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Hibike! Euphonium and the girl named Kumiko


So I’m gonna start this off by saying, I was never a band kid in high school, it never interested me and I have no musical talent whatsoever. However, around the Spring Season of 2015 a show started about a high school music club, and that show was called Sound! Euphonium(Hibike Euphonium for purists) and after just before writing this watching the final episode of its second season wrapping up the series, I can proudly say its become one of my favorite Anime ever.

I could go into all the reasons why I hold that opinion, obviously this shows animation and music are breathtaking and just invoke a world I’d love to be in, and yes the characters are wonderfully designed and the shows direction is top notch, but it wasn’t all that that made this show what it was for me, for me what made this show was the character of Kumiko Oumae, our main lead and narrator throughout the series

What makes Kumiko such a standout to me is that she is one of the most realistically developed leads I’ve ever seen in fiction. She begins the series as someone who has fallen out of love with music and struggles to find her motivation for it, and what I love is that throughout both seasons she slowly not only sees what makes those in the band want to play, but also she falls back in love with music and discovers why she loved it in the beginning. 

While it was fun playing the shipping games as the series went on (I’m a personal fan of Kumirei but thats neither here nor there) I slowly discovered that that wasnt the true relationship this series was developing, oh sure it was there but once I saw the final episode the major arc Kumiko went through finally was clear. It was about reconnecting with her sister through music and connecting with her Senior bandmate Asuka through her music. Kumiko’s love of music comes from her love of her sister and how she wanted to be part of her sisters world with her. And throughout the two seasons the sisters come to terms with their relationship and Kumiko realizes she idolized her sisters music and as she said in the penultimate episode “I love the eupho because of you”. Fully showing that she remembers what made music so special to her.

This perfectly translates to her relationship with Asuka, Asuka at first glance comes across as a cold hearted person who puts walls up to everyone. However, as the series goes on its not through words that Asuka’s emotions reach Kumiko, it’s through the music played on the eupho that they share, and as Asuka finally opens up to Kumiko, their able to express their feelings of admiration through each other through nothing but song. The final scene of the series sells this fully, as Kumiko admits she went from hating Asuka to loving her and having trouble figuring what shell do without her in the band to play with. Asuka simply gives her the notebook with the very song Kumiko was intrenched by and said “see you later”. Now I would personally love to take this scene as Asuka confirming these two will meet again and never truly be gone from eachothers lives, but also I think that through the music they share, Kumiko will never have to say goodbye to Asuka, and will be able to pass on these feelings to her underclassmen one day.

Ultimately Kumiko realizes her love for playing lies in the emotions music can convey and bring to people, and the song that helps her discover this, its literally named “Sound, Euphonium” thus helping us see that this was what the whole show was about, exploring how we as people find our motivation not just in music, but in any pursuit we have and that its those feelings that help define our relationships with others.

Kumiko comes out of this series not a perfect star player, but as one who understands why it is she plays and loves what she does, and to me that is one of the greatest arcs a show has ever given a character and it is one I won’t soon be forgetting

Okay, hear me out here...

I adore Werewolf!Mccree, I really do, it’s an incredible idea, and the interactions between Hanzo and Mccree are awesome. But, I’ve been really enjoying the idea of…well not necessarily Werewolf!Hanzo, but more like Shapeshifter Hanzo. Like, Mccree is adorable as a good ol’ wolfer, but Hanzo as a wolfer. Like, here, lemme paint this for ya. I’m not a great writer, but I’m gonna try.


Jesse groaned, fire lancing through his side. His eyes blurred with tears. He was going to die here.

He had come to Japan for recon, Winston’s orders. Talon was supposedly launching attacks on the Omnics here, trying to start another Omnic crisis. On top of the Reaper personally seeing to one of his worst days.

Jesse stared at the nightsky. Looking around, pieces of his ordeal came back to him. He had tried using a highjacked car to escape from Hanamura, taking a mountain pass through a back road to try to reach Kyoto. Talon had had other plans, and had thrown him off of the side of the mountain.

Jesse didn’t know how far he had fallen, or how long he had lain there, but he found he was starting not to care. His breath grew short and his body was wracked with shivers.

