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I’ve made my decision for 2016,” she announced proudly, sitting up. “Fire away then,” he said, his grin matching hers. “I am done,” she paused for effect. “I am done crying over things I regret not doing and I’m done regretting things I did. I’m done worrying myself sick about what the future will bring and I’m done trying to change my past.” He’d expected her to announce how she’d stop smoking, how she’d quit drinking, so he couldn’t help being confused at her words. “What are you gonna do?”
“I’m going to live my life to the fullest. I will burst into tears when I feel like it and I won’t stop until I feel better. I will laugh until my stomach hurts. I will embrace heartbreak and pain as much as joy, because without sadness there is no happiness. I will let go of people who make life hard and will welcome people with open arms who make life beautiful. I will scream at the top of my lungs, dance in my underwear, sing in the shower and spill my feelings to anyone who will listen. I’ll take care of myself. I want to be happy. And I will be. What else would I want for a new year, a new start?
—  2016

Sorry to throw a video on you guys after a week of silence- I honestly have been going CRAZY trying to wrap up all my outstanding projects and presents from the holidays so I haven’t managed new personal art just yet ;-;

The idea of making my own subscription box has been sitting in my head for a while now, and then I realized I had all this dinosaur product that would be perfect! Nothing here is final yet- but if I do decide to put this plan into action I’ll make an official announcement about it around the 15th! That way if anyone’s interested I can take orders and have the January boxes shipped without delay. The box price each month will be somewhere between $25-$30, and I have a variety of ideas for extra stickers and other items I might try and sneak into the middle month boxes too. Note that while prints and items are yet to be made, the box content and items are NOT personal requests or commissions. As always I work full time and cannot personalize every order with a commission, every box will have the same items made for it. But if you do happen to have a favorite dinosaur, feel free to share in the comments! I may very well consider it for print or item ideas *u* ❤ I’ll be back with regular posting and new art very soon!

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How did we meet? - Grant Gustin Imagine

Anonymous said: “I wish you would write a fix where Grant Gustin meets you while you are playing an extra on the flash and he accidentally runs into you”

The two of you were invited to do an interview since recently Grant announced that you were his girlfriend. It had come time for the interview and the first question was “how did you two meet?”

Grant looks over at you, feeling extremely put on the spot with that question. “Well….that is a good question,” he says.

How did you two meet? “Darling, how did we meet?” Your mind is scrambling trying to figure out how to answer the question without being to awkward. “Um….well…it was quite an interesting meeting. It must sound so cliché but I ended up on top of him, after we ran into each other,” you explain.

“Can we have some more details?” The interviewer questioned.


You were dressed in a similar outfit as the typical one you wore on a daily basis, scrubs and a doctor’s lab coat. A friend had mentioned to you that the popular TV show, The Flash, was in need of some extras. They needed someone to dress up as a doctor for a scene where someone attacks the hospital.

Everything was set and ready to go. The director yelled action and the shooting began. After a few shoots, and adjustments, they began to record again. The Flash was supposed to run in and save the day. The actor ran by the marking spot by a few steps, and slipped on a puddle. He reached out to grab on to the nearest object, in this case person, which was you. He fell to the ground, pulling you down with him. You landed on his chest, face to face, close enough to kiss. “Cut!” The director screamed. “Grant, what happened?”

“Missed my mark, slipped on the puddle, and accidentally pulled this beautiful lady down with me.” He tells them. “Are you alright…? I’m sorry, what is your name?”

“Y/N. I’m ok. I hope I didn’t injure you in any way.”

“I’m fine, but to make sure you are ok in a few days, let me take you out on a date.”

You blushed, embarrassed for falling on him and flattered that he would want to take you out. Thank goodness that he was in his Flash suit with the mask pulled over his face. You nod your head.

Let’s just say, that was the beginning of you falling for him.

Present time

“Seriously? You call that cliché? That was adorable!” The interviewer exclaims.

“That is not how I remember that!” Grant says.

“Let’s face it hun, that is the truth.” You tell him.

“I hope that we still have that scene blooper somewhere! I now need to prove that wasn’t the exact way!”

“Ok. But once you find the tape, please share it!”

“Thank you so much for being here today! You two are so cute together.” The interviewer ends it with that.

Grant was then told by cast and crew that you were right when he gets to work the next day, showing him the tape.


you can have your own personal ships without wishing death upon characters who threaten your ship

you can ship one character with multiple different characters

you can recognize and appreciate moments between two characters that you don’t ship together

basically don’t be a dick

don’t shit on other people’s ships

terribleoldwhitemen  asked:

krennic trying to talk galen out of marrying lyra without galen realizing that that's what he's doing

“Still,” Krennic continues flatly. He swirls the liquor in his hand and watches it arch against the glass. “It seems you came to this decision quickly.”

On the other end of the couch, Galen smiles. “Orson, I’ve known her for over a year.”

“Of course. One year is more than enough time to decide how you want to spend the rest of your life.” Krennic takes a drink to hide the distasteful curl of his lips Galen has broken out the finer stuff for his announcement, but it sears Krennic’s tongue like poison.

Galen does not notice his tension. He merely shrugs, staring down at his drink with a smile on his lips. “It’s hard to explain how I can be so certain. But I am.”

“You were certain that using a higher grade of crystals would eliminate the resonance problems.”

“Love isn’t a formula, Orson.”

“Oh, Galen, please.” Krennic stands. The urge to pace cannot be denied. He allows himself to take a couple of steps to the window and stops there, fixing his eyes on the chemical sunset reflected in Coruscant’s myriad windows. “This isn’t a decision to be made on emotion alone. It’s important to think logically.” Easier to shrink into speaking in generalizations than to say what Krennic is really thinking. Think logically. This isn’t what you want.

