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Angel in the Darkness (M) pt. 8

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Summary: After a patient urgently pleads you to go and help a friend of his, you naively agree to it. Little did you know, that you would get more than what you agreed to, when he leads you to a brothel, to help a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (ft. Jin, but not romantically)

Word count: 6.5k

Genre: Smut (M), angst, mafia!au, prostitution!au

A/N:This is a dark and filthy story! Graphic descriptions of sex (oral, penetration, etc), heavy dom/sub undertones, drug use, vulgar language use… This is a mature read! You have been warned!

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“Again? Didn’t we already talk about this?” your mother scolded with a sigh, as you two entered your small apartment.

She had gotten a call from work at the rehab centre, that you had gotten into another fight with the kids at your school. And this became an alarming concern to her since this was the third time this month that you had fought with others.

“I didn’t mean too…” the nine-year-old you sniffled, as you shyed away from your mother’s harsh glare.

“Y/n this is the third time this month that your school has called me!” your mother exclaimed tiredly from the kitchen, getting ready to prepare dinner for the two of you.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered from your spot on the sofa, trying to withhold your tears. You knew your mother hated when you got into fights – you didn’t even like it either, but the kids always picked on you. You just wanted them to stop…

“You said you were sorry last time.”

“I know…” you mumbled in reply.

“Then why do you keep fighting?” she frustrated. “No matter what those kids say, you don’t put your hands on them.”

“But they wouldn’t stop!”

“Then tell the teacher-”

“They hit me first,” you interrupted. This caused your mother to pause in the middle of her footsteps.

“Why?” she asked in confusion.

“They just wouldn’t stop saying those horrible things, even though I begged them…”  you said as your tears started to fall.

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sheep--demon  asked:

if you're feeling alive and well, how about a fic where Lance is talking to Pidge but suddenly he freezes up because she looks so much like his younger sibling that he get teary eyes and runs towards blue. there, he talks about his feelings in Spanish. Pidge finds it weird but thinks nothing of it until when shes looking over the video footage in the castle she hears Spanish coming from the blue hanger from hours ago. She then translates it after an hour and freaks out

Hope you enjoy!
This was the most detailed of my remaining asks, and also one I was excited to do, so I had to make sure to take my time with this one.

I hope you enjoy!

Have you ever been out somewhere, whether it be school, the grocery market, or just hanging out in general public, and you see that person?

That person that looks so much like or sounds so much like someone you knew, but under whatever circumstance you just knew that it wasn’t who you thought?

A voice.
A facial expression.
Maybe the way they walk or hold themself.

It reminds you of someone and for a split second your brain believes it and you go into either good or bad panic.

‘Oh shit, it’s them.’
‘It’s them!’

A sister, a brother, a crush, a parent, they trick you out for the slightest moment and leaves your heart racing.

In this situation, Lance went into bad panic. His heart racing with anxiety and the pain of his mind tricking him like that.

Pidge looked at Lance, scrunching her nose and tilting her head, “Dude, are you okay?”

They had only been talking, Pidge was tinkering a little bit they had just been having a fine conversation until.


She looked to much like his little sister for a split second, just the way she had smiled and the angle Lance was at.

He froze up and the ‘Fight or Flight’ instinct took over his system. Bad Panic.

His breath caught, he teared up and stood, shaking his head quickly and leaving Pidge to sit alone in the room.

Lance just ran.

The blue paladin knew it couldn’t have been his sister, it was Pidge clearly, but this stupid head of his let him believe for a split second.

Just one sec was all it took.
He hadn’t even seen his sister in over a year now.

As he did when everything went wrong, Lance ran to Blue and hid himself away inside her.

The blue eyed boy took a moment to let his tears fall, and succumb to the wave of homesickness that left him shaking.

He missed them so much.

An unpracticed language slipped past his tongue as he murmured to Blue, letting his thoughts and feelings out.

He only spoke Spanish to blue.
Occasionally he’d let out a Spanglish phrase around the team, but no fluent talk.

It was relaxing.
Lances didn’t have to think about translations or if he was making sense or speaking correctly.

“Se veía igual que ella. A veces me asusta cuando veo a mi familia en el equipo.” Lance murmured, feeling comforted by Blues purring despite his words.

He went on to explain what had happened, why he was here and why he had ran. Pidge was probably back there now, worried.

Lance had made her worried.

A shaky sob left him, and he wiped his eyes as he talked to Blue and emotion took over.

“A veces quiero dejar. Ir a casa. Pero sé que el universo necesita ser salvado, y…” Tears slipped and he took a breath, “…a veces pienso que no soy apto para el trabajo.”

His heart clenched and Lance let his words sink into the two of them. Blue hated to have her cub so distressed, willing him to sleep.

Pidge sighed, laying on her bed in her room and messing with her computer.

“Lance was acting weird earlier…” She stated to open air, flipping through camera feed from over the past few hours.

Lance got upset sometimes, which was fine and completely human, but today was something different.

She just had to ignore it, check the feed and then get some rest. Pidge could talk to Lance about it in the morning.

The green paladin flippe through some more footage, silence and just dull clicking as noise, until she stopped at the camera on the Blue lion and heard noise.

Who was talking?
It was definitely Lance but it’s nothing she could understand, and he had an accent to him, speaking different.

She blinked, staring.
Lance had been in Blue, nothing wrong with that, but why was he saying to her?

Pidges nosiness got the est of her and she cropped the audio from the camera and into the personal translator she used for when she was learning Altean.

He was talking about Earth mostly, describing his family and things of the like, but it got darker as Pidge listened on.

'She looks just like her, sometimes it scares me when I see my family in the team.’ The translator spoke back to her in choppy English.

Pidge frowned. Who was 'she’?

'Sometimes I want to leave. To go home. But I know that the universe needs saving and…’

The green paladin felt her heart drop, and her hands shook as she continued the translation.

’…sometimes I think I’m not the right person for the job.’

She shook her head, hopping up and closing her laptop. How could Lance be thinking such a thing?

Was he going to leave?!
He couldn’t!

The smallest paladin was at Lances door in minutes, knocking loudly before allowing herself in.

Lance was sitting up in bed, a bag of some of his things packed. The boy looked up quickly, trying to hide the bag.


She was frozen to the spot, tears in her eyes now and eyes big. He really was leaving.

The green paladin ran over and tackle hugged Lance, holding tight and started to cry.

“Lance, I heard what you said. I’m sorry you miss home and I’m sorry I reminded you of someone, but please. You can’t leave!” She had figured out who 'she’ had been.

It was her.

Lance stood in absolute shock, looking down at the younger girl and he felt his tears returning.

“Lan! Lan! Pwease don’ leave, what if aliens get you?”

His little sister cried as he stood in the door way with his family and bag of things to take to the Garrison with him.

Lance smiled and crouched in front of her, wiping her tears. His look was loving.

“Then I’ll have to kick their butts, and tell them I have the best little sister waiting for me back home.”

The little girl smiled, seemingly happier hearing that. “Can you bring me back a star?”

Lance grinned, “I’ll bring you a whole sky full of stars! Promise.”

Back in the present, Lance ad sunk to the ground with Pidge, holding her and rocking her.

How could he have thought so selfishly?
Pidge was just as much as his little sister as his sisters back on Earth were.

He could never give let them face the pain of his departure again. What sort of big brother did that?

The blue paladin hugged Pidge close, keeping her safe in his arms and calming her.

“I won’t, I promise.”

Troubled History

Summary: You’re finally given the chance to join the Avengers team again, after a few years of being on the bench. But, you’re a little uneasy with the new teammate

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1502

Warnings: mentions of nightmares, really it

A/N: Thank you, @demondeantrash for requesting. It was a little complicated, but I hope I wrote it okay! I adjusted it a little, but I do hope you like it :)

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You wake up screaming into the dark, tugging your arms so that they were no longer bound. It takes you a moment – no more than usual – to remind yourself that you were safe. That you were in your apartment, and they couldn’t get you.

Not anymore.

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Pairing: Ryan Haywood x Reader x Jeremy Dooley

Word Count: 5,338

Prompt: We all know Los Santos’ most feared assassins, but what if you were their target? And the first words out of their mouths were the same words imprinted on your skin?

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of torture.

Breathe, for fuck’s sake, just breathe, you told yourself, keeping your head down as you walked towards your usual lunch spot. Your lips were stuck in a grimace, trying to keep the tears from spilling over, and you couldn’t keep from internally cursing at yourself. Way to go, (y/n), not even fucking noon and you’re already spiraling, god dammit.

Between your alarm not going off, your boss berating you for your recent work performance, and the empty threats your ex continued to text you from different numbers, it seemed like nothing was in your favor. So, with the whole universe against you, you resorted to blocking it out; pulling your phone out of your pocket, you turned up the music in your earbuds so you couldn’t hear the tourists that swarmed the sidewalks, or the drivers shouting obscenities as they blared their horns.

You just needed a break, needed something to go well. The playlist you were listening to helped slightly, and you knew once you had some food in your system you’d feel better, but you were honestly feeling pretty hopeless. Getting through work would be hard enough, and the idea of going home to your roommate and their boyfriend made you sick. With a sigh, you turned down the alley you always cut through, the usual lack of other people comforting.

Though it was a faster route, your bigger reason for using the shortcut was the excuse to get away from the crowds that plagued Los Santos. Living in a city where you’re constantly surrounded by people grew tiring, and you could only relax when you felt alone. If that was in a dirty alley, so be it.

