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I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too
A note from the Indivisible Team
A note for all of us who feel defeated after Sessions from the Indivisible Team: This is the long game.

A note for all of us who feel defeated after Sessions from the Indivisible Team: This is the long game. We are going to lose a lot. We are going to get good at losing. We are going to lose cabinet votes for terrible nominees. We are going to lose bills that are offensive and appalling. But while we are losing, something else is going to happen. We are going to keep raising our voices and slowly our representatives are going to start listening to us. We’ve seen it happen. 

It won’t happen because of next week’s call to action. It’ll happen over months, where you keep showing up, regularly. Then, we are going to start winning. It’ll sneak up on us. We won’t understand why we are winning. But it starts with losing in a particular way- where we raise our voices and call it out when we aren’t listened to, where we get close but not quite there.

The first 100 days of a President’s term are the honeymoon period, the moment when he’s most likely to get his agenda enacted. Trump is spending his first 100 days mired in controversy, scandal, and backbiting - and that’s because you haven’t for a moment let anyone in Washington forget just how unpopular he is.

Every time we change the narrative, every time we delay, every time there’s a newspaper story about a member of Congress avoiding his or her constituents, that’s a win. And it matters.

You have already made history. You’ve delayed the confirmation of Trump’s cabinet picks longer than any time in recent history. You stopped the gutting on the congressional ethics office. You’ve made Republicans so nervous about the repeal of the Affordable Care Act that it’s been pushed further and further down the road. You caused an uproar of historic proportions over Trump’s Muslim ban and saved lives and reunited families in the process. You’ve inspired people who have never before taken action to make their voices heard and learn how to do things like check how their members of Congress voted and call them out for it.

We’ll never even know about some of the victories - because those will be the fights that this Administration considered starting and then realized it couldn’t win.

We’re in this together. Every visit. Every call. Every loss. Every win. That’s just what friends do. #StandIndivisible

In solidarity,

The Indivisible Team

Reyes Vidal, from Mass Effect: Andromeda

Today was really really a shitty day. Got a super bad grade at one of my exams even though I revised for hours and hours. But hey, LIFE GOES ON. It happens to everyone. After all, we are all human.

So there you go, I got really inspired to write about failure because guess what? IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD.


Yes. Change it. Failure is, by definition, a lack of success. Well have you ever realized that failure can actually be a good thing

Ask yourself questions: What can I do to improve? What thing can I do differently next time? How can I avoid to make the same mistakes again?

Learn from your failures and this will lead you to success!


Failure is okay. But take this failure as a practice and work on it. Got a bad grade in vocabulary? Rewrite exercises, revise with different methods. Failure shouldn’t bring you down, it should help you to improve by showing your mistakes so as to not do them again! But if working on the thing you failed makes you too upset, just move on to another subject and try again the next day. 


Upset, angry? Let your feelings out. It’s fine. Talk to friends/family, share it on social medias, write in your journal, listen to music, whatever will make you feel better. Once you’ve had your grieving time, just don’t go back on it. It’s the past right? And the past is behind. Now time to move on and focus on the future.


How do you think singer or actress or anyone famous succeeded? Just like you, they had times when auditions went wrong, times when they didn’t get the role or didn’t get elected. It happens to everyone, even to the best of us!

And for the end, some famous quotes to remind you that you’re not a failure and I believe in you and so should you:

“Success is the ability to move from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Winston Churchill

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game-winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Michael Jordan

“Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” - Samuel Beckett


Ever tried. Ever failed. No Matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
– Samuel Beckett

This week’s spread features a blend of early spring bleakness and hope (black, gray, brown) as is appropriate for Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, which I spent the last month researching. I’m excited for April, even though it’s going to be the hardest month yet.

Dreaming of Past and Future Days (Fanfic)

Dreaming of Past and Future Days

My first Outlander fanfic! Don’t really know what will come of it. It’s AU in the sense that it begins in the premise that Claire went back though the stones when she ran and therefore was never captured by the British and sent to Fort William. It follows the plot as it was in the series, not the book. Here it goes!

Part I

I grew up without a place.

