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So, Uchi was asked to reveal something about Carlos that wasn’t in game and…yes.  

Since Carlos didn’t have anyone to take to prom, he took his cat. God help us, he’s worse than Sigma (in the best way possible what a cinnamon roll). Was he actually an adorably awkward and unpopular teenager despite his jock-like looks? Did he simply prefer to bring the cat because he was shy, and/or preferred the cat’s company over any human’s, not giving a damn what anyone else thought? Most importantly, did he slow dance with the cat??? 

Well, anyways, Carlos is pure a cat person: confirmed. Let’s hope the topic of cats never is brought up whenever he and Sigma are in the same room, or there - hhem - may be a catastrophe 

Additional translated info about Carlos underneath the cut (spoilers?)~

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純愛-パラフィリア- (Junai -Paraphilia-)

Entremets (the producers of the Nikaido Kinen Byouin series) has finally announced a new release in December! After having November close with a week full of releases by Nakazawa Masatomo, it is of note that the only seiyuu for this release, comprised of three CDs, will be, of course, Nakazawa Masatomo. • v • (No surprise there…)

Short Synopsis (Paraphrased):

3 unique characters and their dispositions* portrayed by Nakazawa Masatomo.

A person can have a multitude of “faces”—

A single performer plays the parts of three different types of men.

Who will you indulge yourself with…?

Three volumes will be released concurrently:

純愛-パラフィリア- 生徒会長 有原玲央 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Seitokaichou Arihara Leo)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教師 広野渉 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyoushi Hirono Wataru)

純愛-パラフィリア- 教育実習生 宮舘拓紀 編 (Junai -Paraphilia- Kyouiku Jisshuusei Miyadate Hiroki)

*The word in the description「性癖」can colloquially mean sexual disposition, or fetish. Thus, the “paraphilia” part of the title.

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: December 18th, 2015.

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