calum is literally the geekiest one out of all of them like he tries to act all hot and like he doesn’t give a fuck but then one of his band members will do something extremely stupid and there he is wheezing a lil from giggling so hard like ok 


2 chainz ‘truu’ live on nancy grace - more vines


The word conspiracy has 10 letters in it, the square root of 10 is 3.16227766017. 3.16227766017 starts with a 3 and a triangle has 3 sides, and what’s a triangle a symbol of? The Illuminati. The Illuminati is behind your struggle in math!

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Hate when ur streetpass light comes on and you're excited to check out the new house but it's some DUDE in a LINK OUTFIT and his house is all full of NINTENDO AND BALLOON SHIT. What is the deal w/ all these fake gamer guys, get a real furniture set u casuals