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so basically everyone in chat plays true or dare but this time pidge dares an unsuspecting Keith to kiss shiro. Shiro is embarrassed but says if it's just a game, but lance however isn't to thrilled and tells the chat he'll be right back and before Keith and shiro do kiss lance takes Keith and kisses him himself. Leaving everyone confused in chat till Keith tells them what happened. Shiro is a protective friend and tells lance to treat Keith right. Plus the kiss was only on cheek with shiro.

tell me this wouldn’t actually happen tho

tag urself i’m lance

A game of Truth or Dare with TWD characters...
  • Carl: Dad gets dare!
  • Rick: Oh, I really don't want to play...
  • Daryl: I got one! Whoever chooses the next song gets to do to Rick whatever the main themes of the lyrics are.
  • Rick: *Looking around nervously* Come on, I'm going to sit this one out I think...
  • Negan: *Kicks in front door, runs through living room towards CD player, elbows Carl in the face, stands on Aaron's fingers, knocks over dining table, pushes Daryl through window, jumps on couch, somersaults over Judith, grabs CD of choice, slams it in player*
  • CD Player: *blasts* SAVE A HORSE, RIDE A COWBOY!
  • Negan: *smiles and winks at Rick*

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For the chat thing: Draco to Harry (yes I'm obsessed by Drarry too): "Would you rather adopt a kid or a puppy?"

Thank you for the line and all the LOVE you’ve been sending my way <3
Right back at ya! ;)

*8th year common room*

Draco: Potter! Truth or Dare?

Harry: *sighs* Dare.

Draco: Would you rather adopt a kid or a puppy?

Harry: Malfoy, I said Dare.

Draco: Alright, let me rephrase that. Potter, I dare you to adopt a kid and a puppy with me.


Harry: *blushing* Okay. But can I do my Transfiguration homework first? It’s due tomorrow.

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I See You Kitty- Miraculous Ladybug Fic

  This is my first fic I’ve ever posted online and I’m pretty excited to see where it goes and if anyone likes it. Marichat all the way. Possible reveal? I’d love some feedback? Enjoy?

                                                      Chapter 1

          “Someone’s at the door Alya.” Rose shouted from the living room. “Do you need me to get it?”

           “I got it, thanks Rose.” Alya said as she left the kitchen to answer the door. “Oh, hi Chat Noir! I didn’t think you were coming.”

          “Sorry I’m running a little late.” He smiled and looked around at the room full of his classmates. “My Lady sends her apologies that she cannot attend, but she did ask me to give you this.” Chat Noir bowed to Alya in the doorway as he presented Ladybug’s red wrapped present for her to take.

          “Oh, that’s okay. I know you guys have important things to do for Paris so I was expecting either one of you.” Alya smiled as she took the present out his hand and took a step back so he could enter. “Thank you for coming Chat!”

          “Of course. I’m honored that you allowed this alley cat the chance to join in the purr-ty,” he chuckled at his own joke and Marinette groaned. “Annnd this one is from me,” Chat Noir held out a black box to the journalist.

          “You have some serious bow making skills Chat,” Alya laughed as she took in the size of the green bow on top of the present. It was larger than the box itself and pretty elaborate.

          I wonder if he had to resist the urge to play with all of the strands dangling from it, Marinette thought as she smiled to herself.

          Chat stretched an arm behind his head and chuckled. “Yeah, playing with string is a hobby of mine.”

          Alya sat the superheroes presents down on the table with the rest of the gifts and told Chat to make himself at home. He didn’t even get a foot away from her before Nino was at his idol’s side asking him dozens of questions. At least one of us got to show up today. Marinette felt bad that Alya couldn’t have Ladybug at her party, but she knew that she couldn’t miss her bff’s birthday bash or Marinette would never hear the end of it.

          “I can’t believe she sent me a gift. She so did not have to do that.” Alya grabbed a can of Sprite out of the fridge. “I wonder if it will give me another clue as to who she is under the mask.”

         Marinette’s hand shook slightly so she set her piping bag down on the counter beside the birthday cake she had made for Alya before she messed it up. “I can’t believe you’re still trying to figure them out. It’s been three years.”

          “Oh, I have made it my life’s mission girl! Besides,” she dipped her finger in the orange icing and licked it, “you’re still crushing on Adrien three years later.”