Your pace slowed as you continued, and with no one around, the tears began to spill over. Fucking hell, just, take a breath, you urged the tears to stop, trying to maintain composure. You’ll get something to eat, then you’ll get through five hours of works, and you’ll be—

You were dragged out of your thoughts and back into reality by the gloved hand that suddenly covered your mouth, pulling you back against a solid figure. Music was still blaring in your ears, and you weren’t even able to fully process what was happening before it was too late to do anything. It wasn’t until a needle sunk into the flesh of your bicep that you began to scream, fighting to escape your attacker’s grip.

Wrapping an arm around your torso so tight you could hardly breathe, he quickly contained your movements. “Shh, there’s no point, no one’s listening,” a voice rumbled in your ear, and even as your mind started to fog, you immediately recognized those words. They rendered you immobile, the same words that tingled on your skin, scrawled across your hip.


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Happy Birthday, V! (V x Reader)

In honor of V’s route being released plus his birthday, I wrote a little story for our precious pastel angel! I know this is late but it’s still Septermber 9th where I live so I figured I’d still post it! I hope that everyone who is able to play V’s route is having a fun time! And to those, like myself, who haven’t been able to, I’m sure that it’ll be released soon and then we can all fangirl together! V has really grown on me as a character since I started playing the game so here is my little tribute to him! I hope that you enjoy!! ^^

The sun shown brightly through the windows of his room, prompting V to wake up. He rubbed his sleep eyes and carefully stretched his arms while letting out a small yawn. V rolled to around to the other side of the bed to cuddle you close to him, but was met with cold, empty sheets. Curiously, V climbed out of bed, putting on a cardigan, slippers, and his eyeglasses, before searching for you.

His search did not last long as he found you humming quietly in the kitchen as you flipped a pancake in the skillet. Without warning, you felt a pair of warm arms wrap around your waist followed by soft hair tickling your chin as he nuzzled his nose into your neck.

“Good morning V, did you sleep well?”

Your voice would forever be his favorite sound. He nodded lazily in response as he rubbed small circles on your clothed hips.

“Well good because I have a surprise for you today! Sit down while I finish getting breakfast ready.”

V sat down and waited patiently while you finished making breakfast. Once his plate was set down in front of him, there was the scent of sweet pancakes and fresh blueberries.

“Thank you for making this wonderful breakfast, MC. But I know that it takes a while to make, you shouldn’t have gone through all of the trouble of making it.”

You sighed and shook your head, getting up you bopped V’s nose then sat on his lap, wrapping your arms around his neck as you hummed in contentment.

“Well, I wanted to do something nice for you today, V. Afterall, it is your birthday!”

Oh right, how could V have forgotten his birthday? Although the answer was simple, during his childhood, his parents were always too busy traveling to spend time with him and when he joined the RFA, no one bothered asking him his birthday. Not that he minded, V knew that he didn’t deserve any type of celebration with all of the grief he’s caused everyone.

“But MC, I don’t deserve-”

You cut V’s sentence off with a long and passionate kiss. Knowing your boyfriend, he was just going to claim that he didn’t deserve a celebration but you knew he was wrong.

“Don’t talk like that, V. Now sit tight while I clean up and finish getting your present ready. And no, you absolutely cannot take it back!”

V did as he was told and waited anxiously for you. He jumped slightly when you tapped his shoulder, telling him to follow you.

You grabbed his hand and led him to the small hallway to your bedroom. Even with his bad eye sight, V could see multiple photos hanging from the wall and letters that seemed to spell out ‘Happy Birthday, Jihyun!’

“Since I know know your eye sight is getting worse, I’ll tell you what’s on these photos! I made a collage of all of our firsts! This one shows our first date together, over here is the photo you took when we shared our first kiss, oh and this one is when we made our first dinner together, it was such a mess but we had so much fun!”

V was utterly speechless as he stared at the photos, lightly tracing his fingers over the pictures that he took of the two of you. Tears welled up in his eyes as he was touched by your thoughtfulness.

“Hey no tears yet, V! I still have one more thing to give to you so follow me.”

You guided V to the bedroom and had him sit, making him cover his eyes with his hands so he couldn’t see. When he felt your presence next to you, you lowered his hands from his eyes and handed him the present.

V carefully unwrapped the gift, making you giggle as he used such caution with simply the wrapping paper.

He fingers brushed against the item, it was cold and felt glossy. V picked up the gift and brought it closer to his eyes to examine it as best as he could.

“Oh, I should probably explain to you what it is. I went out to a pottery store and made you a picture frame! I haven’t put in a photo yet, I figured that I’d let you pick it out, I hope that you like it, V!”

V thought that his heart would melt right there on the spot. He didn’t even try to stop the tears from falling down his cheeks. Without warning, V wrapped you into a tight hug, sniffling into your neck as he thanked you.

“This is truly the most amazing present that I’ve ever received, MC. I cannot even express to you my gratitude, I will always treasure this photo frame. Thank you MC, for everything that you do for me. I love you with all of my heart.”

“Geez V, you’re going to make me cry now! I keep telling you, you deserve all the happiness that goes to you. You’re a wonderful that I’m happy to call my boyfriend. I love you too, with all of my heart. Happy birthday, Jihyun!”

He drew himself back from you and grabbed his camera. V asked you to smile as he clicked the camera to take a photo and telling you that he would make this one be the one to go into the photo frame.

V leaned in and gave you a sweet kiss, thanking you again. He would forever treasure the photo frame that he gave you plus all of the joyful memories he’s had with you. For the first time in his life, V truly had a happy birthday.

So, Maybe I Need You

@saltyalienmilk asked: Fam, you should write a fanfiction where Michael calls Jeremy jemmy (*`・へ・´*)

Anon asked: Boyf riends fic idea that Jeremy and Micheal are hanging out in Micheals basement, playing video games or getting high or smth, and jere playfully calls Micheal a loser, bla bla. Michael has a small panic attack bla bla jere tries to help… basically it ends in fluff. Your really good at balancing fluff and angst so I decided to ask you, ur awesome! Bye.

Remember guys if it’s not ok you can ask for a redo! I’m sorry this isn’t the best quality but I hope you like it!! Let’s get into it:

“Dude, my man, my best bro of twelve years, are you ready?”

“Michael I was born ready.”

“Ready for what? Masturbating?”


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You’re Not A Monster

Requested by: @seemeinacrownandsuspenders
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.7K
Warnings: Angst, reader can’t have children, fluff

A/N: I really liked this request. I know it’s a very sensitive subject for some people, but just know that everything I wrote in this fic is 1000% true (and I believe it fully). I hope that it makes you feel better @seemeinacrownandsuspenders

~~ Natasha’s POV ~~

Nat nervously fiddles with her fingers as she paces around the waiting room of Planned Parenthood. Her head snaps up as she hears the doctors office door opens. She rushes to you, desperately searching your face to see if she can see what you’re thinking before you even speak. You stay silent, a thousand yard stare in your eyes. Natasha looks at you, her eyes conveying an unspoken question.

You don’t say anything, only strolling past her and out of the building. Nat quickly follows, her eyes glued to you, ready for anything. Your uncharacteristic silence was making her worry.

“Y/N,” Nat says, desperation in her voice, “Say something,”

You slowly turn around, and Natasha’s stomach drops as she sees your eyes glistening with unshed tears. You take a deep breath, looking to the sky as you rapidly blink, trying to hold your tears in.

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anonymous asked:

What if the Sakamaki/Mukami brothers have an older sister that they didn't know about? Karlheinz took care of her and she's aware of her brothers,but their father keep refusing to introduce them til one day he gave up.

Oh! I will try my best! Thanks for sending in your ask! Hope ya like it!

Shu- “I couldn’t care less; just another undesirable connection.” I feel like on the outside, he would be very nonchalant and show that he doesn’t care. However, in the inside, I think he would be slightly worried about how she would fair around his brothers; they can be quite sick, as we all know. He might also be slightly curious as to who her mother is… but I doubt he would ever act on it on his own.

Reiji- “That man really has no self control.” Reji would probably be pretty irritated, especially because she is older than him. He may even feel inferior to her as well, even with his mother dead and gone! He really wouldn’t understand why his father felt the need to birth so many children.

Ayato- “Can you make takoyaki?” -or- “I would’ve hoped a female in this family would have a better body.” He would want to use her for any abilities she might have. Cook him takoyaki and tend to any other needs he has. After all, he is the best, so she should be happy to have him as a younger brother and show show how grateful she is. All this would also help to assert himself as the best, seeing that he is putting another person down under him (y’know, to make himself feel better; don’t tell him I said that). Lastly, if she had small breasts, he would definitely call her out for that.

Kanato- “I hope she proves to be useful or I’ll just make her into a doll. Right, Teddy?” I feel as though Kanato would be initially irritated at the fact of having yet another sibling. Perhaps, though, after a while, he would mark her as his new person to run to for comfort. At the same time, ask her to play with him- because she is his older sister and should do so; is that not what older sibling do? Kanato would probably try to hit her soft spot and manipulate her with his tears and tantrums and what not. If she doesn’t pay enough attention to him, consider her dead.

Laito- “Oh~ a girl in the family? This will be interesting~” He would definitely be curious. Whose her mother? How was she raised? What kind of person is she? Also, Laito has such a bad relationship with love, lust, and sex, I can’t help but think that he would try to get with his older sister. I mean she is a female, older, and has a vagina. Who else had that? Cordelia. And since he had sex with his mother, incest probably wouldn’t be a problem for him. Beside, whose her mother anyways? They might just have the same dad right? However at the same time, Laito didn’t exactly want to have sex with his mother; he just thought that that was how he showed is “love” for her. SO maybe a few flirtatious comments, but just playful. Laito is a delicate character, so I’m sure people would side with different viewpoints.