When I was a young girl that carried little weight to me. I had Uncle Lamb, our travels, a world without end. But slowly as I grew up and particularly as I became a woman, I started to feel within me a deep yearning to settle, to have a family of my very own, and to let roots grow in one place. I craved to belong.

I think that was the main thing that attracted me to Frank. He was a man, not a boy, and with him came the promise of a lifetime together, a place forever by his side, children with brown eyes and a house to spend Christmas in. I was very much in love with him, and the idea of a life with him, by our third date.

But what I’ve come to know is this: there is a place where I belong more than the life that was so real to me before. And that is the place I ought to be.


I came through the stones feeling that my head was an inch away from getting crushed. The buzzing sound erased all other things filling me with dread. I was face down on the mud and couldn’t care less. It seems the mere existence of time was irrelevant.

When I finally came to my senses in the middle of the stone circle at Craigh na Dun and regain the ability to walk I started towards Inverness and the life I had left behind.

The following days seem to blur in my memory. I know I went to Reverend Wakefield’s house and I can remember his face when he saw me. I might as well have been a ghost on Samhain. He called Frank on the telephone and I slept. This much I know – I escaped an unknown future and all the sorrow that was looming over me and embraced a dreamless darkness. Before I went to sleep I burned the clothes that I was wearing, proof of something I was very willing to deny at the time. Reverend Wakefield knew better than to ask questions.

When Frank arrived I was sitting in the living room staring at the window, each fiber of me trying to be stitched back together in one coherent Claire Randall. He opened the door and ran to take me in his arms, a joyful scream caught in this throat. He hugged me and kissed me, mouth, temples, cheeks, hair. He was crying and I don’t think I ever saw him crying…well at least not before that day. I was happy to see him but all my body felt strangely numb. He made the fatal question, the one I was preparing myself all that time to answer.

“Where were you? What happened?” He asked, unable to stop touching me in every inch of skin he could get to.

“I…I went to the stone circle to look up some plants. And then I had this freak accident… I hit my head and when I woke up I couldn’t remember anything.” I licked my dry and numbed lips and fixed a point just above his shoulder to talk to. It was harder to lie staring at his eyes.

“I didn’t know who I was or what I was doing there. I didn’t remember you…sorry. So I wonder off.”

“To where?” He sounded shocked.

“A lot of places. I was still good at nursing so I did a little bit of that.” I added. I was trying to be evasive and keeping it simple because I was never that good on bending the truth and was very afraid that he could see right through me.

“Yesterday I woke up and just had all these memories back and so I came here looking for you.” I finished with a weak smile. I peeked at the Reverend who was very overtly avoiding my gaze. He had seen the clothes I was in when I arrived and therefore knew I was not being absolutely sincere.

“That is quite a story my love. You had me sick with worrying!” He rubbed my hands and found the foreign metal touch of my silver ring. “What is that?”

“Oh…!” I swallowed a scream. I hadn’t tought about that. “Found it in the circle back then and had it on all this time. Didn’t know if it was meaningful or not.” I protectively covered the ring with my hand. Don’t think about it know, Beauchamp.

The historian in Frank couldn’t let go. “It looks rather ancient, doesn’t it? Very rudimental.”

“I guess so, yes.” I smiled weakly.

He asked more questions and I kept the answers short and vague, my mind still having trouble to adjust to the new (or old?) surroundings. I knew he was relieved beyond words, although my tale was something out of a novella.

As Frank was out arranging our trip to London I went to the back garden, seeking the peace plants and nature could always give me. Reverend Wakefield followed me outside and sat next to me in the grass, in silence, for quite some time. Then he said “Wherever you were, are you sure you’re back? Professor Randall suffered a great deal when you were…away. Are you here now?” He spoke with the softer of voices, almost a whisper.

“I’m here.” I said and shut my eyes against the soft touch of the Scottish sun. I didn’t know if I was, to be sure. But I wanted to be. It had been my choice. I just needed time to adjust, I thought. I was so tired.