          “Th… that’s different.” Marinette felt the blush creep up her neck as Alya stared at her.

         “At least you can finally talk around him like a normal person,” she laughed before hip bumping Marinette. “It sucks that he had a shoot and couldn’t be here today though.”

         “Yeah, we haven’t hung out as a group in a while since we are all so busy with work and school.”

         “I don’t know how you keep up with it all Mari! Your internship at Agreste Designs, fashion and business class and helping your parents at the bakery- I get tired just thinking about it.”

          “Yeah, it gets hard sometimes,” Marinette dried her wet hands off with the pink towel next to the sink, “but I love it. I’ve never been happier!”  

          “Now if only we could get you to start dating a certain handsome blond model. Then everything would be perfect!”

          “Alya,” Marinette squeaked, reaching out to smack her friend as she danced out of the kitchen. She sighed and lit the eighteen candles on the cake before grabbing it and heading towards the living room.

          “I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for coming today. I’m very lucky to have such wonderful friends.”

          “We’re lucky to have you!” Marinette said as she set the cake on the coffee table. Everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday to Alya.

          Nino wrapped his arm around his girlfriend. “Make a wish beautiful.” Alya smiled at him before closing her eyes and blowing out the candles in one breath.

          “Aww yeah! Time for cake!” Kim’s booming voice rang out causing everyone to laugh as Marinette cut the cake.

          “I’ll help,” Chat Noir said as he grabbed some plates and forks, passing out slices to everyone.

         “Thanks Chat.”

          “Anything for you Princess,” he winked at her and she had to resist the urge to giggle.

          Stupid tomcat, she thought fondly.

        Everyone ate their cake in a happy silence, the only noise coming from Nino’s speakers that were playing music in the corner.

          “So,” Alya clapped her hands together as Mylene was the last to finish her dessert and smiled mischievously, “who wants to play a game?”

          “What kind of game?” Nathaniel asked nervously, fiddling with the pencil in his hand.

          “Ooh! Like a board game? I just love board games!” Rose sang, already dancing in her seat with happiness.

          “Anything but Candyland. I hate Candyland” Julika said as she turned to look at her girlfriend.

          “I was thinking more along the lines of Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle.”

          “Eep!” Marinette jumped, almost dropping the plates that she was carrying to the sink.

         “I vote for Truth or Dare!” Nino said as he looked at Chat Noir.

         “I will only play if no one asks me any personal questions. I’m not revealing myself tonight, sorry Alya.”

         “It’s okay Chat, I expected that, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.” She smiled, “alright! Nobody gets to ask Chat any questions so that means he has to do all dares.”

         “Challenge accepted!” His green eyes lit up, but Marinette still didn’t like where this was heading. Alya always had an ulterior motive for the things she did and this was no exception.

           At least Adrien isn’t here. Marinette crossed her fingers behind her back as she sat down on the arm of the couch. I have a feeling that I’m going to need all of the luck I can get for the rest of the evening.

           “Birthday girl gets to go first.”

          “Thanks babe,” Alya looked around the room slowly, stopping to grin at Marinette who held her breath. “Alix, truth or dare?”

          “Dare, obviously.” The pink haired girl answered quickly.

         “I dare you to grab your board and run down to the street. Then you have to skate around the block while singing the Dora theme song.”

         “Where did you even come up with that?” Nino laughed as Alix nodded, strapping on her helmet before walking out.

          “You know how much my sisters used to watch that show. They were singing it yesterday and it’s still stuck in my head!” Everyone got up to go look out the window as Alix’s voice drifted through the open window. “I wonder who she will choose next.”

          “DO DO DO DO DO DORA!” They all began laughing.

Live Show Truth or Dare?

Anon Request: Hey can you do a fanfiction involving Dan and Phil and the reader where they are both doing a liveshow and they want the reader to come on camera and they do truth or dare where there are some dares involving Dan and the reader? That would be great! Don’t stop posting your amazing content your writing is amazing and I look forward to reading it!