Subaru- “Tch… How annoying.” That’s all. This boy is a loner, so leave him alone. Maybe later, he would develop some trust for her and find her to be a good confidant, but that would take a lot of time and effort on her part. She would have to be really patient with him, but as we all know, he is a tsundere. So, underneath that tough exterior is a young boy wanting affection; he just doesn’t want to get hurt.

Ruki- “You can stay for a while, but please do pull your own weight around here.” Since these guys have a somewhat better relationship with their “father” when compared to the Sakamakis, he wouldn’t really mind an older sister. Ruki would probably just assume that Karlheinz had saved her from death as well. He would make sure that she wasn’t “dead weight” around the house; a.k.a have her cleaning, cooking, etc. They would probably get along pretty well, depending one who exactly the older sister is (i.e her personality).

Kou- “Oh~ a new little kitty to play with!” He would post about his newfound sister all over social media. He would even invite her to his concerts and such. Also, since she’s a girl, he would probably enjoy talking fashion with her, depending on her personality (you know his other brothers probably would be to keen on that subject).

Yuma- “Alright, well as long as you don’t cause any trouble, I guess.” He probably wouldn’t really care, honestly. It’s nice to have another helping hand in the garden though. Maybe if their relationship was built overtime, he would become very protective of her and enjoy having long conversations with her.

Azusa- “Do… you like… pain, too… then?” This poor boy would probably see his older sister as a potential cutter. Y’know, cut each other, cut themselves together, etc. Again, depending on who the older sister is, the relationship might just be like that. If not, it could go into a totally different direction. For example, the older sister would try to explain to Azusa that what he is doing isn’t right and that he shouldn’t do that because it is harmful. Depends, depends, depends.

For all of them, I feel like they might look at her in a motherly fashion, seeing that she is an older female. Since all there mothers suck, they probably want to know what it is like to have family that actually cares about them.

           Oh my! Mime! | Adrien Agreste x Fem!Reader

Adrien struggled to keep a straight face as children and teens alike continued to laugh at his odd style of clothes and weird pose. Adrien sighed through his nose as another child–who looked to be about five or six–started pointing and asking questions.

Why had he agreed to that stupid bet with Nino?

Both Adrien had made a random bet on whether or not Nino could successfully throw the can into the trash can. Adrien should’ve known better to vote that he could, Nino can’t throw!

Either way, since Nino missed, Adrien was dared to dress as a mine and act like one in the park all day.

And this is how we got here.

Having standing there for hours, Adrien decided he should take a break. A cold beverage was very much overdue. Though, just as he made a move to leave, he was approached by another oddly dressed civilian. 

Oh my! Mime!” She suddenly shouted, catching Adrien off guard. “You are dashing! Do something for me, please?” She spoke very oddly to Adrien, not to mention her clothing style was very old fashioned, like that of sockhop wear.

Adrien gave her a small smile and started to pull the ‘stuck in a box’ act. She continued to watch in amazement and even giggled some. 

“My my!” She clapped softly. “I was absolutely flabbergasted sir!”

Adrien raised an eyebrow, highly confused as to why someone would choose to speak this way in this day and age.

“I must give you my appreciation for you have filled me with glee!” Her smile faltered a bit. “My significant other has not seen such bright days as I have, he’s been filled with rage and his tantrums have gotten very much out of hand.“ 

Just as she finished speaking with her head down, Adrien placed his hand on top of her head, giving her a gentle rub. A simple gesture to say “It’s ok.”

The female glanced back up at Adrien to see him giving her a small smile. She gave a small smile in return and spoke, “I have no other way to possibly thank you sir, you’ve done so much for me.”

She stood on her tip-toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek.

“May I see you again, tomorrow perhaps?” She asked after pulling away. She waited for Adrien’s reply and lit up when he nodded. “Marvelous! You can accompany this face with (Y/N) (L/N)! Don’t you forget it now!”

“Adrien. You still haven’t explained to me why you are dressed as that.”

“We’ve already spoken on the matter, father. She will only recognize me in this means of disguise.”

“But a mime?”

“But of course.” Adrien sighed through his nose, lazily cutting away at the steak on his plate. “Father.”

Adrien called. He took his father’s lack of response as an answer. “I’m going to ask a question; asking as your son.”

“I hope you don’t expect special treatment.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Adrien sighed again, “I would just like to know what you have against either that girl or; I dressing as a mime.”

“Adrien, your birthday is in a few days.. correct?”

He dodged the question  Adrien thought, frowning.

“Yes sir.“ 

"Since you seem to favor this old-fashioned female, we should do something old-fashioned.”

“Are you suggesting a ball father? In my honor?”

“I am not suggesting, I am making a statement. We could even invite that female.”

Adrien didn’t reply, he couldn’t say no to his father. Whatever was ordered, would stick. So if his father wanted a ball, he’d have a ball. 

Adrien’s frown deepened as he pushed his plate away completely. “I should be going now.”

“Mister mime? ” You called, pouting soon after. You had arrived at the park moments ago but there was no sign of the mime dressed teen. Thankfully you had separated from your boyfriend, he wouldn’t want you talking to another male. 

You were pulled away from your thoughts when you saw the teen sitting on a bench. He sat hunched over, looking at the ground. 

Slowly approaching, you walked around him quietly and stood in front of him.

“Why are you sad?" 

The mime nearly jumped out of his skin, startled.

You took a step back, giving him an apologetic smile. "I didn’t mean to knock your socks off darling, I just thought you looked a lil’ bummed is all." 

The mime nodded and sat up straight, giving you a small smile in response. 

"But still,” You sat next to him. “why so glum?" 

You only received a shrug from him accompanied with a sigh. Your eyebrows furrowed as you watched him go back to staring at the ground. You gave his back a small pat before standing.

"I have a new outfit Mister Mime! It’s monochrome like you!” You smiled, spreading your arms beside you to show him your dress.

Your face brightened as the mime looked at your dress. It was simple, but it was special because you made it yourself a while back. 

“I’m even wearing my new bow!” You continued, turning to show him the black and white polka-dotted bow in your hair. The mime was smiling now, and he even stood to get a better look at your bow. 

He even went to touch it–did it seem familiar to him?–but it fell out of your hair. “Oopsie me..” You giggled nervously, “No one helped me put it on so it might be wrong.” as you went to pick it up, the mime halted you. Instead picking it up himself.

He then proceeded to place it back into your hair. Gently brushing your hair back to place the clip onto it. 

“Thank you..” You muttered, dazzled. He gave a nod in response as he was just about to clip it on. Just as he was able to put it on, he was a new voice interpreted.

“What do you think you’re doing!?" 

You ultimately flinched out of reflex, recognizing that voice. 

"Nothing darling.. I-I..” You mumbled, gripping your forearm. You were at a lost for words as you strode over to you and and the mime.

“Who is this?”

You flinched again, he was talking about Mister Mime. “T-That’s Mister Mime.. I tried telling you about him yesterday but you wouldn’t listen…”

“What was that!?” Now he was making a scene.

“Nothing.. He was just helping me with my hair.”

“This prick? I would’ve never even guessed it was a boy!” He stepped closer to the mime. 

“Leave him alone.” You stated, clenching your arm tighter. “Now!”

He ignored your comment and continued, agitated, “If you love playing with my girlfriend’s bow so much, why don’t you just have it!”

A loud scream forced its way past your lips as you felt the bow being forcefully pulled from your hair. Your hands immediately went to the sore spot to try and soothe it as tears fell from your eyes. 

“Golly Dante! You’re making a scene! Go away!”

And with that, you ran. Dante watched your retreating form for a moment before turning back to the mime.

“Stay away from her, and this won’t happen again.”

“Is that how you treat a lady?” Adrien glared at the slightly older teen. “Your girlfriend?”

Dante glared back at him and dropped the bow, letting it fall to the ground. “Whatever monochrome boy.” He spat out, turning to leave. 

“The proper authorities will hear of this.” Adrien added before he was out of ear shot. 

When he was gone, Adrien bent down and grabbed your bow. The clumps of (H/C) strands didn’t go unnoticed by Adrien. Now to find out where you went…


Adrien had found you not to long after, sitting by the fountain. Thank goodness not many people were around today. Adrien walked over to you and placed his hand over the spot where the bow was pulled. 

You winced and flinched away from him. You relaxed when you noticed it was only the mime. You enveloped him in a big hug and started sobbing loudy.

“I’m sorry Mister Mime! I didn’t want you to see that. If only I would’ve put my bow on right..” Adrien shook his head and hugged you back. “Oh, but it is my fault! All of it! I should’ve–” You paused when you felt light kisses being pressed to the sore spot on your head. 

More tears started to well up in your eyes and you couldn’t do anything but repeatedly thank him. 

Later that day, the mime gave you an envelope. On it, it specifically read; 

Do not open unless in the comfort of your own home.

Following the instructions on the envelope, you waited until you had gotten home before opening it. You found out the envelope contained an invitation inside, to the famous Agreste mansion! You and your mother were squealing in delight the entire night.

“Ta ta darling! Have fun for me!” Your mother giggled as you got out of the car. 

“Mama! Everyone here is gonna look at me like a sack of potatoes if you keep on embarrassing me!” You shouted back, flustered.

“Oh honey, you’re gonna be the best darn sack of potatoes in there. So get going!” She waited for you to proceed walking before speeding off.

With a soft sigh, you continued in through the gates. There were many lights and many guests. Amazingly, none seemed to bump into you. You started to fiddle around with the shawls that hung off your arms out of nervousness. 

