It's a Love Jones night.

Everytime I watch this movie, It feels like It’s the first time. I’m always excited, ya know. Watching it for the “first” time but I just magically know every sentence, reaction,…everything. Like I created it or something. Maybe I did.👀 It’s just a Love Jones night. What can I say, I’m a sucker for love…Jones.

Just a thought for whomever needs it: Remember, not everyone cares about how you feel or what you feel. Whenever you come to accept that (quit being so naive), protect yourself…Fend for yourself. No one cares about you like you care for yourself or like God cares for you & even family. And remember that not everyone is worthy of you or your essence. Stay guarded.
Appreciate life.

Catching up with Scandal

I can only dream that I cross paths with a man that will love me like Fitz loves Olivia Pope. Of course, not with their circumstances. Cause damn it, no one wants to love in vain. Relationships are always one sided these days. No matter how you’d like to put the icing on the cake to make love look as appeasing as it does in photographs and in movies…mutual love is rare. True love is rare. Won’t you hate to fall in love with someone, and they casually look you in the face and lie that, “I love you too.” When all the while, they have no idea what it is to love. Oh boy, I have to admit, this love thing is played out and one can be easily fooled. I’ve been there. Ask me what it feels like to be heart broken by someone you’re in love with. It’s sickening and as much as you try to get out of it…you find yourself feeling every emotion you felt yesterday…everyday. It’s like clockwork. It’s never ending.You just have to put your head up and pray to God that he fixes you cause no one else will. Anyway, back to catching up with Scandal. Hope everyone else isn’t feeling like shit this evening.

Appreciate life, the blessings and the misfortunes.

The last woman a man would hold in high esteem, chase after, or even purchase a diamond ring for is a woman that doesn’t respect her temple. A woman that all eyes have seen. Bare. What’s a woman without mystery? Well, that’s not a woman at all. Yes, she has a vagina. Yes, she has money. She can twerk with a see through gown on and high heels. What-a-talent! But is she a woman. Is she? According to her fans, she is absolutely everything and more. Fashion-killer. ‘Classy’—that one makes me giggle with a tear. Oh yes, she slayed. Slayed the image of the ‘phenomenal woman’ that all young women should have been raised to be. Praise Maya Angelou this week (may she rest in love). Praise Robyn the next. But hey, some people don’t look at the story this way because after all, we’ve seen her naked before. We all have. Our parents have seen it, grandparents, children, grandchildren, cousins, heck our pastors may have stumbled upon it (hopefully not willingly). Sometimes I just wonder if she plans to have kids in the near future because without a drip of a doubt, I would be utterly ashamed if she were my mum. But who was surprised anyway? She ruined the element of surprise already. I expect her to show up completely naked to whatever event that comes next. And while everyone gazes at it in astonishment. I’ll gently scroll on to the next image on instagram and sip my ginger tea with ghost stories playing in the background. It’s shameful and I don’t wish to speak on it again. In other news, #bringbackourgirls.

And if it will be you in the end
May it be that I find something I’ve been missing.
May it be that I’d fall in love with you all over again and again.
May it bring us to completion.
May it make us one.

Life is full of surprises. I don’t really know if what’s going on is good or bad. I’ve learned from the past never to have any sort of expectation from situations such as this one. Or any situation for that matter. Let God have his way.

Constantly seeking God and Living by his Word.

You might call yourself a Christian because you go to church or because you read the word or because you’ve never done any evil deed in your entire life. Do you think that is all of what you need to get you into the kingdom of heaven? God doesn’t expect you to be perfect, but he wants you to work at it. He wants you to be like him…to be closer to him. Everyday you are constantly being pushed farther and farther away from him and from his word and then you find your self in sin. Doing things that are UN-godly and you don’t even realize because you’ve lost sight. Completely blinded by sin. Is this you right now…thinking you can’t find your way back? God is always there and he’s always willing to forgive…always willing to rescue you and bring you back to him. Don’t ever think for a second that it is okay to live in sin because we were born in it. Being a christian isn’t about always making the right decisions or doing everything perfectly, but its about CONSTANTLY seeking God, walking in love, and living by his word.

Atlas was nominated for best song written for visual media.
Atlas was also nominated for the best song I’ve had stuck in my head since morning.
I thought it was crazy cause it literally has been playing in my head all morning, and as soon as I logged on to Facebook I saw Coldplay’s post. Very happy for them.


I’m not OCD but I understand exactly how he felt. When you’re in love…you ARE OCD. You are obsessed with that person. Your heart will repeatedly remind you of how much you love said person, and it drives us crazy because we can’t understand why the —- we can’t stop thinking about them. The fact that we know it’s more than just infatuation or lust. We know it’s love but we can’t grasp why it’s them and why it’s happening to us. Like… why them? And why do we feel like we can’t breathe without them?


Every word Kina. Every singe word. I felt it…in here. *points at heart*

Here's to you.

I’ll be your shadow
The trail before the steps of your heart
I’ll still listen to your rhythm and the beat of your contentment
And hey, I still find myself biting into our bittersweet memories
We bit into the apple of our youth and allowed our taste buds to rise
Nothing, I think, is a better flavor than you
You were the milk and honey
You were the promise, you were my light
And still? Well it’s not that simple.
I’ve been in the battle ground where you left me
Picking the flowers as you walk ahead
And from the grape vine, I heard you’re fine wine
But the garden is withering and I’d like to blame the winter time
But your path and mine have parted and our suns no longer shine together
But I send you my love and all that was left in me
I give you my best and all that I’ve already given
Your dream is mine
Your wish is mine
And if I stop this little prayer
I cease to be
And here’s to you
My handsome dreamer.

Let’s start a journey together, and leave the caucus of our past behind. Live. Breathe. Love. No regrets. No fear. With no weight on our shoulders. With no gravity. Let us collide together, and become one.