Thank You so much for the request and all, but I am so sorry as this is possibly the worst imagine I have written yet. I’m having a serious mind block. And I’m so sorry it took so long ;_;

Drama and arguments are inevitable when it comes to live shows, especially when you happen to be doing one with two tall, Internet hobos known as Dan and Phil.
You didn’t really want to be a part of it but when their followers heard you moving around the apartment, they obviously needed you in the show.
After much arguing, Dan eventually convinced you to join (a food themed bribe may have been involved) which lead to now. You sitting between the boys on Dan’s dark linen covered bed.
It had gotten to that point in the show where you were all simply reading the chat, with no ongoing conversation until Phil read something out
“Sharie says we should play truth or dare!” Phil reads excitedly
“Oh my god Phil, what have you started?” Dan says miserably as the chats instantly fills with truths and dares.
After Dan’s tantrum we all do a few, all choosing truths, with the obvious fan questions such as
“Is Phan real”
“Is Dan pregnant”
“Are Dan and Y/N dating”
And so on. But now the dares were starting to roll through
“I dare Y/N to sit on Dan’s lap for the rest of the show” phil reads out
“Wow, real mature. Are you 9?” I say as I climb onto Dan’s lap. Dan naturally rests his chin on my shoulder so that he can still see the screen.
The screen fills with comments about how “cute” Dan and I look. However the dares between Dan and I then continue. So far Dan has felt up my breasts and licked my neck. Phil has screamed the word “banana” out the window and I have kissed Dan’s cheek with lipstick on.
One of my legs started to go numb so I shuffled around, still on Dan’s lap. As I moved my bum I heard what sounded like a soft moan leave Dan’s lips as his head suddenly hid behind my own. And that’s when I realised the prominent bulge that had developed in Dan’s tight jeans.
The thought of my best friend being turned on by me made my body heat up instantly.
“I dare y/n to give Dan a hickey” phil read out… Hell, why not have some fun.
As I turned to face Dan, he gave me a surprised look, obviously not expecting me to actually do the dare.
I gave his sensitive neck a few little pecks as his hand was placed on my thigh, just below the cameras view.
I licked lightly over one spot before I attached my lips, sucking and nipping to leave a bruise. Dan’s grip tightened on my thigh and I pulled away, bruising already showing through.
The chat went crazy and I knew that they would try to reach new levels with their dares.
I could tell phil was becoming slightly uncomfortable as all concentration was on Dan and I.
“Okay, no more dares. Just truths” I said, hoping to make things more innocent… Well, as innocent as possible while sitting on my best friends lap who currently has a boner..
“Would you date Dan?” Phil reads out… Why would he do this to me? I didn’t want to answer in front of however many people there were… But if I didn’t they would assume things anyway.
“Yeah… I would” I answered quietly as my cheeks began to burn.
“Wait… You would?!” Dan questioned excitedly
“I mean.. Yeah”
“Well then fuck this, we should be on a date!” Dan suddenly stood up, taking hold of my hand and pulling me out of the room. We reached the hallway and Dan instantly pinned me to the wall.
“What are you doing Dan?”
“Skipping the date to the part where we get home and I get my revenge for all your teasing”
And with that his lips smashed to mine.

When you realize that ‘Truth + Dare’ was the main theme that ran rampant throughout the MADE series. The juxtaposition of these two words that showed how two songs can be so contrasting and yet the same. With M you see truth of how life really is vs the extreme imagination of life. With A we see the life of the party vs the chill relaxation with friends, Sober showed us the complete madness of heartbreak vs the regret that comes with losing someone in If You. And finally with E we get this acceptance in not continuing love vs this boastful egocentric song that makes us feel good despite the absence of a love life. 

You’re Not Her: 5. In Memory Of

@polkadotsdesign  @justa-dork  New Chapter time!!! Oh the angst!!!!!


Start                Previously: Part 4           Next: Part 6 ->

“May I interest you in a kiss my Lady?” Chat bowed with a flourish holding a rose out to the girl dressed in red and black.

“Keep moving alley cat,” Ladybug snorted turning away from him.

“Come on hear me out! I’ll buy you dinner first,” Chat offered standing now. Ladybug sighed and rolled her eyes.

“I have more pressing matters to attend to than going on a date with,” she looked him up and down “a boy dressed in knee highs.”

“And what matters might those be?” Chat Noir pressed. Ladybug looked towards the sky and sighed.