We went home later that day. Or at least to the flat Frank now called home. He talked during the journey and I tried to listen and make some interested remarks. He kept saying that our life started now anew, everything will be better from now on. I wished it ardently to be so.

When we arrived I took a bath with running water, something I had dreamt about countless times during my stay at Leoch. Leoch. I started to think about the castle, Mrs.Fitz, Collum, Dougal, Ned…Jamie. I felt shattered, like a ship after a mighty storm and a wreck, and couldn’t find the strength to let my emotions and thoughts run free. I put my heart in a vault and locked it away for some time.

When Frank came to bed he touched me lightly, a question of the flesh, and for the first time in my shared life with him, I pretended to be asleep.

The next day Frank had some classes he couldn’t miss and I was left to my own devices. I walked for hours in the street, absorbing all life in the twentieth century had to offer, trying to find joy in little things. I chose to be there. It was my time, my place, my people. I had my life back and Frank. My husband. I should be filled with happiness.

I brushed with a tall red-haired man on Piccadilly and my stomach crumped in a tight ball. “He is in the past Beauchamp, twice over, get a fucking grip!” I reprimand myself. It was taking me more time than I have presumed to come to my senses.

I went home, put on a brave face and made dinner, determined to mend my relationship with my husband.

That night Frank made love to me.

I came to bed after brushing my always stubborn hair and he was already there, waiting for me. He turned to me in silence and took my mouth with a desperation that was somewhat overwhelming. In that moment I couldn’t think of a reason not to let him do as he wished and so I laid there as he took my body, trying so hard not to think at all, to be lost in a moment of pure release that could quell all my doubts. During all the years we’ve spent together our encounters were always satisfying and filled with passion. Frank was as refined and methodic in love as he was in his studies. He always managed to rouse me to him and filled me with a burning desire.

But this time only a shell was there. I tried desperately to seek oblivion, to be in the moment there with him or at least to be lost in him, and couldn’t. My body didn’t rouse to him. In fact, I was for the first time wishing the sex to be over and to seek the peacefulness of deep sleep.

During the war we had spent years apart with only brief rendez-vous to remind us of the meaning of our marriage. And still I never felt him so much a stranger as I did that night. Could it be that some months have changed us more than years of battlefields?

When he reached his release he looked me very close in the eyes and I was afraid he could see there how torn I was.

“I love you, Claire.” He said tenderly. My eyes started tearing up and so I closed them and softly kissed his lips.

Afterwards he was asleep and I tried to join him there without success. I rolled in bed for what seemed like hours, my body aching for something I could not quite comprehend. When I finally came to sleep was almost morning.

That was the first time I dreamt about Jamie.

No strangers on the Golden Eagle (Snowbaz)

AU where Simon and Baz do not get together in their years at Watford. Simon stayed together with Agatha. However fate leads to the oddest of places in the world for soulmates to reunite.


Everything felt wrong. Everything was wrong.

I looked up at the ceiling of my compartment and enjoyed the silence. It has been so long since I have got a chance to sit somewhere no one is talking to me. No one is staring at me and demanding me to answer.
I have been trying so hard but I just ended up failing. Images fall in front of me. Failing to take down the Humdrum again and again. Agatha kicking me out of her place. She told that we were either going to get married or fall apart, she said that she had to make the better decision for both of us. I think I must have become sort of twisted in my own sense and that I completely agree with her. I didn’t argue, I just silently agree with her. I left without saying anything to her. There was nothing I needed to say and everything I wanted to say would have only upset her further. If she was the one leaving, I wouldn’t chase after her.

I have no plan so here I am. I am 24 with less than a plan for life. I searched where to get away from it all and my search has lead me to the longest train railway. It is called the trans-Siberian railway. It cuts through all of Russia. It takes 9 days to travel it all but I will be going for 15 days as I will be stopping in some of the more memorable places. The most promising thing for me was the promise of spending days with little outside your window that trees and rivers. Maybe I will find out what to do next somewhere there. If not, I have a cool experience behind me.


I have been called dramatic a couple of times in my life. Even overly dramatic sometimes. I have no idea where such grand conclusions have been drawn out. All I am planning to do is kill myself at the east of Russia, where no one will find me and if they do, no one will identify me and let my family know.

