough.”

This was a blast of a commission to work on! Its so nice finally seeing/drawing them together… ;o;


(Like this and want something like it for you? Check out my commission post for more information!)