“I can’t run away from this. I need to be heading back,” Ladybug decided her eyes far away.

“Get back to where?” Chat asked. Ladybug looked back at him and smirked.

“You want that kiss cat boy? Help me with the mime and I might be persuaded to offer you a reward,” Ladybug said playfully before zipping off into the distance. She stopped on a building not far off and turned back to look at him. “You coming?” She shouted back.

Felix awoke in a cold sweat. He panted as he ran his hands through his sticky hair. Another dream. Another memory. Every damn night Felix dreamed of her and nothing else. He dreamed of his lady in red, the girl he was too blind to see before. And every night when he awoke he four his thoughts lingering to Bridgette’s sister. He wanted to reach out to her, to talk to her. But what would he say? He couldn’t tell Marinette the truth- doing so would expose him as Chat Noir and he didn’t dare put Marinette in that position. There were certain dangers that came with knowing his identity and he would never put Bridgette’s sister in harm’s way. Felix’s heart raced as his thoughts scattered to Bridgette’s dead body, to Marinette’s heartbroken expression at the mention of her sister, to Ladybug smiling at him, and finally to the new Ladybug glaring up at him. Felix pulled at his hair unable to go back to sleep with his mind racing the way it was. His throat was beginning to close up tears threatening to cloud his vision at any moment. No. He didn’t want to cry anymore. He didn’t want to feel this heart wrenching pain in his chest! He would not spend another night alone in his room brooding over the past. Felix ripped the sheets off his body and stood.

“Plagg!” He growled. The kwami looked up bleary eyed from his nest in the corner of the room.

“Can’t it wait ’til tomorrow?” Plagg whined.

“We’re going out. Now!” Felix commanded. Plagg groaned and made a half hearted dash for Felix’s ring. In a flourish of green light Chat Noir stood in his place. Felix shook out his wild hair. Being transformed he felt so different from his normal self. He felt less weighed down, more free.

Chat Noir hadn’t been out perusing the city for long when he spotted a familiar red figure in the distance. No, not familiar. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t Bridgette. Chat grit his teeth together when he saw her. Why was she out here? There weren’t any akuma’s out, so she had no reason to be out here. Bridgette used to patrol at night, but that was different. That was just what she did as Ladybug. This new kid… she hardly knew what she was doing. Chat made his way over to the kid leaning against a chimney and looking down at the city below.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed or something?” Chat sneered once he was close enough. Ladybug turned her head slightly to watch as he leaned against the Chimney looking down at her. She turned back to look at the city below.

“Couldn’t sleep,” She answered, ignoring his snipe.

“Nap time run a little long for you today?” Chat quipped.

“What the hell is your problem?” Ladybug snapped jumping to her feet.

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Now Where Were We? (Young!Remus Lupin x Reader)

A/N: Since I’m in love with Remus Lupin, here is my first Young!Remus imagine, enjoy. (please don’t judge as it is my first)

Warnings: None

Word Count: 887

Originally posted by stagdogwolfandrat

“Truth or Dare James?” Sirius smirked while taking another sip from his firewhiskey. Since it was 2 a.m. in the morning, the only people left in the Gryffindor common room were you, Sirius, James and Remus. You had been playing truth or dare for an hour, James and Sirius were completely drunk. “You guys might want to slow down on drinks?” Remus suggested for the millionth time. You sighed: “Let them drink, they will regret it as soon as they wake up tomorrow.” Remus chuckled causing your face to become bright red. You admired everything about him. His angelic smile for example or his soft hair that you couldn’t resist to play with, though you couldn’t since you were too shy, but most of all who he was. You immediately brushed off your thoughts, knowing Remus barely talked to you.

“No Padfoot, I will not confess my undying love for Lily Evans. Not in a million years!” James yelled and hit Sirius’ shoulder. “I just realized we haven’t asked anything to Remus yet!” Sirius shouted causing both you and Remus to jump. Remus’ eyes were wide open, he gulped: “I-I don’t think-“

“Ok ok cut the chit chat. Truth or Dare, Moony?” Sirius smirked, finishing his probably fourth firewhiskey bottle. Remus scratched the back of his neck, trying to gain some more time to form a plan on how to get out of this situation. James furiously yelled: “I will choose for him! Let me think… Dare!”