“This is it, huh?” Jesse chuckled without humor to the darkness, speaking to no one. Tears streamed down the sides of his face.

Out of the corner of his eye, a white figure crept from the darkness. Wearily, with a sniffle, he turned his head. It was a wolf, a huge, majestic creature with yellow marks lining its eyes. Its eyes peered into Jesse soul, a glowing amber in color. It was beautiful.

“An angel…” Jesse breathed, watching the creature’s noble head. Its ears were flipped forward as it watched the man. Cautiously, with its head low, it crept forward. Jesse watched as the wolf bowed it’s head close to his wound, inhaling deeply through its nose.

Jesse chuckled, lifting a shaky hand to touch the wolf’s snow white coat. It was soft under his fingers, it reminded him of warmth and home. He closed his eyes, hand falling to his side as darkness surrounded him.


Warm smells and soft light are what greeted Jesse when his eyes opened next. He blinked, confused at his surroundings. Was he alive right now?

Shifting his weight to his side caused pain to shoot up through his whole body. Yep, he was alive. With a huff he turned his head, trying to get a good view of what was around him. He appeared to be in some sort of cave, a thick pelt was draped over him. His clothes, belts, shoes, gun and hat had all been neatly folded next to the bedroll he was lying on. He turned his head to the other side and was greeted by a fire, and a man.

His hair was ivory white, it fell behind him in long strands. He sat with his legs tucked underneath him. A fluffy white tail sat curled around him, and pointed white ears perched from the top of his head. His ear flicked back towards Jesse as the man shifted again with a groan. Turning back towards him, Jesse got a nice view of the mans face. It was beautiful, as if carved from pristine marble, wrinkles bordering the corner of his eyes. Long yellow marks extended from his hairline and ended underneath his eyes. A white goatee with a thin mustache crept around his striking jawline, leading up into his hair. His lips were in a thin line, showing weariness of the man he had cared for.

“I did not expect you to wake yet.” The man’s voice was deep, and filled the air with a striking presence. Jesse could only watch as the man looked at him with his amber eyes. The same amber eyes the wolf had.

The man stood and walked to Jesse, lifting the pelt to examine the man’s wound. “You took quite the fall. Not many would have survived that.” The man’s amber eyes flashed, his ears flicking back.

Jesse gently reached a hand up, touching his fingers to the man’s ears. “Like an angel…” Jesse whispered, watching the man’s face fall.

“Enough, foolish human. I am healing you, then you are to leave.” The man stood again, ears back and tail arched. He walked back over to the fire and sat down, mumbling to himself in japanese.

“What’s yer name?” Jesse called, watching the man glare at him. He supposed he should have been frightened by the glowing eyes, but he found he was drawn to them instead.

“Hanzo. Now rest. The sooner you are out of my home, the better.” The man snarled lightly before turning back to the fire.

Jesse smiled and laid his head back, sleep taking him again.


Okay, so obviously that was shit, I am shit at writing, sorry. But, y'all kinda get the idea right?? I know I ain’t the only one who thought of this, I just really flip heckin’ enjoy the idea of a forest spirit, shapeshifter Hanzo. Sorry my writing is bad.

Slashsessed Fanfiction Review

The Art of Exaggeration by letters_of_stars

Nagisa finally found the courage to confess to Rei, only to have him completely ignore his confession and tell him to do his homework. What just happened here?

This is a really fun and silly look at Nagisa and Rei as they figure out their relationship. There is a little angst, but the rest of the story is filled with humorous and cute moments. I’m sure you’ll chuckle at Rei cluelessness and marvel at Nagisa’s unending determination and love. Give this sweet story a try!

photo credit: Kyoto Animation

Iba Hachirou, Encounter with Shinsengumi

Translations from 02:20 till 14:26, no spoilers, at least no major spoilers (´∀`○)

Late June, Genji Gannen 1865

A few weeks have passed since the Ikedaya incident

During that period, the Shinsengumi have been conducting their patrols more strictly in order to catch the Roshis who escaped during the Ikedaya incident

There’s been rumours that the Roshis were going to take revenge against Shinsengumi

There were some conflicts with the other domains during patrols as well

I continued staying with the Shinsengumi during this time

But, it was quite blue at that time

After the Ikedaya incident, the Shinsengumi didn’t really monitor me that tightly anymore

One day, when I was sweeping in front of the headquarters,

I heard footsteps approaching

Iba Hachirou: Excuse me, is this the Shinsengumi headquarters?

