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MewSim Android

Hey guys, It’s happening! We’ve released the Android version of our devilishly cute tamagotchi-style game MewSim. You are welcome to try it here. IOS version still here. Of course any game ideas are welcome.

I’ve created some new promo codes on my pink meow-cooker:

To the Edge of the Sky: Update # 2

Previous: Update 1

News: Wow, so much on this front as we end the week! We were interviewed by a freelance journalist who will be posting the article in Buzzfeed’s community section. Maybe we can get Buzzfeed to notice? Next, SBS PopAsia (you may know them from their BTS interview) has reached out to us for an interview! We’re working with them on it and it seems they also want to have us on their radio show on Tuesday! Wow! Lastly, famous K-pop Youtuber JRE of JREKML has replied to let us know he’s interested in doing something with us for the game when he gets back!

We still need to keep sharing and spreading the word as much as possible though, especially ARMY! So far our game has been downloaded over 65,000 times in just six days! Wow <3 Thank you so much! Wow, it’s been an amazing week and it’s all thanks to BTS’ ARMY! With all these things lined up, we think next week will be even more amazing!

Reviews: We’re still viewing our social media feeds and have received over 95% positive reviews so far?! We’re really grateful, thank you!

Translation: We have had an overwhelming response from people wanting to translate for their fellow ARMY. If you have emailed us, then we will definitely be contacting you soon. Because of the influx of fans wanting to help translate, we’ve had to develop a system to streamline things and this took a day to do so. We will be in touch this weekend, I-ARMY! So far we have had offers for Portuguese (many!), Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Danish, German, Polish…the list goes on! You guys are truly amazing. We plan to implement new translated versions hopefully within a week or two, depending on the speed of our translators. Portuguese may be implemented sooner because we have so many Brazilian ARMY wanting to help and wanting to play!

As we said last time, we really do want this to be a truly international project, so we’re very happy to program the game into different languages if you are willing to take the time to translate it for those in your country. Please email us at trans [at] aeondreamstudios [dot] com if you’re interested. The demo script is around 6700 words.

Other Demo Versions: We are still going to try to get an English Android and iOS versions out within the next 7-14 days so more people can try the demo! iOS can be quite tricky, but we’re going to give it a shot. We’re also looking into the possibility of putting the game on Steam, but that will be up to Valve!

Issues: Some of you are having issues getting the demo to work and we sincerely apologize for that. We’re working changing the demo into a simpler method for PC players which we’ll try to upload in the next day or two. Some people have also had issues with the actual download. This part is not something we can help with unfortunately, but we recommend if you experience an issue with the .exe missing or any download trouble to try deleting the game and redownloading. If you experience any internet issue during the download, it could cause improper downloading. We are sincerely sorry and we are working on ways to make sure everyone can play the demo.

Thank you ARMY, we hope you enjoy your weekend!

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My 9 reasons Yume100 (iOS/Android app that’s free) is truly amazing

Edit: for iOS users, try using “GCREST” or “夢100” on the app store and it should be there; Idk if it’s the same for Android users, but it wouldn’t hurt to try >. Also yes it’s entirely in Japanese, but there are English guides for the game! Check out oujitan ’s blog for all Yume100 news, tips and updates!

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hey do you know any good apps for learning cantonese?

oh mannnn this’ll be hard bc there aren’t that many good phone apps for cantonese, but i’ll try my best :) 


Cantonese English Dictionary 

- Pleco Chinese Dictionary (useful for both Mandarin and Cantonese)

- uTalk (not necessarily a big fan of these types of apps, but compared to a lot of other apps, this looks the most promising) 

- Memrise - im pretty sure you’ve heard of it before but since memrise has a mobile app, you can definitely use it to study cantonese on the go. there are tonsssss of cantonese courses on memrise: link

- HelloTalk - more of a language partner app, but definitely useful for less common languages like cantonese!


- Cantonese English Dictionary

- Pleco Chinese Dictionary

- Speak Cantonese - the interface isn’t the most appealing, but there are lots of basic phrases and vocabulary with audio files attached

- Casual Cantonese - learn vocabulary and do quick flash card games (audio included) 

Learn Cantonese Phrasebook

粤语助手 - SUPER USEFUL but only if already know some mandarin


Y'all hear about this fun little iOS game, “Disco Zoo”?

It just came out, and lemmie tell you about it:

* It’s free to get! - Whoa, that’s a good thing!

* It’s got 8-Bit Style Retro Graphics! - Because a lot of us sure do love the retro style graphics!

* It’s music’s pretty good! - The main overworld tune is this calming strum of the guitar, and when Disco Party is active, you got this neat disco melody going on!

* You find more animals through a puzzle! - Gather up enough coins to go on a “Rescue”, and tap around the board to find more animals for the zoo. Each animal species has a specific order of tiles, so think if it like Battleship when figuring out the next place to tap before you run out of moves!

* There’s references peppered in! - Obviously, they had to make note of “What Does the Fox Say?”, but I particularly liked the nod to “Babe”…

* It doesn’t nag you to pay for bonus stuff! - In addition to not having any ads pop up at inconvenient times, it also doesn’t pester you to pay for in game currency. In fact, you can easily earn the special currency by either finding them in the “Rescue” mode, or occasionally by waiting for it to pop up in the overworld. A much appreciated departure from “free games”.

It functions much like a mobile “Tycoon” game. The layout is simple. It’s colorful and cute. For a free game, it’s not too bad.

I suggest you give it a try. :3

I’ve hit 4,000 words today. 3,500 belong to the self-insert I did not want to write, because what is being productive with my time OTL

Tomorrow at the office I’ll try to write another IoS chunk. I have the feeling that this one will come out more easily if I write it on paper first.


Remember the new Six to Start game “Superhero Workout” we talked about in last week’s episode?

Here is the official trailer (some of these voices will sound familiar to ZR! fans)! We also have an official release date for iOS users: August 20th (aka the day after tomorrow!!!!)

According to Six to Start, Android users will have to wait until fall :(

Using iOS? Trying the game? Let us know if you like it, and what you think about it!