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Unpopular Opinion

But…. I think Yukio is in the right.

Hear me out.

Yukio works his ass off, he’s a prodigy, he’s regulated, he’s a teenager. He works as an exorcist, a teacher, AND a student. He is seen by us as an adult and yet the higher ups still view him as a child who can’t handle the truth. The excuse is supposed to be that Yukio doesn’t need to know and that it’ll only make him sad and the higher ups don’t view it as important.

But in my opinion, the higher ups are dumb. They think it’s okay to share the information of a Gehenna Gate being opened and yet they don’t think he’s mature enough to handle the truth of his birth?

Honestly, why isn’t Yukio allowed to know? If he can handle the above and being under a Morinas contract, then he can handle his own past. In all honesty, I think Fujimoto should’ve just told the twins from the beginning. Then he wouldn’t be dead, Rin wouldn’t go through his “I’m gonna deny I’m a demon’s child” spiel through the Kyoto arc, and Yukio wouldn’t be… THIS HOT MESS.

I’m not saying Yukio doesn’t have faults. There are things he’s done that he needs to fix and apologize for. He has flaws and insecurities and he’s made bad choices. It’s going to be difficult to fix his strained relationship with Rin, which is held together by duct tape and shoe lace strings at this point.

I just happen to think that Yukio is in the right. The higher ups are being selective about what Yukio is allowed to know and not know. It’s frustrating. And I think I know why.

In the perspective of a higher up, weapons/soldiers/mercenaries aren’t supposed to ask too many questions. They aren’t supposed to ask WHY they’re supposed to be doing something. Having knowledge that juniors don’t have is their way of keeping the power.

Or plot twist: they actually don’t know and have too much pride to admit it. So they use they’re status as seniors to pretend that they know and hold it above a certain exorcist’s head. They don’t realize that Yukio has a breaking point, however, and that he’s finally reached it

Do Not Be Fooled, My Friends.

Do not be fooled. The image Father Satan has is false. He is not some goat headed freakshow. Father is beautiful. He does not even have a real physical form, it can differ from person to person. In the old days, Father was depicted as blonde, muscular, with large, pure white wings. To me, Father was shown with brown hair. The type of Male that looks good in a leather jacket and white tee shirt. His eyes were a calming chocolate brown, but I know He chose this image to fit my fantasies. He can appear in anyway. He is not cruel. He is not a deciever, a liar, or anything the media portays Him as. To me and thousands of others, He has been nothing but kind, loving, caring, and Fatherly. I have one friend who lost her first child, and Father held her in His arms as she wept. Father loves us. Never let that be forgotten. Question what you think you know, and search for the truth.

Do not follow blindly he who may be dressed in the image of a scholar, even if he may seem to present the image of scholarship for even Satan and his cohorts wore turbans and claimed scholarship. Hence, we ought to make sure that ever word that is uttered is place on the scale in order to distinguish it from falsehood by seeing what the Holy Household has said, the tradition of the Prophet and his Family.
—  Thy Intellect, more contemplation