You had not thought this through. Mister Mime may recognize you but will you recognize him? So many thoughts clouded your vision as you walked into the house, you didn’t notice taller woman step in front of you.

She had a professional stance, black hair, and glasses. She had a big gown on that was a midnight blue, with a black shawl hanging around her shoulders.

“And who may you be?” She spoke with sternness that made you shudder.

“I’m here for Mister Mime. M-My name is (Y/N) (L/N)..” The woman’s eyes widened as she looked your over, she looked over at he clipboard and then back at you. 

“Well, Adrien wasn’t kidding..” You heard her mumble to herself. “You may go.”

You raised an eyebrow, “I don’t have to sign anything?”

“I would let you sign if Adrien didn’t doodle over it.” There she was mumbling again. You decided not to question it further and continued in. 

Upon entering, you came into a grand room where there were stairs leading up to a higher floor. You could hear the commotion from the party…just not how to get there.

Thankfully, you saw two girls coming from a room to your left. The one with a darker skintone than the other was wiping her hands, so the bathroom perhaps?

The one wiping her hands was talking to the one with dark blue hair. She seemed ultimately depressed. 

“Excuse me,” You called. “Can you help me find the dance floor? I’m lost..”

They both blinked and tilted their heads. The one with the dark blue hair decided to speak up first. “Do you mean the ballroom?”

She had on a puffy red dress that stopped above her knees. The entire dress was covered in black polka-dots, and to finish it off, she had a big red bow on her lower back. She had lots of ribbons in her hair as well, keeping a neat bun.

You gave her a nod as you finished looking at her dress. 

“Dancefloor!?” The other laughed, “I haven’t heard anyone say that in ages!”

She had on a sparkling black dress that hugged her figure and stopped just before it touched the floor. The dress was held up by a shoulder strap, which had a large cinema wheel on it. Her ombre hair was beautifully curled and her glasses made the look more presentable.

“Leave her alone Alya.” The one closest you pouted. “Come on, we’ll show you.”

She began walking, urging you to follow her. You followed behind the two, walking in silence. It was a comfortable silence, but you decided to break it.

“So, what happened? Why did you look so sad earlier?” You asked, directing the question to the one with ladybug dress.

“Oh! Umm…” Her face flushed. “I found out the Adrien will be doing the feather dance with his ‘V.I.P’.” She said disappointingly.

“And? Who’s that?” You asked, tilting your head.

“We don’t know, she hasn’t arrived yet.” ‘Alya’ answered.

The three of you continued to walk for a few more moments before you came to two large glass doors. “Here we are!” They spoke in unison, pushing the doors open. As soon as they were open, Alya start pointing at something.

“Marinette look! Adrien doesn’t have a dance partner!” And with that, they were gone.

You didn’t pay too much mind to it. They were bound to run off, the Marinette girl seemed highly interested in ‘Adrien’ so you expected no less.

But… what should you do now?

You saw various couples dancing, and apparently Marinette had gotten that dance she wanted. 

You made your way over to the food table and got yourself a drink. You didn’t know what else to do at this point, so all you could do was wait for Mister Mime. 

“E-Excuse me… may I get a drink?” You turned to see a red-head teen. His face was lightly tinted red as he looked down. 

His bangs were pulled back with a small hair clip with the color black and blue, sorta resembling an electronic device. He wore a paint splattered sweater vest with an undershirt that was folded at the elbow. He had a tablet attached to his wrist and different gadgets in pouches on his belt. The look was finished off with black slacks and regular dress shoes.

“Oh sure.” You stepped out of his way so that he could get to the punch bowl.

He started to sip his drink next to you, somewhat quietly. You were sure that the both of you were thinking the same thing, so you asked.

“Want to dance?”

The boy with red hair squeaked and started to choke on his drink. You patted him on the back to stop his coughing, after another moment, he finally stopped. 

“Y-Y-You want t-to dance with m-m-me?" 

You nodded with a smile. 

He was hesitant, but took your hand and walked with you over to the dance floor. The two of you started off with a small box step, becoming comfortable with each other. You were a bit thrown off when he suddenly spun you, it brung a smile to his face as he mumbled a quick 'sorry’.

The more the two of you danced, the better you danced. The two of you changed your style into a waltz, with quick spins here and there. Then, Salsa, Tango, Tap dance, and others. As the music changed, so did your dance. You both ended with a dip, out of breath.

As he pulled you out of the dip, you began, "You sir, are a lady charmer! What’s your name?”

His face went red at your comment but he answered, “Nathaneal..”

“Nice! We should totally boogie-woogie again sometime!” You gave him a peck on the cheek before walking away.

As you were watching Nathaneal’s face flare tomato red, you didn’t notice the teen girl that you were about to bump into. 

“Oh my! Chloe are you ok?" 

You looked at the girl that you had bumped into, she had blonde hair that was curled and had highlights in it. She also had a tiara on her head, Her dress was very puffy and was golden. There were jewels and gems embedded into the dress and she had a golden shawl around her waist.

"Watch where you’re stomping! Honestly! Were you trying to destroy my stilettos!?”

You looked up at the other girl that had spoken earlier.

She wore a simple blue dress that stopped just below her knee, on the bottom half of the dress was an apron. But amazingly, it didn’t look out of place. The pattern on the apron consisted of many mathematical signs and even a few math problems. She wore red converse with plain stockings, and her red thick rimmed glasses finished her look. 

“Are you the one doing the feather dance? You’re awfully beautiful!” You asked the short haired girl who had her hair in a small side ponytail, ignoring the golden teen.

The girl with the glasses began to blush furiously, shaking her head quickly with every 'no’ she shouted.

“Sabrina!? Don’t make me laugh! It’s clearly going to be me!” Chloe stood, glaring at you.

“My bad.. but don’t you belong with the original Golden Girls?” You asked.

'Chloe’s’ face instantly twisted up in confusion while Sabrina started laughing hysterically. “My grandmother loves that show!”

With a smirk, you left the two and started to wander around. 

It had to have been about four to five minutes later when you decided to look for the boogie-master once again. When you thought you had found him, your vision was suddenly blocked by something. Before you could start panicking, another hand was soon laced with yours. 

“Finally found you.” His breath was warm against your skin. His voice sent shudders down your spine as he stepped forwards, your back flush against his chest. 

A soft chaste kiss was placed on your head, where your bow sat. Your face immediately brightened. “Mister Mime??" 

"In the flesh.” You could practically hear his wink. “Or did you expected a meowther?" 

A smile tugged on your lips at the horrible cat pun. You spun around to see his face–his actual face–only for your smile to drop almost instantaneously. As your shameless ogling continued to go on for moments, Adrien started to get nervous.

"Uhmm..” Adrien tugged on his collar, “Is there something on my face..?”

“No..” You breathed, “it is your face.” feeling your face heat up.“

Adrien didn’t know whether to take that as a compliment or an insult. And once again, you were staring. How could you stop? Adrien looked dashing! 

His blonde hair was neatly brushed back and a few of his bangs hung over his forehead. On his face, there was a black design that started around his left eye and travelled down his cheek. The design swirled and spun around each other as if it were a floral design, but it seemed more, catastrophic. 

He sported a tailcoat jacket with a vest and button up shirt underneath. He had on black pants that seemed to hug his hips and legs, and dress shoes to complete the look. There were also various accessories that gave him the 'playful’ impression. The gloves, high collar, the chain hanging from his hip, all made him look cute!

"What’s the matter?” Adrien laughed nervously. “Cat got your tongue?”

You giggled and took his hands in yours. “Not at all. I’m flabbergasted is all. You look dashing.”

You could hear Adrien give a sigh of relief at your comment. “I could say the same for you, my dance queen." 

You smiled up at him, "You were a witness?”

“Everyone was.”

Before you were able to further question it, you both were interrupted. The background music had completely stopped and everyone was now facing a man who stood on a balcony.

“Who’s that?” You asked.

“My dad…” Adrien sighed, face-palming two times. “I told him to give me o moment..” He mumbled.

You went silent as you waited in anticipation to what the man will say. The..secretary? handed him a microphone before standing behind him. 

“I would like to personally thank all of you for coming to my son’s birthday party, it is an honor to see my son finally hosting parties of his own.”

Adrien was mumbling in response to everything that was stated by his father, clearly disapproving.

“Now, as some of you may already know, there’s a special dance in which my son will dance with a very lucky lady. This is none other than, the feather dance.”

Not long after he spoke those words, you swore you could hear Marinette’s cries. But that’s not what startled you. Torches, lanterns, and various lights lit up, casting a beautiful shine on the dance floor.

“It’s amazing!” You stated, astonished.

You were so interested in the lights that you hadn’t noticed the man speaking again.

“–and (Y/N) (L/N).”

You paused along with the other many teens that went silent. “Uhm.. mind running that by me again sir?”

Adrien laughed and tugged your hand. “Come on.”

You were led into the middle of the dance floor before stopping. Just as you were about to ask questions, you were shushed.

“The dance is simple.” Adrien stepped closer so that he could whisper into your ear, “We must continue to take this feather from each other until the music completely stops, but neither of us can stop moving. The songs will change to different types of style, but we musn’t break the fever.”

You smiled, “Now you’re speaking my language.”

Adrien smirked in response and pulled back, a purely white feather in-between his teeth. 

“W-What! Was that in my hair?” You asked but received no reply in response as Adrien pulled you against him. 

The first song that played was something that resembled Tango, and it didn’t take Adrien long to get into his lead role.

