truth vs fiction

  • Noah: Hey guys, season 4 may take a few years so-
  • Media: No more seasons of Fargo. True story
  • Noah: Please don't say that it's cancelled. I just don't have the time to think of a pl-
  • Media: Tell us about the political parallels because you have one Russian character and also that one time someone says "different facts".
  • Noah: It was never meant to be political. It's about truth vs fiction. The Russia thing? My ancestors fled Ukraine so I wanted to add in a scene about the Cossacks.
  • Media: ...
  • Media: Emmit is Trump because he's rich.
  • Noah: I have to go.

“If I go down. You go down with me.”
Nothing applies more here. When her father had come to tell Jane the dire news that England had fallen to Mary and her forces were on their way, with several of their own that had defected to her side, he found her with her mother and a handful of her ladies. She took the news with grace and dignity and replied that this had been his idea and she would’ve never accepted the crown had he not given such a convincing argument. She retired to her inner chamber “with great valor and endurance”. Later when Lady Throckmorton arrived at the throne room, she found her canopy of state and all other vestiges of her reign, gone. She and many others tried to escape but couldn’t; in late July Jane, her husband, her father and Northumberland along with his younger sons were lodged in the tower, with Jane and her husbands giving better lodgings than the latter. However they were the subjects of booing (mainly Northumberland who was hounded by an earless boy, Gilbert Potter whose ears had been cut off during Jane’s reign). Her mother escaped their fate and she traveled four days after Northumberland’s arrest to Beaulieu to convince Mary to pardon Jane and her husband, Henry Grey. Mary seriously considered her offer and wasn’t bloodthirsty as she is usually depicted (let’s thank pop history for that), and was about to grant her request when Renarnd pointed out that doing this would put Mary at risk. Mary agreed on a compromise, she would keep Jane in the tower (albeit well-lodged) and her father would be released. Northumberland could only hope for such mercy, he was reputed to say before his arrest “Queen Mary is a merciful woman” hoping that she would give him preferment as she had done to Jane and her family but no such luck. The Greys wanted to exculpate themselves from this messy ordeal, and laid the blame entirely at Dudley and Mary was happy to go along. It was better to have a mastermind, a manipulative, dark and conniving figure who showed no remorse or moral qualms for his companions, then to let the country know that the royal family was divided. A divided family was a sign of weakness, the wars of the roses were a clear sign of that when the Yorks turned against each other, ending their golden reign after their eldest member usurped his nephews’ crown. But John Dudley was not ready to go down without a fight, his re-conversion to Catholicism was meant to convince Mary of his sincerity but ti did little for him. On the 22nd of August when he went to the scaffold he gave a long sermon, justifying his actions and stating he died a good Christian and hoped that everybody would pray for him and forgive him, the he added that whatever his faults he was *not* alone and “there were some other which procureth the same, but I shall not name them for I will hurt no man.” Seconds later he pardoned his executioner and his life ended.
It’s complicated to understand Mary’s reign without first understanding Jane’s. Jane has been depicted countless times in fiction as a puppet and innocent woman, while Dudley as a master manipulator who had it coming to him but both of these notions are false. In an era where everyone had to fight for their fortunes and (in the Tudors and their descendants’ case) their throne; no one had their hands clean. While we might condemn the Greys and Mary I for laying the blame on Dudley, we must remember the dangerous political game everyone was playing here. The Greys’ cause was lost and Frances was going to do anything, even lie and exaggerate if that meant saving her family. The same for Dudley whose last confession is absolutely moving and says a lot about the man.