“That’s not-“ Remus tried to explain desperately but Sirius was already telling him what he should do: “Take Y/N to your room and stay there for umm… An hour!” He yelled as if like he just made a breakthrough. Now, your face was redder than ever, you were playing with the hem of your shirt like you didn’t hear what just happened. Remus looked down at you with sorry eyes, you just shrugged since you just lost your ability of speaking. You guys quietly got up from your seats, heading to Remus’ dorm while Sirius and James were wildly whistling and yelling: “Go Remus!”

“I-I’m truly sorry-“

“Why are you apologizing?” You asked curiously while sitting on his bed. “You know. They are my friends,” He nervously scratched the back of his neck and sat next to you. “Well, they are sort of my friends too and I wanted to play sooo,” you smiled warmly to calm him down since his hands were shaking out of nervousness. “Plus, there is nothing bad about spending an hour with you Remus,” you giggled causing him to blush. He bit his lip and nodded. Although you were trying to act all cool about the situation, there was literally nothing easy about spending an hour with your crush, alone, in his room. A moment later, you decided it was the perfect opportunity to confess about your feelings, since there weren’t James and Sirius around to make jokes about your confession.


“Y/N-“ He said at the same, you both chuckled. “You first,” he said, being the gentleman he is. “I have been trying to… I don’t know how to tell you this,” you bit your lower lip, thinking how to explain your feelings. He was anxiously waiting for you to say something while playing with his hands. “I-“

Without you could start your sentence, a dog jumped right between you and Remus. You were absolutely scared therefore you screamed. When you could finally acknowledge what was going on you grinned. “Oh my god! Where do you think he came from?” You asked Remus while touching the dog’s soft fur firmly. “I have no clue!” Remus mumbled and gritted his teeth. “But it’s better if he just goes-“

Before Remus could finish his sentence, the dog jumped at him and knocked him down. You were trying  hard not to laugh, you almost choked. Your happiness didn’t last long when dog did the exact same thing to you but this time you weren’t on the floor like Remus, you were on top of him. Dog happily ran away, leaving you in the position you have been dreaming of for too long. Peter tucked the piece of hair on your face to your ear. You could feel his breath, the tip of your noses were brushing each other. He wrapped his arms behind your neck, staring deeply into your eyes. You were in silent when suddenly you decided to do the craziest thing you could imagine, well it was the craziest thing for you at least. You closed the gap between you two, your lips were just touching now, you were too scared to go on. Luckily, Remus got the message and kissed your properly. He started drawing circles on your back with his fingers softy and honestly, you have never felt this peaceful before in your entire life.

“I told you it would work!”

“Shut up Prongs, they will hear us!”

You curiously got up, not understanding what was going on while Remus groaned: “James, Sirius, you have two seconds to get out!”

Suddenly, James and Sirius appeared in the middle of the room causing you to gasp. “Sorry mate, we were just leaving,” Sirius winked at you and pushed James out of the dorm. You turned back at Remus, grinning: “Now, where were we?”

Truth or Dare

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You both like johnlock.

Stranger: Truth or dare? SH

You: Pardon? JW

Stranger: I’m bored, is this or shooting the wall. Now, truth or dare? SH

You: Fine. Uh, truth. JW

Stranger: Why are you still living with me? SH

You: Because you’re my best mate and I care about you. JW

Stranger: Oh. Thank you? SH

You: It was a compliment. My turn. Truth or dare? JW

Stranger: Truth. SH

You: Last month, there was some ominous things in the bathtub. What were they? It was awful. JW

You: And I know you put them there. JW

Stranger: They were human livers. Truth or dare? SH

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Flirtatious Friends

AN: Hi there! I’m so sorry I’ve been absent, but it seems I’ve been at a loss of ideas. If you guys could send me requests, I will most certainly write them! Hope you enjoy!

Request from cassettape: can you do a fanfic where you and dan are best friends but he is always a little flirtatious frik and then on your youtube channel you get 1 million subscribers and they all dare you to kiss dan because everyone ships you guys and make it fuffy and cute

“Okay, so Dan, can you please measure the flour,” I tell him. Today, for my YouTube channel, HaileyBakes, I have invited my best friend Dan over to do a collab with me. We’re making cupcakes and Dan, as usual, is not cooperating. 

