truth through photography

on my knees I look further-

roads that narrow-

details that lack distance-

having a home on the inside –        

pressing my heart against the skin creating something of an impression–

coerced into everything –      

what should it be–

maybe I can roll if my feet give–

a clear echo– 

further then you think– 


Gay Pride 2012   West Hollywood CA- 

creating beauty with what had been unrecognizable- 

looking for hands-  connecting the circle-

searching for the grain-

leaving feelings behind  –         

falling through floors, cleaning with dirty rags–

possessed to instigate-

steering with an old voice  –    

doing the things that were easy to say–  

gaining weight-  

the times 1 can equal 2– 

the time when things happen–  

staying when you should go–

looking for a foundation –    

finding what you need–  

stolen path, covered over tracks, a life’s lesson –   

talking back to little openings in the ground– 

know where your warm spots are–   

hoping to talk less-

feeling good can be selfish-

rolling over when I’m cold     –