try living in mexico for a little

7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico City

Guys, I swear this whole situation makes me wanna cry. Last time (september 7) it was bigger, yeah, but this time the type of earthquake was different (trepidatory), which made it worsen. Buildings collapsed, some of those were apartment buildings. There were explosions and fires. There’s missing people. People who lost their home. At least 77 people died. Robbers are taking this panic-chaos moment as an opportunity to rob. I even saw a video of a kindergarten and elementary school collapsed. Citizens are volunteering to help take people out from under collapsed buildings and everytime they save someone, they clap for their life. There’s very little phone signal. It’s a horrible situation, I live on the other side of the country and we could feel it very slightly all the way here. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that this situation repeated itself exactly the same day 32 years after (1985’s earthquake).

Mexico City and surroundings’ people, my friends who live there, I hope you are all safe and you can always talk to me, I will try to light up your mood. Stay safe, take all precautions necessary. My heart is with you all.

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mer-shimadas is like my FAVORITE au i am SO psyched to see your aquarium fic!!! now....if they happen to be mermaids does this mean possible mpreg? Hanzo havin Genji's clutch of little mer-eggs (or they could be mammal mers of course). Keep up the Great Work!!

I went overboard, but a bit about mermaids in this canon:

-Mammals, technically. They can extract oxygen from water, but it’s only a secondary way of breathing and they need to return to the surface to breathe air once in a while.

-They have separate females and males of the species, but the dominant male develops female organs as well. That way he can ensure his genetic material’s survival regardless of how many females are in the group.

-Bear live young. For females, multiples are common. For the dominant male, this is unheard of.

-A variety of factors, many man-made but some natural, have pushed the species to the edge of extinction. The Shimada pod was one of the healthiest ones, prior to infighting that forced Hanzo and Genji out. 

-The largest number of merfolk seen in the wild was six at the same time, probably from the same pod: two grown adults, one elderly one, one sub-adult, and two juveniles. They were found dead in the Gulf of Mexico. Gabe suspects they were an indepedent family group that was forced closer and closer to the low-oxygen dead zone by a either more dominant pod, or navy activity in the area.

-Very little is known about them. Gabriel Reyes is one of the few who have ever seen a living one in the wild.

-Merfolk can’t interbreed with humans, but that doesn’t stop Genji from trying.

This is not hyperbole, I have been crying at random times since yesterday.

I am scared, the experience was terrifying and for a minute I thought I was not going to make it. 

I am devastated by the destruction and the loss of innocent lives.  A school close to my grandmother’s house was destroyed and over 20 children have died. The media has been focusing on the rescue attempt of a little girl for hours. 

I am impressed by the strength and the solidarity of my people. You have no idea how much has the people of Mexico supported each other. From passing along important information in social media,  opening their WiFi, offering their homes, donating their time, money and food. There is so much help right now. The shelters are full of food and resources and people are still trying to bring more. 

I love my people.

*Request: you are the daughter of Juice that he didn’t know about but you ranaway from home to find him. Then after some bonding he decides to keep you and just cute fluff because Juice needs some family*

You were riding in a cab, looking down at the only picture you had of your dad. It was a picture of him hugging your mom. You thought about your mom’s beautiful smile and how much you missed it ever since she died. You were living with your aunt but decided to look for your dad because there was things you wanted to know about yourself that only he could give you the answer to. You pulled up to a mechanic shop called “Teller-Morrow” and got out the cab. You walked to the office and saw a woman in nothing but all black, you were confused because it was hot as shit outside. “Excuse me.” You said to her. “Hold on, darling.” The woman said. You waited for about 5 minutes and got impatient. She was just sitting at the desk, looking at papers. All you had for her was a question and she was taking too long. “Look, I’m just looking for someone.Can you point me in the direction of Juan Carlos?” You said and she looked at you. She stood up and walked over to you with a weird look in her eye. “What the hell you want with Juan Carlos darling?” She said already intrigued by the answer you were going to give her. “I’m just someone from his past.” You said, not wanting to share your business with a complete stranger.

