try and shield yourself with your hands

Punk (Chap. 11)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: ~2500

Warnings: Language, mission/war related violence and gore, shooting, battle related injuries/casualties/mayhem

A/N:  My sincere apologies for how long this has taken.  I’ve been dealing with some personal things and, quite frankly, it took away all desire to write.  I hope you like this chapter, the photo with the shield later on in the story is actually the inspiration for the entire series.  So you can get inspiration from anywhere :)  I want to thank everyone who stuck around waiting and who has been so helpful and kind to me.  Also, I’m very excited to continue writing more chapters!  Thank you for your continued patience.

As always, feedback is always appreciated.  Please let me know how the ‘action’ plays out as I am always looking for ways to improve my storytelling.  Thanks!

Your face fell in horror, but you seemed to be the only one moving, the rest of the world seemed to be stuck in some sort of time lapse.  Bucky was still just crouching there, holding the boy, with that stupid, beautiful smile still plastered to his face, not yet seeing the danger, not yet registering your alarm.

No no no no no no NO!  Your mind was screaming the words as you tore your gaze away from the scene.  The man was getting closer.  NO!

You bolted forward, shoving the woman into the alley screaming for Bucky to run, ripping your vocal chords in the process. Your legs felt like they were trudging through molasses, like some force was pulling you back, weighing you down. And each step on the pavement felt like an elephant stomp making the ground shake.  But it was as if you weren’t moving any closer.  But you had to.  You had to.   Because what was about to happen could. not. happen.

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Could I request either Karasuno or Aoba Josai getting a new manager who is a very open person, as in not ashamed of their body or anything, and they have to go to a camp and she starts changing in front of them? Like she's not even bothered by it.

Okay so like, call me weird, but I have this running fantasy of this exact situation with Karasuno and the boys’ reactions are what keeps me up at night lmao

I don’t know if you wanted headcanons or scenario, so forgive me if you wanted a scenario o(TヘTo)

~ Admin Kay


  • It was a particularly long day for the team, even the managers were feeling the burn in their legs when they had to fetch water bottles and towels for their favorite flock of crows. By lunch time, you and the other managers had made lunch, and mixed protein shakes galore to feed your boys.
  • Yachi, poor thing, was feeling the fatigue when she was passing out those protein shakes and managed to trip over her own feet, covering your entire front with the milky liquid. The boys had all rushed to get you a towel (bless their hearts)
  • When they all turned back to face you, you had already stripped yourself of your shirt, and you were halfway done pulling your shorts down, hoping to change quickly before it soaked through to your underwear.
  • It is safe to say at this point that all hell broke loose Karasuno.exe has stopped working???
  • Asahi, Kageyama, and Takeda-sensei practically smacked themselves, trying to shield their eyes from you in respect. Hinata and most of the second years, on the other hand, could not stop ogling you, and most of them were blushing like little school girls.
  • Nishinoya and’s safe to say that your unexpected partial nudity had them on the verge of passing out from blood loss (damn nosebleeds), while Suga and Yamaguchi scrambled to grab you some clothes.
  • Tsukki, ever the calm one in situations like these, decided that now was the time to check you out (smh this boi), but he wasn’t spared a blush of his own. (Blushing Tsukki is my life)
  • Let’s just say at this point everyone was blushing like they were the ones getting naked, even Daichi who promptly demanded you put some clothes back on (while silently hoping you wouldn’t). Even Ukai wasn’t spared by some embarrassment, going so far as to noping straight tf out of the gym. He can’t deal with this shit today.
  • The girls were kinda used to it though? You had no qualms with your partial nudity in front of them. So they calmly brought you some clothes, all the while rolling their eyes at your clueless questioning “Why is everyone freaking out?” (oh reader~chan smh)
“Caught Up” (Yugyeom Smut)

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Title: Caught Up

Featuring: Yugyeom (GOT7) X Noona Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17

Summary: After giving Yugyeom an eyeful of your slinky undergarments, you use the incident as fodder to tease him, but the tease might have gone too far this time.

Requested by anon! I don’t know why it took me so long to finish this, but here we go!


That sing-songy voice rang out across the room and sent a cringe through your body. You absolutely hated when Yugyeom called you that, even though it was accurate. You were older than him, sure, but he had a way of teasing you about it that dug at you. You wanted to wipe that stupid smirk off his face when he said it.

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Scary Movie

Requested: Hii, i was wondering if you could do one where y/n and shawn goes to see a scary movie even though she’s terrified of horror movies. y/n gets scared but she trys to hide it but shawn notices. so shawn pulls her close to him and she hides her face into his shoulder/chest. if that makes any sense 😂. thank you also i just wanted to say i loveeeeee your writing!



“Baby,” You say, tugging on Shawn’s hand while you’re both standing in the line to purchase your movie tickets. He turns his attention to you, so you say softly, “I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

You see the disappointment in his eyes, even though he won’t show it on his face. You immediately regret what you said and take it back. “Nevermind.” You tell him. You know that he’s been looking forward to watching this movie with you ever since he found out he’d be home right around the time it was released in theaters. Shawn’s always been a huge fan of horror movies, and you’ve always been terrified of them. Normally you try to avoid watching them, but knowing how much he loves them, and how much he loves getting to watch them with you by his side, you’ve given in to seeing this one with him tonight, and it isn’t fair for you to back out now. 

“You sure babe?” He questions, sensing your hesitancy, “We can just watch something else.” He offers.

“No, I want to watch it,” You reassure him. You’re just being dumb about it. It’s something that he’s been wanting to watch for a while, watching it with him is the least you can do. What is love if its not sitting through two hours of a movie that terrifies you just because the person you love wants to watch it and really wants you by his side when he does.

Fifteen minutes later, you’re sitting in the theater, with popcorn and redvines that Shawn bought for you. You’re trying not to freak yourself out because the movie hasn’t even started. “Are you okay?” Shawn asks you over the previews.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” You respond. He intertwines your fingers with his as the movie starts.

Twenty mintutes later, you’re definitely not feeling so fine. Shawn’s hand has been securely in yours since the movie started, but now, you’re almost climbing on top of him in an attempt to be closer to him, hoping to use him to shield yourself from the fear you’re feeling. You know it’s just a movie, but you can’t help the way you react to horror movies and anything scary in general. Hiding your face in Shawn’s chest, you can feel him chuckle lightly at you. He wraps his arm around you, making you feel safe despite everything. You shut your eyes tightly, and you’re about to bring your hand up to your ear that isn’t pressed against Shawn’s chest because you don’t want to hear the sounds from the movie anymore, but before you can, his large hand gently presses against your ear muffling the sound, almost like he read your mind. You manage to relax into him despite the horror on the screen.  

The next thing you remember is being lightly shaken awake, “The movies over, babe.” Shawn says into your ear. And you open your eyes, suddenly realizing that you’re still in the theater and you must have fallen asleep. You stand up and stretch before gathering your things. You walk out of the theater hand in hand, “Thanks for coming with me babe, I know you didn’t want to.” He tells you. 

You just laugh, “I’m sorry I fell asleep.” 

He squeezes your hand, “I’m just glad you came.”

Saturdays with Harry: Part I

A/N: I’m not a fic writer by any means. I have like virtually no writing on here lol. I’m also not the best at prose, but sometimes a girl gets inspired. Mainly posting this for @harryspeakingfrench because even though I “don’t write” she still reads all my blurbs and concepts bc she’s actually the true best. Also this is PURE FLUFF. Also I’ve been having husband!Harry feels and this is the result.


There are busy Saturdays, when you spend all day cleaning and doing laundry and grocery shopping for the week.

Then there are lazy Saturdays when you just say ‘screw it’ and watch netflix all day.

And there are the ‘let’s go on an adventure’ Saturdays. Those magical ones when you jump in the car, pick a place, and let time tell where you’ll end up.

All Saturdays with Harry are the best.

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jeff hardy x OFC 

warnings: swearing + smut. 

prompt: your nerves get the best of you around your teenage celebrity crush until he can’t take the wait anymore.

the gorilla backstage was surprisingly quiet for once. most people were off doing their own thing and only a few stage hands were stood by, clipboard in hands minding their own business. you on the other hand had your eye’s glued to the screen on the wall in front of you, your mouth gaping slightly as you watched the tag teams compete.

it had been three weeks since the hardy boyz had made their epic come back and the WWE universe still hadn’t come down from the rush - you being among them. not only were they causing mayhem on social media, the hashtag ’hardyboyzreturn’ had been trending since Wrestlemania but they were making a major come back in the ring too, already having won the tagteam titles and won each match they had been entered into.

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Where Soul Meets Body- 7

Summary: Soulmate AU. Some people went their entire lives without ever meeting their soulmates. You were one of the lucky ones, to have found and fallen in love with the owner of the initials tattooed on your hip. When your soulmate’s best friend struggles to deal with a tragedy in his own life, you discover that you might not have been as lucky as you thought.

Steve Rogers x Reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader (Not MMF)

Warnings: (Series, not specifically this chapter: bad language, unprotected sex or sexual situations, drinking/alcoholism, drug use, violence, cheating, references to death, mutilation and trauma, maybe more.)

Words: 1989

Tags at End

Master   Part 6

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You were not alone when you woke up the morning of Steve’s departure. Surprised as you rolled over, your eyes snapped open, only to be met with a wall of flesh, stretched tightly over a muscular back. Nuzzling into the warmth his massive body provided, you wrapped an arm around his torso and pulled yourself as close as you could get, morphing your body to fit the curve of his.

He started shifting, slowly turning onto his back as you tried to keep ahold of him. A deep, throaty chuckle fell from his lips as he peered through sleepy blue eyes at you, shielding his face from the sun with one arm thrown over his face. “Mornin’,” he drawled, using his other arm to hold you against him.

“You’re actually in bed,” you commented, fingers dancing over his ribs. He chuckled again, feebly trying to stop your tickles.

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And If I say No?

