truth says

...loving you...

With every breath I take, I think about you
I see you every where. The love and care with which you entered into my life.
Sweetheart I want to say that I have started loving you.

The big update post, although I realized I can’t disclose everything on here yet (in a rl friends can’t find out through tumblr sort of way, not a ~secret~ way~)

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You have been caught :))))

You know what, I am so glad I was able to find out you’re a thief. You thought you have many of these people fooled, but not me :)))))) I have proof you stole from IMVU and then claimed it as your own. You know Effy, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so satisfied. Especially after you made that long ass post about me twisting my words saying that I hate people with diseases. (Which is a complete and utter lie. Is anything you say the truth though?)

Now everyone, let’s not forget that little miss Vodxsi over here has made racist remarks. It is truly sad that, that remark was forgotten by so many. But it wasn’t by me and many other people. Anyways, let’s get started shall we?

Well first off, I saw this post of someone wearing “your” shirt. Trust me, I know how many people convert things to IMVU. But I just hate your guts so much that I went to these lengths to find proof you were actually the one that converted the shirt :)))))))

Secondly, I found the original mesh here. Now right on that page, they link you to the textures. Now I saved the texture from this person, and then I exported Vodxsi’s. I did downsize “Vodxsi’s texture for the purpose of this post, but if you download “her” Cami Top, you’ll see the original textures are identical in s3pe, or you can look at this link i have provided so you don’t have to go in s3pe :))))

The actual creators texture:

“Vodxsi’s Texture”:

Here’s a gif just because:

Some might say “Well that’s not enough”. You’re right. It isn’t. So I dug deeper :))))))))

Here is someone commenting on a person who recolored the original mesh post:

If you can’t see here is a larger version of this picture.

Now look long and hard at the date that comment was added. “Date Added: Tuesday 10 May, 2016″.

Now look at the date she added that top. No, I’m not mistaking that being added in another year. It was released exactly a month ago as of yesterday.

Here is the product page where you can see this comment was added.

Now, if you click “Derived from: RR/Camisole, the original mesh is there.

“Why are we going back to the original post Cakewaffles?” Well, if you click the “Derivations” link which right under the “Buy now” button (the top one), you’ll see that this top has been recolored 1,315 times on IMVU.

“Why is that relevant Cakewaffles?”. Well, it’s more proof. Not very reliable proof though. Let’s say I didn’t have the other to forms of proof. Let’s say I only had this. It’s highly unlikely that Vodxsi would have made this shirt, someone converted it and it was recolored over 1,000 times in a month. But I do have the other proof, so this proof is reliable. “Okay, but there’s other white versions of that shirt there.” This is true. BUT, they were all derived from that original shirt I linked you to, AND, people reupload this stuff all the time on IMVU. But it doesn’t matter though because they were all derived from the same top, which proves the original was posted before any of these.

I’ve said what I had to say. Have your friends or whatever come my way and send me hate, I really don’t give a crap. I would rather have people send me hate then go as low as to claiming something as my own that isn’t mine, destroying my morals.

Legion: Noah Hawley on His Surreal Approach and Casting Dan Stevens for the Marvel Adaptation - IGN
Fargo creator Noah Hawley on his upcoming TV series, focused on Professor X's son from the comics.

GN: I’ve seen some Downton Abbey, but I really know Dan from The Guest, which I loved. When he was cast, I was surprised but excited by the idea of him playing this role. What was it that drew Dan to you here?

Hawley: Dan is really accessible. He’s one of those people that is transparent in the best way to an audience. And yet he’s got the ability to close off, and as you saw in The Guest, he can be a very enigmatic character at the same time.

But I think what you need in a leading man is their real skill is that you’re able to see what goes on behind their eyes. I’m not a big fan of having characters say their truths out loud, so you have to show them. But still, the audience has to know what’s going on in his head, and Dan is great for that. 

He’s also a great romantic lead, which I think we’ve seen, and he has a sense of humor, which is important to me. I did ask him, “Are you like a clumsy guy?” Because any version of this show, there’s gonna be some action, there’s gonna be some of that stuff. And I knew from The Guest that he was a physically capable guy but we definitely put him through his paces and he’s great.

Eric Goldman is Executive Editor of IGN TV. You can follow him on Twitter at @TheEricGoldman, IGN at ericgoldman-ign and Facebook


“What goes on behind the eyes… ” Noah Hawley gets Dan. Not that I’m surprised by that….. 

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You are truly the only legit vegan in the vegan community along with Freelee. You never back down from saying the truth nor do you give a shit about haters. Keep being awesome, Harley/Durianrider forever!!!! <3

Cheers mate. :)

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jay park is so hot zofia y u arresting me for saying thE TRUTH????


To all the people hating on Captain Swan whilst hoping Swan Queen will be real...

Accept it, it’s never going to happen. There are too many family ties between Emma and Regina. Emma and Killian are true love, no matter how much you want to deny it. So stop hating on the cast, writers and the Captain Swan fandom just because you aren’t getting what you want. You can have opinions and ships all you want. But stop hating on an entire fandom just because your ship isn’t real. Stop hating on an entire fandom just because they don’t share the same views and opinions as you. I am not hating on Swan Queen here, I am just saying the truth. You have already driven 2 cast members off social media, don’t make it any more. No matter how much you want it, Swan Queen is not going to happen while Emma has Killian.

I fell in love with you the way Prometheus fell in love with humans. The idea of them was so fragile, so childlike to him, that his need to protect them surpassed his need to protect himself. Just like my need to protect your heart from breaking, surpassed my need to protect my own.

And as I stare at what remains of my heart now - picked apart by predators, I realise like Prometheus, how I suffer for putting myself second now, darling.

How I suffer.

—  Nikita Gill, What Prometheus and I Share
*someone from the future travels back in time*

Time Traveler: I need your help! The world could end if you don’t change this event! We must hurry!

Me: okay that’s cool but tell me this, do Ryan and Spencer ever start talking again? Does Ryan start putting out new music? Is the Ryden Truth™ revealed?