“Come on in darling.” She said pointing you to a chair in the small office. She knocked on the window and said, “Where’s Juice?” “He’s in the church!” Someone from the other side of that glass responded. You were confused because you didn’t know who the hell was Juice and you were getting more and more irritated because you came all this way to find your dad and this woman was taking all your damn time. “Look, I can come back later if he’s not here.” You said standing up. “Follow me sweety,” She said smiling. You followed her into a building that you had passed on the way into the parking lot. Once you walked in, you instantly smelled the aroma of beer, pussy, and cigarettes. As you were about to say something to the woman in black two doors opened up and a group of guys in black leather vest came out and you saw him. He looked even better then the picture. “Juan Carlos, this young lady is looking for you.” Everyone laughed which made you feel uncomfortable. “Do I know you?” He asked. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” He shook your hand still wondering who you were. You looked around then got the picture of him and your mom out of your bag. You handed him the picture and he looked up at you. 


“How’d you get this picture?” He said. “That’;s my mom..” “Lucia.” He said cutting you off. “Yeah, and the guy is my dad.” He looked at you like his world had stopped. Everybody else in the room jaws had dropped. “Hold on, how do you know that this whore isn’t just saying that to you so she can protect you from your real meth head of a dad?” The woman in black said. “Gem, calm down.” Juan said looking up finally. “My mom wasn’t a whore and she damn sure wouldn’t lie to me. You look like more of a meth head pinche babosa.” I said back to the bitch he called Gem. “Woah Woah, let’s take it down a few notches here.” An older man with a cigar in his mouth said. “Where is Lucia now? Did she come with you?” Juan said. “No, I came alone.” “How did you even find me anyways?” Does she know your here?” He said shaking his head. “My aunt Leticia told me where I could find you. My mom is dead, she died about two years ago.” You said in a low tone. The room went silent and you felt like you had enough excitement for today so you just said. “Look I didn’t come here to fuck up your groove or anything, I just wanted to meet you after all these years. You don’t owe me anything.” You said grabbing the picture out of his hand.

“Wait.” Juan said to you. “Do you have a way I can reach you?” He asked. You smiled a little and gave him a piece of paper with your number on it. “I’ll be at the motel in town next to the bar, room 7 if you wanna stop by.” You said to him and walked out.. “Juicy boy, you think she’s telling the truth?” Chibs asked Juice. “She looks just like her mom.” Juice said in a daze. “Was her mom something special to you?” Gemma asked. “She was everything to me. Lucia and I were gonna break the fuck out of our situations and run away together with her sister and her sisters boyfriend. Her mom took them before I got the chance to even say goodbye.” He said. “I honestly never forgot about her. She has her moms attitude.” Juice chuckled. “I noticed.” Gemma said. “You should get some answers from her, because that’s the only person that can give em to you.” Jax said to you. “Yeah, your right.” Juice said. With that he headed to the door and made his way to you.


He knocked on your motel room door but he got no response. He waited for about 5 minutes and thought you may have been at the bar. “You were having a bar and entertaining a cute guy. “Hey, keep it moving” Juice said to the guy talking to you. “I was starting to think that you weren’t gonna come by.” You said to him. “Aren’t you like 18? You shouldn’t be drinking.” He said to you. You ignored him and said, “I assume that you came to me for some answers.” “How did she die?” He asked and you looked down. “Her old boyfriend beat her senseless and she never came back.” “Why she didn’t leave him? That’s not like Lucia..” He said. “The Lucia you knew died when my whore of a grandma took her and Leticia away from everyone. They both died when they left Queens.” You said. “Yeah, your grandma was always a crazy bitch. We hated her, my mom let your mom and aunt stay with us for at least 4 months one time.” He said laughing a little. “Yeah, I know. Leticia told me.” You said. “You seem very mature.” Juice said looking you. “Yeah, I grew up fast being on my own, I have Leticia but I try not to be a burden.” “Where did the two of you live?” He asked. “We moved around a lot but we’ve been in New Mexico for the longest.” You said to him. “You got a boyfriend?” “Yeah, but he’s in jail and won’t be out until our kid is about 3 years old.” He looked at you and said, “WHAT?!”

