trxye reviews

his music gives me chills.
it has a unique beauty to it that other artists don’t have.

his voice is different, his style is different, and his lyrics are breathtaking.
he writes about real topics, not just sex and money like other popular artists.

I’m so proud of my little munchkin.
his music is stunning. usually I don’t like every song on albums or eps. there’s one or two songs I’m not a huge fan of.
on trxye, I can’t pick a favorite.
each song is so different, has a different meaning, has a different story to it.
I can’t pick a favorite.

Happy Little Pill, now this song is incredible. the lyrics actually sound like they mean something. the beat is fantastic. it’s incredible honestly. everything about this song is just.. wow. it leaves me speechless.

Fun, it is such an upbeat song. there’s so many amazing things about this song. for starters, the beat is wonderful. it’s unique. another thing, he isn’t afraid to say “boy” in the lyrics. it might not seem important, but it is. he’s basically saying “screw you” to people who think that if you’re a guy, you must sing about girls, and girls only, & if you’re a girl you must sing about guys, and guys only. another thing.. the lyrics are about war. the song is so upbeat and seems happy. when you listen to the words closely you realize it’s not really about just two kids having some fun. it’s about taking a god damn break from the war and the fighting, and to have some fun for a change. and that’s beautiful.

Touch, this song is so cool. it sounds all mysterious. I adore it. his voice sounds amazing. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I hear this song. I get goosebumps all up my arms. There’s a freaking beat drop. can we talk about that? it sounds so professionally made and for him just starting out with his first ep it’s insane.

Gasoline, It’s a slow song, but beautiful. It has this steady beat behind it that gives you goosebumps. The lyrics are perfect. Troye couldn’t have written them any better. I adore this song so much. There’s no other song that sounds like it, it’s so different. It takes talent to make music like this.

The Fault In Our Stars MMXIV, we all know this one. the original was wonderful. this one… I’m in love. it sounds so… I say beautiful a lot, but it’s beautiful. it’s stunning. I get chills from this song just like all the others. his voice sounds like an angel. we all know the story behind the lyrics. it’s an amazing story. troye made the story come to life even more than it already has. it’s incredible what he can do.

basically, troye is secretly a god who’s music is literally incredible.
trxye is an amazing ep. Someone should tell Troye that I know he’s going to go so far in the music industry. just remember me, and everyone else who’s here in the fandom when he gains millions and millions of fans and begin to sell out world tours.

I love you Troye. so so so much.


so the TRXYE reviews keep coming and continue to be super positive so I figured i’d make a part 3 to this post bc troye deserves all the appreciation in the world :)

part 2 (x)                                                                                                         part 1 (x)