Lost. That is how my family think of me and I like that. But I cannot go out simply, I took the Golden Eagle’s Imperial compartment. The most luxurious train around. Why not drink myself to insanity in the privacy of a nice room and a private toilet to throw up in. I carefully organized for no traces that I am taking this trip is found.

I sit on my bed in my compartment and trouble myself with a simple question enough as should I take off my suit before drinking or not bother. My thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door. It was a lady with a dining cart, offering tea, coffee, and other warm drinks. I have been learning Russian for a while so I do not have trouble talking to her. She turned out painfully chatty and I couldn’t get rid of her with a simple ‘no’.

At that moment a young man exits the compartment next to mine and the world stops.
I could recognize him from just his hair. That bronze mess of hair atop of his head. I could spot a mole on the back of his neck. I would have been able to tell even if I hadn’t spotted him. His scent fills the wagon.

It has been so long but it is really him. Now. A few steps away from me.

Simon Snow.


I leave my compartment to go to the dining cart. I am extremely hungry and just want to have a proper meal. Or get drunk because just the thought of falling asleep right now feels like a chore. A lady pushed me with a cart full of drinks and I keep walking forward.

I had planned to zone out complete and just forget myself. Yet in the instant when I felt like the world will just spin apart from me, I am grounded by the most familiar voice ever. “Well look who it is… if it isn’t the Chosen One.” I stopped stupidly in my tracks. I turned around to make sure I didn’t hallucinate. I did not need to turn around to know that the voice belonged to the one and only, Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch. And in a fucking suit to top it all off.

I feel the same rush that I usually used to get when I would see him back in school. A mix of frustration and nervous butterflies in my stomach. He always had that effect on people. “Baz,” I say lamely. I am oddly happy to see him. Maybe it has been all the years we were apart and seeing him brings back good memories of Watford.

“Of all the people in the entire world I have expected to have been caught by here, you were the absolute last person I could have expected.” The way he phrased it caught me off guard. I can’t catch Agatha’s clear hints when she coughs and clears her throat but I cannot ignore a single word he says even years after.
“Caught by?” I ask him. “Are you on the run from somebody?” He grins and walks over to me. With him up closer, I realize he sort of smells the same way, it reminds me of our old room. “Oh Snow. Never changing, I see. Still assuming that I am plotting and up to no good?” He presents me with that malicious smirk of his. I can’t help but smile. It has been a while since I did and Baz was the last person who would have tried to make me smile, but he did. “Well, are you up to good?” I ask.

He laughs. I have heard him laugh many times but this felt much more kind hearted. I feel so much less empty than I did before but the butterflies are still there. It was frustrating that six years have passed and he is still significantly taller than me. “You’ve fucking caught me, Snow. Indeed I am up to no good. I plan to ruin my liver tonight by getting savagely drunk.”


I felt lost and found at the same time. All it took was to have him look at me and here I am. Putty in his hands. “You are planning to get drunk tonight?” He asks me. God. I’ve missed his voice. I have been obsessed with hs voice ever since it changed at the age of 13. I always loved his accent. He would rarely speak when we were young but he still had a unique accent. It was a mix of proper received pronunciation and Cockney, that he got from growing up around East London. “Absolutely. I have packed enough for 15 days so I hope to get through it all in one night.” I feel like actually chugging the 30 bottles of alcohol I have in one night after this encounter.

“Do you need help?”

I drank blood just a few hours prior so I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks. “You want to join me?”
“I would love to.”
I cannot help but laugh again. It has been forever since I last laughed and he already made me laugh more than I did the whole year. “Since when did you get so snappy?”
“Since I cannot stand being sober. I was going to the dining cart to help myself to a bottle of vodka.”
“Well, luckily for you, that is most of what I have. That and cranberry juice. You will fucking owe me, Snow.”
“Bring it.”