You laughed and said, “I’m just joking, I don’t have kids but my boyfriend is in prison.” … The two of you talked on and on about your life and also about his and how he ended up in the biker gang he was in. “Do you ever look for my mother Juan?” He stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Yeah, I found her too well I found your grandma and she said by that time Leticia and Lucia had ran off. I knew they would get away from her one way or another, I’m just glad they did.” “Well, she always talked about you and how I acted like you.” He smiled. “it’s funny because when you smile, I see your mama. Good thing you got her looks.” Juice said. The two of you were outside your motel room and you felt that it was really late. “Well, it’s late and I’m getting a bit tired Juan.” “You can call me Juice, no one calls me Juan Carlos.” You smiled and nodded. “Well, I’ll be seeing you.” and with that you closed the door and went to bed… Juice laid in his bed all night and half of the day thinking on how he was gonna play everything out. He didn’t want you to go because there was too much you and him had missed out on. He had blamed himself for your mama dying because he felt that he should’ve got her before your grandma had the chance to take her away but it was too late.


The next day was your last day. You were up in your room talking to your boyfriend. “Well, he seems pretty cool Marco. I just hate that I gotta leave today.” You told him. “Well baby doll, it’s not like you have anything here, I’m gonna be in here for a while so you might as well stay longer. You got enough cash from what I left you and more to get an apartment and stay for a few months.” He said to you. Marco was a drug dealer and left you money and money for him once he got out so he wouldn’t be struggling. “I wanna save that money for you baby, I can work for a living back in Albuquerque.” You said. “FUCK THAT baby doll. Leticia and I want you a far away from New Mexico as you can possibly be, you know that. See if your pops can take you in, I’m sure he wants you too.” Marco said. Just the, the operator said, “You have one minute left on this call.” “Well, I’m not sure baby. I love you though and I’m sending you 3 letter and pictures today.” You said quickly. “Yeah, Yeah, next time I call your ass better be in California still. I love you baby doll.” He said right before the phone hung up. You sat there for a second and thought of how much you missed him and what he said bout staying there with Juice but you had to go back. You started to finish packing your things. 

You were waiting for a cab, so you could go to the bus. You heard a knock at the door, and you assumed it was you cab driver. Once you opened the door, you saw Juice. “You came to say goodbye?” You said smiling. “Not exactly, you should stay here.” He said causing you to pause. “What?” You said to him. “we’ve missed too many years Y/N, and I think we should make up for it with the time we have now. I’m not perfect and I don’t expect you to call me dad or feel all this love towards me but I do think we deserve a shot to know each other. You don’t have to stay for years and years but give me a few weeks and we can see where that goes. You can work at the shop and I can get a two bedroom apartment if you decide to stay.” He said in a rush. “It’s funny because my boyfriend just told me that I should stay.” You said shaking your head. “I mean, I don’t see why not. I talked to your aunt and she said you should get away from the shit in New Mexico and start a new life here.” You thought about it for a good 5 minutes and you could tell that Juice was very nervous of the answer you were going to give him. “I could stay here for a bit, but I would have to leave at least twice a month to go see Marco in jail down there.” You said. Juice smiled, “That’s fine with me.” “Then I guess, it’s settled. I’m staying.” You said smiling.

“Y/N, you said you were going to come in the water an hour ago! C’mon, live a little. We’re in Mexico, for Christ sakes - This is my week of freedom before I get married, and you said you were going to try to have fun.” Y/F/N whined, patting herself down with a towel before dusting some sand off her arms. You peeked up at her through your sunglasses, squinting slightly before returning your attention back to the novel you were currently invested in. “Yesterday, you didn’t go out clubbing with us. The other night, you skipped out on free drinks at the bar, and-” 

“I know, I know. Just give me like, five more minutes.” You sighed, reaching up to adjust the umbrella so that you weren’t too exposed to the sun. 

“Y/N, I know you’re still hung up over-” 

“Don’t say that name, I swear to god.” 

“I know you’re not over your ex, but you have to move on. Friend to friend, you’re kinda being a party-pooper right now.” You cheeks flared slightly, only because it was true. This was supposed to be a week of fun, but all you had been doing was moping around. “Seriously! And maybe you’ll find someone new here! I’ve already spotted a lot of cuties but unfortunately I’m getting married.” She joked lightly, pointing to the sparkling engagement ring on her finger. 

“I’m sorry. I’ll try to be a happier camper.” You smiled lightly, setting your book down before pushing your sunglasses up so that they were resting on the top of your head. “I’ll join you in the water soon.” 

‘Soon’ ended up being.. Well, never. Y/F/N had to admit - As much as she loved you, her levels of frustration were ascending very quickly. So, she decided to take matters into her own hands. If you weren’t going to go to the fun, she’d bring the fun to you. 

“How’s the book?” She asked, taking a sip of her martini as she sat down on the towel to join you. 

