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so i’m at the doctor’s again and i see a notecard on the reception desk that asks in bright red ink, Do you want to live forever? 

finally, i think, finally i’m at the start of a vampire novel. i don’t actually want to live forever, but i’m not about to turn down a call to adventure like that. i try to flip the card over as inconspicuously as possible. 

the other side contains a bible verse about keeping jesus in your heart. 

i hate living in the south.


Etter at jeg har klatret opp til
så spør jeg deg :
Hva skjer etter at jeg
har reddet deg?
Da svarer du:
Jeg redder deg tilbake.

Andy Samberg: Remember the time in 5th grade when you accidentally said, “I don’t shut up, I grow up, and when I look in the mirror, I throw up” and Ilan and I laughed so hard?

Chelsea Peretti: Yes. I was trying to flip it and be like, “When you look in the mirror you throw up,” but I failed really bad. That’s the day I learned to always draw within the lines and think inside the box.

Foul Play (M)

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Summary: Everyone loves a good rivalry, and the students at your university are no exception. Unluckily for you, the rivalry of the decade is between yourself and a furiously irritating Park Jimin. A top gymnast and a basketball star shouldn’t cross paths, but Jimin makes his way into your heart before you can put a stop to it.
Word Count: 24.314
Genre: college au, basketball player Jimin, sports university
A/N: A while ago @workofteaguk was doubting my lane while simultaneously having a crisis over Jimin. So naturally, retaliation was in order. This is all @minsvga‘s fault for encouraging me to run with this idea.

Elitism brings out the worst in people. Feelings of superiority run unchecked where talent and hard work meet to flourish and thrive, where young athletes spend their days training their bodies to the limits, pushing themselves harder to reach the ultimate dream: to receive validation and know that the years they’ve spent sacrificing sleep and jobs and romance for medals, winning seasons, and future professions has been worth it.

And as any good athlete knows, elitism leads to rivalry. Rivalries between teammates, between neighboring schools, or, most notably, a rivalry between Seoul Sports University’s top gymnast and one of the best point guards to grace the basketball court. And when rivalry and hatred reach such a level, it attracts attention from outsiders, from those who find amusement from such bitter hatred between two young people. Two young people who share common goals and similar training regimes, who for all intents and purposes should be close, but cannot stand the sight of one another.

This is a feeling that you know intimately.

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A Grave Predicament

@mamin-the-troll’s art of smol fox Newt fucking slayed me. It also made me think of Percy in a similar predicament only he has black lynx/wampus ears and tails. So this is for her! *blushes and dies*

First ever Gramander fic and I have no idea what I’m doing so… *dumps unbeta’d fic here and scurries back into her hole*

Tags: Possessive Percival, Fluff, Crack, Mentions of erections.

“Mr. Scamander. Please kindly take your jaw off the floor.” Graves is immediately annoyed when his newly acquired ears flatten in displeasure at the sight of Newt looking so shocked. His tail flicking in agitation doesn’t help much either. He hates it, how transparent these appendages make him, no matter how temporary they are. He can’t stop them from twitching and every barely there noise catches his attention, causing his work productivity to cease altogether.

He’s been turned into a fucking wampus. Or at least, partially so.  

He’s taken to hiding in his office, and growling at anyone who attempts to take a peek at his altered state, but no amount of glaring and growling would deter Newt who practically rushes into his office the moment he has word of Graves’ predicament.

“Mr Graves. W..what happened?” Newt asks, stepping closer, his blue eyes bright with curiosity and more than a touch of concern.

“There was an confiscated artefact that wasn’t properly purged of hexes. Needless to say the person responsible for such incompetence has been properly reprimanded.” It’s really hard to think straight, because he’s just suddenly so aware of how good Newt smells. He smells like so many creatures, of rain and freshly dug up dirt and the underlying hint of honey milk tea.

“Ah. Do you know how long it’ll be?” Newt’s staring at his ears, mesmerized. He’s noting every twitch with the same intensity that a cat would a mouse.

It’s the longest Newt’s ever been able to look at someone’s face, Graves notes. “Not soon enough,” he says with an annoyed huff. He’s trying so hard not to lean into Newt, to rub his face all over and leave his mark to stave off anyone else that might have unsavoury intentions towards his intended mate.

His tail flicks again, angry about the animalistic thought that sneaks up on him. Intended mate? Honestly…

“M…may I?” Newt asks, fingers already reaching upwards with barely contained excitement.