Yukimura Chizuru: Ah, that’s right..

I heard a voice from the back, and when I turned behind, there was a samurai

Iba Hachirou: You are…

Yukimura Chizuru: ..?

Hijikata-san approached us upon hearing our conversation

Yukimura Chizuru: Hijikata-san, um, this person..

Before I could explain, he walked toward Hijikata-san

Iba Hachirou: Ah, as I thought, Toshi-san! It’s Hachirou, it’s been a while!

Hijikata Toshizou: You’re.. Hachirou? Why are you here?

Hijikata-san stared at him with eyes wide open

Iba Hachirou: Did I surprise you? I’ve come to Kyoto under the Bakufu’s orders

Iba Hachirou: Putting that aside, it seems to be true that the Shinsengumi refers to Toshi-san and the others, right?

Iba Hachirou: I didn’t want to believe it until I saw it with my own eyes

Iba Hachirou: Congratulations, you’ve really become a Samurai

Hijikata Toshizou: Oi don’t make fun of me, I’m still being treated the same way as Ronins are

Iba Hachirou: But, the dream you’ve always had of becoming a samurai came true didn’t it?

Hijikata Toshizou: I told you to stop making fun of me!

Iba Hachirou: No, the Shinsengumi is popular enough even to silence a crying child in Edo

Iba Hachirou: I’ve also heard about the Ikedaya incident, it seems like everybody’s doing fine as well, right?

Hijikata Toshizou: Hm, I guess you could say so

Hijikata-san blushed and looked away

From what I understood, it seems like this person came to visit Hijikata-san

Judging from the way they spoke, it seems like they’ve known each other for some time

The both of them were silent for a moment, and I looked at Hijikata-san’s direction

Yukimura Chizuru: Hijikata-san, who is this person?

Hijikata Toshizou: Oh, it’s your first time meeting him isn’t it?

Iba Hachirou: I haven’t told you my name haven’t I? My name is Iba Hachirou

Iba Hachirou: I am a Hatamoto, and I’m currently holding the position as the Oubanshi of the Okuzume Squad

(Oubanshi: A person who lends their military forces to the Bakufu)

Yukimura Chizuru: Ah.. my name is Yukimura Chizuru

Iba Hachirou: Chizuru-chan, nice to meet you

Yukimura Chizuru: Nice to meet you

After introducing myself to Iba-san, I looked to Hijikata-san, before I could say anything-

Hijikata Toshizou: Well let’s not stand here and talk, let’s go inside


I served tea to the two of them who were sitting at the hall and overheard their conversation

Hijikata Toshizou: So you came to Kyoto for business under the Okuzume Squad, you’ve really become something

Yukimura Chizuru: Okuzume?

Upon hearing an unfamiliar word, I accidentally spoke out my thoughts

Hijikata Toshizou: The Okuzume refers to people who protect the Shoguns

Yukimura Chizuru: Is this person someone distinguished?

Iba Hachirou: No, no, that’s not true. It’s just something I got into due to my father’s work

Yukimura Chizuru: But.. how does Hijikata-san know somebody from..

To think that the person standing right in front of me is someone who is in direct service with a Shogun

But what’s more unbelievable is why would someone like this be here?

Hijikata Toshizou: Yeah, I know what you’re thinking- why would I know somebody like him, right?

I nodded

Hijikata Toshizou: Not only is he a Hatamoto, he’s also the heir of one of the four renowned dojos in Edo, the Shingyotoryu Iba dojo

Hijikata Toshizou: And that Iba dojo used to have some dealings with our dojo, that’s how we know each other

Iba Hachirou: Yes, that’s right

Iba Hachirou: That’s why I was excited to come to Kyoto as I would be able to meet Toshi-san and the others

Hijikata Toshizou: You can be as excited as you want, but remember this, Kyoto isn’t a place where you can expect to have fun

Iba Hachirou: Yes, I’ll keep that in mind. But, it’s so dangerous and yet a girl is working at the Shinsengumi as a corp member?