Words: 911
Tony Stark X Reader
Request: “Heheh I’m back !!!! So of course relating to tony stark ! Hmmm how about a engagement surprise? Hm ? On a mission to rescue the reader. Thank You !!!!”  @tonystarksgirl 

Bound to a rickety wooden chair was not exactly how you preferred to spend a Saturday night. Then again you supposed you only had yourself to blame for your current predicament. The Captain had warned you to fall back; but you didn’t listen. No, you were too smart to get noticed by anyone! You were just going to slink up to the HYDRA base on the hill all invisible and undetected. You forget that thermal cameras can see you, even if you’re invisible.

One of HYDA’s goons had crept up on you while you were busy creeping on them. It hadn’t been an easy fight and it hadn’t been pretty. Your left cheekbone was defiantly broken and your bottom lip was swollen. And there was that little matter of being strapped to the chair. The team would come looking for you…eventually. You were sure Clint would get a kick out if it, he loved any excuse to tease you. Tony, on the other hand, was going to have your neck for this.

Your boyfriend of four years, Tony Stark, worried if you came home a few minutes late from the grocery store. You could only imagine how upset he was going to be when he realized you’d been captured by HYDRA. There was going to be no stopping him once he started to make his way through the base. It would be repulsors first, ask questions later. Yup, any minute now. You thought as the ropes tying you to chair were starting to itch.

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Until it’s Gone (Loki Imagine) Pt. 1

Hey guys! So this is a fic that I wrote a while ago. It’s quite long so I’m going to make a mini series out of it as well! :) 

Basic concept: Loki decides to destroy a planet on your Wedding day. (Typical Loki right? Lol! XD )

I just wanted to say, I know with fanfics and imagines most people like to keep the background short and “get to the point” (aka fluffy romance & such- which I adore don’t get me wrong here!) but I think writing the background is part of the fun, you know? I feel like it then makes the romance that much sweeter. I promise I won’t do that with all my fics, but in these series type stories that’s pretty much what may go on. Just an FYI! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this Loki series! :)

“Where is she?” I boomed as the heavy golden doors of my fathers court swung open at my arrival. He watched me carefully; I new the games he would play, I knew them before I walked through the door. And he hated having the lower hand. “Answer me!” I yelled at Odin. I’d hated him before, but my feelings were murderous now, and if he didn’t speak plainly there would be life to pay. 

And his was one I would gladly take. 

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ZSJ's reaction to you stealing his leather jacket and wearing it into the ring? (It could be in a match against him or not. You can decide) (:

i love thissss. gonna take a little creative liberty with it though….

Originally posted by wrestlingsmarkmatty

“Leadeeerrrs! Leadeeerrrs! Leadeeerrrs!”

You made a face as the Progress faithful screamed for the recently reunited Leaders of the New School, Marty Scurll and Zack Sabre Jr. Tonight was going to be… interesting to say the least. You’d been with the London Riots through thick and thin, even that dark period with Havoc. Hell, you still had the scars on your back from Chapter 20. Titles, no titles, it didn’t matter. You’d been there since the beginning. 

Which brought us to the tag team tournament for the number one contendership, It was the quarterfinals and a blind bracket, so the world would have to forgive you for looking like you swallowed a lemon when the LDRS music hit. It was nothing against Rob or James, but any team that had Zack Sabre Jr. was already going to be an odds on favorite.

You’d never admit to anyone either, but Zack made your heart rate do some interesting things and he’d had that effect on since you’d set foot in Progress five years ago. There were some instances over the course of those five years where you felt that maybe, just maybe, you had that same effect on the much taller man, but you just figured that it was your own infatuation coloring perfectly innocent actions.

Like just now, as the LDRS were being introduced by Jim Smallman, Zack was staring me down, instead of Rob or James, a teasing look set on his face. It had been a solid year since you’d seen him last and you’d thought you’d outgrown the infatuation, but given the flip flops your stomach just did, you were wrong.

There was no time to read into it however, the bell ringing all too soon to signal the start of the match. You shook your head to clear your thoughts and slid out of the ring. You, Rob, and James were a well oiled machine, a single cohesive unit, and there was no need for prematch discussions. 

Any other match, you would have been involved from the jump, distracting the ref, taking cheap shots at opponents, and just generally making a nuisance of yourself. This one, however, was different because of how well all parties involved knew each other. If you so much as made a motion to get onto the apron, Marty would whirl around, with a finger waved angrily, and shout, “Oh no you don’t, devil woman!”

You’d back off, hands raised in surrender, as the crowd would begin a devil woman chant. Zack give a tut-tut, shaking his head and looking genuinely amused. You’d let your guard down this match, which turned out to be a mistake. 

You’d turned away from the match for just a moment or two, enough time to say a couple words to a fan, when you were hit from behind and pushed into the laps of the front row. Who all had very, very full cups of beer.

The impact from behind stunned you momentarily, but it was the sudden chill that came with being doused in liquids made you squeal. The shock wore off quickly and you quickly righted yourself, whirling with a growl on your lips. Rob was on the ground, looking apologetic and grasping his jaw, and Marty was on the apron, looking eerily like a deer in the headlights with his hands up in a placating manner. 

“You fucked up! You fucked up! You fucked up!”

Zack facepalmed, but even his eyes traveled to your chest and the way the beer soaked t-shirt began to cling to your shape. You crossed your arms over your chest, trying to keep in some body warmth and in an instinctual attempt to shield yourself from the lanky man’s suddenly heated gaze. His eyes were almost a physical caress and you could feel the flush spreading from the roots of your hair down past the neckline of your Riot Protection Agency shirt.

You lunged forward to take a swipe at Marty, but the villain danced out of your reach. Paz, the referee, leaned through the ropes to admonish you for so blatantly trying to get involved in the match. You scowled, through the slightest of shivers set in due to your beer soaked shirt. This match was going to be miserable with you shaking like soaked kitten.

And then, it was like a light bulb went off in your head.

Just a few feet away, a member of the ring crew was standing there innocently enough, with Zack’s Union Jack jacket in hand. The chill was starting to sink into your bones and to be perfectly honest, you’d been itching for years to try it on. Five long strides and a well placed glare, and you were surrounded by the warmth of the jacket and something that just smelled like Zack. 

The crowd roared and you could hear the movement behind you in the ring stop. You turned around and were met with the sight of a shellshocked Zack leaning against the ropes, his eyes dark and his mouth slightly agape. His expression sent a curl of feminine satisfaction through your body and you gave a flirtatious shrug. Zack quickly wet his lips, god did that do things for you, and opened his mouth to say something, but was cut off by James rolling him up in attempt to get a quick pin.

The match continued, but the flush didn’t leave your cheeks. The jacket was deceptively big, the hem brushing just a couple inches before your knee caps and smelling strongly of what had to be your new favorite cologne. Zack was visibly distracted by you at ringside and Marty was irritated beyond all belief by it. The situation quickly devolved into a shouting match between the Leaders in the middle of the ring. 

And then all hell broke loose. 

Rob and James struck the bickering pair with matching forearms, setting up a brawl in the middle of the ring. Paz did his best to try to split the four men, before giving up once it was clear that this was just going to have to happen. James and Marty eventually spilled to the outside, trading clubbing blows to raucous shouts from the front row. In the ring, Zack had somehow locked in the flying octopus hold and you darted around the right to yell encouragement to Rob.

“I bet you’d look better with just the jacket on, luv!”

A chorus of boos rained down on the clearly drunk man in the audience. Zack’s head snapped toward the audience member that had cat called you, Rob still caught in the flying octopus hold, and angrily barked back at the catcaller.

“Get your eyes back in your head mate! Y’don’t talk to her like that!”

You didn’t catch what the drunk said back, but Zack did. His jaw clenched so tightly you could see the muscles tic and he released the hold on Rob, who collapsed to the mat. You blinked and Zack was out of the ring, getting into the audience member’s face.

“Fuck him up Sabre fuck him up! Fuck him up Sabre fuck him up!”

What possessed you to get between the two angry men, who knows, but you found yourself between Zack and the drunk fan, security on your heels. You had placed yourself bodily between the two, your hands braced and pushing against the tall man’s chest in a vain attempt to get distance between the two men.

“C’mon Sabre, it’s not a big deal. I’ve dealt with worse.”

Your attempt placating Zack was not well received, the implication of your words making his face even redder as he advanced threateningly towards the drunk fan, who was being escorted out by security. That’s when you noticed how… close the two of you were and you froze up.

There was scant inches between the two of you, the heat of his body seeping into yours. The muscles in his deceptively strong chest, jumping under your hands. The way his hazel-brown eyes darted down to your mouth and then back up to your eyes. The electricity crackling between the two of you was palpable and there was this feeling of “Finally!” settling into your bones.

“C’mon man! Kiss the girl!”

The crowd laughed, but then it spread through the crowd like wildfire.

Don’t stop now
Don’t try to hide it how
You want to kiss the girl
Sha la la la la la
Float along
And listen to the song
The song say kiss the girl

You spluttered at the sudden outbreak of a Disney singalong, but he wasn’t phased in the slightest, leaning downward with half-lidded eyes. You tilted your head up to meet his mouth halfway and just as your lips whispered along his…

“For fucks sake! A little help here Zack! Snog her later!”

Marty was screeching in the ring, trying to fend off both Rob and James.

Zack quickly snapped to, looking a little torn between ignoring his friend and tag team partner and helping him. That split second gave you some time to collect yourself and you wiggled out of the grasp he had somehow secured around your waist. You patted him on the cheek and winked saucily.

“C’mon, Sabre. We can discuss whatever this was after you’ve lost your match.”

Zack threw his head back and returned to the ring. 

God you hoped that neither the cameras nor the crowd caught the way your suddenly weak knees wobbled.


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this is my first angsty one-shot, please be nice! neighbours!au, somewhat 5k words with major character death, mentions of drowning also. italics is flashback. huge issue to mention - do not operate your phone at any point for any reason under any circumstance while driving; if something were to happen, you never know who’s world you’ve robbed of all its’ sunshine.

Message from: Taehyung - received just now

Just finished with the doctor. Can I get a ride pretty please?

Your fingers danced across the screen the moment his text had come through, the message already read before you had even unlocked your phone.

I’ll pick you up in five.