I don’t know what the fuck happened but I have never expected this to happen of all things that could have. I got glasses and we started drinking. After we had finished the cranberry juice, we started mixing the vodka with coke. We would laugh about random things that happened back in school. Oh all the stupid memories, it seemed too stupid for us, despite how drunk we were getting.

It was when we started to get low on coke did I start thinking about kissing him. I could completely blame it on the alcohol tomorrow morning when we are two hung over pieces of road kill that rolled from the bed onto the floor. We gave up on the glasses and would sip both from both bottles, a teasing indirect kiss that drove me insane. I kept on looking at his lips when he would look down, which he would do quite a lot when he got drunk. Very soon, he finished the coke and threw aside the plastic bottle. The was a few mouth fulls in the other bottle.

He wanted to say something but just hiccuped and we laughed.
“You are going to hate me so much when we wake up tomorrow,” I tell him. I really want to kiss him right now. I am considering opening about opening another bottle and drinking it straight. Maybe Snow won’t be so straight at the end of the bottle.
He does not respond to me for a moment. “I won’t.”
“Huh?” I must be too drunk and my brain is going stupid on me. But I just stupidly want to make out with him. No… I shouldn’t. He will honestly hate me in the morning. Maybe I will indulge on the last day here with him. Before ending things. What a way to go. Crossing off what is at the top of your bucket list.

Snow rubs his eyes and finally says “Fuck it.”
He chugs the rest of the vodka and throws the bottle at the garbage can, causing it to fall over. I turn my attention from the bin back to him and he grabs me by my neck and kisses me.

My eyes slowly flutter close as I enjoy what I wanted for so long. The kiss was a mess. Sloppy. Wet. Messy. He tasted bitter of alcohol. He was too rough for my taste. I have been with people who wanted to do right by me and kissed me more carefully and less drunk. Yet here I am, enjoying the best I’ve ever had.
It got deeper and messier. He pulled me closer by my waist and hair. I tangle my fingers in his curls and pull to get a good moan from him. He fought back by biting and sucking on my lower lip. He moved lower to my neck and one would think that he was the vampire with how he just went for it. I wrap my leg around him and he pulls me down on the bed.

And because all sexual fantasies are bollocks, we fall asleep just like that because we were just that drunk.


In the morning afternoon, I drag myself painfully to the dining cart. Baz was waiting for me at a table for two. He looked more like a vampire now than he ever did. He was dressed in a black turtleneck and black jeans. He was wearing very dark shades to complete the hung over aesthetic. He was drinking his coffee black to create the vampire/dangerous hipster look.

As I sit down, he tells me “I would attempt to kill you where to stand if I wasn’t so bloody hung over.”
“That’s not my fault,” I grumble as I try to pull the hood of my sweatshirt even further over my head to no avail.
“Sure. And I am guessing that you have no hand in doing this either.” He pulls down his turtleneck, revealing way too many bruises around his neck.
“My bad…”
“Could you at least try to sound guilty?”
“No. You liked it too much.”
“Piss off.” I could tell that he didn’t mean it that much anymore because I could see him struggle with the smile in the corner of his mouth.
“I am actually sorry for just… doing that. Without asking for your permission.” I really did feel bad about it but it just felt so fucking right and at the moment I just wanted to kiss him so badly that I just went for it.
He pulls his shades on top of his head and looks at me with his slightly red eyes. “I would have pushed you away if I didn’t want it.” That took me completely by surprise but it made easier what I was about to ask next.
“You told me last night that things have not been going that well for you.” He responds by angrily putting his glasses back on the bridge of his nose so I just go on. “I told you that I have been doing quite poorly as well.”
“You define ‘poorly’ as being kicked out of your ex-girlfriend’s house into the streets and escaping to Moscow? That sounds like a train wreck.”
I cross my hands. Me and my drunk mouth. “I will get my shit together when I get back. But until then…”
“Until then what? Are you going to literally wreck this train?”
“No. How about we just go for it?” I ask as he sips on his coffee, which he chokes on. “What the fuck are you talking about?”
“We are going to be here together a little bit over two weeks. So why don’t we enjoy it a little? I mean… it is just… I…” I cannot help but fumble up my words.
“Are you actually asking me if I want to casually hook up with you?”
“I never put it like that I…” He shut me up.
“That is essentially what you are asking me. I’ve never expected such gayness from you.” He folds his hands across his chest.
“I am not gay. I can’t really explain it. Just… neither gender or sex change anything for me in terms of attraction.”
“So do you suddenly find me attractive because of a drunk make out session?”
“Oh, piss off. You know you are attractive. You don’t need me to confirm it to boost your already overgrown ego.”
He blinks at me in pure shock, unable to respond. I realize what came out of my stupid mouth only moments after. I essentially told Baz Pitch that I fancy him. Which is kind of hard to deny from where I am currently sitting.
Baz gets up. “I’ve ordered food for us to my compartment for the both of us. I hadn’t expected you to get up. Let’s go.” He just goes on ahead without looking back at me.


