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“Oh for God’s sakes! You’ve got lipstick on your cheek.” 

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April 4, 2017

This summer 2017 is probably the happiest summer I’ve had in ages because well, it had the most adventures and secondly, it was spent with my family. Right after my cousins arrived in Davao from Manila, we immediately prepared our things and travelled to Surigao Del Sur, even though they were straight fresh from the airport. We ain’t wasting any time hahahaha! About 3pm, I came home from school (I had to start my clearance), and they were already waiting for me and for our vehicle to arrive. We rented a van. Few minutes passed, we were already on our way to Surigao Del Sur. On the way, I really didn’t want to sleep because I wasn’t going to miss out any beautiful views. We don’t always travel this far by land, so I’m not going to miss my chances. Then I realized we were to sit on a van for at least 8 hours so I need to get some rest.

After about seven hours and so, we already had a stopped over to eat, we arrived at the resort, Mac Arthur’s Place. We settled, had dinner and went to bed. 8 hours, what a travel, right?

The next morning, we woke up at 6 am to have breakfast. We then proceeded to the island hopping! It’s my first time, if that’s shocking for you hahahahaha! I already forgot the names of the islands but there were 4 of them. I remember one of them was called Naked Island because it didn’t have trees. It was just sand. 

The weather was perfect for island hopping. It was about to rain and so it looked like the clouds were following us. We could see it was raining on the other side and it was heading on our direction.

I also got to taste some kind of sea urchin. I wasn’t going to in the first place but my mom insisted, “Minsan lang ‘to. Try mo na, baka pagsisihan mo pa.” So yeah, I tasted a bit. It was salty but I think that’s because they washed it with ocean water. Overall, I wouldn’t taste it again HAHAHAHA!

After those 4 small islands and after hundreds of pictures, we headed back to the resort to check out. We were on the road again on the way to the famous Enchanted River (6th photo). It was enchanting, of course. It has a crystal clear water. You can see the bottom clearly and the fishes swimming around you. 

Then we rode to Tinuy-an falls. We sure did made our time in Surigao worthwhile. My tanline sure is worth it hahahaha! Gahd I never realized how light my skin used to be, now it’s about 2 tones darker HAHAHAHAHA.

Surigao is indeed one of the wonders of the Philippines. It was worth the 8 hours of travelling by land. You all should visit sometime soon! Especially the Enchanted River! I witnessed its beauty with my own eye, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to do so.


get to know me meme: favourite female characters [1/5]
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“Why? Because I’m not doing exactly as I’m told? Because I’m not stuck in a corner hiding in a book? For once I am not afraid of life and nobody can handle it ‘cause you all prefer the insecure little girl. Well, I’m sick of her.”

• Day 1 - One Confession

Nagka-girlfriend ako dati na blogger din (hindi ako bi) I never intended to fall for her naman, I just really wanted to help her before kasi she was kinda suicidal and she had illnesses ata. Una hindi ko inamin na babae ako (kasama na din do'n dati yung gusto ko lang ma-try kung ano yung feeling ng may girlfriend) tapos na-fall din naman ako eventually. Hmmm, we lasted for a year? Tapos ayon, fifth month pa lang namin alam na pala niya pero she continued to be with me (di ko alam kung bakit eh ang siraulo ko nga that time???) nag-break kami and ang rough nung usapan kasi issues narin. Pero friends na kami ngayon :) we talked about it and nagkakausap parin naman kami occasionally or if may makaalala mangamusta.


Author’s note: Okay! Here it is! Part 4 to Spiderboy! You guys have been so amazingly supportive of me throughout this journey of writing, and don’t worry! This is definitely not the last time I write for Peter Parker! Without further ado… Spiderman! Also - switched my writing tense to present, it just makes it easier!

|| Part One || Part Two || Part Three ||

Peter Parker x Reader

Glancing uneasily between your father and the rest of the team, you launch yourself into the sky as both teams run at each other. Your helmet quickly covers your face, and you fly towards Peter to help him with Falcon. Launching a few shocker darts at him, you stop suddenly at the sight of Natasha being thrown into a truck. “Nat!” You call into your comm, coming to a land next to her. “I’m fine, Y/N.” You sigh in relief, quickly flying back up to watch Peter taking on ( and seemingly beating ) Captain America.

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wheneverythingsperfect  asked:

Di ko masabi sa gf ko na masakit parin hanggang ngayon yung nahuli ko syang kausap nya sa messenger yung ex nya. Pagkaopen ko kasi ng messenger nya saktong tumawag ex nya. Pinalampas ko kahit ang sakit. Pano ko oopen up sa kanya to kuya? :(

You may need to ask a direct question to her without getting angry FIRST. Mahirap makahanap ng sagot kung galit ka na sa pagtatanong. Mahirap yun kase magpipigil ka ng feelings pero try to have a good conversation with her for you to receive a calm and clear answer. 

“Kase naexperience ko yung ganyang scene before eh. I just ask her, “Hindi ako magagalit sa kung ano man ang sasabihin mo kahit pa masaktan ako. Ang gusto ko lang malinaw at totoong sagot na galing talaga sayo… “ proceed! Try mo lang. It’s your girl. You know her more than I do.