Iba-san stated that as he looked at both Hijikata-san and I

Yukimura Chizuru: That’s..!

When I looked at Hijikata-san’s direction, he looked as if he was angry

Iba-san observed what had happened, and looked abit worried

Iba Hachirou: ..was this a secret?

Hijikata-san looked at Iba-san for some time, and spoke to him

Hijikata Toshizou: She’s here because of certain circumstances, but she’s treated as a man

Hijikata Toshizou: Only a few members from the Shinsengumi know about this, that’s why, don’t say anything about this

Iba Hachirou: I understand, since Toshi-san’s put it that way, I’ll keep this a secret

Iba-san happily leaned over to Hijikata-san

It’s quite surprising to see Hijikata-san like this since he’s usually so stern

But Hijikata-san didn’t seem overly relieved

At the same time, the door slid open and the others came in

Nagakura Shinpachi: Hey, hey, isn’t this Hachirou!

Harada Sannosuke: I thought I heard a familiar voice, and it turned out to be you

Iba Hachirou: Shinpachi-san.. Harada-san.. and everybody else, it’s been a while since we last met

Nagakura Shinpachi: You’ve come to Kyoto, is it for training? Or are you sightseeing?

Toudou Heisuke: No way, he’s the bodyguard of somebody famous isn’t he?

Iba Hachirou: Well.. yeah, something like that

Saitou Hajime: The fact that you’ve come to Kyoto.. that means you’ve been promoted haven’t you?

Upon hearing what Saitou-san said, Iba-san nodded shyly

Okita Souji: Hm, even you’ve come to Kyoto. Well, try to take care and try not to die

Iba Hachirou: Thanks for your advice, I’ll keep that in mind

Nagakura Shinpachi: If that’s so, why don’t we go drink some time? We can even go now

Iba-san started talking to everybody in the group

Iba-san and everybody conversed happily

It’s true when Iba-san said that he was somebody they knew from Edo

That was what he said when he looked at Hijikata-san

Hijikata Toshizou: Although he’s a Hatamoto and the heir to the Iba Dojo

Hijikata Toshizou: I don’t know what he liked about us, but we get along very well

Yukimura Chizuru: He gets along well with everybody doesn’t he

He seemed like he really admired Hijikata-san

But even I couldn’t tell him that

Hijikata Toshizou: Next time he comes around, let him into the Dojo

Yukimura Chizuru: Alright, I understand

Iba-san left the dojo when it was sunset

Iba Hachirou: See you again, Chizuru-chan

Yukimura Chizuru: Alright

He left with a little reluctance

We watched him walk away from the Dojo until he disappeared

Iba-san’s really somebody mysterious

He looks like he’s a famous personage, but he doesn’t seem too boastful about it

And it seemed like he’s really close to the Shinsengumi

To think that somebody like him exist among the samurais in the Bakufu..

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"Are you okay with sharing a bed with me, Rinna?" Hana asked her sister as she stretches her arms up. Hana knew that Nori and Miyabi were going to share a bed and Sarah was going to be with Hideki. "So tomorrow we're just exploring for the day?" Miyabi asked Sam as she stood outside of the room that Hana and Nori were in. Miyabi had some ideas as to what they are doing but always liked to make sure so she knew what was happening. Especially with a trip like this.

“Sure! Hop in.” Rinna smiled.

“I don’t see why not try out some Kyoto life.” Sam smiled.

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what are some settle songs similar to 1914 by florist on sound cloud that you recommend?

hm idk about soundcloud i don’t use that but on spotify

swing lo magellan–unknown mortal orchestra
sea of love–cat power
linger–the cranberries
i wanna be adored–the stone roses
alone in kyoto–air
try to be–blue hawaii
teeth–the japanese house
cherry picking–girlpool
sea creatures–SOAK
troublemaker–beach house