Fucking Snow. Fucking Snow. You will be the real death of me. My heart is racing so hard, it feels like it will jump out of my chest. I return to the room without closing the door, waiting for Snow to do it. The food was waiting for us. I lie back down on the bed in exhaustion to ease my killer headache. I feel Snow sit down at the base of the bed and hear him clear his throat.
“Is that a yes?” How in the universe can I reject you when you ask something like that. “Yeah. Fine. Whatever. Probably more fun than reading a book.” I respond without opening my eyes. I somehow did not feel Snow move close enough but suddenly he was kissing me again and I just give up. I wanted this so much.

The 2 weeks seem to have swum by quickly and pleasantly. It was honestly the best time I’ve ever had. Snow practically moved into my room and slept in the same bed as me. Oddly enough, it helped me sleep better than anything that I have ever tried before. It had helped that Snow would let me cuddle up on his chest and steal his warmth. At each stop, we would go to different local attraction together. We would try random food and see different things. The train almost once left without us and we had to run like crazy to get there.
It was all very sweet. Having small dinner dates, making out, and snuggling while we sleep.
It wasn’t until the half-way point when we reached the Baikal Lake and we went swimming did things move forward. Simon loves swimming and was super enthusiastic about it. When we swam a little too far away, we started making out and then Simon hugged me from shoulder to waist. I felt so weak to that I would have drowned if he hadn’t been holding me. Eventually, he pulled me under water and we just kissed. It was like something out of a stupid romance novel.
That evening things were a little less innocent. It went from kissing to mutual masturbation to oral sex very quickly. And Simon was not acting innocent about it as he had managed to sneak away from me and buy condoms. I have fallen much deeper in love. It cannot last but I could have really indulged myself before ending this. It is worth living for but I am delusional to think that he would want to stay with me


We finally arrived at our final destination. Baz had packed up, he told me had an early flight the next day from the airport in Vladivostok. I felt horrible having to leave him. I didn’t want to. It physically hurt me knowing that I wouldn’t see him the next day. That I cannot wake up and kiss him. I was always kind of obsessed with him but this was something else. I needed him so badly that I cannot breathe.

I was going to tell him something but when the train stopped and I woke up, he must have already been at the door with his bag and left right away. It hurt so badly. It felt like nothing like being left by Agatha. I was not okay. I could never chase after him. I couldn’t. I shouldn’t.
But such stupid thoughts were not enough to stop me as I ran out of the train and started searching frantically for him.

I was about to leave the railway terminal until something caught my eye. A gorgeous young man dressed in black, looking back at the train. Baz didn’t realize that I ran out looking for him. Maybe I should have reconsidered that he did not want me. Maybe I should have. But I really didn’t.

I ran up to him, he noticed me a little too late, when I already pounced to jump on him. He is not getting away from me.
“Baz! What the fuck?!” I yell at him. “Did you need to leave just like that?”
“SNOW! You idiot. Did you really need to fucking tackle me?”
“Yes, I did.”
“What are you doing?!”
“Don’t go.”
“What are you talking about? This is over. You don’t need me anymore.”
I was going to yell but the loudness of my words was lost when I saw his eyes and the tears he was trying to hold back. “Why? Why do you think that I don’t need you anymore?” I ask him.
“Why would you?”
“Because I… you… just…”
“Spit it out.” He yells in frustration.
“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU.” I really need to think before yelling.
He looked as shocked as he was that night I asked him to spend the trip with me. I was waiting for rejection. Complete annoyance and disgust. I am glad to be wrong sometimes.