“Still reading.” You murmured in response, reaching up to flip to the next page. 

“I saw a very colourful fish in the water. You don’t see that a lot at home.” 


“Also, I ordered a drink for you if that was alright. One of the servers will bring it over soon. Virgin Piña colada?” 

“You got it.” 

“Ooh, I almost forgot! I gave your number to the cute bartender.” 

“Cool-” You froze suddenly, looking up from your book with wide eyes. “I’m sorry - You what?!” Y/F/N smirked to herself, giving you a look of innocence. 

“I gave your number.. to the bartender.” She slowed her speech, giggling when your cheeks heated up a significant amount and you dropped your book. “Don’t be like that! You need to get laid, my friend.” 

“You need to tell me these things if-” 

“He’s the one with the bandana if you were interested. Has a couple tattoos, too - He’s definitely your type.” She pointed over the bar. You followed her line of sight, locking gazes with- Oh, he’s nice-looking. “And his name is Harry. Cute, right?” If even possible, your cheeks turned even redder when this so-called Harry waved at you, a flirty smile on his face. You turned back immediately, your heart racing and your palms growing a little clammy. 

“Well, I don’t want to disappoint, but I won’t even be talking to him, so, ha.” You shrugged casually, watching as Y/F/N stood up from her spot. “Where’re you going?” 

“Back into the water.” She watched as you stood up to join her. “You can’t join me now, honey. You lost your chance forty minutes ago.” 


“Too late - Harry’s coming over.” She grinned, laughing lightly at your look of desperation before she was padding off. 

“A virgin Piña colada for.. Y/N?” Even his voice was attractive. And that accent.. You looked up and smiled politely, thanking him as you took the drink from the tray. 

“Oh, thank you.” You were currently racking through your brain, trying desperately to not seem so awkward. “Do you think maybe I could get some extra maraschino cherries? I really like them.” 

“Yeah, of course! They’re usually a little extra but it’s on the house. Did yeh wanna come over and join me at the bar? My shift’s about t’ end and- I’m Harry, by the way. Should’ve started with that instead.” He laughed, your heart practically melting at how cute he was. “Your friend is very persistent, by the way.” He teased, gesturing over to Y/F/N. You turned to see her shooting you a thumbs up and a wave. “You don’ have to join me, if you don’ want to, but-”

“No, I’ll come. Throw in a bag of mini pretzels too, while you’re at it.” You joked, walking with Harry as he led you over to the bar.



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Girl there just were another earthquake where I live (mexico city) and it was so scaring, my neighbor has a daughter of 10 years old and her school literally collapsed, they cant find her, this is insane! I'm so scarred 😭

I’m so sorry! The islands are also dealing with Maria, another Cat 5 hurricane. I am so worried for this world. Prayers and positive thoughts to you, your family and your neighbors family. Please update me on the status of that little girl!!!

Mother Earth is trying to tell us something. 

Hello everyone!! im Haliee Markelli, Im 23 years old and I am from Mexico but i live in England now with my hopefully soon to be husband Judah Lakeston.

Ill explain to how we started what we call now our little family! Me and Judah met in school in our 10th year (aged 15) ever since then we have been loyal and strong in our relationship! we became first time parent to my baby girl Ayra-Mali Lakeston who is almost hitting her terrible twos and we then decided to try for baby #2! We were lucky enough to find out a month later we had conceived our bundle of joy! And are now proud parents of a 2 month old little boy named Arlo-Malika Lakeston.
I hope you enjoy our little family and come along and join our adventures! 
 Haliee X

protector// werewolf l.h.

    Pairing: Werewolf! Luke + Reader
    Word Count:1.7k
    pt.2 pt.3 pt.4 pt.5 pt.6 pt.7 pt.8
    8tracks playlist

    (A/N): so here’s a new AU that came up in my mind, sorry if some of the info is incorrect x 

     Driving 700 hundred miles in a small cramped SUV wasn’t easy. Especially for a girl who had the attention span of a few seconds. Moving from a city to a small rural suburb wasn’t what she had planned, but her mother thought otherwise. 

“Let’s move to New Mexico and live in the middle of nowhere!” Y/N mimicked her mom, driving past yet another empty field.

 An old Yellowcard album was blasting from the speakers to try to make the tedious drive a little bit better. Despite it being spring, there were patches of snow covering the roads making it even harder to control the SUV. 

