Retired HEAD OF FBI Tells ALL "Illuminati, Satanism, Pedophile Rings"


Proof. Deny it if you want, it does sound crazy. But multitudes of former FBI, CIA and other government workers have verified this with several books released by those working on the good side of things.

“What does this mean for me?” you may be wondering? Well, this is more proof that Satan worshippers run this country and occupy the most powerful positions in America.

It is estimated 83 children go missing each hour.  Most are never found. Where do they go? They are kidnapped and used in Satanic Rituals, made into sex slaves, put in CIA mind control programs such as MK Ultra Mind Control Progamming which was brought here via German Scientists from WW2. Programmed for sex slavery, super soldiers, secret assassins that wouldn’t even know they are assassins. 

This all sounds incredibly far fetched and crazy, don’t you think that is the best first line of defense against the masses of people actually believing it and doing something to stop it?

If evil is this powerful, then they’re smart enough to know that by having you read their newspapers and mesmerizing (named after Dr. Mesmer who developed hypnotization, yet another Nazi party torture Dr.) you via their major media and TV… wouldn’t it be easy to make you convinced that they aren’t real? That its too far fetched? Thats its too crazy so we should all stay asleep to the gross truths and remain apathetic to the 4 million practicing Satanist cult members doing 50-60 thousand human sacrifices a year in America alone?

And on the flip side of this, if our White House, FBI and CIA are full of Satanist pedophiles and the powerful people in this country and England all believe in this shit, shouldn’t we believe that perhaps there is a positive power of good that these same evil people have infiltrated the establishments of to make religion seem just as evil as what they do?

Maybe the reason that all these evil powers have been gradually corrupting the people via decades of TV and movies designed to numb its viewers to violence and the leading of Luciferian lifestyles… Maybe they did that to make us all to sidetracked to develop our own individual belief in a power greater than ourselves and a personal sense of right vs wrong, true vs false that isn’t just what someone else tells us to believe? Cuz if we believe what FOX news tells us (in numerology the only word 666 spells out is FOX btw) then I guess we needn’t look any further for the truth… If you react negatively towards this, consider the core belief system within you that is being challenged by the truth. If you won’t even watch this video, consider evil to have won… For now.

See you at FEMA Camp!

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Repost this to help wake up your apathetic fellow man or at least keep them thinking for themselves. We need to wake up as a people. Love is the anti venom for the Satanic, fear-filled, evil forces.