Equally as quickly, he responded, a single sunny smiley face on the screen. You were already out the door, keys in hand and phone in the other, running down the steps of your house right next to his, the pair of houses you’d grown up in. You clambered into your car, hurriedly putting your seatbelt on, then you were dashing out of the driveway, branches and bushes lined head to toe in blossoming flowers dragging against the sides, the petals determined to shine despite the season not yet spring. With the radio barely murmuring anything at all, you drove directly to the hospital, more than familiar with the short route from your houses.

He stood with his thumb out like he was trying to hitchhike a ride, grinning ear to ear, and you couldn’t help but smile yourself, before he covered his mouth to cough, his shoulders jolting at the movement, yet he moved his hand back away the next moment, trying to appear like he really was fine, like he could really breathe.

Your lips pressed together in disapproval; he should have waited inside, where the air was easier to breathe, where someone could keep an eye on him, and your hand had reached to turn up the air-conditions to a higher speed and a slightly warmer temperature on it’s own, as you pulled up right next to where he stood, fingers shielding his eyes from the penetrating brightness of the sun.

“How did it go?” You asked sweetly as he climbed into the passenger side, already putting on a smile for you.

“The same it always does. I need to stop refusing treatment, blah blah blah.” He sighed, closing the door a little harsher than need be, before his elbow rested against the window, his fingers rubbing the bridge of his nose like he was already diving into deep thought.

You peered at him through the corner of your vision before you accelerated away, not convinced in the slightest. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

He hummed then, his smile a lot less convincing this time, and you focussed on driving both of you home for the moment.

“You know,” you tried to start again with a different tone, keeping your gaze straight ahead although you knew his had turned to look at you, “I found this super easy-looking recipe for nutella-filled pancakes. Wanna give it a try?”

His usual light-hearted self started to return, his lips parted in a grin while he retorted. “I’ll take care of all the nutella, don’t you worry about that.”

You let out a laugh, and it filled the air like music for a moment, Taehyung pausing turning up the radio for a moment. “You’ll get pimples if you eat that much chocolate, especially in one go, smartypants.”

He smirked just a little to himself. “Yes, mom.”

You quirked a single eyebrow at him, accepting the challenge. “You can have your nutella, after you eat a salad, and finish your calculus homework.”

He groaned, the lively mood starting to shift. “Can we please not do this now? I’m so hungry, and that jar of chocolate heaven has my name all over it.”

You nodded fairly, the playful feeling gone from the air. You weren’t going to get into it now, you didn’t want to take a single chance at spoiling his happy mood he tried to convince himself of. And while all you could really do was smile and drive him every other day to a new appointment where they told him the same news and tried to get him to take the same medication he always refused, you thought he would always get better; his brightness couldn’t be extinguished like this.

But, Taehyung wasn’t daft; he knew he wasn’t going to get better. He knew what would happen to him eventually, but he saw no sense in wasting the last unknown amount of time he had on this earth being miserable about it. He was a ray of sunshine, spreading happiness like air, and you could swear that daisies bloomed out of the dirt wherever he strode.

Yet, like all purely beautiful things allowed in this world, he had to end, his last days coming eminently sooner than he deserved.

You reached your hand across to his seat on his thigh, offering the most reassuring smile you could, but he only half-heartedly returned it, squeezing your hand for a brief moment before letting go and moving his hand far away from your reach.

The rest of the car ride was filled with a more uncomfortable type of silence, his head tilted slightly away from you, staring out the window at the same scenery he’d been surrounded in all his life, and you knew he didn’t want you to see him showing weakness, the low music from the radio completely covering the silence of the water in his eyes falling down his face.


“Tae?” You called out cautiously, exiting the side of your house, looking for a little tuft of golden hair dashing somewhere around in the garden, yet you saw nothing, and the silence that answered back placed a heavy weight on your lungs.

“Taehyung, where are you?” You wailed with more urgency, the prickles of anxiety tearing up your skin the more you looked and caught no sight of him. With a sickening feeling, you descended further into the yard, through the rows of colourful flowers that you were forbidden to pick, down towards the dam that seemed to be rippling more intensely than usual.

You already knew that the small golden hands moving in the water had to be him, his skin sinking deeper below the surface.

“Tae!” You screamed, watching his hand disappear underneath the water, the surface no longer churning with his struggles.

He couldn’t swim and neither could you, but before any other thought, you were surrounded by the water, moving your legs frantically in any direction you could to get to the surface. You’d seen this on television, you take a big breath and then you dive underneath the water, down to where you couldn’t breathe.

Before you could lose your nerve, or even possibly Taehyung, you took a breath so big it pained your lungs, before you deliberately let yourself sink, letting your clothes tug you down to the depths.

It was so dirty and dark, your eyes burned as they tried to adjust, and your mouth opened in panic at the space, your lungs trying to pull in more air on instinct before you could stop yourself. Through your watering eyes, you caught sight of him, and it didn’t matter that you couldn’t breathe anymore.
He was suspended in the water, his eyes shut, mouth ajar and completely deadly still.

You kicked and writhed your way towards him, grabbing him around the middle, his body effortlessly light and limp. Your own lungs were now long begging for fresh air, and you tried to kick your way back to the surface where the daylight poured in.

At last, your head rose, spitting out water and almost sobbing to yourself, keeping the boy pinned to you as close as possible, as if you could offer him any sort of safety and security. He wasn’t moving, he wasn’t struggling, or choking for air, and you lunged your way to the dam bank layered with mud.

You tried to breathe in the fresh air, your body convulsing as you coughed up more dirty water, all while trying to pull the boy up onto the muddy bank. He was so heavy now, too heavy for you to carry both his form and yourself, but there was no other option; with a momentous heave, you slumped his body against the dirt, digging your fingers into the mud to claw your own way out of the water.

He hadn’t spoken, coughed, or even moved. You scrambled to more secure ground, dragging him by his soaked shirt, before you turned him over and placed your ear against his chest.

Taehyung wasn’t breathing.

You thanked every entity you could name for your parents’ insistence of teaching you proper CPR, your hands already pushing him to lie on his side to clear whatever might be in his airways. Then you were gently pinching his nose shut as you tried to breathe life back into his body, his alarmingly cold lips making you that much more desperate to change his fate.

You locked your fingers together, compressing his chest as cautiously as you could, terrified you’d accidentally break one of his ribs, pressing over and over until you thought to give him another breath, repeating the process, each time becoming more and more distraught.

He coughed, finally, and you thought it was the best sound there ever was, the sound of life running back in him again, and you yourself could finally breathe again in relief.

“You have really strong lungs,” he spoke softly, the water all over his face running over to the dips of his closed eyelids.

“You’re lucky that you do too, you idiot!” You scolded him, your own voice breathless and weak, and so quiet and hoarse it didn’t even sound like you anymore. “Why would you jump in there?”

He opened his eyes to look at you, propping himself on his elbows while his chest still heaved for even the slightest breath of air, a more melancholic look settling in them. “I found a daisy for you, but I dropped it and it blew into the water.”

You were quiet, finally feeling relieved that breathing was almost as easy and natural as it had always been, while Taehyung still wheezed next to you.

“I’m sorry,” he mumbled, looking truly remorseful, and you filled with guilt; he endangered his life for something that would simply make you smile.

You collapsed completely in the mud beside him, the blades of grass slightly itchy against your soft skin, looking up at the bright sky. “It’s okay, Tae, just please never leave my sight again, okay?”

He looked toward you completely, his expression shimmering with absolute admiration as he promised. “Never. I can’t breathe without you.”


When you raised your head from your laptop, the freshly bought nutella jar was upside down and balanced on his face, right over his open mouth with chocolate spread smeared around his skin.

“Oh my god, you can’t have eaten all that already!”

He tilted his head to look at you, his dark-stained lips already asking a very meek ‘what?’, voice quiet and eyes wide in an inquisitive way, the empty jar falling from being perched on his skin into his waiting chocolate-smeared fingers.

“That’s way too much sugar, your poor skin.” You tutted, rising from the stiff chair, stretching your arms over your head, one foot already hitting the floor to bring you closer to him.

“You can never have too much sunshine and happiness!” Taehyung cheered, his nutella-stained teeth grinning wide, smiling eyes following you as you moved away from your work and over towards how he lay on the couch.

“Come on, Tae. You’ll never get any study time in if all you do is eat.” You prodded his stomach softly for good measure, and he whined quietly at the contact on his soft skin.

Before he could respond, he jerked into a sitting position as he descended into a coughing fit, the sounds so sick and monstrous that you were hesitant to even rub his back as his shoulders shook with the effort.

“Are you okay?” You asked urgently, hand stretching towards your phone already, thumb tense and poised over the emergency call for help.

He stopped coughing, waving his hand at you without meeting your gaze, and you knew his eyes had to be stained and leaking from the strain on his lungs. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, really.”

He tried to put on a smile for you, although he looked pained; his eyes were watery and red, his skin tense and missing the smooth honey-richness that it used to drown in, a smear of blood on his lower lip that you reached up to wipe away. His eyes fell into an emotion less than cheerful, and the mere sight made your own eyes well up before you could put on a brave mask to stop it.

“I really wish you’d let them help you,” you murmured, your sad gaze still locked on his lips.

He licked them quickly, only a small portion of the chocolate being wiped away, still trying to wear a convincing smile so you yourself could be happy. “I’m fine, I really am.”

The next moment, before you could think of how to retaliate to his stubbornness, he leapt up from the couch, proceeding to suck his fingers visibly clean of his favourite spread.

“Something’s bothering you,” he interjected suddenly, watching you from a short distance, not far enough that he had to raise his voice in the slightest, his eyes as warm and kind as they had always been.


You did your best to make the hum sound light and carefree, but the heat quickly rising along your neck as blood rushed to your face, and the way your eyes immediately shifted to your feet gave away your cover completely.

“Come on,” Taehyung tried to pry it out of you. “You know you can tell me anything. I might even know how to help your dilemma,” he added, pointedly licking his finger for emphasis, the same finger that was absolutely smothered in a child’s food fifteen seconds ago, and you couldn’t control the smile from blossoming on your face.

It was now or never, and you weren’t going to lose your nerve to tell him yet again.

“I, uh, have something to tell you,” you spoke cautiously as your smile hid, your fingers fiddling with themselves subconsciously, not even blinking as you watched for any sort of reaction from him, and he knew that too, his eyes narrowing suspiciously.