Okay.. you thought, Tango is a passionate dance in which the couple must be perfectly in sync body and mind. It’s also a sexy dance to show the closeness of two beings. you continued in your head.

So all I have to do is act passionate!

As Adrien’s ankle connected with your own, you moved that leg behind you so that you were in a lower position than Adrien. Adrien placed his hand on the small of your back and hip before leaning over you. You took this chance to try and snag the feather away from him with your mouth, but to no avail. He pulled away to quickly.

With the hand that was on your hip, Adrien pulled you back up into a standing position. You were on the tips of your feet-barely reaching Adrien’s eye level-as you both circled each other. 

Adrien then pulled you into a triple spin. As you came to a halt, you wrapped your leg around his hip, letting him stand you back up again. When you stood, you pressed your forehead against his and wrapped your arms around his neck. 

“Give it to me.” You demanded, your lips brushing against the feather in his mouth.

Adrien hummed a 'nu-uh’ in response. 

You spun away from him, about four feet in the most. But Adrien reacted quickly, grabbing your hand and spinning you back towards him. Though, you continued to spin around him until you were at his back. You leant on his back and slipped one arm under his, placing it on his abdomen, the other found its way to his shoulder. 

Adrien froze when feeling your hand on his stomach and your leg on his hip once more. 

You took this opportunity and snatched the feather from his mouth, taking a few steps back after. “Mine!” You smiled, noticing the song change.

“This is my jam!!” You shouted, beginning to shake your hips and snap along to the beat. “No parking baby, no parkin’ on the dance floor~” You happily sung along to the eighties music.

Though, you were ultimately disappointed when the feather was snatched from you.

Adrien had appeared behind you and now had the feather again. You had no idea where he put it so you just started to sway with him a bit. This song sounded like Waltz..

Eventually, he spun you around and you spotted the feather in his hair. 

“Mister Mime..” You called.


“Would you please tell me your real name? I’d like to know at least." 

Adrien looked at you after coming out of a spin, finally taking notice of the red lip gloss that lightly coated your lips. And the single streak of eyeliner that perfectly framed your eye.

It was the most simple form of make-up, but it still made you look beautiful. Adrien placed a kiss on your eyelid while whispering, "Adrien Agreste. Don’t you forget.”

You smiled as he pulled you into another spin. Had he even noticed you stealing the feather?

Adrien was startled when the song suddenly changed, matching that of Latin dance. You pulled away from him and began dancing in your own direction, just a bit of tap-dance but definitely hip movement.

Adrien quickly caught on and followed, his footsteps matching yours. You had to have quicker movements, lighter feet, and an unbreakable bond. A few moments later, Adrien began to lead, leading you into a quick tap-dancing session before a quick spin. 

Adrien found the feather and started to slip it away from you, but you interpreted him and grabbed it. You placed it in your mouth and began to dance away.

Adrien once again caught up to you and joined in. It wasn’t long before one of Adrien’s hands was enveloped in yours whilst the other was on your lower back. The dance had turned to that of Salsa somewhat, so the two of you were feverishly dancing, trying to take and protect the feather.

Adrien then put you into quick dip, clamping his lips shut over the visible end of the feather.

You could feel Adrien’s lips lightly brush against yours as he held the feather. He had no intentions of giving up, so you could only give in. You sighed through your nose as the thought crossed your mind. What was there to do?

 You weren’t left to think long on the subject before the entire courtyard erupted in cheers. To be honest, you had forgotten that the majority of them was even there.

Your entire face flushed as Adrien lifted you up and out of the dip. He pulled the back from the feather and then pulled it from your lips. 

“We should do this again sometime.” Adrien commented, placing a kiss onto the feather.

You nodded, “We should. Maybe even try Cha cha.” Adrien then placed the feather on your lips, giving you an indirect kiss.

“I’ll see you then.”

(Prepare for looooooong A/N )

Oh Golly! I can’t believe I typed this so quickly! I know this isn’t a request but it was idea I had that I needed to put down before it was forgotten! Also, I wanted to post most of the requested around the same time, so maybe that could help me a bit.

Besides, I needed to get something up quickly. Later today, (I’m writing this at 5 AM) my family and I will be on a really long roadtrip ; 3; therefore, by the time this is posted, I’m already on the road. I’m not sure if the place we’re going to has Wi-Fi or not so when we get there, I’ll let you all know! (Somehow) I will still be working on requests nevertheless, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post them..

But! That’s enough about me, let us talk about the oneshot! ^.^ 

This story was originally inspired by an episode of One Step Beyond that I watched, I think it was titled; “The Clown?” And Adrien’s and Gabriel’s conversation was actually inspired by another show I watch. This one’s an anime ;3 there’s so many references I put here that I can’t name them all ^ ^;

The reason I didn’t fully describe reader’s dress was because I had already drawn it myself, but I didn’t have enough time to upload it.. I will whenever I get the chance though!

If you were wondering why I put this as a Fem! reader, it’s because reader is heavily implied to be female. Even more than usual. Also, I know it happens, but it’s kinda rare to see a male in an abusive relationship (Where I live anyways)  Though, I AM NOT saying that females are that weak. As a feminist, I can definitely express this more.

Many women are in abusive relationships and I am highly against it! Most females do not choose to be in these kind of relationships, and neither did you in this story. So don’t think about it. 

As the feminist that I am, I am against any type of abusive towards women, men, children, or elders! If you know anyone or you are that person, please do not hesitate to receive help. From anyone.

Dante is slightly inspired by DMC’s Dante. I’ve had the longest hate/love crush thing on him for as long as I can remember. But I have no idea why I put him here… .3.

I swear I’m falling deeper into the horrible cat puns trash pile. ( tailcoat anyone? |:3 )

You have no idea how fun the rest of the story making was! While writing, Various things appeared in my head!

  • Headcannons
  • Designs
  • Dancers!
Starting with headcannons, I had about three in here. (maybe more)

 One headcannon was: Whenever Adrien has a crush, he tends to doodle, daydream, and write letters he’ll never send.

Second headcannon: Behind that stoic expression and proper stance, Gabriel Agreste could be a fangirl (shipping wise) he ships his own son with a girl that tends to act like she’s from the 80’s.

Third Headcannon: Nathalie is always the one to find Adrien’s doodles, and letters.

Fourth headcannon: The ball was held in the courtyard, same place Adrien’s last birthday was held.

Next, Designs!
As you may have noticed, everyone in this story had different outfits to go with their personalities. 

Like Nathaneal for example, I put him into a sweater vest because I know they look adorable on Matthew Gray Gubler so I knew he’d just look absolutely adorable! Besides, the sweater vest gives him that artistic/geeky vibe.

I wanted to know if you guys wanted me to do more.. kinda like a headcannon list I guess? I really enjoy making different designs for these characters and I’d love to cover characters I didn’t get to here :3

And Lastly, Dancers.
It. was. awesome! I was researching different dancing styles and how to describe them and I saw new exotic dances in such a gorgeous light! I wanted to put more dances into the mix but ran out of time. 

I really hope to explore this kind of thing again in future oneshots, it was truly an astonishing adventure! I was flabbergasted! ;) (Edit: 5:06 PM: YASSS INTERNET I MISSED YOU!)

Imagine By: @gettingwhatigive
Requested By: My dreams apparently
Oneshot By: @animerocks00
Proofread and refurbished by: No one yet ;_;

moriellly  asked:

Sorry friend but I'm gonna need a happier follow up to the sprace meds story pls (when you have the time of course)

I think this was the fic you’re referring to? At least I hope so, because that’s what I did…

Thanks for the prompt, hope you enjoy!

Race had put Spot in his own bed. He didn’t have his key to Spot’s apartment anymore so he’d taken him back to his, close to putting Spot on the sofa. But Spot was ill – it wasn’t fair to leave him on the uncomfortable couch with just a blanket and a spare pillow. So he half dragged, half carried Spot to the bed and pulled the duvet over him, unable to stop himself from brushing Spot’s hair off his forehead.

Seeing Spot in his bed brought back too many memories. Lazy afternoons and hot nights and cold early mornings when getting up was torture. He instantly wanted to climb into bed beside him and curl up against his chest, but he wasn’t allowed. They didn’t do that anymore. And Spot was ill and barely conscious – hardly in the right frame of mind to consent to anything. So he left his ex-boyfriend alone in his bed and sat on the sofa by himself and aimlessly watched Netflix, the irony of the situation not lost on him.


When Spot woke up he was still muggy and ill, but not high on medication anymore. He stretched out, enjoying the familiar comfort of Race’s sheets. Until he realised that this was Race’s bed he was in, and he knew he’d lost that privilege months ago. He was quick to leave the room, not liking how he didn’t feel like he belonged there anymore, and head out into the rest of the apartment. Race was sat on the sofa, his head in his hands. When he heard Spot’s cough he started and climbed nervously to his feet.

Neither of them wanted to speak first, not knowing what they were allowed to say. Eventually Spot broke the silence.

“I don’t remember a lot of what happened,” he admitted, rubbing his arms with the palms of his hands to have something to focus on, “but I’m sorry they called you. I never changed my emergency contacts and… yeah.”

It wasn’t what he wanted to say. It wasn’t I still love you and I’m sorry it ended and changing that contact would feel too much like losing you forever and I don’t want that.

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Imagine: Poe comforting you

For anon… Enjoy!

“I am sorry to inform you that your mother, father, and sister were attacked and killed by the Kanjiklub earlier last week. Their deaths were almost instant, from what I have been told. I’m sorry you didn’t receive this information sooner.” General Organa said quietly, her eyes searching your glassy ones. 

