self care n productivity =

- make your bed.

- find motivational quotes, studyspo, scenes from films, whatever you want, print them out and stick them near your desk.

- have a journal for positive affirmations that you can scribble in or doodle in or flip through when you’re feeling down.

- put almond oil or rose hip oil on your skin and flip through your flashcards or make your notes while it’s getting absorbed.

- if you’re into Harry Potter, turn your desk or bedroom into your house dorm or common room. I’m in ravenclaw so my desk chair is blue, same with my pen case and my folder of papers and I have the ravenclaw emblem stuck in front of me on the wall.

- watch productivity videos on youtube or vlogtobers/vlogmases of youtubers who are also students.

- cut your nails.

- wash your hair.

- put a few rings on (trust me, it works, especially when you go back a cup of tea and you look down at your hands and you feel a bit brighter because of how pretty they look (super weird but truuuust me).

- make a mug of tea and watch a tv show related to what you want to study in uni or have as a career.

Is it just me or is there something super super sketchy about @//pedoforchildsaftey? Aside from the fact that you can’t care about children and MAPs at the same time, there’s something seriously creepy about “Truuuust me. You can have your chiiiildren around meeeeee.” Advocating to place children with pedophiles a.k.a in harms way. Telling survivors and minors to stop being afraid of pedophiles. Interacting real hard with minors on here.

Obviously Rick has never actually accomplished time travel, unless you count “Ricksy Business” and “A Rickle in Time” but it’s cannon that he’s wroking on it and just

Imagine an au where he perfected it and Blendin Blandin = older Morty


“MMMMorty– Morty listen. I- I gotta–a pal, rrrrright? And he’s– he’s gonna be in some trouble so listen Morty–”

“Aw, gee, Rick, what kinda pal? I-i-i-is he like an assassin or something? because Rick, I- I really don’t think I can deal with another assassin…”

“Morty shut up for a minute, okay? Juuust shut– shut up. He’s fine, a little unstable– urp –but fine. Look  I– I’m gonna need you to do something for me okay? Can you do something for Grandpa?”

“… Well, maybe Rick, I dunno…”

“Look, there’s this.. dream demon… thingy. I dunno– some, some bullshit. But the thing is, Morty– Morty apparently there was a time traveler involved in this. It– It wasn’t me though, so chances– urp– chances are it was you.”


“So M-Morty, what I need you tto do i-is come up with a name, right? I need you to come up with a name… because he knows the name wasn’t Morty and just. Just go to the past, and do whatever you need to do!”

“Well, gee, Rick, I- I- I dunno what I’m supposed to do!”

“Yeah you do, you’ve already done it!”

“W-why can’t you go?”

“He’s my friend, MMMMorty, been my friend for– for more'n thirty years… you really think he truuuusts me? He knows me!”

“Oh, uh… that’s a good point…”

“Yeah, I know it is. Now c'mon. what’s your time travel name?”

“Uh, I, uh……..” Morty panicks and looks around and just like sees a fucking blender. “uh… Blendin! Blendin Blandin!”


“I- I- I- I panicked, Rick, okay? You- you- you put me on the spot and I panicked!”

“… Just get in the portal.”

Maxson/Sole - Formal affairs Part III

Aka the one where things get heated.(Ah I loved writing this part. Personal favourite part hands down.) Best part is under the read more. Truuuust me.

I hereby also want to thank everyone who’s been liking, reblogging and especially commenting on this. I read the tags I read the comments and they make my day.  THANK YOU!

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Sole had to take big steps to keep up with Maxson’s determined pace. She noticed a difference in his body language when he was going to reprimand someone. Clearly, he was pissed off. As they arrived at the place the window gave out on, they indeed found Jonathan. Once again he was one of the only people so far to focus his attention on her, and seemed oblivious to Maxson’s shift in attitude. “ Ah, what a pleasure to see you again!” The man next to him looked a lot less entertained by her presence. Before anyone could act on Jonathan’s joyful greeting, Maxson spoke. The vulnerablility in his speaking about his past had disappeared entirely. He sounded like he did at the Prydwen, when someone had to be put in their place. 

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  • Lizard Man: I had crazy spontaneous sex with this sexy red head named Scully.
  • Mulder: That did NOT happen. Listen buddy, it took me 7 seasons and a movie before she let me hit that and truuuust me I was up her ass every waking moment since she walked her tiny-legged, shoulder-padded, eye-rolling, beautiful, skeptic of a goddess ass into my office. Scully plays the long con. I'm not buying your story, champ.