“What?” His tone was equally cautious, his eyes narrow but just as unblinking as yours.

“There’s somewhere I have to travel to, for work.”

He squinted at you, his expression morphing into amusement. “Geez, I don’t appreciate the short notice, but I guess I can pack-”


The firmness behind your tone was enough to stop him in his tracks, his face changing again into a state of shock as he scrambled for his words while praying you were going to change yours.

“You don’t mean, away from me? Completely?”

You knew him, you knew how much he had to be hurting on the inside by just the thought of you being in a different city to him, even for a few hours, let alone days or even weeks. You stepped towards him, so close that your noses would touch with another inch, your hands coming up to rest on the sides of his face.

“I have to leave you,” you spoke softly, keeping his face between your hands. He gave no reaction, blankly staring right back at you.

“I have to move somewhere else for a few weeks,” you continued speaking, wary of how fragile he was despite the emptiness he seemed to reciprocate. “But I’ll come back when it’s all done, I promise.”


His eyes started to dampen, and you pressed your lips together in attempt to stop the constricting dryness from obstructing your throat, your thumbs moving to softly wipe under his eyes before the tears had even fallen.

“Tae, I have to go, I have to travel for work. It’s only a four hour drive, it’s not like there’s a whole ocean between us.”

But there was; an ocean Taehyung couldn’t swim in, an ocean that he needed your help to wade through, an ocean he needed you to be able to breathe in. He tried to bargain with you, paying no mind to the fact that if you had any control over the situation yourself, you wouldn’t leave him for an instant.

“Travel to my house.”

“Tae, you know that I can’t-”

“I’m not well enough to be without you, please, don’t leave.”

You wiped under his eyes in preparation for the tears he was insistent to expel before they could form, his hands coming up to hold you around the middle. His lips twitched as he held it in; he almost told you how he couldn’t breathe without you, and he had to improvise, so he told the absolute truth.

“I lied today,” he mumbled, feeling too ashamed to look you straight in the eye, “the doctor said I don’t have long left, that I should go on the transplant list, that someone has to be with me at all times now.”

Your lips pressed together tighter. He didn’t realise that you already knew that.

“I’ll call you all of the time, I’ll have someone check on you every single hour, Tae, I swear you will be okay.”

He finally started to accept it, leaning forward to wrap you completely in his embrace, his arms holding you closer than painfully close, completely silent for the longest time.

“You have to promise me that you’ll always be safe,” he pressed, his arms not yet releasing you.

You scoffed playfully, while your eyes blinked far more than usual to keep the water at bay. “Me? You better focus on getting better, sunshine.”

He couldn’t bear to answer you, humming so softly that he hoped would pass for confirmation, his hand rubbing your back softly as he breathed in the air by your neck for what could be the last time.


It was around four am when the repeated buzzing of your phone woke you from your well-deserved sleep, and you groggily looked at the bright screen, trying to recognise the number, but it didn’t look familiar.

It had to be important - why would anybody call at this damned hour?

You swiped to answer the rings and held it up to your ear, slumping back in bed, your vision splashed with colourful dots as you looked at the dark ceiling.


“Miss,” an unfamiliar voice started straightaway, and by their breathlessness, your skin prickled with anxiety, “do you know Kim Taehyung?”

The prickles burned more fiercely, and you were already sitting up in bed, answering with a very tentative confirmation.

“He’s in the theatre right now, I have to notify his next of kin. It would be best if you came here.”

Before she’d even finished speaking, you grabbed your keys, too shocked to care if you weren’t properly dressed, using your limbs to fly out of the house with a panic-fuelled adrenaline.

Nothing else that went on around you reached your ears. Were there sirens and car horns beeping? Were the trees rattling with the wind that shook them? Was a bird calling, a dog barking somewhere? You couldn’t tell. You couldn’t hear anything over the sound of the heartbeat that rang in your ears.

You shouldn’t be driving in this state, you knew it, but Taehyung was dying, right now.

“Miss,” the surgeon started again, “I have to hang up now,-”

“No,” you grovelled, your voice low but quiet, quivering off at the end. “Please, stay on the line, I need to know.”

For a moment, only silence came from the other end of the phone, before the surgeon started talking again, telling you about how he’d been rushed in a few hours ago after he’d been found unconscious in the garden, how he seemed to be doing much better before his system plummeted.

She also asked if you were feeling okay, and you had nothing to say back to her, one hand frozen with the phone to your ear, while the other turned onto the highway, your right foot much heavier than usual. You only sped past four exits when you noticed it, on the road in the same lane you were on, a massive truck beside you speeding ahead of your car that now dwindled along, well under the speed limit as it tried to overtake you.

“South on the Highway, exit 134,” you breathed so quietly and quickly into the phone the spokesperson almost didn’t hear you, “there’s an accident, send someone now,” you paused to swallow quickly, your other hand sweating as it gripped the wheel tighter. “I have strong lungs, and he just needs to breathe.”

You hung up the next second, throwing the phone to the backseat of your car just as the sound of horns blaring, and your car jerked then, the tires sliding around on the ice as you tried to regain the control that you knew you couldn’t get back, before your car skidded sideways into a truck, the thick crash of metal against metal rattling in the air.


When he woke up, he was laid neatly in a bed, the blankets pulled up just before where the burning cuts had to be, small machines of all sorts attached to his arms, blinking and beeping different tunes. He tried to take a deep breath through the nozzle strapped underneath his nose, and although his chest screamed at him, his lungs could finally pull in air the easiest it had ever been in years.

All too soon, the sound of footsteps echoing on the hall floors grew louder as someone grew nearer, and Taehyung shut his eyes, already knowing it was a doctor come around to check on him. The steps paused at the end of his bed, before a sigh of dread filled the air.

“We need to have a talk,” he looked down at the folder filled with his information at the foot of the bed as he searched for his name, “Taehyung.”

He kept his eyes closed, resolving to humming in confirmation, his skin searing and aching with a pain he’d never imagined possible, even with the painkillers being pumped deep into his veins.

“There’s been an accident, a very bad one. A collision, on the Highway.” The doctor took in a breath, watching his patient closely for any reaction, yet he stayed completely still in his bed.

“It was a quick death, Taehyung. You can breathe easily knowing that she didn’t feel any pain.”

He squinted groggily at the man, becoming more and more alert and anxious with each passing second. They didn’t mean you, did they?

He shifted slightly where he stood, as if he was searching for a way to tell him something, and with a thudding drop in his gut, Taehyung didn’t want to know. The doctor could tell, by the look on his patient’s face, he was begging him to say literally anything else, and he rubbed the back of his neck, searching for the strength to carry out the part of his job he hated the most.

“I think you already know who we’re talking about, Taehyung.”

“No,” he begged, the shock blurring his vision, his face both hot with the blood rush of his sobs and frozen in terror, in absolute disbelief. “She’s not, she could never-”

“We were able to give you the transplant, because of her.”

“You mean,” He started with a horrified look, pushing through the hiccupped sobs he knew would escape him soon, “she’s inside me?”

He looked down frantically at his chest, over the massive bandage that hid stitches that held his skin together over your lungs. He was breathing with a piece of you, and the sheer fact that it felt the easiest breathing ever had in years drowned him in his guilt.

“N-no, there must be some mistake-”

The doctor shook his head, silencing him before he could even grovel for another option, a different alternative to you just being gone.

“She gave us permission to use her organs in the event she died.”

“How?” He cried, his corded hands moving to hold himself, and it didn’t matter that it hurt with an intensity so relentless that it made his legs twitch and writhe where they were; it wasn’t his right to ache over the piece of you that shouldn’t be inside him.

The doctor licked his lips quickly, contemplating whether or not he should actually tell his patient how the most important person in the world to him had exactly vanished. “She was talking to one of the surgeons while she was on her way here,” he finally decided to speak, his knuckles white from gripping the metal foot of the bed so tightly, “there was ice on the road, she must have spotted it before she lost control of the vehicle on it.”

He couldn’t even breathe now, his chest quivering; it really was all his fault. You knew you wouldn’t make it, you knew your body couldn’t be saved from the accident, but you could save his. He refused to accept it.

Taehyung tried to swallow, knowing full well he was kidding himself, but he could never forgive himself for trying, burdened with the fact that you died for him. “You said, in the event that she died,” he clenched his teeth together at the word, it tasted so bitter on his tongue, “so does that mean there’s a chance that-”

The look the doctor gave him stopped him again. “No, Taehyung. Her neck snapped immediately on impact. She was gone before she even knew she’d been hit.”

The choked sobs finally escaped then, and he wailed like he was dying as his whole body shook, and he groaned to himself why you wouldn’t at least try to save yourself, the doctor quickly stepping up to the iv machine.

“This is for your own good, Taehyung, you don’t want to put yourself back in theatre.”

It had to be a sedative, what the doctor was pushing into him, his eyes feeling sore with exhaustion, his limbs no longer finding the strength to thrash around, his skin bleeding so much that he could see the bandage on his chest soak more and more with red dots before they melded together into a pond of his helplessness. His voice was quiet, calm and soothing when he spoke to Taehyung again, hand retracting from the syringe he’d been steadily pressing down on.

“We were able to save four other lives, too. Thanks to her consent, five people can live on.”

But what if Taehyung didn’t want to live on?

The crushing fatigue was too much for him, he had to give up and rest, and through the impossible weight of all the guilt, he could swear that before he closed his eyes for the last time, you were in the same room with him, standing by his bed wearing a worried smile, your fingers gently moving from his forehead into his hair like they always did when he tossed and turned at night because he couldn’t even sleep without you.


He stepped slowly, his body weighed down with an invisible force, his feet struggling to find the motivation to keep pressing forwards; but he had to do this, he owed it at the very least.

Through all the therapy and medication, there was no instructions about how to handle the loss of you, his most favourite person in the whole wide world, the reason he could keep going on for all that time, continue smiling and seeing the positivity in the same world that discarded him before he had a chance to live.

You never deserved to be extinguished, especially not for him; how could he not feel like it was his fault? He’d let them call you, he knew you’d worry and you’d do something silly, but even in your last moments you were completely selfless, putting his rapidly diminishing state of healthy over your own.

