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Big Bang

lmaooooo ok where to start

i think gdragon is a good composer/producer like he knows what sells/what people want 

they all r ugly as shit

like over half of them have done blackface and that’s just the pit of the iceberg …they get away with literally anything and the most mediocre shit lmao they cant dance for shit and literally any idol group from this or their generation could out dance them any day they can get away with murder and yg will still kiss their asses which is bullshit lmaoo them trying to look edgy just looks like they havent showered in weeks and they are no fashion setters bye the fact that this kind of people are considered “the nation’s boy band” and “the kings of kpop” is honestly tragic not only is it mediocre it’s offensive considering how problematic they are

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the sad truth when u see ur own family members in dean l o l

YEAH!!! I think that’s what… Dean really embodies. He’s an abusive parent but you wouldn’t know it right away. He seems like just a normal every day guy and real talk-

Mitch understands and knows how an abuser talks because he’s had one before (Some of the things Dean said were out of line, specifically the “queers” line, but other than that…. It would be taken as… A dad looking out for his son) and UGH, I DON’T KNOW, I just… I HATE DEAN, and I think he should choke because it’s terrifying how real he is (which also makes him very interesting)

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oh that's so good... I kind of ship Arcade with Alex Richards though what do you think?? :o

i ship them too;_; that would be a really good ship…

i just love the bumbley nerd thing :’( i think it would be cute to see their interactions bc honestly… i think it would be hard for poindexter to keep up the holier-than-thou genius routine with arcade considering hes so much more capable and smart and he actually does something with his disdain for ncr unlike poindexter who just mooches off of them in spite. it would be new for both of them… for poindexter to feel unavoidably inferior(in a good way) and in need of taking action and arcade would have to experience the constant obvious praise and admiration which i dont think he’d be used to… 

i feel like he’d try to uh- distract from the obvious implications of poindexters attraction to like actually teach him a thing or two about the truths of the mojave u_u only for poindexter to fall deeper into the <3<3<3

If ur wondering why Mexico is rioting atm and if ur saying “omg theyre rioting over gas thats so stupid” and blah blah blah.. Just know that the minimum wage in Mexico is $80 Pesos($3 USD) a day.

they earn $3 dollars a day

The gas in Mexico right now is $15.75 Pesos per liter (btw this is the cheapest gas price in Mexico I could find.. $15 pesos is about $0.80 USD) In order to fill up a 4 cylinder car, they spend around $550 Pesos($30 USD)

So lets say someone works at minimum wage for 6 days. They end up earning $480 Pesos a week ($24 USD). Yeah.. no theyre not gonna be able to fill up their tank.

They still need to pay bills, buy groceries, clothes, etc.

The president of Mexico is shitty and ever since he got elected the country has gone to shit and they still have to suffer 2 more years until he is out of office


Update: yes I accidentally wrote $3 instead of $4. I apologize sincerely for that misinformation.

i’m pulling recipts on jughead. 

  • joani jumpp, the alleged love of jughead’s life from when he was a kid? redhead 
  • debbie the first girl he ever dated? redhead
  • trula twist? redhead
  • sandy sanchez, who he dated in those atrocious new look comics? redhead
  • mr weatherbee’s niece who tried to get it on with him that one time? redhead
  • january mcandrews? redhead and archie’s literal great great granddaughter or something who is like archie in every way? interesting. 
STOP HATING ON JAEHYUN (important pls read!!)

ok so lately I’ve been seeing a lot of hate towards jaehyun mainly talking about how he’s useless and that it doesn’t even make sense for him to be in this unit when there’s jeffrey and ik everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but it’s becoming too much, i think u guys forget that just bc they’re in Korea it doesn’t mean they cant access things we post over here// jae speaks English and im sure if he saw all these comments about u guys hating on him telling him to go back to NCT U and stop stealing jeffrey’s lines bc nobody wants to hear his busted ass vocals (an actual comment i saw during today’s v app not a reflection of my own personal opinion), he’d be like T T and that’s honestly heartbreaking to me// also, yea jeffrey’s okay at singing and stuff but he’s honestly so problematic. like u guys act like just bc he’s hot he can get away w trying to convince LSM to let NCT 127 perform baby don’t like it at trump’s inauguration ++ he’s the reason y we thought we were gonna get full promotions for the short lived much appreciated “black on black™” but instead got the appropriative (nonetheless hard bopping) limitless// it was even his request that they fuck jaehyun up w “the itsy bitsy spider cut”// instead of hating on jae and making negative rant videos abt how his lego lookin headass is stealing the spotlight from other members (a 100% authentic comment i saw underneath their 2018 MAMA performance video) that he could potentially come across in his suggestions box when he’s just trying to watch some cute lee taeyong moments,,,instead of ALL THAT, can we spam their comments w eggplant emojis to let yoonoh know we love him? can we love all the members equally despite how much they may or may not resemble George Clooney (y would i lie abt this being a real quote) bc im done w him being like T T every time they do a broadcast :(


edit/update: okay so I’ve received a concerning amount of messages and mentions from people not understanding this is a joke, so if you didn’t gather that this was not real from literally almost every single word up there then voila here’s a  disclaimer (to anyone that reached out to me this isn’t me belittling or shading you just don’t want others to be concerned)

Taeyong, my dear, thank you for turning the other cheek. You went through so much, and I guarantee you, life will repay you. To be honest, the process has already started, look at you now! I think this serves as a lesson to the people who “doubted TY”. The ultimate “check your facts before you talk shit” situation. VAMOS CHIQUITO! you got this! Nothing but good things here on out!

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lesbians of color are flawless
fat lesbians are flawless
trans lesbians are flawless
disabled lesbians are flawless
dark skin lesbians are flawless
neurodivergent lesbians are flawless
mentally ill lesbians are flawless
jewish lesbians are flawless
muslim lesbians are flawless
black lesbians are flawless
nonbinary lesbians are flawless
poor lesbians are flawless
questioning lesbians are flawless
young lesbians are flawless
lesbians all around the globe are flawless
lesbians 👩‍❤️‍👩 are 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 flawless 👭💖✨


me?? see same parts live??? so many splits?? calls my sister extra?? best night ever?? 

oh my god…. did u hear about that new illness… it occurs when an admin does an activity check and then everyone listed suddenly has colds, busy school weeks, and family drama that has prevented them from being active! in the serious cases they come around exactly .05 seconds after their unfollow was posted to demand for their role back. medical science has decided to call it “roleplayitis” 

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i asked my school librarian if they had "the ones that walk away from omelas" and he asked where i heard of it since it wasn't typical for a junior high student to ask for it, i didn't know what to say i was so shook

i’m surprised that they still have the book to loan out actually; singapore’s libraries ALWAYS get wiped out!!!!! demian was gone in a day and on queue and omelas was no exception. OTL