You stood rooted to the spot, not even trying to stop the tears that rolled down your cheeks in heavy streams. Screams of agony were clawing their way up your throat and your head was starting to spin. With a quick nod of your head, you turned quickly and strode away from the General, avoiding the eyes of everyone passing by. You could hear their whispers. 

You turned the corner into the living quarters and counted the doors in the hallway until you came upon yours. Fumbling for the doorknob, a hoarse cry escaped past your lips and you leaned your head against the door, feeling the tears soak your cheeks. 

“No..” You breathed, shaking your head. “No…” 

There were footsteps. Quiet, slow footsteps. They came nearer to you and stopped right beside you, so that you could see the feet that accompanied them. They wore black boots that looked incredibly heavy and were caked with small amounts of dirt. 

A gentle hand rested on your shoulder and a familiar voice whispered in your ear, making you close your eyes and push out the excess tears. 

You looked up. 

That night you didn’t sleep at all. You didn’t even try. All you could see was your mother’s face, rigid with horror. Your father, screaming for your sister, who was curled up in the corner, her eyes red and her voice hoarse. There was muffled blaster fire and a blinding white light. And then the scene in your head started over again. 

“Y/N?” Poe whispered, his hand tightening as it gripped yours. Your eyes opened. 

The two of you were sitting on your bed and leaning against the wall, the cold hard wall. It felt like ice on your back, seeping through your thin shirt. 

Poe was seated next to you, so close that his shoulder brushed yours. His head leaned back against the wall sleepily and his eyes were closed with dark circles starting to form underneath them. He looked so tired. You bumped him lightly. 

“You don’t have to stay here.” You murmured shakily. Poe opened an eye. “I’m okay now. Thank you.” 

Poe turned his towards you, studying you hard. 

“You don’t seem okay. I know I wouldn’t be okay.” He replied quietly, giving you a tiny smile. 

You sighed, feeling the lump in your throat harden slightly. 

“You’re exhausted.” You whispered. 

“So are you.” Poe mumbled, his free hand brushing a stray hair out of your face. 

You felt tears start to well up in your eyes again and you turned away from the pilot, feeling your head start to ache. He squeezed your hand. 

“I’m not tired. Just sad.” You said after a long moment. You forced yourself to look back at Poe, who was staring at you with tears of his own starting to form in his glassy eyes. Your heart wrenched.

“Is there any way I can make you not as sad?” He whispered, his hand starting to shake in yours. 

Silently, you leaned your head against his chest and closed your eyes, feeling his arms wrap around you after a moment. A shaky sigh escaped from his lungs. 

“Stay.” You breathed, slowly curling up against him. You felt Poe rest his chin lightly on top of your head. 

“Of course.” He murmured. 

EXO singing a sad song on a show after breaking up

So I could manage and wake up for a while and write something. This one is kinda sad so I think I’ll be able to do it. Love, Admin A~

I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: He would look to the audience, hoping you are there but kinda knowing you wouldn’t be. But you promised and there you are, supporting him silently even after the storm. Your eyes would meet and he would freeze, forgetting about the world and just wishing you were his again.

Kris: The song talks about you and him. Talks about your ups and downs and how your flaws and strong points, make you perfect. He would be so into it that wouldn’t be able to look to the audience, he wouldn’t see you. He is giving his heart hoping this song reaches you some way. And it has. You can’t stop the tears from falling down.

Sehun: Sorrow. That’s the first thing you would see on his face. You can notice he has been crying the past few days. He is not the smiling Sehun you know. He looks serious, like he has been through a lot of pain. After seeing you he would give more than everything for you to feel how he is feeling. He would give that song a new special meaning and he would manage to touch your heart wishing nothing had ever torn you apart. 

Tao: He knows you are there, he saw you from backstage. He wouldn’t be sure how to act on stage, pretending you are not there. You are the only thing he sees, you are the only person that exists right now, out there. He was trying so hard to forget about you but he can’t and that’s what his song is about. He knows what will happen next, he is afraid of that. He doesn’t want you to see how his heart crumbles up there, on stage.

.Feelings. Passion. Regret. He knows how to tell a story to the world through his performance. He would look terribly lost, sunk in darkness. It would seem as if he had given up, had lost all his hope. You were the reason of his beating heart, and it breaks your heart seeing how the pain is consuming him little by little, right in front of your eyes.

Xiumin: Mc “Why did you write this song Xiumin? What’s the story behind it?”
He wouldn’t be sure how to answer, but he would try to be sincere, even after spotting you in the audience. Tears would start falling and he wouldn’t stop looking into your eyes while saying, “I’m trying my words to reach someone that is very dear to me. She is everything I once had and now that she is gone the only thing I can do is sing, hoping one day my melody will bring her back”

Baekhyun: You would actually be surprised to hear Baek singing and playing the piano. You heard he kinda stopped for a few months, why no one knew. But you did. His come back was something you wouldn’t have expected. Something sad and beautiful at the same time. Something only Baekhyun could sing. He would leave his soul on stage, making everyone tear up a little. And at the end he would finally turn his face to the place where you are and wink at you, making sure you know this song is for you.

Luhan: He wouldn’t be his usual self. That Lu everyone loves, that makes everyone happy. He would look serious all the time, really professional for the song he is singing. It’s a special stage so he chose a song he knew you loved. A song that moved you into tears. After it he would feel lonely and broken. Your eyes would meet for a few seconds and you would see light leaving his eyes. This boy can’t live without you and he can’t hide it anymore.

Chen: <Is that her? Why is she here? She is still so beautiful… it seems life has only stopped for me..> Those would be some thoughts crossing his mind. You would be able to read everything in his eyes. He is out of breath, not sure how to continue, not sure how to start the next song. The next song that talks about you, and how sorrow is finishing him slowly.

Kyungsoo: It’s been two months since the last time you two spoke. You weren’t sure why you were there but there was not turning back. Sitting on the special spot you always did for him to see you, you would notice how those two black pears would never stop staring at you. How his face would turn in total pain and how his voice would break trying to sing the most beautiful and heart breaking song you’ve ever listened. He wrote that for you, and now was asking you to come back.

Lay: That’s it he can’t anymore. He would stop at the middle of the song, sobbing like no one has ever done before and trying to reach you with his words. “Y/N… can’t you see I miss you? Can’t you see how much I need you? You are my everything, please come back”

Suho: Everything would be okay until he sees you. He was singing his song professionally, showing emotion but without that touch of a broke heart. But then he would see you right in front of him and the song would totally change. He wouldn’t show it, but the feel is there, the feeling of how hurt he is in the inside, how the scars you left are killing him.

Just Kiss Me Again - Phan

Summary: “I miss you.You can’t just tell me you love me and then leave me alone, Phil. That’s not how it works.” He didn’t think he’d feel free after that horrible confrontation, but he at least thought he’d feel a bit lighter. All he feels now is numb.
Word count: 2,200
Note: The long-awaited sequel to ‘You Have to Kiss Me’ is here! And is probably shit. Oh well, I liked it. You can read ‘YHTKM’ here. Also, I listened to ‘Right Now’ by One Direction on repeat while writing this.

It’s been two weeks since they first said ‘I love you,’ and Dan’s worried, because Phil hasn’t said it again.

The past two weeks have been filled with exams and graduation plans and desperate all-nighters to finish uni essays before the due date. Dan’s been stressed to hell, pulled in a thousand directions at once and feeling like he’ll rip in two, because he has no idea what he’s going to do. He’ll finish high school, probably as valedictorian without even trying, and then what?

It’s not helping that Phil’s not around.

Sure, Phil has to deal with the same shit as Dan, and it’s probably much harder for him, seeing as he’s not a super-genius and he runs a successful Youtube channel, but still. Dan would appreciate just a simple good-morning text (sent at noon, because they both know Dan doesn’t go to sleep until five and wake until mid-afternoon), or an invite to lunch, or something. Anything to show that Phil actually cares about him.

And it sucks, because all these emotions are totally ruining his ‘IDGAF’ reputation he’s worked so hard to make.

Graduation looms on the horizon, ever present and every worrying, and Dan hasn’t heard from Phil at all.

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Secrets {Nalu}

Sorry I was unable to do day 2 and 3 for Nalu week but I was at a party then stayed the next day so I didn’t have very much time to get it done. But I’ve put this together for the day 4 prompt!!

I hope you guys like and hopefully I’ll be able to get another fic in for nalu week before it ends. If you have any requests please put them in the ask box <3

Prompt 4 - Secrets

Words - 702


Natsu stood frozen in place as Lucy finished pouring out her heart to him, how did this happen? How did he not know for so long? He couldn’t form any words of comfort as she trembled in spot trying to hold in her tears. Natsu’s lips quivered his throat quickly drying up, he tried to swallow but it just felt like there was a huge lump in his throat.

Aquarius had her key broken?

Then and there in Lucy’s apartment she told him how she lost Aquarius during their battle with Tartaros, to summon the Celestial Spirit King. That was what her fight had come to. He couldn’t even fathom how much pain Lucy must have endured to lose her first friend, Natsu knew how much Lucy held her spirits to her heart. It was like a piece of Lucy itself had been ripped away. In all that time after her fight Aquarius’ key was broken? She kept that secret?

Natsu clenched his fists, Lucy went through all of that on her own. And just as she lost her first friend Lucy lost another two when he and Happy left to go on their year journey, then Fairy Tail was torn away from her as they disbanded.

He had no idea.

Lucy went through all of that pain and grief alone.