“I’m not one of your creatures, Mr. Scamander.” But he acquiesces, surprised when Newt doesn’t immediately reach for his ears but instead, places his hands on Graves’ face.

He’s been trying to show his intentions towards Newt for months now. Months. Every attempt so far has been foiled by nothing more than Newt’s own obliviousness. The man wouldn’t know a request of courtship if it came to him in the form of a howler and smacked him on the nose.

“I wonder what else has changed,” Newt murmurs, fingers running along Graves’ jaw with a gentleness usually only afforded to his beloved beasts. Newt even runs a thumb along his lips, pressing against them just enough to reveal abnormally long canines. “Oh that’s lovely,” he croons.

Graves shivers at the slow drag against faint stubble as those fingers travel upwards and over the area where Graves’ human ears once were. “The typical wampus colours haven’t transferred over. You’d be considered very rare,” he murmurs “In the wild I mean. If you were a black wampus.”

“Enough to end up in the black market?” Graves muses. He’s not prepared for when Newt actually touches his ears because Sweet Mary Lewis. ‘How does it feel this good?’ His knees are practically melting away under him and he has to resort to placing his hands on Newt’s trim hips to steady himself; claws digging into the blue woolen fabric.

“Most undoubtedly so.” Newt doesn’t seem to mind the touch, he probably doesn’t even realise. Too enamoured with the velveteen ears. He’s playing with the edges, thumb rubbing full circles at the base. “Don’t worry. I’d rescue you.”

“Much Appreciated.” Graves is actually… enjoying himself too much now, the thrumming of arousal low in his veins. He has to chide himself, he’s nearly 40 damnit, he can control himself. But then Newt presses down on a sweet spot and he feels as if he’s fifteen again, having just discovered that his penis does in fact, have more purposes than just for urination.

To his utter horror, a soft, deep rumble erupts from his chest and he groans. He’s purring, actually purring. Could this get any worse? The erection that’s threatening to rise within his pants tells him that yes, it very well can.

“Newt…” Graves says, voice hoarse as he brings his hands up to rest on Newt’s shoulders. It never ceases to amaze him, how all consuming his affections towards the magizoologist is. He wants to kiss him, to count and cherish every freckle, to covet his attention and to offer him everything.

“Hmn? Is there something wrong?” Newt asks, so endearingly, infuriatingly oblivious that Graves can’t help but be both exasperated and fond.

When Graves leans in, it’s with the intention to kiss Newt, but the wampus instinct within him makes him do something else. It doesn’t even make sense to him, but it feels right somehow. He licks Newt near the corner of his lips, and when he draws back, the soft sheen of saliva makes his chest rumble in pride.

Silence feels the room as Newt flushes a bright plum red that spreads across his cheeks and downwards. Graves is torn between wondering how deep that blush goes, and instant concern because maybe he’s gone too far? Maybe this has been one sided all along and his advances have been unwanted? Maybe he’s just ruined one of the first friendships that he’s had in forever, but then Newt’s mouth gapes open and shut a couple of times before he buries his face in his hands with a small sound.

“Mr. Graves? W..would you please kindly… close your eyes?” he asks, voice muffled by his own hands.

Graves is concerned, but he does as asked. His hands are still on Newt’s shoulders, and he can feel the slight tremors. Is… Is Newt afraid of him?   

“Are they closed?”

“Yes.” Graves replies, and then, after a moment, says “Mr. Scamander. I apolog-” but there’s a soft wetness at the corner of his lips and his brain short circuits because Newt just licked him back! He just responded to his request of courtship with acceptance and not only did he say yes, but he did so in a way that his the wampus within Graves leaping in joy. Sweet Mary Lewis is this what complete and utter happiness feels like? It feels like he’s soaring.

Before he can say anything else, or even open his eyes; Newt lets out an embarrassed, strangled noise and gives him a kiss on the lips. Then, he makes a hasty excuse about needing to meet the Goldstein sisters and apparates out of the Graves’ office, MACUSA rules be damned.

Graves is happy, blissfully so. He can’t stop his tail from lazily swishing back and forth. He knows that courting someone like Newt would be a slow process but would taste all the more sweeter for it. Perhaps this curse isn’t so bad after all, he’s determined to use it to his full advantage for as long as he’s able to.

He’s going to ask Newt out, on a proper date, but first, he needs to have a plan.

Another sim for my summer sim story I am starting soon! 
Wedlia has me burnt the hell out! :<

Pale Green Paci

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, [No Smut], Little!Space

Word Count: 2200

Summary: Dan has a secret pacifier. And it’s not weird because he only uses it when he reaaally has to.

