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Good God Y’all - Part 1

Word Count: 4676

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN type violence 

A/N: Feedback much appreciated

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Three days. Three days you’d been practically ignoring everyone. Bobby was mute, staring out his hospital room window. You were lying in his hospital bed; twirling the ring Dean had given you for Christmas around on your finger, not saying a word. Bobby wasn’t bouncing back from this, as much as Dean wanted to believe he would. You heard Dean approach Sam who was standing in the doorway watching you, but you couldn’t be bothered to even look at him.

“It’s been like three days now?” Dean questioned. Sam sighed in response. “We gotta cheer him up. Maybe I’ll give him a back rub.”


“Well…maybe I’ll give Y/N a back rub then.” Dean shrugged. “Look at her, man. She looks…lost.”

“Look…” Sam sighed and glanced over to you then back to Dean. “I think we might have to wrap our heads around the idea that Bobby might not just bounce back this time. I think Y/N’s done that. Or is trying to do that.”

“What’s in the envelope?” You questioned, finally turning your attention to Dean and Sam. Dean gestured you over and you grudgingly obliged, trudging over next to him. He held his arm out and you fit yourself into it, letting him comfort you in some small way. He placed a kiss to your forehead before reaching into the envelope and pulling out an X-ray.

“Went to radiology. Got some glamour shots.” He pulled the X-ray all the way out, revealing an X-ray of his ribs with all sorts of strange writing and sigils on it. “Let’s just say the doctors are baffled.”

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