“How much do we need again?” He asks, looking at me completely clueless with the bag of flour in one hand and a bowl in the other. I laugh.

“Dan, I’ve told you three times already! 125 grams!” I laugh and playfully smack his arm. He smirks and looks down at me with his chocolate-y brown eyes.

“Right, okay. How do I measure flour again?” He looks at me once again, completely bewildered.

“You’re hopeless,” I state as I grab the flour out of his hand, “Put the bowl on top of the scale and do not touch anything else,” I tell him. 

“Okay, easy enough,” he says. I lean over him to pour the flour into the bowl. His strong arm is touching my side and I’m incredibly close to him. Maybe even too close for best friends. His scent is manly, but with a touch of fruity that combines to make a scent that is completely Dan Howell. 

Just as the scale reaches 124 grams, Dan tilts the bag of flour slightly and it pours all over my shirt. I gasp and drop the bag of flour on the counter. I look up at Dan and he has a little grin plastered on his face.

“You little bitch!” I yell at him, but I find myself smiling as well. I reach for the bag of flour and dip my hands inside and turn to Dan. His eyes are wide with fear as he knows what’s coming next.

“Come here,” I say calmly, holding a nice pile of flour in my hands. 

“No, get away from me,” Dan says and slowly backs away.

“Come here, Dan. I’m not gonna hurt you,” I begin to approach him slowly, but then I quickly throw the flour into his face. Dan laughs a small laugh and wipes the flour from his face. He turns to me with a huge grin on his face. He quickly grabs the flour in the bowl and throws it at me. Before I know it, we’re having a food fight and there’s flour, sugar, and icing all over my kitchen. I turn around for a moment to get another handful of flour, and Dan suddenly grabs me in a strong hold that restricts me from moving.

“Dan, let go!” I say as I wiggle in his arms, trying to get out. 

“Apologize, or this egg is cracking on your head,” Dan says in my ear, his voice low. I gulp. I turn my head around as much as I can, to see Dan holding an egg above my head. 

“You first,” I insist, keeping a good hold on the flour. 

“Hailey,” he murmurs seductively. Or maybe he doesn’t mean to be seductive, but man him murmuring my name in my ear sure turns me on. His grip tightens around my waist. I squeal. 

“Ok, Dan. I’m sorry,” I say. 

“Good,” He releases me and puts the egg down. I quickly turn around and throw the flour in his face. He laughs.

“You’re so naughty,” he tells me flirtatiously. I suddenly can’t stop the heat that’s rising in my cheeks. I quickly change the subject.

“Let’s clean up this mess,” I say. 

We finish up the video by apologizing to the viewers for not actually baking cupcakes. I also apologize for Dan’s lack of maturity and he rolls his eyes. I edit the video very quickly and upload it that night. As soon as it’s live, tweets and comments flood in about “Dailey”, mine and Dan’s ship name. “You guys would make a cute couple, Dailey 4ever” “omg you guys PLEASE date! you’re my OTP” “AHHH THE FEELS I CAN’T DEAL DAILEY IS SOOO CUTE” I laugh at all of the silly comments, ignoring them. 

I wake up the next day and I’ve hit a million subscribers. I scream and record a quick video on my iPhone and upload it, saying thank you to all of my subscribers and announcing that I’ll be doing an hour-long live show to celebrate. 

Just before my live show is about to start, my doorbell rings. I wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by. I open up the door, and to my surprise, Dan is standing in the doorway holding a bottle of red wine. 

“Surprise! I’ve come over to celebrate you reaching a million subscribers!” Dan announces, entering my apartment without permission. He doesn’t need my permission, he knows he’s always welcome here.

“Oh my god, hi Dan. I’m about to have a live show in celebration, I didn’t know you were coming ‘round…” I say. “It’s a pleasant surprise.” Quite honestly I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate a million subscribers than having a drink with Dan. 

“Oh sorry, should I go?” he asks, about to take off.

“No no! Please stay,” I insist.

“Alright,” he smirks a little, “Congratulations! I’m so proud of you, you deserve every single subscriber you have,” he says sincerely. He then embraces me. Dan’s hugs are always warm and soft and my nose is filled with his lovely scent once again, and I never want to let go. Unfortunately, he releases me and I take the wine bottle from his hand. 