He’d made sure you had the best headstone, ordering one made completely of coloured glass, purples and blues and oranges dancing together over the bright green field, engraving it with the most curvaceous font he could find. The world had to know that you were different, you didn’t deserve to go like this, to have to lie still in the ground at such a young age. They had to see the colours you could never see in yourself cast over the earth in such a captivating brilliance that Taehyung couldn’t even see without.

He started to choke up before he could help himself, letting himself fall to his knees right in front of where you lay, crying the hardest he ever had. His fingers buried into the dirt through the newly grown grass, having to just hold onto something that he could call you.  He lay with his chest right over where you had to be, his arms spread like he was trying to hug you through the layers of dirt and the harsh wooden box he had to leave you in.

He had no flowers to give you, no wreath, no picture frame filled with your bright smiling face to lay beneath your name. He tried to breathe, his heart racing fast enough for both of you, his lungs struggling to work as if they still belonged to you, and his own diseased lungs were still trapped inside him.

He swore to himself as he finally regained control over his breathing, nails digging harder into the soft grass, his eyes trained on the single flower that grew upwards from the soil, the daisy’s petals a soft mellifluous yellow like the flowers that would bloom from the ground wherever you stepped.

Let Me Put On A Show: Jonghyun and Taemin Threesome

Originally posted by jinqki

Based off this request

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader x Taemin

Word Count:  3k

Content: Jonghyun and Taemin invite you over to hang and you end up playing strip Monopoly. Things get very x-rated. +Taemin taking orders, getting watched as you have sex, and a threesome(kind of).  

Written By: Bambi

Authors’ Note: I worked on this a lot and I’m really proud of it and it’s only my second smut I’ve written so I’d really appreciate any type of feedback! I hope everyone reading enjoys this and I really hope that the anon who requested likes it the most! Happy reading! 


  You didn’t exactly know how you got into the predicament you were in. You didn’t exactly care to get out of it either. It was a game of strip Monopoly that ended with you sandwiched in between Jonghyun and Taemin. You only wore your panties, Teamin was completely naked and Jonghyun was only missing his shirt.

   The actual Monopoly game was Jonghyuns idea. He always knew how to spice up a boring night and this night was one of the plainest you’d had in a while.

   Jonghyun had called you earlier that night complaining that him and Taemin were bored and alone. They had wanted to have some sort of bonding night with the other members of SHINee but Minho and Onew both were busy filming their respective dramas and Key had claimed to forget the night had even been scheduled. After a ten minute phone call with Jonghyun and Taemin both taking turns to  whine into the phone you had gave in.

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A Love Contained to Saturday Nights

Request: “Can I request Percival Graves x reader inspired by beyonce’s song “drunk in love”? i love your fics omg” + “Some real angst with Percival Graves which ends okay (fluffy)? I don’t know about the plot so I leave it to you just because you’re incredible. I need more Percy in my life thank you”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 2573

Warnings: ANGST

A/n: ok so I kinda stretched the lyrics a bit to make it fit the scenario I made up but I think it ended up fitting pretty well? Anyway, enjoy!

I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking

It always happened when you were drunk. Percival couldn’t have you any other way. You thought of it as both a blessing, and a curse; to have his body in the night time, then wake up in the morning alone, pushing down the feelings of regret and longing.

He only loves me when he’s drunk you thought every time the light beams through the curtains stirred you every Sunday morning. It had turned into a ritual of sorts, an almost cruel one. He would ignore you all week, then see you out with your friends on Saturday night down at the busiest bar in town. You’d have a couple drinks, become entranced once again by those deep eyes, then end up at your apartment. Every time you would wake up alone, the bedsheets cold and bare.

But when they were occupied, scrunched in your hands and warm under your sweaty bodies - those were the moments that made this whole arrangement alright. It had become an unspoken truce, that you would get a night of bliss with the man you loved once a week, and the other six days would play out as if you didn’t exist to each other. You had tried to talk to him at work, even catching him out of his office when you were both on your breaks to get coffee. But each time you encountered him sober it was like seeing a ghost, only a fraction of the man you’d once known. He treated you with respect, and was always polite, but was hurried when talking to you. He knew that if he looked at you for too long he would fall, carelessly, into a pitfall trap from which he could never recover. He was terrified of how you made him feel, and so locked you away until he could release the desperation for a time, concealed from the rest of the world by the strong stench of alcohol and cover of darkness.

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Just a PSA….I went gif happy….like really gif happy. So just a warning. :)

The night was winding down to an end and despite feeling like you had drank way too much, you were still enjoying what was left of the night. Tony always knew how to throw a good party because at the end of the day, it was always the Avengers that stuck around the longest. Everyone had long since gone home to their nice, comfy beds and passed out from all the rich food and alcoholic beverages. 

You could feel your eyelids droop as Clint made a silly remark about the Mjolnir. Chuckling to yourself, you leaned your body back on the couch, letting everything you’ve consumed get the best of you.

Steve leaned towards you, concern washing over his face. “You feeling okay?” His voice was low to keep from anyone else to hear. 

Smiling, you nodded your head. “I’m fine, just a little light headed.” You had a soft spot for Steve and you weren’t sure if you actually truly liked him or if it was because he was the one who had found and saved you. It had been awhile since he had rescued you from HYDRA. You were brainwashed as well but not nearly as long as his friend had, you knew very little information about The Winter Soldier. He was supposed to be a ghost but you vaguely remembered working on a few missions with him. 

It was all blurry, the memories of HYDRA. All you really could remember was the torturous electroshock therapy you had to go through to build into your body the intense physical training you endured. It was still strange to you that you could essentially pick up any kind of gun and have such precision. You hardly ever missed your target, similar to Clint with his arrows. It was a tough road piecing together everything about yourself and despite wanting to scream and shut yourself out from the world, Steve was there to guide you from it. 

He always made a point to ask how your day was going even if he was beaten head to toe with bruises and cuts from a mission. You were still on a pardon, only being used if they absolutely needed you. It was driving you crazy but you understood, Steve didn’t want to risk you choking in a fight and losing your life because you weren’t ready. You don’t know how many times you had argued with him but he was firm on getting the all clear and even then he would need to be reassured himself that you were ready.

“Do you need to go home? I can take you, if you’d like.” Steve smiled, “I don’t mind.” 

You tried to fight back a blush but you knew it surfaced by the look on Steve’s face. He turned shyly away and you sighed. “It’s alright. I’m sure I can wait the few hours out.” 

About to respond, he was called up to try his hand at the Mjolnir. Watching him, you chuckled as you took a breath and gripped the handle. You swore you saw it budge, your eyes snapped up Thor’s who wore a look of worry. With your mouth hanging open slightly, you returned to a smile once Steve couldn’t make it move again. Thor seemed quite pleased with the result and settled back into his normal gloat. 

You weren’t positive if you were just being hyper-aware of Steve’s presence but you were pretty darn sure that when he sat down, he sat closer than he was prior. You sipped on the room temperature wine that you had been nursing for the last two hours to prevent him from seeing your pink cheeks again. Every now and again, you’d peek through your hair and find him looking at you which would prompt your face to flush all over again. 

“[Y/N]! Your turn!”

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Thank you- Jason Todd x reader

Prompt: Person A:Is that a knife in your shoulder? Person B: Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you :) Person A: Nope, that’s a knife Person B: But I am happy to see you With Jason as person B (requested by @jadedhillon, hope you like it)
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If there’s anything they teach you more than anything in Gotham is to never go out alone, even less at night. But when you have vigilantes roaming the streets at night, guarding the city and keeping it safe, sometimes it’s easy to forget those rules.

It was a cold night, you were on your way home after leaving your friend’s bachelorette party, the second this year to have one. As your friend got praised and showered in congratulations, you were bombarded with the same old questions, when is the wedding?, For when the ring? And the worst of all, when will you have a boyfriend?

That’s why you left, it was enough with you thinking about it and your mother asking you the same. You knew none of it was with bad intention but sometimes you wished for them to shut up and a bit of luck.

As you approached your building, something that wasn’t the wind send a shiver up your spine.

The sound of steps behind you and the unmistakable stench of alcohol put you in alert. You thought of your options. You could run to your apartment and maybe manage to outrun them but wearing heels it looked impossible. Shouting may work but the way things were in this city, no one would come out to your aid.

You sped up your pace, hearing them laugh as they got closer, whistling at you trying to get your attention, your heart started to beat faster full with adrenaline and fear. You turned on a street hoping to loose them, only to find yourself with a dead end. No way, your luck couldn’t be this bad. Keeping your composure became something of the past, your mind trying to calm down, looking for a way out. You only hoped they weren’t too close, maybe you could turn and leave still with a little advantage on your side.

As you turned back to leave the men were already there, blocking the only exit. Shit. Four bulky guys sweating and drunk were looking at you, shouting the filthiest things and whistling at you like you were a dog. The one on the front was the first to move, calming the others as he approached you, licking his lips and eating you with lustful eyes. A gleam caught your eyes, a knife in his hand.

You tried to back away until you had your back against the wall, not daring to cry despite the fear pressing your chest. You were not giving them the satisfaction.

“Look what we’ve got here boys.” he spat, twisting the knife in his hand. “A little bitch looking for his master ain’t ya’?” a smirk on his face, pointing the knife at you.

“Go fuck yourself!” you shouted with a little more confidence than you felt.His smirk fell, being replaced by anger, his eyes shooting fire and his mouth wide open showing his teeth.

“It looks like she ain’t trained.” the rest of them laughed. “I guess someone has to teach her a lesson, right boys?” a round of cheers and laugh followed his words, until he raised a hand to shut them.

He raised his arm ready to stab you. Your eyes flew closed and your arms raised, trying to shield yourself, preparing for a blow that never came. The sound of confusion and grunting made you look. A tall man in a red helmet was standing in front of you, facing your attacker.

“Don’t you idiots know, that’s not how you treat a lady?”

“Now, save yourselves the pain and leave, please?” you could hear a smirk on his voice, which left you confused. Is he enjoying this.

“Are you stupid or what? We are four, and you’re alone. The one who needs to leave is you, asshead.” they all laughed, clearly drunk as they had no idea of what was going on.