His eyes wandered down to her hands, they were encasing the destroyed golden key which belonged to Aquarius the Water Bearer. Her hands were shaking like a leaf as the key caught glints of light streaming in through the window in small rays. Tears welled up from her eyes as she tightly clenched the key in her hands digging in hard feeling the sharpness of the shattered key engrave into her palms.

“I had to save… I had to save all of you!” Lucy cried out before her voice broke down into weak tears, her legs gave way and Lucy slumped down onto her knees on the wooden floorboards. This was the first time Lucy truly let out the secret of what happened to Aquarius.

Natsu’s teeth began to grind together, he wasn’t there. He wasn’t there when she needed him the most. Natsu closed his eyes over shaking in anger, he couldn’t protect her when she needed him.

He crouched down to his knees quickly his hands gently encasing around Lucy swallowing her in a warm embrace. Natsu pressed Lucy’s head against his chest and Natsu’s arms closed her in tightly so his heat radiated off of his body slowly enveloping around Lucy.

“I’m sorry.” Natsu lowered his head gently releasing his anger like smoke wafting away into the air and instead it twisted into protection and care as he held her. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there when you needed me.” Lucy’s erratic breaths tickled on Natsu’s chest like a feather, it was warm. Lucy’s hand clung to his shirt with desperation as she tried to stifle her cries of anguish. How much despair and hope had Lucy lost after Tartaros?

He peeled his head back away instead craning his neck down so Natsu’s face met Lucy’s. Natsu caught her gaze which was stricken with sorrow, a flash of hope shot through Natsu. He moved his hands gently away from Lucy’s body instead his large hands took Lucy’s, covering his hands with hers which still held her broken key.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get to see her again, just you wait.” A grin grew on his face.

Something about his voice made Lucy truly believe it. When no one was there for her Lucy didn’t believe in it, she had no hope for seeing Aquarius ever again. But with Natsu by her side fuelling her with hope she could believe it. His voice was laced with determination, “It’ll be our next mission.”

Lucy nodded slowly, Natsu released her hands giving one last final squeeze of comfort then pulling away. She lifted a hand rubbing away the tears which streamed down her face, Lucy wiped away all her sorrow. Now was not the time for sadness, now was the time for hope.

She curled her fist around Aquarius shattered key, “Yeah.”

Natsu’s expression softened into a gentle smile tugging on his lips.


Prince’s Kiss Event. Early Oct 2016.

Summary cause I only bothered to read the flashbacks so this isn’t the entire route. I started this event super late that is why I only bothered with the flashbacks. I am still a learner and I do this for practice so please forgive my mistakes. As always all rights to these characters go to Voltage.

Pretty cute event cause they met as kids and liked each other since then.

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5sos preference // these are the lies

Pairing: 5sos x reader

Request: -

Word Count:2.838

A.N.: Based on the lyrics of These are the lies by The Cab (x)

‘Cause the truth is, I’m about to lose it, don’t think I can do this if I’m not with you.


I don’t love you, I don’t need you. I don’t ever want to see you again, ‘cause girl, I moved on and things are perfect. I’m okay with us just being friends.

It’s funny to think about how it all started. (Y/N) and I have been best friends since pre school and I never imagine us being a couple. I realized my feelings for her when she started dating. Jealousy took over me every time she just as mentioned a guys name. I tried to suppress it but seeing her with another guy drives me insane. I keep telling myself that I don’t love her, that I’m fine with us being just friends but it’s all lies. I even tried staying away from her but that’s not working out either. Not at all. She is constantly on my mind and I hate the fact that I’m not the guy who cheers her up, who makes her laugh, who makes her feel good. But I can’t do this any longer. I can’t pretend anymore. I spent the whole day at her house, watching movies with her while she rested her head on my chest. It’s the perfect opportunity to tell her now. “(Y/N) there is something I have to tell you.” I started but before I could hope for a response her phone rang. “Hold on a second.” She replied with a smile and pressed the green button on her phone. After she knew who called her she quickly left the room for at least fifteen minutes to talk to the caller. “What took you so long?” I asked a little pissed after she came back inside. “It was my ex. He wants to meet.” She explained. Is she actually thinking about this? Anger washed through my veins, I rose from the bed and scratched my chin. “You’re not going are you?” I asked, trying to sound as calm as possible. “Why do you sound so pissed?” She scoffed. “Because I don’t want you to go.” I said in a stern voice. “Yeah and since when do I let you tell me what I can and can’t do?” She scoffed and raised her eyebrows. “I just don’t want you to go is that too much to understand?” I reasoned angrily. “Why not? It’s non of your business!” She snapped. I think she doesn’t even want to go, this is about her and her stupid stubbornness. “But it is!” I hissed through gritted teeth. “Why?” She said with a raised voice. “God damn it (Y/N) can’t you see that I’m in love with you?” I shouted much louder than I intended to. Her mouth dropped open and she blinked a few times before she manages to answer me. “You what?” She asked shocked. “I’m in love with you god damn it!” I repeated and let out a long and nervous breath. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me this earlier?” She asked and walked towards me. “Because you always hung out with all these other guys and I thought you only see me as a good friend.” I tried to defend myself. “I don’t know okay? I’m confused. I get this feeling everyone you look at me with this stupid beautiful eyes of yours and this stupid stupid smile of yours and you …I just don’t know what to think Ashton. I’m really confused.” She said desperately. “Let me try something. Maybe that will straighten you mind.” I breathed and pressed my lips to hers. My arms rested on her waist while she ran her hand through my curls. Nothing ever felt so right. It felt like my heart would burst through my chest while my tongue danced with hers. “Still confused?” I cheekily asked after I broke the kiss. She looked at me, slightly blushing and shook her head. “I don’t know Ash, I think you need to convince me just a little bit more.” She smiled and pressed her lips onto mine again.


‘Cause I don’t think about you every single night; I’ll be fine without you, can sleep tight when I’m not beside you; I’m moving on.

Never in my life I imagined to miss a person so much that it actually hurt. It’s hurts thinking about her. It hurst talking about her. It hurst looking at pictures of her. It even hurts hearing her name. Ever since she left I am broken. I keep lying to myself that I will be happy again. That I can sleep without her next to me that I can move on. But I can’t. No matter what I do, I can’t. I’m empty. I’m a broken vessel. She is constantly on my mind. Her smile that could light up my whole world. The sound of her laughter blasting through the house. Her eyes, so soft I lost myself in them every time she looked at me. Our late night talks, our plans for the future, our make out sessions in the backseat of my car. Everything gone. She took everything with her when she left so sudden. It’s been such along time but I still need her by my side. She was my getaway and now I’m about to lose my mind. I haven’t talked to her in a long time but I’ve heard her voice almost every day after she left. The last voice message she left me I played over and over again. I’m scared to forget about her voice someday. Or her face. I can’t bring myself to delete all our pictures. I want to keep those memories as long as possible. I still think about her everyday. I probably shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. I imagine waking up next to her beautiful face and her adorable giggle every time I wake her up with kisses all over her face and neck. When she left I couldn’t leave my bed. I’m not ashamed to say that I spent my days and nights crying and I’m not ashamed to say that I still miss her like crazy. She was my first real love after all. I couldn’t bring myself to visit her just yet though. My friends said its time to me to visit her, to say my goodbyes and all but I couldn’t do it. But I guess one day I will regret it. Regret that I didn’t go. So after I bought a bouquet of her favorite flowers I finally managed to find my way to her. Slowly I walked along the stony path, trying to keep my tears from falling but as soon as I spotted her they came running down my cheeks. “Hello beautiful.” I said. “I brought you something.” I got down to my knees and put the flowers on the ground. “I really miss you, you know.” I said, trying to stay strong. “I’m sorry I couldn’t visit you earlier. I guess I couldn’t bear it.” I sobbed. “I wish you could be here with me. Holding my hand, making me smile again.” I said but half way through the sentence my voice broke. “God damn it (Y/N) why did you leave me alone in this god damn world? You need to come back to me. I can’t be without you. I miss you so god damn much.” When these words left my mouth I realized how ridiculous I sound. She wouldn’t come back. Ever. Someone decided to be a complete irresponsible asshole and she had to pay for it while the one who crashed drunk into her car only broke his arm. “I would do anything to change the past. I wish I could have saved you (Y/N)”


No, I don’t cry about you; never seen tears in my eyes about you. Gonna be fine if I die without you; Baby, I’m gone. 