“Let’s get this open,” I say and find my corkscrew. Dan already has two wine glasses out. He knows exactly where everything is in my apartment. I pour the wine into our glasses and Dan lifts his.

“Cheers,” he says. I clink my glass against his and we both take sips. 

“I better start my live show,” I say. 

“Alright, I’ll just be out here watching some telly. I’ll order a pizza,” he says.

“Great idea,” I reply. I head into my room and open my laptop and start my live show. I tweet and post on Facebook saying that my live show is starting. Soon enough, I have a couple thousand viewers on my live show. I start with the usual, where the viewers ask me questions and I reply. In the middle of me responding to the question, “What color underwear are you wearing?” I hear Dan yell my name. 

“Hold on a second,” I say to the camera. “WHAT?” I yell to Dan. He storms into my room and announces that the pizza has arrived. Suddenly, the chat bar is filled with Dailey and questions for Dan and questions about out relationship. 

“Dan’s here, everyone,” I tell them. Dan waves hello to the camera. 

“Whilst he’s here, why don’t we do a bit of truth or dare?” I ask the camera, “Come sit,” I say to Dan and I pat the spot next to me on my bed. He flops down on his stomach right next to me and then playfully pokes me in the side. I giggle and swat his hand away and he smiles at me. The little flirtatious prick.

“Ok, seriously. Here’s the first one. Dan, what do you really think about Hailey?” I say. Dan suddenly sits up, and I look at him, expecting something sarcastic to come out of his mouth. He turns to me and I notice just how close together we’re sitting. His face is merely inches from mine, and I must say, he looks ravishing from this angle. His hair is perfectly tousled on his forehead and his beautiful eyes are gazing into mine with a comfortable intensity. He glances at the webcam for a moment then turns back to me.

“Truthfully, she’s the most beautiful and most intelligent girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting,” he says, his eyes trained on me. 

“Stop it,” I look away and laugh. 

“No, I mean it,” he says. I look up and I can’t help but notice how gorgeous he looks today.

“Thanks,” I say as I feel my cheeks heat up. 

“Ahem, uh, next question,” I cough nervously and return my attention to the computer screen. Instead of truths or dares, the chat bar is filled with things along the lines of “YOU GUYS ARE SO CUTE” and “KISS HIM!” 

“Dan, I dare you to kiss Hailey,” Dan reads out from the chat bar. I feel myself blushing again as I look up to see his gaze still set on me. I tear my eyes away from his beautiful face because this is entirely inappropriate. He’s my best friend, although I can’t ignore the fact that he makes my heart race. 

“Guys…” I say to the webcam, embarrassed. I glance at the chat bar again. “DAN KISS HAILEY!” “KISS!” “OMG KISS!!!” It seems that every viewer wants us to kiss. Before I can scold my viewers again, Dan takes my small hand in his much larger one. I gulp, feeling my pulse rising simply from his touch. I can’t seem to take my eyes away from him. He smiles ever so slightly, and the butterflies in my stomach intensify as he places his other hand around my waist. He leans in slowly and my eyes close as his soft lips touch mine. I place my hand on the back of his neck and lean in to the kiss. I suddenly remember that I’m supposed to be doing a live show and I break the kiss quickly. 

“Sorry guys,” I apologize. I look over at Dan and he’s smiling at me. I smile back. That little flirtatious fucker.

~Cameron Imagine requested by Krismyass69~

Currently sitting backstage at a Magcon event was quite boring. I sat on my phone mostly trying to pass time.

“Hey babe.” I heard Cameron say and kiss my cheek.

“Oh hey.” I said as I looked up from my phone, I smiled.

“Are you bored?” He asked.

“Yeah, but I promised you I’d come and I’m not going to break that.” I said.

“Thank you.” He smiled and quickly hugged me before going back out on stage. I balanced on my chair as I held on to the edge of the table.

“Y/n what are you doing?” I heard someone ask. I looked up and noticed Sam giving me a weird look.

“I’m bored.” I said. He nodded. He walked over to me and grabbed my hand pulling me off of the seat. We walked off onto stage.

