try it it's fun for whatever ship you like

Life is Strange

Hey guys! Now I know we all have our ships (I personally am a fan of Pricefield) , and we tend to get a bit..defensive about them. And that’s ok. It’s ok to argue a bit about ships,that’s part of the fun .

Here are things that are NOT ok and NOT fun

1. harassing other people about their ships, even if its like Frank X Samuel or something

2. Sending nasty anons

3. Trying to erase other people’s sexualities ( bi, pan, etc)

4. Spreading hate about a ship on that ship’s tag

So whatever ship you like -Pricefield, Grahamfield, Grahamscott, Chaseprice,Amberchaseprice, Lisadou ( Pompidou x Lisa)  etc  just please be civil to each other. Like what you want, and understand, not everybody likes the same things.