try and wallpaper this place

The place I used to call my home is now a haunted house where the ghost of my past with you lives. 

Where the memory of my first heartbreak is always present,
the floorboards creek like a beating heart,
and the wallpaper tears away like memories trying to be forgotten.

The place I used to call home is now a haunted house filled with the echoes of a broken love that refuses to die.

—  darling my stars are falling {a.o}

bittersweet-wolf  asked:

You're the sweetest person ever, how can anyone be so rude to you? I've been following you for 2-3 months now and all i ever see you reblog/post is food, fashion and positivity posts (bless). This.... "slime-dick" person is so childish and disgusting making false accusations about you. It'll get better, don't worry :) your positivity has helped me through a lot and i hope it'll help you too! 💕✨

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STANDING UP FOR ME!!!! Gosh I love you, I really don’t post much else besides the occasional anime gif or wallpaper ahah. I try my hardest to keep this place safe for myself and anyone who wants a little pick me up! ^ - ^ I love you aa.. I’m glad that my blog is able to help you out when you need it.. if it’s not enough some days, you can always message me and I’ll be here for you 100%~