“Hey everyone, It’s Cameron’s girlfriend y/n! Say hi!” He exclaimed. I waved to everyone. I stood off to the side but was immediately pulled by both Jacks. They both winked at me. Oh gosh Cameron isn’t going to be happy with this. Jack G twirled me and then twirled me to Jack J. After dancing some weird moves I finally landed in Cam’s arms.

I smiled wide.

“Sorry.” I mumbled. He nodded.

“It’s not your fault.” He said and kissed my cheek. The crowd roared.

“I’m stealing her from you.” Shawn said as he took me to the center of the stage. All of the boys including Cam stood straight and waited for something. Once I heard the music come on, I instantly knew it was Lipgloss. They do this a lot. I joined in and was laughing my butt off.


After the show we went back to the hotel to chill and hang out. I sat in between Cam’s legs as we were all in a circle chatting.

“Alright Y/n, truth or dare?” Matt asked.

“Ugh Truth.” I said not too interested in playing this game, it only causes problems.

“Who would you rather date out of me, Shawn, or Sam?” He asked.

“I’d rather date my boyfriend.” I said.

“Oh come on pick!” They exclaimed, except for Cam of course. I tilted my head to look at Cam for a response.

“Go ahead.” He whispered.

“Umm I guess I’d pick Sam.” I said looking at the ground.

“I told you all!” He said and did a little dance.

“Cam truth or dare?” I asked.

“Truth.” He said.

“If you had to move, where would you move?” I asked him.

“I move in with you.” He said and hugged me. Everyone tensed for some odd reason.

“Nash, truth or dare?” Cam asked.

“Dare.” Nash said.

“I dare you to show us your screensaver on your phone.” Cam said. I raised my brow at him. Nash glared at him and unlocked his phone and passed it around. I got it last.

“Nash, what the hell I thought it was something dirty, not my girlfriend!” Cameron shouted as he took it out of my hands.

“Alright, this has gone too far, stopped flirting, hitting on, and even thinking about y/n that way. You all know I’m dating her so stop!” He yelled and left the room. I didn’t expect him to get that mad. I mean his jealousy is cute but it’s not cute when he’s all, ‘I’m going to kill you if you lay a hand on her’ type of jealousy. I got up and ran out of the room. I caught up to Cam.

“Cameron stop walking.” I said.

“Y/n, not now.” He said.

“Oh come on. You can’t be mad at me.” I said.

“I’m not.” He said.

“Please, can we talk?” I asked him. I stopped him.

“You need to realize their fantasies of me are pointless. They are all jealous you have me. IT’ll pass. I love you, Cam, you. Not them, you. You need to remember that. I don’t care if they flirt because it’s stupid and childish when I’m already taken. They just need to get it out of the system and then they will move on.” I explained. He nodded.

“I love you too. It just bothers me. It’s like there waving you in front me saying I can’t have her or I’m stealing her for myself. I don’t want them to take you away from me, You’re my everything y/n. If I lose you, my world would end.” Cam told me.

“I’m sorry you feel that way.” I said and hugged him tightly. I kissed his perfect lips.

“I love you.” I said again to remind him.

“I love you too y/n.” He told me and kissed me again.

Favorite memories w/the signs
  • Aries: hugging you and sitting on the ground talking to you while you smoked and told me you still loved your ex
  • Taurus: just being around you/ laughing with you/ talking about boys
  • Gemini: every moment with you pretty much/ our late night chats
  • Cancer: you grabbing my butt in truth or dare/ comforting me when I was crying
  • Leo: chilling with you
  • Virgo: jamming out to our favorite songs in the car
  • Libra: talking about boys with you/ knowing all the answers in history with you
  • Scorpio: pretending to be Jack & Rose from Titanic
  • Sagittarius: going to the woods by a church and exploring
  • Aquarius: spinning flags with you (colorguard)/ watching you slay 24/7
  • Pisces: talking with you in theatre & showing you funny things on tumblr

Lena threw her book aside, with a frustrated sigh. She had been spending so much time studying, and she was ready for a good and proper distraction. One that would let her forget all the little stresses that were clogging her brain and making day to day life rather dreary. Sitting up on her bed, she turned towards her roommate a slow grin on her face, “Hey, how would you feel about distracting me? Say playing, oh I don’t know, truth or dare, or something?”