A long pause from behind him. “I thought you’d be happy for me.” Galen’s voice is not quiet enough to hide the twinge of disappointment in it.

Krennic’s fingers clench the glass in his hand. Part of him wonders if it will shatter; a smaller part of him wants it to. “I am,” he makes himself say. The glare off the buildings is blinding. He lets himself be blinded. “But I worry about you.”

He hears Galen rise and walk to stand beside him. A hand settles warmly on Krennic’s shoulder, squeezes. “You don’t need to worry,” Galen says. “This is going to be a good thing. For all of us.”

“All of us,” Krennic echoes. Galen leans in to clink their glasses together. It’s the only excuse Krennic needs to drain his dry.  

modern au les mis characters as hamilton fans:

  • Enjolras tries to sing all the parts in Non-Stop. He gets terrifyingly close to achieving it.
  • Cosette, Éponine, and Musichetta know the choreography for the Schuyler Sisters by heart.
  • Courfeyrac running ahead to announce Enj and Combeferre as “the general and his right hand man”
  • No one is allowed any questions. Anyone who says “what” is met by a thunderous echo.
  • Marius and Cosette sing all of Alex and Eliza’s duets in act 1. Marius can’t sing anything from act 2 without crying.
  • Everyone trying to rap Guns and Ships. Grantaire and Éponine are the only ones who can do it consistently, but R has the better fake accent.
  • Jehan is actually a really good rapper? Who knew??
  • Éponine singing Satisfied is both tragic and awesome.
  • At least two of the Amis gets a lyric tattoo.
  • Valjean takes Cosette to see the show, and invites Marius, who starts crying about not being able to afford it. Valjean waits for him to finish before handing him the already-purchased ticket, and jokes for him to give it to Éponine instead.
  • Enjolras’ copy of Chernow’s biography is filled with notes and relevant articles.
  • Bossuet, Joly, and Musichetta going on trips to historical sites and taking funny pictures next to the statues and paintings.
  • Gavroche, on a table with the tablecloth wrapped around his shoulders, singing You’ll Be Back in the worst accent imaginable.
When They Find Your Secret Room of BDSM Toys (BIG BANG)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: I think he’d be so surprised he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.He wouldn’t know whether to confront you or pretend like he didn’t see it. Either way, he wouldn’t have expect that

DAESUNG: I think he wouldn’t tell you right away what he saw, rather would keep it to himself for a few days looking at you funny, trying to think of a way to bring it up without outwardly confessing he saw it

TAEYANG: He would immediately announce his amazing discovery to you, savoring every bit of your adorable embarrassment. Of course he wouldn’t read you too bad because he’d be excited to try some of your stuff out (handcuffs, anyone?)

G.D.: It would take a minute to register with him because he’d be so excited and so turned on. Before he asked you about it, he’d make sure to snatch a few things that caught his eye and hide it in the bedroom somewhere to surprise you with later

SEUNGRI: The first thing that would come to his mind is to snap a quick pic (’evidence’ he’d say) in case you tried to deny it when he confronted you (and lets be honest, maybe for a bit of sexy blackmail)

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I dislike the emphasis in a lot of mainstream discourse that portrays feminism as an “identity” and that you “identify as a feminist”.

And I think this contributes to the watered down, surface level analysis that emphasis personal choice and personal empowerment rather than self-criticism and collective liberation.

And identity is something that you fundamentally create for yourself. But that isn’t what feminism is. 

Feminism is a movement, a cause, a set of beliefs and a commitment. It isn’t an identity. 

It means that people (particularly men) can just loudly announce that they “identify as a feminist” without actually doing anything to justify describing themselves as that. Then you get shitty “male feminists” like Hugo Schwyzer who have sex with their female students, abuse WoC and literally try to murder a woman. 

You can’t just identify into feminism, it takes a lot of work and it involves actually committing yourself to doing things that advance the liberation of women. You can’t just call yourself a feminist and then carry on doing things which actively harm women, or you get “pro-life feminists” and that crap.

Nik arrived without much incident or to-do. He wasn’t flashy or overly zealous in announcing that he was there, instead the hulking blond giant made his way about quietly, bag boys taking his things where they needed to be. After a long flight he was simply sitting at a bar nursing a cold drink trying not to disturb anyone around him. Silently wishing he had brought vodka from home because nothing was nearly as smooth to his palette.

Talk about your fleshy. Reference your spores, your fungus, the underside of your gills. Are you with or without stems. Do you bear fruit and what do you cultivate. Are you a toadstool. A chanterelle. A boy. An oyster. A hen of the woods. A girl. A portabello marinated in jerk sauce. Are you a hybrid. Black trumpet. Porcini. Intersex. Are you gourmet and expensive. Do they call you truffle. Are you confusing and blurry. Are they slapping you into boxes. Do you grow in bunches. Are you white or beige or grey. Do you hunt hair or does it mount your cheeks without injections. Are you meaty. Is your texture dense or slippery. How about enoki.Transgender. Would you announce yourself as smoky and desirable. Gender non-conforming. Are you poisonous or trying to exist within all these confirmations. How about bumpy or uneven. Genderqueer. How far will you commit to this appearance. Will you starve. Will you boil. Will you remove. Will you steam. Will you inject. Will you pickle. Will you pass. Will you braise. Will you bind. Will you sear. Will you rename. Will you raw. Will you risk. Will you sauté. Will you carve out. Will you conform. Will you confirm. Will you hold it all inside. Will you bruise. Will you odor. Will you nourish. Will you go on.
—  texture of a mushroom, aimee herman