“You shouldn’t have said that.” he said, flexing his muscles before attacking. As you saw him fight you realised those men never held a chance. You’ve heard of Nightwing, the way he fought was fluid and acrobatics more than anything, nothing like the one in front of you, even Robin’s moves seemed more controlled as if he’d known them from birth. But this was the Red Hood, he was pure brute force, anger flowing through every punch and not holding back a single move.

The four men were left unconscious and he was barely panting. When he fished cuffing the last man he looked at you. You had hid behind a dumpster the whole fight and just now where you coming out.

“Are you alright?” he asked, lending you a hand.

“Y-yes, thank you.” you said, taking his hand and pulling you up. You looked as he took off his helmet, revealing a handsome face and a mane of black hair with a white streak. Your heart gave a leap.

“Good, did they hurt you?” himself getting closer to you, checking for any injuries. “No.” your voice faltered at the sudden proximity of your bodies.

“You know, it’s not usual that I get to rescue someone as pretty as you.” a grin drawing in his face.

Was he flirting? A smile grew on your face at the thought of it.

“Well then, I’d say I was lucky you…!” you stopped as a gleam caught you eye. “Is that… what the… is that a knife on your shoulder?” you shouted, more from the impression than anything.

“Or maybe, I’m just happy to see you.” he shot you another smirk. How could he be so calm, if it were you, you might have fainted already and yet he was there, as if nothing had happened, flirting shamelessly.

“No, dude, seriously that’s a knife.” you said, pointing at it.

“But I am happy to see you.” you rolled your eyes, the guy talked as if he’d died before. You had your feelings torn between utter exasperation or complete gratitude towards him. He had saved you, he took a knife for you, and even in that state he still managed to fight those guys. More than gratitude you felt something else, admiration? Your head needed time to decide.

“You have to take it out.” a serious tone in your voice. “My place is just a block away, I can help you patch up there.” you said, your hand moving towards his shoulder.

He moved to grab your wrist, stopping you from reaching the knife. “Don’t touch it, it may not look like it but that thing is paining me like you have no idea and taking it out may just make it worse.”

“But it will be worse if you leave it there! It could get infected!” twisting your hand to free from his grip.

“Still, better leave it there honey.” he said, taking a step away from you.

“Oh, come on!” you stepped forward, your hand grabbing his collar and your head finally deciding on what it felt. You pulled him down and pressed your lips against his.

A sight left him at the sudden kiss, but it was quickly forgotten as he got into it just as fast. You could feel his hands on your back, making their way to your shoulders and finally resting on your cheeks, cooing your face tenderly while he kissed you. A tender kiss that became something else, his hands becoming stronger as he grabbed you, responding to your moves as your hands trailed up his body resting on his shoulders. You felt him wince at the touch but without stopping the kiss. You pressed yourself against him, trying to get as close as you could.

The moment you felt him lower his guard, your hand finally there and with a swift quick move you took the knife out, breaking the kiss and making him back away.

“What the… God it hurts.” he said, pressing the wound with his hand.

“Stop whining.” you said with a smile. “Now, let’s go patch you up so maybe we can continue where we left off.”
Doused in Bleach

So this is a scenario that popped up in my head. Originally I thought about writing it as a full-fledged story but I have too many going on right now and too many I want to do. So I decided to one shot it. I’ve never done a reader POV before and hope it’s alright. I was inspired by @sexintheseireitei and @soul-reaper-imagines so I hope this is enjoyed!


Doused in Bleach

By: bleachfanficfanatic

Sighing you step outside onto the terrace. The night sky is clear and the breeze chilly but you welcome it. The heat inside is just too much. That or perhaps it’s having had to endure the intense stare of a certain red headed shinigami. You sigh again, thinking back over the months you’ve been here, hiding in plain sight and trying to survive. Because you don’t belong here, not really. You’re not even sure how you got here but you know you have to get back.

You feel his eyes again, staring at your back but before he can make his way to you a gentler and less oppressive figure steps up next to you.

“Are you ok ____-chan?” Inoue-san asks you.

You turn and give her a small smile but you know she isn’t fooled. Inoue-san sees and understands more than anyone gives her credit for.

“Hai, Inoue-san, just…tired I guess. It’s been a long day.” You take another deep breath and push away from the balcony. “I think I’m going to head back, it was good to see you and Kurosaki-san again.” You smile for real this time; you love seeing these two so happy, finally together after everything they’ve been through.

She gives your hand a reassuring squeeze reminding you she’s there to talk if you want. You’re amazed at how welcoming and warm almost everyone has been since you got here. For the most part, they’ve respected your privacy, interpreting your reticence as either shyness or the result of significant trauma, which you know they know all too well. They just don’t know that you know way more than you should.

Because you’re really not from around here. They aren’t even supposed to be real. As you walk through the hall towards the main doors you think back to your first day here. The first day you woke up in the anime Bleach.

You should have known something was wrong the moment you woke up. You just didn’t feel…right. Stretching taught muscles your eyes opened and immediately you sucked in a deep breath. “Where the hell am I?” Looking at your surroundings you’d been startled to see plain wood walls and feel a decidedly uncomfortable futon mattress beneath your butt. Lifting your hand you’d almost screamed…you…you were animated!

Tearing out of the room your eyes widened further. You recognized this place, knew it as much as the back of your hand considering how much time you’d spent watching anime. You were in Soul Society. You were a soul! Not just a soul, but a death god, or at least one in training. Overwhelmed you ran like a freaking idiot only to collide with something hard.  


“Watch the fuck where you’re going!” a rough voice had said and you’d frozen on the ground.


Slowly your eyes trailed up landing on the face of the annoyed male towering over you. Abarai Renji, lieutenant of the sixth division. You just crashed into…Abarai-fukutaichou!


As if the whole situation couldn’t have gotten any worse the first words out of your mouth were, “Am I dead?”


He’d looked at you like you were crazy and at that moment you’d felt you were. It was all just too bizarre. A beat of silence passed before he reached down and hauled you to your feet effortlessly. “Be a little more careful next time,” he admonished a bit softer in tone and then left you standing gaping like a fish.

Your memories move in succession over the last few months. Somehow you and Renji always seemed to be running into each other. Eventually he began teasing that you were stalking him. You insisted that wasn’t the case. In your own mind you knew, if anything, you’d been trying to avoid him. You’d been trying to find a way back home but nothing was working.

“Come out for a drink with us ____-chan,” Renji had said one night standing with Ikkaku, Yumichika and Rangiku. Despite your protests the three shinigami easily dragged you to their favorite bar where you nursed a saucer of sake all night. The last thing you needed was for alcohol to loosen your tongue so you just enjoyed the moment with the three of them, your heart warm that they would want to include you.

And so it went, day after day, week after week you grew closer to all the people…no characters…from an anime you’d loved for so long. You eventually even met Ichigo and Orihime and every time you met someone “new” you had to hold back asking them tons of questions about things you, for all intents and purposes, had no business knowing about them. The effort to remain purposefully oblivious while maintaining the lies you’d told about yourself had become exhausting and you found yourself, as much as you had grown to love these people even more since getting to know them, missing your world and your home. Plus, this world was really fucking scary. The first time you’d gone on a mission was of course with Renji and you’d almost become hollow food.

“____-chan, watch out!” shouted Renji as a black claw almost took your head off. Thankfully being in the Bleach world had imbued you with the same abilities you’d seen countless times on TV but actually performing said abilities was another matter entirely. You were scared shitless and no matter how much you told yourself you were a shinigami and could do this your legs wouldn’t move. Your zanpakuto felt like heavy lead, trembling in your shaking hands. As the blow was just about to land an orange shield popped up. Inoue-san!


Sending a thankful glance her way you finally were able to get yourself to move, albeit in retreat rather than attack.


Eventually when the fighting was over you found yourself cornered by a very angry lieutenant.


“What the fuck was that? Were you trying to get yourself killed?” he bellowed and you decided he really was as scary in “real life” as you’d always thought he’d be. Tears stung the edges of your eyes but you fought them more valiantly than you had the hollow which had tried to kill you.


Ichigo stepped up then, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Hey Renji, let up a bit, she’s fine.”


Renji whirled around on him. “She’s supposed to be able to handle herself!” Turning back around his eyes held fire and…something else you weren’t sure of at the moment. “When we get back you can expect a fuck ton of training, got it _____-chan?” You nodded meekly and he walked away, leaving Orihime to comfort you.


He hadn’t lied. The bastard trained you during every spare moment the two of you had which was a lot more than you thought he should have given his responsibilities as a fukutachio, but you were never allowed to refuse. You could see the “special treatment” you were getting didn’t go unnoticed by the other members of division six but Renji either didn’t notice or didn’t care. You had no idea why he was so motivated to help you in particular but because you were under his command you had to go along with his orders.

Though he was tough on you, you were thankful for it when the next time you were sent on a mission with him you managed to take care of two hollows all on your own. The look of pride on his face had been unexpected as had the warm stirring in your heart. And that was when you realized you were in trouble and had to get out of there. You absolutely could not fall for Renji, not for real. Sure, you’d harbored a fierce crush on him while watching the anime and reading the manga (you’d always been a sucker for muscles and tattoos) but actually allowing yourself to truly fall for him was pure idiocy.

Just as you’d made this decision you began to pick up on the tell tale signs that something had shifted with him too. His gaze lingered a bit longer on you during roll call, he was still giving you private training lessons, coming up with any manner of excuse to get you alone and each time your heart was torn between elation and dread.

A particularly intense sparring match the previous evening had nearly undone all your resolve.

Renji had been being even more aggressive than usual, his hits and strikes harder, quicker, and more intense. A leg shot out catching your own sending you to the ground. Before you could get up Renji was on you, pinning your hands above your head and your hips under his own. You struggled but it was no use; he was just too damn strong. This felt like one of the scenarios you’d written in one of your own fanfics but this was…this was real!


