calum is literally the geekiest one out of all of them like he tries to act all hot and like he doesn’t give a fuck but then one of his band members will do something extremely stupid and there he is wheezing a lil from giggling so hard like ok 

I had a really big crush on one of the exchange students in a big group staying at my college and when they left he said “we’ll miss you… I’ll miss you” and instead of being like wow kiss me or telling him something really cute back I said “you da tits, Tay” that’s not a joke I made up for this dumb website that is an actual thing I said to an actual person I had legitimate feelings for


The word conspiracy has 10 letters in it, the square root of 10 is 3.16227766017. 3.16227766017 starts with a 3 and a triangle has 3 sides, and what’s a triangle a symbol of? The Illuminati. The Illuminati is behind your struggle in math!

i really want someone to kiss me but i have the sexual appeal of porridge and not even the fancy kind with berries and shit nah son im talkin bout the plain kind 

all my curly haired friends dont ya hate it when people are like wow!! what did you use to make ur hair so curly and its like …i had a shower… bit of shampoo n condish… the usual