She left almost a year ago and I still miss her like crazy. It’s ridiculous really. How can someone still be on your mind even though you haven’t seen that person in ages? I guess it’s true what people say. You never forget your first love. No matter what I do, she is still in my mind. I hate the feeling of being without her. She left so sudden. Telling me she’s leaving the country for a couple of month and she wouldn’t want me to wait around for her, she couldn’t bear that. I played it cool and acted like a jerk, little did she know that she took my heart with her. A few month turned into a year and I never got a call or a text from her. Never. A week ago I hear from a couple of friends that she’s back in town, living I bet old house which is only a street down my house. As soon as I wrapped my head around the fact that she is back I had the urge to see her. To talk things out, something we never had the chance to do. But what would I say after all this time? ‘Hey (Y/N) glad you’re back. How was your trip? While you toured through Europe having loads of fun I sat at home crying at night, trying to keep myself together. Eventually I thought I was over you, but it turned out I’m still in love with you.’ Yeah I don’t think that’s a good way to start this. Confusion was a constant thing on my mind ever since I found out that she’s back. Mindlessly I walked down the street, not realizing where I was going until I was there. Her house stood tall in front of me, memories of our past rushing through my head. With all the courage I have I knocked on her door, partly hoping she won’t open it. But she did. The smile she had on her face disappeared as soon as she spotted me. “Luke.” She breathed and her mouth fell open. “I didn’t expect to see you.” Her words and her face expression hit me like knifes in my guts. “Well I thought after a year of not talking to each other one of us should make the first step.” I said with more confidence that I thought I could bring out. She frowned and let me step inside the house. “You’re looking good.” She said and leaned against a wall, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “So do you.” I replied and I couldn’t help but travel my eyes along her body. She was only wearing an oversized t-shirt and I could clearly see the outlines of her breasts. “Why did you never text me?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes up. “I thought it would be easier for the both of us.” She shrugged but I noticed the obvious sadness in her eyes. “Was it?” I asked and stepped closer to her. She shook her head no. “Not so much. I felt terrible to be honest.” She mumbled and bit her lip. “So did I. I was going crazy without you.” I admitted and took another step forward. Damn why does she have to look so incredibly good? The things she’s still doing to me…”I missed you like crazy Luke.” She whispered. Not gonna lie, I’m still mad at her for leaving me like this but seeing her again, having her close to me, the thought of touching her again overcame me and I couldn’t help but press my lips to hers. It felt so good. So right. Immediately her hands tangled themselves into my hair, tugging it a little. Fuck, I love when she does that. “I missed you too.” I mumbled after I broke the kiss. “I need you. I need you with me.” She bit her lip and nodded. “Let’s go upstairs and talk things through then.” She said with a smirk and took my hand to drag me with her.


I’ve got a new girl and she’s my whole world, And I don’t care if you’re not sleeping alone. ‘cause life is so good, I’m feeling so good.

These are the lies I tell myself to keep smiling, to keep being happy but when I lay in bed at night without her by my side I feel empty. It’s not the same without her and it never will be. I don’t feel good. I didn’t since she left me. I never saw it coming, one day she appeared at my house, saying she can’t do this anymore. I remember tears running down her cheeks while she told me it’s over. When I think back to that day I always remember how my heart broke into a million pieces. I think even now, almost a year later, it’s still not healed. She took half of it with her. Only a few weeks later I found out why she actually left me. Apparently she dumbed me for a new guy. After that I tried to forget about her, about everything we’ve been through. I burned our pictures I deleted her number and erased all my memories of her but she kept hunting my dreams. Her beautiful smile and those eyes I got lost in so easily. I do have a new girlfriend but I’m not even sure if I love her, I sure are hell won’t ever lover her like did (Y/N). The truth is, I’m losing it. I can’t be without her anymore. It’s driving me insane. I need her by my side and only the thought of another guy touching her, kissing her, waking up next to her made me so damn angry. I know that I have to change something I know I can’t live like this anymore, so I took all my strength together and walked up to her house. It’s Saturday night, she’s probably not even home, but it’s definitely worth a try. I need to see her and if that meant waiting for hours and hours on her doorstep so be it. But to my surprise she opened the door only seconds after I rang the bell. She was prettier that I’ve ever seen her before. Her hair was up in a messy bun and she was wearing…my shirt. Her favorite one of mine. She always stole it from me back when we were still dating. “Michael? What are you doing here?” She asked surprised and tried to cover up the shirt. For a couple of moments I could only look at her without brining out a word. Her beauty enchanted me like never before. “I needed to see you.” I finally managed to say. She scratched the back of her head, a thing she always does when she’s nervous. “Uhm okay you can come in I guess.” She mumbled, stepped aside and invited me inside. “Haven’t seen you in a while.” She said while she kept her distance from me. “You can’t blame me.” I said and put my hands in my pockets. When she didn’t reply I decided to take the next step. “So where’s your boyfriend?” I asked, trying to sound as casual as I could. She looked down to her feet and a quiet sigh escaped her lips. “I left him.” A rush of hope rushed through me and my heart started beating faster. “Why?” I asked astonished. She looked back up, tears glistening in her eyes. “Because I’m in love with someone else.” She said with such hurt in her voice and a tear fell down her cheek. “Don’t cry. I hate seeing you cry you know that.” I softly said and stepped close to her to wipe the tears from her cheeks. “Michael…” She started. Damn I love it when she says my name. “…I made a mistake when I left you. I thought it wouldn’t work with us but I was so wrong. I couldn’t get you out of my mind ever since I left. I regret this day so much.” She said, trying to sound strong but her voice was shaky. I put my arms around her and at this moment I forgot everything around me. Her head rested on my chest and I felt her tears through the fabric of my shirt. “I fucked up.” She whispered and looked up to me with glassy eyes. “Maybe we can fix it.” I replied. “But what about your girlfriend? I don’t want to be the reason you break up with her.” She sobbed and backed away from me as if she just realized that I wouldn’t still do anything for her. “I don’t care. I never stopped loving you and I would do anything to be with you again.” I replied. A weak smile appeared on her face. “We can start over. Go on dates again like we did when we first met.” I nodded and pressed a kiss on her forehead. “I would love that.”

Preference #3 - AHS Gif (Tate inspired)(MASHTON)


“I can’t do this” You said turning to face Michael, only to be met with his tear stained face. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing for us anymore. All we do is fight and yell at each other. Something happened to us, we’re not the couple we used to be anymore. It’s time to stop. We’re just not meant for each other, Michael”
“Please, d-don’t do this to me. I need you” Michael said running a hand through his hair before wiping his eyes. “You just can’t do this”
Things between you two had taken a turn for the worst. There was no more talking, no date nights, he was always out late doing recording sessions, and you barely talked to each other anymore unless it was about dinner or him telling you he was leaving. The love that was so prominent in your relationship just months ago had diminished to nothing. It broke your heart to break up with Michael, you loved him, more than yourself even. But, staying with him was hurting you more than staying with him, you needed to take a break.
You took a look at Michael, who was waiting for you to come over and hug him and remind him that everything will be fine, but this time, you weren’t. You mumbled a “I’m sorry” before walking to your shared bedroom and throwing what you could into a bag.
“You can’t do this to me! I love you!” Michael shouted from behind you. “Give me a chance to fix this, I can’t lose you!” You tried to block out his cries, but each time his voice broke when he yelled ripped a piece of your heart away. You zipped up your bag before turning around to make your way out of the house, but Michael grabbed your wrist and spun you around and crashed his lips down onto yours.
“Please, just stay” He mumbled against your lips, resting his forehead on yours.
“I’m sorry..” You said before pecking his lips one last time and making your way to the door.
“You’re all I want. You’re all I have” He yelled, not moving from his spot. You froze, closing your eyes trying to stop the tears from falling.
“You know I’ll always love you, Michael. But, this is for the best.” You said and turned around to look at him one last time. “I’m so sorry, I love you.”
“Then stay!” He yelled throwing his hands in the air, as if it was an obvious statement. You shook your head choking out a sob and bolting out the door and to your car. You threw your bag into the back and started to engine only to drive around the corner before pulling over and resting your head on the steering wheel.
“I’m so sorry” You mumbled to yourself, only wishing things didn’t turn out the way the did.


The hate was getting to be too much. You couldn’t handle all these tweets coming at you like you were some horrible person. You fell in love, is that so bad? People didn’t understand that you and Ashton were happy, you finally met someone that made you see the joy in life again. You knew dating Ashton would come with hate, but you never thought you would let it get to you. Seeing people send you tweets telling you to kill yourself, and telling you that you don’t deserve Ashton were slowing starting to break you. You did everything you could to hide it from Ashton, because you knew he loved his fans and if he saw the things they were saying he’d feel hurt, almost betrayed in a way. One day, the hate was coming constantly, people posting pictures of you pointing out every flaw, people saying how Ashton deserves so much better, people calling you rude because you don’t talk to fans. They just didn’t understand, and that day was the day you’d break. You sat there scrolling down your mentions reading every hate tweet, agreeing with everything that they said. You were so focused on reading that you didn’t even notice Ashton come running to your side.
“Baby, what’s wrong!?” He said and frantically wiped the tears from your eyes.
“N-nothing, just having a bad day” You said, trying to compose yourself.
“Give me your phone” Ashton said and held out his hand.
“What? No” You argued and tried to hide your phone behind your back, but he grabbed it before you could. His eyes scanned over the screen as his thumb moved through the mentions. His eyebrows came together and he looked back up at your tear filled eyes.
“Why didn’t you tell me, you’re supposed to tell me everything” He whispered, his voice cracking in the process.
“I’m sorry” You mumbled and put your hands in your face, trying to hide the tears. You felt two strong arms come around you and a face buried in the crook of your neck.
“Don’t apologize, you did nothing wrong” Ashton said before placing a kiss on your neck.
“I just don’t get it” You said as tears fell from your eyes. “Why do they hate me?”
“They’re jealous, babe. I thought they would understand how much I love you, but I guess I had too much faith in them. They don’t know anything about us, babe. All that matters is that I love you, and you love me. It’s me and you against the world. I know it’s going to be hard, but you can’t let this stuff get to you. You know I’m always going to be here for you, you just need to tell me things so I can be.” He spoke before backing away from you and resting his forehead on yours. “Anytime something gets to you, just close your eyes and remember everything is going to be okay. I love you”
“Thank you, Ashton.” You smiled, wrapping your arms around his waist.
“You and me, babe.” He whispered before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “That’s all that matters.”

I’m so sorry if this sucks and if you don’t like it. I had it all planned out in my head but I just couldn’t form it into words. I’ll try to have Calum and Luke’s up tomorrow but no promises. I just feel like I have to make these really good because I don’t want you guys to not like them, but yeah. PLEASE come tell me what you think because I’m really not happy with how these turned out :( sorry, and thank you! :)