Your heart was pounding, eyes half hooded looking up into his gorgeous face that was lined with sweat, the result of his relentless pursuit to put you into submission. A heated look, very different from anything you’d ever seen in his eyes, immobilized you more than his own form had. As if in slow motion he leaned down, his face getting closer and closer to yours, making your breath hitch. Just before he touched his lips to yours you breathed out, “Don’t, please.” The look in his eyes shifted from want to hurt and it pierced your heart but you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t allow this to happen no matter how much you wanted it to.


For just a moment you thought he wasn’t going to listen then chastised yourself; this was Renji. He was respectful and protective of you, even from himself because he finally rose to his feet. You knew how much you’d hurt him when he strode off without a word, not even bothering to help you up. As you heard the training room door slide shut firmly you allowed yourself some tears; you truly cared about that man but had to let him go. Anything more between you would just hurt you both more.


Just as you are about to make it to the door Rukia is blocking your path and she looks pissed. Without warning she pulls you aside and hisses out, “I don’t know what happened or what changed but know this, keep hurting Renji and I’ll hurt you!”

You’re shocked. “Kuchiki-taichou,” you begin slowly, trying to keep your voice even and respectful even though you are boiling mad, “I don’t know who told you what but there is not and never was anything going on between Abarai-fukutaichou and myself.”

Her grip on your sleeve moves in a flash to your collar. For someone so small she sure is strong. “Bullshit,” she spits viciously, “I’ve known him almost my whole life! I know him through and through and seeing him with you…”she trails off, her eyes softening marginally. Oh Kami-sama, has she finally realized how she feels about him and you are getting in the way of it? You, who has no intention of staying here once you’re able to find your way out, are a blockade to these two getting together?

“Kuchiki-taichou,” you say lowly easing your hand to hers that still grips your collar although much more loosely, “Forgive me for overstepping but…perhaps you see something between us because you finally see him for all he’s worth and you don’t want to lose him.”

You see the surprise in her eyes at your bold words but then she surprises you back by smiling faintly. “No, ____-chan, I’ve always known Renji’s worth. I love him, but it’s familiar love.”

“Then why are you so angry at me?” You can’t stop the question coming from your mouth.

She fixes you with a firm stare. “Because for the first time since I’ve known him I see him looking at someone like Ichigo looks at Orihime and I don’t want him hurt. So, whatever happened between you two, please…please fix it.” Her words pierce your heart and you can’t believe this is happening. You know how you feel but to hear from someone outside of the little bubble you and Renji had inadvertently created around yourselves that they see something deeper from him to you…it’s overwhelming.

Unable to say anything you nod. It’s a blatant lie, but you have to get out of here. Satisfied that is the best she is going to get from you Rukia returns to the party. Once the coast is clear you walk out the door.

Your sandals scrape against the gravel covered ground, the quiet of the night discomforting because it allows your thoughts to keep wandering back to Renji. How could you have let this happen? So lost in your own thoughts you don’t sense he’s near until it’s too late; not that you could get away anyway. Even with excessive training you’re still not that great at shunpo. Plus, Renji’s been trained by the best in the shunpo business outside of Yoruichi.

In another move straight out of a shoujo manga Renji has you pinned up against the wall of the nearest building. His hands are on either side of your head, his gloriously firm body pressed against yours. But what is holding you in place more than anything else is his eyes, always his eyes. They are full of pain, confusion, hurt, some anger and…faintly…hope.

“____-chan,” he says and his voice is raspy with the overlaid emotions, “Why are you running from me? I thought…” he trails off, averting his gaze for a moment before forcing it back to your own. He wants you to know how serious he is. “I thought…we have…had…something between us?”

You swallow the lump in your throat. This is it, you have to get him to believe there’s nothing here and he should just move on.


“Renji,” he interrupts and your downcast eyes shoot back up to his face. You shake your head. No, you can’t call him Renji, you can’t increase the already too deep intimacy between the two of you. You try to pull away forgetting the wall behind you but he sees the movement nonetheless and frowns. “____-chan, you…you’re not afraid of me, are you?”

Truthfully, yes, you’re terrified but it’s not because you think he’ll hurt you. It’s the complete opposite. You know, instinctively and from the little bit he’s allowed to show his care of you, that he’d been amazing as a significant other. So you shake your head, a few stray tears sliding down your cheeks. His calloused hands move to cup your face, thumbs brushing away the salty trails of pain and he leans his forehead against yours. Both of your eyes are closed, breaths mingling between you as the silence carries on.

“Tell me why,” he says breaking it, “Tell me why you told me to stop last night.”

You hitch your breath. You can’t open your eyes, can’t allow yourself to be swayed by his intense stare, the emotional storm brewing in his eyes.

“___-chan, look at me,” he says in a pleading tone and it cracks your heart more. He’s breaking through, slowly tearing down the wall you’d barely constructed to keep him out. Shit, you really are a weakling.

Opening your eyes you can’t believe how he looks. His face is completely open, completely vulnerable. Without a word he’s baring his heart and soul to you. Taking a deep breath you decide you owe him the truth. Hell, maybe it will make him think you’re crazy and he should stay the hell away from you. The thought hurts but you press on; this has to be done.

“Abarai-“ he fixes you with a glare and you amend to, “Renji.” He smiles faintly for the first time all night and it’s like seeing the sun after a heavy storm. Taking another deep breath you start again, “Renji, it’s not that you’re wrong. I…there is something between us…but mostly it’s lies.” You see confusion flash over his face but before he can speak you continue on, “You see, I…I haven’t been honest with you…at all. About….about who I am…where I came from…” you trail off.

He pulls back thankfully to give you some breathing room but stays close, his hands resting on your waist. “Tell me,” he says and you look back at him.

“Well, this is going to sound crazy but…I’m not from here and I’m not talking about Soul Society. I’m talking about…from this world…this whole world.” You can see he’s confused, who wouldn’t be by what you’re saying?

Huffing out in frustration with yourself you finally just spit it out. “Renji, I’m from a completely different world. A world where all of this,” you trail your hands and eyes around the two of you before fixing your eyes back on his face, “Where you…are not real. You’re all a part of a manga called Bleach.”

For a moment there is complete silence as he takes in your words. Then he bursts out laughing. Shocked at the loud sound you get angry. He’s laughing at you! You push against his chest but his grip only tightens. “Pretending to be crazy isn’t going to deter me ____-chan,” he chuckles. Were you not so pissed off you would think such a thing to be sweet. But he’s laughing at you, laughing at what you are, who you are, your world!

You push again, much more firmly and say with all the anger you can pull from your chest, “Get the fuck off me Abarai.” You see surprise in his face as he registers that you’re serious. You’re serious and you’re pissed. His surprise provides an opening and you slip from his grasp but you don’t make it far before he’s gripping your wrist again.

Before you can yell to let go he speaks. “Alright, ____-chan, let’s say you’re right, that all of this and all of us are really a part of a made up world. How the hell did you end up here then?” He turns to face you as he ends his question.

You feel your anger melting to be replaced by frustration. “If I knew that I would have already made it back to where I belong!” you say heatedly. You’re not prepared for what happens next. Renji pulls you violently into his arms, his lips colliding with yours in a heated, passionate kiss. A deep moan pulls from your throat and before you can stop yourself your hands are around his neck, finger tips digging into the base of his pony tail. His lips massage yours open, his tongue hot and wicked in your mouth stealing your very breath. His arms constrict around your waist tighter in an effort, you swear, to fuse your bodies together.

Finally he pulls back and you both suck in air. Trailing a hand through your hair he grasps the back of your head, firmly holding you still to look into his eyes. “Where you belong,” he says throatily, “is with me.”

Any protest on your part dies in another searing kiss. You’ve wanted this, oh Kami-sama how you have, for so long. It was as if you’d been drawn to him like a magnet and the efforts to alter your polarization has left you weak willed and vulnerable. Renji Abarai, the Renji Abarai, just basically confessed that he wants you.


“Renji,” you breathe out as his mouth moves to suckle your throat sending tingles down your spine. God he’s good at this! Your brain is muddled, fogging more and more the longer he kisses your skin, holds you close, as if you’re his lifeline.

You don’t remember moving but soon you’re down on your back on a futon; his futon. You’re in his private quarters and he’s pinned you to his bed. Kami-sama help you, this is going too fast! It’s not like you’ve never done this before but it was always with someone you were established with. Pushing on his shoulder gets him to briefly come out of his lust filled haze to look down at you.

You’re both breathing hard, chests rising and falling as you struggle to gain back your breath.

“Renji,” you start again, “I…I can’t do this…I’m not meant to be here and taking things this far is just going to hurt both of us.”

He leans down, kissing you gently. His tenderness pulls at your heart and you can’t stop yourself from kissing him back. Pulling away again he trails his hand down the side of your face. His eyes are full of adoration and a slight smirk quirks his lips up. “____-chan, I don’t care if it’s for one more day or until the end of our lives, I want you. I want to be with you, for as long as we have. Please,” he leans down and kisses your neck again pulling a sigh from your lips, “Please let me show you how much I love you.”

Your breath hitches; love? He loves you?! No one…no one has ever said those words to you, never made you feel like you were the most important person in their whole world, or rather made you their whole world. It’s overwhelming and humbling and terrifying all at once because you allow yourself to embrace what you’ve known for a while now; you’ve fallen in love with him too.

“Show me,” you whisper and you feel him pause, possibly from shock that you’ve suddenly agreed. But the next moment he’s flung himself up to his knees and pulled open his kosode. Rippling muscles and tattoos emerge before your hungry gaze. You’ve seen him like this, of course, in all the manga and images you’ve looked up, but nothing compares to it in real life. Leaning up you trail your hands over his heated skin.

“Kami-sama, you’re gorgeous,” you whisper and he grins at you. Clearly the ego had been stroked but you don’t care, you’ve been lying to him since day one and you’re not going to lie to him now. He reaches down and undoes your hakama-himo, pulling apart your layers quickly but gently. When you are bare before him in nothing but a bra and panties his trails his heavy gaze over you, almost like a caress.

Leaning down his rock hard chest presses against your breasts and you sigh. He really is all muscle. Lips tease the skin of your neck, trailing up to your ear whose lobe gets nipped playfully. Strong arms wrap around you and pull up your torso to get access to the clasp of your bra. With one flick of his wrist it’s released and your breasts spill out.

