I’m dEAD. Quick! Someone call da ambu-lance! Harry Styles will seriously be the death of me like no joke. If I ever met him I couldn’t talk to him or even do anything I’d just stare at him with the stupidest expression then he’d speak to me with that deep sexy raspy voice of his and I’d die. #truthstagram #harrystyles #onedirection #sexiestthing

Scariest moment of my life: I was trying to go to sleep one night and I noticed my vision to get a bit smokey. I ignored it and tried to continue going to sleep. But then I smelt something that smelt like plastic burning. I got up and went around my house and found my brothers room was on fire. I yelled “oh my god” and my dad got up and got my mom and two sisters up. They were coming out of the room and I pushed my brother towards the living room. We got out of the house and waited for the rest of my family. When they got out, my dads moms and one of my sisters hair was singed. And my moms face was completely black. I was so scared, scared out of my mind. I was 14 when this happened and I’m 16 now. I’m still scared of fires due to the day #scary #scariest #truthstagram

Okay okay so… You all are like cupcake batter and I’m the cupcake maker and every time I get another follower, it’s like I’m adding another sweet little ingredient to my cupcake mix so everyone should follow me because who doesn’t want to be apart of cupcake batter hmm? #truthstagram