Author Note: This was the original draft version of ‘Sunday Night Sippy Cups’ before I scrapped it and wrote what you now know as SNSC^. Due to popular demand, I uploaded this very short draft idea (so unpolished) that inspired the SNSC series. 

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anonymous asked:

ahh your kang daniel au was so cute, i absolutely adore all of your university au's anxiwmxomw 😭 if you wouldn't mind, could you maybe do one for ong seongwoo as well? thank you so much, angel, have a great day!! 💖

like ten people asked for ong,,,so here’s his mini college au~~ 
find kang daniel (here) ^^ 

  • major: interior design 
  • sports: did football team with daniel for like a week,,,,dropped it and picked up swimming instead LOL
  • when people first meet him they all think he’s a serious like physics major who wants to be an engineer or a doctor,,,,,like he’s handsome and smart,,,,straight from a webcomic kinda boy
  • bUT jokes on them he’s into interior design and likes looking at textiles and getting excited over his new ikea catalogue coming in the mail
  • actually despises the fact that you need to take college algebra for the major because like ugh maTH 
  • tried to bribe daehwi into doing his homework for him but daehwi was like 50 bucks or i suddenly cant do simple addition and seongwoo was like im bROKE
  • and daehwi was like hmmm too bad ask daniel or something
  • is bestfriends and roommates with daniel which is really funny because one side of the room is covered in drawings and designs with messy canvas bags full of fabric samples and sketchbooks ,,,,,, while the other side is strung up with posters on medical safety procedures and daniels leaning tower of paramedic course books 
  • but their friendship is super cute seongwoo keeps going like “bro if we’re both sad and alone at 40 lets just adopt a dog together or something-” and daniel is like “that sounds good but no dog. 12 cats.”
  • but again they’re both like heartthrobs on campus,,,,there’s a fanclub dedicated to gushing over seongwoo when he’s in the library studying just because everyone wants to see that handsome side profile tbh
  • little do they know that virtually every close friend of his has like 3943 photos of seongwoo doing the ugLIEST faces on snapchat and shit for the Memes
  • jisung and him are in an ongoing rivalry for who has the superior shocked face they have contests like every time they meet up LOL
  • you’re actually friends with seongwoo through a class you take together,,,that dreaded college algebra,,,, and one day seongwoo tells you that he likes to drum
  • which is ,,,,,,like a dream of yours,,,,,you’ve always wanted to learn how to play and you practically beG him to teach you
  • and seongwoo being seongwoo is like ,,,,,,,, give me the answers to this weeks homework and i will
  • and ur like FINE but ,,,,idk if the answers will be write and seongwoo shrugs like it doesn’t matter as long as i don’t need to look @ numbers,,,,im good
  • so you agree to meet up in the music department later like at 8 and when you get there thankfully the drum set for the college band is free
  • and you sit down eagerly,,,,trying to do a flip of the sticks before seongwoo takes them away and you’re like HEY and he’s like “first things first - cool drummers dont flip their sticks in the air like fools”
  • and ur like -____- fine whatever where do we start then
  • and for a couple of weeks you and seongwoo meet up in the evenings so he can teach you
  • and at first it’s super casual and fun,,,you guys talk about how much you hate college algebra,,,how you keep seeing minki’s face on flyers for student government elections,,,,,how the lights in all the dorms flicker for like a good three minutes before actually turning off
  • like the usual,,,and then one day you’re sitting,,,,trying out a technique seongwoo showed you but you keep skipping a part
  • so he comes over,,,,,putting his arms around you from behind and settling them on your wrists so e can guide your hands
  • and for the first time,,,,,you’re hyper aware of how,,,,,close seongwoo is
  • how he smells like fresh laundry,,,,how the vein running up his arm looks,,,,and when you make the mistake of turning your face to see him 
  • ,,,,,,you highlight the sharp curve of his jaw,,,his dark and alluring eyes,,,,the perfect slope of his nose,,,,and his neck,,,,,
  • the warmth of his body makes you suddenly freeze up and when seongwoo notices how tense your arm has gotten he lets go,,,,
  • and for a second neither of you say anything 
  • seongwoo opens his mouth but you just shake your head before he can speak 
  • and you’re like “no, i know. don’t say it,,,i know you,,,,aren’t interested,,,,and i made it awkward,,,,,im sorry- im going to go-”
  • and seongwoo seems like he wants to grab you before you can go but you escape his outstretched arm just in time to run out
  • seongwoo left standing in the room,,,,,,confused and hurt as you make your way toward the dorms telling yourself over and over