Once you’re on your back again Renji looks at you once more. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he whispers before latching onto a pert nipple and sucking firmly.

“Oh god Renji,” you breath and feel him grin against your skin. His mouth and tongue are weapons of mass pleasure inducement and you can feel your panties becoming soaked with your own essence the longer he laps and suckles your breasts, switching back and forth between the two and alternating the mouth action with a firm massage from his hand. Soon you feel his fingers teasing over your covered core and you groan at this touch, your hand flying to the back of his head and gripping his hair firmly.

He chuckles. “Seems someone’s eager,” he teases and you smack his back making him laugh.

The next moment cool air hits your heated center when the panties are ripped from your body. You’ve read and written this scenario a dozen times but experiencing it is so much better. One finger and then two enter you and your rasping out, “Renji!” The next second you’re moaning loudly as his tongue caresses your folders, teasing you by staying just out of reach of where you really want him. Bucking up your hips you whimper, “Please Renji, please.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” he rumbles against your thigh then plunges his tongue fully into you making you scream out.

He delves deeper, pushing what you have now determined to be your most favorite muscle he possesses, further into your dripping core.

“Oh god, Renji, yes, yes, please!” you beg and finally he circles your clit once with his tongue before latching his lips over it and sucking hard. You are sure your throat will be raw tomorrow from your screaming and also sure anyone within a ten mile radius of his home will know just who is doing what to you. But none of that matters because Renji Abarai has just given you the best orgasm of your life and he loves you.

You barely catch your breath before his hakama are whipped off and he’s plunging his full length into you. “Oh shit,” you cry out but it feels so good. You finally open your eyes and when they meet his you can’t help but smile pulling a grin to his lips as well. He leans down and kisses you firmly, tongue slicing through the seam of your mouth to plunder your depths above as he does the same below. His thrusts are hard and fast, his pent up lust and desire for you clearly having been held by a very thin string. That knowledge burns through your veins and as he pounds into you, you cry out, “I love you!”

His sudden halt of motion startles you. He leans down kissing you softly. Then maintaining eye contact he commands, “Tell me again.”

You smile. “I love you.” A firm thrust makes your breath catch.

He kisses you harder then breathes out, “Again, tell me again, ____-chan.”

“I love you Renji, I love you,” you say over and over because it’s true. You’ve finally allowed someone in, someone who sees potential in you and pushes you towards greatness. Someone who is passionate and sweet and caring despite his rough exterior. Someone you can literally trust with your life. Someone who won’t run away when things are hard, who will chase you when you run though you’re never going to run again.

“I love you ____-chan,” he breathes into your ear and you shudder.

He picks up the pace again, driving into you harder than before. Reaching between your legs he caresses your clit and you scream out, another orgasm surprising you.

“Oh fuck,” he growls and you can feel him coming, his warmth spreading all the way to the center of your body. When it’s over he lays on top of you kissing your forehead, your cheeks and then your lips. Cupping your face with one hand, the other occupied with keeping his full weight off of you he trails his thumb back and forth across your cheek.

“I’m yours, ____-chan, for as long as you’re here and for as long as you’ll have me,” he says looking into your eyes.

You’re overwhelmed, tears of joy trailing down your cheeks. Craning your neck up you kiss him. “As long as I’m with you, I’m home,” you say and truly believe it.

Monsta X Touches Your Boobs for the First Time

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Other Versions: SEVENTEEN (Part 2), VIXX, IKON, NCT U 

Request: Mx touches ur boobs for the first time ;-; i am sorry if u hate this topic ;-;


Jooheon: “No, don’t!” He ignores your protest as he picks you up and throws you in the pool. The impact causes your bra to come off but before the others can see, Jooheon is in the pool with you, shielding your boobs from the other members with his hands. Your glare reaches his soul and he laughs nervously while covering your chest. “No sex for a week, Lee Jooheon.”

Minhyuk: “I know you’ll do well Minhyuk, you’ve been studying for this exam for the last two months.” He puffed out his cheeks and groaned. “Just don’t stress yourself out.”

“Yeah, I’ll try not to. I need to do this for luck though,” You raised your eyebrow as he gently squeezed your boob, laughing as he kissed your cheek an jumped out the car, “Now I know I’ll pass jagiya!”

Wonho: You proceeded to give CPR to Wonho to practice for your new job as a life guard. You hovered over him as he lied on his back, “Ready when you are,” He said with that knowing smirk on his handsome face. As you leaned down and touched his lips with yours, he gave your breasts a quick but firm squeeze. His high pitched giggle sounded through the house as you chased him around, yelling at him for being such a pervert.

I.M: Everyone who drove with Changkyun knew that he had terrible road rage. “Just calm down babe, I’m sure the driver will speed up soon.” But no, the car in front of you sat at the green light for a good five seconds before Changkyun honked his horn.

“Move that piece of crap car, man!” He looked at you as you eyed him and chuckled before glancing at your chest, “Honk honk.” He grabs your boob and squeezes it like it made the honking noise. You shook your head and gave him the silent treatment for the rest of the drive.

Shownu: Shownu was working on a new dance for the group and you just so had happened to be a choreographer. You helped him and pretty soon things started to get heated. He pressed his body against yours and trailed his hand up your sides and rested them on your breasts. You didn’t stop him nor did you want to. With your consent, he proceeded to do more than just touch your chest.

Kihyun: Truth or dare with the boys was getting out of hand. Luckily you hadn’t been the victim to these crazy dares and bizarre truths, but your luck soon ran out as Jooheon dared Kihyun to feel you up. You blushed red, since you and Kihyun started dating, neither of you went past kissing. So when his strong but gentle hands made contact with your chest, you couldn’t help but feel like you wanted more. The game had to end since you and Kihyun were getting a little too fresh for you friends.

Hyungwon: Make out sessions with Hyungwon always ended with one of you being too scared to take it to the next level, but this time neither of you stopped. It was clear he wasn’t going to as he slipped your shirt off an began to massage your breasts. “I promise I’ll be careful.” He whispered to you before sending you into euphoria.


No more boobs requests  😨

A/N this is my second time writing for Carl and first platonic friendship imagine and I think I’m pretty happy with it. An imagine with the prompts 134 and 107 from this prompt list. As always, I hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Carl’s best friend tried to cheer him up after he loses his eye

Warnings: None, I don’t think

Carl Grimes

Carl was upset, that was obvious.

His eye was shot out, you couldn’t blame him. He nearly died.

So, you decided to do one of the only things you could think of; force him to get out of bed and watch a movie with you to try and cheer him.

You knocked on his door, a quiet voice calling out,“Come in.” And you did, with a big smile on your face and an old bottle of dr. Pepper and a bag of popcorn in your hands,“You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?”

He stared at you with a slightly dull expression,“I don’t know, y/n. I’m kind of tired.” You groaned, setting your things down and falling onto his bed,“You’ve been in this bed for, like, two weeks. You need to get up, even if it’s just to watch a movie. Laying around isn’t going to help you feel better, but maybe hanging out with your favorite person in the world will.”

Carl stared at you, considering your words. “Your favorite person is me, if you didn’t catch on.” You stated with a cheeky grin, wiggling your eyebrows up in down to try and get him to laugh, which worked. He chuckled, moving his blankets off of him so he could get out of his bed,“Fine, fine. What movie are we watching?”

You shrugged as he pulled on a pair of jeans, not fazed by his boxers as the two of you were strictly friends,“I dunno, some movie called Jaws.”

His eyebrows furrowed,“Hm, never heard of it.”

“Oh, my god!” You shouted, shielding your eyes with your hand to prevent yourself from witnessing the scene in front of you.

Are you scared?” Carl laughed, looking over at you. You shook your head, hand still covering your eyes. “Then why won’t you look at the screen?”

“Because I have something in my eyes, duh.” You spoke as if it were obvious, slowly removing your hand and looking at him, cringing when a girl screamed on the screen. He snorted,“Yeah, okay. Whatever you say, y/n.”

“Tell anyone about this, and I’ll kill you.” You joked, sending him a fake glare. He held his hands up mockingly,“Oh, no! I’m so scared.” You shoved him playfully, causing the two of you to forget about the movie, erupting a wrestling war between the two of you.

You didn’t mind, as all you wanted to do was cheer him up, which is exactly what you did.

Bad Habit

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Part 8

(Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Glancing over their expectant eyes, you weren’t sure you wanted Wanda in your head like that; could she face the memories of someone torturing her brother? Could you?

Words: 3309 Warnings: Mentions of blood, torture and violence…this parts get very dark, I tried not to make it too gory.

An:  It’s pretty long but didn’t read the same split up, hope you like it, there might not be a new chapter next week as I’m on holiday (hoping the length  of this one will make up for it) but fingers crossed will have a couple of one shots to queue while I’m away 😜 x

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Over and over again your last few seconds replay in your brain, Pietro’s hands around Wanda’s neck, his lifeless eyes after you violently steal his essence condemning him to die with you…except this time the scene fades to white, your eyes open and it’s blinding. You feel around trying to get your bearings, an IV was in your arm and pads and wires were attached all over your body. There’s no space around you, and you panic realising you are trapped in some kind of box. You bang your fists on the sides and rip out the wires attached to you, shielding yourself when the hatch slides open.

“Y/n you’re ok, you’re safe, breathe,” relief washes over you when Bruce’s face emerges from the bright lights. You continue to struggle for breath your chest heaving and head spinning as Bruce gently helps you out of the cradle and onto a bed, “the cradle and Pietro’s abilities healed you but we had to suppress his speed, you might feel dizzy for a while.”

“Where is he? Bucky, is he ok his head was bleeding so much and…”

“He’s in cryo, we thought it might help slow the deterioration down until you woke up, and Bucky’s fine he needed stitches and his arm still needs fixing but he wouldn’t leave you,” Bruce chuckled,“he’s been here three days, we had to practically throw him in the shower.”

You drop back against the headboard in an attempt to help the sickness in your stomach, your muscles ached so much you couldn’t really move.Three days? Only moments ago you were bleeding to death. Your hand grazes over your stomach, only soft skin under your fingers.

Bucky strolls in just in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, his hair still wet and fiddling with the sling on his arm, “I messed it up again doc, is there any change-?.”

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