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You don’t know what it’s like to have voices in your head saying that everybody hates you saying that you’re not enough saying that you don’t deserve any kind of love and support
—  Try fighting this everyday

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What do you use besides ads to make money online? I saw you made a post awhile ago but i can't find it :(

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holy fucking shit

Sorry in advance for the TMI but I may have found the holy grail to my acne issues and I want to share for anyone struggling.
as far back as I can remember, I have struggled horribly with nodule cystic acne, not just on my face but my neck, chest and back. Sometimes so bad that I can’t even lay on my back or wear bras because it would hurt too much. I have been in and out of dermatologists since I was 13 and I was unwilling to try accutane, which is a drug that closes your sweat glands to minimize acne, though it can have severe health defects. 

I’ve always hoped I’d grow out of it and when I didn’t (I am 25) the lab experiments continued; every kind of chemical claiming to fix it, every kind of natural remedy to cure it, tanning, in and out of doctor offices testing my hormones, showering 3 times a day because I am an athlete..NOTHING WORKED. 

Well recently my back has been flaring up again and it’s been painfully embarrassing, so willing again to play chemist, I put my knowledge to use and made a concoction, put it in a spray bottle (to easily access my entire back) and OMG! it’s been 2 days and my skin doesn’t hurt to the touch and almost all the inflammation is down already. 

1 part witch hazel; a well known acne fixer
2 part Apple Cider Vineager; known to kill bacteria, dissolve dead skin cells, and balance ph levels
1 part bactine; acne of any type is a wound, treat it as such! Bactine is an antiseptic with lidocaine aka a PAIN RELIEVER so sooth your painful cysts

throw that all together in a little spray bottle and spray on 1-3 times a day and watch the magic

Imagine a World…

Where you didn’t have to lie to the person you love about:

  • Who you’re talking to
  • Who you’re thinking about
  • Who you’re texting
  • Who you’re sexting
  • What’s really in your inbox
  • Who you really had lunch with
  • Where you really spent the night
  • Who’s lips brushed against yours last
  • Who was really the big spoon last time
  • Who held your hand last
  • Who’s breath felt on your neck last
  • Why you’re really grinning from ear to ear at that last text

This could BE your world.

All ya gotta do is not lie.

Given everything that’s happened around here the last few days, it dawned on me that most of these situations would have never happened if certain people just accepted they they ARE NOT monogamous and no matter how hard they try, they will never BE monogamous. Yet they fight it. They deny it. They see no way out, but are they even looking?

Most of us are raised to be monogamous and to fear anything else. By why? What is so wrong with sharing your heart with more than one person?

Maybe some hearts are just too small to share… 🤔

You know you’re true friends with each other when you can make a complete list of why the other is absolutely crazy on the spot and vice versa.

Most things on the list you wouldn’t even be aware of. But it’s all true.

—  excerpts from a book i’ll never write

Asdfgjkl 😍 this should be a game…

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