“I love you too.”

anonymous asked:

I've suddenly got a burning need for this but I have no idea how to search for it myself. do you know of any fics where suddenly draco starts obviously checking harry out or is just flirting with him with no shame whatsoever? like he's still a git but he'll insult harry while smirking and dragging his eyes down his body? it could even all be a joke at first (to annoy harry) but eventually turns serious? thanks! also no worries if you don't know of any like this!

Hi there! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve included fics where either or both of them are all flirty! Let me know if you find something you liked reading, I’m wondering whether I fulfilled the request or not…

P.S. I think the first 4-5 fit perfectly with what you asked for!! :)


The Charm Conundrum (dysonrules)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8.6k, Summary: Harry misplaces an interesting “self-help” manual. Draco finds it and discovers some fascinating insights into Harry Potter.

Dancing Devils In His Eyes (furiosity)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.7k, Summary: Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco’s been pursuing Harry for a while, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that?

The Fortunate Fall (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 28.6k, Summary: Draco’s sure he suffered an irreplaceable loss at the end of the war. Harry’s not.

It’s A Dirty Job (fireflavored)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9k, Summary: Harry Potter wakes up after a night of debauchery to discover that he has a new employee.

Tried, Failed, Failed Better (carpemermaid, Maccadole)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9.7k, Summary: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.“ - Samuel BeckettDraco’s been trying to chat up Harry, but somehow – somehow, it’s just not going right. Is he doing something wrong?

Hey, Potter (SunseticMonster)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 16k, Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

Bloody But Unbowed (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 100.7k, Summary: Nothing in Harry’s life since the war has gone the way he expected. And now he’s the mediwizard assigned to take care of Lucius Malfoy, of all people. But he’s Harry; he grits his teeth and endures. He won’t allow even Draco Malfoy’s flirting, which he knows is just a joke, to disconcert him.

The Courting Of Draco Malfoy (arecou)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9.6k, Summary: In which Harry flirts, and Draco is confused.

Check Me Out (lumosed_quill)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 3k, Summary: Draco works as a librarian. Harry visits often and attempts (possibly) to flirt with Draco through his choice of books. Draco is not getting it. At all.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 24.6k, Summary: Draco just wants to do his job and keep the newly competent Death Eaters from assassinating Potter. Potter just wants to flirt with him. It is not much fun to be Draco Malfoy right now.

A Friend In Need (writcraft)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.7k, Summary: In his final year at Hogwarts, Draco is just trying to keep his head down, win the House Cup, get good exam results and stay out of trouble. Most of all he wants to ignore Harry Potter completely. Which is easier said than done when Potter is everywhere and behaving very strangely indeed….

Here Be Dragons (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 21.8k, Summary: Harry doesn’t want to waste his time investigating illegal dragonhide trading, whether it involves a fetish club in Knockturn Alley or visiting a remote island in Wales. Why the bloody hell does Malfoy always have to be up to something?

Back In The Cupboard (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 18k, Summary: Head Auror Harry Potter is able to conceal the truth of his private life, and that’s the way he likes it. When Daily Prophet Owner and Editor Draco Malfoy stumbles upon embarrassing and potentially disastrous information, what will he do with it?

Unbuttoned (@eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6.1k, Summary: Harry asks for Draco’s help in finding a birthday gift for Narcissa. Draco doesn’t suspect ulterior motives. Until he does.

What Potter Wants (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.3k, Summary: Harry definitely didn’t want to do that to Malfoy. Not at all. So why did Malfoy keep saying that he did?

A Devotion To Others (mahaliem)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 22.6k, Summary: Someone is brewing a horrifyingly strong love potion at Hogwarts and Harry and Draco are sent to investigate. As they seek to uncover the truth, Harry fears that Draco will discover something else – that Harry’s fallen in love with him.