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alex, after (unknowingly) called wrong number for crush: ……………

confused (not crush) recipient:

[TRANS] YNB's announcement about the cancellation of the MV for 'U'

“First of all we are sorry for having to bring you this bad news.

Due to trouble, YNB Entertainment has decided to discard KNK’s music video for ‘U’, that was scheduled to be released on the 17th. We finished shooting the music video last October. After editing the video, there were several criticisms on the lacking result product.

We tried to edit several times but due to the quality problems we decided to discard the video in the end.

In order to soothe the disappointment for the Tinkerbells that waited for the music video for ‘U’ to be released after the comeback announcement, we had decided to reveal the teaser that has went through a process of review. But since it also showed the poor quality we couldn’t feel but sorry.

From now on we will prepare KNK’s albums well, trying to reach a perfect result.

We are sorry.”

Translated by KNK Subs

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NAMJOON: But the reason why I think that we don’t have to worry is that even today we performed in front of 5000 people.