Translation: “Happy Birthday, Roger. Hopefully we can share many more birthdays on the tour.”

Schweizer Illustrierte did an article regarding Roger’s 30th b'day.  They had Rafa (and some other no-name tennis players) give him birthday wishes.  Rafa, of course, wishes he could be with Roger for all of his birthdays to give him special private birthday gifts

Sorry, I couldn’t find a direct link to Schweizer Illustrierte.

Q: Roger, can you tell us whether Rafa’s injury had any effect on how you were playing?

Roger:  Well, obviously, I was aware that he was hurt and playing in quite a bit of pain.  I usually watch his matches.  Because, you know, it’s always possible, I mean I always hope, that I might be playing him in the final. So  I was, you know, quite concerned.  Then it became clear that it was something with his upper thigh.  A strain or something.  And those are some beautiful thighs, you know?  I mean really, have you seen them?  I’ve had the opportunity to experience the power in those thighs.  I mean, until you put your hands on them, you just can’t imagine, you know?  So, you know, I was very worried, because, you know, the things he can do with those thighs.  I mean, really.  He’s got a talent… Uhhh, what was the question?