  • that you ruined it,,,,a good friendship,,,,,with the sudden realization that you didn’t want just friendship at all did you,,,,
  • and it’s not like you skip college algebra because of seongwoo noooo haha you totally got sick and had to not come
  • but,,,,,,you know sooner or later you’re going to have to see him but you really r e a l l y dont want too
  • unfortunately,,,, it comes even sooner because someone knocks on your dorm and you think it’s your roommate,,,but when you open it 
  • seongwoo is there,,,,
  • and you’re like “w-what is it?” and he’s like looking down but when he meets your eyes he gives you that smile,,,,the one with the dimple and it makes your heart hurt but he waves the textbook he brought with him and he’s like “since you were sick,,,,i thought i should come and help you catch up?”
  • and you know seongwoo hates that class,,,that he’d never tutor someone else in it,,,,,let alone you so you want to shut the door and tell him you’re still sick
  • but seongwoo pulls a mask out of his pocket and is like ‘i can wear this so you don’t cough on me!!’ and you cant tell if he’s being silly or if he really just wants to talk to you
  • so you end up sitting beside each other on your bed and it’s,,,,,awkward until seongwoo finally takes a deep breath and turns to you
  • “you said you knew i wasn’t interested,,,,,but how could you say that?”
  • you kind of frown and you’re like,,,because we ,,,,,are just friends? you’ve never made any moves and you’re swarmed by people liking you all the time what is there-”
  • but seongwoo puts up his hand and is like “ok, but do i devote my time to those people? to teach them to play drums? to laugh with them in class? outside of class? do you know i blew of daniel for you,,,,,that’s a lot coming from me that dudes my soulmate”
  • and ur like ?????? wait so is it daniel or - and seongwoo is like nO like my bro soulmate but you,,,,,,it’s different i,,,,
  • he seems to suddenly get shy,,,,scratching at his cheek and you’re like ??? and he’s like “when i was,,,,,teaching you,,,with my hands on yours,,,,,,,i wanted to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it’s hard to say this but i wanted to pull you closer,,,,,,,,god this is embarrassing,,,,,”
  • and you’ve never seen seongwoo blush until now and like,,,,,it’s so fREAKING cute that you just need to scoot closer
  • and seongwoo is like ! 
  • and you’re like “,,,,,i,,,,,wanted you to hold me closer too.” 
  • with a small smile he turns his body toward you,,,opening his arms and he’s like “well,,,,i can still do that. come here.”
  • and you can’t believe it but you and seongwoo fall back onto your bed,,,,you in his arms laughing at how silly this is
  • and seongwoo leans down,,,,brushing your hair from your face and he’s about to kiss you when the doorknob turns and you’re like mY ROOMMATE
  • and you throw him a bit and soengwoo ends up on the floor,,,hair a mess and eyes wide and you’re like sitting on the bed and ur roommate is just like oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ill come back in twenty bye
  • and with that you and seongwoo let out a sigh but he climbs back up on the bed and starts tickling you because oW thrOWING HIM OFF WAS thaT NECESSARY 
  • dating college!seongwoo: he totally misplaces everything like he cant even find his own notebook so you’d probably have to be the one to be like seongwoo no no your laptop is under the desk drawer and your sketch book is on the shelf no no not the bottom shelf babe listen to me-, he looks extra fluffy in the mornings when he’s still got his hair uncombed and his eyes are sleepy but he’s also super soft because his voice gets lower and he just wants to cuddle, like seriously seongwoo just always wants to cuddle and hold hands, you could both be sweltering out in the sun on the quad and no matter how sweaty your palms get he’ll be like no we need to hold onto each other i need everyone to know you’re with me, pretends to not know that he’s being sexy when he’s laying down and his shirt is pulled up a little and he keeps pocking his tongue out to run across his lips and ur like seongwoo dont do that i need to study and he’s like do what~ and ur like oh my god,,,,,sends you random close ups of parts of his face and is like am i handsome~ do u still love me~, is a lil jealous that you and daniel get along so well but also is really happy because whenever you guys hangout together it’s a blast, does the occasional corny thing like buys you a big teddy bear that he names after himself or does a dance to try get you to give him extra kisses but it’s all worth it because he’s adorable, wants matching sweaters soooo bad and keeps dropping hints, likes when you sit in his lap and he plays with your hair while you read outloud to him, whenever you’re a little upset or scared he sings gently against your ear and it calms you down, when you can you take baths together and he keeps trying to get you to make him a bubble beard LOL