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hi!! so i need your help, i hope that's okay! i have a pretty short drive to make every day when i go to college/town (around ~20min) but i don't know many podcasts that last long enough but not too long >> do you by any chance know of any podcasts that fit that requirement? in terms of genre i like fictional stories (any genre rly), urban legends type stuff (like Lore for instance) or "advice" shows!! thanks in advance <3

Hey there! This actually reminds me of a ‘perfect for car-rides’ podcast list that I’ve been thinking about curating last December, but alas. Perhaps this could serve as a draft of sorts? Anyhow, this list will contain non-fiction and fiction. As for advice shows, that would be more of Liz’s @collected-sports-bra alley.

  • Just One Thing - I think you’d love this one. It’s like a shorter, scifi/pseudoscience version of Lore and clocks around 15 minutes per episode. Unfortunately, there are only 12 episodes out right now.
  • Qwerpline - Reports on the fictional city of Nsburg. As I’ve said before, one of the most hilarious things I’ve heard in my life. Episodes are around 10-15 minutes each.
  • The Truth - This one is an anthology of some of the best short fiction I’ve heard. Some episodes are longer than others, although there are plenty under 20 minutes. I wrote a review here.  May I recommend That’s Democracy?

Some more fictional podcasts that need to be listened to in order but are mostly under 20 minutes:

  • Our Fair City - I consider this a podcast classic. A post-apocalyptic satire about capitalism. Currently at its seventh and penultimate season. 
  • The Bright Sessions - About kids with superpowers, and their therapist. It has lately been clocking at more than 20 minutes in its second season, however.
  • Spines - Horror, about a ritual gone wrong. Currently on a break between the first and second seasons.

As usual, everyone’s welcome to add more.

y’all are not gonna believe me but today I was reading a book on historic queens and I found this royal Swedish  family where the king was bisexual and known to sleep with women and men before and after marriage, and then after his death his wife started sleeping with one of her handmaidens and they even ran away together, and of course their daughter was Queen Christina of Sweden who was nonbinary, routinely dressed like a man, seduced men and women alike —even having a gf she’d make out with in public not giving a single fuck— and from the get-go decided not to get married because she’d rather do cool shit like study, fence and go hunting

this family was lit 

Day Four Hundred Sixty One.

Although I shouldn’t,
I still wonder how
You’re doing after all this time.
I wish I could stop caring,
Shut it all off and move on,
Like you did.
But then, I wouldn’t be me.

And when I’ve thought I’ve seen it all in this fandom....

They made a friggin TV Serie on Larry, and the fandom behind it.

Um um um…

At first I was kinda cringey - Like what if this series make the Larries seem more ridiculous to the public eye? Like you know, tapping into the stereotype of obsessive teenage girls with gay fetish lmao. Well I mean, we kinda are. But that’s not all we are. Not all of us are teenage girls (not anymore). We have grown to be adults, who are intelligent and rational… and yet we choose to stay in the fandom, because we are captivated by the hidden beauty that the public and mainstream media has chosen to ignore. And honestly, we don’t need the world to think we are crazier than what our image already is.

But on the other hand, this might forces the public to realize, that a fandom’s fascination with slash fics is not the minority. And I’m not only talking about 1D Larry. Slash fandoms are the biggest and most publicized fandom in the fanfiction world. (Drarry and other Harry slash fics in Harry Potter Verse, Stucky in Marvel MCU, etc.). Granted, most of us are hiding behind closets and pen names. But it would be amazing if people realize that this is a thriving and fascinating underground world to be in. 

And it’s not just about the smut. People need to realize that there are countless of fanfics out there that are amazingly written, and more gripping, more beautiful, and basically are even better than actual published books out there. Anyone who has been in the fanfic world knows this. And maybe it’s time for the world to realize this too.

Anyway, if Truth Slash Fiction TV serie is done tastefully, this might be a powerful way of letting the world to know more about Larry, and make them realize that yeah, I guess Larry might be true.

Meanwhile, lets just enjoy some Twitter meltdown hilarious goodness…

I mean. Henry and Tommy. Um. Can you get anymore obvious? Lmao.

But yeah, I suppose that’s kinda the point. 

The writers and producers are basing their promotions and success on the power of the fandom. 

And despite of my discomfort, at the end of the day I just hope the effort is genuine and full of well intentions.

Bloodborne + Legend of Zelda timeline confirmed???

Alright, so hear me out. Props to my bud @mettic​ for helping me to formulate this OBVIOUS connection. This post is tagged as #botw_spoilers just in case.

Alright, so we all know the cleric beast in Bloodborne, right? This boy:

yeah you know me. and we all know the sound he makes, both as you’re exploring the area and when you fight him. here is a refresher……

hmmm./….. wait a minute…. to someone who’s beaten the new zelda breath of the wind gtame, that sounds… … awfully familiar… ….

yes that’s rightr!!!  I may be the first youtuber to notice this connection. But the question is simple, ladies: if bloodborne and zelda are connected (which I’ve proben they are…)… . where does bloodborn fit on the timeline????

I propose the following theory, that … .. . in the hero fails timeline… is wherre blloodborne will fit in. ganon slowly mutates and becomes teh first Old ONe, eventually leading to the blood curse and the jourhney of the chosen undead in yarnham.

“but vitamin”, your idiot mind may be asking, “what is your final proof? I need 100% confimration….” feast your eyes

thats right the p[ig monster is actually ganon and he kills the little girl in teh side quest because she reminds him of zelda and he hates zelda

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