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I just think it needs to be said, that Neda is not Cassandra number one target. Her main targets are Bruno/Kevin because they literally fucked up her game week one by spreading the rumor that Cass was trying to flip the vote last minute as well as lying to Cass about Neda going after her so Cass in respond said that “she needs to get backdoored” which Bruno/Kevin went and told Gary who then told Neda. Cass also can’t win a comp to save her life which is why you should keep her around because you would have a better shot at beating her in the comps moving forward. Furthermore Cass just lost the one person that was 100% loyal to her so she’s completely alone. I understand that Cass is a threat (she’s one of the best social players to ever be on big brother$) but right now Neda should be focusing on taking out physical threats rather than social threats because it increase her chances of winning comps once she hits jury, which she will need to do if she wants to make it to the end.

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When Zelo thinks he ‘failed’ in aegyo which is an aegyo itself (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ

also, and this isn’t a fully fleshed out idea or anything so bear with me, but so much discourse on the left seems to discourage the poor from seeking economic advancement. Not only with “do what you love or your life is meaningless” rhetoric but also like “don’t give in to capitalism, focus on the revolution” shit. Like it’s really not anyone’s fucking business to tell someone living in poverty that they shouldn’t pursue money and tbh since a lot of this discourse comes out of academia, it’s oftentimes written and discussed by some pretty elite members of society.

a young kid with a penny board just came into the lobby with their dad. i hid my sketchbook like i usually do, but they asked me to bring it back out

apparently the kid noticed me drawing last night and has been wanting to see my sketchbook!! they asked a lot of questions and were rly cute + sweet. they said they take drawing classes at school and their favorite medium is pastels.

hi my name is noot and i watch anime while intensely sick and unable move

here’s some hot takes for you

drifters: drifters is anime about historical figures getting sent to to an alternate reality, with elves and magic and shit. it’s by the guy what did hellsing. you will spend the entire time entranced by gore and excited by good fight tactics and good op, but also incredibly upset that there’s only two historical lady figures. where my ladies at, hirano. where are you hiding them.

izetta: izetta: the last witch is anime about a cute girl who flies around on a sniper rifle, and her girlfriend, the archduchess of austria. Together They Fight The Nazis. it is good balance of war epic, spy thriller, and cute girls. you will spend much of your time hoping sweet darling baby izetta doesn’t get hurt and also gives princess the smooch.

yuri!!! on ice: yuri!!! on ice is anime about yuri, who beefed his skating career. then he made a viral video and his idol becomes his coach, also boyfriend. other yuri is young and russian and mad and wants to fight our sweet boy yuri. mens figure skating is a sport about appealing to the female gaze for points. you will spend much time cheering for all the skaters and wondering if yuri will kiss the boys. he does.

bbk/brnk: bubuki/buranki is anime that asks what if we took eureka seven, but gave the main character even less personality and worse design than everyone else. also cg, but The Good CG. you will spend the entire time wondering when it will focus on those other characters again, so you can go back to trying to enjoy the show.

flip flappers: flip flappers is anime about girl named cocona who goes on adventures with a girl named papika in a dreamland called pure illusion to collect fragments that will grant wishes if they get all of them. there are secret organizations, lisa frank aesthetic, and a story that just seems to run with it. you will want to spend time asking where it’s going, but can’t because you are having Too Much Fun.

i don’t remember what else i watched cause i was hopped up on A Lot of advil but tell me an anime you want me to watch, and i will give you the hot takes