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TV TROPES »  dance of romance:  This often pops up during high school dances and fancy parties, the kind with hooped skirts and masks. For some reason, waltzing with a friend, or friend-of-a-friend, always winds up with one or both participants acquiring (or realizing) feelings of love towards the other, as though it were some kind of movement-driven truth/love spell.

What if...

the boys encounter a which, who casts a love spell on Dean and Cas. So for the next few days they’re helplessly in love and constantly confessing to each other and holding hands and being happy. But obviously they still need to track down that which, and when they finally do, they tell her to remove the love spell.

“I never put a love spell on them,” the which said, “It was a truth spell.”


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Truth Spell

prompt by Anonymous: “I read at least a hundred fics with either Dean or Cas hit by a love spell/truth spell/whatever. But what about Sam? I’d love to see what he’d have to say under a truth spell ;D”

word count: 2626

author’s note: I intended to keep this funny and light but somewhere along the way I got a little emotional as well. I don’t know where this is coming from, maybe I’m still affected by the last episode? Well, nonetheless thank you so much for that prompt :) I hope you like it!

Dean really fucking hates witches.

And he hates spells.

Nonetheless in his line of duty he’s forced to deal with that kind of thing on a nearly regular basis and he’s got quite good at frying those sons of bitches. But it’s still annoying and disgusting (seriously, all these bodily fluids!) and honestly not his favorite past time.

Especially if there are witches who are throwing fucking truth spells around themselves.

Dean has honestly no clue what that particular witch (a nasty woman with some weirdly blue-green hair color and the habit to curse her ex-lovers) hoped to accomplish in the face of two hunters. Did she think it would be a great idea to hear Dean confess about the one time he sang along to a Britney Spears song while he thrust a knife into her guts?

How should that have helped her?

Well, in the end she missed her target by a mile and hit Sam instead right into the face. Not exactly a miracle since Sam gigantic body filled nearly three-quarter of the small room and the spell couldn’t have gone anywhere else.

Sam just blinked, told the witch that he liked her hair and watched silently how Dean killed her a second later.

And now they’re sitting in the bunker’s library, approximately two hours later, and Sam just can’t stop talking.

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STEAL THIS IDEA: Random Adventure Hooks

  • A man with a secret and his terminally ill nephew “accidentally” interrupt a sniper’s attempt to assassinate a person of influence. When the entities behind the attempted assassination learn of the failure, they suspect something more in what happened. The man and nephew have taken to the mountains to escape pursuers, will the party have better luck in finding them before others do? And why are these two so important anyway?
  • A summoner had it all. With the devil under her command, and the artifact securely in her possession, the poltergeists that struggled against her efforts could be kept at bay. But when a group of random “heroes” destroyed the site that (unknown to her) powered the artifact, things just fell apart. Do the heroes even know what they’ve done? What they’ve set loose? And how can she regain the control she so desperately covets?
  • She could have expected to be bitten by the werewolf. But she never thought the beast would hunt down and kill the cleric that was her only chance of reversing the horrible effects. Now she’s alone in a dark forest, and the only option she’s aware of is a legendary sorcerer, a Timewalker, in a nearby town. The problem is, the town is in ruins, infested with the undead, and the sorcerer is a vampire that went into hiding over a century ago. Time’s running out, but at least she hears voices nearby. Maybe they can help… and do they really need to know the truth of why she so desperately needs the vampire’s help?
  • Heroes are made, not born. And one of our heroes has a secret. There was always a risk of the truth coming back around. A truth involving a love spell, seduction, a prison capable of holding both the psychic and the arcane… and the tiny matter of a gamble on an unsuspecting soul. But the truth couldn’t come at a worse time. There’s no rest for the wicked, and no haven for the “hero” who can’t face their own mistakes.
  • What happens when the daughter of a devil and the son of a celestial find love in the heart of a thriving city? Neither knew the truth of what the other was, both having been magically hidden from the outsider parent. What can a group of heroes do when the truth is discovered? And what happens when their otherworldly families decide to claim their progeny, corrupt/redeem the other lover, and bring their war to the streets of the City of the Kings (which just so happens to have long been protected by disguised fey clans).          

I just made these up. Any similarity with existing stories is completely by accident. As such, they are free for the taking and can be used by you or anyone you know in your own games or even novels. I lay no claim to these ideas, and hereby give them over royalty-free, openly and happily to the community I love.

If you do end up using any of these ideas (or being inspired by them), then I’d love to hear which one(s) and how you used them!

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UPDATE: I just thought to add something. If you like this style of writing, if these sorts of plots interest you, then you will probably enjoy my approach to DMing. These are ideas that I came up with in about 10 minutes. My games are evolved forms of stories like these that I’ve evolved over many years. So, you know, if interested then I recommend keeping an eye out for other things I’ve shared.

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Hi, do you have any spells for motivation and any truth spells? I love your blog btw✨

Hey, thank you! Here was what I was able to find on a quick search of what I have reblogged in the past.


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I know there are more truth spells out there, but I cant find them. Anyone?