The directions on the GPS showed that there was only a little over an hour left until she had reached the new place she would call home. The sun was beginning to set, as the SUV trailed through a forest surrounded by white mountains. The environment seemed as if it belonged in those nature magazines, a river stream flowing against the path of the road. 

Y/N parked her car at the side of the road to get a stretch break and take a few pictures to send to her friends. She fixed her unruly and messy hair into a sad excuse for a bun, the sound of the river stream relaxing her tired nerves. Birds chirping loudly put a smile on her face as she rarely heard them back in the loud city. 

The patches of snow crushed under her worn out Vans, the cool air biting through her sweatshirt. 

“Damn,” she cursed as she peered at the sight. Gigantic pine trees covered the entirety of the forest, rocks of all sizes littering the floor. An unknown loud sound caused the birds to flutter away in a hurry, startling Y/N.  

He couldn’t take it any longer. Her scent was too much for him to take. A grunt escaped from his mouth as he took off running. 

Shaking it off, she quickly took out her phone to get a few photos and leave. As she focused the camera in front of her, something large shot out in front of the lens. 

His hands turned into paws with sharp claws, eyesight clearer, and hearing even sharper. He had fully shape shifted, anger flowing through his veins. That girl didn’t belong in his territory. 

“What the hell?” Y/N questioned, zooming into the photo. It was blurry but she made out something like a abnormally large white dog tail. She curiously scanned the forest outline, the sound of rocks moving echoing through the mountains. 

Aiming the phone another time, she took a couple of photos, curiously trying to find out what the white thing was. Swiping through the photos, she couldn’t believe what she saw. 

“Wolves?” Y/N questioned out loud. Even though it wasn’t the photo, she could easily see the prominent details. There was a strong wolf with dark brown fur, with stealthy black eyes.

 Next to it was another wolf, even larger than the the brown one. It was tall and had crisp white fur that could camouflage with the snow. Bright blue eyes seemed furious and filled with anger. 

He was alpha. The only known albino wolf to exist. Rarest of all of the purest breeds, caused him to be some sort of thing you’d only read about in legends. His pure white coat was the cause of jealousy in packs all over the world.  

The presence of the wolves could be felt as the girl’s eyes flickered up to meet the mysterious eyes of the said animals. Her hands were beginning to shake as she couldn’t force herself to run away. Instead of the two that she had saw, there were now four. Her heart was beating against her chest, as the white furred wolf began to crawl towards her. Large sapphire eyes tracked down her every move.

Y/N backed away, trying to save herself. Well this could be a fantastic way to die she thought to herself. Her old black shoes gave out, causing her to slip and fall on the ice. A growl came from one of the wolves, making Y/N run for her life. 

Without wasting a second, she scrambled to get up and sprinted to her car. The wolves didn’t move any further, they stood still observing her as she sped off. 


“What were you thinking? Calum, do you know how you could’ve gotten us caught?” A deep voice yelled, not wanting this accident to happen again. After making sure that they were alone, the alpha shifted back into his human form.  

“Luke, calm down alright. Did you see that girl’s face when you got close to her?” Another boy piped up, chuckling and giving Calum a high five. 

“Michael.” Luke warned, putting his black shirt back on. “This isn’t a matter to joke about. Ashton, give me that phone." 

The curly haired boy passed the phone to Luke iwthout a word. Furrowing his eyebrows, his blue eyes scanned across the now broken phone screen. He swiftly deleted all of the photos that could have any evidence of them and threw the phone back on the ground. 

The other boys questioned his actions, but didn’t dare say anything against Luke. 

"Let’s get out of here,” He muttered, running his fingers through his messy blonde locks. 


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I once had a foolish dream about doing my own graphic novel.
SO I did, I worked hard everyday whenever I could, and after some months it was finally finished!
How little did I know it would never come to light.
For almost a year I’ve been trying tirelessly to print it or find an publisher who is willing to print it, sadly no one is interested in wordless comics.
I did received very great feedback, but no one bought it.
So neither in the US nor Mexico I got t print my little 120 pages novel.
So instead of letting it be forgotten as many stuff I’ve done in the past, I decided to upload the stories to the internet.
So yeah, I hope someone likes it.
Maybe I was too foolish or inexperiences to believe that I could live of doing my own comics.
I’ll try harder in the future.